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_well top100: 2000r. / 30k disasterpost JohnnyoftheWell Pie Charts 2020 SandwichBubble 
Trif's 20,000 Party 🥳☘ Trifolium 🎁 🎄Holiday Special Casual Conversations 🕎 🍾 ArsMoriendi 
December 2020 Song of the Day someone Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: November DrGonzo1937 
Dewinged's AOTY 1980 Dewinged albums under 50 ratings, go cram someone 
2020 Is Not As ____ As You Think bloodshy Roast my 50 Favourite albums rodrigo90 
Top 55 Thrash metal albums of 21th century SuicycoManiac7 1000 ratings: Top 50 songs and albums Pangea 

Spotify Wrapped: Podcast Edition TheMrAlexK  22020 catchup butt.  3
Red Albums Ranked KManoc1  0

_well top100: 2000r. / 30k disasterpost Featured JohnnyoftheWell  10Songs I'll never get tired of listening to Tomstein  1
Story Time - Molly & Fleeting Love ChoccyPhilly  9impulse voices ranked TundraL5Z  1
5s I’m yet to 5/5, maybe... Demon of the Fall  10worst 1 album from the user above you TheAntichrist  32
Black Music 2020 CruelDouglas  8Artists You Oughta Like More porcupinetheater  37
Thor's Questionable Taste of 2020 Thor  8PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1967 Kompys2000  11
Spotify Wrapped 2020 SymbolicInTime  112Easter's top 10 songs of 2020 EasterInTheBatcave  5
Cuban Linx is the best 90s rap album Fort23  14

music that sounds like transformers transforming AnimalsAsSummit  9Groovy Death Metal recommendations linchpin313  7
Pangea checks old stuff Pangea  22Greatest albums of all time bloaf38  26
2500 ratingz evilford  30Easter's top 10 albums of 2020 EasterInTheBatcave  4
Pie Charts 2020 Featured SandwichBubble  131Tyrion The Toxic Avenger BallsToTheWall  3

Trif's 20,000 Party 🥳☘ Featured Trifolium  86Smashing Pumpkins Ranked Correctly Dwap  13
New Acoustic Guitar Recs Feather  8Unpopular Opinions ReturnToRock  51
Blistering Wintery jams Endlessvoyagejake  0NBBMN 2020 pt.2 tastepolice  1
Where to start with Nick Cave? Onirium  18The best 2020 albums JesperL  7
🎁 🎄Holiday Special Casual Conversations 🕎 🍾 Featured ArsMoriendi  143Pink Sweat$ - At my Worst Fingerstyle Cover Arangzkie  0
2016 - Album of the Year Nuchoking  0What is best in life? kkarron  8
hello i made a new beholding album lukeofthelip  10love you guys neekafat  40
Favourites Barksdale  0Favourites (Albums) Barksdale  0

Top 20 Albums of 2020 faustuscopernicum  1Essential Post-Hardcore Albums fatihcoskuny  55
Five From Your Faves ReturnToRock  29Top 2020 cosmopapi  0
Let's Argue About Pizza Toppings YoYoMancuso  250Top 15 Metal Albums of 2017 joshb9864  3

So I Finally Got Into Black Metal Tb1114  30Epic Black Metal BookoftheFallen  0
Agalloch Albums Ranked Zac124  3December 2020 Song of the Day Featured someone  40
double bass or nah? TheAntichrist  76My 2020 In Literature CruelDouglas  32
The Best of... Japanese Glam? discovolante  10SAVE 2020 (huge reward!) JohnnyoftheWell  44

My Chemical Romance Ranks Fathm  8Another Great Take at McKays - Chattanooga, TN JDubb  0
My Mate's New EP Mesm277  2New EP from me AnimalsAsSummit  8
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: November Featured DrGonzo1937  48Centraire Heating and amp; Air centraire123  0
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1966 Kompys2000  11Dewinged's AOTY 1980 Featured Dewinged  79

