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SPUT ROYALE: Round 4B (playoff) JohnnyoftheWell Discovolante's Best of: 1994 discovolante 
SPUT ROYALE: Round 4A JohnnyoftheWell Jay Z albums ranked Drbebop 
mysterious saxophone woman Colton Prog - An End - Finals Friday13th 
I love the girl with magic ways Jasdevi087 the spotify playlist I made of HIP Bach robertsona 
Iron maiden ranked (2021) SuicycoManiac7 Demon's 2(.1k) top 100 albums Demon of the Fall 
Song of the day September 2021: Relaxation time Pangea worst list ever parksungjoon 

SPUT ROYALE: Round 4B (playoff) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  0Overrated Artists JefferyBigglestein2  1
Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 11: The Umbrella 2000 ArsMoriendi  3My top 5 David Bowie albums childatheart  0
Physical media... americanohno  1Best Aged Kevin Spacey Performances lz41  3
Discovolante's Best of: 1994 Featured discovolante  5what's your drink of choice heck  42
Discovolante's Best of: 1993 discovolante  8

Top Tier of GroveGroove  1I maked this. North0House2  14
YOB ranked Senetrix666  13It's bigger than that Chris, it's large! kkarron  7

Depeche Mode Albums Ranked biggzhc  17Vinyl list #4 or how Covid killed the record game grannypantys  18
Top 10 Disney Animated Sequels CaliggyJack  10My Tool albums ranking childatheart  11
SPUT ROYALE: Round 4A Featured JohnnyoftheWell  103Genre AOTY: 1. Doof Metal DoofDoof  15
September Enders thecheatisnotdead  1Nirvana Ranked JKing92  25
Essential Screamo? GBJ  25sputshitmushit heck  18
Rec Me Female Dance Pop >120 BPM bgillesp  25

10 USBM bands killing it right now TheSpirit  11Demon Hunter Ranked CaliggyJack  7
The Ultimate Voivod Compilation phylyps  3My friend recced me Greta Van Fleet widowslaugh123  21
Dream Theater Ranked Assemblage  222018: My Favorite Year in Music JefferyBigglestein2  1
Jay Z albums ranked Featured Drbebop  19SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  152
mysterious saxophone woman Featured Colton  46

2021 so far Ryus  36Furnace Fest '21 Maniac!  30
My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz hi alamo  38Need some death metal recommendations blubbo  4
Finished project beautifulonesmusic  2

Gorguts ranked austin888  16SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  124
Sowing's Week 2 Picks Sowing  13Pika's nubile Iron Maiden ranking Pikazilla  16
Trophy Scars Ranked parksungjoon  13September '21 Music Discovery goblinilbog  1

Mastodon rocks karagiannis1908  11Synth / Electro / Dance Recs? Rolling Girl  10
Where do shouts go when they die normaloctagon  36Prog - An End - Finals Featured Friday13th  54
NOMEANSNO Albums Ranked biggzhc  11Down My Rabbit Hole II: Thrash Metal Jebull  11
Best Price Guaranteed Plugin jhonsmith  0Peep Show random  9

Tar-Tchaikovsky? IntolerantLactose  8Pinko Pink Maggit Pink Floppy Curtains of My Love botulist  11
Every Song From Brave New World Ranked Zac124  0Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 10: Breezy Umbrella ArsMoriendi  31
DEAFHEAVEN RANK DaveT0738  17SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  137

It's my 22nd birthday. Here's my favorite bands. rockarollacola  33Immolation 6th songs on the album ranked Assemblage  3
System of a Down Ranked JKing92  14Top 35 Songs I've Heard anode  7
Djent TIME MACHINE Heppasodge  55Thrift Shop Finds (9-11-2021) ManicCosmonaut  0

Dropped the ball JDubb  10Rec Angry Metalcore Shit Aerisavion  23
What have I missed? 2021 Recs dmathias52  12Sputnik Wrestling Championship BallsToTheWall  33
New favorite artist FabiusPictor202  14future Ryus  6
I love the girl with magic ways Featured Jasdevi087  6

