Music Lists
plane's mid-flight review, 2018 plane 9 Month Game of Catchup (April and May 2018) BlazinBlitzer 
Good music that ya might not have heard TimothyCharles beautiful rocks, inviting hard places (17/6/2018) verdant 
World Cup 2018 macman76 an inexplicable urge to dance alone Winesburgohio 
TOM VERLAINE: Don't you forget us #17 Papa Universe E3 2018 ramon. 
Season2 Finale: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff Guess that Sputniker 2018 indieghost 
Best Metal albums of 2018's first quarter AntalWS Staff Fantasy Power Rankings theacademy 

DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT 9 vs 10 TheGuy  92009 Top Thirty Albums RocknMetal  0
My thoughts on Death Grips leatherrebel  3Best Metal Album For Every Year Since 1970 WoodeeX  1

Popular Bands that I HATE MyDixieRekt  66Greatest Album Ever? Doibhin69  10
NeekaFilms neekafat  33Best Metal album since 1990 BankZZ  2
Pablo Honey- Best Radiohead Song Contest Zeuzo  17Microsoft Excel Help Needed (URGENT) Papa Universe  34
hadriel's Favorite 30 Albums of 2018 hadriel  1Best Metal Album of Each Year Since 1980 Hobocanadian  6
Weezer Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  12Worst Song on In Rainbows Feather  43
Music Survivor: Deftones Pt. 4 ConcubinaryCode  37Mid 2018 BlackTaxi2d  2
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT 7 vs 8 - UNQUESTIONABLE PRESENCE TheGuy  242010 Top Forty Albums RocknMetal  2
Anyone got a Switch? JigglyPDiddy  10Neek's 1st Listen: Panic!'s "Pray for the Wicked" neekafat  11
What's Your Drink? BallsToTheWall  92

Rec me Jazz Thealwaysopenedmind  5Death Grips ranked widowslaugh123  12
Bring Me The Horizon - Ranked InFiction  5Just released a new album Sevengill  6
Metal Snares "Do's" and "Donts" RevBranchDavidian  26Describe Sput community with one album Aiwaz  61
Selling Book of Opeth CalculatingInfinity  34Music Survivor: Deftones Pt. 3 ConcubinaryCode  47
Which Artist Has Had the Greatest Hot Streak? lz41  63Fall Out Boy Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  23
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT 5 vs 6 - CLANDESTINE TheGuy  292011 Top Thirty Albums RocknMetal  1

Every horror film I own DarkSideOfLucca  27I Gots the Blues wakeupdead  0
The Top Tier: My Favorite Metal JDubb  9Spotify Idea Exchange Feather  10
Linkin Park Ranked (Including Side Progects) BankZZ  14Beers of the States ZombieToyDuck  49
Wu-Tang Clan Discography Run Switchez  12plane's mid-flight review, 2018 Featured plane  16
RED Ranked tyman128  5Shopping List thecheatisnotdead  4
Music Survivor: Deftones Pt. 2 ConcubinaryCode  32new single from this band that i play in it's grea verdant  7
Kid Cudi Ranked (+KSG) RadioheadIsOverrated  10DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT 3 vs 4 - MENTAL FUNERAL TheGuy  24
awesome drums Bobshat  162012 Top Twenty Albums RocknMetal  1
Best Live Albums Ever Doibhin69  199 Month Game of Catchup (April and May 2018) Featured BlazinBlitzer  7

Frank Digs Jazz wham49  4My CD Collection, Part 2 Supercoolguy64  0
in a slump Ryus  18Y'all need noise ThyCrossAwaits  9
Music Survivor: Deftones Pt. 1 ConcubinaryCode  61No Expletives! A Rec Competition Round 6 ZombieToyDuck  25
Depeche Mode ranked ('83 - '05) Demon of the Fall  15Guess That Sputniker #5 indieghost  30
Regina Spektor Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  15Good albums with a Bad production job BankZZ  20
DoofusW reviewing account: end of an error DoofusWainwright  591000 hit club theacademy  5
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT 1 vs 2 - LEPROSY TheGuy  332013 Top Twenty Albums RocknMetal  5
The Big Reveal KingDweedle  12Music Survivor:DGD Results ConcubinaryCode  16
Summer of Prog Discovery M4 Friday13th  50

