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Record Store Day Snags FourthReich 3 Years of Boney! theBoneyKing 
Record Store Day thecheatisnotdead Here be some records Sput sleeps on the regular Frippertronics 
5's of mine that sput sleeps on foxblood Model Talk macman76 
A Non-Ranking of Isis clavier one year sputnik anniversary verdant 
From Cave to Eternity: The Bad Seeds Ranked dbizzles Cocaine is a hell of a drug TVC15 
Put together your perfect 5 Icebloom Who wants to be a model?* macman76 

Power metal knights destroy black metal orcs NeptuniumWishPark  8Deftones Top 10 Songs Zeuzo  17
The Greatest Rock Albums of All Time BruceStark  3Top 10 Joyce Manor IamInExile  3
PURE HELL Round 3: Finale Absurdity Papa Universe  7New to Sputnik Sharkattack  54
Fo(u)r Whom the Sniff jams - *hint* it's for you Sniff  9Favourite Autechre tracks Flashmobba  14
Radiohead - Ranked (GooGuGajoob's list) GooGooGajoob  10Albums You Have That Sputnik Doesn't lz41  5
CHIEF KEEF SOSA RANKED Hawks  15My Top 35 System of a Down songs JasmineRodriguez101  10

Top 10 - 2017 lachapelle  0Three Years on Sput VirtualBlaze  5
Dewi's Black Metal Odyssey Dewinged  88Favourite Muse Songs? Flashmobba  30
Death Metal of the New Millennium Thalassic  19DEFTONES ALBUMS RANKED Zeuzo  52
Record Store Day Snags Featured FourthReich  12Belgian metal bands Itsonlyme  5
I Love Natasha Leggero Aiwaz Masochist  1
Sputnik User's Favorite Hip Hop/Rap Albums Drifter  202Sputnik's Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums??? Hawks  153
Rock is not dead, you are just lazy and dumb NeptuniumWishPark  87Deweekly'18 / April 20th Dewinged  25
There Is A Hell... - BMTH - Ranked chemicalkid44  10

My Top 40 Staind songs JasmineRodriguez101  13Some perfect to near perfect albums cazzill  5
Songs That I Connect With My Girlfriend Pt. 1 TMRWxYDAY  4Top 28 Rock Songs of All Time JDubb  8
Bring Me The Horizon - Ranked chemicalkid44  27How to review an album: pt 2 pizzamachine  8
Monster Hunter: World™ Thrust!  7Favorite Metal Guitarists Rowhaus  24
BMTH - Sempiternal Ranking TylerLamberg  19How To Eat An Elephant SowingSeason  16
Deathspell Omega Ranked Casavir  6Protomartyr Non-LP songs.. butcherboy  16
3 Years of Boney! Featured theBoneyKing  39Doof's Top 100 Hot Weather Albums DoofusWainwright  45
Laked God and Yak Return YakNips  19Upcoming Slam ExecutiveExecuterexe  8
New Devictus album out today TheGreenMan  6My American Trip Ranked diatribes  7
My favorite albums archie2606  0Best albums of 2006 origrinspun  18
The 50 Greatest Japanese Metal Bands of All Time Zirvayrth  0The Dankening is Here TheArtofTheGanja  5
Yet Another Converge Albums Ranked Catharseek  2Deftones Gore Ranked Zeuzo  35
God of War brainmelter  39

Rec me modern albums foxblood  59Recommend me eccentric, deranged sounding music. Eons  17
My Top 30 Rock Albums from 1990 to 1994 JDubb  4Kanye West Ranked TylerLamberg  26
Music S.E.Lain-Like colfen  0Top 15 BMTH Songs Ninjahague  15
April's 3.5s or: How I Accidentally Became A Nazi Nazzadan  6Björk Ranked SineEclipse  29
Best Radiohead Songs Gyromania  28Record Store Day Featured thecheatisnotdead  45
Happy 4/20 Thrust!  98Heavy Metal Albums of the Eighties RocknMetal  3
Deftones Koi No Yokan Ranked Zeuzo  69Abe's Rec Comp Semi-Final 2 Aberf  10

