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Top 100 Manic Street Preachers Songs TVC15 A Few of My Favorite Things brosephmcbrah 
Wolfe's Electronic 2017 Relinquished Andcas... BallsToTheWall 
Favorite Death Metal hexfix93 Rowan's Six Years on Here Rowan5215 
Black Metal ONLY November (and December and maybe January) Gameofmetal Pots Real Talks Anxiety: Free Apologies and Digs Edition!! LordePots 
teamsters post - "whatever" 2017 list teamster 50 Great Widely Understood Death Metal Blips turnip90210 
Cannibal Corpse Ranked DarkSideOfLucca Top 10 The Used Songs onionbubs 

Rec me upbeat doom/sludge (if that's possible) goblinilbog  4

Draconian pizzamachine  0Baths Albums and EPs Ranked ArsMoriendi  10
10 Essentials: Footwork Winesburgohio  3Rec me sadness Dylan620  30
How to thrash part 1 Maco097  13Neek'd: Queens of the Stone Age neekafat  30
SOTY 2017 PLAYLIST CHITCHAT/CIVIL DISCOURSE THREAD LordePots  24bunch of stuff to mess you up... or not UniqueUniverse  5
Marilyn Manson Ranked B3nnysBack2  250 digz 4 sadness StarlessCore  12
Don't snooze on these metal/hc releases in 2017! Wirertragen7  3Coldness Be My God americanohno  2
Rec Me Some Metalcore like these DeadPoe  5Top 100 Manic Street Preachers Songs Featured TVC15  25
Judas Priest Ranked Sevengill  23

Post Selfies Relinquished  32for the Gz foxblood  27
Drunken Jams Aerisavion  13My top etid betweentheburiedandi  6
RIP Lil Peep :( joshrhodes  40Favorite Covers Aiwaz  58
Progday Semi-Finals Friday13th  29Demon Hunter Albums Ranked SoilPethSymmetry  4
os releases an album osmark86  6Rec me acoustic guitar + female indie vocal music McTime50  17

MAD MEN Seasons Ranked EyesWideShut  51Favourite records 2017 edition ElviGemini  7
Songs Under 3 Minutes Rec Contest Part 5 ZombieToyDuck  60New bansheebeat Track + Video Rev  4
The Punisher DarkSideOfLucca  41Looking for some CR1T1C1SM North0House2  6
gucci 2016-2017 MyShadow  4Focused listening experience, 5 artists/30 days... Demon of the Fall  18
Top 9 Favorite Movies of All Time WetHarmonica1916  13Rec me Producers / DJs vagenheart  12
Trailer Park Songs Divaman  12Great albums with great Artwork! ElHombreChino  1

Super Metroid beefshoes  19Under-Appreciated Albums (Pop-Punk Free) bgillesp  12
Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Pop Punk Albums Green Baron  32Songs Under 3 Minutes Rec Contest Part 4 ZombieToyDuck  117
Sputnik Art Gallery BlackwaterPork  28For The Homies We've Lost BallsToTheWall  11
A Few of My Favorite Things Featured brosephmcbrah  26My favourite post-punk bands y87arrow  0
My favourite post-hardcore & emo albums so far y87arrow  0Digs ExecutiveExecuterexe  0
Vinyl Pickups JZW1997  4RIP Peep MyShadow  8
Evanescence Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  8So...Justice League Toondude10  61
My Vinyl Collection sugarcubes  4RIP Lil Peep Vlahka  89
Gimme Stuff Like This Hawks  32Something slick Oneironaut  17

