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March Madness 64 ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ SWIM ๐ŸŒŠ Trifolium March 2021 Song of the Day Divaman 
All Mars Volta songs ranked Drbebop Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: February DrGonzo1937 
March Madness RESULTS 2.2 ๐Ÿช SPACE ๐ŸŒŒ Trifolium Leaving Sputnik Pheromone 
Hip-Hop Albums For Metalheads Spliffhanger67 tecโ€™s BJORK, Ranked tectactoe 
101 more under 15 DrMaximus Neek'd: TV on the Radio neekafat 
Fav sput-hacks / hidden features?? butt. March Madness RESULTS 2.1 ๐ŸŒท FLOWERS ๐ŸŒผ Trifolium 

March Madness 64 ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ SWIM ๐ŸŒŠ Featured Trifolium  2101 electronic releases Ryus  8
I'm back, baby... jgrunge107  1March 2021 Song of the Day Featured Divaman  28

All Mars Volta songs ranked Featured Drbebop  9Why can't we stop and just enjoy? rage11111ro  9
I Hate Rum BallsToTheWall  180Top Blink-182 Songs Wj2006  1
Top Ten Best Super Mario Games CaliggyJack  65Swans Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  7
#FreeSack ResidentNihilist  23How does favorite bands work? DavidYowi  38
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: February Featured DrGonzo1937  24Today's Shopping List Divaman  19
game grumps/nsp memories cordwainerbird  15#FreeRyus Tyler.  10
My mood #3 (Ambient, synthwave, 80s and etc.) Ladron93  6

Ryus has been freed Ryus  48#FreeSach hal1ax  42
#FreeRyus Suyr  67Gene's user-rec extravaganza [50-100 votes part] someone  61
Top Avenged Sevenfold Songs Wj2006  11Remembering Nujabes normaloctagon  50
10 Albums Sputnik should give another chance! JeremiahBullfrog  16Vinyl Update #3 farmerobama  6
Every Song From Angel Dust Ranked Zac124  22For Those That Wish New Architects Didnโ€™t Exist Shemson  15
Top Ten Worst Super Mario Games CaliggyJack  19R.I.P. Ramona Spooney Divaman  10
meat stick TheAntichrist  5looking for recs lg433  5

Best Worst Song Titles(?) ian b  38some posts parksungjoon  70
Not a ranking of Beatles albums butt.  7Throwback: Alt Rock HYPERVIOLET  0
Good Music With Terrible Album Covers pillsofeasypain  29Manowar Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  10
The Strokes ranked gnardude  1

Top 15 Rock and Metal Albums of 1971 joshb9864  5Favourite Napalm Death songs rage11111ro  4
Top Rage Against the Machine Songs Wj2006  12Daft Punk's Teachers - A Handful of Faves normaloctagon  10
Rush Ranked Tuneison  6Voivod ranked (again). phylyps  13
The first condition of immortality is death. phylyps  1March Madness RESULTS 2.2 ๐Ÿช SPACE ๐ŸŒŒ Featured Trifolium  208
Canon printer support Nederland jessicastaals19  0HP printer ondersteuning Nederland leonaboeters19  0
what is the worst thing you have ever done Tyler.  161Worst Song Ever!!!! JDubb  39

Leaving Sputnik Featured Pheromone  98Hip-Hop Albums For Metalheads Featured Spliffhanger67  140
teach me how to use RYM nolerthebowler  105losing motivation Ryus  103
Top Foo Fighters Songs Wj2006  1top 30 beach boys Rowan5215  34
of Montreal Ranked Veldin  16

How to enjoy any genre ChoccyPhilly  101My Favorite Debut Albums Wj2006  9
tecโ€™s BJORK, Ranked Featured tectactoe  60A Black Metal Odyssey 1994-2021 Muzz79  20
โ€œThe Extra Discountโ€ More Shopping, More Savings! markrollins  0Top 55 horror movies of all time SuicycoManiac7  88
States with the most metal bands (according to Met Allergist  31101 more under 15 Featured DrMaximus  30
Paracetamol so far, and what music for Para cetamo TaiL4ever  32Neek'd: TV on the Radio Featured neekafat  24
Top Tool Songs Wj2006  15smoking crack with Demi Lovato nolerthebowler  37