Dope dark folk jams Atari  30Top 15 BMTH songs TheMrAlexK  27
Stone Sour Ranked Ikarus14  3Top 15 Bring Me The Horizon Songs chemicalkid44  34
Autism random  16PJ's 2018 NFL Mock Draft pjquinones747  23
Best albums of 2005 origrinspun  1530 seconds to mars self titled ranked rodrigo90  2
ATCQ Ranked MyShadow  16Deftones Diamond Eyes Ranked Zeuzo  73
Help Toad Edit His Poetry (4th Sputversary) Toad  13

Favorite Albums of 2017 Irascibul11  2Who has heard this? bentheREDfan  3
Huff These Queefs AdolfChrist  19Morrowind Vs Oblivion BallsToTheWall  138
"Me" Albums SowingSeason  331k 1k 1k ratings gryndstone  5
Destructive Albums UnderTheNorthernScar  2Anyone seen Manhunter? Mendross  11
UK and Ireland Noise rock digs JS19  9My Top 2017 lordworm00  3
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist Ranked Zeuzo  64Top 20 Songs of the Last 10 Years sumyunguy  12
My bitch wife cheated on me YouGotLucky  198Here be some records Sput sleeps on the regular Featured Frippertronics  32
Amorphis Ranked Hawks  44

Illness update Darius  65Almighty So: Chief Keef Ranked (Legal Releases) StarlessCore  37
Midnight Jamz in the Middle East Maniac!  20Cloak's mathcore digs cloakanddagger  8
Hard Rock Albums of the Seventies RocknMetal  12Deftones Self Titled Ranked Zeuzo  33
My 30 Favorite Albums (Please rec me stuff!) HappyNipples  115's of mine that sput sleeps on Featured foxblood  62
Just got arrested - things I'm going to change. goblinilbog  33

Model Talk Featured macman76  36some favorite covers BookoftheFallen  1
Everyone go listen to the new Reign of Kindo album mortifierftw  14Electronic Spotify Playlist WRYN  0
Deftones White Pony Ranked Zeuzo  47Leaving Sputnik... Lord(e)Po)))ts  62
Deweekly'18 / April 13th Dewinged  44Imaginary Setlist from Favorite Artists: Glassjaw eliminatorjunior  2
A Non-Ranking of Isis Featured clavier  39

My Fall of Gondolin Celebration Playlist Casavir  7Heartwork vs. Symbolic Assemblage  44
100 Favorite Albums (Looking For Recommendations) DJENNY  8Bjork - Post Ranked Opturus  5
Material Control ranked johnnydeking29  8Deftones Around the Fur Ranked Zeuzo  24
I Love Rock ’n’ Roll foxblood  31

Favorite Song from Every Ozzy Osbourne Album TheSmashBro  1Death Grips Albums Ranked goblinilbog  5
one year sputnik anniversary Featured verdant  27From Cave to Eternity: The Bad Seeds Ranked Featured dbizzles  37
Top 20 - Prog Rock after 1990 loulou  8Cocaine is a hell of a drug Featured TVC15  51
2018: First Quarter housecleggane  6Deftones Adrenaline Ranked Zeuzo  18
Put together your perfect 5 Featured Icebloom  57the top one metal albums sovietstrudelmeister  4
Black Malachite Casting Call BlackMalachite  26

Channel Orange vs Blonde Doibhin69  10Favorite Song from Every Marilyn Manson Album TheSmashBro  5
What is the heaviest album you have ever heard? RevBranchDavidian  138BEHEMOF Ranked REDUX Doctuses  10
Megadeth Ranked Casavir  14Abe's Rec Comp Semi-Final 1.5 Aberf  25
April Ethereal thecheatisnotdead  13evocative name, i will remember TheWrenKing  6
Rec me great grindcore / powerviolence / fast shit eliminatorjunior  31Theoretical Album - 'Fall Out Boy Greatest Hits' FTM1234  2
Huh, 4000 comments bgillesp  17Ranking OneRepublic Songs FTM1234  0
My Top 10 Albums of 2000 mortifierftw  9My Ranking of Poets of the Fall’s Discography Slowburner  1