The Machine That Made Us Ranked Lucman  8Wolfe's Electronic 2017 Featured Relinquished  34
On the Road again.. butcherboy  14Rainy Day Blues Drifter  13
Sputnik Split EP Released!! minty901  6What is your religion? BlackwaterPork  408
Recent Diggies thecheatisnotdead  2Songs Under 3 Minutes Rec Contest Part 3 ZombieToyDuck  175
Opeth Albums Ranked SrpskiCekic  8Reputation Ranked SowingSeason  19
Sputnik Guide to Wanking cryptologous  14Death worst to best glorybox94  40
Adventures in death metal Marehelm  13Screamo Bands I Am Really Digging Right Now: 11/15 JLR2DEG  2
EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 7: Wait a sec, that ain't Emo! AsleepInTheBack  17Rec me albums I'll never forget goblinilbog  41
Oathbringer! theBoneyKing  16

how do i talk to girls? Slut  89#softbitchvibes Hellscythe  7
Igloo, motherfucker johnnydeking29  11posi vibes ComeToDaddy  34
Songs Under 3 Minutes Rec Contest Part 2 ZombieToyDuck  142Gorguts worst to best glorybox94  79
Can't upload bloody profile picture BlackwaterPork  33Pissed Off Death Metal Cuts Atari  48
Video Game Soundtracks Ziguvan  38Star Wars Battlefront II Kalopsia  56
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon ThumbNail  176NBBMN Day 14 Update Nazzadan  6
Me Too SweeneyTodd  1410 Great albums not enough people care about ElHombreChino  6
*POTENTIAL* Saviours of Rock lukefield99  13Just found out about this genre lucky  17
Albums to have consensual sex to Spec  59King Crimson Live Divaman  16

Rec me intelligent hip hop Bismark  160Past 6 Months jgrunge107  0
Shit I've Been Listening To Most Lately Mameeshkamow  4This is Agalloch babyyyyyyyyyyy kingdedethefifth  52
Green Day Best to Worst lukefield99  18goat dm band ranked Hellscythe  8
Songs Under 3 Minutes Rec Contest ZombieToyDuck  128Latest CDs and vinyls in my collection BenMorrison  0
list of people i need on the sput discord server doomes  26Songs about sex and booty etc... qiblas  10
Progday Elimination Round Friday13th  169New Wave Music: Dare to Be Different Divaman  19

I Subjected Myself to... ArsMoriendi  111Pink Floyd Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  8
Molly Hatchet Ranked Aiwaz  5New Album mindleviticus  11
How was church? grannypantys  11my favorite boys - a tribute to kevin spacey. huskerdune  7
Ranking Weezer's Albums. Stjimmy101  1Leviathannywan wanked BlackwaterPork  22
Andcas... Featured BallsToTheWall  70#goodvibes Bloon  53
What's the weather like by you? Asahi  28Pendientes de escuchar Fstancovich  0
Every Switchfoot Album Ranked Lucman  6Favorite Death Metal Featured hexfix93  49

SPUTNIKPOEMS (Toad Gets Published!) Toad  21Rec me the most cathartic albums/music ever goblinilbog  6
whatever happened to my sputnikmusic gliss  21Led Zeppelin worst to best glorybox94  20
Sputpocalypse AdolfChrist  76Starting a Cassette Label -- Help Me Out Sevengill  23
Three New Black Malachite Releases! (More Snide!) ThumbNail  37Radiohead worst to best glorybox94  23
Katatratatonia ranked BlackwaterPork  30

Tool - All Souls, February 9th Aberf  11I went back to california Bismark  49
New Ashcrash Song ashcrash9  2Top Five Albums amchec  2

Doof's Worst of 2017 DoofusWainwright  38A Snide Resurgence! ThumbNail  31
C.F.S's Top Horrorcore Artists c19r83l  0A Death Metal Friend, or Adventures in Death Metal Marehelm  40

YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE brainmelter  10Blink-182 worst to best glorybox94  20
Five 1's in two weeks? upintheair  30Favorite Guitar Teams fullautorpg  11
5 Greatest Albums Of All Time BallsToTheWall  20Katatonia v Paradise Lost v MDB BlackwaterPork  21
The real cost of vinyl. grannypantys  50fillin the void alienobserver  6
Underappreciated Albums on Sput 2017 ZombieToyDuck  28Rowan's Six Years on Here Featured Rowan5215  79

