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Dolores... BallsToTheWall My new album - Alexander Desjardins AnimalsAsSummit 
Nocte's 2/12 2018 NocteDominum oops I forgot to make a 2017 list Thor 
Sputcore Candidates Papa Universe Lesser-Known Jams Bonanza Game tacos n stuff 
Premature 2018 Highlights Atari User Review Competition: Week of 2/16/2018 Frippertronics 
Last fm totals, 2018 edition Demon of the Fall Grading 2018 Very Early On SowingSeason 
Pots 2017 Catch-Up Season 2.5 Lord(e)Po)))ts Marsbro's Emo Journey MarsKid 

15 Greatest Rock Albums chemicalkid44  24

Dolores... Featured BallsToTheWall  4So, I covered Ghost. MercuryToHell  6
Favorite Iron Maiden Solos TheGuy  11Just picked up some great stuff maxer  6
DEATH GRIPS RANKED Royl123  22My Top 20 Albums 2000 Jonnunnery94  0
Upcoming Shows thecheatisnotdead  4Black Panther was fucking dope Ignimbrite  33
Hoodrich Pablo Juan in The Matrix MyShadow  2Death ranked rabidfish  37
My Band's Debut EP mortifierftw  2My body is falling apart DarkSideOfLucca  48
My CD Collection chemicalkid44  42Top 20 Panic! At The Disco Songs chemicalkid44  14
2018's Albums and EPs. twipzdeeauxilia  0Songs That Contain the Phrase "Get Low" GetLow  16
Top 10 Favorite Bands chemicalkid44  17Queen Albums - Ranked chemicalkid44  9
My new album - Alexander Desjardins Featured AnimalsAsSummit  6Dark Tranquillity Ranked Hawks  25

Deweekly'18 / February 23rd Dewinged  48Your favorite harsh vocalist ConcubinaryCode  47
Film Discussion: Oscars 2018 Predictions furpa  17Ultimate Meshuggah Album Shoegazefan9789  44
Recent Hip Hop Discoveries ZombieToyDuck  13Last Night's Show SitarHero  10
Music Columnists CharacterMusings  6obligatory late six year sputversary list evilford  23
Songs for the Deaf Ranked Saros  5Panic! At The Disco Albums - Ranked chemicalkid44  24
A Pointless List of Dope Albums Bloon  17Best of Japanese Bands: 90's version discovolante  7

Nocte's 2/12 2018 Featured NocteDominum  8Top 10 Best Metal Albums of 2017 DAKODA  11
Get Fucked Up BallsToTheWall  9Official NFL Discussion Thread Drifter  325
compilations for you Papa Universe  4Blackened Punx TheSpirit  9
Severed Survival vs Consuming Impulse Assemblage  15Paul Thomas Anderson Ranked Clumseee  21
Metallica Albums - Ranked chemicalkid44  54Yung Lean non-album cuts: 2013 MyShadow  10
VIDEO GAMES Astral Abortis  223in need of drunken, wailing, howling rock albums pypypymble  24
Best of Japanese Bands: 80's version discovolante  14Death Ranked Hawks  33

End of the Year List - 2016 jrhonan  1End of the Year List - 2017 jrhonan  0
Good $hit cb123  10Silverstein Worst to Best GetLow  6
The Gorguts Ranked Assemblage  26Top 10 Listened to Artists (according to Last.FM) TheSpirit  5
Sigur Ros Ranked Closk  1budg summoning ranked budgie  2
Rec me some weird shit cloakanddagger  27If You're Reading This, I'm Dead AdolfChrist  95

