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Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: July DrGonzo1937 Prog - A Beginning - Elimination Rd Friday13th 
8 Terrific Tech House Tracks normaloctagon 90's Korn songs ranked SuicycoManiac7 
KILL or KEEP: jotw's 5s Havey Help finding my grandfather's band? TheSonomaDude 
RECS; Bit Rough Around the Edges Nuchoking Jesus Christ I'm so blue all the time neekafat 
The Umbrella Something Contest 2021 ArsMoriendi halfperus 2021 hesperus 
Sowing's 13th Sputversary Sowing Nocte's 2021 Halfway Report Nocte 

August Casual Convo Thread YoYoMancuso  21

SanFranGiants Seal the MLB DEAL! Storm In A Teacup  7Best Power Metal Albums of 2024 Ryus  12
ranking the skull bat pt. 2 TheAntichrist  12021 underrated shite lukeofthelip  4
Favourite Slayer songs rage11111ro  5What ist Doofcore? DoofDoof  43
I lost my ability to cum in the war mappyfitforbattle  9Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: July Featured DrGonzo1937  22
Top 35 Fear Factory songs (2021) SuicycoManiac7  11Logic Projects Ranked Tundra  1
New apartment doesn't have working AC rockarollacola  24Recent earworms/songs that are stuck in my head. ReiniEden  0
3333 sixdegrees  8Faith No More - Correct Ranking Dwap  21
What do nu metal DJs do? BookoftheFallen  23

Swiss music ElHombreChino  12Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 100-1 oisincoleman64  49
Listen to La Femme StormChaser  5Prog - A Beginning - Elimination Rd Featured Friday13th  26
Trivium Albums Ranked KManoc1  4

remember the dexter's lab rap album cordwainerbird  11My Top Albums of 2020 List Xander90  4
Bad/Dad Metal Jokes TheSpirit  17Atreyu ranked BookoftheFallen  7
Classical Piece #3! DivergentThinking  1Top 35 Korn songs of the 21th century SuicycoManiac7  3
Discovolante's Best of: 1982 discovolante  4Dropped a free synth EP, Please give feedback Ebola  10
ranking slipknot rip joey TheAntichrist  8

Artists I haven't mentioned much that I love. childatheart  8RIP JOEY JORDISON TheSpirit  67
my friends are dying. madrigal30  23Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 200-101 oisincoleman64  1
Songs for Coping with Loss? JeremiahBullfrog  16Discovolante's Best of: 1981 discovolante  4
8 Terrific Tech House Tracks Featured normaloctagon  50ranking the skull bat TheAntichrist  12

Every Song From Somewhere In Time Ranked Zac124  10Rodeohead Ronked nol  18
Sub to my OnlyFans TheSpirit  890's Korn songs ranked Featured SuicycoManiac7  27
Discovolante's Best of: 1980 discovolante  12best dgd vocalist albums treos777  8
I SAY THAT'S A NICE COMMODORE rellik009  16Metal bands of the decade//s Muzz79  21

Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 3: Umbrella Piece ArsMoriendi  89Ozzy Osbourne Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  16
2021 Coming Up On the Third Quarter ThyCrossAwaits  0metal EP? metal EP. Josh D.  10
KILL or KEEP: jotw's 5s Featured Havey  69My top 20 favorite ballads right now rockarazza  5
Thrift store bands bloaf38  0

Chevelle Ranked chemicalmarriage  9Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 300-201 oisincoleman64  3
My Top 10 Caligula's Horse Songs Zac124  7Non-2021 discoveries garas  6

people i hope get well soon TheSpirit  80Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 400-301 oisincoleman64  10
Pick one song from each '70s Bowie album JKing92  11Every Song From Killers Ranked Zac124  15

The Grand Theory of Music Conspiracy Part 2 Meridiu5  55Divorce 0GuyMan0  44
my top albums bowiecat44  9Rec me Trippy albums SuicycoManiac7  36

