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Music = Pokemon JohnnyoftheWell Contributors’ Genre Roulette: Recommend a Genre hesperus 
2019 Charts Up neekafat Prog On Discovery M5 Friday13th 
Sowing's 2019.5 SowingSeason 10 Years a Maniac! Maniac! 
Top 50 Bands Ever Inveigh Underrated 2019 (so far) ButtBoy 
Gyro's First Half 2019 Playlist Gyromania Doof's Top 50 'Rock Songs' of the 10s DoofDoof 
Best of the Decade: The Big Bang Slex Doof's Top 100 National Songs DoofDoof 

Death Angel Ranked BerryGarlicia  0Music = Pokemon Featured JohnnyoftheWell  39
Iron Maiden ranked idiotican  2Your average "Screen Time" for the past 7 days? Tb1114  8
Ornithology SlothcoreSam  8Spotify update ****** my phone, ARGH! Demon of the Fall  16
nb's favs from first half of 2019 nightbringer  2

Good Horror Book Reccs BallsToTheWall  53My favorite albums Handers  11
3 Doors Down ranked idiotican  0My Ranking of the Dr. Dog Albums Flomink  6
melodic/black/etc metal from the depths of spotify frozencarl  13Band Shoits spiritualkaedama  5
The grand Satanic Warmaster ranking garas  13Prog On Discovery M6 Friday13th  18
emmny's revisit favs emmny  3

Smashing Pumpkins ranked idiotican  0Tunes For Deep Space BerryGarlicia  15
I DON'T WANT RadioheadIsOverrated  1Surgery AdolfChrist  35
DEATH METAL Dedes  550 Albums Random You Must Hear Before You Die 2 huguitoescorza  3
Top 20 TV on the Radio songs LebowskiRams  1say something Zig  20
The Contortionist Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  8Fenriz to join The Faceless oltnabrick  14
DARKTHRONE RANKED Hawks  28My Favorite Car Seat Headrest Songs Stjimmy101  4
Favorite Albums Part 2 KotoFtw  5Looking for some melodic hardcore TakeToYourGuns  16
Florida Man Meets Polish Man BallsToTheWall  5BINGE: death/thrash ButtBoy  39
Lamb of God Ranked Arditi  5

Current Obsessions sepiaclouds  1nu-metalcore Mort.  27
Have A Magical Day!!!! BallsToTheWall  7Meshuggah Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  11
Q3: Vote 4 Ur Fav Black Sab - Child ot Grave Cover JDubb  3Black metal and ambient digzz 2. garas  17
Break-up albums idiotican  10

Willow's Best of 2019 (so far) WeepinnWillow  1New hip hop REQs LambTounge  6
Most underrated albums of 2019 lucy88  0Sputnik J-music Discord JohnnyoftheWell  5
Motionless In White ranked WeepinnWillow  8Mudvayne ranked idiotican  1
Songs I Play on the Bar's Jukebox spiritualkaedama  1Let's discover - Hypno5e Kaiwaz  13
Yes, Asia, John Lodge, Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Divaman  6

Jack Johnson ranked idiotican  3Mr. Bungle - California 20th Anny Rank Josh D.  29
5 More Albums That I Think Are Underrated Bl4ckheart  11Moving Out Today! StrikeOfTheBeast  9
Top 50 Albums Of 2018 aaronrkc  2slapstick or deadpan (͡o‿O͡) ryanbiscuits  0
Scheumke's DiscoRuns 2: Opeth Scheumke  32The Dear Hunter - Top 100 songs ranked Scheumke  22
50 Best of 2019 so far mardin65  2