2018: Upcoming & Potential Releases MarsKid  20I Made an EP luckdaboss  4
BTBAM Ranked Assemblage  34Abe's rec comp 3 Aberf  41
2018 Weekly Albums neoconprick  0Thrash/death/prog albums that need more love DePlazz  7
Monster Hunter World Devastator  9Dark Moor Ranked Casavir  0
oops I forgot to make a 2017 list Featured Thor  6Black METal Trve KvlT real Shit DonkeyOllie69  9
The Djent Collaborative Effort TundraL5Z  7Aphex Twin ranked DonkeyOllie69  7
Swans ranked DonkeyOllie69  4radiohead ranked DonkeyOllie69  4
Death Grips ranked DonkeyOllie69  1Sputcore Candidates Featured Papa Universe  144
vince staples songs ranked MyShadow  6Insomnium ranked BlackwaterPork  15

Lesser-Known Jams Bonanza Game Featured tacos n stuff  195Acoustic Picks (Recommendations?) Ikarus14  8
Premature 2018 Highlights Featured Atari  14Best 1986 Albums TheGuy  4
Mental Funeral vs. Like an Ever Flowing Stream Assemblage  49Underrated Albums...some of them... CycleMotion  1
The Definitive Pop Punk Playlist oisincoleman64  40Metal Live Albums Asahi  0
User Review Competition: Week of 2/16/2018 Featured Frippertronics  43Last fm totals, 2018 edition Featured Demon of the Fall  25

Bands I never understood the cult following of Doctuses  52Kingdom Come: Deliverance TheGreatQ  32
band merch deals online Storm In A Teacup  13Great Audiophile Albums CycleMotion  10
RIP A Lot Like Birds - Top 10 Songs GreyShadow  31Great Albums of 2018 jdubbs11  5
5 STAR ALBUMS Bobshat  0My Favorite Thrash Albums of the 80's rockarollacola  2
THIS JUST IN! theNateman  6History of Post Metal loulou  15
Gotta Have My Pops: South Korea foxblood  3Grading 2018 Very Early On Featured SowingSeason  19
Support my friend's band Peruse Toondude10  7Hiii : ) Teknoise  8
Rec me post punk like Joy division SharkTooth  20

Pots 2017 Catch-Up Season 2.5 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  30Altars of Madness vs. Left Hand Path Assemblage  41
Motorhead Album Covers Ranked TheGuy  12Seeing Brockhampton MyNameIsPencil  3
First half of February digs Nazzadan  4My Top 15 Albums 1999 Jonnunnery94  0
Rec Me More Sludge With a similar sound. Lopezian  10I found this for 3$ ElHombreChino  5
im gau pjorn  30Please kingdedethefifth  25
Voivod discography ranked SuzyC  8Killing Joke discography ranked SuzyC  6
Judas Priest discography ranked SuzyC  1Iron Maiden Album Covers Ranked TheGuy  10
Opeth discography ranked SuzyC  306 years ffs hansoloshotfirst  11

RIFFS Hawks  35Worst Concert I've Ever Seen DarkSideOfLucca  128
Would these albums be as good if.... TheSpirit  13Deweekly'18 / February 16th Dewinged  55
Pieces that got me into Classical Music Doctuses  41What your favorite Autechre album says about you danielito19  19
Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Announced TwigTW  26Underrated 2017 aristotleplaysdrums  7
Best metal album intro tracks Madbutcher3  27First Cassette on My Label Sevengill  11
Published brosephmcbrah  9Disturbed Albums Ranked TheGuy  44

First night on the air Dylan620  4Valentines Day Jams~ Frivolous  2
My Personal Favorite Albums Joshsocializes  32017 Top 25 Albums XXMurdaBeatzXX  0
Great bands that became awful later cloakanddagger  14Rec me 1989 albums RunOfTheMill  45
TheSpirit's 2k18 WK7 - listens, thoughts and thots TheSpirit  7Some Of My Favorite Albums. Lopezian  4
V-Day Digs BallsToTheWall  11its valentines day, and kodak dropped a new tape MyShadow  11
big list Spacesh1p  0Top 20 of 2017 aristotleplaysdrums  9
Valentines Day sucks WetHarmonica1916  38Rec essential ambient/electronic/'other' work jams Demon of the Fall  28
The Flips Ranked Assemblage  0Metal Digs: Bleak, Brutal, and Bloody JZW1997  4
Best songs of Yasutaka Nakata per project Hurricanslash  7What Do You Listen To On Valentine's Day? KManoc1  40
This is my SUPERGROUP - What's yours? Closk  22Korn Albums Ranked TheGuy  70
10 Best Slayer Songs BSaccone  4Metallica Albums Ranked BSaccone  9
Rec me the heaviest, most insane albums of history goblinilbog  83