Lucman's Mid-year Favourites Lucman  0Round 3: Sharkattacks Continental Rec Tournament Sharkattack  45
As I Lay Dying Ranked ErocktheGreatest  49 Month Game of Catchup (Dec. 2017 - March 2018) BlazinBlitzer  4
brokeNCYDE ranked hii915  30St. Anger ranked MondayTuesday  13
Neek'd: La Dispute neekafat  17SUDDYS FAVORITE MOMENTS IN MUSIC PT. 3 suddykilljaywalkers  2
Metallica Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  4Kanye West Ranked BankZZ  25
Summer Heat BallsToTheWall  4New Single from Our Upcoming Album oisincoleman64  2
Good music that ya might not have heard Featured TimothyCharles  10Three Days Grace Ranked (plus MDD and SA) RadioheadIsOverrated  17
First Review TheWonderSoFar  7Top 3 Most Underrated Bands Ever Limbo  4
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 12 - OBSCURA TheGuy  322014 Top Ten Albums RocknMetal  1
Top 10 Deafheaven Songs TronaldDump  7pissed off thugged out Supercoolguy64  2
Favorite grunters in music widowslaugh123  3

show me some good 2018 stuff oltnabrick  119 Month Game of Catchup (Sept. - Nov. 2017) BlazinBlitzer  6
Panic! At The Disco Albums Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  15beautiful rocks, inviting hard places (17/6/2018) Featured verdant  11
trippin' TheManMachine  5DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 11 - LEFT HAND PATH TheGuy  35
BLACK SABBATH ranked by Metal Archives Allergist  16

June 1st-15th 3.5s + Nazzadan  9My Formative Years: Late 80's and Early 90's JDubb  3
Neek'd: Primus neekafat  12Slayer + Insomnium (Orlando) Xenorazr  4
Recent Additions to My Vinyl Collection WoodeeX  2Linkin Park Ranking (plus Mike's Solo Albums) RadioheadIsOverrated  23
Top 10 G.O.O.D. Music Tracks of 2018 RadioheadIsOverrated  4Top 5 Most Overrated Projects of 2018 So Far RadioheadIsOverrated  14
Gorillaz Album Ranking RadioheadIsOverrated  5Eminem Album Ranking RadioheadIsOverrated  5
[generic Kanye Album Ranking] TM RadioheadIsOverrated  13Alcest ranked BlackwaterPork  19
My Top 5 Albums of 2018 So Far RadioheadIsOverrated  9DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 10 - NECROTICISM TheGuy  22
THIS WEEK! goblinilbog  1

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun: Double Albums JDubb  7Every QOTSA Song Ranked SmashIsTheWay94  15
Octopath Traveler botb  3top 20 kid cudi tracks GmemberKills  7
Oasis or Blur Doibhin69  142000s myspace core foxblood  44
Thick Niggas and Anime Tiddies BurnMyThighs  15Bands Whose 4th Album = Best? Zeuzo  27
The Treasure Trove Tranqyl  02018.5: Halfway There SowingSeason  21
Thousand Foot Krutch Ranked bentheREDfan  4Guess That Spuntiker #4 indieghost  56
Doof's 2018 Half Way Jamboree DoofusWainwright  34Vinyl Collection 2018 (so far) Zig  12
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 9 - MAJESTY AND DECAY TheGuy  172015 Top Ten Albums RocknMetal  5
All Dolled Up BallsToTheWall  9

Deweekly'18 / June 15th Dewinged  19Future Classic Bands You Should Check ZombieToyDuck  25
Which Actor/Actress is your Role Model Aiwaz  63Portishead or Massive Attack Doibhin69  41
Bands Whose 3rd Album = Best? Zeuzo  63DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 8 - SCREAM BLOODY GORE TheGuy  18
CON X PAPA: Con's Side Conmaniac  133CON X PAPA: Papa's side Papa Universe  145
2016 Top Ten Albums RocknMetal  1Summarise Your Musical Taste G0atC0re  23
World Cup 2018 Featured macman76  766

Favourite 2018 releases so far jaydtd  2Life's Soundtrack BallsToTheWall  3
Top 10 of 2016 jaydtd  0NYC tom79  19
1993 origrinspun  0The Butcher Brainwash butcherboy  66
Here in After vs. Mortal Throne of Nazarene Assemblage  13Help needed Mythodea  11
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 7 - UNQUESTIONABLE PRESENCE TheGuy  53The Last 100 DoofusWainwright  69
Bands Whose Sophomore = Best? Zeuzo  45

an inexplicable urge to dance alone Featured Winesburgohio  231001 Albums You Must Neek Before You Die (Part 1) neekafat  20
Top 10 of 2017 jaydtd  1The Impossible Kid Ranked PitchforkArms  2
TOM VERLAINE: Don't you forget us #17 Featured Papa Universe  23NEED 2017 RECOMMENDATIONS HELP combatwounds  9
E3 2018 - Games I'm Excited For DORBUSCUS  15Bands Whose Debut = Best? Zeuzo  65