#FreeRyus Avagantamos  10Fav sput-hacks / hidden features?? Featured butt.  91
A Contrarian Coheed and Cambria Ranking JDubb  135 random songs I hate so very much XyphDryne  31
Who'll end up with most grand slams rage11111ro  8March Madness RESULTS 2.1 ๐ŸŒท FLOWERS ๐ŸŒผ Featured Trifolium  416
Albums for spring y87arrow  0Trifolium Jazz! (Jazz Week 2) porcupinetheater  92
goatcore - the literal goats Sharenge  8Just Dropped my first album! Give it a listen? figure337  13
Megadeth Guitarists Ranked Wj2006  3

A Contrarian Top 10 Korn JDubb  4Cinderella Ranked ReturnToRock  3
My Favorite Things - Jazz ReefaJones  9rec me sludge Ryus  96
Doof's Top 100 Albums of 2020 DoofDoof  34My Vinyl Collection (Updated) Zac124  1
Metal songs with gorgeous keyboards rage11111ro  2biden a chinese pawn? agenda 21? covid returns sonictheplumber  13
#FreeRyus evilford  27Top 15 Rock and Metal Albums of 1970 joshb9864  4

desert island dicks livduval  6Megadeth albums ranked Drbebop  3
Top Megadeth Songs Wj2006  11grover's 2020 playlist Romulus  0
My top 5 Nightwish JDubb  0Sym Ranks Iron Maiden SymbolicInTime  28

best seinfeld characters ranked Ryus  99Soulsborne Boss Tier List Lord(e)Po)))ts  161
positively covid positive North0House2  41Do You Even Post Hardcore Nuchoking  31
Top Iron Maiden Songs Wj2006  9Ras Kass goat? Typhoon24  1
Breakfast Cereal Tier List tectactoe  87Throwback: Post Hardcore HYPERVIOLET  4
A Contrarian Top 5 In Flames JDubb  7My band's first album in three years AnimalsAsSummit  9
FE: Three Houses Tier List Lord(e)Po)))ts  30

Top 25 Jazz Fusion Albums of all Time ReefaJones  21Rush Limbaugh Is Dead Deathconscious  310
Top Rush Songs Wj2006  9My Top 10 Soilwork Songs Zac124  3
Albums That Exclaim! ReturnToRock  7Album Quality JeremiahBullfrog  6
March Madness RESULTS 1.4 ๐ŸŠ WILD ANIMALS ๐Ÿฆง Trifolium  321How big is Sowingseason's dick? ResidentNihilist  38
give me rap things PopsicleBob  6

Year of Video Games: Month 1 Trebor.  22Japanese recs? Brabiz  45
#FreeRyus Colton  60Kendrick Lamar Discography Ranked Louksy23  44
Whatever happened to Doof? DoofDoof  65Ozzy Osbourne Guitarists Ranked Featured Wj2006  35

Jams of an Aeon Dedes  8The Sword Ranked JDubb  4
2021 origrinspun  0Pangea's 2020 Pangea  18
Favourite bread type? rage11111ro  232Top Black Sabbath Songs Wj2006  22
A (sort of) Challenge! GhandhiLion  182021: The Year of Jazz porcupinetheater  102
Sepultura Inveigh  15Top 10 Prog Guitarists Wj2006  15
List = shit evilford  51

Top 5 prog albums Ana1992  24Best long songs Squiggly  52
Most beautiful country you've visited? rage11111ro  45A (sort of) Challenge! Mesm277  31
all of you are my valentine ๐Ÿ˜˜ Ryus  24help me find albums with naked women on covers BookoftheFallen  112
Guess That Sputniker #14 Pheromone  94Baroness Ranked JDubb  15
Rate my haikus Featured CugnoBrasso  43March Madness RESULTS 1.3 ๐Ÿ• DOMESTICATED ANIMALS ๐Ÿ„ Trifolium  206
nd82 zantxu  0

click on my list Tyler.  28Staind Experiment: (Ranking Hypothesis) ChronicExister  5
INXS vs. Duran Duran rodrigo90  13Top Listened Artists (2021) Tundra  3
My Top 5 Soilwork JDubb  7zoomers mount attack on skinny jeans heyadam  37
Tweets I 'Liked' On Twitter This Afternoon... (Par americanohno  19