Where are you guys gonna go when this site... JayEnder  121The Dead Don't Die... ArsMoriendi  6
Deweekly'19 / June 14th Dewinged  41Comic Recommendations? samwise2000  46
A Tribute To The Best Sput User Evar artiswar  15Contributors’ Genre Roulette: Recommend a Genre Featured hesperus  56
Papa's Wifey's List of Favs Papa Universe  43Albums My Wife Loves SymbolicInTime  41
King Crimson from best to worst jsegura  0Sevendust ranked idiotican  2
"Bad" metal albums I stan geezers1989  18IMPORTANT NEWS RadioheadIsOverrated  3
Pikazilla is the next Deathbat Get Low  156favorite sput memes?? Ryus  147
Metal albums i love to death nightlesS  6Fuck earbuds honestly Arditi  128

Neek's 2010s Cram List neekafat  104men post your favorite ablimbs men Tyler.  29
Billy Talent Ranked (2019) Advent  19Kanye West Album Hierarchy OminousGargoyle  11
What the hell you guys do? ButtBoy  1281 month on HRT geezers1989  71
bleu cheese or blue cheese? > ranch ryanbiscuits  1150 Albums Random You Must Hear Before You Die huguitoescorza  5
Shut the fuck up Alex Hawks  128Guns N Roses ranked idiotican  0
Label Spotlight: Progressive Form Relinquished  131993 My Favourite (mostly) Metal Records Aranox  3
Help Me Buy An Album Lucman  32Q2: Vote 4 Ur Fav Black Sabb - Into the Void Cover JDubb  3
2019 Charts Up Featured neekafat  91

10,000 Comments TVC15  17top 20 alexisonfire onionbubs  22
Candlemass Ranked (odd but new official rank) SymbolicInTime  134 years TheMrAlexK  13
Prog On Discovery M5 Featured Friday13th  75My 10 Favorite Band Names Bl4ckheart  9
Rec me Dreampop DarkSideOfLucca  18Q1: Vote 4 Your Fav Black Sabbath - Paranoid Cover JDubb  13
Sowing's 2019.5 Featured SowingSeason  20Slap My Bass (And Give Me Grooves) BigHans  17
Round 2: Season 2 Continental Rec Tournament Sharkattack  31Bloodhound Gang ranked idiotican  0
Thrash metal jams nightlesS  2Ice cold riffs and whatnot for this summer heat garas  15

Top 10 Gucci Mane Songs Ranked (2016 - 2019) artiswar  24nightwish ranked alamo  30
Avantasia Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  4What Were The Best Years of Your Life? StrikeOfTheBeast  142
deadmau5 ranked WeepinnWillow  9A Toast To The Past BallsToTheWall  3
my top 50 movies foxblood  38Doof's Top 50 'Rock Songs' of the 00s DoofDoof  21
masters of cheese Alastor  13rec me good psychedelic/ garage madrigal30  10
part 5 kenji505  0roadtrip from hell Diabetes  12
Rome warping  82019 warping  0
E3 2019 Gallantin  6910 Years a Maniac! Featured Maniac!  47
Top 50 Bands Ever Featured Inveigh  37My hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore homework, pt.2 Uzumaki  25

Not Doof's Top 20 Rock Songs of the '10s SitarHero  11Disturbed ranked idiotican  0
80's Rock Bands Jumping on the Grunge Bandwagon JDubb  6The Tony Awards dmathias52  4
half life 3 not confirmed pls kill me budgie  264000 ratings Bloon  7
Deep Listening nightbringer  7My favorite Green Day songs Stjimmy101  0
Cult's top 25 of 2018 CultofTerra  0Artist's Discographies: Ranked sepiaclouds  25
part 4 kenji505  2Doof's Top 50 'Rock Songs' of the 90s DoofDoof  32
we got a depression support group or anyting here? parksungjoon  315The Inalienable Dreamless Davyd120  3
ABCs classic 100 Composers SlothcoreSam  13no boys no boys RolyPoly  29
Suffocation Ranked BerryGarlicia  4