Top 20 Prog Rock Boivin  13None So Vile vs. Nespithe Assemblage  116
Dance Gavin Dance Ranked SineEclipse  43Got Fired and IDK why BlackMalachite  83
Paramore ranked (April 2018) DORBUSCUS  2Ranking Fall Out Boy Albums FTM1234  9
New Assassin's Creed expansion is TITS Doctuses  21Deathwish is the Best eliminatorjunior  18
RADIOHEAD ALBUMS RANKED Zeuzo  36Ben's top 10 records from 1979 BenMorrison  4

great nu metal albums frank3rs  32VERY ANGERY frank3rs  10
Middle School dayss frank3rs  1First 6 BS openers wham49  9
Leviathan Ranked Hawks  23Channel Awesome implosion? TheSonomaDude  31
ATCQ Ranked Doibhin69  5Sputnik Gets Jacked BallsToTheWall  68
Pantera Ranked Casavir  55Regina Spektor Albums Ranked . ClassicJaguar  3
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool Ranked Zeuzo  19

Overlooked, Underrated, and Underappreciated Alt theNateman  15Top 10 metal prog loulou  3
9 years RosaParks  47post-punk review series.. butcherboy  26
O shit she has a BF :( CugnoBrasso  132Best Metal Albums of 1986 Casavir  57
Who wants to be a model?* Featured macman76  62Radiohead The King of Limbs Ranked Zeuzo  16
I made MUSIC, i guess ExecutiveExecuterexe  23Black Metal Classics Without Reviews JZW1997  4
Greatest musics ever? SuzyC  11Best Live Albums Veldin  27
Ben's top 10 records from 1978 BenMorrison  1Overlooked Stuff from Q1 Featured Frivolous  19

Pink Floyd (Classic Era Ranked) Doibhin69  19On My Way Back From Baltimore Joshsocializes  4
This feeling different  32018 scrobbles so far Featured Atari  11
Destruction Ranked Casavir  20How much time do you spend listening to music? LamboGD  43
Purevolume is Shutting Down. R.I.P. Iamthe Nightstars  9Three Timeless Classics RageKage  2
My Top 10 Favourite Metalcore Releases Xizon  15Radiohead In Rainbows Ranked Zeuzo  23
Albums to Write to commonist  8Ben's top 10 records from 1977 BenMorrison  8
A Quiet Place calmrose  18Fuck the Dodgers Ignimbrite  5

My CD Collection (The Rest of It) Shamus248  0My CD Collection (Most of It) Shamus248  3
Made in Portugal Zig  2Book/music recs. Ponton  11
been on this god damn website for over 8 years Tyler.  28Top 10 Lady Gaga Songs chemicalkid44  10
1 year 1 rec. Part II (96/85/78) rabidfish  36new review alert MyShadow  4
Good and bad music doesn't exist Eons  80Ben's top 10 records from 1976 BenMorrison  1
TPAB ranked Royl123  17Best Metal Albums of 1996 Casavir  7

Lady Gaga - Ranked chemicalkid44  7Sputnik Users Yearbook 2018 Edition Featured TVC15  427
Obscura vs. Close to a World Below Assemblage  30Top 10 Trivium Songs TeddyTheTool96  4
Electronic Digs bentheREDfan  0Scuro's Wacky Quarter ScuroFantasma  5
Best EP Ever? Asdfp277  100Top Albums of 2017 SomethingCoolIDK  0
Radiohead Hail To the Thief Ranked Zeuzo  17Metal albums with my favourite guitar tones Madbutcher3  8
Top Albums of 2018 (So Far) SomethingCoolIDK  0If you could hang with a Sputniker.. Spec  274
acquicitions wham49  1Worthwhile metal ballads Itsonlyme  10
snake Q1/2018 Snake.  7Rampage Soundtrack List TyroneHill  1
Ben's top 10 records from 1975 BenMorrison  2Deweekly'18 / April 6th Dewinged  59

