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SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group A JohnnyoftheWell 2005 Was Wild Josh D. 
my house burned down YakNips 10 more songs not to listen to while riding a bike Archelirion 
Your ALL TIME FAVE album and why JeremiahBullfrog some casual convos: september 2020 someone 
Aberf's top 100 songs last decade Aberf Sputnik Youtube channel DrGonzo1937 
September 2020 Song of the Day Minushuman24 10 years of scissor scissorlocked 
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: August DrGonzo1937 Every Kayo Dot song ranked Jasdevi087 

5000 Ratings; Top 100 Artists (With Commentary) solrage  5

Need new work out music, stat!! Muhlysa  13funko pop rant JefferyBigglestein  19
lo-fi remix of Jon Brion's "Phone Call" MistaCrave  1CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4R6 bloodshy  26
WORST releases of 2020 costofnothing  5My Top 10 Favourite Albums Zac124  1
Metallica Ranked YRI  1410th Anniversary Avagantamos  3
Birthe Jasdevi087  10i don't know anything oltnabrick  25

Been slacking this year cazzill  2Metallica Openers Ranked Ikarus14  6
Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked Zac124  2Trivium Ranked Ikarus14  2
I don't know anything about electronic music bludngorevidal  24top ten movies sharkshanna  21
PS5 sold out in one minute Dewinged  42

Drunk listening to vinyl Closk  16Soul wrenching black metal phylyps  4
for if you're ever in Prague: underground guide someone  46oasis rant JefferyBigglestein  31
Genre Exploration: Math Rock DiscoveringAxiom  31All My Straight Homies Stan Carly Rae alamo  11
beautiful album covers Agonba  7Pots 2020 Q3.666 REPEATING (QUICK MAFFS EDITION) Lord(e)Po)))ts  15

SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group A Featured JohnnyoftheWell  203Top 40 Ariana Grande TundraL5Z  25
Nothing,nowhere. ranked from best to worst MTNHDRE  2Shinigami ranked from best to worst MTNHDRE  0
COVID MADNESS Lord(e)Po)))ts  205Thoughts on the Demon's Souls gameplay aydross121  66

Some Youtube videos of mine OmairSh  42Best of 2019: (ranked) DJTrpTrp  0
Kanye West JefferyBigglestein  63top 10 animes alamo  63
dead rat in water tank rabidfish  17Sowing's Week 2 Picks SowingSeason  23
7 Albums I Listened to While Cleaning My Bathroom ArsMoriendi  17

Tony Hawk Jamz Supercoolguy64  12Top 11 Favorite Albums Ikarus14  4
Avenged Sevenfold Ranked Ikarus14  9Mando S2 trailer Sasha Banks Jedi Knight Storm In A Teacup  26
Static-X Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  4My Favorite Albums of ALL TIMES... DJTrpTrp  23
SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  116Top 15 Metal Albums of 2010 joshb9864  20

2005 Was Wild Featured Josh D.  44How are we all? Tunaboy45  69
2020 is poop butt.  37What are you up to? random  23
Get Low's Silverstein Ranking Get Low  30

CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4R5 bloodshy  143Best Games I've Played In 2020 Dettlaff  33
SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  91My Top 10 Guns N’ Roses Songs Zac124  4
One Per: Pere Ubu turnip90210  2horror music recs please? alamo  26
My Top 5 U2 albums Closk  0I Saw Live Music Again farmerobama  11
Neek'd: The Killers neekafat  44Anti-core?!? The Worst of the Worst Uzumaki  98
Life-affirming tunes for depressing times SmashIsTheWay94  5

13th Year Sputnik Anniversary insomniac15  8More OSDM ThyCrossAwaits  3
CookieFactory79 CookieFactory79  8My Favorite Closing Tracks rockarollacola  9