Here's a list bbgames  17Berry’s Top 10 in Black Metal BerryGarlicia  2
My Top 36 Black Metal Albums Aranox  21EVERY Ghost song ranked BreakerdeGodot  0
Help me decide TheSpirit  19part 3 kenji505  0
My favorite Eminem songs Stjimmy101  3HELP!!!! Uzumaki  12
He Is Legend Ranked drasticaction74  5Does This Sound Cool? Josh D.  12
Favorite guitar solo? Kaiwaz  75The Five Stars Standings maciekd777  0
part 2 kenji505  0I Think We Have Ourselves Another Band Member! StrikeOfTheBeast  8
Underrated Albums lz41  4

i'm still here Arcade  16Insane Clown Posse ranked idiotican  0
Pt. 2 - A Surprisingly Good Take in Birmingham JDubb  0May 2019 resumé Papa Universe  22
DSBM? BerryGarlicia  25My Favorite Albums Arditi  5
My 5's pre Winter of 5's Bedex  6Saw Injury Reserve last night Jasdevi087  3
I'm a vinyl guy now, I guess. Tunaboy45  6MLC IS ON SPOTIFY NOW BITCHE$ geezers1989  2
Rate my 5s BankZZ  19part 1 kenji505  3
Coheed and Cambria Albums Ranked FCDrummer  8Red Albums Ranked FCDrummer  7
Linkin Park Albums Ranked FCDrummer  2Junesong Provisions thecheatisnotdead  3
Underrated 2019 (so far) Featured ButtBoy  20Top 35 Rammstein songs SuicycoManiac7  3
One More Week! StrikeOfTheBeast  4Scheumke's DiscoRuns 1: The Dear Hunter Scheumke  35
Howard Jones, Men W/O Hats, All Hail the Silence Divaman  7

Ranked deathschool  182019 faves so far... Royl123  3
Deweekly'19 / June 7th Dewinged  19Sputnik R.I.P. list Papa Universe  156
Top 15 Extreme Metal Albums: 1993 StrikeOfTheBeast  7part 9 kenji505  4
Gyro's First Half 2019 Playlist Featured Gyromania  19to-listen [others] part 6 sixdegrees  17
2019 kenji505  0Favourites: Math Rock sepiaclouds  15
Eons VS YouTube starboystargirl  14Favorite Death Grips songs (in order) looneytune22  3
Doof's Top 50 'Rock Songs' of the 10s Featured DoofDoof  48FrozenCarl Is A Power Bottom suppatime  11
Soundtrack to a morning poop geezers1989  3Radiohead albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  12
Obligatory "Metallica died when" Thread rodrigo90  16

My Top 15 Italian Progressive Rock Albums huguitoescorza  14Bullet For My Valentine Albums Ranked FCDrummer  10
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked FCDrummer  8Of Mice and Men Albums Ranked FCDrummer  5
Dream Theater Albums Ranked FCDrummer  1Disturbed Albums Ranked FCDrummer  5
Top 55 sludge and post metal albums SuicycoManiac7  16Picks for Album of the Year Since 2003 FCDrummer  16
My top albums 2019 so far Satyruss  0Users who are better than LOVEANDACCEPTANCE ButtBoy  155
peep my new single geezers1989  3Season 2 Sharkattacks Continental rec tournament Sharkattack  60
Bjork albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  3REC me Music to Change my life to spiritualkaedama  21
Help a geriatric catch up on the times MarsKid  30Long Shot's Top 60 Albums of 1962 TheLongShot  3
Was Eminem right? Typhoon24  18

Best of the Decade: The Big Bang Featured Slex  11Megadeth Albums Ranked Bl4ckheart  7
13 of my Fav. Death Metal Albums (any kind of DM) Aranox  3Records That Need More LUV Clumseee  3
Favourite raw BM songs garas  6Get Your Balls Wet BallsToTheWall  8
Rec me ambient drone Bedex  14Albums I really like right now. Wheniminthemood22  1
Prog On Discovery M4 Friday13th  114Top 10 Blumchen songs suddykilljaywalkers  3
Selling vinyl ConcubinaryCode  1