Update #3/Synecdoche, New York Poem MarsKid  12Top 15 Metal Album Closers (Part 1) Assemblage  25
~"i listen to everything except country and rap"~ TheManMachine  48Czech these ~ brainmelter  9
Radiohead Amnesiac Ranked Zeuzo  23Second half of March 3.5s and above Nazzadan  3
2018 Q1 - The good stuff VaxXi  5Every Moose Blood Song Ranked From Worst To Best Schellione  1
Energy drinks, ranked. Dedes  932018 First Quarter AddTheCub  1
Death Metal Faves Stereochrome1  4A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR SACH ExecutiveExecuterexe  43
Superior Tech Death Featured Madbutcher3  79Work jams. i.e. stuff I've deemed appropriate Demon of the Fall  8
1000 Ratings ExecutiveExecuterexe  2Ben's top 10 records from 1974 BenMorrison  1
Time Flies RadicalEd  23

I want to die Darius  82Top 15 classic prog Boivin  8
Radiohead Closers Ranked BlownSpeakers  25sup LethalPaintball  0
Rec me Post-Hardcore classics CaimanJesus  49Ronnie Radke's Greatest Hits BallsToTheWall  4
iron maiden albums ranked (objectively) TheGuy  15Radiohead Kid A Ranked Zeuzo  25
hip hop artists I like right now Royl123  7Darkthrone Ranked Casavir  38
Songs On Repeat pjquinones747  101Death helped me finish my thesis UpwardSpiral  16
Ben's top 10 records from 1973 BenMorrison  1

Hawks' (late) 10 Year Sputversary m/ Featured Hawks  166CD collection and wishlist (Alternative/Electr.) WRYN  0
Radiohead OK Computer Ranked Zeuzo  27Recommendations/Albums I plan to review combustion07  10
Call Me By Your Name Toad  20Recent death metal buys jesterhead92  76
ZTD's Post Hardcore Journey ZombieToyDuck  205Radiohead The Bends Ranked Zeuzo  29
Ben's top 10 records from 1972 BenMorrison  0

Top 10 metal prog Boivin  13top 15 - 70's Prog loulou  17
Arch Enemy RANKED TheSpirit  23Rec me starting points Icebloom  21
placeholder (it is early april, 2018) Featured verdant  28Radiohead Pablo Honey Ranked Zeuzo  37
Ben's top 10 records from 1971 BenMorrison  1Top 10 Deathspell Omega songs Eons  9
Top 20 Albums of the 1970s Inveigh  14

Demos Rule Maco097  26It's Time for a Snack SmallLuigiBigHeart  2
I miss the 90's so much rodrigo90  124music therapy [2] evilford  11
Deweekly'18 / March 30th Dewinged  29Hoppy Easter Everybunny Veldin  3
Primus Ranked ArsMoriendi  9Lit Like Me Storm In A Teacup  2
Ben's top 10 records from 1970 BenMorrison  0Neek's 2018 Q1: Albums neekafat  18
New Lifeless EP now out TheGreenMan  7Open Carry Laws disboardia  11
Is it time to shut down the forum? MadKungFu  21forty-two hansoloshotfirst  3
Huge Outer Space Sounds Travelhead  6Verb the Noun: Crown the Empire ranked SweeneyTodd  2
Easter digs Marehelm  5Calc's Cue 1 Calc  1
Neek's 2018 Q1: Films neekafat  14Mac DeMarco Ranked Doibhin69  10
Top 10 Alice In Chains songs (IMO) Eons  13

