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Potsy Nov'18 Lord(e)Po)))ts R.I.P. Stan Lee Toondude10 
A discography of classical music. AlexanderMR 2018 In Drum & Bass Evok 
D Rose is back baby!!! SpiritCrusher2 JustUni + Casual Conversation: November Papa Universe 
Sput's NOV 2018 Song of the Day RunOfTheMill Doof's '90s Deep Dive Obscure Song Digs DoofDoof 
Album art that speaks volumes Itsonlyme Obscure classics ComeToDaddy 
Melvins rambling Cimnele Unsung women of R&B and soul, Pt. 2 rmcrae 

somewhere between 8 and 10 years of this shit CSPG  6A decade of sputgression widowslaugh123  12
Game of The Year? RadioheadIsOverrated  24Nine Inch Nails - Ranked xenox  0
Lil Peep - COWYS Pt. 2 Ranked SHAKEandBAKE  1Philosopher Ranking beefshoes  35
Electronic Sports Playlist WRYN  02018: Favourite Rock/Metal Records of each week Klingel0905  0
Does it slap Dedes  15Albums That Don't Suck as Bad as You Think BerryGarlicia  20
Filthy Metal Bangers WoodeeX  10Top 15 Extreme Metal Albums: 1989 StrikeOfTheBeast  15

Simple Album Covers BerryGarlicia  20Type O Negative Ranked Rowhaus  4
gimme dm that grooves Hellscythe  33LOUD NOISES WoodeeX  27
top 25 modest mouse songs Ryus  39Sharkattack is back Attackoftheshark  3
Lorde’s Melodrama Ranked butcherboy  1310s LennardSteinhoff  18
I just dropped a new album deadcrown  8Most underrated song from each Queen album xenox  6

The Umbrella Genre Contest Round 7: Straw Umbrella ArsMoriendi  59101 Albums Part IV.. butcherboy  15
lurker turned user Hogzilla  42Sharkattack is not back Sharkattack  13
Memphis May Fire: Personal Ranking AgentDeathbat  11NazzBBMN Part 2 Nazzadan  11
Most Underrated Queen Songs JetGan11  10Rise Against Ranked, I Guess MrNoob  6
Dir En Grey albums, ranked Uzumaki  9Top 15 Cult of Luna songs FurtherDown  14
Queen - Ranked xenox  18Why Do People Hate On COB? BerryGarlicia  28
Knowledge Bomb - Coheed and Cambria Storm In A Teacup  5Travels vs Witness Doibhin69  16

My Top 20 Album Closers johm  6Fortnite Food Fight BallsToTheWall  6
[Round 2] Decode a Decade Rec Comp Drifter  39Amazing album covers BankZZ  10
Ranking Queen's Albums JetGan11  29The Game - Ranked xenox  5
What Are Your Favorite Exercises? StrikeOfTheBeast  45Online dating DarkSideOfLucca  180
SO MANY TYPES OF ICE CREAM alamo  12Bitches leave Patriots Mendross  1
Songs I Cry 2 Hendoi  7

Metalcore till Death BallsToTheWall  18Berry's Black Coffee BerryGarlicia  23
Rec me Stuff like this DarkSideOfLucca  17Definitive Labyrinth Ranking Meridiu5  5
Favorite Brockhampton Tracks Louksy23  1seeing a RATM cover band / RATM - Ranked xenox  3
All That Remains Ranked joshb9864  1Top 5 Most Iconic iCarly Jams Divaman  11
Check out my upcoming EP ExecutiveExecuterexe  4Sowing's Week 11 Picks SowingSeason  18
life ending patent pending (13/11/2018) verdant  7top 10 most iconic carly rae jams alamo  21
SOTY 2018 Scheumke  34SENSES FAIL RANKED Hawks  63
I overtook evohavok again lmao Jasdevi087  3i am deliver't Storm In A Teacup  10
2018's in need of review RELOADED Dewinged  70

Albums I just found out exist BerryGarlicia  2910 songs from the new wave of emo rap cazzill  6
Deadly Sins REC COMP: Part 5 Bloon  21Thrash Ballads ThrashVortex  25
Define the Great Line Ranked GetLow  31Potsy Nov'18 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  31
R.I.P. Stan Lee Featured Toondude10  47Facebook is Down dfevil085  110
news of the world // ranked xenox  6Re-Ranking Muse SowingSeason  14
Biggest letdowns of 2018 ButtBoy  26Schizophrenic digs DarkSideOfLucca  7
The Contortionist is a well-rounded band. 9Hammer  2Integrity Ranked WoodeeX  6
Slayer Ranked widowslaugh123  8