Bad Bands MikeMadeAnAlt  11Buyers Supermarket TVC15  6
Black Metal Recs Confessed2005  10My Ranking of the Sleepy Sun Albums Flomink  0
mid-year metal rundown Papa Universe  22My Top 13 Favourite of all time Bands Aranox  5
Doof's Top 100 National Songs Featured DoofDoof  116Man 1997 was fucking lit now that I think about it Illoomorpheme  21
wow ten years on sputnik Klekticist  5

Best Every Time I Die Songs deathofasalesman  19My favorite Japanese vocalists so far. ReiniEden  3
Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019) MikeMadeAnAlt  23Reasons why 1993 Didn't Suck spiritualkaedama  25
Rammstein Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  26th sputversary SharkTooth  13
Sniffs selected cuts 5 Sniff  7

Pt. 1 - A Surprisingly Great Take in Pinnellas County, FL JDubb  8Tool Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  17
Coldplay Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  41i made a twinkly pop punk ep FoozerFan  1
Reasons why 2010 didn't suck spiritualkaedama  17RIP Itunes Doibhin69  59
Opeth Album Art Ranked BerryGarlicia  21Your Guide to Get Swole StrikeOfTheBeast  10
OrangeBear's Top Weeknd Albums! LegendaryOrangeBear  1I Suppose I Modernized? ArsMoriendi  14
Best Weeknd Projects slipandslide  6600 ratings finally and also 1st half of 2019 list Ninjahague  4

This Thread Is Cancer. Not Click Bait I Promise! StrikeOfTheBeast  11Jan. - May '19 dafon24  0
recent digs foxblood  6Best of the Decade: Overlooked Gems Featured Slex  24
Trif + The Casual Conversation(s): JUNE Featured Trifolium  572I make drone/ambient garas  18
This stuff needs love! AaroN911  0Death Stranding samwise2000  27
Wild Beasts Ranking Gyromania  12Sput's First User DM Songs CaptainDooRight  35
Gorillaz ranked Notospotify  2Opeth: (Incomplete) Personal Ranking Repsaj  5
Riffs and other shit Dedes  5Stuff I bought No. 2 (+3) Pratman  0
My Favorite Weezer Songs Stjimmy101  2Rec Me The Best of the Decade dmathias52  26

Song of the Day: JUNE 2019 Featured JohnnyoftheWell  141Seeking artist/graphic designer for album cover artiswar  65
My math-jazz band released an Lp loulou  12hey you nerd white kids that still say yikes LOVEANDACCEPTANCE  304
Nazz's best of 2019 (so far) Featured Nazzadan  28Top 10 MGMT Songs SowingSeason  15
Underrated/Overlooked Metal Albums Andy300399  2Hidden Tracks bgillesp  19
Little Bro Graduated Today! StrikeOfTheBeast  18Linkin Park Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  15
Slipknot Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  6Best Hard Rock/Metal albums of 1975 Jero  5
Meshuggah ranked Bobshat  10

I don't usually get political... Jasdevi087  20Deweekly'19 / May 31st (and 100th list!) Dewinged  41
Beard or Nah? StrikeOfTheBeast  91Songs too good for the artist ChoccyPhilly  15
Friend’s Band Has a New EP Brabiz  1Hypocrisy alamo  8
Blind Guardian Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  3Share Your Mosh Pit Stories. Horfeepee01  11
another one of those bm threads Papa Universe  29Psych Me Out SowingSeason  17
Best Shitpost Albums? RadioheadIsOverrated  29U2 albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  3
Little known Jazz gems Zig  4Opeth Ranked BerryGarlicia  19
Prog On Discovery M3 Friday13th  80i made an ep Featured pjorn  41