Bright Recs CharacterMusings  4Summer of Prog Discovery M3 Friday13th  92
Guess That Sputniker #3 indieghost  73Super Switch Bros Smash nolerthebowler  143
FAMILY FODDER: Don't you forget us #16 Papa Universe  11Sputnik Feuding BallsToTheWall  20
Top 15 Third Eye Blind IamInExile  10Albums to Prep for Warped 2018 DropTune  19
E3 2018 Featured ramon.  371Favorite Metal Albums of 2005 Casavir  10

Top Songs of 2018 (So Far) TheMonster  3Devil May Cry 5 jesterhead92  62
Discovering the Waterfront Ranked GetLow  20Season2 Finale: Annihilation Recommendation Nation Featured tacos n stuff  14
Guess That Sputniker #2 indieghost  1412018 Half Way House deezer666  14
Top 10 Favorite Albums of All Time (2018 Edition) Slowburner  2Camel - Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven: 8/6/2018 Nagrarok  9
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 4 - SEVEN CHURCHES TheGuy  32My 10 formative death metal albums Madbutcher3  2
User-made Post-punk Greem  6NEED METALCORE DIGS combatwounds  12

Owl City- Cinematic bentheREDfan  5Guess that Sputniker 2018 Featured indieghost  43
Industrial Metal: A Marriage Made In... JDubb  11Rec me your current fav L4titudes  63
went to a market this weekend..... spongie68  01994 origrinspun  0
Noonday Dream Ranked SowingSeason  122017 Favorites kx8  2
Top 10 albums all time theacademy  9Best Metal albums of 2018's first quarter Featured AntalWS  10
Top 10 albums all time carpenternoot  4every person who downvotes kd is a musical pleb AnimalsAsSummit  47
Lucid's Electronic Digs IV Lucid  19DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 3 - MENTAL FUNERAL TheGuy  20
Hereditary brainmelter  27Deweekly'18 / June 8th Dewinged  18
Round 2: Sharkattacks Continental Rec Tournament Sharkattack  57Season2 Rnd15: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  9

What languages does sputnik speak? Doctuses  143Favourite of 2018 so far carpenternoot  1
Aiwaz's 70's/80's/90's Rock Binge Aiwaz  19Making Sangria BallsToTheWall  9
Desperate need for shoe/blackgaze recs Ninjahague  19Season2 Rnd14: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  13
Albums I'm Excited For 2018 DORBUSCUS  12halloween (2018) trailer pypypymble  49
My fascination of liking bad albums. rodrigo90  45DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 2 - NONE SO VILE TheGuy  33
RIP Bourdain Relinquished  30Bluetooth Battles grannypantys  2
Irish music recs for Doofy DoofusWainwright  60Sauce RANKED [gone sexual] ramon.  15
1995 origrinspun  0

Thoughts on My Hero Academia? Muppelope  174 TheSpaceMan 01011  6
DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT group 1 - LEPROSY TheGuy  46In Flames ranked Aiwaz  30
lunch TheManMachine  1Underrated/Underappreciated Albums mindleviticus  4
albums on my phone, atm garas  3Drudkh Ranked Hawks  36
[Album Ranking] Darkness on the Edge of Town Hendoi  7Great Album Art Pt. 2 Sinternet  13
Roommate finally released 1st album! Feather  3

Season2 Rnd13: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  14Staff Fantasy Power Rankings Featured theacademy  27
PS4 Exclusives DORBUSCUS  45best drummer out of these 4? [2] TheGuy  37
15 Favorite Album Covers StarsDie  10please don't be nnegative on my profile thasnks TheWrenKing  18
Seeing Dance Gavin Dance live tonight! HELLL YESSS TheSpirit  16No Expletives! A Rec Competition Round 5 ZombieToyDuck  95
1996 origrinspun  0Geosinect & Methods of Its Growth AnimalsAsSummit  4
the most beautiful things 01011  49Need Gym Recs SitruK6  31
Lucman's Yellowcard Ranking Featured Lucman  20Female Vocals (no matter the genre) (pls rec) melltuga  49
Dangers - Ranked InFiction  0My favorite albums of the third millennium DefOs  6

Where would you be without this site? ConcubinaryCode  32Best Southern-Tinged Heavy Rock/Metal Bands JDubb  23
best drummer out of these 4? TheGuy  26Tonight We Ride.... BallsToTheWall  3
G T S Conmaniac  251997 origrinspun  0
chi parla italiano? Doctuses  67Rec Butcher Anything.. butcherboy  28
The Mars Volta Albums Ranked TheWalkinDude  38New Claustrophobia song SAPoodle  4