Pokemon Gens Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  69Fallout 76 Source  63
Renaissance Live Divaman  61981 extended play // ranked xenox  1
Top 20 Deftones Songs Muppelope  12venom is sony's 4th (?) 3rd? wait does homecoming theacademy  5
Death mauRo13  0worst songs of all time MyDixieRekt  11
2 New Emo Songs oisincoleman64  5Personal Ranking: Genesis Repsaj  15
Complete discographies Zig  5Personal Ranking: Dream Theater (Incomplete) Repsaj  13
Batman Arkham Games Ranked Doibhin69  14Every Song I've Listened to Today americanohno  5
A List of Men II Kaiwaz  51Steven Wilson Ranked Morningrise767  14

WBALLZ 187.4 FM Mixtape Drifter  4Leslie West live Divaman  7
Overlord Source  4Top 10 Songs of 2018 lamont01  7
Seeing these bands tonight Assemblage  14listening diary chveikk  8
2018 favorite albums alexurenda7  03 Years of Sput Friends bgillesp  30
Bands I’m Seeing in Concert soon joshb9864  3Black Metal Gems 2018 hansoloshotfirst  7
Rec Me Post Rock Music with Screamed Vocals JLR2DEG  12The REAL angriest albums of all time DarkSideOfLucca  82
rec me female fronted metal alamo  68Jane Doe vs The Mantle Doibhin69  83

Angry Swedes WoodeeX  22Top Ten Extreme Metal Albums: 1988. StrikeOfTheBeast  26
Bands I’ve Seen in Concert joshb9864  3Top 10 Castlevania Games JigglyPDiddy  35
The REAL top 20 Slipknot songs ButtBoy  13Live 2018 DarkHorizontal  8
Ranking Song on 'Blurryface' FTM1234  6The Top Ten For Metal 2018 BerryGarlicia  26
New personal record SitarHero  8It's Always Sunny thecheatisnotdead  8
5 artists you could be listening to theNateman  4Saw Kurt Travis last night TheSpirit  9
Dox yourself DarkSideOfLucca  3slipknot ranked i guess xenox  9
Death Metal: Sweden vs USA (USA WINS!) G0atC0re  72Albums that launch you across the room suddykilljaywalkers  15
The Umbrella Genre Contest Round 6: Umbrella.jpg ArsMoriendi  165top 11 pop songs of 2018 alamo  4

Was gifted over 200 vinyl Part 1 Storm In A Teacup  11My Top 20 Slipknot Songs Morningrise767  7
+locus(t)+1.. butcherboy  12Worst of 2018 (2.5 or below) TheWonderSoFar  34
Ranking Songs on 'Regional at Best' (No Vessel) FTM1234  5My Tentative AOTY List ZombieToyDuck  18
Top 5 albums of the year for me DarkSideOfLucca  3075 faves in approximate order newsteamchannel4  3
Snowed 6inches WatchItExplode  11slipknot ranked for real starboystargirl  13
Albums from 2004 with purple art ButtBoy  3top 20 slipknot songs xenox  27
I released a demo ExecutiveExecuterexe  9Songs you play 50 times in a row while depressed. Illoomorpheme  13
10 Albums 5 Bands: Thrash Metal Faenrir  8who ate my dream pop? budgie  12
The Black Dahlia Murder Ranked G0atC0re  13Death fucking Metal Inveigh  18
Who downvoted all my reviews? sixdegrees  29

The Angriest Band Ever Dedes  69I Want Some Metalcore/Deathcore Recs Like These BerryGarlicia  94
A week (+ a day) full of great live performances linguist2011  2(help) really high pitched power metal? alamo  9
NFC South BallsToTheWall  10rec Me Beach boys worship theNateman  20
Ranking Songs on 'M A N I A' FTM1234  6Nazzbbmn 2k18 Nazzadan  15
Metal albums with commentary OldCrime  8Soundtrack Recs 4 Hawks???? Hawks  56
Time Will Die... ranked Sinternet  11The Bad Seeds Ranked lz41  7
Rec me Rap/Hip-Hiop SONGS parkercr00k  19

