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  Trophy Scars – Astral Pariah A man had a dream where he nibbled at glory. The years went by and the man lived that glory but then left the known world. Eventually the man returned and had the wisdom of another reality. The man was rejected by his once fellow man for he had become […]

On 6th March 2020, Honey Harper released his barnstorming celestial-country debut album, Starmaker, which was nothing short of being breathtaking. However, shortly after the release of this glorious triumph, just days before Will and Alana were set to promote the record, the infamous pandemic took a hold of the world and destroyed – a long […]

Revisit: Interview: Musk Ox Pt.1 – Premonition Pt.2 – Hindsight With a lot of the seminal black-metal-folk-y albums like Agalloch and Ulver, their artwork is intrinsic to – like you said before Nathanael, when you were walking through the city listening to The Mantle, how the sky sort of connected with you while you were […]

Read on: Interview: Musk Ox Pt.2 Hindsight Pt.1 – Premonition Musk Ox are the real deal. Yet, only one month ago I had no prior knowledge of their existence. It was only through Sputnikmusic’s Album of the Month feature that I came to hear of this Canadian trio – their latest album Inheritance had won […]

Between the Buried and Me – Colors II We live in a time where sequels and call-backs are done to death. Take your artistic medium of choice and witness the litany of hackneyed cash-grabs attempting to tug on your nostalgic heartstrings. On the boldly stated Colors II, Between the Buried and Me buck the trend […]

Older is a dark album. Forget about all of those broody metalheads sporting warpaint and screaming about Satan over blast beats and tremolo-picked guitars, this album is genuinely dark, palpably agonising and it uses an array of styles in order to emit the nuances of Michael’s anguish and cognitive dissonance. At this point, for the […]

Musk Ox – Inheritance Is anyone else surprised to see a classically-influenced instrumental album win this month’s AOTM? Granted, the month of July was no fall of ‘91 but this is Sputnik: ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’ has less votes on this site than Asking Alexandria’s 2017 self-titled release (yes, they do still make music.) I don’t know […]

Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend Given that the album offers little in the way of questions — by serving up the same indie-lite standards: trite lyrics, helium vocals and nothing new whatsoever — Blue Weekend still packs a punch where it counts, because the songs themselves still ‘mean’ something to this listener. The rhythm on “Delicious Things”, […]

iosonouncane – IRA   Up-and-coming Brits Black Midi and uber-revered Sweet Trip both release an album. The “Album of the Month” section was all set to celebrate either of these indie juggernauts. No chance that hundred minutes long Italian album snatches the trophy. And yet it did. Despite deserving all jabs thrown at its overreliance […]

Manchester Orchestra – The Million Masks of God The Million Masks of God came at the perfect time. Overall, the record’s musicianship is as tight as ever, Andy Hull is at his most ambitious, and the overall songwriting is possibly the best it’s ever been in a Manchester Orchestra album. However, it’s the album’s themes […]

Post-mortem: We Are Chaos Marilyn Manson’s career has been an eventful one, there’s no denying that, but what I find particularly interesting is how he manages to find reinvention at the most crucial moments – to the point where it’s as if he knows his relevance is on the guillotine. It’s no secret that he’s […]

  Arab Strap – As Days Get Dark   Rarely in Sput’s illustrious history has the Album of the Month been this closely contested. While some recent favourites such as Krallice’s supposedly “listenable” Demonic Wealth were blown aside with the weight of a brief fart, albums such as Dvne’s Etemen Ænka stood strong, beat only by […]

Ad Nauseam – Imperative Imperceptible Impulse   If Sputnikmusic’s “Album Of The Month” series has taught us anything over the course of last year it’s that not all records are created equal. Fairly, a statement like that could easily be considered hyperbolic if not for the sheer vastness which Imperative Imperceptible Impulse commands, surging out […]

The return of Black Sheep Wall in 2020 definitely comes with auspicious timing. I mean, who else is as appropriately equipped to lay down a fresh batch of songs that will undoubtedly straddle the unrelenting mayhem and melancholy of one of the most unsympathetic years in a generation? Indeed, without an ounce of hyperbole coming […]

August 2020 Album of the Month: Two People – Second Body Second Body could not have come out at a better time. After keeping myself from checking out most of the singles prior to its release, I pressed play on the album for the first time as I started my morning walk through a picturesque […]

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