Im ANXIEtY Asdfp277  26had a good date DarkSideOfLucca  36
Placebo are fucking incredible onionbubs  2020 to Montauk.. (Need Recs) butcherboy  33
Alternative Rock Radio is Ass runaways  20Kanye West worst to best glorybox94  32
What caused the vinyl resurgence? TheMrAlexK  58Rate my newest cd pick ups maxer  16
Compost Birthday! CompostCompote  19Wolfenstein 2 playlist DarkSideOfLucca  16
NBBMN Day 7 Update Nazzadan  14what have I missed in 2017? FlipTrackz  16
Ultimate Misery Signals Album Shoegazefan9789  5end of 2017 jams pjorn  35
Black Metal ONLY November (and December and maybe January) Featured Gameofmetal  47Damnation 2017 linguist2011  0
asap rocky discog ranked MyShadow  9Pots Real Talks Anxiety: Free Apologies and Digs Edition!! Featured LordePots  197
My Favorite Albums DJENNY  30

trains in the distance at night (making moves) brainmelter  11"Cool" artists I love. theNateman  10
Listen to my new album pls North0House2  17DEP ranked ckypro3  12
More Music of Interest C3llarD00r  8Good, but below expectation 2017 albums Handers  9
Marilyn Manson - Ranked McGuire95  12COMFORTABLE HEADPHONES Piglet  22
Songs I've Listened Too americanohno  10how to rob a bank LisaTheCat  29
Rebirth Drifter  41

Greatest Greek Black Metal Albums DeadPulse  4add to my library Storm In A Teacup  7
RED - GONE Tier List CharacterMusings  0AOTY Prelims pjquinones747  9
Album Art I Hate with a Passion Ninjahague  21Top 10 Metal Albums of All Time TheFirstLemur  9
Top Twenty Albums of All Time Lucman  9Describe Yourself CompostCompote  36
So morbid curiosity messed me up... Thalassic  212Jay-Z worst to best glorybox94  9
Metalblade v Nuclear blast v SoM BlackwaterPork  17Saw Trivium last night Toondude10  13
Top 65 of 2016 Sniff  3my favorite guitar players Itsonlyme  10
teamsters post - "whatever" 2017 list Featured teamster  24

Rec me comfy stuff Kompys2000  49Korean Pop CLASSIC BOPS Asahi  8
Metalcore Songs with Post-Metal/Rock Influences robertneville777  18My Top 10 best musical experience (2017) omelettedufromage  4
Interest in starting a Sputnik Record label? minty901  14heard this site likes black metal minnashine  70
My Personal Ranking of Thrice’s Discography Slowburner  15""""""""classic rock"""""""" Ryus  42
The Spirit's NBBMN Reaction List TheSpirit  15saw Tigers Jaw's first show in my town yesterday Risodo  7
Let Me Rec You Something II | The Rec-oning SandwichBubble  89Albums I Still Need to Check for 2017 Divaman  32
evuldrunk evilford  162017 To Check List Drifter  33

Help with electonic body music albums rodrigo90  2LPFTW Turns 5 Years Old TVC15  34
Progday Discovery M8 Friday13th  114Celtic Frost Albums Ranked SoilPethSymmetry  15
8 albums Tyler.  2650 Great Widely Understood Death Metal Blips Featured turnip90210  25
Looking for starter Post-hardcore to get into IceDoesntHelp  13Pelican Ranked jmh886  13
Cannibal Corpse Ranked Featured DarkSideOfLucca  103Choose the next concert I go to. grannypantys  33
Top Eight Doom Metal Riffs SoilPethSymmetry  5AOTLTY TheCharmingMan  5
Album recommendations for November 2017 ZodiacalWolf  7Tech Death Recs Aiwaz  42