My Top 10 Albums 2020 1DPC4  0My Top 20 SOAD tracks Brabiz  25
RED, ranked v2 MxL0  10November Tots Dylan620  0
happy turkey day you savages TheAntichrist  29albums under 50 ratings, go cram Featured someone  49
The Worst songs Of All Time JeremiahBullfrog  124Best nu metal MxL0  51
Disappointments from 2020 gryndstone  23

Huge Tits tinathefatlard  63Finishing Out 2020 Divaman  7
Anyone On Here Into Investing? Funeralopolis  672020 Is Not Quite Over Yet Nocte  28
Death - Ranked TheWalkinDude  7I Made Indie/Electronic/Acoustic Music! handomanic  1
2020 Is Not As ____ As You Think Featured bloodshy  39PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1966 Kompys2000  18
Core Homework: The Best of the Best Uzumaki  16Looking For Dark/Haunting Ambient Records ajcollins15  6

Part II: Definitive Mood Lounge Sexy Vibes ABC's Lord(e)Po)))ts  8radiohead alternate tracklists onionbubs  10
Roast My 50 Favorite Albums normaloctagon  43Paramore Ranked Fathm  13
2020's Most Underrated Albums JoyfulPlatypus  132015 - Album of the Year Nuchoking  4
2014 - Album of the Year Nuchoking  3Black Veil Brides ranked Repsaj  1
Questionable "Classics" rockarollacola  36demi lovato ranked cus why the hell not? TheAntichrist  10
Buried Gems II Flomink  2Hip-Hop That I Need to Check AbsurdMikey  3

My Favorite Solos TundraL5Z  36commendable (old) thrash metal phylyps  5
Roast my 50 Favourite albums Featured rodrigo90  68BIGGLESTEINS FINAL MESSAGE BigglesteinsAlt  97
Bands That Play Together...Stay Together! ReturnToRock  122020 best albums alexurenda7  0
2020 // 25 UNDER 25 tectactoe  20My Favourite Guitarists JeremiahBullfrog  5

Record Collection: Bin #2 Sharenge  102019 AOTY vacantPlanet  2
The Office - metal picks normaloctagon  29Top 25 Greatest Guitar Solos ReefaJones  29
Top 10 Avenged Sevenfold Songs Zac124  8Top 25 tracks - Dark Tranquillity lucazade22  5
Record Collection: Crate #1 Sharenge  6your favorite albums that you added to the db sixdegrees  46
Anyone here work nights? AffableMartyr  15Tragedy and the Music to Get Through Intothepit  24

Recc me some music boredcore  17Best Voxxxx wutang4ever  15
Your 5's & 4.5's with Low Average Ratings Masochist  76bands i hate that you love TheAntichrist  42
Lists delete themselves on mobile Allergist  13Rage Against the Machine Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  18
My top 200 (1-100) all-time favourite albums y87arrow  0Bring Me the Horizon, my top 20 tracks fatihcoskuny  6
Dance Gavin Dance, my top 20 tracks fatihcoskuny  1Top 20 Metal Albums of 2016 joshb9864  5
Suede albums ranked Drbebop  2A Lot Like Birds, my top 10 tracks fatihcoskuny  13 (Dub&plug) Tyler.  22

Most Expensive Vinyl I Own farmerobama  15Modern Black Metal to check out 80timesthe80  4
Deftones Albums Ranked Zac124  17best animals at the zoo TheAntichrist  59
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Albums Ranked LeddSledd  17Top 55 Thrash metal albums of 21th century Featured SuicycoManiac7  28
Insomnium LP ratings StormChaser  16My top 200 (101-200) all-time favourite albums y87arrow  0
Pika's tranquil Dark Tranquillity ranking Pikazilla  23Bloodshy's Epic Jukebox Pt. 2 bloodshy  43
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1965 Kompys2000  4