Earplugs at Concerts Feather  28Of Mice & Men albums + tracks ranked DORBUSCUS  7
My Personal Ranking of Metallica's Discography Slowburner  19I need decent headphones halp zaruyache  25
Trampled By muthafukkin Turtles LeftyMcRighty  6Valentine's Day jams < 3 DarkSideOfLucca  25
What are some 'Satanic' bands that aren't metal? Eons  10Abe's Rec comp 2 Aberf  66
Records that helped kill rock Lopezian  58Favorite Classic Rock Albums. Lopezian  4
Eighteen Visions Ranked TheSpirit  1Top 10 Favorite Thrash Metal Albums TheGuy  6
Slam cd collection foxblood  18Onward to Golgotha vs. Effigy of the Forgotten Assemblage  76
The Biggest Slamicide In History ExecutiveExecuterexe  20Metallic Freight Trains combustion07  8
Some favorite happysad albums in no order theNateman  3Underappreciated Hip-Hop records. Lopezian  24
Marsbro's Emo Journey Featured MarsKid  51

5 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time. Ikarus14  20Pots 2017 Catch-Up Season 2 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  32
Here Come the Ranks SweeneyTodd  3Favorite Hip Hop Albums so far (not in order) Starlord467  6
My Top 15 Albums 1998 Jonnunnery94  0Top 10 Favorite Bands/Artists (Feb 12th, 2018) DORBUSCUS  8
Black Metal or Screamo? JLR2DEG  29Albums drifter needs to listen to foxblood  11
Favorites of 2017 lg433  0Band Management Advice pjquinones747  10
Recommend Some Good Melodic Death Metal KManoc1  22saw trippie redd MyShadow  5
Rifftopia kingdedethefifth  15

To The Pit of Misery BallsToTheWall  13Rec me post rock classics Featured CaimanJesus  68
Ranking the AFI Albums. Stjimmy101  20january digs rabidfish  2

1000 Ratings: (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying.. Assemblage  225 Favourite Judas Priest Albums Ikarus14  16
Ozzy albums (ranked) Thrust!  20Abe's rec comp + prize for winner Aberf  72
Musicians ov the Frozen North AdolfChrist  10auto-correct band names.. butcherboy  12
Saturday digs JS19  1Top 10 Motorhead Albums TheGuy  5
My Top 15 Albums 1997 Jonnunnery94  0Best Metal Albums of 2009 Casavir  9
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Album Hierarchy OminousGargoyle  11

Albums euro  0A Dance Selection WRYN  3
Ben's latest cd and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  0albums you've lost your connection with (& why) TheSpirit  46
NEW Pole Younger gets all positive reviews so far pypypymble  39Celebrating my 72nd birthday SirCumsalot  1
Music Stats dfevil085  5Radiohead Album Hierarchy OminousGargoyle  11
Meeting Date Thru OKCupid Help TheCharmingMan  11Worst week ever. North0House2  19

Deweekly'18 / February 9th Featured Dewinged  32Aphex Twin but it's played in a nightclub rodrigo90  5
When are band images coming back? MrSirLordGentleman  25Radiohead: Best to Worst (Updated for 2018) BreakerdeGodot  12
My Top 10 Albums 1996 Jonnunnery94  0Top 15 Disturbing Music Videos Evenoss  15
Top 10 Metal Albums of My Lifetime Sevengill  41Seeing Machine Head Tonight... TheSpirit  11
THE SKIDS: Don't you forget us #13 Papa Universe  11Cold's Comprehensive Cursive Collection coldheaven  5
Top 25 Glassjaw onionbubs  23My Favourite Frontmen. Closk  6