Re-Ranking Alkaline Trio's Albums Stjimmy101  12true bm none of that emperor crap budgie  70
OrangeBear's Top Drake Albums LegendaryOrangeBear  2Best Drake albums slipandslide  28
Top 5 Metal Genres BerryGarlicia  54feeling nüstalgic today TheSpirit  12
Skillet albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  22019 black metal that I'm way behind on... PyramidNoise  16
Best of the Decade: Pop Songs Slex  232019 Jazz I've Been Enjoying ESharp  4

My Favorite Records/EPs turning 30 rockarollacola  2That New Batushka Tho Kimm  10
blink-182 albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  3Bandcamp Discoveries Josh D.  6
Mount Everest Back At It Again. BallsToTheWall  14I published new music Josh D.  9
AEW General Discussion Get Low  74Brightburn (2019) StrikeOfTheBeast  20
Summer of No Metal starboystargirl  35Top 20 Anberlin Songs Featured SowingSeason  49
Top 15 favorite bands BerryGarlicia  18Underrated/Unknown Jam of 2019 tyman128  4
Oddly similar riffs? garas  42Who’s Up? Who’s Buzzed? BallsToTheWall  61

Korn albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  21Unknown Post-Punk #3 Featured Papa Universe  42
Stuff I liked when I was a kid and still do spiritualkaedama  50Favorite albums from the world of Jazz mardin65  2
Which album is heavier? BerryGarlicia  28My 10 Favorite Album Covers Bl4ckheart  6
Gay Songs 2019 Featured dfevil085  41New song by me! Please give any feedback you can alarm  0
Pots '19 Part III Lord(e)Po)))ts  35 album covers I like prana37  4
My Top 30 Albums 2007 RumHam94  0The Doggo Thread StrikeOfTheBeast  17
Best Weeknd vocals slipandslide  2

OrangeBear's Top The Weeknd Vocal Performances LegendaryOrangeBear  2Top 35 trivium songs SuicycoManiac7  6
My favorite albums from 2001 prana37  5Trigger Warning StrikeOfTheBeast  27
Stuff I Hated in Avengers: Endgame Divaman  185 Terrible Album Covers Bl4ckheart  14
Black metal and ambient digzz garas  14Green Day albums ranked Wheniminthemood22  1
Stereophonics needs more love! rodrigo90  450 Bands I Love Stjimmy101  3
Kanye West: Ranked by Encomium encomium  9

Brexit Memes Only JohnnyoftheWell  103Smash Ultimate Mains TheSleepys  17
Relationship Advice? (Shitpost central) BerryGarlicia  321EDC 2019 People TheSleepys  0
Looking for Sput Drummer CaptainDooRight  14if u kno, u know Fxxkit13  12
My Favorite Blink-182 Songs Stjimmy101  12Marilyn Manson albums Ranked Wheniminthemood22  3
Marilyn Manson albums ranked oweinerwaltini  1Let's Make A Story Together. StrikeOfTheBeast  93

finna graduate Bloon  18Synths of the Wave’s Bane TVC15  9
Deweekly'19 / May 24th Dewinged  25My Top 12 Game Of Thrones Scenes artiswar  30
Tracks I SKIP on my fav albums spiritualkaedama  8Rec me some jangle pop/rock Invaderbryan  14
The Wildhearts Ranked Kingdok  3Tape Loop/Ambient/Minimalism Recs FistfulOfSteel  16
dumb top 10 of 2019 list (WIP) EcoChocolatacchi  0MeticalMan's Top 100 Albums of 2016 meticalman  2
Rec Me Lush Music dmathias52  15WHAT'S YOUR FAV ICELANDIC FVCKING BLACK METAL ??? TheSpirit  19
Women of Metal Featured starboystargirl  73looking for an album/band Papa Universe  32
Songs which can represent you garas  18Finally Finished My Composition Degree Rev  17