Help finding my grandfather's band? Featured TheSonomaDude  18No Gore Grind recs? Davyd120  11
The Definitive Iron Maiden Ranking Gibleson  18the big 4 of this very specific and niche thing TheSpirit  17
Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 10 Friday13th  82The Blackened Big Four: Who Reigns? JeremiahBullfrog  27

Sputnik Mods hate Cinderella Allergist  17HURRY, LIMITED OPPORTUNITY SlothcoreSam  44
Suffocation Ranked Assemblage  7listen later sloely  0
weakest links in their bands TheSpirit  125RECS; Bit Rough Around the Edges Featured Nuchoking  26
The Love Story of Potsy and Corkon Storm In A Teacup  30Halfway House 2021 Deez  20
shitty 2021 artwork Colton  25

If you are from the south you… FabiusPictor202  90that's what I call space rock SheFilmsTheClouds  26
Top 5 Fruits ReefaJones  140list is digs Tyler.  24

The REAL Real Umbrella Contest Lord(e)Po)))ts  22The Real Umbrella Contest Colton  17
Top 10 Worst Inventions of All Time FabiusPictor202  45Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 2: Umbrella Tab ArsMoriendi  104
It doesn't matter. boobies89  1My Favourite Guitar Solos Zac124  3

Spotify and Its Effect on Music LeddSledd  735 fictional characters who could wield mjolnir TheSpirit  20
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked BlazinBlitzer  16Sufjan albums ranked markjamie  7
Just released my first feature film OysterizerInsomniac  1does linkin park hold up? TheAntichrist  33
Top 5 vegetables ReefaJones  67hillary clinton was executed at guantamo bay sonictheplumber  20

Released some new jams today! botb  8Record Store Day! thecheatisnotdead  5
My Queen albums list Innellim  1outsider black metal TheSpirit  18
Am I a phoenixbitch? JohnnyoftheWell  377

Actual Best Youtubers ReefaJones  46My favourite metal bands. childatheart  20
most anticipated releases for the rest of the year veninblazer  7best youtubers sonictheplumber  93
sputnik deleted my old account in 2011 Metaxu  14Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 9 Friday13th  60
Masters Of Consistency Donchivo  60PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1979 Kompys2000  12

mudvayne ranked by childatheart BookoftheFallen  17Rammstein Ranked Rammbrecher  3
Arch mEnemy Ranked TheSpirit  30My favourite songs of all time. childatheart  8

My Top 10 health problems FabiusPictor202  26The 2021 RV Trip Take - Part 2 JDubb  0 Top 10 Artists - 1st Year Scrobbles SymbolicInTime  6a bunch of albums pencil thinks are neat MyNameIsPencil  7
I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE top 5 CugnoBrasso  442021 in electronic Ryus  24
Meshuggah Members Ranked by Skill Get Low  24

HAWKS WAY LATE 13 YEAR SPUTMENAVERSARY Hawks  65Best Of 2021 odinnevoin  1
Artists Whose Best Albums Are Live Recordings Hyperion1001  19Album of the Day: 06/27/21 - 07/04/21 MathyNoodles  0
Albums that are fun as hell. childatheart  39Jesus Christ I'm so blue all the time Featured neekafat  74
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 Cast Ranked SoggyWetDreamzz  6

My debut album has finished recording! Brabiz  13Loki Rated work in progress Storm In A Teacup  6
The Umbrella Something Contest 2021 Featured ArsMoriendi  92NBA Finals StormChaser  185
Thoughts/roasts on our mock tinydesk concert? oneups  24

to listen cylinder  5Popular prog rock bands ranked Tundra  82
Pearl Jam LPs Ranked (1991-2002) deathofasalesman  16RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 Cast Ranked SoggyWetDreamzz  18

