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My Favourite Male Artists clavier RIP rock music - Final Boss JohnnyoftheWell 
90s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Round 2 hesperus Pangea + the casual convo August Pangea 
Song of the Day August (ft. ArsMoriendi) ArsMoriendi Top 50 Taylor Swift Songs [according to Sowing] SowingSeason 
Late 2000's Dubstep/Bass/Glitch Deez These are a few of my favorite things Minushuman24 
Why are lyrics vapid in isolation? ChoccyPhilly User Spotlight: July 2020 SowingSeason 
12 Years Here SowingSeason "Of All Time," Circa 2020 plane 

Top 15 Metal Albums of 2006 joshb9864  0Have You Heard of These Albums? Assemblage  7
god you make me so tired alamo  5

Breaking Benjamin Experiment: (Ranking Hypothesis) ChronicExister  3Current jams 08/08/20 naughtcturnal  2
Late 1990's/Early 2000 UK CORE (Inspired by Mort.) Deez  14Top 5 Records: High on Fire MementoMori  3
Best Albums Boston RockUtopia  0The Biggle Bomb JefferyBigglestein  15
Star Wars: Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  15Best The Police Albums Boston  0
Best Albums Boston Boston  0France has some really good metal bands. teamster  5
These are the only good deathcore bands mappyfitforbattle  31Official Sputnik User Tier List 2020 Lord(e)Po)))ts  173
Avatar Albums Ranked Zac124  1

My mood #2 Ladron93  0August death metal binge Atari  6
new fall of troy album mryrtmrnfoxxxy  9Top 10 Carly Rae Jepsen Songs GreyShadow  13
Top 5 Records: Eric Dolphy MementoMori  5Heaven nofyt  0
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 12) JefferyBigglestein  34UK CORE Mort.  47
Favorite albums covers albacestmoi  0Evil Dead: Films Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  47
New song from me WeepinnWillow  3

My Favorite Snail Artists Trebor.  18Top 5 Users budgie  124
most listened to songs since nba got cancelled robertsona  15Best of 2019 EmceeKain  2
Aussie Core BallsToTheWall  25Driving playlist WRYN  1
All Time Favorite Band Lambada  7Halloween: The films ranked JeremiahBullfrog  29
Top 5 Records: Ihsahn MementoMori  4Lightning Metal Assemblage  19

New Records I've Gotten This Past Month nuklearmoose  2Faith No More Albums Ranked Zac124  11
My favorite live albums farmerobama  6Bigglestein Stays Winning JefferyBigglestein  11
Best Gazpacho Albums jsaadia  8Top 5 Records: Devin Townsend MementoMori  9
Recent Skronky/Dissonant Metal DarkHorizontal  12Jurassic Park / World: Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  40
Umbrella 2020 Results: Closing Another Umbrella ArsMoriendi  59My Favourite Male Artists Featured clavier  38
The Great Sputnik War Chapter 2 costofnothing  9

[CLASSIFIED] the truth about jeffrey bigglestein JefferyEPBigglestein  31Album Replay: July deathofasalesman  12
My Top 25 My Morning Jacket Tunes Sunnyvale  1Best Opener/Closer Combos RodKneeBrucey  15
THE GREAT WAR UPDATE 3 JefferyBigglestein  27North American Death Metal Endlessvoyagejake  17
Some songs I like (in no particular order) PorkchopGMX  2Talking Heads Ranked TheCalebRobinson  24
One Reason rym is better than sputnik Trebor.  62Ten Movie Songs riffariffic7  14
Best Kiss Albums jsaadia  11Lord Of The Rings: Ranked JeremiahBullfrog  80
Top 5 Records: Defeated Sanity MementoMori  0Kvass time Dedes  4
The Great Sputnik War Chapter 1: Background costofnothing  19White Detroit Man ranks White Detroit Man Joeman82  18

REASONS BTS AND T. SWIFT ARE GOAT's davezillaMP3  28DJ mixes Avagantamos  10
list of 24 items Tyler.  28Weekend Haul Divaman  1
Top 5 Bands DarkHorizontal  3I DECLARE WAR ON BTS JefferyBigglestein  222
Top 5 Records: Causa Sui MementoMori  0Music, personality, other people costofnothing  23
Alien: films ranked JeremiahBullfrog  73rec me Switch games loveisamixtape  78
Round 6: Season 3: Continental Recfest Sharkattack  34ryus's assorted electronic jams Ryus  12