Sputnik is slooooooow Lelle  61

A Mostly 3.5 October ArsMoriendi  21Hard Jams and Beer BallsToTheWall  1
October 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  14

best kate bush songs Ryus  12A Small List of Halloween Songs RikRoach7  1
Type O Negative Ranked Aiwaz  12Snifftober -17 Sniff  16
101 More Albums butcherboy  59Iron Maiden ranked DarkSideOfLucca  53
Gonna see Danny Brown and Run The Jewels tonight Ricochet  6Fiddy's NBBMN TOURNEY 50iL  50
Top 10 The Used Songs Featured onionbubs  27Halloween Shamus248  10

5 Album Music Taste Summary elliootsmeuth  58Oh Baby Drifter  76
Wolfenstein II DarkSideOfLucca  118I need more 5's CaimanJesus  33
Had a blast at Camp Flog Gnaw 2017 deadcrown  9Favorite lyricist? JZW1997  65
The Executioner Turns 16 ExecutiveExecuterexe  11best of the month MyShadow  3
Snippet of 2017 Babies Travelhead  4

rainbow six siege Tyler.  40Great Albums Turning 10 in 2017 Shamus248  3
Fugazi ranked widowslaugh123  18Foo Fighters ranked Busch1841  4
Hi Sput - Check out my music maybe? JS19  18what should I scribble about Conmaniac  26
My Favorite My Chemical Romance Songs Stjimmy101  13The impact of Punk Rock on my life Risodo  17
St. Vincent Ranked Djang0  2Diddle Arche 6: math Archelirion  60
My Halloween Playlist KManoc1  12Worst Rec Contest Final Round Prancer  45
Band Tolerance grannypantys  12Game of the Year Underflow  88

What genre has the best lyrics? theBoneyKing  97Listen to my new song! ViperAces  2
*FINAL ROUND* Super Sonic Electronic Tourney L4titudes  11Make Kompy listen to black metal Kompys2000  27
2017 Bazman  12August Burns Red Ranked G0atC0re  10
Top Between the Buried and Me albums TundraL5Z  40Rec me Shoegaze/Psychedelic? dtsanchez  17
Uni Work VisionsFromTheDarkSide  17Stranger Things Season 2 Astral Abortis  218

Roomates Engaging in Coitus J0ckstrapsFTW  10Progday Discovery M7 Friday13th  94
Rec me classics (dedes version) kingdedethefifth  158It's Finally Out :') Drifter  66
AOTY Just Dropped MyShadow  12Ne obloodybliviscaris BlackwaterPork  24
Check out my new album as Duplicate Tape sugarcubes  25Neek's 1st Listen: Julien Baker's "Turn Out..." neekafat  28

A Drummer's Favorite Drummers Asahi  37Best Releases on 2017 (so far...) nuuprizing  0
Politics yo DarkSideOfLucca  74Heavy Women SCREAM!  32
Get in the groove steynopeth  2we're all weezer now mryrtmrnfoxxxy  16
5 Favorite Live Iron Maiden Albums Ikarus14  5Uni's on a review roll UniqueUniverse  136
Post-Metal Starter Pack PistolPete  34Neek'd: Sufjan Stevens neekafat  20
Crust/Hardcore recs cloakanddagger  13New WCTC album out today DungeonBoy  3
Gothenburg Agonba  11Rec me 50s shit gagnonov  11
why eminem isnt a great MyShadow  39

rrr11: Fix My Ratings bgillesp  26Best song with the word Sprite McSucc  16
Nothing But Black Metal November recs TheSpirit  81REC ROULETTE ROUND 11 -- Butcher Breakout butcherboy  29
Rec Roulette Round 11: Unique Review UniqueUniverse  68Rec No. 11: Simplicity on a Plastic Disc Frippertronics  34
Hollywood Undead ranked (updated) DORBUSCUS  9Favorite Iron Maiden Album Covers Ikarus14  14
Free Willy Movies Ranked CompostCompote  7Most Prolific Classical Composers Ziguvan  6
Sup sput TheArtofTheGanja  14Goth Appreciation Night Asahi  24
Left Field Hip-hop JZW1997  40Screamo Bands I Am Really Digging Right Now: 10/25 JLR2DEG  7
Saw movies ranked DarkSideOfLucca  53