2020 underrated shite lukeofthelip  51000 ratings: Top 50 songs and albums Featured Pangea  47
Our Rating Curves! Featured Trifolium  300rec me shitty music Nerdurosis  15
Rec me some hip hop evilford  41Three Days Grace Albums Ranked KManoc1  6

Dewinged's AOTY 1970 Featured Dewinged  112Getting into dungeon synth? Featured garas  43
Is 27 old? TypoNegative  361Part I: Definitive Mood Lounge Sexy Vibes ABC's Megamix Lord(e)Po)))ts  44
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1965 Kompys2000  10Nightwish - Ranking All the Songs spitfyre877  7
jelectrazz & instruhop Featured someone  24I DON'T LISTEN TO BM DaveT0738  24
what are the best albums under a 3 average? TheAntichrist  52

Genre Exploration: Atmospheric/Post Black Metal DiscoveringAxiom  4NBBMN 2020 tastepolice  2
TOP 10 FAV CLOSERS DaveT0738  7TOP 10 FAV DM DaveT0738  29
Bands with terrific names boobies89  10Kvelertak Jaaa Woah Ooh Intro Census Featured porcupinetheater  15
letters of the alp habet ranked Tyler.  36letters of the alphabet ranked Tyler.  5
My Cars Ranked (100th List) JDubb  3Jimmy Eat World Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  15

a fall out boy ranking to piss off the fanboys TheAntichrist  24Has An Album Ever Made You Physically Ill? ReturnToRock  50
NOTHING BUT BLACK METAL NOVEMBER 2020 PT. 2 TheSpirit  12What's The Heaviest Genre Of Metal? JeremiahBullfrog  60
Guess What I'm Reviewing Next? ReturnToRock  3Tears for Fears albums ranked Drbebop  6
Singers with dumb names boobies89  18Close but no Cigar (not quite making AOTY 2020) Nuchoking  6
top 25 2019 barbalidio  0Kansas City Artists You Should Know aaronrkc  15
musicians with dumb opinions BookoftheFallen  171

favorite way to spice up your sixty nine? TheAntichrist  6Top 5 Beatles Albums Closk  69
Albums with good outro tracks normaloctagon  42BEST ALBUM FROM EVERY METAL SUBGENRE Featured SuicycoManiac7  82
Music for Christians Pt.3 MiguelAngel  0Top 50 Hip Hop Albums Of All Time ReefaJones  176
Need Advice on How to Write Reviews / Vinyl Update #2 farmerobama  17top 25 2018 barbalidio  0
Fans of Nintendo homeyaloney  212019 Under 50 gschwen  4
Cookies for SATAN JDubb  5

Hello again Dedes  162020 albums that need reviews Scoot  4
Flat Earth MillionDead  323Albums with good intro tracks normaloctagon  59
dad jokes page TheAntichrist  25Asleep's Top 40 AsleepInTheBack  5
My favourite albums of all time fatihcoskuny  0Bringing night to Sput for 15 years nightbringer  11
lkjb TenSecondsToThink  0New EP Release (Post/black/hardcore) Trem16  2
top 20 2017 barbalidio  0My Vinyl Collection 2 (Updated Nov 2020) Morningrise767  2
I love deep vocals in Rock and metal Tomstein  33C o n f e s s i o n booth ft. SowingSeason Featured JohnnyoftheWell  130
WHAT IS THE HARDEST GROOVING SONG YOUVE EVER HEARD Tyler.  33Cake Album Openers Ranked BreakerdeGodot  3

My record collection update Jasdevi087  4what's your favorite saying on sputnikmusic? TheAntichrist  63
day of birth loveisamixtape  448-18 ReturnToRock  1
top 20 2016 barbalidio  0Music for Christians. Pt. 2 MiguelAngel  22
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1964 Kompys2000  15Chino Moreno JDubb  12