Volcano Albums Assemblage  11The Sputnik Times 8/2/20 JefferyBigglestein  13
mid-year top 20 of 2020 sbarbalexis  1Favourite movies Shuyin  24
Top 5 Records: Anathema MementoMori  11Dogrel OR A Heroes Death??? Closk  5
RIP rock music - Final Boss Featured JohnnyoftheWell  36The Worst Map in Halo 3 DaHound  13
True Top 10 Movies of All Time alamo  1390s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Round 2 Featured hesperus  117
Some Rap Albums PopsicleBob  2

2020 in electronic—again Ryus  12Sputnik Music Assemblage  8
CRADLE OF FILTH RANKED Hawks  5Top 25 Movies of All Time ReefaJones  41
Top 5 Records: Amorphis MementoMori  6Pangea + the casual convo August Featured Pangea  324
Voodoo by D'Angelo Ranked YoYoMancuso  9July 2020 anobsoletevernacular  0

Recs for Jeffery Bigglestein Hodenfresser  16Top 20 Greatest Guitarists of All Time ReefaJones  58
Criterion Collection Haul (Part II) thecheatisnotdead  3CEREBRAL MUSIC Assemblage  16
Hard Jams. BallsToTheWall  3Song of the Day August (ft. ArsMoriendi) Featured ArsMoriendi  115
Top 5 Records: Obscura MementoMori  6THE GREAT WAR UPDATE 2 JefferyBigglestein  55
Just getting it out. gnoma  20Top 10 Favorite Nirvana Songs MondrainTheLiar  23

Manson Ranked LucretiaMyReflection  8Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 20): 100-1 oisincoleman64  6
Top 20 Drummers of All Time ReefaJones  11290s One-Hit Wonder Bracket: Intro + Round 1 hesperus  17
Queen albums ranked Drbebop  2Taylor Swift Ranked SowingSeason  14
Top 10 Movies of All Time JefferyBigglestein  311Top 5 Records: Yes MementoMori  11
Top 5 Worst Rock/Metal Cover Songs ReturnToRock  17My mood #1 (Synthwave, retro synth, industrial...) Ladron93  4

Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 20): 200-101 oisincoleman64  8Haken: Ranked Gibleson  6
Shitty Vinyl Update Trundle  10Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 11) JefferyBigglestein  17
Nerd Music Recs for Nerds bludngorevidal  14Weezer Ranked TheCalebRobinson  0
Top 5 Records: Thinking Plague MementoMori  0Top 10 Favorite Soundgarden songs MondrainTheLiar  7
A guide to nu-gaze JesperL  36Search for the WORST: Nu-Metal Edition davezillaMP3  129
Type O Negative - Correct Ranking Dwap  6

recent quests into dungeon synth mmmonty  8Wilco Ranked stevendah  1
Dream Theater Ranked YRI  5Psytrance mini-bange Bedex  8
Top 50 Taylor Swift Songs [according to Sowing] Featured SowingSeason  54Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 12: Three Umbrella Houses ArsMoriendi  94
back at it again with another depression list madrigal30  29You're Gonna Need to Dig These Josh D.  6
Top 100 Covers farmerobama  6First List Since Middle School NecrogenicShrimp  12
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 10) JefferyBigglestein  33Top 5 Records: Thelonious Monk MementoMori  3
Taylor Swift's Lover - ranked DEL1C4TE  1Bands new to me that I enjoy (2020) obzen117  5
Taylor Swift's reputation - ranked DEL1C4TE  0Taylor Swift's folklore - ranked DEL1C4TE  0
2020 Top Ten Albums (Ongoing) Localband  3From Glen Campbell to Gorguts: Favorite 50 Songs IronGiant  6