24 hour music Featured Winesburgohio  16Weezer - Correct Ranking Dwap  16
Give me Funeral Doom BlackwaterPork  72Losing My Hair ChoccyPhilly  82
Jdate/Jswipe/Hinge/OkCupid DarkSideOfLucca  24Worst Songs off My 5s neekafat  70
I love priest Scoob  20Top Ten Deftones ToT720  27
Top Ten Radiohead ToT720  11Guilty Pleasures fullautorpg  5
Best of 2017 ToT720  0Potentially classic 2010's hip-hop albums JZW1997  17
5200 diff’ren wayz Hep Kat  0new pole younger doomes  1
Personal Favorite Albums ManwithaPlan  0YouTube verdant  38
Most Important Albums Of My Life SouthNortherner  11The Offspring Albums Ranked KManoc1  7
A God Damned Travesty / Rec Me Good Stuff Kompys2000  30RIFFS! G0atC0re  13
Best of the 1999 movies? Featured DarkSideOfLucca  142

2017 Concerts So Far Feather  7Top Ten Classic Swedish Death Metal Bands SoilPethSymmetry  15
31 Days of Horror Spluger  27Give me gym recs DarkSideOfLucca  39
Evil recs? btors  27Rate my bands debut LP widowslaugh123  24
My Personal Ranking of Opeth’s Discography Slowburner  13Hollywood Undead - Five - Track-by-track DORBUSCUS  13
8 Days ExecutiveExecuterexe  11Worst live bands I have seen this year JesperL  21
Guilty Pleasures JZW1997  10Abe's guide to shoegaze Aberf  8
2017 in Music luckdaboss  5Megadeth albums ranked karagiannis1908  4
Rad new pop-punk album! Kompys2000  10Underrated Country nukethewhale  4

Complex: 20 Artists Under 20 You Should Know McTime50  2sin's super cool rec contest or something: round 2 Sinternet  172
Trivium Ranked TheMrAlexK  9Objectively Correct Trivium Ranked LethalPaintball  5
Dogshit Albums of 2017 Gyromania  60Trivium Ranked SnakeDelilah  3
Greatest Metal Disappointments 2017 Mordaunt  24Yellow Parafin EP Ricochet  2
Shows BallsToTheWall  7Back Into Skyrim Drifter  16
Trivium Ranked Ikarus14  9PROTECT LIL B TheCharmingMan  9
New Album Out on Bandcamp JigglyPDiddy  13new blog postttttt MyShadow  6
Dream Theater albums ranked karagiannis1908  14Trivium albums ranked karagiannis1908  8
Psychedelic Furs Live Divaman  9Just broke up with a girl DarkSideOfLucca  26
2017 - 5/5 songs Frivolous  372K Ratings Wahooo zaruyache  6

Trivium Ranked YAAAOOO  11What's Your RYM? Drifter  34
B-day pickups CygnusX1  6Musical Moments AsleepInTheBack  9
Diddle Arche 5: rec anything 2 (electric boogaloo) Archelirion  57): music for super happy fun time listening #3 :( superluminals  35

prog greats debuts wham49  14The Black Company Ranked artiswar  4
Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg Drifter  18if someone tell me my pic and name in one word Desdinova  14
Progday Discovery M6 Friday13th  135Worst Rec Contest Rd. 6 Prancer  19
ADTR RANKED TheSpirit  27dig-a-ligs cylinder  20
Bands with first 4-5 albums being flawless rodrigo90  29Every Massive Attack Album Track Ranked georgeharold818  8
My 2nd/8th Sputecelery Nazzadan  32My Good Friends as Albums luckdaboss  3
Classical in 2017 Featured Jacquibim  33Artist That Influenced My Bands Music: Velvet Luna MisguidedYouth  10
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Ranked InFiction  7Nuclear Butt Nugget Ranked Divaman  3
To Listen: euro  0