5 favourite Fates Warning albums Ikarus14  1Sylosis Ranked homeyaloney  6
23 Years Ago I Was Born alamo  21Top 10 BEST nu-metal albums Brabiz  16
Let’s Play a Game: Concert Line-up Edition WalrusTusk  53going mobb deep in the hip hop rabbit hole fam TheAntichrist  3
G-unit: The LP's Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  10top 20 2015 barbalidio  1
hvac repair concord ca jimsair123  0

Can any of you smell ants? Jasdevi087  54pls rec me cosy jangly lady indie rock stuff please Archelirion  53
Post metal BookoftheFallen  21what's your favorite source of adrenaline? TheAntichrist  54
top 20 2014 barbalidio  110 years on sputnik PurpleDino  10
Top 10 Nu-Metal Albums Brabiz  21Prince albums ranked Drbebop  8
Etc (Rap, Folk, Other) ktw28  0PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1964 Kompys2000  16
Electronic ktw28  0Metal ktw28  0
Settle a debate for me, Sput normaloctagon  248

MarsPoetry: Continued! Featured MarsKid  36Double-word bands boobies89  36
2020 depression evilford  112top 20 2013 barbalidio  1
Definitive Nu-Metal List 2: The Reckoning Brabiz  9Elliott Smith RANKED TypoNegative  4

None of this can be real. Featured Minushuman24  55New album coming in a few weeks! veninblazer  1
Horror and Vinyl Iamthe Nightstars  7top 20 2012 barbalidio  0
Guns N' Roses ranked Lukrezio  10Machine Head Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  10
Top 10 Albums CalebPants  030 favourite albums HooperD87  13
Rate My Mom's Music Taste rockarollacola  18Genre Adventure: Shoegaze 9Hammer  4
Top 15 Metal Albums of 2015 joshb9864  4

great traditional/power metal songs botman  3Radio fodder AsleepInTheBack  5
top 20 2011 barbalidio  1The Used Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  7
Rec Chill/Relaxing Electronic Deathconscious  17I Crave Your Recs (riffs and sick stuff digz) combustion07  16
AEW Full Gear - ***SPOILERS*** Divaman  13

Bernie Sanders Wins Ryus  152AC/DC Openers Ranked ReturnToRock  10
metalcore 7 americanohno  4Green Day Albums Ranked Zac124  6
The grand Horna ranking garas  6what are the best albums under a 2 average rating? TheAntichrist  19
omegle error connecting to server sharmarahul  4October of METAL 🤘 [2020] MatyMasaryk  3
chico air conditioning repair alternative123  0Book List kevbogz  39

PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1963 Kompys2000  11favorite thing about the user above you TheAntichrist  127
TGIF-themed System of a Down rankings normaloctagon  4Deftones ranked zruF  6

The Definitive Nu-Metal List Brabiz  29carly rae jepsen ranked TheAntichrist  10
Best Pixies Song. botulist  39Lonerism-themed Tame Impala rankings normaloctagon  7
Swaraj 855 Tractor Price in India amansamadhiya  0Swaraj 855 Tractor Price in India amansamadhiya  0
100 Worst Albums of the 2010s AlisonBoucher  25Sputnikmusic's Redirection to Scammy Websites CR7theGOAT  41
If Patrice ONeal was still alive we’d be alright Fort23  3PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1963 Kompys2000  15

The 25 song shuffle truffle homeyaloney  3Favourite songs Icebloom  7
Rec Me Rap/Hip-Hop! LeddSledd  42EVERY 90s METALLICA SONG RANKED TheMrAlexK  12
new Spieglass album Josh D.  17piano jams ep solongatlast  0
satan for president 666 who's with me TheAntichrist  9Anything I missed? JesperL  9
Albums That Sound Like The Band Will Break Up After Release DavidYowi  25Slayer Songs Ranked charbyno  6
High School Albums (2006/2007) MattIsCromulent  12