Are you is gay alamo  62SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group H Ryus  21
SPUT ROYALE: Round 4 Group G budgie  23BIGGLESTEIN: ORGINS (PT 4) JefferyBigglestein  14
CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4R4 bloodshy  174Random Number Generator Pratman  1
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group F Minushuman24  42Quarantine List TiedDown93  4
Potential 5s Freddykidd  14My Musical Heartache JeremiahBullfrog  2

SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group E JohnnyoftheWell  160THPS 1 + 2 deathofasalesman  44
ATTENTION DANK MEMERS JefferyBigglestein  26Sowing's Week 1 Picks SowingSeason  107
Will you get covid19 vaccine? chemicalmarriage  91top 25 decapitated tracks Madbutcher3  5

Happy B-day Ps1 zoso33  7Metal Albums With Good Snare Rowhaus  56
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group D JohnnyoftheWell  130My Favourite Vocal Performances JeremiahBullfrog  32
my house burned down Featured YakNips  79

I wish my parents were less stupid Underflow  276Genre Exploration: Post-Hardcore Continued DiscoveringAxiom  13
The Killers - Top 10 Songs SymbolicInTime  5Best Albums Grand Funk Railroad RockUtopia  2
Top 20 hits on my birthday - thoughts fogza  5My unconventional top Bowie albums Closk  21
Power Metal in 2019 rockarollacola  10Albums For Autumn Endlessvoyagejake  9

15 Years on Sputnik Josh D.  61Thrash bands with some recent albums bruttbratt  11
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group C JohnnyoftheWell  13390s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: FINALS hesperus  48

another damn north0house album North0House2  13Top 15 Metal Albums of 2009 joshb9864  9
Best of 2020-aka the worst Wirertragen7  2The Doors albums ranked Drbebop  10
10 more songs not to listen to while riding a bike Featured Archelirion  18The Killers Ranked Fathm  11
2019 PytkaWonsza  0CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4R3 bloodshy  173
Forty-Four More Fours Assemblage  2

Last 10 albums listened to. Closk  4Pain of salvation albums Ranked (2020) SuicycoManiac7  4
comment if u dare Ryus  7Entering the realm of Death metal bruttbratt  29
My top albums to imagine wonderful places & worlds y87arrow  1Fall Out Boy Ranked Fathm  7
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  92Miami Heat BallsToTheWall  34
I give a quit. Jethro42  53

Music video I worked on OmairSh  6Premier League + Entire EFL Predictions Jasdevi087  40
Ranked: Dune Novels hel9000  19Forty-Four Fours Assemblage  1
Trif's 2020: Records I Love So Far Pt.2 Trifolium  8OSDM ThyCrossAwaits  19
New Track Insurrection  3

Top 15 Unwound Songs SmashIsTheWay94  8My Top 10 System of a Down Songs Zac124  4
Tundra's 2020 albums (May - Aug) TundraL5Z  7Just released an EP! List is digs/influences figure337  2
2020 so far... SowingSeason  14Rap Binge Rowhaus  29
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  93Ranking My Belly Button Lint LeddSledd  10
September deathschool  9Shitty Shuffles for Sput theoleinnout  9
Shot Self In Index Finger With Nail Gun americanohno  11

rate my taste Tyler.  282020 listening log pt 4 alamo  0
My Ranking of the Pink Floyd Albums Flomink  17Your ALL TIME FAVE album and why Featured JeremiahBullfrog  144
On my own, boys Dedes  19

My Top 10 Slipknot Songs Zac124  3Genre Exploration: Post-Hardcore DiscoveringAxiom  18
Necrophagist : Epitaph. A Technical Breakdown MaryBabko  6i have a theory H.E.R. = money laundering alamo  11
some casual convos: september 2020 Featured someone  844No Deodorant BallsToTheWall  11
A Month of Recs Assemblage  3dmathias50 Best Songs of 2020 (So Far) dmathias52  5
Pop girl summer 2020 relibee2  0CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4R2 bloodshy  263