Elder Ranked JDubb  2Dir En Grey Ranked Brabiz  7
Dan Seagrave vs. Necrolord BookoftheFallen  11ALL Cult of Luna songs ranked Artuma  115
What album(s) do you think are most underrated? ResidentNihilist  36

killing the world for profit rabidfish  108what kind of freak uses the forums Ryus  52
My Top 10 Albums of the 2000's Zac124  5Ate roadkill: stomach cramps Featured JohnnyoftheWell  275
Best metal concept albums SuicycoManiac7  42Finally made the switch to Spotify. theoleinnout  15
When Users Make a List But Don't Bump It With a Co Trebor.  25Guess Which Country I Live In? random  14
bad albums with cool covers BookoftheFallen  17XX's top albums of 2020 XXMurdaBeatzXX  2

Twin Peaks BigPleb  70Red Hot Chili Peppers Albums Ranked Wj2006  12
Writing an Avant-Garde / Metal Concept Album Brabiz  4Check out my solo project lmao mir4ge  2
March Madness RESULTS 1.2 ๐Ÿ† VEGETABLES ๐Ÿฅฆ Trifolium  269Regarding Eurodance Get Low  28
PopGoesTheYear Update :) Kompys2000 is shutting down Pheromone  77

My Aphex Twin Ranked Closk  13Nioh 2 is the greatest game ever made. Featured BaselineOOO  45
#CEOmindset #finance sixdegrees  47Women of Punk/Pop-Punk ShadowRemains  64
hadriel's favorite albums of 2020 hadriel  2Spotify Study Playlists: some incoherent thoughts AlexKzillion  28
japanese wonders - hidden gems from the east sonictheplumber  17

Depression Rammbrecher  38Neurosis ranked evilford  42
Favorite Guitar Solos DavidYowi  19MF DOOM Ranked stevendah  6
Van Halen Albums Ranked Wj2006  12Mosh Jams! BallsToTheWall  5
The Weeknd Half Time Show Thoughts ajcollins15  21Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked Wj2006  13
Improvements in Sputnik ResidentNihilist  190Favourite metal collectors/reviewers on youtube rage11111ro  9

Superbowl 2021 BigPleb  249#FreeSlex porcupinetheater  27
Your fav video game OSTs? rellik009  60My Top 5 Haken JDubb  4
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked Zac124  1March Madness RESULTS 1.1 ๐Ÿ“ FRUITS ๐ŸŒ Trifolium  305
Discog Log vol. N+1 Bedex  11Slothin Thru Jan 2021 SlothcoreSam  12
some Favorite solo albums BookoftheFallen  2Top Metallica Songs Wj2006  10

Favourite Yob songs rage11111ro  9albums under 100 ratings [I.] Featured someone  154
RIP Gary Moore - 10 year anniversary rockandmetaljunkie  6January of METAL [2021] MatyMasaryk  6
Sigma male digs sixdegrees  41Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: January Featured DrGonzo1937  35
Is evilford really evil? ResidentNihilist  92Wishbone Ash Ranked Flomink  1

Cyg 2020 Cygnatti  20Post Metalcore DiscoveringAxiom  15
Top Muse Songs Wj2006  0Ghandhi 2021 GhandhiLion  17
Very manly albums BookoftheFallen  62

Choccy's 20 Albums in 2020 ChoccyPhilly  5Top Radiohead Songs Wj2006  10
โš“ Endling - The Heavy Frigate album premiere anatelier  13Proof That Rock Needs More Violin - 15 Songs ReefaJones  31
Throwback: Nu Metal HYPERVIOLET  18Favourite Ulcerate songs rage11111ro  12
Slightly intoxicated evilford  37Muse Albums Ranked Wj2006  10

Classic Prog Highlights Freddykidd  15Steely Dan Songs Ranked ReefaJones  28
NBA MVP race 2021 rage11111ro  79Ten Forgotten 60/70s jams farmerobama  13
tec's DAVID BOWIE, Ranked Featured tectactoe  49Art Rock / Pop / Trip / Post Nonsense? Rolling Girl  3
My Top 5 Opeth JDubb  17Gorgoroth Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  4
Synthwave Recs ResidentNihilist  1721 Records from 21 Lesser-Known Artists - January Featured bludngorevidal  16