Deftones Re-Ranked JoshGray672  9Johnny's new album JohnnyoftheWell  17
All Things Math Rock! (Recent Digs) 9Hammer  13Metallica Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  6
BEST USERS alamo  7stuff my cat seems to like Papa Universe  49
breakdowns are the most effective musical tool LOVEANDACCEPTANCE  152Underrated albums and bands idiotican  10
Where is the Quote and Reply button? SoulFunction  34Me and Yak's new lo-fi black metal demo Marehelm  34
Every Rammstein Song Ranked Scheumke  55101 Essential records zorkos  6
Fav Bands slipandslide  1Best Songs You've Ever Heard? Doibhin69  32

#1stCartoonCrush sixdegrees  111My new black metal album Brabiz  21
Anberlin: A Discography Ranking Lucman  18Slipknot Re-Ranked JoshGray672  2
Favorite Albums of All Time Sagacious13  2New BM Trvth Album 5/21/19 CaptainDooRight  49
REAL most overrated albums of all time list Sinternet  20Ignorant Moshcore recs? geezers1989  3
more shitty BM for me and 4 other people to check TheSpirit  19The most overrated albums of all time idiotican  76
Keepin Me Company. BallsToTheWall  5Prog On Discovery M2 Friday13th  118
Saint Vitus ranked BenMorrison  3Cards Against Humanity: Day Seven (Final Day) StrikeOfTheBeast  16

Sowing's Top 10 Bands Featured SowingSeason  71Top 200 Favourite Albums: 100-1 (Age 18) oisincoleman64  13
Top 200 Favourite Albums: 200-101 (Age 18) oisincoleman64  1Best Albums of 2019 morbidstuff  1
I will read every comment but reply to none BerryGarlicia  52Stuff that i copped this weekend geezers1989  0
My favourite albums of all time Caronte  4Bands I saw at Sonic Temple TheGreatQ  4
Cards Against Humanity: Day Six StrikeOfTheBeast  7Ween ranked idiotican  0
27 years of rock and metal music zruF  1Top albums of the 80's Caronte  0
Catch For Us The Foxes Vs Brother, Sister Doibhin69  24

Deweekly'19 / May 17th Dewinged  35One Month of My Bad Taste In Music spiritualkaedama  6
Orange Bear's 2019 Worst Hip-Hop Albums LegendaryOrangeBear  1Top Alternative R&B LegendaryOrangeBear  9
50 favorite albums of 2019 alexurenda7  0Monty Python fans? BerryGarlicia  34
Cool Trax This Year... gryndstone  0Every Interpol Song: Ranked Point1  10
Moments of lunacy Caronte  0Cards Against Humanity: Day Five StrikeOfTheBeast  9
Rammstein Ranked bentheREDfan  1dropped my first album OysterizerInsomniac  4
hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore homework pt.3.5 Uzumaki  0

Long Shot's Top 50 Albums of 1961 TheLongShot  4I will respond to every comment honestly Tyler.  167
Our Planet budgie  24Sputnik community, what's your guilty pleasure? rodrigo90  54
Fantasy Books Appreciation Thread Scheumke  44Cards Against Humanity: Day Four StrikeOfTheBeast  14
Dream Theater Ranked JoshGray672  6

Things That Came Out Today That I Listened To gryndstone  0Death metal albums rated as BFF's Bobshat  10
Boston's Heroes Are Hoops II AnimalsAsSummit  3Best Albums with Title Track as Last Track? Tb1114  25
Musical Modes Ranked JohnnyoftheWell  57Cards Against Humanity: Day Three StrikeOfTheBeast  16
Grumpy Cat has died sixdegrees  42Nickelback ranked idiotican  0
ALBUMS TO CHECK 5/17/2019 TheSpirit  10Underrated Black Metal and Death Metal albums Eons  2