Marilyn Manson Albums Ranked biggzhc  12Top 25 Greatest Songs Ever Recorded ONEPUNCHMAN  10
metal albums ranked (worst to best) Colton  37My Music Artwork Collection ReturnToRock  0
SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  162end of summer madrigal30  10
Classics That Are Not In My Fives Assemblage  25

Every Song From Virtual XI Ranked Zac124  1Food Cultures Dedes  38
Sowing's Week 1 Picks Sowing  39Down My Rabbit Hole: Metalcore Jebull  21
post some poppy stuff rellik009  302016 - 2020 Metalcore Worth Checking Out Xizon  10
List of 100 Assemblage  15Pop Punk Recs? G0atC0re  20
Wolfe In 2021 Pt. 2 Relinquished  12

2021 Jams BallsToTheWall  17Iron Maiden Ranked Thor  4
Deftones Ranked Remixed GarthAlgar  40Do you believe in Cryptids? TheSpirit  22
listening log, part 491 Ryus  16Best 2021 Records as of September Sharpyyy  2
Artists I just don't get JeremiahBullfrog  15SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group D JohnnyoftheWell  149
Momma Jams JDubb  2

Albums my girlfriend suggests to me. nuuprizing  29DONATE/Rank Funeralopolis's 5s AlexKzillion  4
biden steps down, austin harris assumes command sonictheplumber  9Neek'd: Star Trek (films) neekafat  23
hey kid, come over here rabidfish  9My Top 5 Albums of 2015 Zac124  2
Claustrophobia compilation album SAPoodle  1Yes/No: Canceling Your Favourite Artists lz41  39
Top 10 Reasons Sports Suck FabiusPictor202  15THIS LIST IS DOOOOOMED Or LIST OF BANDS Dewinged  45
the spotify playlist I made of HIP Bach Featured robertsona  12

Soundtracks Shuyin  31i miss cheap girls theacademy  5
Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 9: Routine Umbrella ArsMoriendi  41Every Song From The X Factor Ranked Zac124  1
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group C JohnnyoftheWell  127Favorite Albums zemekis  0
songs for isolation BohemianAle  4Prog - An End - Semifinals Friday13th  59
Top 5 bands of all time widowslaugh123  14

80's Stephen King Ranked BookoftheFallen  12Every Song From Fear of the Dark Ranked Zac124  5
Just discovered Glitchwave MrSirLordGentleman  13Ars Choice Beach Boys Cuts 1966-1971 ArsMoriendi  13

Thrift Shop Finds (9-3-21) ManicCosmonaut  1Deftones Albums Ranked biggzhc  22
Albums I Haven't Heard List Assemblage  7Iron maiden ranked (2021) Featured SuicycoManiac7  14
best album covers August 2021 someone  3Assemblage 23 Albums Ranked biggzhc  5
Pika's POKEMON GENERATIONS RANKING Pikazilla  153criminal minds characters ranked Gestapo  0
joe rogan dies of covid, brian redban to take over sonictheplumber  156Favourite Album Artwork StoneLungs  0

SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  144Feeling deflated Ashen  2
Battering Ram! BallsToTheWall  9Year of Video Games: Month 8 Trebor.  5
Immolation Title Tracks Ranked Assemblage  6Demon's 2(.1k) top 100 albums Featured Demon of the Fall  35
list of dirty words Parallels  36Sp00ky Albums??? JeremiahBullfrog  34
The Death of Metal Jebull  20Black Sabbath Ranked SuicycoManiac7  6
Ultimate BTBAM Ranking beefshoes  8August Burns Red ranked blubbo  3

A Cover Album, kinda Josh D.  11Seven to Eternity thecheatisnotdead  0
Colors II Ranked Assemblage  9PSA for all you fake leftists FellHanded  29
I was reminded what bile looks like RogueNine  12Should I write a review? Purpl3Spartan  18
The First Forty One Years - Iron Maiden Muzz79  10September Casual Convo Thread 2021 🦁 fogza  636
My favorite albums of 2021 so far. ReiniEden  2colton has big biceps and a huge cock TheAntichrist  32

SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  203best album covers July 2021 someone  2
Top 10 funniest AXC songs that won’t get me banned FabiusPictor202  9fuck the fucking drugs cordwainerbird  57
Best of 2021 (So Far) TheMonster  10Song of the day September 2021: Relaxation time Featured Pangea  168
Buckethead Ranked (2015) - Pikes 102-219 Assemblage  7worst list ever Featured parksungjoon  118
Kanye West - Donda JefferyBigglestein2  7Sputnik users with the most ratings GhandhiLion  71
Wildhund vs Infinite Granite nightbringer  30Absolute worst songs of all time blubbo  4
my third eye is a penis TheAntichrist  16AEW General Conversation Divaman  331
sup guys Ryus  18

Do y'all play chess? Josh D.  32Hunt for 1111 Pt. II: Revelations someone  26
Now That's What I Call EarCandy Vol. 3 Featured combustion07  19true rock sonictheplumber  30
Kanye Ranked Wj2006  6what's the fucking point? TheAntichrist  15

You feel the air getting colder around you... Jebull  12Top 10 Always Sunny episodes FabiusPictor202  57
I rearranged DONDA...RE-DONDA BohemianAle  5Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 8: Prop Umbrella ArsMoriendi  48
Iced motherf*cking Earth karagiannis1908  12Give me emo recs WeaEmo  13
Gems CottonSalad  1140k comments / 2.5k ratings / ? wells Featured JohnnyoftheWell  56
best album covers June 2021 someone  4do you even ift? TheAntichrist  42
A BTBAM ranking not affected by recency bias FabiusPictor202  7

best album covers May 2021 someone  2Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: August Featured DrGonzo1937  79
are you st00pid? TheAntichrist  14

37th Birthday ManicCosmonaut  8Thrift Shop Finds (8-27-21) ManicCosmonaut  12
Introduction to Congolese Music benkim  9Ratings clean-up: questionable 4s Icebloom  29
Films I've watched recently Toolbag  17Greetings Mortals... Jebull  19
Dream Theater are the Ninja Turtles DavidYowi  10Discovolante's Best of: 1992 discovolante  5

Future of Forestry Ranked Sowing  10KMFDM Albums Ranked biggzhc  3
Maroon 5 Properly Ranked (Sputcore) ghostalgeist  21are you based? TheAntichrist  34

Digs as I move to the UK CottonSalad  71Discovolante's Best of: 1991 discovolante  8
Shoegaze adjacent playlist loveisamixtape  6Bored III evilford  14
Rescued kittens! Help me name one of them Daisy99  39BTBAM Ranked 2 Assemblage  19
Teh trvest way to listen to black metal FellHanded  42021 Death Metal Recommendations [in progress] AntalWS  3
Roast My Top Ten! JeremiahBullfrog  12Christopher Nolan Films Ranked Wj2006  18
music doesn't have to be original CaliggyJack  75green lives matter TheAntichrist  12

Gothic Rock/Metal Recs nathan69  17Does Mezz still exist? Xenophanes  12
You Guys Ever Try Psilocybin Mushrooms? Gyromania  116please comment Tyler.  31
god dam it TheAntichrist  5ANGRY. G0atC0re  14

Sinister Ranked Assemblage  9you are a brain with a meat suit TheAntichrist  16

FAV ALBUMS FROM 92 DaveT0738  5top 10 tinashe songs alamo  10
GoFundMe: I Got Cancer Edition Featured Funeralopolis  87Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 7: Handmade Umbrella ArsMoriendi  87
Thrift Shop Finds (8-20-21) ManicCosmonaut  4the divided states of embarassment TheAntichrist  7

Anthrax Ranked blakeguitarist2  21Every Song From No Prayer for the Dying Ranked Zac124  6
freedom of speech is a pipe dream TheAntichrist  21best album covers April 2021 someone  3

Adam Curtis Docs got me Fucked Up FellHanded  6best album covers March 2021 someone  4
Party at my house tomorrow night! humandoorstop  8Random Reflections on Philosophy beefshoes  65
you're a fucking carnivore TheAntichrist  12Colors II Megathread Assemblage  27