2018 albums I rated 80% or higher Veldin  11Top 20 Sade album cuts (and a few B-sides) rmcrae  7
100th Album BaloneyPony  1Deweekly'18 / November 9th Dewinged  24
Never heard Queen DarkSideOfLucca  29vote Gestapo  6
how to melodeathy alamo  15Maybe Vote RadioheadIsOverrated  12
Don’t Vote! BallsToTheWall  19FUCKING VOTE Spec  729
How to Review an Album SowingSeason  15Deadly Sins REC COMP: Part 4 Bloon  27
Sowing's Week 10 Picks SowingSeason  25How do you guys review? bentheREDfan  22
low - double negative Cimnele  8Best gigs of 2017 JesperL  1
Bath vs Choirs Of The Eye Doibhin69  21

Catching up lyzakthellama  6Hoevember gryndstone  2
Best Band Covers Meridiu5  16I recommend this... cazzill  1
Xeno’s request and top 10 Xenophanes  13Recent Additions to My Vinyl Collection pt. 2 WoodeeX  1
Some digs elliootsmeuth  1Ranking Songs on 'Save Rock and Roll' FTM1234  4
No u seinfeldreruns  2Concerts of the past year DarkSideOfLucca  9
new.old Conmaniac  16nothing but black metal november 2018 TheSpirit  37
The Swedish Chainsaw (Boss HM-2 Pedal) G0atC0re  45I overtook Evohavok in ratings Jasdevi087  26

A discography of classical music. Featured AlexanderMR  46Songs that are tearjerkers for me. ReiniEden  1
What Hard Rock Used to be BerryGarlicia  28Deadly Sins REC COMP: Part 3 Bloon  20
Personal Ranking: Bullet For My Valentine Repsaj  12Rec Me Bad Music RadioheadIsOverrated  43
Let Me Rec You Something III | The Bad Rec Rises SandwichBubble  99Metal: Cult Classics Pt. XVIII Thalassic  10
Top Ten Extreme Metal Albums: 1987. StrikeOfTheBeast  19John Garcia - Best of His Collaborations JDubb  6
6 Years of TVC/LPFTW TVC15  16Trench RANKED tyman128  5
A Brand New Mixtape DaarrthVadr  2

Nobody in this site gives a fuck about U-ZIQ rodrigo90  16Prog No One Told Me About dfevil085  8
15 Favourite Albums Ikarus14  2Ariana Grande Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  20
2018 In Drum & Bass Featured Evok  496 months of nico's adoption alamo  6
Kid Cudi ReHMMMMMMMMMMed RadioheadIsOverrated  4top metal oof's 90470n573r01d5  0
Zeuzo Ranked EZLN  5My Hero Academia Underflow  42
11/3/18 Dino Land Dinosaur  18Radiohead Ranked DaarrthVadr  4
Gym Jams WoodeeX  7

Is "Metalcore" a meme on this site? 9Hammer  111Long time no see (Rec me 2018 stuff!) Hyperion1001  25
Favorite Pink Floyd Albums Ikarus14  36Top Ten Extreme Metal Albums: 1986 StrikeOfTheBeast  14
Concerts Closing Out 2018 thecheatisnotdead  4KD KD KD Marehelm  19
Best Metal albums of 2018's second quarter AntalWS  3Horror remakes ranked Middle18  18
5 Year Flugversary Flugmorph  22Smash Ultimate Newcomer Opinions GreyShadow  95

The Umbrella Genre Contest Round 5: Vintage Umbrella ArsMoriendi  59Top Jams-October Dedes  4
evelynn's metal playlist (league of legends) alamo  10Metallica Albums Ranked joshb9864  13
I went to a concert all alone and... LoLifant  42Loveless vs Souvlaki Doibhin69  70
Metallica Albums ranked thetempler  28End of October 3.5+s Nazzadan  6
IRON MAIDEN Top 10 Albums thetempler  12October 2018 resumé Papa Universe  12
"mathcore" Davyd120  3010 Best Metal of 2018 starboystargirl  2
Ranking My Demos Brabiz  0D Rose is back baby!!! Featured SpiritCrusher2  59
Check My Online Zine TheSpirit  17Good Metalcore BerryGarlicia  37
TIM HECKER LPs RANKED Hawks  22Bands Mentioned In Soulsucker To Date SoulsuckerZine  2