High School Albums (2005) MattIsCromulent  1High School Albums (2004) MattIsCromulent  3
Rec Me Black Metal Pls Funeralopolis  45Vinyl. botulist  4
666 comments TheAntichrist  42Rec me Patton-Core BookoftheFallen  21
NOTHING BUT BLACK METAL NOVEMBER 2020 TheSpirit  41Give me some recs Shemson  5
The Best Album Covers Morningrise767  16EVERY 80s METALLICA SONG RANKED TheMrAlexK  33

underrated metalcore Senetrix666  15100 Greatest Albums of the 2010s AlisonBoucher  8
USA-themed Gorguts rankings normaloctagon  12hadklsjdlkj charlopiano  0
Released a Doom/Occult metal album DarkHorizontal  8November: Post, Shoegaze Exploration DiscoveringAxiom  8
Blue Oyster Cult Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  9listen to these Skiiddz  0
100 Worst Songs of All Time AlisonBoucher  24

Your favorite winter album? YRI  42best splits/collabs in metal Senetrix666  14
how good is your sputnik pie chart? TheAntichrist  88Sunday-themed Gorillaz rankings normaloctagon  3
Latest pickups Divaman  3alien > aliens alamo  65

Happy Halloween Hoez Supercoolguy64  5Slipknot Ranked DavidYowi  8
What do you listen to while you trip? DavidYowi  8100 Greatest Songs of All Time AlisonBoucher  13
what yous doin' for halloween ya fuckers? TheAntichrist  62Mr. Bungle Albums Ranked Zac124  24
Late Night Vinyl Listening farmerobama  3

What's The Best Emo/Math Rock band? GreyShadow  29100 Worst Albums of All Time AlisonBoucher  45
TGIF-themed Tool rankings normaloctagon  21Say Anything Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  0
November 2020 Song of the Day Featured Divaman  292Florida getting Cool? BallsToTheWall  37
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: October DrGonzo1937  54Top 15 Metal Albums of 2014 joshb9864  6
Blackfield albums ranked faustuscopernicum  0PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1962 Kompys2000  9
Fuckin' Death Vol. II ShadowRemains  17

100 Greatest Albums of All Time AlisonBoucher  50Underrated war metal DarkRecollections  4
TOP 55 PUNK ALBUMS SuicycoManiac7  172020 metal Xeno may have missed Xenophanes  7
October Tots Dylan620  0

3000 Album Ratings Featured TalonsOfFire  18Genre Exploration: Post Rock/Metal, Shoegaze... DiscoveringAxiom  37
talking to yourself on dead threads 2 Pheromone  53RiOR Top 10 of 2020 So Far RadioheadIsOverrated  2
Isolation-themed '70s Floyd rankings normaloctagon  8best of the 2010s s-y granitenotebook  5
best albums of 2004 Senetrix666  219th Ronike  3
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1962 Kompys2000  8Foo Fighters albums ranked Drbebop  7

The Number of the Beast vs Piece of Mind ReturnToRock  21Just got Nintendo SWITCH tectactoe  99
The Aeroplane Flies High: The Album hel9000  5Metal Albums that wont happen Allergist  19
My Top 10 Avatar Songs Zac124  1Autechre ranked Avagantamos  21
Bring Me the Horizon Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  15OLP are writing the sequel to Spiritual Machines rodrigo90  3
Doomsday-themed MF Doom Rankings normaloctagon  15most listened to songs since they suspended the NB Featured theacademy  9
I low-key adore Hip Hop, who's your fave? JeremiahBullfrog  42Mercyful Fate Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  16
Ranking Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins Rawmeeth38  20math lesson of the day TheAntichrist  9
What is your current favorite song? Muhlysa  44

Premo's Still Got It! HalfManHalfAmazing  5Sneaker Pimps - 15 favourite songs fogza  9
September of METAL 🤘 [2020] MatyMasaryk  2Corona situation smaugman  197
Started buying Vinyl like a hipster... Deez  26best albums of 2001 Senetrix666  14