Burzum Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  11Soen Ranked JDubb  0
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked Wj2006  16One Syllable Madness farmerobama  11
"Earrape" Kinds of Records VertigoMoonlapse  10Good stuff ruined by one thing rage11111ro  4
Pain sixdegrees  10

Linkin Park Albums Ranked Wj2006  13My Band's new music! (Pioneer) IsildursBane44  73
Gaahl / King Ov Hell Projects Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  7Classical Piece #2! DivergentThinking  5
An Album a Day - February 2021 Dewinged  107Pangea and the beastly casual convo thread Featured Pangea  3009
Radiohead: Ranked by Encomium encomium  15My Most Listened to Artists on Spotify All Time Rawmeeth38  4
๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’”FEB SOTD๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’• Featured nolerthebowler  483

Favourite Krisiun songs rage11111ro  2Black Sabbath Albums Ranked Wj2006  16
scrimps are the shit TheAntichrist  104Weezer Albums Ranked Wj2006  3

progressive metalcore/deathcore/djent list idk nightlesS  12RiOr's Top 10 Favorite of All Time as of 1-30-2021 RadioheadIsOverrated  3
The Chariot Albums Ranked Zac124  1january's good stuff JesperL  5
i only drink twice a year TheAntichrist  71Grumpy Bathory ranking garas  23
cybersleaze and industrial (+ebm) as a vis-music genre cordwainerbird  19Guitar Through Headphones? Halfman  9

what came first? TheAntichrist  12Top 5 Releases: Jan 2021 JoyfulPlatypus  11
Megadeth Albums Ranked Wj2006  1what is the MOST unoriginal album Pheromone  78
Mercury's attempt to go viral MercuryToHell  42020 last fm Arokan  3
The most underrated Prince albums discovolante  4Every Song From Appetite for Destruction Ranked Zac124  5
Favorite albums 2020 TrantaLocked  5Muzz Top 30 2020 Muzz79  0
Death Metal With Inhuman Vocals KennyAlwaysDies  8Underrated Goregrind Digs DarkRecollections  1

My Electronic Covers of Thrice and Coheed handomanic  0Underrated Post Punk/Goth Digs DarkRecollections  0
Underrated Grunge/Alternative Rock/Hard Rock Digs Featured DarkRecollections  18Friday Premieres III DDDeftoneDDD  16
Modular synth anyone? zelenichajnik  32021 FUCKING SUCKS GUYS Gyromania  28
Spirit of 2021 wham49  1Iron Maiden Albums Ranked Wj2006  17
Top 20 Silent Hill creatures SuicycoManiac7  2Do covers albums suck? BookoftheFallen  12
Star Wars Live Action Ranked anarchistfish  126Pooh's top 50 of 2020 Evreaia  6
Throwback: Metalcore HYPERVIOLET  2Albums I regret Buying JeremiahBullfrog  32
Shit I like that's not on Spotify Get Low  25Is antichrist really the antichrist? ResidentNihilist  44

Share your own music from home. fromrows  25Stuff I'm Reviewing 2021 DatsNotDaMetulz  2
You guys Millionaires from Short Squeezing Gamesto americanohno  133List Closed for Posting by Moderators Pheromone  16
Silent hill games ranked SuicycoManiac7  642021 Black Metal recommendations [in progress] AntalWS  6
are ukrainians russian? TheAntichrist  20So You've Entered a Holy Grail War... americanohno  20
Top Dream Theater Songs Wj2006  11Favourite The Great Old Ones songs rage11111ro  2
Traditional heavy metal BookoftheFallen  9some twenty-twenty album list (20/20roughcutAOTYlist) someone  72

Radiohead 2021 Ranking RadioheadIsOverrated  9To-Get List thecheatisnotdead  1
RIP 6 DOGS oltnabrick  8it's rum thirty TheAntichrist  8
Worst/Best Month for Music Releases and Discovery? WalrusTusk  18nightbringer's 2020 nightbringer  12
AVG user age rage11111ro  175Radiohead Albums Ranked Wj2006  7

let's start a cult TheAntichrist  36Loneliness Kusangii  45
Needs some recs with GREAT vocals Alexagon  64Snowed in hard jams inc evilford  120
Metallica Albums Ranked Wj2006  19[IMPORTANT] Colton unmasked Featured JohnnyoftheWell  228
Demo level metal goodies - part 2 rage11111ro  0Apple Music Replay 2020 Zac124  6