VNV Nation ranked XyphDryne  4My Top 10 Favourite Bands Zac124  6
Worst Albums I Have Heard JeremiahBullfrog  31Platy’s 6 Worst Mid 2021 Releases JoyfulPlatypus  0
Sputnik Fit Census Lord(e)Po)))ts  90

what i think musicians would order pt.1 TheSpirit  41Underrated Death Metal That's Actually Good Hyperion1001  49
why won't you die? TheAntichrist  14Top 10 Composers for solo piano FabiusPictor202  20
Sloth's, mostly Punk 2021 midway list SlothcoreSam  15Concerts are BACK Feather  10
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1979 Kompys2000  19

halfperus 2021 Featured hesperus  8true albums sonictheplumber  4
EVERY Phil Collins song ranked (163-102) Drbebop  0Top insults I have recieved lately FabiusPictor202  40
A History of Music -- Part I musichub  15I only exist to spite god TheSpirit  24
EVERY Phil Collins song ranked (101-1) Drbebop  2Peppa Pig - My First Album Get Low  17
3,000 ratings Ryus  41Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 8 Friday13th  89
Sowing's 13th Sputversary Featured Sowing  40Top 5 rip off bands BookoftheFallen  36
Muzz 2021 1st Half Muzz79  5Fogza's 2021 so far fogza  0
Nocte's 2021 Halfway Report Featured Nocte  272021 : halfway[well] Featured JohnnyoftheWell  47
List of Lists JohnnyoftheWell  42

Bands I've recently discovered (last 5 months) childatheart  14Calc's 1st Half 2021 Calc  13
Wonderboom 2 anarchistfish  22Motley Crue: Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  15
Notrap's First Half 2021 Featured TheNotrap  25tec’s HALFWAY Check-in - 2021 tectactoe  13
how can this band be ranked? TheAntichrist  22The Amity Affliction - Ranked InFiction  2
Best rock albums of the 2010s Vercetti  10Music to get you through another tough year Wirertragen7  0
yugioh vs. magic the gathering TheAntichrist  118

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1 Cast Ranked SoggyWetDreamzz  13DEFTONES RANK DaveT0738  13
Evergrey top 30 songs MaidenUFO  3In Flames ranked XyphDryne  19
FAV ALBUMS FROM 91 DaveT0738  20never give up RolyPoly  19
Platy’s 10 Best Mid 2021 Releases Featured JoyfulPlatypus  6

Against Me ranked veninblazer  16The Birthday Massacre ranked XyphDryne  8
oui'd music madrigal30  26My Top 10 Favourite Vocalists Zac124  28
national will smith kills aliens day TheAntichrist  9All albums I discovered in 2021 so far y87arrow  0
beyond thrash, beyond god Featured parksungjoon  245Iron Maiden July 15th charbyno  13

A Dozen Doors Favorites (RIP Jim Morrison) JKing92  4nostalgia K-mart jams sonictheplumber  11
My Top 10 Gojira Songs Zac124  2childatheart inspired me TheAntichrist  17
prelude parksungjoon  20Sexiest user rellik009  25
My 20 favourite Metallica songs. childatheart  26Year of Video Games: Month 6 Trebor.  8

Top 20 Albums of 2021 So Far Yoni91  0My ranking of Metallica's albums. childatheart  30
Xanopticon ranked Avagantamos  9Proto's Favorite Pre-1968 Stones Songs protokute  6
BoySetsFire featuring Rise Against Storm In A Teacup  5Mathcore Jams NarugaKuruga96  0
coming out veninblazer  128

Top 10 "Classic" AFI Songs LightChaotic  8Upcoming Shows(!!!!!!) thecheatisnotdead  13
YoYo's 2021.5 YoYoMancuso  17What's Your (METAL) Sign? TheSpirit  76
Thy Cattlefaque Ranked Featured JesperL  14who's the real 5th member of the big four? TheAntichrist  25
Top 20 Favourite Movies (Age 21) oisincoleman64  10🎬🎮JULY SOTD: Sputnik Picture Soundtrack🎮🎬 Featured DivergentThinking  298
Top 20 Songs of 2021 (So Far) BlazinBlitzer  3Favorite Rock Album From The 1970s? KManoc1  23
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1978 Kompys2000  4