*ROUND 6* Super Sonic Electronic Tourney L4titudes  15Ears for Fears zoso33  0
Sowing Ranks Every Brand New Song Featured SowingSeason  76The Mars Volta Ranked CharacterMusings  19
Wolves Rowhaus  26Indie Rock Sucks BallsToTheWall  16
Rick and Morty Squanched Featured neekafat  130mewithoutYou ranked LethalPaintball  30
Rec me anime brainmelter  40Top 3 Run The Jewels albums McSucc  8
69th list - nice JJKeys  3Top 5 Post Malone Songs McSucc  7
My favorite hardcore/metalcore albums. JZW1997  910,000 Posts. KjSwantko  30
Rec comp kingdedethefifth  7The 90's in 55 Albums.. Featured butcherboy  110
New Fever Ray Music Confirmed JigglyPDiddy  14The Sput-Folk Union of 2017 Frippertronics  73
I gotta thank you... Dewinged  56

My Favorite Albums As Of October 18, 2017 Metal2003  1Favorite Songs SomethingCoolIDK  4
Top 10 Albums SomethingCoolIDK  1Haygoody's Top 10 of 2016 Haygoody  1
Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying theNateman  82017 Hip Hop Recs BeyondCosby  32
Middle School rage music DarkSideOfLucca  20It's getting darker ( A "list is digs" list) hansoloshotfirst  1
In memory of Jim Lahey Scoob  32Metallica - Studio albums ranked vai90  4
Back Pain BallsToTheWall  47System Of A Down albums + tracks ranked DORBUSCUS  71
Vinyl Pickups JZW1997  4Metallica Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  12
Megadeth Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  21sin's super cool rec contest or something: round 1 Sinternet  72
Nu-Metal DJs Ranked. killerK1  9

RTJ Concert Was The Bomb luckdaboss  7October Dinosaur  15
Nu Canada juiceviaorange  0NEW TOOL ALBUM 2017 LethalPaintball  10
Drop PSN IDs TheMagicalBlender  21top 15 favorite tracks budgie  13
making a list of some things i have been jamming Tyler.  3made a list of some things i have been jamming Tyler.  30
Underrated songs from the pumpkins' mellon collie rodrigo90  2Anybody Seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? TheCharmingMan  23
Too Many Celebrities Dying ExecutiveExecuterexe  23its 10/17 MyShadow  8
I miss this fucking site. BaseballJames  14RIP Jim Lahey Scoob  53

*ROUND 5* Super Sonic Electronic Tourney L4titudes  13Have You Jammed Yet? Part 2: Hardcore MarsKid  6
Worst Rec Contest Rd. 5 Prancer  20BATTLE OF THE GENRES: FINALLY neekafat  247
5,000 Comments Drifter  28Every Pink Floyd Album Track Ranked (100-1) georgeharold818  12
Dressing up for Halloween? DarkSideOfLucca  40Every Pink Floyd Album Track Ranked (154-101) georgeharold818  9
2017 catch-up LethalPaintball  13Opeth Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  7

In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner (1967-2001) AlphaZoey2008  92017: Atari's Favorite Songs Featured Atari  25
Good 2017 Movies? tom79  77my band made a movie BMDrummer  4
Rec me jazz LPs cowboydan89  12The Annihilator's Fall cor22222  1
Do you want more?! Marehelm  7Favorite Long Songs Masochist  20
New track from my next album sugarcubes  8Discover Weekly Pt. 2 BlueandOrange  3
An Education: Electronic verdant  178The Keys to a Restful Night's Sleep americanohno  9
Favorite Songs Per Track Number Deschutes  11