Iron Maiden Ranked Casavir  36Top 3 albums of all time DarkSideOfLucca  41
Salty charlesdivision  424 Favorite METAL Bands Asahi  13
My Top 10 Albums 1995 Jonnunnery94  0Black Metal albums with 10 votes or less foxblood  59
Sput Users' Favorite Albums: Visualized! Featured tacos n stuff  83No Verbs Allowed ExecutiveExecuterexe  12
Dimmu Borgir Ranked Featured TheSpirit  34Prefab Sprout Ranked Featured AnimalsAsSummit  25
Top 50 Albums of 2017 aaronrkc  3

Anal Cunt top 10 funniest songs off 40 More Reason Doctuses  6Top 10 albums of 2017 peartnoy  7
Rec me folk classics Featured CaimanJesus  66Unholy Realms ov Riffs Rowhaus  6
Neutral Milk Hotel teaser kingdedethefifth  34Best Metal Albums of 1990 Casavir  22
Albums with Band Members on the Cover Assemblage  19uno the activist appreciation thread MyShadow  6
TheSpirit's Hair/Glam Metal Classics TheSpirit  63Most Listened to Albums of 2017 Willie  12
Top 5 Rap Albums/Mixtapes of January 2018 Davidl31  21Shitty Dates AdolfChrist  75

Beach House Albums Ranked jdubbs11  13Favorite Fantasy Book Series loulou  21
Testament Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  12Pots 2017 Catch-Up Season 1 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  81
This site has such boring taste Sinternet  101Megadeth Live Albums Ranked Doctuses  15
Life is Strange. post/indie rock recs Wildhoney  14Albums that change my life. Sasstoned  6
My Top 10 Albums 1994 Jonnunnery94  0Recent rap digs discovolante  0
Dimmu Borgir Ranked Hawks  26Top 10 favorite albums of all time. MegatallicaSlaythrax  7
CLOVERFIELD PARADOX zaruyache  69McTime's to check 2/9/2018 McTime50  6
Iced Grapefruit!!!! hasan  1

2018 Oscars bcl  76THE SUPER BOWL SUCKS DarkSideOfLucca  14
2018 Review a Random Album Game Featured Frippertronics  156Heavy electronic recs goblinilbog  7
Quest for Trve Metal TrveBarbarian  10Metal Movie Soundtracks Assemblage  24
Awkward Teenage Dates BlackMalachite  45666 Club Aiwaz  11

Tangelos brainmelter  5Saxon Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  7
List of albums to have sex to DarkSideOfLucca  118Uni's random tourney Papa Universe  103
Best Metal Albums of 1983 Casavir  15Metal: Cult Classics Pt. X Featured Thalassic  11
2018 albums to check out Arokan  2Personal Top 10 OAT (Without Objective Perspective) alternativernb  3
This is me (pt. 2) SuiCiDaLChEeZe  3self-congratulatory 2k comments list ramon.  9
New Underoath album this year? rebeccasugar1979  18Top 25 Songs of 2017 Divaman  5

What do these bands have in common? wham49  32Coldplay Albums f1shbowl  4
Radiohead Albums f1shbowl  1Pink Floyd Albums f1shbowl  1
Music List on a Music Website bbgames  7i can fuck the wave up Hep Kat  10
Sabaton Albums Ranked TheGuy  0BRING BACK flag plz. !!!!!!!! TheSpirit  20
uhh wya 2018 Conmaniac  38Been listening to a lot of folk punk recently GeorgeWBush  3
January 3.5s part 2: Electric Boogaloo Nazzadan  4January jams kingdedethefifth  9
When bands parts ways with: guitarists Detritivore  5The first Sniff is the deepest Sniff  21
Drip Season 3 MyShadow  6