album cover art rockandahardplace  5I Put My Old Band's Stuff on Bandcamp ReturnToRock  5
CD’s My Brother Gave Me BallsToTheWall  10Songs From The First Half (2021) gryndstone  1
Doofs Best Year for Debut Albums: Final Standings DoofDoof  0My Favourite Album Openers Zac124  1
uploaded two songs from a decade ago robertsona  3Thy Catafalque Ranked PortalofPerfection  2

your stoner friend in 2007's fave albums Metaxu  25My 20 favourite songs by Pink Floyd childatheart  9
Every Song From Powerslave Ranked Zac124  7Ketchup on egg eaters fuck off. Metaxu  179
Went to Manchester on Friday, and made a discovery MaryBabko  21967: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  5
Listen to 3 albums again for the first time TheSpirit  15Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 7 Friday13th  135
what's your favorite bad movie? TheAntichrist  41My Top 10 Black Metal Albums Ever elitetroll555  3
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: June Featured DrGonzo1937  86“US metal primer: BM, DM, -core, post-, and prog” robertsona  13
TM&A ranked by LYRICS Featured JohnnyoftheWell  81

I think Sput needs a nap TheSpirit  11Ars Met Robertsona ArsMoriendi  44
Albums that don't deserve the hate. childatheart  39Top albums (first half of) 2021 SrpskiCekic  2
My 20 favourite songs by The Who childatheart  8My Favourite Album Closers Zac124  9
should toilet paper go over or under? TheAntichrist  81Tyler, the Creator Ranked Wj2006  3

this band is fucking garbage TheAntichrist  10best new user 2021 Ryus  67
1968: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  3Pick five albums from each decade ('60s-2010s) JKing92  24
The 2021 RV Trip Take - Part 1 JDubb  6

If i only could only ever listen to 25 Albums. Aranox  8Artists with Star Wars-inspired names ranked SitarHero  18
DeSantis For President BallsToTheWall  181969: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  4
Favourite Sepultura songs rage11111ro  11keep your hands off my wenis TheAntichrist  7

Audio Net EP AnimalsAsSummit  1100k listens anarchistfish  2
1970: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  14the trash can in my room opens by itself TheAntichrist  8
ꟻear Factory Ranked Assemblage  9top 50 modest mouse onionbubs  64
Vinyl Part 2 Deez  22ULCERATE RANKED SO AHRD MEN Hawks  40

delta 8 variant sonictheplumber  18Vinyl Master List Josh D.  11
snakes in the grass TheAntichrist  1690s mixes (GET UP AND DANCE) Ryus  33
1971: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  13

PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1978 Kompys2000  81 Year of Scrobbling Drifter  35
NBA 2021-22 Storm In A Teacup  92Words We Don’t Speak Josh D.  24
Best Vinyl I Own JeremiahBullfrog  141972: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  11
So these are the best songs ever made Featured kkarron  35Most Listened-to Album in Your Life Muzz79  70
the dickest part of bread TheAntichrist  9

Albums that should be considered classics on here Bobshat  10one tree hill is the best tv show of all time theacademy  4
Primates Ranked By Intelligence Lord(e)Po)))ts  32Ultimate 80's ballad List!!! jsaadia  15
got the 1st shot sonictheplumber  321994: Jack's Top 10 Songs CaliggyJack  8
Dark Ambinet, Drone, Noise steliosb13  5Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 6 Friday13th  131
1973: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  7Top 10 Guitar Scales for Shredding FabiusPictor202  23

My favourite openers. childatheart  261995: Jack's Top 10 Songs CaliggyJack  5
rec me video games Ryus  3591974: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  12
white boy summer Snake.  6a hot dog on a hoagie roll TheAntichrist  5
Every Song From SOAD (Album) Ranked Zac124  8Hospital 🏥 Jams Dewinged  30

bm has another new band lol BMDrummer  51975: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10
Top 25 Polyphia Songs Wj2006  1