Aberf's top 100 songs last decade Featured Aberf  28Plz Rec Me Stuff with Similar Guitar Tones... OpenUpandLetMeIn  3
don't ya'll just love when women.... TheSpirit  23My Indie Rock/Shoegaze band put out a new EP oWhoadYo  16
wake up its meme monday!!!! JefferyBigglestein  18Stuff I bought volume 8 Pratman  0
Sputnik Youtube channel Featured DrGonzo1937  6190s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: SEMIFINALS hesperus  28
3500 Ratings: The Fall, or New Horizons? Assemblage  6

September 2020 Song of the Day Featured Minushuman24  158Current Spins UnbrokenOath  0
Growing dull Asdfp277  5The Best Alt Names Not To Use (IT'S ILLEGAL) bloodshy  31
okay this is fair Tyler.  65

Disturbed Albums Ranked Zac124  1010 years of scissor Featured scissorlocked  20
pop music rant JefferyBigglestein  24GOTY 2020 (so far) wutang4ever  69
Swancore vs Djent TundraL5Z  22Top 10 In Flames songs Kusangii  10
Scene Spotlight: Poland's Stoner/Doom Scene farmerobama  3Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: August Featured DrGonzo1937  67
RIP Chadwick Boseman evilford  38The Correct Leprous Album Ranking Djang0  13
First Impressions: Deftones Joeman82  8

Let's talk Messi OmairSh  45Testicle-Crushing Hardcore KennyAlwaysDies  13
Top 2020 Albums so far RichRamp  1Norway Killing it Today. BallsToTheWall  4
I wrote a drone symphony CaptWaffles  0Sunday Night Arm is a better title than Ohms costofnothing  0
Weekend Listening Party: Recs Edition DiscoveringAxiom  1YoYo Releases Another Song YoYoMancuso  1
Kanye West - Discography sjkwap  7Sell Me On Your AOTY WalrusTusk  29
My Ranking of the Sparks Albums Flomink  0Good Albums MaryBabko  6
Every Kayo Dot song ranked Featured Jasdevi087  23Black Metal digs 2020 RegulatorWatts  5

700 Albums Rated! JoyfulPlatypus  3My Soulsborne Ranking hel9000  392
Progressive Music That Slaps MaryBabko  6Tupac's 20 favorite songs! ReefaJones  4
Scene Spotlight: Greece's Stoner/Hard Rock Scene farmerobama  2fuck marry kill JefferyBigglestein  32
Modest Mouse vs. Flaming Lips JohnnyoftheWell  46Top 15 Metal Albums of 2008 joshb9864  6
top 20 2010 barbalidio  1Dystopian Future (Original Soundtrack) Brabiz  8

My musical journey Icebloom  4tec's Top 100 Albums of All Time Featured tectactoe  74
100 Favorite Albums of the 70s anobsoletevernacular  8Nas Ranked stevendah  8
Why isnt Djent an official genre tag on here? TundraL5Z  165Artwork vs Album (Dance Gavin Dance) bc013  12
CONTINENTAL RECFEST S4R1 bloodshy  182jesus Chrost alamo  6

Best Albums Whitesnake RockUtopia  10Genre Exploration: Death Metal DiscoveringAxiom  33
local bands robertsona  3Synthwave Jukebox vol. 2: Darksynth Rave TVC15  2
Dance Off BallsToTheWall  0Another 25 Goofy Band Names farmerobama  5
My All Time top 5 Video Games Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  68Kristin Hersh solo records ranked fogza  0
Top 5: Kurt Vile Dwap  2

top 20 erra onionbubs  8Current Listenings: Metalcore Edition DiscoveringAxiom  18
Top 25 Goofiest Band Names farmerobama  26ITS MEME MONDAY!!!!! JefferyBigglestein  27
R.I.P. Justin Townes Earle, 1982-2020 theBoneyKing  5Sowing's 2020 NFL Predictions SowingSeason  15
Best Albums The Beatles RockUtopia  9Seasons / Holidays: ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  7
NEW EP WHAT IS UP veninblazer  890s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Round 5 hesperus  32
"Greed is Good" Monologue from "Wall Street" OmairSh  11