Help me be a decent reviewer ConcubinaryCode  15Car finding soundtrack Supercoolguy64  3
Stuff I'm Not Allowed to Like spiritualkaedama  35The Wonder Years - top 10 tracks lucazade22  7
Top 6(66) True Black Metal Eons  3More music like this? Adamn  16
May first half signal boost Nazzadan  1MeticalMan's Top 100 Albums of 2017 meticalman  3
I Am Easy to Find thecheatisnotdead  22019 Favourites (So Far) Daneleslie  4
do ur part: help the youths (and me) sharkshanna  22Favourite albums TybaltKoala  0
Bullet For My Valentine: Personal Rank Repsaj  8Share your music! fromrows  63
Radiohead ranked idiotican  0Let's Play Cards Against Humanity: Day 2 StrikeOfTheBeast  13
Picks of the 21st Century Caronte  1

Dewinged's 2010 AOTY Dewinged  55United States ov Death Metal Rowhaus  8
Make Ramon Staff SteakByrnes  19Dødheimsgard ranked garas  3
Kung Fury: II BallsToTheWall  5System of a Down ranked idiotican  0
Lets Play: Cards Against Humanity Day 1 StrikeOfTheBeast  14More bands that sound like Tool? PyramidNoise  60

Yo y'all got any fuggin electrolytes? Jasdevi087  122019: robertsona catches up robertsona  6
Ranking Testament #4 BerryGarlicia  14Combustion needs new ear intake combustion07  5
I Love Daenerys! BallsToTheWall  16Pantera Ranked Ikarus14  16
Prog On Discovery M1 Friday13th  117Wilco ranked idiotican  0
.. my 1's Zig  22Stupid Stuff I've Said StrikeOfTheBeast  57
My fave Beatles albums ranked Royl123  9

Top 10 mewithoutYou Songs GreyShadow  43mencore LOVEANDACCEPTANCE  14
This list sux! SlothcoreSam  3Heavier Than Hell deathofasalesman  20
Hawks VS PersonaHunter8937 starboystargirl  205Rec me Japanese metal albums metalhead2425  50
Edgy Music SomeGuyThatExists  6Top Albums 2019 (so far) Peporro98  0
Some of My Favorite Albums of 2019 MrTonytheGamer  1Top 15 live albums of all time oweinerwaltini  4
MeticalMan's Top 100 Albums of 2018 meticalman  0Ranking Green Day's Albums Stjimmy101  17
Psychostick ranked idiotican  0Deweekly'19 / May 10th Dewinged  20

Nocte's 2019 So Far Featured Nocte  37Least favorite metal subgenre? Nerdurosis  141
Recc me post hardcore/screamo bands ReiniEden  6Green Day ranked idiotican  0
Gone, But Not Forgotten (Defunct CD Stores) JDubb  122019 albums BerryGarlicia  9

Last chance to join prog rock contest Divaman  18blink-182 ranked idiotican  0
desert island discs frddbbbl  2Heavily Inspired Metal Ocean-Themed Albums Assemblage  19
Graduation Steak SteakByrnes  36Zao Ranked JoshGray672  21
Evolution through Punk TheMightyScoop  11i put out a new album sugarcubes  13

RYM friends? JohnnyoftheWell  57Fav BM Albums PortraitsOfDecay  4
An Exploration Into Nu Metal: Part 2 oisincoleman64  12Evolution through Metal TheMightyScoop  8
Ranking Gorillaz's Discography Stjimmy101  14Metallica ranked idiotican  0
Polish music you might not heard of Pratman  10luci Q1.5 picks luci  17

My band released a new album! Featured insomniac15  17Who's the best live? AffableMartyr  22
Songs of 2019 - So Far dmathias52  6Some favorites of the year Adamn  1
Kanye ranked idiotican  0Hawks’ Recent Bm Digzzzz Hawks  52

METALLICA RANKED alamo  10Kid Cudi ranked idiotican  0
My hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore homework, pt.3 Uzumaki  0Road Trip: Rec Me spiritualkaedama  2
In Musix I Trust BallsToTheWall  9I do webcomics pizzamachine  12
Some of My Favorite Songs of 2019 MrTonytheGamer  1Intelligent Recs? 731  28
Prog On Tourney Preliminary Friday13th  172recent black metal demos and lo-fi nonsense Papa Universe  87