A little list of some of my fav Power Pop/jangle pop albums mardin65  6Top 5 Power Metal Bands BookoftheFallen  4
Best of 2021 so far... markjamie  0Sin Esperanza: The United States in Guatemala Josh D.  4
1976: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  5Fear factory ranked (2021) SuicycoManiac7  11
Whats with no sputnik on the wayback machine? oisincoleman64  22

My ranking of System of a Down's albums. childatheart  20It Will Always Happen Here Josh D.  12
Every Song From Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Rankd Zac124  8Are Dinosaurs Fake? BookoftheFallen  24
joe biden is dead and was replaced by a body doubl sonictheplumber  31Hellfest 2022 Wildcardbitchesss  32
1977: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10midterm report JesperL  15
Childhood Revisited Pt. 2: deadmau5 (100 - 1) BlazinBlitzer  14Evanescence Albums Ranked KManoc1  8

DEATH RANKED M/EN Hawks  47My ranking of Radiohead's albums. childatheart  53
2021 listening log 2 alamo  101978: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  8
Childhood Revisited Pt. 2: deadmau5 (199 - 101) BlazinBlitzer  6NEED 2021 BLACK METAL ASAPPPP!!! Hawks  32
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1977 Kompys2000  10

Ranking Black Metal Trends 2010-2019 TheSpirit  13What's Left in June thecheatisnotdead  7
Expansion & development 3 Introu1  01979: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  5
AFI Album/EP Rankings LightChaotic  21Terrible albums from great metal bands SuicycoManiac7  15
Muzz Top 30 2018 Muzz79  1Rec me bands that actually are like Death sizeofanocean  23
two night stands TheAntichrist  4

just drank soup Featured Ryus  110Turning 25 next month random  12
My ranking of Iron Maiden's (studio) albums. childatheart  14just drank soap Colton  45
Great songs in bad metal albums SuicycoManiac7  17Nine Inch Nails Albums Ranked Zac124  15
1980: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  14My favorite songs from my 5s aydross121  5
a quiet place part boo TheAntichrist  12Metallica Albums Ranked KManoc1  20
Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 5 Friday13th  97

AFI - Improving Bodies Featured GreyShadow  61981: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  4
haven't scene you in a while TheSpirit  11I love Glam Metal, Man. JeremiahBullfrog  52
Top 10 best tv dramas FabiusPictor202  85

check my hip-hop tracks cylinder  05 Year Sputversary, Favorite Users, Top Ten Albums Featured Drifter  63
my two albums gnardude  2My favorite songs from my 5s Get Low  16
Headphone Manufacturers Ranked BaselineOOO  74Euro 2020 (+1) Watch Thread Featured Pheromone  1549
600 ratings: my favourite 60 albums Icebloom  161982: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  1
recs for Christian Avagantamos  13

70's Stephen King: ranked BookoftheFallen  28fuck yall im goin to musicboard Ryus  27
10 of My Favorite Grunge Albums Brabiz  231996: Jack's Top 10 Songs CaliggyJack  2
21st june Pheromone  18Top 20 Metal and Rock albums of 1984 joshb9864  1
1983: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10

Record Store Day? Featured thecheatisnotdead  23My Civ5 Mod: Concrete & Infrastructure Funeralopolis  5
recent jams madrigal30  7Elden Ring trailer & info Scheumke  41
An Al BAM a Day - June 2021 Dewinged  17

My favourite album closers. childatheart  11Top 5 hip hop albums of the decades frigyourgenre  6
Hello these are my favorite albums FullOfSounds  15Childhood Revisited Pt. 1: Imagine Dragons BlazinBlitzer  6
best bladee songs Ryus  42Sput Mad Libs FabiusPictor202  13
Lloyd Banks: Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  11984: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  8
Megadeth ranked SuicycoManiac7  14Most Played as of Late Trundle  5
LETZ RANK THE CORPSE OF CANNIBAL Hawks  18dark descent sonictheplumber  16
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1977 Kompys2000  16