PTV: All Songs Ranked (with Lyrics) bgillesp  7official creepypasta competition 2018 sixdegrees  16
Treat Yo Self BallsToTheWall  13JustUni + Casual Conversation: November Featured Papa Universe  135
Halloween radio jams Dylan620  13Personal Ranking: Between the Buried and Me Repsaj  6
Personal Ranking: Avenged Sevenfold Repsaj  5The ABC of my favorite bands Repsaj  10
Some Dance Music WRYN  3Halloween Music goblinilbog  2
Sput's NOV 2018 Song of the Day Featured RunOfTheMill  124TENtative Sniff jams -18? Sniff  10
1,000 ratings - my top 75 albums! Demon of the Fall  21Help me find an album Mythodea  3
Halloween death metal playlist Atari  3Hey you!, what song are you listening to? rodrigo90  2
Favorite Albums of 2018 (So Far) WoodeeX  5Doof's '90s Deep Dive Obscure Song Digs Featured DoofDoof  25
Alice In Chains Albums Ranked joshb9864  192nd EP Zig  3
Best Songs of 2018 alamo  1Top Ten Extreme Metal Albums: 1985. StrikeOfTheBeast  3
Rec me some suicidal music garas  20Deweekly'18 / November 2nd Dewinged  32

[Round 1] Decode a Decade Rec Comp Drifter  74My Experimental Black Metal Demo Brabiz  21
jams ok madrigal30  3My Band's Demo is Out! pjquinones747  62
Sowing's Week 9 Picks SowingSeason  65Black Label Society Ranked joshb9864  7
Birthday Digs ExecutiveExecuterexe  9Albums I Just Bought BerryGarlicia  8
Favourites 00mee  1Boys Don't Cry 00mee  5
i added these alamo  17

Dio Albums Ranked joshb9864  7Saw Public Image Ltd last night widowslaugh123  3
Recent Digs RadioheadIsOverrated  5Top 10 - Postmodernism Zig  14
Top Ten Extreme Metal Albums: 1984 StrikeOfTheBeast  13Personal Soundtracks To Some Anime Lucman  3
Digs (Recs) [Albums] ~Music~ Rawmeeth38  3

1000 Ratings; 10/10 Songs neekafat  2410 Years of Zip: a Reflection ZippaThaRippa  16
Metal's maligned subgenres Thalassic  32(Frank) Ocean's 10 nolerthebowler  6
Ranking songs on 'American Beauty/American Psycho' FTM1234  3JP Firepower Tracklist Ranked BerryGarlicia  12
Top Ten Extreme Metal Albums 1981-1983 StrikeOfTheBeast  142018 Favourites blackmetalhipster  5
Pimping out my band thumbcrusher  11Twenty One Pilots, AWOLNATION, Max Frost Divaman  3
Mastodon Albums Ranked joshb9864  53

Buying a guitar -- advice/recs? Sevengill  80Albums I listened to today at work widowslaugh123  2
Deadly Sins REC COMP: Part 2 Bloon  36Underrated Dir En Grey Tracks JizzInMyPants  3
Finishing what I started (New album from me) Hurricanslash  1Metal: Cult Classics Pt. XVII Thalassic  12
2018 Worthy Metal Vamos  7noise rock GeorgeWBush  30
Fugazi Ranked SmashIsTheWay94  13M5+ granitenotebook  1
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Ranked WoodeeX  5Top 10 - Modernism Zig  2
Judas Priest Ranked IMO BerryGarlicia  25sputnik alts EXPOSED Tyler.  126

Ultimate Nine Inch Nails album goblinilbog  7Ultimate Linkin Park Album goblinilbog  11
Ultimate Type O Negative Album goblinilbog  5Those early 90's OSDM Demos Assemblage  8
every In Flames song rated alamo  13some of my favorite albums 2018 (so far) xenox  12
To Listen baldururikson  0Over the Garden Wall thecheatisnotdead  5
Album art that speaks volumes Featured Itsonlyme  32saw metallica last night TheSpirit  12
How to review an album: pt 6 pizzamachine  21Top 10 Prog/Tech/Brutal Death Metal zruF  4
Glam Era Pantera Ranked IMO BerryGarlicia  4Top 10 - Romanticism Zig  4
Cryptopsy Ranked BigPleb  6anyone wanna play fortnite with me YakNips  16
A List of Men Kaiwaz  278I Am Embarking On Young Dolph's Discog THVRTVVN  1
New song men Storm In A Teacup  21