jeff rosenstock sucks Tyler.  27Primordial Ranked Hawks  17
Best Metal Albums of 1993 Casavir  21Best Metal Albums of 1988 Casavir  14
Best Metal Albums of 2017 Casavir  9Children of Bodom Ranked Doctuses  14
January 3.5's and above Nazzadan  20The History of USBM TheSpirit  36
all prepare to cross this clamor ThyCrossAwaits  6a message to sput's someone doomes  7
I Wish I'd Seen ... Divaman  41Best Metal albums of 2017 AntalWS  7
2 new hasan cds i did on band camp hasan  14

The Best of Melodic Death Metal Featured pyroflare77  69A 5 for Every Letter Assemblage  23
Sput's FEB 2018 Song of the Day Featured neekafat  403(writers of) Sputnik Discord!! ianblxdsoe  33
January 2018 resumé Papa Universe  17(Death) Metal Up Your Ass! TheSpirit  20
Drummer Instructional Videos pjquinones747  7First death metal I've ever heard DarkSideOfLucca  39
Your Average Number of Comments per Day bloc  96I interviewed Rosetta diatribes  7
Top 10 Local Albums of 2017 (LI + NYC) Divaman  1Female-fronted Metal artiswar  59

unfashionably late 2017 idk Featured Winesburgohio  20State of the Union JWT155  74
Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time BallsToTheWall  7Cut Deeper 30/1/18 Papa Universe  6
Butcher Recs You Shite.. butcherboy  109Travel playlist WRYN  4
TDEP Ranked Assemblage  7go-to dm foxblood  25
Dark Tranquillity Ranked (Xenorazr) Xenorazr  24DOOM/SLUDGE/HEAVY-PSYCH & DERIVATIVES - FAVOURITES AcidCaravan  2
Best Regional BM scene? TheSpirit  37crystal castles SweeneyTodd  4
Opeth - Top 10 Acoustic Songs TheGuy  10Ultimate Radiohead Album BigPleb  42
Grey's Top 10 Albums of 2017 GreyShadow  3Top 10 Albums of 2017 Divaman  3
Definitive Rainbow Live Album? Veldin  2

Hooded Menace Ranked Hawks  30Helmet Albums, Ranked Deadwing42  5
Underrated Metal Albums PastaDownbeat  7McTime's to listen/review list 2/02/18 McTime50  1
My Favourite Albums of 2017 BlindHouse  2Dangerous Summer Ranked SowingSeason  5
Friv's January '18 listens Frivolous  8Ultimate Machine Head Album Shoegazefan9789  23
Top 15 Films of 2017 tectactoe  125Albums that own. kingdedethefifth  19
Blackgaze Recs pjquinones747  49TheSpirit's 2018 WK4 - listens,thoughts, and thots TheSpirit  6
Iron Maiden - Powerslave Songs Ranked TheGuy  6a message to sach doomes  36
Cycle 1 brokencycle  12

Deweekly'18 / February 2nd Dewinged  32My New track - Members of DISPOSSESSED, etc Butkuiss  4
Metallica zork1222  2Upcoming Concerts of 2018 Feather  3
Experimental/Noise Rock song recs ? EarthboundHellion37  10'Verge Ranked StarlessCore  15
Converge Ranked Assemblage  9Sowing's Superbowl Pick SowingSeason  101
Sleep playlist WRYN  2The Future is Cancelled vs. On The Impossible Past TheCharmingMan  18
McTime's Jan 2018 McTime50  8I miss you DarkSideOfLucca  57
hadriel's Favorite 30 Albums of 2017 hadriel  4My favourite modern bands. CreizVoteReal  5
Top 5 Black Mirror Episodes sumyunguy  53Kreator Albums Ranked TheGuy  6
Favorite Extreme Metal Bands TheGuy  42015 kermitthekillzone  0
2017 kermitthekillzone  0death to the incel breed fohpussyboi  9
SATURATION RANKED TheMrAlexK  16500 Rating Special - Personal Top 10 Songs Ever BlazinBlitzer  7
Bepsi vs Coke kingdedethefifth  33DaveyBoy's Top 50 Albums Of 2017 Featured DaveyBoy  57