VOTE NOW CottonSalad  12100 Shoegaze Featured GhandhiLion  112
Metallica : A Definitive Ranking LilPeep  7Pressure Machine's Best Lyrics Sowing  9
best album covers February 2021 someone  13Discovolante's Best of: 1990 discovolante  5
Metal Church Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  6Some Under the Radar Albums Featured ComeToDaddy  30
how do you hold a broom when you sweep TheAntichrist  12

Need Some Recommendations LilPeep  16best album covers January 2021 someone  10
Essential sexual predator metal BookoftheFallen  42BET NOW: Friday 20th hitlist JohnnyoftheWell  25
Analyzing youtube music critics, part 1 bitches Merv  92don't eat hybrid foods TheAntichrist  11
The Ghost Inside Ranked G0atC0re  4

Mosh pits are cool, if u disagree u sit to pee Merv  39an ode to kratom, the drug you all must try sonictheplumber  29
Sowing's 2021 NFL Predictions Sowing  53Fantasy Football EPL anarchistfish  14
The Killers Ranked Sowing  20Roast my new EP RealMenPlayTilTen  2
Some of my favorite heaviest songs. part 2 Tomstein  2Some of my favorite heaviest songs. part 1 Tomstein  7
heyheygbh4ryugyweiegwrfeikugf Sinternet  19

these go to 1111 (aka my quest to getting ratings) Featured someone  29the taliban are coming to america to spread delta sonictheplumber  28
Picking Vinyl wham49  2Dark Souls Boss Ranking: Decade Anniversary Featured beefshoes  55
fastest typer on sputnik Colton  125Keeping Up With 2021 Part 2 Divaman  1
I want some gelapeno chips. kkarron  11Drake albums ranked Drbebop  8
may i get some metal reccs? Daisy99  33Talkin end of the world blues chemicalmarriage  4

COVID New Release Buys JDubb  0Immolation Ranked Assemblage  6
Vinyl Haul botulist  9Introduction to improv trio’s CottonSalad  11
Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 6: Stage Umbrella ArsMoriendi  103Flower album art TheOrgazoid  18

this list only has bad comments FabiusPictor202  37this list has only good comments Colton  20
Summer 2021 gryndstone  1Don't post Goatse as the O in Chon GhostOfDnor  13
Prog - An End - Rediscovery Friday13th  180Discovolante's Best of: 1989 discovolante  4
I made a post-hardcore/screamo EP Featured auberginedreams  15

Songs referencing previous songs? bigboss00  11August and Not A Lot After thecheatisnotdead  2
getting my first covid vac dose tomorrow alamo  173Discovolante's Best of: 1988 discovolante  2
My Top 5 Albums of 2016 Zac124  0Prog - A Beginning - WINNER Friday13th  41
Openers that kick your teeth in Featured kkarron  48new song mindleviticus  6

Stuff named machine head ranked BookoftheFallen  7Recommend Me Prog TVC15  35
Woo! 9Hammer  9TheSpirit interviews Old Nick Featured TheSpirit  20
What Did I Miss '21? WalrusTusk  630 years of Black Album Muzz79  25
Predicting the 2020s in music Storm In A Teacup  531991 Inveigh  28

music taste is not subjective its objective. JefferyBigglestein2  69My Top 5 Albums of 2017 Zac124  2
the stonks market is a casino TheAntichrist  46Bug: favorite bands box broken Icebloom  9
Audit SputnikMusicDotCom g40st  57

Sput's Overdue Blud Transfusion bludngorevidal  18no chief queef, soulja bitch, or lil poop Ryus  16
jeebus was an alcoholic TheAntichrist  15Incantation Ranked Assemblage  11
Prog - A Beginning - Finals (hopefully?) Friday13th  88

8 Primo Proto-Dubstep Tunes Featured normaloctagon  39bbq sauce is just fancy ketchup TheAntichrist  18
Pop Smoke - Faith Review JefferyBigglestein2  20Gimme your fav 3.5 CottonSalad  64
john fahey and chief keef ranked Ryus  22Ted Lasso TheSpirit  7