Myles Oliver: Opio AnimalsAsSummit  4The Umbrella Genre Contest Round 4: Metal Patio Umbrella ArsMoriendi  58
20 Best Kanye Songs twlichty  2Favorite Instrumental Albums AeniasGaming  5
Favorite Albums of All Time AeniasGaming  8Personal Coheed and Cambria Album Ranking AeniasGaming  6
Personal Rise Against Album Ranking AeniasGaming  3Personal Periphery Album Ranking AeniasGaming  2
A440hz vs. A432hz Kaiwaz  33Groove Era Pantera Ranked IMO BerryGarlicia  12
Skinny Puppy BallsToTheWall  10A Lot Like Birds Ranked SineEclipse  1
Sowing's Week 8 Picks SowingSeason  24fennee's favourites fennee  0
Current Top Albums SpecialKLee  826 years of metal music zruF  15
Album coming in about 6 hours or so AnimalsAsSummit  19Deweekly'18 / October 26th Dewinged  46

ISIS RANKED HARD Hawks  135Nazz's best metal album each year 1970-2018 Nazzadan  31
Best Metal Album of Every Year 1970-2018 joshb9864  61Mystery Tape Project One LordHugoThePoet  1
Definitive Best Debut Metal Albums WoodeeX  23Best of Drudkh - Top 5 Kaninugle  6
halloween playlist + horror recs Keyblade  25Favorite Debut Albums MusicinaBox  9
00001 datacollapse  4Ranking Songs in 'The Black Parade' FTM1234  10
Nu metal ranked DarkSideOfLucca  53Terrible album covers StonesDoorsSabbath  59
Musical Artists Keith Richards Hates StonesDoorsSabbath  32song writing tips MyNameIsPencil  13
Haunting of Hill House - Important Question GhostB1rd  45Ranking the Marvel Netflix Series Divaman  23

Some Black Metal Albums That Rip WoodeeX  6this band sucks EZLN  20
Deweekly'18 / October 19th Dewinged  19Favorite Color TheSpaceMan  138
2018 Bass Grooves ZombieToyDuck  4Relinquished 10 Years of My Life... Relinquished  59
What's up with the artist pictures? Minushuman24  70Familiarize yourself with these black metallers Nazzadan  9
Best of Leviathan - Top 5 Kaninugle  0Metal: Cult Classics Pt. XVI Thalassic  16
Botb’s new demo botb  27Best of Jason Molina - Top 10 Kaninugle  3
Top 2017 Kaninugle  0Zao: A Discography Ranking Lucman  5
Kill Me Please; a Gig Diary 50iL  10

Two Basic Music Questions GetLow  61gag me hal1ax  32
Daredevil Season 3 rules DarkSideOfLucca  71Deadly Sins REC COMP: Part 1 Bloon  30
Help! I need new Metalcore/Post-hardcore! Thealwaysopenedmind  33Nu and Alt Metal are great. joshb9864  32
In Mahomes We Trust BallsToTheWall  12Pure Unbridled Filth WoodeeX  10
Top 10 - Classicism Zig  14I Listen to More Than 4 Bands OverkillFanBoy1980  57
Orchestras theNateman  5

Ranking Megadeth The Way I Want To OverkillFanBoy1980  0Never listened to Run The Jewels Mendross  22
Should I quit smoking weed JayEnder  313Ranking 2018 hip hop albums I've heard LebowskiRams  5
I need to buy yogurt Jasdevi087  37popular underrated albums alamo  3
¿Can We Just Be Friends? OverkillFanBoy1980  40sad news men Desdinova  27
Winter Is Coming (winter rock/metal) Zoomoo318  8Castlevania: Metroidvania Ranking beefshoes  7
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. XV Thalassic  13Top 10 - Baroque Zig  4

List is digs. AlexanderMR  11Halloween Franchise Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  8
James Hetfield vs. Dave Mustaine EZLN  133Music for comics Shuyin  9
Best Album Closers Kaiwaz  42Current Rotation blackmetalhipster  0
Music Video Recs GetLow  67you can't pump your own gas in new jersey? THVRTVVN  38
New Disturbed (REAL) Song Titles MyDixieRekt  33

Obscure classics Featured ComeToDaddy  51My Band's First Single Is Out! Insurrection  22
Halloween DarkSideOfLucca  32