Rec me some horrorcore/scary rap DavidYowi  19Drunk listening to vinyl 2 Closk  3
The Great 2020 RV Trip Take JDubb  2top 25 taylor swift songs alamo  10
10kdegrees Featured sixdegrees  66

Dance Gavin Dance Albums Ranked Elevon  8best discographies Senetrix666  50
1000 ratings hooray / Vinyl Update farmerobama  1Modern Jazz Essentials Vol. 1 scissorlocked  14

Dream Theater Ranked TundraL5Z  22Twitch Streamers Masochist  20
best albums of 2002 Senetrix666  1Twitch-friendly music that is good? Any genre deathofasalesman  16
Happy 4000 to me! MillionDead  17Chambers of Xeric Soundtrack MaryBabko  6
Genres Of Metal ranked JeremiahBullfrog  197jeffery bigglestein memorial thread Ryus  80
does size matter? TheAntichrist  12Recs like Still Corners (synth / dreampop)? fogza  4
Deal With Sput Paralysis Veks  112Rec me songs for loss CaliggyJack  39
Butthole surfers ranked SASSSGOOD  4PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1961 Kompys2000  3

Haken Ranked WalrusTusk  46Italy under curfew Sabrutin  50
how evil are you? TheAntichrist  62Albums that make me hungy BaloneyPony  6
Help Me Catch Up on Last Decade JoyfulPlatypus  9Good use of synthesizers WRYN  0
best albums of 2006 Senetrix666  2Ok Computer/Kid A ranked SuicycoManiac7  20
deftones ranked rainwrld  2Slipknot Ranked TundraL5Z  19
Porc's decade on sput Featured porcupinetheater  33Meshuggah ranked rodrigo90  9
2019 top 10 albums faustuscopernicum  0Deftones Ranked Morningrise767  14
Top 20 Nu-Metal Era Albums faustuscopernicum  1010 Favorites from the 60s gryndstone  0
pls check these postpunk electronic bastards out cordwainerbird  7

best albums of 1996 Senetrix666  9sputnikmusic-core rainwrld  14
Every Paramore Song, Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  342020 Top 10 albums (so far) faustuscopernicum  0
Mike Flanagan Ranked Rowan5215  74BTBAM Ranked mambocosmo  8
top 25 cannibal corpse tracks Madbutcher3  14My Top 15 Counterparts Songs BC74  1
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1961 Kompys2000  7Gorillaz Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  33

2018 Top 10 Albums faustuscopernicum  1Dredg Ranked faustuscopernicum  9
60 Favorites From the 10's gryndstone  10First Jams list in many years. Current DIGS ktstein  0
Top 10 Death Metal of All Time SouperMatty  23My Favorite Albums 2020 (so far) fdrc  4
Judas 🆚 Judas garas  21best of the 2010s l-s granitenotebook  8

A spooky EP from buttboy to you butt.  19Heaviest Breakdowns (oldschool edition) nitschnilske  25
2020 listening log pt 5 alamo  54

Top 20 Metal Albums of 2013 joshb9864  49who gives a fuck? TheAntichrist  24
The Smiths: Ranked beefshoes  10the absolute state of Eugene someone  15
Gnarliest Movie Deaths gryndstone  64

Worst album by your favorite band? YRI  29guitar album covers sixdegrees  19
Rec me stuff homeyaloney  3Linkin Park Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  39
If "Experimental" wasn't a tag... ArsMoriendi  154favorite albums '69-'99...hehe 69 TheAntichrist  10
Iced Earth Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  6Your earliest myspace emo era band discoveries? AggroCrag  2
Deftones Ranked (w/ Ohms) ExtinguishingTheSun  15