Taylor Swift's studio albums – ranked DEL1C4TE  2Late 2000's Dubstep/Bass/Glitch Featured Deez  22
Backlog Jams R4zor3dge  33Expansion & Development Introu1  2
Top 5 Favourite TV Shows (Age 20) oisincoleman64  5My own Top 100 albums RichRamp  9
Top 5 Records: The Mothers of Invention MementoMori  6Stoner/Doom bands have creative names farmerobama  21
Meme Monday 7/27/20 JefferyBigglestein  186Beardfish Albums Ranked LeddSledd  6
if you like burial… Ryus  16Bold Intros 9Hammer  9
These are a few of my favorite things Featured Minushuman24  50Favorite post-hardcore records of the 2000s Joeman82  47

need new recs to paint/draw to alamo  20Sputnik Smash Thread ColeT  205
July Jams Endlessvoyagejake  0Top 50 Albums of the 2000’s Zeuzo  19
Artists I Saw Live (Part 3) farmerobama  2Top 10 Favorite Queens of the Stone Age Songs MondrainTheLiar  7
Ulcerate Albums Ranked obzen117  18Top 5 Records: Oxbow MementoMori  10
Personal Favorites 2020 So Far namsaap  02020 = hot diarrhea alamo  15

Why are lyrics vapid in isolation? Featured ChoccyPhilly  44Top 20 Metal Albums of 2005 joshb9864  11
Songs that I've been loving lately DioFan05  1They keep making the same album rockarollacola  30
Neek vs. Star Trek: TNG neekafat  19My 2nd list of last discovered albums y87arrow  0
¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? |three| mauRo13  7Real talk Dedes  20
Counterparts ranked Joeman82  19Favorite Album From The Year You Were Born? KManoc1  70

Taylor Swift, ranked. relibee2  4Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 9) JefferyBigglestein  36
Artist I Saw Live (Part 2) farmerobama  0Criterion Collection Haul (Part I) thecheatisnotdead  10
Favourite video game soundtracks on vinyl EclipseInYourEyes  14Top 5 Records: Obliteration MementoMori  8
Haken Ranked TundraL5Z  16Wear Masks you brain damaged humpty trumptys JeremiahBullfrog  365
Top 50 Albums of 2019 aaronrkc  0Bloodshy's Epic Jukebox Pt. 1 bloodshy  52
ask me a question! or something- idk what this is ian b  33Some of my favourite drummers mmmonty  22
vibing sixdegrees  12

JEFFERYBIGGLESTEIN BIG ANNOUNCEMENT JefferyBigglestein  33R.E.M. Ranked stevendah  17
Upcomings 2020 / 2021 CoreLeone85  0Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Identity SowingSeason  34
Artists I Saw Live (Part 1) farmerobama  4Top 5 Records: Naked City MementoMori  4
Ratings 3,4 and more but i REALLY dont LIKE IT MrHahaHihi  4Ratings 2 and less but I LIKE it MrHahaHihi  0
John Lennon albums ranked Drbebop  3Need some vocal mixing advice please auberginedreams  20
¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? |two| mauRo13  4i made a metalcore song Scoot  6
¿The Bеst Dеαth Meταl? mauRo13  4Bush albums ranked Dwap  3
Round 5: Season 3: Continental Recfest Sharkattack  85I've never heard OPETH Allergist  24

Best albums with red covers ColeT  83Dogshit early morning shifts Jasdevi087  3
Back from the grave joomisy  81984 in metal mmmonty  28
Tundra's 2020 albums (Jan - Apr) TundraL5Z  8general to-listen list mmmonty  0
Death metal binge Bedex  41Top 300 Favourite Songs (Age 20): 100-1 oisincoleman64  5
Best of 2020 so far farmerobama  3Top 5 Records: Intronaut MementoMori  22
Artists from my University Town farmerobama  4Last 10 Albums Veldin  23
top 20 underoath onionbubs  20Every Led Zeppelin Song Ranked charbyno  15
The Devil Wears Prada ranked davezillaMP3  30

Top 300 Favourite Songs (Age 20): 200-101 oisincoleman64  2Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 11: Torn Umbrella ArsMoriendi  90
Dedicated to the Decade (2000's) engleprunt  0New 1 List Per Year Rule THISISMYWAR  7
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 8) JefferyBigglestein  42who else here uses Twitch? el_newg  15
Top 5 Records: Immolation MementoMori  10Neek's MCU Binge neekafat  172
a 2020 King Gizzard Ranking avery14th  5Breaking Benjamin - Ranking All the Songs spitfyre877  7