The Umbrella Genre Contest Round 3: Oil-Paper Umbrella ArsMoriendi  68art rap GeorgeWBush  29
3-3-3 thousand L4titudes  35Ten Worst Songs of All Time Divaman  48
Hawks Non-Metal Best of 2018 Hawks  53Pick your poison Dedes  39
Tom Waits Ranked JasonCarne  7My Chemical Romance Ranked SineEclipse  27
Some shit I've been digging lately TheGoatFucker  4My favorite metalcore bands! ;) CugnoBrasso  0
Best Trailers Of All Time DarkSideOfLucca  16Best Metal Albums of 2017 WoodeeX  8
Metalcore Bands I Enjoy joshb9864  5Melvins rambling Featured Cimnele  21
16 filthiest in flames songs alamo  3

3rd year of sputnik, a decline. Aberf  30Well that's 2 years for me Dewinged  56
Bench Pressing BallsToTheWall  47Actual Good Metalcore TheGoatFucker  25
My Favorite Song From My Favorite Albums Part II hogan900  14thelamestallion's best post-rock albums of 2018 thelamestallion  3
AidanC97's Favourite Albums AidanC97  2AidanC97 AidanC97  0
systemblower's faves of 2013 systemblower  3Albums From 2003 That I Enjoy joshb9864  18
Worst Horror Remakes DarkSideOfLucca  155Top 50 Best Albums of All Time Scheumke  37
belated 2 year sputversary Rigma  8

4 years on this account Sinternet  13Good Metalcore WoodeeX  19
7 years here oltnabrick  12Horror Sequels Ranked DarkSideOfLucca  126
Albums I Loved Freshman Year SineEclipse  7Cram-tober pjquinones747  16
Sputnik Haunt SowingSeason  109old motherfuckers put out som of their dopest shit theacademy  7
Fall listens!! barlobs  2Five Years of Limited Music - Recs Needed Fortheloveofmusic  4
The Essential Grind IcierVeins  142 Years On Sput ExecutiveExecuterexe  2
Sowing's Week 7 Picks SowingSeason  42Top 15 The Black Dahlia Murder Songs G0atC0re  1
Top 15 Hands Like Houses Songs GreyShadow  6My Favorite Black Metal Albums Zoomoo318  7

Unsung women of R&B and soul, Pt. 2 Featured rmcrae  77 years! Minushuman24  5
October first half 3.5s+ Nazzadan  15Eight Years on Sput Butkuiss  14
Deweekly'18 / October 12th Dewinged  19Songs About Broken People Divaman  12
Anaal Nathrakh- An Album Retrospective IcierVeins  8top ten best artists of ALL TIME theacademy  17
[Untitled] Lyrics SowingSeason  18ottobre PanRella  1
Top 10 - 2000's Zig  5

MC Melody and Falsetto Deborah Ranked alamo  0Mostly Melancholic Bullshit Bloodhail  3
Recommend me bad music. AlexanderMR  93Rec me some heavy drone garas  7
The Haunting of Hill House Divaman  7Actual Break-Up Albums Tb1114  9
Killswitch Engage Ranked joshb9864  12hello men Desdinova  68
CD Collection II ThrashVortex  1

Sonder: Explained BeyondCosby  11A List By Phantom Phantom  2
Great Album Closers dmp3131  22Djang0’s Brockhampton Top 30 Djang0  0
Best Covers Ever Kaiwaz  46Best and Worst of 2018.... so far tyman128  17
Neek's Hip Hop 5s and 4.5s neekafat  32CiLiCe: Ranked 9Hammer  5

Drifter's Hip Hop 5's and 4.5's Drifter  20CD Collection I ThrashVortex  1
dichotomous digs TheSpirit  4in flames similar artists ranked: the re-up alamo  1
A mwY Mixtape SowingSeason  16The Roots ranked ilovewhiskey  9
Top 10 - 90's Zig  8Long albums I love to death goblinilbog  4
Records For The Rain Lucman  3Obscure Prog Metal Recommendations Casavir  49
Summoning Ranked Zoomoo318  5