TOOL ranked Brabiz  37cant spot reciting verses frigyourgenre  5
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 13) JefferyBigglestein  10Vinyls Vinyls Vinyls #3 grannypantys  29
Best albums with green covers Colton  95Listen to this EP if you like catchy black metal Eons  0
How not to find your band on Google farmerobama  23R.I.P. Alison Abraham, 1957-2020 Featured Winesburgohio  44
Conor Oberst Projects RANKED dustandnations  3

Specialty coffee and laid back tunes Oneironaut  28Best Albums The Smiths RockUtopia  11
Arstravaganza Featured ArsMoriendi  71Favorite Mutemath albums PorkchopGMX  8
Varg Twitter Part Two americanohno  16Todd in the Shadows - Trainwreckords Dave1007  0
Breaking Benjamin Experiment: (Ranking Hypothesis) ChronicExister  0Recs for Jazzy Rock/Metal Shuyin  54
Breaking Benjamin Experiment: (Ranking results) ChronicExister  7My First Tranniversary (One Year on HRT) DavidYowi  46

FILM: tectac's Kelly Reichardt, Ranked tectactoe  15Carcass is back on streaming platforms! TheSpirit  22
BIGGLESTEIN: ORGINS (PT 3) JefferyBigglestein  33Favorite Albums Foetelaer  0
Power Pop Appreciation List protokute  43While We Wait For OHMS Lucman  10
The best Ulver albums garas  312020 sextape/2 Jukebox Featured JohnnyoftheWell  37
Best Albums The Jimi Hendrix Experience RockUtopia  6Logic Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  13
2020 dm Ryus  72

Some songs I like from 2020 gryndstone  5Top 5: Phil Elverum hel9000  8
Tim Hecker LPs ranked XXMurdaBeatzXX  12Pizzas Ranked Supercoolguy64  60
User Spotlight: August 2020 Featured SowingSeason  9Vocalists I Can't get into JeremiahBullfrog  58
Animal Collective Ranked Bigly Kompys2000  7Shit I Headbang Alone To While Cutting the Grass dixoncocks  21
'Ultraviolet' - Ranked InFiction  3

Best Albums AC/DC RockUtopia  7Ten Decent Songs (From Abysmal Albums) riffariffic7  19
Best Users alamo  18Top 10 GY!BE and satellites loulou  9
JefferyBigglestein's Favorite Albums JefferyBigglestein  42Acoustic Guitar/Songwriter Recommendations TheGraduate  12
Mezzanine Crushing Jams. BallsToTheWall  15The Summer Ends Joeman82  17

MarsBro's Court of 2020 Featured MarsKid  103Raining in summer Supercoolguy64  7
Best Albums Led Zeppelin RockUtopia  7local scene shoutout someone  12
Desert Island Blizzink  1Fugazi Ranked stevendah  14
My Top 10 King Crimson Songs TronaldDump  11Goth? dfevil085  15
Top 10 discogs "WAP" is better than TheSpirit  19Unexpected Change of Artist Sound Ferguson  5
user spotlight: Lord(e)Po)))ts JohnnyoftheWell  268Bob Dylan albums ranked Drbebop  8

Best Albums Supertramp RockUtopia  2Post Punk & Pop? bigboss00  18
Overflow From All Time Favs 1DPC4  5Stabbed With An Bread alamo  14
Ranked: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds hel9000  13Practice Review: Feedback Welcome Endlessvoyagejake  6
BIGGLESTEIN: ORGINS (PT 2) JefferyBigglestein  29non-fashy war metal Featured Ignimbrite  65
Danzig Ranked LucretiaMyReflection  2Folk that's better than Folklore Featured MillionDead  38
These are good albums Dedes  15