USER RECS: Album Covers Q3 2020 neekafat  37Some of the worst things I actually do like. Tomstein  6
Top 5 Van der Graaf Generator loulou  4Duds by bands I otherwise enjoy Josh D.  36
Pika's Sputbligatory Deftones Ranking Pikazilla  54getting mugged in an alley sux bloodshy  14
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1960 Kompys2000  5Pop ktw28  0

Autechre Ranking Tuneison  17Babko's Quarantine Playlist MaryBabko  4
Top 15 Failure Songs claygurnz  8YoYo Releases an Album Featured YoYoMancuso  42
Great One-Album Wonders ReturnToRock  36Top 5 Can loulou  3
Netflix Ranked MaryBabko  75Contenders for My 3000th Rating Divaman  7
Ummmmm hi AnimalsAsSummit  16Top 50 Van Halen Songs HardPressed  6
Evok’s 2017: In Retrospect Featured Evok  5

Neek'd: Harry Potter (films) neekafat  120My Top 50 Albums of All Time vacantPlanet  11
Top 15 Records of all time blackmetalhipster  31Sowing's Week 6 Picks SowingSeason  7
P.T and Silent Hill(s) Ronike  12Best metal songs of the 2000s RANKED aydross121  10
SPUTNIK ELECTION SIN VS BIG vs BUDG Storm In A Teacup  986 Favourite LPs of 2019 jpaulwegenast  1
11 Ratings to 3000 Divaman  11PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1960 Kompys2000  18
Sput's Guitar Collections TheMrAlexK  44

games that make you piss blood rellik009  29Rest in Peace, Timo Ketola ramon.  5
Neuroticfish Ranked davidsbelike  1CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4 RESULTS! bloodshy  15

Top 5 Oiseaux-Tempete loulou  0October anime sharkshanna  4
Bar Graph Observations 9Hammer  11road to 2000_wells Featured JohnnyoftheWell  182
My favorite bands NaydelinSK  1most listened to songs since they suspended the NB Featured robertsona  31
Got the COVID. :/ Brabiz  32

one more beers thread robertsona  38North0House's New Album is Live North0House2  8
Another Powerful! Varg On Twitter Moment! americanohno  1SPUT ROYALE: FINAL (RESULTS!) JohnnyoftheWell  40
One widowslaugh123  5

Whiskey and Vinyl chemicalmarriage  8what is the best album ever made? TheAntichrist  23
My Top 10 In Flames Songs Zac124  5Anaal Nathrakh Ranked ThyCrossAwaits  5
Novice record collector americanohno  13Knock Knock | Creepy video I made OmairSh  1

the best 4.6 rated albums (no order) TheAntichrist  16¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? |session4| mauRo13  14
Top 15 Antlers Songs SowingSeason  15Favourite Sufjan Stevens songs Icebloom  15
My Tiny Vinyl Collection Pratman  10Albums You Hate - And Why! LeddSledd  62
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1959 Kompys2000  12

Yeet me some recs Alexagon  68HiFi Owners Of Sputnik Featured Evok  134
Caligula’s Horse Albums Ranked Zac124  5R.I.P. Papa Universe Featured SandwichBubble  191
quarantine hobbies TheAntichrist  11Bands I still haven't fully listen too yet. Tomstein  14
Every Ulcerate Song Ranked (Again) Jacquibim  19Loudness Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  2

Continents ranked Pangea  38The Oceans Ranked JesperL  22
Over 1 Billion Plays - Rating Spotify's Top 100 Featured Klingel0905  91The Ocean Ranked TundraL5Z  20
Greatest Left Turns in Music History? YRI  39Top 100 Greatest Albums of all Time ReefaJones  35
Sowing's Week 5 Picks SowingSeason  18RIP Eddie Van Halen thunderlimbo  6
tectac's Electric Wizard, Ranked tectactoe  18Japanese metal?? Kusangii  51
Randomize my number generator, please! Pratman  0PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1959 Featured Kompys2000  17
Top 15 Metal Albums of 2012 joshb9864  4RIP eddie van halen Scoot  12