Top 300 Favourite Songs (Age 20): 300-201 oisincoleman64  6Bands You Should Listen To LucretiaMyReflection  8
Artists from my Hometown farmerobama  2YoYo Releases a Song YoYoMancuso  5
The Mars Volta Ranked Tuneison  11Jeffery J. Bigglestein Deathgrips Ranked JefferyBigglestein  9
Weird Prog List farmerobama  1July of METAL 🤘 (Part 2/2) [2020] MatyMasaryk  3
Ranking Haken correctly kalkwiese  14NEW WAVE OF DOOM METAL Allergist  6
Top 5 Records: Haken MementoMori  13Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 7) JefferyBigglestein  30
top 20 2013 sbarbalexis  0

Q2 2020 anobsoletevernacular  1Q1 2020 anobsoletevernacular  0
LordeOfPots' 5's ranked budgie  113David Bowie albums ranked Drbebop  3
Best albums with blue album covers (part 1) ColeT  49Best of 1979 Anthracks  11
Essential Criterion Films? Muppelope  84Top 5 Records: Frank Zappa MementoMori  6
Stuff that is nostalgic nuklearmoose  6In This Moment - Ranking all songs spitfyre877  3
Rocking R.J.D. Albums DioFan05  1What Do You Do Besides... This? deathofasalesman  118

Top 10 Overkill Albums MikeAkerfeldt89  4R.I.P, Mr. Chi Pig. SNFU ranked. SlothcoreSam  7
Best Of: 2020 DJTrpTrp  3User Spotlight: July 2020 Featured SowingSeason  20
Ranked My 5s Rawmeeth38  14Top 5 Records: Enslaved MementoMori  1
Going through my CD collection Sinternet  262020 Best Metal Album alessandrosilverj  1
50 Favourite Albums Daneleslie  5THE GREAT WAR UPDATE 1 JefferyBigglestein  12
Top 15 Metal Albums of 2004 joshb9864  8Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Relationship List JefferyBigglestein  62
Best albums gabrieledisiena  2Rate my shoegaze band pjquinones747  20
Best Songs of 2020 (part two) EasterInTheBatcave  5

Favorite Albums Ever, Right Now RegularSongStructure  23Wings albums ranked Drbebop  0
Rec Me Tribal Drumming NeroCorleone  27Top 5 Records: Colour Haze MementoMori  6
Ranking Opeth's classic decade. YRI  3South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut Songs Ranked ReturnToRock  13
limp bizkit topen ten Ninjahague  4The Cure albums ranked Drbebop  8

2020 Releases I’m Diggin’ LucretiaMyReflection  3Best metal album of 2001 Allergist  17
Top 20 Favourite Movies (Age 20) oisincoleman64  23revive sput 2020 Ryus  144
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 6) JefferyBigglestein  29Top 5 Records: Aranis MementoMori  4
12 Years Here Featured SowingSeason  45Uncontroversial Kendrick Lamar ranking. YRI  10
what i play when i get the aux costofnothing  18

Shit I've spun a lot this year nuklearmoose  9Top 5 Records: Amenra MementoMori  20
"Of All Time," Circa 2020 Featured plane  20My Record Collection pollastrerostit  9
My new record is out! Beardog  28SINTERNET DECLARES WAR JefferyBigglestein  111
Alphabetical Recommend-O's riffariffic7  28-bit samples WinyleOnline  1
Stuck in the 90's (Part 3) rodrigo90  4Finally Getting into Thrash DarkHorizontal  23
Blood Incantation are rip-offs GiaNXGX  23Songs to Get in the Mood to Boink! JDubb  24
{Survey} - Track Lengths in Tracklists? Assemblage  10

Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 10: Factory Umbrella ArsMoriendi  73Albums Listenlist charlopiano  6
Top 5 Records: Wayne Shorter MementoMori  10Jeffery J. Bigglestein Iggy Azalea Ranked JefferyBigglestein  17
July of METAL 🤘 (Part 1/2) [2020] MatyMasaryk  1Gian the digger 2k20 week 1407 - 4K edition GiaNXGX  5
Bands I Need to Start Listening To. FearThyEvil  18Remastered my first EP WeepinnWillow  4