DJ Minushuman Minushuman24  24friends and I took shrooms and made a song Ebola  6
1985: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  5What Does a 5 Mean to You? DavidYowi  73
The MTG thread Dedes  84

Musicboard reviews TheSpirit  5The Grand Theory of Music Conspiracy Part 1 Meridiu5  19
Rec me Instrumental/Ambient Rock/Metal Shuyin  181986: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  7
Ask Me Two Questions hazelemonade  23Underrated Deathcore Albums Part 3 Hawks  25

Country artists I love. childatheart  11Sowing's 2021.5 Featured Sowing  49
Underrated Deathcore Albums Part 2 AmputatedAbortionist  11wish i was at home listening to nu metal TheSpirit  6
Pearl Jam Ranked! Brabiz  34Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 4 Friday13th  159
Machine f*cking Head karagiannis1908  171987: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  8
Anyone watch Inside? widowslaugh123  16Tyler Tyler.  25

YEAR OF JAZZ (week 23... right?) someone  10I sharted today FabiusPictor202  14
The Sufferer & The Witness Pt. 2 LightChaotic  4Celtic Folk Rarities: Volume II Elynna  18
1988: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10Alice In Chains Ranked! Brabiz  14

John Lennon albums ranked (2021 update) Drbebop  16Twenty One Pilots ranked ExtinguishingTheSun  3
Favourite Septicflesh songs rage11111ro  11989: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  20
Weezer Ranked! Brabiz  6

Bands I've never been able to get into. childatheart  22What are your top 5 fav albums of all time? TheSpirit  80
Swimming in Nostalgia Shuyin  161990: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10
Rota Fortunae - New album out DungeonBoy  171997: Jack's Top 10 Songs CaliggyJack  10
Top 10 protein sources Let  62Songs That Remind Me Of Primus But Are Not Primus Supercoolguy64  7
a list for a user rabidfish  16Menly Metal Hawks  42
I'll give the site a second chance... Ryus  31The most beautiful albums I've ever heard. childatheart  12

THE RIFF AmputatedAbortionist  8Underrated Deathcore Albums AmputatedAbortionist  9
Favorite vocalist Survey porcupinetheater  81the orange list mushroomcult  6
Ranking Pink Floyd's albums. childatheart  46Year of Video Games: Month 5 Trebor.  15
My Top 10 Dark Tranquillity Songs Zac124  32020 - A year in books kalkwiese  16
1991: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  6Overkill Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  5
the black and white list pt. 1 mushroomcult  1PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1976 Kompys2000  8

Top 10 Movies I Watched Last Night FabiusPictor202  4Top 5 Anberlin Gyromania  5
1992: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  7Randy Newman's non-soundtrack albums ranked fogza  2
Daft Punk Ranked Wj2006  15Gay Songs 2021 Featured Rolling Girl  23

2021 Recs Please Hyperion1001  15Ranking The Who's albums. childatheart  3
2019 - A year in books kalkwiese  1Ouughhh! BallsToTheWall  9
1993: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  11Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 3 Friday13th  190
🍟 JUNE SOTD 🍟 Featured nol  426Van Halen Albums Ranked KManoc1  26

1994: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  18The Beatles albums ranked (2021 update) Drbebop  27
AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Divaman  102021: The Year Of Jazz - Week 22 Trifolium  26
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: May Featured DrGonzo1937  73top 20 twilight sad Rowan5215  15

Top 10 ingredients for a metal classic FabiusPictor202  15Top 3 Primary Colors Emim  17
Do you know any cover arts like this below? cor22222  8Albums I find overrated childatheart  9
1995: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  11Thunders Vs Growers rage11111ro  1
bezos vs musk Ryus  39