Ranking Kanye West Albums Jeanclaudevandamme  8Hip Hop Albums Wishlist Starlord467  0
Listening to whole discogs vs highlights only theBoneyKing  54I Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll neekafat  70
Martin Barre live, for Tull, prog and blues fans Divaman  12Diddle Arche 4: Asia Archelirion  86
Kansas City hip-hop in 2017 aaronrkc  9

Opeth Albums Ranked TheWalkinDude  12Sowing Rec Competition Featured SowingSeason  133
Personal favorite THRASH METAL MrSu  7How do I become Sputnik's emo scholar TheCharmingMan  65
Have You Jammed Yet? Part 1: Metalcore MarsKid  13Rec me Metal movies/shows DarkSideOfLucca  15
2017 : ) TheWrenKing  18Metal zone: How I got ripped off rodrigo90  48
Ctrl + V NastyCrab  17Progday the 13th - Discovery M5 Friday13th  86
RTJ Concert Tonight luckdaboss  8My Demo Album Brabiz  1

*ROUND 4* Super Sonic Electronic Tourney L4titudes  25BATTLE OF THE GENRES: Round 5 neekafat  53
Bands That My Friend Got Me Into KManoc1  9Progressive/Post hc recs SexualManChocolate  12

What is your AOTY so far? Royl123  83#rare items i have managed to obtain Winesburgohio  16
18 albums for 18 years fullautorpg  10Kompy's Baby Jams Kompys2000  5
Ball's Top 10 Albums BallsToTheWall  9All-time Favorite Albums cordwainerbird  9
EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 6: You're My Favourite (: AsleepInTheBack  67Ranking Ratt Albums Jeanclaudevandamme  8
Shows I have been to recently JS19  9hip hop recs Flashmobba  18
Diddle Arche 3: Musicals/OSTs/films Archelirion  73Rec Doof 2017 DoofusWainwright  129
What I listened to as a kid Allergist  11New albums I bought/rec me shit CaimanJesus  14

A Blazin' Birthday Special Part 1 BlazinBlitzer  1Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Ranked beefshoes  29
THE GREAT HIP HOP TOURNEY II: 2010'S Ryus  32Top 10 Moral Orel Episodes MyCarandMyGuitar  41
Pop that doesn't suck GeorgeWBush  36*ROUND 3* Super Sonic Electronic Tourney L4titudes  40
My QotSA Ranking Stereochrome1  12Bands with more than one 5 DarkSideOfLucca  94
Marilyn Manson Ranked Brabiz  21Top 25 Blink-182 Songs onionbubs  70
REC ROULETTE ROUND 10 -- Butcher Blockbuster.. butcherboy  70Ultimate Black Dahlia Murder Album Shoegazefan9789  28
Largest 'full album' discogs on Sput? DoofusWainwright  139Volcanic Queen & Meus ButteryBiscuitBass  7
Rec Roulette Round 10: Mr. Worldwide UniqueUniverse  63rrr10: concept theatre bgillesp  46
The Clock Strikes 10: The Long and Winding Round Frippertronics  49

Jobless and Reflective pjquinones747  19wanking of the wadioheads musics Royl123  8
Personal favorite DEATH METAL MrSu  11MUSIC ARTIST ROASTING CHALLENGE StrikeOfTheBeast  60
in rainbows turns 10! Rigma  36Mars Discusses: In Bruges MarsKid  23
Rec Evok Some Ambiance Evokaphile  14Beer, Liquor, or Edge? PastaDownbeat  35
Albums I Plan To Review VirtualBlaze  0OFFICIAL POST-PUNK OFF RANKING neekafat  29
BATTLE OF THE GENRES: Round 4 neekafat  102Perfect Songs FINAL SHOWDOWN.. butcherboy  92
What TV shows are you watching now? DarkSideOfLucca  76The infamous Nirvana concert in Argentina rodrigo90  32
Spy on my scrobbles TundraL5Z  0Miserere Mei Deus - User Made ButteryBiscuitBass  1
My Dad's CD Collection luckdaboss  7Mechina Singles Ranked SoilPethSymmetry  0
Diddle Arche Round 2: Finland Archelirion  81My Blog MyShadow  13
Reached Level 40 Featured Dewinged  76My Favourite Albums of the 2010s BeatFoo  1