200 Favorite Songs Of All Time (Part II) ReefaJones  12The Big Takeover mardin65  0
Best Albums Eagles RockUtopia  1List Closed for Posting by User Featured Trebor.  123
Memento's Preliminary 2020 Top 30 MementoMori  18Top 15 Metal Albums of 2007 joshb9864  9
Leprous Ranked (Top 5) JDubb  17The Periodic Table of Metals Assemblage  17
My Top 10 Green Day Songs Zac124  4Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: July Featured DrGonzo1937  56
90s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Round 4 hesperus  34Any of you been to burning man chemicalmarriage  27
My new album is finally here, check it out AnimalsAsSummit  9

Diggin' Deep in the Bins JDubb  9All time Favourite albums - 2020 1DPC4  9
Best Albums Dire Straits RockUtopia  1What is an Emeritus? YRI  15
Top 5 Records: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band MementoMori  2August of METAL 🤘 (Part 1/2) [2020] MatyMasaryk  1
Final Round: Continental Recfest Sharkattack  85yall listen to cum town podcast? americanohno  26
WHAT IS M/ bloodshy  64

Slavonic black metal is the best black metal Th3Gr3N4D13R  3Bigglestein for President 2020 of Sputnikmusic JefferyBigglestein  154
System of a Down - Ranked bobbydylan  8Top 10 Horror Films of the 2010s Divaman  199
Top 5 Records: Gazpacho MementoMori  6Someone call my boy snide JeremiahBullfrog  19
Pizza Toppings Ranked rockarollacola  204SPUTAGORIES: Sloth Vs Minus SlothcoreSam  29
New EP Valzentia  11S -generictoρ- mauRo13  0
200 Favorite Songs Of All Time (Part I) Featured ReefaJones  26what ive been listening to in recent memory asanisimasa  7

Alt account ideas? Allergist  93JustVibin's Essentials justvibin  3
JustVibin's Favorite 90s Hip Hop Albums - No order justvibin  6Top 5 Records: Hiromi MementoMori  0
BIGGLESTEIN: ORGINS (PT 1) JefferyBigglestein  46Top 10 Worst xxl freshmen Joeman82  40
top 25 carly rae songs alamo  11Sleeping With Sirens Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  8
Best Albums Oasis RockUtopia  0Upcoming albums I'm excited about farmerobama  5
My Top 10 The Dillinger Escape Plan Songs Zac124  5The Greatest Black Metal Vocalists JeremiahBullfrog  19

The Sixth Hundred Shows Minushuman24  12My Chemical Romance albums ranked Drbebop  19
Good groove metal (not Pantera) Allergist  42Listening to the The Caretaker's EATEOT albums SgtShock  6
Jeffery J. Bigglestein AMA JefferyBigglestein  69new obsession someone  13
Transformers: Live action films ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  33Top 5 Records: Ulver MementoMori  14
Derecho digs evilford  39

Fuck Covid Endlessvoyagejake  23Best Albums CCR RockUtopia  3
upcoming budgecore releases budgie  44Varg Vikernes Twitter Account americanohno  12
Blink-182 albums ranked Drbebop  8SWEET SWEET VICTORY JefferyBigglestein  93
Top 5 Records: Moonsorrow MementoMori  0Friday The 13th: Films Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  25
egg on my face parksungjoon  37

Top 7 GY!BE songs siIverspawn  25Top 5 Records: Mastodon MementoMori  26
THE BIGGLESTEIN COMICS (& MEME MONDAY) !!! JefferyBigglestein  29My (Dormant) Band... coldheaven  6
Dollars Trilogy: Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  11Combichrist Ranked JustPressPlay  0
Favorite Albums magiccola  0