October Jams! BallsToTheWall  1if music genres were exercises TheAntichrist  16
Best Metal albums in 2020, so far (until October) Soilworker90  8New Double Album from kiwi zoso33  1
My Top 100 Albums MmJj  8K-RnB: trend exploration Aberf  61
aoe2 thread let's hit it boys budgie  15im drunk Tyler.  77
Andy Stott: An Introduction dbizzles  23I’ll write review on LSD Allergist  93
My Ranking of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson Flomink  8

Music is Gay Featured ZippaThaRippa  57Cannibal Corpse re-ranked Madbutcher3  16
SPUT ROYALE: FINAL (CLOSED !) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  268AC/DC ranked Ryus  28

best of the 2010s d-l Featured granitenotebook  6i miss concerts JesperL  22
Let this groove get you to move Tyler.  14DDD's vinyl collection (just starting) DDDeftoneDDD  24
My 3rd list of last discovered albums y87arrow  0Rota Fortunae - New song release DungeonBoy  12
Green Day - Correct Ranking Dwap  12My Vinyl Collection (So Far) Zac124  12

Stevie Wonder albums ranked Drbebop  11I'm not sure what is worse... AdoreSwancore  11
songs I listened to during my stay in QUEENS!!!4mo robertsona  6Recently bought vinyl Closk  3
Avoid at all cost MiguelAngel  7Artists of the Week ReturnToRock  1
Songs of The Week ReturnToRock  0Pika's Oceanic Ocean ranking Pikazilla  37
Pop Genres That Don't Actually Exist bloodshy  23Pots 2020 Q4 Lord(e)Po)))ts  63
NEW SONG, NEW PROJECT veninblazer  10covid 19 hasan  22

Metal Genres That Don't Actually Exist Butkuiss  101A Spotlight On : Black History Featured MaryBabko  18
My solo music project! skudboi  0My Babies Are Emerging! Minushuman24  51
Sowing's Week 4 Picks SowingSeason  22Spooknik Soundtrack 2020 Featured butt.  87
I love you all evilford  124CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4 FINALS! bloodshy  75

October 2020 Song Of The Day 🎃🎃🎃 Featured SlothcoreSam  262Rec - Old School Death Metal Sl3igHer  21
Rec me hardcore thunderlimbo  39Underoath Ranked davezillaMP3  68
... Deftones ... Ranked! porcupinetheater  17Deftones/Radiohead Ranked Doibhin69  27
Papa Roach Albums Ranked KManoc1  7

SPUT ROYALE: Round 6 (Semi Final) JohnnyoftheWell  165The October 'Core Inquisition DiscoveringAxiom  4
Deftones Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  11Ranking Deftones in 2020 thunderlimbo  6
Gym Playlist BallsToTheWall  14No Use For A Name Albums Ranked LinksAwakening  4
Top 20 Greatest Song Outros of All Time ReefaJones  9Albums centred around battles / war JeremiahBullfrog  10
aromantic recs solongatlast  9Metallica - Deathwired TheMrAlexK  8
Fall Gift Basket Divaman  5

Rock ktw28  0The Dear Hunter Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  13
Stuff my corpse, Put it on the porch porcupinetheater  12August of METAL 🤘 (Part 2/2) [2020] MatyMasaryk  1
I Saw Live Music Again (Part 2) farmerobama  9Favorite Songs tacticsogre  4
made a doomgaze track Scoot  92020 so far RadioheadIsOverrated  0

SPUT ROYALE: Round 5 (Quarter Final) JohnnyoftheWell  118Deftones ranked veninblazer  30
Music to Alleviate Insomnia tacticsogre  5Music from My Childhood tacticsogre  3
Progressive Rap tacticsogre  12Dark Electronic Music tacticsogre  0
Textural Guitar Albums tacticsogre  3Metal tacticsogre  3

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