Favourite Paysage D'hiver songs rage11111ro  1are u canadian TheAntichrist  60
Boards of Canada Ranked Tuneison  19My Top 5 Sepultura JDubb  19
AC/DC Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  11Rush Albums Ranked Wj2006  5

Essential terrorist metal BookoftheFallen  26Most Badass AA Metal Vocalists JDubb  37
Who needs vocals? rage11111ro  12Death Metal rockandahardplace  3
2021 rockandahardplace  0Learn To Riff Scrub ReefaJones  12

Marvin or Kendrick? Closk  18Is QAnon ruining Synthwave? SitarHero  39
Liam Gallagher's SHYYYYYINE-ing Moments ReturnToRock  2Burial EPs Ranked Featured normaloctagon  29
Discovolanteโ€™s Favorite New Wave Albums Featured discovolante  16Favorite Synthpop albums of the 2010s Tundra  26
Voodoo Shit ReefaJones  9Megadeth albums ranked karagiannis1908  9
When Did a Band Betray You? Spec  128Tough Year/Good Music (Best of 2020) Rawmeeth38  0
New Music MOVEMENT  1Atari's 2020: last fm edition Featured Atari  22
Kill me evilford  74

Debut LPs I'm hoping for this year homeyaloney  0X1OO: Metal InsaneDoll  5
Albums That Ask Questions ReturnToRock  16Top Linkin Park Songs Wj2006  9
My 10/10 Albums GarciReviews  0Riding with Bidin sonictheplumber  257
Albums With Gang Vocals? VertigoMoonlapse  19Grumpy + the 2k ratings and double 666 party garas  26
Jac's Top 50 m/ ov2k20 Featured Jacquibim  45Favorite Albums of 2001 Ewgads  2
Late 13th Anniversary List someguest  30Regarding the "reddit" controversy Featured CaliggyJack  327

10 Favorites Songs Over 10 Minutes ArsMoriendi  17tec's SONIC YOUTH, Ranked Featured tectactoe  53
Carissa's Wierd Ranked Icebloom  24hot ham water TheAntichrist  75
Top 7 Atmospheric DnB Albums AnimalsAsSummit  18Rogue's Eighth RogueNine  11
Popcorn music Ectier  6Favourite Paradise Lost songs rage11111ro  0
Favorite Albums luckylobster  0

Ate Roadkill: Shat Blood Lord(e)Po)))ts  50Music I Released In 2020 AnimalsAsSummit  2
2020 songbook someone  28Just Finished Andy Biersack's autobiography JeremiahBullfrog  19
Favourite Isengard songs rage11111ro  7If You Don't Know Now You Know Nuchoking  7
Testament Albums Ranked KManoc1  13oat milk has rapeseed oil in it TheAntichrist  75

First list in 11 years Jimmy  9Enter Shikari Top of the Pops Kingdok  8
List is digs Icebloom  22020 sicky  0
How the hell can I get into these? rage11111ro  15Masters of Reality Ranked JDubb  3
back in the day in Japan someone  31

This shit changed my life..... Deez  37Most Expensive According to Discogs... americanohno  24
Pots 2020 Part 2: 50-1 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  123Choccy's DJ Mix #1 - House / Disco ChoccyPhilly  6
Albums I love from bands I don't wham49  12My top ten DC comics of all time CaliggyJack  54
Top 30 Albums of 2020 timbo8  0RIP Phil Spector Cygnatti  91
Arctic Monkeys Ranked Stjimmy101  4DDD's 2013 picks DDDeftoneDDD  31
Favorite Djent albums of the 2010s Tundra  11Favourite Electric Wizard songs rage11111ro  1
Rec Me Pop! LeddSledd  94got this f-ing football game on mute... americanohno  8
Dream Theater Albums Wj2006  5Calc's Cool Cuts 2020 Calc  5