Best Albums The Police RockUtopia  0Insidious: films ranked JeremiahBullfrog  8
The Prodigy albums ranked Drbebop  102019 - German year-end album charts Hirsch  3
Bandcamp - name your price - death metal Hirsch  1Top 5 Records: Katatonia MementoMori  7
2020 so far Malto64  090s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Round 3 hesperus  82
Top 15 Metal Albums of 2006 joshb9864  4Have You Heard of These Albums? Assemblage  8

Current jams 08/08/20 naughtcturnal  2Late 1990's/Early 2000 UK CORE (Inspired by Mort.) Deez  17
Top 5 Records: High on Fire MementoMori  5Best Albums Boston RockUtopia  0
The Biggle Bomb JefferyBigglestein  16Star Wars: Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  20
Best The Police Albums Boston  0Best Albums Boston Boston  0
France has some really good metal bands. teamster  5These are the only good deathcore bands mappyfitforbattle  31
Official Sputnik User Tier List 2020 Lord(e)Po)))ts  237Avatar Albums Ranked Zac124  2

My mood #2 Ladron93  0August death metal binge Atari  12
new fall of troy album mryrtmrnfoxxxy  9Top 10 Carly Rae Jepsen Songs GreyShadow  13
Top 5 Records: Eric Dolphy MementoMori  5Heaven nofyt  0
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 12) JefferyBigglestein  34UK CORE Mort.  47
Favorite albums covers albacestmoi  0Evil Dead: Films Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  47
New song from me Valzentia  3

My Favorite Snail Artists Trebor.  18Top 5 Users budgie  139
most listened to songs since nba got cancelled robertsona  15Best of 2019 EmceeKain  2
Aussie Core BallsToTheWall  25Driving playlist WRYN  0
Halloween: The films ranked JeremiahBullfrog  29Top 5 Records: Ihsahn MementoMori  4
Lightning Metal Assemblage  19

New Records I've Gotten This Past Month nuklearmoose  2Faith No More Albums Ranked Zac124  11
My favorite live albums farmerobama  6Bigglestein Stays Winning JefferyBigglestein  11
Best Gazpacho Albums jsaadia  8Top 5 Records: Devin Townsend MementoMori  9
Recent Skronky/Dissonant Metal DarkHorizontal  12Jurassic Park / World: Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  46
Umbrella 2020 Results: Closing Another Umbrella ArsMoriendi  65My Favourite Male Artists Featured clavier  40
The Great Sputnik War Chapter 2 costofnothing  9

[CLASSIFIED] the truth about jeffrey bigglestein JefferyEPBigglestein  31Album Replay: July deathofasalesman  12
My Top 25 My Morning Jacket Tunes Sunnyvale  1Best Opener/Closer Combos RodKneeBrucey  15
THE GREAT WAR UPDATE 3 JefferyBigglestein  27North American Death Metal Endlessvoyagejake  17
Some songs I like (in no particular order) PorkchopGMX  2Talking Heads Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  24
One Reason rym is better than sputnik Trebor.  62Ten Movie Songs riffariffic7  14
Best Kiss Albums jsaadia  11Lord Of The Rings: Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  145
Top 5 Records: Defeated Sanity MementoMori  0Kvass time Dedes  4
The Great Sputnik War Chapter 1: Background costofnothing  19White Detroit Man ranks White Detroit Man Joeman82  18

REASONS BTS AND T. SWIFT ARE GOAT's davezillaMP3  28DJ mixes Avagantamos  10
list of 24 items Tyler.  28Weekend Haul Divaman  1
Top 5 Bands DarkHorizontal  3I DECLARE WAR ON BTS JefferyBigglestein  222
Top 5 Records: Causa Sui MementoMori  0Music, personality, other people costofnothing  23
Alien: films ranked JeremiahBullfrog  73rec me Switch games loveisamixtape  95
Round 6: Season 3: Continental Recfest Sharkattack  89ryus's assorted electronic jams Ryus  15