Movies I Seen In The Last Week gryndstone  12Albums from Childhood Casavir  4
Cycle 3 brokencycle  1Rec me albums with similar vibes like these goblinilbog  4
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. XII Thalassic  9Hip hop goats batstevens  10
Rec me some great concept albums Zeuzo  30Where Do You Keep Your Keys disboardia  20
Ryus Goes To College Ryus  22BLOWpeth ranked parksungjoon  56
Xbone JokineAugustus  80american vs swedish death metal TheGuy  11
March 2018 resumé Papa Universe  7Sniffs third eye Sniff  19
Top 50 of the 21st Century Featured Greem  26exodus 1982 demo/83 live Doctuses  5
What You Drinkin Fam? BallsToTheWall  45

Best Anime Tunes p2 Madbutcher3  1Radiohead Album Covers Ranked Zeuzo  12
Essential early metalcore cloakanddagger  24Back. Dodenakker  5
Snide Living Situation Update BlackMalachite  23Butcher Shuffle Comp (Round 3).. butcherboy  277
Planned vinyl collection (Electronic/Dream Pop) WRYN  2Sput's APR 2018 Song of the Day Papa Universe  349
first death metal album? TheGuy  11Thibs' Top Tens Thibs  4

User Review Competition: Week of 3/30/2018 Featured Frippertronics  45Anybody make beats and/or rap and want to collab? RFO13  8
Auditory Junk Food DatsNotDaMetulz  10Rec me anything . . . . Chortles  37
THE DANSE SOCIETY: Don't you forget us #14 Papa Universe  19Post-rock elements in (post)hardcore & vice versa pjquinones747  28
Favourite Albums of 2017 nola1  4Deftones Album Covers Ranked Zeuzo  51
Existentialism (facing the goddamn abyss) heyadam  40

March Madness 2018 Final Featured NocteDominum  47bigg diggs ctellee  0
Riverdale 2 Is Lit BallsToTheWall  3Alex's 2018 So Far... TheMrAlexK  6
Goblin's 18th Birthday List goblinilbog  6some cringeworthy metal band names TheGuy  64
Shitty album covers Allergist  35BIG 4 OF GRIND Doctuses  5
Cosmere Spoiler Talk RikRoach7  74Dru Thru the Years brosephmcbrah  2
WHAT A TOUR SteakByrnes  55Doof recent digs DoofusWainwright  28
How to review an album pizzamachine  13Carcass Albums Ranked KManoc1  6
Top 10 Albums If I Was In Middle School Deadboltsucks  8Neek's 1st Listen: Republic of Wolves' "Shrine" Featured neekafat  14

My Queensryche Album's List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  4900 Ratings Later McP3000  2
Top 10 Bad Religion Songs Deadboltsucks  4thenateman's 2018 Q1 theNateman  3
Thrashing Hard combustion07  20My Top 50 Favorite albums PabloWest  7
create your own big 4! (any genre) TheGuy  70In Flames Ranked Assemblage  56
PURE HELL Round 2: How Well Do You Know Universe? Papa Universe  222RATM Ranked Doibhin69  5
Alarm Songs random  10Willie's Q1 2018 Featured Willie  21
fcuking BOPS TheSpirit  14Is Screamgaze An Actual Thing? JLR2DEG  63
Arch Enemy Albums Ranked KManoc1  13Favorite Albums mikale  2

Rec Me 2018 (Please) ThyCrossAwaits  6My KD album ranking KevinGoldfinger  21
music therapy evilford  12The downfall of 30 seconds to mars in 4 albums rodrigo90  22
please recommend me some new music nola1  4My Black Malachite Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  15
Saw Godspeed Live This Weekend / Top 25 thecheatisnotdead  3Butcher Shuffle Comp (Round 2).. butcherboy  71
Asking Alexandria ranked DORBUSCUS  8Lucid's Electronic Digs II Featured Lucid  23
best thrash metal album? TheGuy  34My Top 50 Albums 2013 Jonnunnery94  0
We're bringing it back. Featured Dedes  145