What is loneliness.... Fear  10Envy Albums Ranked Assemblage  3
Beethoven Symphonies Ranked Doctuses  2superior shred for sexy sirs Madbutcher3  3
January 2018 cor22222  1make sputnik derp again Ryus  37
My top 100 albums of all time kekout  0

Let's make sputnik m/ again gettindatpussyyo  26top 40 albums of 2017 CrazyDiamond7  5
Bands with only 1 album Featured Thrust!  68Dinognostics Dinosaur  6
De(a)finitive Deafheaven Ranking TheSpirit  22Bands that got heavier? RichEvans  70
When you're feeling a little lost Orangentorte  3rec rap demigod!  15
UGK Ranked MyShadow  8Boring Bathtimes - Pillar of Earth Pre-Order ButteryBiscuitBass  21
Looming and Pale Lungs Live Divaman  2

Any Russian speakers? TheCharmingMan  10Deweekly'18 / January 26th Dewinged  56
Stuff I'm reviewing 2018 DatsNotDaMetulz  1Vikings S5 finale artiswar  16
Obscure Electronic Gems L4titudes  32tear granitenotebook  6
Electronic Favourites WRYN  6adr17 adr  17
The Used Ranked BlueandOrange  19Upcoming To-Gets (Late Jan/Feb) thecheatisnotdead  1
Check out my metal band jmh886  24Overlooked Black Metal Gems of 2016-17 JZW1997  2
Bloodstock 2018 BigPleb  20Most Listen Albuns of 2017 that are not from 2017 P0nto  2
TheSpirit's 2018 WK3 - listens,thoughts, and thots TheSpirit  12The Fall Discography Run SandwichBubble  38
celebrities who will be busted for rape/pedophilia TheCynic  8810 songs that defined the fall (but actually) TheManMachine  0

Albums With Exceptional Atmosphere Ninjahague  10Rec me autontune TheMrAlexK  32
no letters allowed. Slut  68MAKE MORE MUSIC PLS suzcruzz  0
Metal Up Your Ass BallsToTheWall  14Rec me SWAGGER jams BigHans  23
Does Anyone Here Like Carly Rae Jepsen CRJFan69  11My Physical Album Collection Rated PastaDownbeat  3
Drummers - electronic kit in apartment? supremejelly  18Patrick Stump fatcensus SweeneyTodd  8
King Gizzard '17 Ranked BeyondCosby  14GOOD radio rock theNateman  12
Favorite Tan Album Covers Assemblage  102017 Top 50 Albums Earlgrey79  0
Altered Carbon Papa Universe  26Good Radio Rock Ninjahague  18
Walk the Moon and Company of Thieves Live Divaman  8Hip Hop albums I have rated with at least a 3.5 AlexanderMR  65

i am just so happy the website is back right now Slut  17Reading The Lords of Chaos (again) + movie gossip TheSpirit  18
FREEDOM Prancer  8

Top 1 bands whose name describes sputnik CugnoBrasso  11

Songs for y'all.. butcherboy  9METAL GEAR SOLID: RANKED Featured Astral Abortis  119
McTime's Review Week 1/26/18 McTime50  2Top 71 Menzingers Songs onionbubs  23
Grey's Top 70 Songs of All Time GreyShadow  8

Aerosmith zork1222  0Ripped Off Riffs and Stolen Sounds bgillesp  91
Tool Army 2018 Thrust!  84pump granitenotebook  2
Favourite Albums By Genre ChoccyPhilly  12Neek's 1st Listen: Typhoon's "Offerings" neekafat  17
Great records to throw on in the morning ElviGemini  2New Rota Fortunae Song (user project) DungeonBoy  4
#instadigger JamieTwort  26