Loud af 3pieces JohnnyoftheWell  22Blink (Non-Fiction Books) artiswar  6
Hardcore anyone? Rawmeeth38  12Rec Me Anything Clefairy  21
Albums that BASH MY SKULL TheMightyScoop  7Cap’s Daily M/ Rec 4 U 5/7/19 CaptainDooRight  9
Anal Cunt ranked idiotican  0Concert Experiences ampharos4life  5
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah vs. Mothra vs. Rodan StrikeOfTheBeast  16Johnny Marr Divaman  1

Give me death metal reccs JoshGray672  29Tim Pool artiswar  25
Latin/island chill Bedex  9Sputnik Users with 2000+ Album Ratings TheLongShot  56
Nirvana ranked idiotican  0Discord Server: Music Recommendation Contests tacos n stuff  21
My Ranking of Steven Wilson's Albums Flomink  10Kreative Kreator Ranking StrikeOfTheBeast  8
Experiment: 1 Random LP per Month EclipseInYourEyes  1The Metallica EPs ranked garas  6

Lucy Kaplansky Divaman  1Good Concept Albums R4zor3dge  13
Best albums I've discovered through Sputnik blou52  9more angry music for your STuPID EaRS Bloon  11
April 2019 resumé Papa Universe  14Stuff I bought No. 01 Pratman  6
Top 2016 Albums Localband  3Ranking Nofx Albums Stjimmy101  11
Top 2017 Albums Localband  1Top 2018 Abums Localband  6
2019 Best Albums (Ongoing) Localband  6Best Songs of the Year Featured theacademy  17
For BlushfulHippocrene Featured Jacquibim  35Tell me your favorite dance records for the summer ShitsofRain  6
Best Songs of the Year Featured SowingSeason  26Swans ranked idiotican  0

I added this rapper to Sputnik ReiniEden  3My Top 10 Favorite Bands of All Time Bl4ckheart  84
Dark Eerie Recs Shuyin  19Looking For Yelly Shit GreyShadow  18
HAWKS TURNS 70,000!!! Hawks  96Stand-Up Comedians Divaman  108
Death Grips ranked idiotican  0

Thy Art Is Murder ranked (so far) TheClansman95  20Rest of Con's Music Conmaniac  20
2019 origrinspun  0TVC20 + First Concert TVC15  9
Creed ranked idiotican  0Songs of 2019 So Far? DoofDoof  32
My Musical Journey Divaman  16Sput's 2019 Random-Album-Review 2019 Game 2019: 2019 edition Papa Universe  118
REC me, Bands that need to see the Doctor. SlothcoreSam  26

Deweekly'19 / May 3rd Dewinged  55Ohio Has Some Metal Chops! JDubb  15
Whats Your Musical "Journey"? spiritualkaedama  26guys this is the only good album LOVEANDACCEPTANCE  18
Stuff i'm almost genuinely embarrassed 2 listen 2 geezers1989  81970 origrinspun  0
Bjork ranked idiotican  0Best Hard Rock/Metal albums of 1974 Jero  3
Recent 2019 jams Jacquibim  24

Artist of the Decade: Oomori Seiko Featured JohnnyoftheWell  19American Fast Food Ranked Rowhaus  127
Turn 30 This Month Featured BallsToTheWall  32Brother Might Die by Persians Relinquished  45
Best skramz Firedust  28Overrated albums from your favorite artists/bands? LebowskiRams  67
Bad Religion Ranked SlothcoreSam  11Sput's MAY 2019 Song of the day Trifolium  338
TRVE KVLTVRE Hawks  19Gojira Discography Ranked K4spa  12
Sniffs selected cuts 4 Sniff  3April Metal: Worst to Best Featured Nazzadan  31
Korn ranked idiotican  0What Are Your Fav Video Games***? JigglyPDiddy  281

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