In Flames Albums Ranked Zac124  5Best music of 2020?? MillionDead  13
Most Consistently Good Artists farmerobama  76Current Atmospheric Black Playlist PUREFKNARMAGEDDON  0
Current Viking Metal Playlist PUREFKNARMAGEDDON  0Viking Metal Th3Gr3N4D13R  13
Eastern-european atmospheric black metal Th3Gr3N4D13R  073 Country Songs For The Discerning Gentleman of T americanohno  1
Top 5 Records: Sigur Ros MementoMori  11Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 5) (MEME MONDAY) JefferyBigglestein  23
Every Song By The Doors Ranked charbyno  12

Static X Ranked Storm In A Teacup  5My Chemical Romance Ranked TheCalebRobinson  16
Top 5 Records: Present MementoMori  02020 faves so far lucazade22  0
Best of 2020 so far JimiLuxembourg  3THURSDAY! RANKED! costofnothing  6

👊 UFC [Inside the Octogon] - UFC 251 TheNotrap  180Guide to Modern Country Vol. I Featured SowingSeason  96
NEW TOAD / JOHN DARR EP Toad  3Top 15 Metal Albums of 2003 joshb9864  6
Top 5 Records: Magma MementoMori  2Savatage Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  2
My Favourite Album Covers ReturnToRock  12alifeller alifeller  0
Round 4: Season 3: Continental Recfest Sharkattack  96A Sample of Melodic Hardcore deathofasalesman  22

Top 10 Records: John Zorn MementoMori  9Gather 'Round SowingSeason  8
a wish for wings that work... costofnothing  11Favorite Songs of the 2000s YoYoMancuso  6
Winter Nostalgia - Forest Hill Mysticism Th3Gr3N4D13R  6first half 2020 BlackTaxi2d  0
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 4) JefferyBigglestein  30My Top 10 Albums / Artists of all time ranked JeremiahBullfrog  14
Destroy My High Ratings coldheaven  72Some Czech Music And Artists For You My Friends MrHahaHihi  5
My favorite albums for every year I've been alive relibee2  1Passed my Registry Exam! AffableMartyr  30
Boris- top 5 albums BookoftheFallen  11Get Your Arghoslent CDs While You Still Can.... americanohno  18
Winter Nostalgia - Mountainside Desolation Th3Gr3N4D13R  0

Anybody want to check out my brother's album? JKnott  0Top 35 Faith No More songs SuicycoManiac7  18
Top 5 Records: Miles Davis MementoMori  222 bands that deserve more exposure Faenrir  2
stuff to check pt 4 alamo  1The Smiths are the greatest band ever JeremiahBullfrog  61
My First Half of 2020 List Assemblage  4Some Noise Artists you may not know Endlessvoyagejake  3

Variant Favorites MiguelAngel  0The Head On The Door songs ranked ItsTheSquirrel  4
Top 100 Pop Punk Albums oisincoleman64  40Stuck in the 90's (Part 2) rodrigo90  3
Describe a genre in one sentence. YRI  64Albums I've Released in 2020 DarkHorizontal  0
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 3) JefferyBigglestein  67Vinyl Collection MrHahaHihi  8
Rec me anger and spite Wildhoney  26

half of 2020 (booooo) 2CHAINAL  5Tundra's top 50 Artists TundraL5Z  4
Top 50 Albums of Mid-year 2020 Fludd  0Ball’s 2020 So Far BallsToTheWall  4
Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 9: Little Umbrellas ArsMoriendi  41The Golden Age Of Deathcore JeremiahBullfrog  20
Top 25 of 2020: So Far! (Aug.) tectactoe  24Top 5 Records: John Coltrane MementoMori  20
Masterpieces With No Review On Sputnik. Get on it! ReefaJones  103Broke Up With the Girl Give Me Wrecks combustion07  18
SPOTIFY TOP 20 ARTISTS FOR LAST 6 MONTHS 7.7.20 MrHahaHihi  13Nocte's 2020 Halfway Report Featured Nocte  51