Thursday Night Football BallsToTheWall  14dumb top 10 of 2017 list (WIP) to be finished Dec. EcoChocolatacchi  0
Argentina is not classifying to the next world cup rodrigo90  38Worst Rec Contest Rd. 4 Prancer  34
Deckard is a poison type pokemon DigitalDawn8937  42017 Rock Hall Nominations Featured DavidShaw1213  12
Where You Guys From? PastaDownbeat  102Butcher Review Series Take 2.. butcherboy  39
Ranking Kalmah Albums Jeanclaudevandamme  2Ranking Children of Bodom Albums Jeanclaudevandamme  5
2 years of sputnik; abe's Top 100 album Featured Aberf  29First Sput-versary CharacterMusings  8
Favorite death metal albums ranked DarkSideOfLucca  2THE GREAT HIP HOP TOURNEY I Ryus  91
(a comp) Diddle your boi Arche's earpiece Archelirion  74crypto does a SPICY competition cryptologous  2
Podcast reviews diatribes  1

Meet Santos Inocentes rodrigo90  4Neek's 2017 To-Cram List neekafat  256
NYP grabs / transferring ratings to RYM Archelirion  13Double album saturday charlesdivision  6
2017 AOTY Contenders So(wing) Far SowingSeason  42Numbered Album: Chevelle CharacterMusings  9
Ranking Testaments Albums Jeanclaudevandamme  13Ranking Van Halen Albums Jeanclaudevandamme  7
Ronny J is the Best Producer luckdaboss  7My Halloween Playlist BenMorrison  7
Sput Anniversary DrGonzo1937  19Blade Runner 2049 DrGonzo1937  204

So my trip to california was bad.... Bismark  12(2 days late) first sputaversary!!! (a thank u) ianblxdsoe  12
challenge: change a neighbour's mind verdant  49SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS: Don't you forget us #9 UniqueUniverse  10
year of the rigma Rigma  9Sleepy Time Jams Bloon  13
Alex Ranks Meshuggah TheMrAlexK  18Why I stopped listening Tool rodrigo90  99
Metal bands that "sold out" TheSonomaDude  16Overrated videogames Maco097  116
Foo Fighters Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  6What are your hobbies outside music? PastaDownbeat  70
Progday Discovery M4 Friday13th  1035 EVERYTHING AsleepInTheBack  60
neo yokio Gestapo  7Cassette Collection (Vol. 3) discovolante  7
Latest CD and vinyl Purchases BenMorrison  0Stuff I’m lovin’ right now BlackwaterPork  1
Beast Wars BallsToTheWall  17My Favorite Albums PatientlyDead  10

applying to college is a bitchh Ryus  79Ranking all 9 Motley Crue's Albums. Featured Jeanclaudevandamme  12
The Evolution of AJJ Featured Bloon  29My First Review luckdaboss  7
Riffbutter Nazzadan  9Your ‘perfect’ album... #3 - Don’t Go Breaking... Aerisavion  25
Dillinger Escape Plan Ranked Prancer  17BATTLE OF THE GENRES: Round 3 neekafat  53
no, rec ME classics nolerthebowler  35Rnd 9: Pjorn Doesn't Hate Everything pjorn  21
*ROUND 2* Super Sonic Electronic Tourney L4titudes  48mewithoutYou: Ranked coldheaven  22
Venetian Snares guide Featured danielito19  20Why Y'all Schleep? luckdaboss  12
Ranking all 12 In Flames albums Jeanclaudevandamme  6New Song from My Next Album as Duplicate Tape sugarcubes  4
Music of Interest C3llarD00r  7

Every Converge song since Jane Doe ranked TooManyFriends  23Mogwai albums ranked Dwap  11
Worst Rec Contest Rd. 3 Prancer  32

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