My Marilyn Manson Album's List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  12Blind Guardian Ranked Assemblage  5
Anyone close to Virginia? SoccerRiot  24Turntable help Zig  16
Van Halen Ranked (David Lee Roth Era) Doibhin69  4DBS ENDS (SPOILERS)/FAVORITE DB(Z,S) CHARACTERS TheSpirit  12
Twenty One Pilots Albums - Ranked chemicalkid44  8best death metal album? TheGuy  74
My Top 50 Albums 2012 Jonnunnery94  0Bangers for the Gym Meridiu5  8
Mxtabs amirite? aka digs Grindalicious  1The Top 15 Albums of 1964 (Non-Jazz) TheLongShot  7

March Madness: The Fantastical Four NocteDominum  63Stone Temple Pilots ranked Busch1841  0
JustJoe + The Casual Conversation(s): MARCH/APRIL Featured JustJoe  1293My Top 50 Albums 2011 Jonnunnery94  0
20 Albums of Past 20 Years AffableMartyr  2Combustion is finally gonna travel combustion07  4
My Experimental BM EP KingWeirdo616  4Accept - RANKED!! vonseux  1
Butcher Shuffle Comp (Round 1).. butcherboy  62Best melodic death metal albums AntonTati  17
~ these are a few of my favorite things ♫ ~ ;* TheSpirit  6Abe's Rec Comp Semi-Final 1 Aberf  31
best black metal album? TheGuy  97My Top 50 Albums 2010 Jonnunnery94  0
allow me to promote something my friend did MyShadow  11Best Guitar Work in Metalcore (Suggest Your Fav) G0atC0re  26

3,000 Ratings Beyotch Veldin  4New Song!!! SoccerRiot  11
Neek's 1st Listen: Jack White's "Boarding House" neekafat  14My Top 30 Albums 2009 Jonnunnery94  0
Bands That Have More Going On Than on the Surface discovolante  52018 so far (March) DORBUSCUS  4
Lyrical Themes by Album pjquinones747  13My latest album osmark86  7
emester's Q1 2018 emester  1Guys, Q1's Not Even Over Yet thecheatisnotdead  1
Esoteric Ranked Hawks  28Black Malachite Album Stream #8 (Fuck Today) BlackMalachite  18
Any metalheads on here a fan of this band? MrBlackDeath  191TWENEEK17: Top 25 Films neekafat  21

My new album is out! sugarcubes  28yo hol up can we start appreeshin jeremih MyShadow  9
Deweekly'18 / March 23rd Dewinged  20The Be(x)t-Files Rowan5215  18
One of my bands put out an EP PitchforkArms  10Nocte's Q1 2018 Featured NocteDominum  42
Black Metal/Dungeon Synth Dinosaur  20Stone Temple Pilots Ranked Dwap  6

The best interludes Frivolous  16spotify daily mix part 2 MyShadow  7
Rec me albums from these years (pt. 1) 06/92/86 rabidfish  28Wolfe Digs Pt. 12 Relinquished  25
Bog Wraith ranked Nazzadan  102018 Q1!! Wirertragen7  0
Jimmy Eat World Ranked SmashIsTheWay94  11Kate Bush Ranked JJKeys  10
Ben's latest record haul BenMorrison  1Sowing's Q1 SowingSeason  14
March Madness: Round 4: Crazy Eights! NocteDominum  332018 Charts Already Up!!!! Drifter  19

Cat mom now ThyCrossAwaits  21Rec me black metal gagnonov  16
Faith No More Ranked Ikarus14  6Check out my FIRST MUSIC VID pls lol Butkuiss  4
2015 List goatsandstuff  4AotY 2014 goatsandstuff  0
Album of the Year 2016 goatsandstuff  0Top 10 Favorite Bands WetHarmonica1916  8
Stadium Arcadium: Condensed Track List patterson29  109 years of Xeno Xenophanes  36
The Top 10 Rock & Roll Albums of the 1950s TheLongShot  6Leprous Show + BTBAM Assemblage  14
Tool albums in order TheSpirit  21Tool albums ranked oweinerwaltini  8