L’arc~en~Ciel, Ranked Featured Uzumaki  14Sin's plan of action Sinternet  59
Guess That Sputniker #13 indieghost  30Singles That Defined the 80's [Pt 1] mrblond  11
Terry Date Vs Ross Robinson rodrigo90  7One LP wonders Joeman82  29
Top 5 Records: Jethro Tull MementoMori  920 Most Notable Albums of 1990 mrblond  14
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 2) JefferyBigglestein  24Top 20 Deftones Rowan5215  29
I need a crash course in Indie Rock / Post Punk thatbandsucks  26Pots 2020 Q3 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  75

the FIFTH of july americanohno  0Allan's Favorite Record Thus Far (2020) ajcollins15  0
Top 5 Records: Dirty Three MementoMori  2Jeffery J. Bigglestein BasedMusic Sunday 2 JefferyBigglestein  3
Best of 1978 Anthracks  3Noctus' Mid-Year Shortlist DarkNoctus  9
Queensryche Ranked - Classic Era 0GuyMan0  10garascore + Memoirs garas  3
Skillet Albums Ranked KManoc1  4electronic tonic someone  14

crunchy emo jams phylyps  6why Dissonant  6
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Diary (Part 1) JefferyBigglestein  23Top 5 Records: Area MementoMori  8
wedding anniversary wishes bahrtisingh000  0Weeding Anniversary Wishes bahrtisingh000  0
check out my band's tapes to support BLM madrigal30  3Top 100 Favorite Albums Brabiz  16
Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: June Featured DrGonzo1937  87Dark Season 3 anarchistfish  10
Vinyl Collection Joeman82  3

2019 Leftovers List Pt. 2 (metal) Assemblage  1Guess Who Is Turning 24 On The 21st? random  7
Top 15 Metal Albums of 2002 joshb9864  9Go listen to these album right now, pleb. Eons  2
Top 5 Records: Van der Graaf Generator MementoMori  8Jeffery J. Bigglestein Kendrick Lamar Ranked JefferyBigglestein  24
Best albums with hills on the cover ColeT  16M Manson List MrHahaHihi  0
Top 9 Ozric Tentacles Albums MikeAkerfeldt89  2

20NEEK20: Q2 Albums neekafat  52fuck this year rip reckful Sinternet  32
2020 - How Country Is It? Featured dmathias52  31Half way there: Top 10 albums of 2020 CharacterMusings  0
Favorite video games austin888  50Top 5 Records: Motorpsycho MementoMori  13
Quarantine Boredome Endlessvoyagejake  9Jeffery J. Bigglestein Toro y Moi Ranked JefferyBigglestein  0

Best Album Covers: Q2 2020 neekafat  25HALF WAY (MOSTLY METAL ) HOUSE - 2020 Deez  39
Sowing's 2020.5 Featured SowingSeason  21Top 10 favorite Protest the Hero songs peartnoy  0
Recs for garas Featured ArsMoriendi  68Jeffery J. Bigglestien Eminem Ranked JefferyBigglestein  23
Classic Album First Impressions: Ongoing TheCalebRobinson  21Billy Joel albums ranked Drbebop  7
2020 /2 eloimayano  0Top 5 Records: Agalloch MementoMori  11
Listening users’ 100 Albums of the 2010s: 25 - 1 TundraL5Z  6IDM recs? Davyd120  11

music documentary thread loveisamixtape  52halfperus 2020 Featured hesperus  7
Best of 1977 Anthracks  25Metal: Best of 2020 so far... NoHellsNoHeavens  5
Umbrella Contest 2020 Round 8: Belle Umbrella ArsMoriendi  98Mid 2020 Worst Albums TheCalebRobinson  2
post rock playlist part one americanohno  4rainy day albums ElviGemini  2
Eyehategod ranked DopeFiend  3Jeffery J. Bigglestein Kanye Ranked JefferyBigglestein  20
Cynic Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  1Willie's 2020 So Far Featured Willie  19
Top 5 Records: Don Caballero MementoMori  5Coming in 2020 Dewinged  46
Calc's 2nd 2020 List Calc  112020.5 - Top 61 Albums dmathias52  5
Five Finger Death Punch Albums Ranked KManoc1  11Randomly Getting More Into Folk Jamz Colliiiin  5

