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Alright, y’all, it’s time for one of Sputnikmusic’s patented giveaway contests. Let’s get down to brass tacks immediately. THE PRIZE: Two tickets to the second day–April 4th–of the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Festival at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These are $35 each face value and $98.50 total if you purchase them online. Yeehaw. […]

One of my favorite musical sub-hobbies is re-imagining albums as they might have been.  It’s not because I think the artist did wrong, it’s more just a way for me to bend the artist’s output to fit around my taste even better.  I’ve re-done everything from Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool, which was originally tracklisted […]

It’s that time of year again when artists wait with baited breath to hear their name called for the most prestigious award in all of celebrated art.  Sure, there are more mainstream ceremonies out there, but this is the one that artists – secretly – take vast pride in.  In 2014, Low Roar won the Seriously […]

With the recent announcement that My Chemical Romance is reuniting, our staff inhaled a collective breath of nostalgia and revisited the band’s discography.  From their rawer beginnings to their epic, glistening concept albums, MCR is a band that is forever tied to the mid-2000s emo punk-rock phase.  Whether or not the group aspired to great […]

Frank Zappa – The Yellow Shark Tuesday November 2nd, 1993. This day marks the release of Frank Zappa’s magnum opus – his terminal triumph. I use the word ‘terminal’ delicately here, given the context of which this very album is surrounded by, but for a man of Zappa’s stature, to have him feel like he’d […]

I feel a certain sort of pride in knowing that the country I came from produced an artist like Nick Cave. It’s a feeling invariably mixed in with a kind of disappointment towards a lot, though far from all, of the music we’ve produced otherwise, and borderline bewilderment at how a country composed (as Australia […]

Brand New – Daisy September 22, 2009 —> September 22, 2019 Out of Brand New’s lauded canon, it’s easy to forget about the red-headed stepson that is Daisy.  Everything about the album is just a tad off.  It begins and ends with a very out-of-place hymn; the album cover features a demonic looking fox in […]

I felt like making a low-effort post to bring attention to 12 songs that I absolutely adore from this year, but that have managed to evade conversation due to inaccessibility or a direct lack of public knowledge.   Last year I had an entire blog series dedicated to “under the radar” artists, which this year has […]

One of the very first things I remember loving was blink-182’s “The Rock Show”. Yeah, I was like five at the time, young as shit blah blah blah, but that put me right in the targets of blink’s music. I was the archetype of the demographic that found “The Rock Show” a refreshing change of […]

This project is a collection of the very best individual tracks from the decade spanning 2010-2019.  All tracks have been linked to this homepage for ease of navigation.  If you’re less in the mood to read, and would rather just jam the entire playlist, a spotify link has been embedded below for your convenience.  The […]

I used to be so sure “I Could Be Anywhere in the World” was the one. I mean, who wasn’t, right? As far as stadium-ready, skyscraper-chorus bangers go it’s downright flawless, and George Petit’s trapped-animal screeches never ceded more gracefully to Dallas Green’s highschool-fantasy of a voice. I also nearly gave the spot to “Boiled […]

Inspired recently by some quality discussions in the Leaked Demos 2006 review thread concerning possible variations of the 2006 alt-rock classic The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, I decided to piece together this little beauty.  It’s not “The Best Possible Version of TDAG” – as in, the best demos subbed in for the […]

I don’t really know what the impetus for writing this was, but in case you were at all curious: one of my favourite late-era Weezer tracks sounds like Rivers Cuomo spent a couple hours dissecting millennial tumblr blogs then tried to write a Killers song. If that sounds like a recipe for absolute trash, well, […]

Welcome back to the greatest show on the internet! The SMA’s have returned! Duh – Sowing’s Music Awards?  It’s cute that you pretended to forget – it’s only the biggest name in sputnik user profile, end-of-year, blog-based award shows.  It’s kind of a big deal. So anyway, after a one year absence, the SMA’s are […]

Top 10 National // Top 10 Say Anything // Top 10 Thrice // Top 10 Kanye Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings:      Top 10 Kanye Songs Preface: Is there an artist from the 2000’s who is bigger than Kanye West?  If not, he’s at least somewhere in the top 5…and regardless of whether or not you love him […]

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