Foo Fighters Albums Wj2006  8Early 90's Heavy Heroes JDubb  9
BEST album covers of 2020 hell yeah someone  10top ten DC animated films CaliggyJack  69
Favourite Darkthrone songs rage11111ro  1

Favorite Albums of Each Year (1965-2019) JKing92  2A peak inside my high school iPod soggytime  6
Oasis Ranked Daneleslie  7Great UK core bands cloakanddagger  8
Favourite Coldworld songs rage11111ro  0

2020's music that might blow you away JohnyBlood  2Best TV Theme Songs Shemson  162
My Favorite Albums of the 2010s soggytime  22020 Malto64  3
Top 25 Metal Albums zruF  21Favourite Cannibal Corpse songs rage11111ro  16
Request a weird mixture of subgenres ArsMoriendi  101Best album covers 2020 RichRamp  2

Down I Go Featured Mort.  46Korn Albums Ranked deathofasalesman  25
ยฟThe Bะตst Dะตฮฑth Meฯ„ฮฑl? |session5| mauRo13  1Year-End Albums That Passed Me By thecheatisnotdead  5
Favourite Burzum songs rage11111ro  13Prog Live Albums VertigoMoonlapse  9
Favourite albums of 2020 Orangentorte  4My Favorite Albums of 2020 soggytime  4

Netflix Sabrina creators don't know what metal is Featured rifkadm  173My Top 20 Personal Favorite Albums CrunchyOreo  1
Winter 2021 gryndstone  0Albums With Strange Backstories or Concepts Brabiz  16
Phil Collins albums ranked Drbebop  9My Record Collection LegalGhost  3
My Record Collection (Part 2) wildinferno2010  0My Record Collection wildinferno2010  3
I got hit by a car on New Years Day and am moving mappyfitforbattle  23What's happened in metal the last 2 years? rufinthefury  17
Let's get to twittering aok  18sensitive snowflakes everywhere TheAntichrist  53
Was This On SputnikMusic Already? VertigoMoonlapse  10

Favorites Of 2020 LastBreath  1Smaiblue Smaiblue  0
2020 favorites Avagantamos  8lemme alone DommeDamianII  0
Space Metal Rowhaus  8Bring Me the Horizon Albums Ranked SeanLites  1
2020 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari s2 Voivod  0A Song For Every Colour ReturnToRock  10
10 acclaimed albums that suck goonmob  80charles barkley / space jam appreciation thread cordwainerbird  5
Favourite Asphyx songs rage11111ro  0Soulsborne ampharos4life  46
Who's on Sput? normaloctagon  98new progmetal track Scoot  2
Composed a new classical piece! DivergentThinking  9Compliance Muhlysa  21

my review was deleted as i expected lol TheAntichrist  20Johnny's indie census FLIPPED! ArsMoriendi  208
Essential Power Metal BookoftheFallen  4Who's on MeWe? aok  106
Albums Iโ€™m looking forward to this year homeyaloney  3Andy's TOP 50 albums of 2020 LedZep94  3
The 10 WORST Rock Songs of 2020 aidanbouw2005  1Andy's honourable mentions of 2020 LedZep94  0
SERIOUS SAM 4 rellik009  282020 ketchup someone  12
RIP David Bowie rockandmetaljunkie  25An Introduction VertigoMoonlapse  11
Favourite Arcturus songs rage11111ro  10RIP DOOM & LAIHO goonmob  0
Depression combustion07  328L4titudes 2020 L4titudes  3

The 10 worst albums in my collection SuperPotato  13Letโ€™s Play Some Records. Featured BallsToTheWall  20
User-made Funkycore album - witness the weirdness! Dolving999  0Favourite Agalloch songs rage11111ro  5
INDIE census (register now) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  218

1997 Songs JKing92  141850 comments TheAntichrist  9
cute 2021 death metal journal butt.  79My Top 10 Albums of the 2010's Zac124  0
The 15 Greatest Male Voices of All Time ReefaJones  38The High School Years SuperPotato  8
Favourite Abysmal Grief songs rage11111ro  0aw man i gone and done did it Kompys2000  6
My Top Albums of 2020 PatientlyDead  0An Album a Day - January 2021 Dewinged  104