Mourn…. JDubb  0Sup Greyvy  26
I dig up some more bands you may have never heard Tomstein  3Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 21): 100-1 oisincoleman64  7
My Top 5 Albums of 2018 Zac124  0Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 5: Mute Umbrella ArsMoriendi  72
obscure metalz parksungjoon  391970s: 20 Albums, 50 Songs Jacquismo  4
Premier League + EFL predictions lessgo Jasdevi087  44

My Top 5 Albums of 2019 Zac124  7heya people i released an album lukeofthelip  23
I used to buy albums considered the worst AMA rodrigo90  26

jefferybigglestein says JefferyBigglestein2  30Shungite mappyfitforbattle  3
Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 21): 200-101 oisincoleman64  2Bandcamp Friday's BACK, BABY! thecheatisnotdead  5
My Arctic Monkeys Album Ranking childatheart  2Prog - A Beginning - Semi-Finals Friday13th  93
this website sucks buttholes budgie  38Discovolante's Best of: 1987 discovolante  4
If you listen to this album you probably ____ veninblazer  13

I Just Wanna Jangle and Twee Featured SandwichBubble  62Recent Takes JDubb  2
Lurking for decade - Looking for death CottonSalad  25East Coast vs. West Coast TheSpirit  12
Bloodstock 2021 BigPleb  10Introducing Featured Lightbringer  37
10 Favorite VU Studio Tracks ArsMoriendi  49

Keeping Up With 2021 Divaman  4Discovolante's Best of: 1986 discovolante  5
Deftones Album Ranking (off the top of my head) goblinilbog  5Slipknot Albums Ranked KManoc1  11
Metallica Ranked blakeguitarist2  23

Year of Video Games: Month 7 Trebor.  182021 NFL Season Predictions AlexKzillion  35
101 Best David Bowie Songs lz41  6Discovolante's Best of: 1985 discovolante  7
Megadeth Ranked blakeguitarist2  12

Discovolante's Best of: 1984 discovolante  11Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 4: Umbrella for Two ArsMoriendi  102
Best of 2020 EmceeKain  2AUGUST SOTD: Sputnik Olympics Featured JohnnyoftheWell  238
My favourite guitarists. childatheart  22

What's left of 2021 Repsaj  4Discovolante's Best of: 1983 discovolante  3

SanFranGiants Seal the MLB DEAL! Storm In A Teacup  68Best Power Metal Albums of 2024 Ryus  24
ranking the skull bat pt. 2 TheAntichrist  22021 underrated shite lukeofthelip  7
Favourite Slayer songs rage11111ro  8What ist Doofcore? DoofDoof  47
I lost my ability to cum in the war mappyfitforbattle  9Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: July Featured DrGonzo1937  60
Top 35 Fear Factory songs (2021) SuicycoManiac7  12Logic Projects Ranked Tundra  1
New apartment doesn't have working AC rockarollacola  24Recent earworms/songs that are stuck in my head. ReiniEden  0
Faith No More - Correct Ranking Dwap  21What do nu metal DJs do? BookoftheFallen  23

Swiss music ElHombreChino  12Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 100-1 oisincoleman64  49
Listen to La Femme StormChaser  5Prog - A Beginning - Elimination Rd Friday13th  66
Trivium Albums Ranked KManoc1  4

remember the dexter's lab rap album cordwainerbird  11My Top Albums of 2020 List Xander90  4
Bad/Dad Metal Jokes TheSpirit  18Atreyu ranked BookoftheFallen  7
Classical Piece #3! DivergentThinking  1Top 35 Korn songs of the 21th century SuicycoManiac7  4
Discovolante's Best of: 1982 discovolante  4Dropped a free synth EP, Please give feedback Ebola  10
ranking slipknot rip joey TheAntichrist  8

Artists I haven't mentioned much that I love. childatheart  6RIP JOEY JORDISON TheSpirit  67
my friends are dying. madrigal30  23Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 200-101 oisincoleman64  1
Songs for Coping with Loss? JeremiahBullfrog  16Discovolante's Best of: 1981 discovolante  4
8 Terrific Tech House Tracks Featured normaloctagon  50ranking the skull bat TheAntichrist  12