AC/DC zork1222  1Bon Jovi zork1222  2
Indie Post-hc SexualManChocolate  21Metalcore Recs? Captain Civic  48
Favorite Black and White Albums Assemblage  67Moving to Colorado In A Week! BlackMalachite  69
French Grunge BlueandOrange  0Top 33 of 2017 SchebbARN  0
New album from Devictus (User Project: JS19) JS19  4NBA All-Star Draft Prediction Thread tellah  11
I have returned MyNameIsPencil  12Rogue Turns Five in Sput Years RogueNine  2
Favorite artwork. AlexanderMR  5900 Ratings ExecutiveExecuterexe  8
glitch granitenotebook  6Artist Idiosyncrasies -Robb Flynn & Middle Fingers TheSpirit  9
5/5 Opening tracks Evenoss  32Weekly listens- part 1 kingdedethefifth  10
free kodak MyShadow  20Deweekly'18 / January 19th Dewinged  31
My Recent Purchases SoccerRiot  6

Katatonia Ranked [2] SoccerRiot  7Katatonia Ranked Hawks  35
2017: A Year In Concerts engleprunt  3Operation: Revitalize Sputnik BlackMalachite  198
ZTD's best of 2017 ZombieToyDuck  42Best Migo for a Dinner Date? JZW1997  13
Bathory Albums Ranked masterofreality  7tyler the creator albums ranked MyShadow  12
Fifty Good Ones from 2017 Bloon  9Dewi's Time Machine Pt. 1 Dewinged  39
Death metal I might buy jesterhead92  20

A list that is celebratory of my five thousandth c kingdedethefifth  24bands that are better than ulcerate kingdedethe5th  19
Queen zork1222  6Good to see you BlueandOrange  2
Recent Gets Kompys2000  6Faith No More Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  8
Afghan Whigs / Built to Spill LeftyMcRighty  17My Favorite Albums (January 2018) OminousGargoyle  6
Recs plese rapideyemovement  14Oh hey Aerisavion  19
Great albums of 2017 loulou  0build your own band! TheSpirit  48
25 Favorite Celldweller Songs unlikely96  1Vinyl albums I collected in 2017 Couteau  5
RIP Sach, again. ExecutiveExecuterexe  123Modest Mouse - No One's First... Songs Ranked beefyboi  2
Modest Mouse - Strangers to Ourselves Songs Ranked beefyboi  1Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before... Songs Ranked beefyboi  1
Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica Songs Ranked beefyboi  3drift granitenotebook  2
List is digs. L4titudes  9

Rec me more deranged/unhinged stuff like this goblinilbog  21Revocation Not Ranked Sevengill  8
Sigur Ros Ranked Dwap  16Summowommoning ranked BlackwaterPork  32
Hellraiser Judgment BallsToTheWall  4Top 100 Songs of 2017 oisincoleman64  8
mo' atmosphere 'n' fuzz.. butcherboy  9Ashcrash's 2017 List/Anniversary/Announcement ashcrash9  4
What's your fav fictional character listening to? TheSpirit  14rec me upbeat jazz + gaelic folk music doomes  7
My Top Albums of 2017 Agonba  2Cut Deeper 16/1/18 Papa Universe  5
Favorite Albums of 2017 DadEsquire  0I recorded/mixed the new Locktender record PitchforkArms  18
rec me your 5s Flashmobba  272017's Albums and EPs, Part 3. twipzdeeauxilia  0
Black Malachite Album #7 Announcement + Bonus BlackMalachite  34

