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Greetings fellow Sputnik users, The first month of 2018 proved to be a little slow for under-the-radar releases, as it typically is for any music in general.  When We Land’s Introvert’s Plight was a pleasant surprise, offering up a very consistent indie-rock record that contained moments of lush folk amidst more sprightly, upbeat melodies.  I initially gave […]

Long Island alt-rock/indie outfit The Republic of Wolves have made new details available surrounding their upcoming third LP, shrine.  The record now has an official release date of March 27, 2018, and will feature the below artwork and tracklist.  There will be three bonus tracks on the album as well, with titles that are as-of-yet TBD: 01. […]

To be fair to CHVRCHES, I’m not entirely sure what progression for them sounds like. Does it sound like some backwards adoption of analogue synths and sound collage as an experimental form? The alternative to that would be to go bigger, less subtle, and more infectious with their pop songs, and I don’t know if they’re […]

There’s little sentimental to be had about “Spotlight,” because throughout his career, Lil Peep has always sounded like this; awash in syrupy, Xanax-fuelled haze, doing his best to sound just like Blink 182’s Blink 182. The same goes for Marshmello, whose “Wolves” and “Silence” rise and fall in similar fashion to the production delivered here, […]

I’m glad this isn’t a country song, or a rap song, or a country rap song; I’m glad it doesn’t sound like Joanne, or Forever Young; I’m glad Juicy J, Dave Berman, or Al Gore aren’t rapping on this thing; I’m glad this doesn’t sound like “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” The 20/20 Experience, Future Sex […]

So I have a lofty new years resolution for 2018 in music, and it’s one that my track record of consuming mainstream pop and thriving on the hyperbole of big-name indie-rock releases suggests that I’ll be unable to deliver upon.  Regardless, I remain focused and intent on exposing only new/underground artists this year, particularly of the indie/folk/electronic […]

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably done by now with the same tired-sounding retreads of Christmas classics.  That’s why, like Rudolph, I’m here to save the holiday with alternative versions of the tunes we all know and love (and a few originals).  This is just a brief 10-track, 35 minute collection that I spin every holiday […]

I want to briefly talk about U2. They have a new album out this week, Songs of Experience, which Rowan described as ‘an Apple-funded gimmick to appeal to the poetry-loving college crowd.’ It’s ostensibly a companion to 2013’s Songs of Innocence, and it’s bad. Not offensively bad (not that U2 ever have been offensive, moreso […]

Repeat this with me until it sinks in: there’s a new Glassjaw album. It’s written, it’s recorded, it will quite possibly release on schedule, and we’re (probably) not all collectively dreaming. Two songs have now been released, and contrary to instinct and logic, they also actually do exist. I know, right? Why am I doing […]

Soundtracks have always played a big role in my enjoyment of music.  Often I find myself paying more attention to the various melodies in the background of whatever film is playing, imagining how the soundtrack’s producers decided to match certain moods with specific frames.  I don’t know, it’s just fascinating to me.  I watch a […]

Book of Opeth Book Of Opeth Website Released: April 14, 2016 224 pages Publisher: Rocket 88 Book Of Opeth presents a brief synopsis of the band’s earliest history all the way to present day. While interesting and beautifully crafted, Book Of Opeth rarely gets too in-depth, and leaves some lingering questions in the process.   —————————————————————————————— Has Opeth […]

I’ve always kinda liked U2. When I was growing up the songs I most frequently caught on the TV were catchy, distinctly not-classics “Beautiful Day” and “Elevation” (a personal favourite music video for my kiddy mind), along with the likes of Coldplay’s “Yellow” and “The Scientist”. I didn’t grow up in the 80s, but through […]

…Continued from Brand New: Anthology Vol. I If the first half of Brand New’s career is what brought them into the public eye, then it was the second half that elevated them into the conversation of of being one of indie-rock’s greatest new millennium bands.  While Your Favorite Weapon and Deja Entendu saw them master the art of pop-punk/pop-rock, […]

(ostensibly a review of Listen Out, 24/9.) I had to ask myself yesterday: ‘Why?’ I was curious; stood inch deep in the quagmire, sniffling, giggling, losing my hair, losing my mind, and damn near losing my patience with the gurning bastard stood next to me, pestering me for a piece of Wrigley’s so he didn’t […]

Although it will inevitably frustrate non-fans of Brand New, especially in the midst of incessant discussion surrounding the group’s finale Science Fiction, there is no better time to reflect back upon one of the most important indie-rock bands of the new millennium.  I say it not as a hyperbolic exaggeration designed to garner interest, but just for […]

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