Kanye West - God's Country JefferyBigglestein  18YouTube Music? Beardog  17
my synthesiser had dino nuggets (dinosaur synth) someone  55Rec me dark post-rock loulou  12
Stuck in the 90's (part 1) rodrigo90  42020 jacobman7  0
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Travis Scott Ranked JefferyBigglestein  0Top 5 Records: Converge MementoMori  72
Mid 2020 Best Albums TheCalebRobinson  2Song of the Day: July Featured Pangea  401
Sput’s Top Album Tournament: Bracket D, Round 1 KBP37  14Eminem Albums ranked Drbebop  10
From Best to Worst: The Ocean Gbhill  6

Jakes Monthly album obsessions Endlessvoyagejake  0Favorite Black Metal Albums Endlessvoyagejake  19
Anyone know where to get vinyl pressed? HeadOfTheBaptist  3You guessed it, more screamo mappyfitforbattle  14
Baroness = Paper Mario CugnoBrasso  19Gorillaz charlopiano  2
Jeffery J. Bigglestein BasedMusic Sunday JefferyBigglestein  72000s melodic hardcore costofnothing  3
Top 5 Records: Kayo Dot MementoMori  1150%_2020: 101% o f f i c i a l Featured JohnnyoftheWell  54
Arrow-Awards: My top 100 for summer depression y87arrow  0REC Me Tormented Artists JDubb  21
June of METAL 🤘 (Part 2/2) [2020] MatyMasaryk  2Im back bitch Tyler.  18

Go listen to these albums immediately. Eons  18Dig this fucking list Dissonant  9
Jeffery J. Bigglestein Weezer, Ranked JefferyBigglestein  6Top 15 Metal Albums of 2001 joshb9864  13
because the people deserve to know my opinion Trebor.  7Is This The Worst? Wikipedia's Worst Albums Ranked davezillaMP3  40
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Least Favorite Albums JefferyBigglestein  9Top 5 Records: Oceansize MementoMori  15
New music video from my screamo band Happy Valley swallowtales  2Round 3: Season 3: Continental Rec Tournament Sharkattack  90
Sput’s Top Albums Tournament, Bracket C, Round 1 KBP37  14(that emo list: appendix) someone  21
Ghost of Tsushima wutang4ever  45

Top 5 Records: The Dillinger Escape Plan MementoMori  9Favorite Concerts Joeman82  16
Thrice albums ranked brandaao  2Guess That Sputniker #12 indieghost  58
Top 5 Records: Can MementoMori  7Ranking everything (part 1 of 2) DarkSideOfLucca  7
Albums For Rainy and Grey Days Endlessvoyagejake  5Summer Spins PUREFKNARMAGEDDON  0
Saddest Songs I Know eliminatorjunior  153.x Albums That Deserve To Be 4.x TronaldDump  54
100 emo albums you (maybe) haven't heard Featured someone  78Good Metalcore Element  25

Dead Faces joshrhodes  0Rec 2020 Metalz Plz Hawks  22
Guess That Sputniker #11 indieghost  40TOP ALBUMS OF ALL TIME Endlessvoyagejake  8
Jeffery J. Bigglestein Tyler the Creator, Ranked JefferyBigglestein  0The Velvet Underground albums ranked Drbebop  3
Pantera Ranked bobbydylan  12the fourth... americanohno  2
Top 35 Pantera songs SuicycoManiac7  240 Favorite records of 2020 so far mardin65  0
Top 5 Records: Koenji Hyakkei MementoMori  0Favourite albums WeaEmo  4
Neek's 2000s Cram List neekafat  200Sput’s Top Albums Tournament: Bracket B, Round 1 KBP37  18
Deftonescore. OpenUpandLetMeIn  16Does MX know there’s a Trump ad on his website Space Jester  35
My Top 5 Favourite Albums Zac124  0

Top 5 Records: Cardiacs MementoMori  10User Spotlight: June 2020 Featured SowingSeason  39
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Lps Ranked loulou  5You Wouldn't Get It rockarollacola  30
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