Gyro's 2020 Playlist Gyromania  14stupid band names bloaf38  29
The 15 Greatest Female Voices of All Time ReefaJones  43new metal album mindleviticus  24
2020 Album Rankings Thranth  2PENTAGRAM - in depth garas  22
20(20-)21 NHL season: Social Distancing Canada Artuma  96Some albums I liked from 2020 Lukrezio  0
My top 2020 Lalka  1Pika's wildchild Children of Bodom ranking Featured Pikazilla  38
That Raw Death Metal combustion07  12Bring musical neighbors back widowslaugh123  25
Top 20 of 2020 cjbizzlebizzle  4

My favorites of 2020 Brabiz  4My Ten Favorite Albums of the 2010s Monstar1790  2
Anyone with an iphone get in here pls! EphemeralEternity  6Plazz's 2020 Metal Top 20 DePlazz  6
Early 2021 Divaman  25My Top 20 of 2020 laralan1977  3
Farmer's Top 10 Songs of 2020 farmerobama  0Recc Me EPs lz41  17

Ryus: a 2020 addendum Ryus  25hel9000's Top 20 of 2020 hel9000  7
best records of 2020 according to moi Senetrix666  2MUSIC: tec's Top 50 of 2020 Featured tectactoe  32
Bee Gees albums ranked Drbebop  2Steak's 2020 Featured SteakByrnes  50
Final Fantasy Ranked + Favorite Turn Based RPGs Deathconscious  176i did not hit her i did not oh hi mark TheAntichrist  47
Top 50 Albums (2020) Matthias812  1Music I like from 2020 BlushfulHippocrene  6
Vinyl albums I collected in 2020 Couteau  0'Tones, ranked MxL0  44
RIP LIL SHARK oltnabrick  15Collecting Vinyl Again! combustion07  10
bad albums with bad production TheAntichrist  15top 20 copeland Featured onionbubs  20

intelligent sub heavy systems phylyps  2Slaughter to Prevail ranked GhostOfDnor  5
The Way of Sputnik! BallsToTheWall  18User's Top 50 Albums of 2020 Predictions BlazinBlitzer  14
cons2020/100th Conmaniac  33Elliott Smith ranked bloaf38  3
Thibs' 2020 Picks Thibs  4Should I watch the dancing robots video? boobies89  4
Best Albums I Have Thrifted ktlilian  3Rich's top 50 in 2020 RichRamp  1
Cassettes I got for Birthmas! JeremiahBullfrog  5Dark Tranquillity Closers Kingdok  3
albums without reviews discussion thread Pheromone  902020 AOTY's TheAlt3R  0
Another Top Metal Albums of 2020 List ManintheBox  3Static-X Ranked Rammbrecher  1
Lucman's AOTY List For 2020 Featured Lucman  20

favorite albums 2020 lg433  010 Albums That Hit Harder Than the Fattest Blunt AnimalsAsSummit  14
My Top 25 Albums of 2020 SuperMatt  0A Sunnyvale 2020 Sunnyvale  12
Albums I Just Picked Up Divaman  32021 AAD SleepingNuggets  0
Significance of Dreams, Love, and the Soul JDubb  30My top 10 albums of 2020 jonie148  0
The Dirty Nil Albums Ranked Zac124  0Yet another AOTY list SuperPotato  1
Inveigh's Top 25 Metal of 2020 Inveigh  5Pink Floyd ranked bloaf38  6
Best of 2020: dbizzles edition Featured dbizzles  30Jas' 2020: Virus Meadow and the Chicken Breakfast Jasdevi087  7
Crxmateo's Top Albums of 2020 Crxmateo  3

My Top 10 albums of 2020 olisz  1Albums That Made My Year: 2020 NickLizard49  6
Choccy's 20 Songs in 2020 ChoccyPhilly  1Wally's Best of 2020 WalrusTusk  4
Raging Speedhorn Ranked Kingdok  0Which Miles Davis should I listen next? bloaf38  7
bad albums with good production TheAntichrist  8Favorites of 2020 w/ a few remarks trickert  3
Blazin's Top 40 Albums of 2019 BlazinBlitzer  2My Favorite 25 2020 Albums mikep87  4
Top 10 Local (NY) Albums of 2020 Divaman  4Asura's Favourite 2020 Albums Asura14  2
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