Every Song From Somewhere In Time Ranked Zac124  14Rodeohead Ronked nol  18
Sub to my OnlyFans TheSpirit  890's Korn songs ranked Featured SuicycoManiac7  27
Discovolante's Best of: 1980 discovolante  12best dgd vocalist albums treos777  8
I SAY THAT'S A NICE COMMODORE rellik009  16Metal bands of the decade//s Muzz79  92

Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 3: Umbrella Piece ArsMoriendi  122Ozzy Osbourne Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  16
metal EP? metal EP. Josh D.  10KILL or KEEP: jotw's 5s Featured Havey  72
My top 20 favorite ballads right now rockarazza  5Thrift store bands bloaf38  0

Chevelle Ranked chemicalmarriage  9Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 300-201 oisincoleman64  3
My Top 10 Caligula's Horse Songs Zac124  7Non-2021 discoveries garas  7

people i hope get well soon TheSpirit  80Top 400 Favourite Songs (Age 21): 400-301 oisincoleman64  10
Pick one song from each '70s Bowie album JKing92  11Every Song From Killers Ranked Zac124  15

The Grand Theory of Music Conspiracy Part 2 Meridiu5  55Divorce 0GuyMan0  45
my top albums bowiecat44  9Rec me Trippy albums SuicycoManiac7  37

Help finding my grandfather's band? Featured TheSonomaDude  18No Gore Grind recs? Davyd120  11
The Definitive Iron Maiden Ranking Gibleson  18the big 4 of this very specific and niche thing TheSpirit  17
Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 10 Friday13th  82The Blackened Big Four: Who Reigns? JeremiahBullfrog  27

Sputnik Mods hate Cinderella Allergist  17HURRY, LIMITED OPPORTUNITY SlothcoreSam  44
Suffocation Ranked Assemblage  7listen later sloely  0
weakest links in their bands TheSpirit  125RECS; Bit Rough Around the Edges Featured Nuchoking  26
The Love Story of Potsy and Corkon Storm In A Teacup  30Halfway House 2021 Deez  20
shitty 2021 artwork Colton  32

If you are from the south you… FabiusPictor202  93that's what I call space rock SheFilmsTheClouds  26
Top 5 Fruits ReefaJones  140list is digs Tyler.  24

The REAL Real Umbrella Contest Lord(e)Po)))ts  22The Real Umbrella Contest Colton  17
Top 10 Worst Inventions of All Time FabiusPictor202  45Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 2: Umbrella Tab ArsMoriendi  104
It doesn't matter. boobies89  1My Favourite Guitar Solos Zac124  3

Spotify and Its Effect on Music LeddSledd  735 fictional characters who could wield mjolnir TheSpirit  20
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked BlazinBlitzer  16Sufjan albums ranked markjamie  7
Just released my first feature film OysterizerInsomniac  1does linkin park hold up? TheAntichrist  33
Top 5 vegetables ReefaJones  67hillary clinton was executed at guantamo bay sonictheplumber  28

Released some new jams today! botb  8Record Store Day! thecheatisnotdead  5
My Queen albums list Innellim  1outsider black metal TheSpirit  18
Am I a phoenixbitch? JohnnyoftheWell  377

Actual Best Youtubers ReefaJones  46My favourite metal bands. childatheart  20
most anticipated releases for the rest of the year veninblazer  7best youtubers sonictheplumber  93
Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 9 Friday13th  60Masters Of Consistency Donchivo  73
PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1979 Kompys2000  12

mudvayne ranked by childatheart BookoftheFallen  17Rammstein Ranked Rammbrecher  3
Arch mEnemy Ranked TheSpirit  30My favourite songs of all time. childatheart  8

My Top 10 health problems FabiusPictor202  26The 2021 RV Trip Take - Part 2 JDubb  0 Top 10 Artists - 1st Year Scrobbles SymbolicInTime  6a bunch of albums pencil thinks are neat MyNameIsPencil  7
I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE top 5 CugnoBrasso  442021 in electronic Ryus  24
Meshuggah Members Ranked by Skill Get Low  26