Volcano Albums Assemblage  11The Sputnik Times 8/2/20 JefferyBigglestein  13
Favourite movies Shuyin  24Top 5 Records: Anathema MementoMori  11
Dogrel OR A Heroes Death??? Closk  5RIP rock music - Final Boss Featured JohnnyoftheWell  37
True Top 10 Movies of All Time alamo  1390s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Round 2 Featured hesperus  129
Some Rap Albums PopsicleBob  2

2020 in electronic—again Ryus  15Sputnik Music Assemblage  8
CRADLE OF FILTH RANKED Hawks  7Top 25 Movies of All Time ReefaJones  43
Top 5 Records: Amorphis MementoMori  6Voodoo by D'Angelo Ranked YoYoMancuso  9
July 2020 anobsoletevernacular  0

Recs for Jeffery Bigglestein Hodenfresser  16Top 20 Greatest Guitarists of All Time ReefaJones  68
Criterion Collection Haul (Part II) thecheatisnotdead  3CEREBRAL MUSIC Assemblage  16
Hard Jams. BallsToTheWall  3Song of the Day August (ft. ArsMoriendi) Featured ArsMoriendi  275
Top 5 Records: Obscura MementoMori  6THE GREAT WAR UPDATE 2 JefferyBigglestein  55
Just getting it out. gnoma  20Top 10 Favorite Nirvana Songs MondrainTheLiar  23

Manson Ranked LucretiaMyReflection  8Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 20): 100-1 oisincoleman64  6
Top 20 Drummers of All Time ReefaJones  11390s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Intro + Round 1 hesperus  17
Queen albums ranked Drbebop  2Taylor Swift Ranked SowingSeason  14
Top 10 Movies of All Time JefferyBigglestein  311Top 5 Records: Yes MementoMori  11
Top 5 Worst Rock/Metal Cover Songs ReturnToRock  17My mood #1 (Synthwave, retro synth, industrial...) Ladron93  4

Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 20): 200-101 oisincoleman64  8Haken: Ranked Gibleson  6
Shitty Vinyl Update Trundle  10Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 11) JefferyBigglestein  17
Nerd Music Recs for Nerds bludngorevidal  19Weezer Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  0
Top 5 Records: Thinking Plague MementoMori  0Top 10 Favorite Soundgarden songs MondrainTheLiar  7
A guide to nu-gaze JesperL  36Search for the WORST: Nu-Metal Edition davezillaMP3  170
Type O Negative - Correct Ranking Dwap  6

recent quests into dungeon synth mmmonty  8Wilco Ranked stevendah  1
Dream Theater Ranked YRI  5Psytrance mini-bange Bedex  11
Top 50 Taylor Swift Songs [according to Sowing] Featured SowingSeason  54Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 12: Three Umbrella Houses ArsMoriendi  94
back at it again with another depression list madrigal30  29You're Gonna Need to Dig These Josh D.  6
Top 100 Covers farmerobama  6First List Since Middle School NecrogenicShrimp  12
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 10) JefferyBigglestein  33Top 5 Records: Thelonious Monk MementoMori  3
Taylor Swift's Lover - ranked DEL1C4TE  0Bands new to me that I enjoy (2020) obzen117  11
Taylor Swift's reputation - ranked DEL1C4TE  0Taylor Swift's folklore - ranked DEL1C4TE  0
2020 Top Ten Albums (Ongoing) Localband  3From Glen Campbell to Gorguts: Favorite 50 Songs IronGiant  6