The Umbrella Genre Contest Round 2: Under Rihanna's Umbrella ArsMoriendi  61Quill's Fall LP's ripquill  0
HAWKS’ TOP 25 HIP-HOP ALBUMS Hawks  91Covers That Surpass the Original Rowhaus  39
Kylie Fever Kaiwaz  48All songs on my 5s ranked johnnydeking29  14
Favorite albums out of 2018 so far ReiniEden  1The Magic of Pop Punk scoopitypoop  37
Sowing's Week 6 Picks SowingSeason  63Kanye Ranked Korocore  10
Radiohead Ranked Korocore  3Which of your 1s has the highest average? swipenet  51
a "top 10+1 black metal SONGS" list garas  1Radiohead b-sides ranked Trifolium  23
Rainy day albums TheSpirit  12Top 10 - 80's Zig  4
Which of your 5s have the lowest averages? swipenet  36Deweekly'18 / October 5th Dewinged  12
in flames similar artists albums ranked 2010+ alamo  26

Sputnik Retirement Announcement SitarHero  16The unsung women of R&B and soul rmcrae  8
Neek's 1st Listen: TØP's "Trench" neekafat  10Check out my new album "Good Morning" sugarcubes  21
My Favorite Albums of 2018 so far (unsorted) TatremyMusic  5Kylie Ranked gryndstone  30
Top 25 Cursive songs widowslaugh123  17Recs for incoming seasonal depression guitardude594  7
CHECK MY PODCAST TheSpirit  15Top 10 - 70's Zig  13

October random  4Best Radiohead Albums (So Objective it Hurts) rdawg20  12
Best Kanye Albums (Definitive/200% Objective) rdawg20  2My Experimental Black Metal Track Brabiz  9
Sepulturaaa karagiannis1908  18Teen Dream vs Bloom Doibhin69  12
Ranking OneRepublic Albums FTM1234  1Misery Signals Albums Ranked GetLow  19
Reviewing the Halloween series Featured ButtBoy  81Top 10 - 60's Zig  4
underrated melodeath digs alamo  927 Worst black metal albums I've heard Nazzadan  31

City and Colour Ranked ErocktheGreatest  2Second Sput-versary CharacterMusings  0
Vidya Gaem Jams Saros  6Album Listening To Do List: Part 1 ZombieToyDuck  21
Ideas for Discog Reviews? Kompys2000  7ole 90s shit AcidCaravan  3
63 Yards! BallsToTheWall  2list is digs Tyler.  14
A Ranking of Trench FTM1234  3Distorting the acoustic in metal(+progrock extras) Featured lalchimiste  40
'eighteen update Conmaniac  21Queens of the Stone Age Ranked WoodeeX  7

rec me antifascist stuff alamo  135Check Out My (Mathcore) Band jmh886  7
2018 metal recs plz Atari  32Top 10 - 50's Zig  4
Favorite Albums of the 1960s Divaman  8

Queen Albums Ranked. KGB777  5cocktober gryndstone  23
top 20 c[o]h[eed]oruses Featured Rowan5215  56[Untitled]/[untitled] Ranked SowingSeason  15
1000 comments, top 25 fav. albums UpwardSpiral  10

wyd betray  32My favorite one album artists rmcrae  9
BLACK METAL jams new list OBSCVRE zaruyache  8men i have purchase the drums Desdinova  18
sadcore/slowcore recs Mort.  27Odds to Win Series Divaman  93
A dilemma & SLAYER BenThatsMyJamin  26Trivium Albums Ranked joshb9864  8
2018 faves so far theNateman  6A Star is Born Analysis ZombieToyDuck  16
Thangs I Need thecheatisnotdead  6Best Rolo Tomassi tracks johnnydeking29  7

The Umbrella Genre Contest Featured ArsMoriendi  58Album That piss alamo  7
Thank You Kaiwaz  35I’m in New Orleans Halfman  13
sick bby sharkshanna  5top 55 Alternative and Nu metal albums SuicycoManiac7  4
Sniff has nine eyes -18 Sniff  11Greatest Piece of Music Ever Written CaptainDooRight  6
autumn albums pls BMDrummer  14Bands That Were Couples Zig  15
Your Lowest Rated 5’s Djang0  65

mewithoutYou's [untitled] ranked (EP & LP) furpa  11Favorite Hip Hop Albums 2018 AlphaGoon  14
Favorite Metalcore Albums 2018 AlphaGoon  16Neek's Q3 2018: Albums neekafat  13
Judging Books By Their Covers 9Hammer  3Listen to my ambient album! Featured insomniac15  15
Rec me Melodeath albums parkercr00k  23Top 25 Records blackmetalhipster  8
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