HAWKS WAY LATE 13 YEAR SPUTMENAVERSARY Hawks  65Best Of 2021 odinnevoin  1
Artists Whose Best Albums Are Live Recordings Hyperion1001  19Album of the Day: 06/27/21 - 07/04/21 MathyNoodles  0
Albums that are fun as hell. childatheart  39Jesus Christ I'm so blue all the time Featured neekafat  74
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 Cast Ranked SoggyWetDreamzz  6

My debut album has finished recording! Brabiz  14Loki Rated work in progress Storm In A Teacup  6
The Umbrella Something Contest 2021 Featured ArsMoriendi  92NBA Finals StormChaser  185
Thoughts/roasts on our mock tinydesk concert? oneups  24

to listen cylinder  5Popular prog rock bands ranked Tundra  82
Pearl Jam LPs Ranked (1991-2002) deathofasalesman  16RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 Cast Ranked SoggyWetDreamzz  18

My Top 10 Favourite Bands Zac124  6Worst Albums I Have Heard JeremiahBullfrog  31
Platy’s 6 Worst Mid 2021 Releases JoyfulPlatypus  0Sputnik Fit Census Lord(e)Po)))ts  90

what i think musicians would order pt.1 TheSpirit  41Underrated Death Metal That's Actually Good Hyperion1001  49
why won't you die? TheAntichrist  14Top 10 Composers for solo piano FabiusPictor202  20
Sloth's, mostly Punk 2021 midway list SlothcoreSam  15Concerts are BACK Feather  13
PopGoesTheYear: Best of 1979 Kompys2000  19

halfperus 2021 Featured hesperus  8true albums sonictheplumber  4
EVERY Phil Collins song ranked (163-102) Drbebop  0Top insults I have recieved lately FabiusPictor202  40
A History of Music -- Part I musichub  15I only exist to spite god TheSpirit  24
EVERY Phil Collins song ranked (101-1) Drbebop  2Peppa Pig - My First Album Get Low  17
3,000 ratings Ryus  41Prog - A Beginning - Discovery Rd 8 Friday13th  89
Sowing's 13th Sputversary Featured Sowing  40Top 5 rip off bands BookoftheFallen  36
Muzz 2021 1st Half Muzz79  5Fogza's 2021 so far fogza  0
Nocte's 2021 Halfway Report Featured Gnocchi  282021 : halfway[well] Featured JohnnyoftheWell  47
List of Lists JohnnyoftheWell  42

Bands I've recently discovered (last 5 months) childatheart  14Calc's 1st Half 2021 Calc  13
Wonderboom 2 anarchistfish  23Motley Crue: Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  15
Notrap's First Half 2021 Featured TheNotrap  25tec’s HALFWAY Check-in - 2021 tectactoe  13
how can this band be ranked? TheAntichrist  22The Amity Affliction - Ranked InFiction  2
Best rock albums of the 2010s Vercetti  10Music to get you through another tough year Wirertragen7  0
yugioh vs. magic the gathering TheAntichrist  118

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1 Cast Ranked SoggyWetDreamzz  13DEFTONES RANK DaveT0738  13
Evergrey top 30 songs MaidenUFO  3FAV ALBUMS FROM 91 DaveT0738  20
never give up RolyPoly  19Platy’s 10 Best Mid 2021 Releases Featured JoyfulPlatypus  6

Against Me ranked veninblazer  16oui'd music madrigal30  26
My Top 10 Favourite Vocalists Zac124  28national will smith kills aliens day TheAntichrist  9
All albums I discovered in 2021 so far y87arrow  0beyond thrash, beyond god Featured parksungjoon  274
Iron Maiden July 15th charbyno  13

A Dozen Doors Favorites (RIP Jim Morrison) JKing92  4nostalgia K-mart jams sonictheplumber  13
My Top 10 Gojira Songs Zac124  2childatheart inspired me TheAntichrist  17
prelude parksungjoon  36Sexiest user rellik009  25
My 20 favourite Metallica songs. childatheart  26Year of Video Games: Month 6 Trebor.  8

Top 20 Albums of 2021 So Far Yoni91  0My ranking of Metallica's albums. childatheart  33
Xanopticon ranked Avagantamos  9Proto's Favorite Pre-1968 Stones Songs protokute  6
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