Rec Me Albums from 2000 Drifter  170My 10 Favorite Rick & Morty Episodes Xenorazr  7
1975 Lineup Fleetwood Mac Ranked gryndstone  5Blending Pop Punk and Doom Metal BlackMalachite  53
My Top 30 Albums 2008 Jonnunnery94  0Cataract Bandersnatch Sevengill  53
Good Steaks So Far SteakByrnes  18Quit my job today Doctuses  34
Just a Few Awesome Japanese Bands/Acts OwMySnauze  4New Trvth Album Featured CaptainDooRight  29
Fuck Marry Kill: Sputnik Edition bloc  168The Dopest Albums of 2018 (So Far) Tranqyl  4
Screamo/Black Metal Hybrids Featured JLR2DEG  68Greek Black Metal InFlamesWeThrash666  21
Grave of the fireflies! MrBlackDeath  12Just saw Cro-Mags and Eyehategod combustion07  5

Current Digs rabidfish  7Dead Finger Blues Butkuiss  7
March Madness Sweet 16: Round 3 NocteDominum  42Albums like these please combustion07  70

Finally getting to of 2017 0GuyMan0  5Happy 100,000!! Featured Asdfp277  63
My Band Dropped a NEW HOT SINGLE oWhoadYo  22Thanx Dad TheManMachine  3
Top Albums 2018 (so far) Peporro98  5Top Albums 2017 Peporro98  1
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. XI Thalassic  17PURE HELL Round 1: Elimination Conundrum Papa Universe  268
my top 10 favorite pop albums Juan9000  0my top 10 favorite rap albums Juan9000  2
my top 10 favorite rock albums Juan9000  0Judas Priest ranked DarkSideOfLucca  11
(Not So) Guilty Pleasures theNateman  1New Black Malachite Album (#8) BlackMalachite  31
2017 top albums/EPs Arokan  0Best Drumming in Metalcore (User Vote) G0atC0re  17

The Dope Show Dedes  13Sublime Albums - Ranked chemicalkid44  3
Jojo's bizarre playlist Vol. 3 MrSirLordGentleman  3RHCP Ranked (John Frusciante Era) Doibhin69  4
Abe's Rec Comp 7 Aberf  40Sputnik's Favorite Band Tees pjquinones747  58
Music of my teenage years. Does it still hold up? Doctuses  3Best of Thrash Compilation Shoegazefan9789  27
two thousand and seventeen (!!!) SlightlyEpic  8My Top 5 Favorite Grindcore Albums SadistikEyedeas  9
Minnesota's Got More Than Prince & Bob Dylan JPtheNeat  12First half of March Music Nazzadan  4
Faith no more albums ranked oweinerwaltini  13three songs that always make me weep like a bitch TheGuy  4
Deweekly'18 / March 16th Featured Dewinged  61

I'm turning 18! PatientlyDead  51Trebor Drops an Album! Featured Trebor.  40
Ozzy Osbourne albums ranked oweinerwaltini  10Marillion albums ranked Boivin  8
slide into those DMs TheSpirit  26Scrobbling vinyl Atari  23
Lifeless stream new track TheGreenMan  2Sputnik's March Madness Round 2: Final 32 NocteDominum  79
I've discovered Snide's plan to take over Sputnik Dolving999  7my new EP out now sugarcubes  7

Haiku Reviews.. butcherboy  4015 Great Gorguts Songs brainmelter  11
Recent Jams AaroN911  0Marillion albums ranked loulou  3
Iced Earth Show Tonight Assemblage  16Favorite Ongoing Comic Series thecheatisnotdead  16
Less than a Month til I Release My New Album jeremologyy  2RIP Stephen Hawking Sinternet  27
I just noticed something very depressing about life........ MrBlackDeath  69