Sputnik Essentials: Atmospheric Black Metal EasterInTheBatcave  38a rec for sputnik a rec for me?? tastepolice  8
ATTN: SCOOB Aiwaz  57comment for a rate DarkTyler  35
Cocteau Twins ranked BreakerdeGodot  8The Doors RANKED disboardia  11
Who gets annoyed by...? pjquinones747  252018 Ashtiel  3
Summoning 10 Songs Keyblade  16Stuck on an island... TheSpirit  25
A Monthly Travesty with John Coltrane 50iL  24Dolores O'Riordan Died Asdfp277  11
Sowing's Conference Picks SowingSeason  104Radiohead )RANKED( Desdinova  7
5 star albums holland1999  5Neeka's Writing a Webseries neekafat  25
Sputnik Essentials: Free Jazz EasterInTheBatcave  13

A7X Ranked Muisc4Life26  11Best shit 2018 edition Maco097  2
Iron Maiden Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  4TheSpirit's 2018 WK2 - listen,thoughts, and thots Featured TheSpirit  16
deftones artwork ranked SweeneyTodd  34Rec me some Black Metal. upintheair  17
Tworty Seventeen; EPs, Mixtapes, Mixes, Comps etc. JamieTwort  18Worst Album Ever ElHombreChino  31
What Was The First Riff You Were Able To Play? KManoc1  52Thibs' 50 2017 Albums Thibs  4
Exploring avant-rock/punk Frivolous  24

Super Saiyan Blue 2??? SteakByrnes  30Spotify's lack of video game OSTs ConcubinaryCode  17
Mgła Ranked Nashkraven  0Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2017 houseofclousemusic  6
Every Syd Barett Album Track Ranked georgeharold818  4Twenty SevenDean: Live Performances hesperus  4
2con17 Featured Conmaniac  36Asleep's Belated 2017 Featured AsleepInTheBack  14
JC by the years JesusCage  2Sowing By The Years SowingSeason  12
Universal truths told by the epic djentelman Pt 3 XenowitcherBreath  51Punken MyShadow  14
Cradle of Filth Ranked Hard Hawks  39space rock BMDrummer  8

Album rec comp CaimanJesus  117Bands I got into this winter theNateman  1
My favorite labels loulou  8Universal truths told by the epic djentelman Pt 2 XenowitcherBreath  19
plane redux 2017 plane  7Best Hardcore Releases of 2017 letlovereignsupreme  7
KINO: Don't you forget us #12 Papa Universe  6Weekend Digs BallsToTheWall  5
Aesop Rock Ranked PitchforkArms  8What does music mean to you? kingdedethefifth  61
a great end to 2017 spongie68  0

Alphabet-Town Playlist II.. butcherboy  7Latest Music Haul CharacterMusings  6
Round's Favorite 101 Albums of 2017 Featured RoundOnEndHiInMiddle  9All Orphaned Land songs ranked bens  1
2017 End Of Year List Written In 2018 So What? deezer666  12Favorites of 2017 joshrhodes  6
rec me bm Mort.  27Universal truths told by the epic djentelman Pt 1 XenowitcherBreath  30
13 Albums That Got Me Into Punk GillyGoonEtc  17Black Veil Brides Vale (Ranked) BlackMalachite  37
Not good albums I think are pretty good man ColonelWang  11best earl sweatshirt songs MyShadow  15
Work jams Zig  2"Japanese Radiohead" ranked Royl123  4
feeling human again ImmortalPaper  27Musical Rut BigPleb  60
i put out my new CD on line hasan  18Deweekly'18 / January 12th Featured Dewinged  42

The Portal is Open Assemblage  12Sputnik Secret Santa: The Gift of 5s tacos n stuff  176
100 Faves of all Time blob64  16Yet 101 More Albums.. butcherboy  58
New song by me BandNewbac  7Beavis and Butthead (Music Videos) Thrust!  51
Snide Does The Kylo Ren Challenge BlackMalachite  39Black Mirror Season 4 Ranked gryndstone  32
Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2017 WetHarmonica1916  2Does New Singer = New Band? Kalopsia  24
bgill's Trip Hop Journey bgillesp  64Top Ten of Maynard James Keenan JZW1997  2
stuff to actually buy cvoeglein  1

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