Taylor Swift's studio albums – ranked DEL1C4TE  1Late 2000's Dubstep/Bass/Glitch Featured Deez  22
Backlog Jams R4zor3dge  33Expansion & Development Introu1  2
Top 5 Favourite TV Shows (Age 20) oisincoleman64  5My own Top 100 albums RichRamp  9
Top 5 Records: The Mothers of Invention MementoMori  6Stoner/Doom bands have creative names farmerobama  21
Meme Monday 7/27/20 JefferyBigglestein  186Beardfish Albums Ranked LeddSledd  6
if you like burial… Ryus  16Bold Intros 9Hammer  9
These are a few of my favorite things Featured Minushuman24  51Favorite post-hardcore records of the 2000s Joeman82  47

need new recs to paint/draw to alamo  20Sputnik Smash Thread Colton  266
July Jams Endlessvoyagejake  0Top 50 Albums of the 2000’s Zeuzo  20
Artists I Saw Live (Part 3) farmerobama  2Top 10 Favorite Queens of the Stone Age Songs MondrainTheLiar  7
Ulcerate Albums Ranked obzen117  18Top 5 Records: Oxbow MementoMori  10
Personal Favorites 2020 So Far namsaap  02020 = hot diarrhea alamo  15

Why are lyrics vapid in isolation? Featured ChoccyPhilly  44Top 20 Metal Albums of 2005 joshb9864  11
Songs that I've been loving lately DioFan05  1They keep making the same album rockarollacola  30
Neek vs. Star Trek: TNG neekafat  26My 2nd list of last discovered albums y87arrow  0
¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? |three| mauRo13  7Real talk Dedes  20
Counterparts ranked Joeman82  19Favorite Album From The Year You Were Born? KManoc1  70

Taylor Swift, ranked. relibee2  4Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 9) JefferyBigglestein  36
Artist I Saw Live (Part 2) farmerobama  0Criterion Collection Haul (Part I) thecheatisnotdead  10
Favourite video game soundtracks on vinyl EclipseInYourEyes  14Top 5 Records: Obliteration MementoMori  8
Haken Ranked TundraL5Z  16Wear Masks you brain damaged humpty trumptys JeremiahBullfrog  365
Top 50 Albums of 2019 aaronrkc  0Bloodshy's Epic Jukebox Pt. 1 bloodshy  105
ask me a question! or something- idk what this is ian b  33Some of my favourite drummers mmmonty  22

JEFFERYBIGGLESTEIN BIG ANNOUNCEMENT JefferyBigglestein  33R.E.M. Ranked stevendah  17
Upcomings 2020 / 2021 CoreLeone85  0Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Identity SowingSeason  34
Artists I Saw Live (Part 1) farmerobama  4Top 5 Records: Naked City MementoMori  4
Ratings 3,4 and more but i REALLY dont LIKE IT MrHahaHihi  4Ratings 2 and less but I LIKE it MrHahaHihi  0
John Lennon albums ranked Drbebop  3Need some vocal mixing advice please auberginedreams  20
¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? |two| mauRo13  4i made a metalcore song Scoot  6
¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? mauRo13  4Bush albums ranked Dwap  3
Round 5: Season 3: Continental Recfest Sharkattack  85I've never heard OPETH Allergist  24

Best albums with red covers Colton  83Dogshit early morning shifts Jasdevi087  3
Back from the grave joomisy  81984 in metal mmmonty  28
Tundra's 2020 albums (Jan - Apr) TundraL5Z  8general to-listen list mmmonty  0
Death metal binge Bedex  41Top 300 Favourite Songs (Age 20): 100-1 oisincoleman64  5
Best of 2020 so far farmerobama  6Top 5 Records: Intronaut MementoMori  22
Artists from my University Town farmerobama  4Last 10 Albums Veldin  23
top 20 underoath onionbubs  20Every Led Zeppelin Song Ranked charbyno  15
The Devil Wears Prada ranked davezillaMP3  30

Top 300 Favourite Songs (Age 20): 200-101 oisincoleman64  2Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 11: Torn Umbrella ArsMoriendi  90
Dedicated to the Decade (2000's) engleprunt  0New 1 List Per Year Rule THISISMYWAR  7
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 8) JefferyBigglestein  42Top 5 Records: Immolation MementoMori  10
Neek's MCU Binge neekafat  408a 2020 King Gizzard Ranking avery14th  5

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