Twin Turbos reimagined Sevengill  6Alex Does Kanye Madness! TheMrAlexK  13
favorite metal instrumentals TheGuy  9I'm Releasing an Album Trebor.  12
how to rob a bank part two LisaTheCat  16This Week's Classic Albums (3/12-3/18) JPtheNeat  3
VulfMatic!!!! chrisdafur27  0Hidden Gems (Time To Start Digging) OminousGargoyle  12
My Top 30 Albums 2007 Jonnunnery94  0Kendrick Lamar: Top 15 patterson29  3
Shoutout to the Lurkers//New/Timid and Afraid TheSpaceMan  149any bibliophiles, bookworms, lit. nerds here? Featured parksungjoon  130
Ban+Fever+Heart Attack Papa Universe  187Sputnik's March Madness Round 1: Division 2 NocteDominum  52
Weezer Ranked Doibhin69  13Dream Festival Confessed2005  3

McMelodeath AdolfChrist  32Fave Genres Confessed2005  19
Wolfe's ELCTRNC Series: Industrial Techno Featured Relinquished  51My Top 30 Albums 2006 Jonnunnery94  0
CD packaging designs that intrigued me as a kid TheManMachine  10Let The Gains Begin (Gym Albums) goblinilbog  8
favorite thrash metal albums TheGuy  22That feeling when... Atari  29
death metal recs plz evilford  31My CD Collection PT.1 nuuprizing  2
Radiohead- Worst to Best ethanowens7  26Who'd be in your dream band? Flashmobba  27
My Top 30 Albums 2005 Jonnunnery94  0My Top 20 Albums 2004 Jonnunnery94  0
Disintegration: Ranked patterson29  8Greatest Norwegian Black Metal Albums [Part 1] DeadPulse  5
Paramore Albums - Ranked chemicalkid44  9User Review Competition: Week of 3/16/2018 Featured Frippertronics  38

Firepower Ranked Sevengill  8underrated tunatown  10
metallica albums ranked TheGuy  12March '18 Playlist JPtheNeat  0
This Week's Classic Albums (3/4-3/11) JPtheNeat  2Best Mostly Metal Albums of 2017 marf1300  5
Anal Cunt top 10 funniest songs off defenders of the hate Doctuses  23Best Albums of the 70s senpainotes  4
lil boat 2 MyShadow  7Tool Ranked Doibhin69  24
Favorite Non-Metal Albums B3nnysBack2  0GGOOLLDD and OMD Divaman  4
TWENEEK17: Top 25 Albums neekafat  21March Sadness: Round One pizzamachine  5

Most m/'s Featured macman76  98Sputnikmusic's March Madness: Round 1, Division 1 NocteDominum  82
just got some new vinyl and a CD chemicalkid44  8Rolling Stones albums ranked zork1222  4
2018 Vinyl Collection AcmeApathyAmok  0Ministry Ranked artiswar  30
My Top 20 Albums 2003 Jonnunnery94  010 Best Alice in Chains songs Hvunted  3
A7X Ranked Brabiz  15Live releases from Motorhead wham49  0
A Metalhead's Journery through 1979 marf1300  0R.I.P. Luke elliootsmeuth  14
Random iPod Shuffle Drifter  49sabaton albums ranked TheGuy  2
Top 10 - Power Metal loulou  62018 listens Ashtiel  0
Meditative Meshuggah Melodies Morphing Memory someguest  4

Last 7 days of (10/3/18) NocteDominum  6Led Zeppelin albums ranked. zork1222  6
Recommend me some Metal! RevBranchDavidian  24Judas Priest Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  7
*Listens to 'Let's Get Breakfast' once siamesedaydream  12018 Best Tracks From Rated Albums JPtheNeat  0
Hard Jamz Featured thecheatisnotdead  9butcher recs you a song.. butcherboy  68
50 enjoyable albums oweinerwaltini  0New Single from Our Upcoming Album oisincoleman64  7
Top Produced Hip-Hop Albums Doibhin69  7slipknot albums ranked TheGuy  12
Sunbathercore/Deafheaven Imitators JLR2DEG  5515 Best Alter Bridge songs Hvunted  15
Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018 ramon.  52Top 10 - 80s music loulou  1

Vinyl Collection - Mar 8, 2018 luckdaboss  5Alex G ranked nukethewhale  6

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