George Harrison albums ranked Drbebop  1My favourite singers childatheart  2
dolphins ranked by body mass index Featured JohnnyoftheWell  262Top 20 Rock and Metal albums of 1983 joshb9864  4
Favorite Album From Each State in US... Kind of F1i2s3c4h5e6r7  8Melodeath Weeeeekend Shuyin  9
anat anat  351996: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  17
Lightning Bolt tracks ranked! kkarron  0Top 10 Ancient Generals FabiusPictor202  16

Top 100 metal songs Featured SuicycoManiac7  46Stone Temple Pilots Ranked Brabiz  13
We Need To Talk About "tbh," tbh normaloctagon  46Top 10 First US Postmaster Generals nol  12
Top 11 Frightened Rabbit Songs Featured breadisdead  17Iggy Pop or David Bowie - China Girl Pheromone  37
My Brain On Sputnik LeddSledd  30Recent Alt- or Prog-Metal Digs JDubb  2
Top 10 Worst US Presidents FabiusPictor202  301

My favourite songs by my favourite bands. childatheart  1Top 10 Classical Composers FabiusPictor202  43
List contains good music... Demon of the Fall  201997: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10
To Listen To (At Some Point) bigbootyphysicist  1History of the Prog Tournament Divaman  37
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1976 Kompys2000  22

Top 10 ways to get banned FabiusPictor202  62my favorite singers Itsonlyme  9
1998: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10Blink-182 - NINE Wj2006  2

Led Zeppelin VS 100 Gecs Trebor.  14Bands that are frighteningly consistent boobies89  29
1999: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  7Review a random album [2021] Featured JohnnyoftheWell  203
Lana Del Rey - Correct Ranking Dwap  2Hi there evilford  32
Reviews That Mention COVID-19 Featured SandwichBubble  35Bullet For My Valentine Albums Ranked KManoc1  8

Wolfe In 2021 Pt. 1 Relinquished  24Ulver Official Ranking, Board Recognized Featured porcupinetheater  78
La Dispute Discography Ranked GreyShadow  7Opening Songs on Debut Albums reethyfrank  6
2000: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  9Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 2 Friday13th  158
My least favourite songs from my favourite bands. childatheart  9

Something of Everything, Anything of Nothing splinter  32001: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  25
Want some soul metal ? Stakaline  11Eurovision 2021 Review anarchistfish  19
new album "pixels" finished zoso33  6

The worst album you've ever listened to Eons  53Metal Up Your Anus (gimme dem fastrexs) combustion07  34
2002: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  83.5s ranked Featured JohnnyoftheWell  86

1998: Jack's Top 10 Songs CaliggyJack  5Weekend Wishlist thecheatisnotdead  2
it's humid in here marscares  18Pick one album from each year of the 2000s JKing92  33
2003: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  10Top 15 Rock and Metal albums of 1982 joshb9864  1
Millennium Stealth AnimalsAsSummit  9Panopticon Full-Lengths ranked TheSpirit  5
Slipknot karagiannis1908  4Black Metal and Dungeon Synth 2021 Featured garas  37
30 years of Sepultura's Arise Muzz79  12My Pink Floyd Journey rockarollacola  7
Some lesser known indie folk/new age material TrantaLocked  3getting lost on the way to buy a gas station knife marscares  6
Languid and Bittersweet Let  3

New Wave Post-Punk sblevins95  17My favourite live albums childatheart  6
I'm back into vinyl Featured Josh D.  302004: Doofs Top 10 Debuts DoofDoof  16
R.I.P. Miura Kentarou parksungjoon  43Backing/Secondary vocals used at the right time IntolerantLactose  14
1980s italian hardcore WeepingBanana  8Leprous Ranked faustuscopernicum  1
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1975 Kompys2000  15

JAPANESE NOISExPUNK Featured JohnnyoftheWell  65Apple Music Lossless? Supercoolguy64  17
Final Fantasy Soundtracks: Ranked (Main Series) Bandit1786  27Black Sabbath: Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  30
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