Summer of Prog Discovery M2 Featured Friday13th  108Top 10 PS4 Games I've Played DORBUSCUS  99
Cobra Kai Aiwaz  40Season2 Rnd12: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  19
RUN RUN RUN.. butcherboy  30Road Trip Jams calmrose  8
'Fun' Info about The First Requisite Is Life TimothyCharles  11billy corgan calls in sick for halloween (4/6/18) Featured verdant  30
1998 origrinspun  0Best of 2017 Gbhill  4
Rec dungeon synth Darius  30

Metal Poisoning KingDweedle  11Sharkattacks continental rec tournament Sharkattack  96
Album of the Decade? Featured Divaman  293Need Bass ultrainstinctgranny  5
Unknown Post-Punk #2 Featured Papa Universe  25New album coming in a week, homies AnimalsAsSummit  10
My Vinyl Collection So Far (Part 3) WoodeeX  5Jonathan Davis- Black Labyrinth bentheREDfan  1
Top 10 Soundtracks JDubb  18Ranked Gavin Ranked Featured coldheaven  129
Top 10 Albums (1960-2017) Gmsod  8Porks rec of the week mk.2 BlackwaterPork  5
FLCL Progressive Flugmorph  14my top 10 albums vulgardisplayofogre  2
1999 but actually it's just Scenes from a Memory origrinspun  0budg vinyl cat p2 budgie  4
budg vinyl cat p1 budgie  5

Paramore albums ranked xxpizzasrlifexx  2great moments of bad films Papa Universe  60
Family Barbecue LordHugoThePoet  7Underrated rock (derivatives) albums of the decade Couteau  9
Big Bloon Rec Comp: THE FLIPPIN' FINALE Bloon  14[Round 2] Drift's Rec Comp Drifter  34
Sniffson Five the -18 jams Featured Sniff  20sports update Featured theacademy  40
Upcoming Metal Album + New Single mindleviticus  3My Vinyl Collection So Far (Part 2) WoodeeX  14
2018 origrinspun  0Top 10 Deathcore Albums Of All Time GetLow  52
Star Wars Ranking SitarHero  72

My Toto Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  10My Vinyl Collection So Far (Part 1) WoodeeX  5
May 2018 resumé Papa Universe  8Season2 Rnd11: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  17
Chorti's Summer of Endless House Featured Chortles  13Gameofmetal makes a Deathcore EP Gameofmetal  12
Favorites of 2018 travisbickle36  0My Top 2018 Albums So Far DropTune  5
5 favorite motorhead albums TheGuy  4May 2: This Time It's Personal Nazzadan  5
The '59 Sound Ranked BroFro  14JustJones + The Casual Conversations (JUNE) Featured DinosaurJones  257
Can’t sleep Sharkattack  8Brand New Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  34
Bone Thugs Ranked Hawks  22Drifter's 2018 Points of Interest 2 Drifter  1

Converge Ranked WoodeeX  24Slipknot Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  17
No Expletives! A Rec Competition Round 4 ZombieToyDuck  61Best albums of 2018 so far JesperL  4
Rec me spazzy bands Veldin  21Looking for metal and hard rock recommendations WRYN  36
Repurposing Genres AsleepInTheBack  7Big Bloon Rec Comp: Round Five (Semi-Finals) Bloon  12
Some Good Non-Metal amakir  5Some Good Metal amakir  2
350th review SowingSeason  242017 origrinspun  0
Deweekly'18 / June 1st Dewinged  29Black Malachite EP Stream (Classical / Metalcore) BlackMalachite  26

Sowing's 2018 Song Machine SowingSeason  16Sput's JUN 2018 Song of the Day Featured ArsMoriendi  234
Been a while.. 2018 so far. Featured Adabelle  15i miss my doomjitsu account pypypymble  13
2016 origrinspun  0another black metal list garas  4
28 Songs for the Sophisticated Fuccboi Featured Arcade  13Israeli Music Torontonian  19

love is a lie (Neek's Blues 3) neekafat  55Top 20 The Doors ToT720  8
Top 20 Kendrick Lamar ToT720  13Top 10 Rock Albums of the 2000s WoodeeX  12
Tips on Combating Loneliness pjquinones747  55Favourite 2 Minute Songs ThePacifist  10
Diabolical Summoning vs. Dark Recollections Assemblage  162015 origrinspun  8
My top 50 Death Metal Albums Confined123  9Summer of Prog Discovery M1 Friday13th  98

Unknown Post-Punk #1 Featured Papa Universe  51Season2 Rnd10: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  26
Big Bloon Rec Comp: Round Four Bloon  43Yellowcard's Final Discography Ranking SowingSeason  84
black metal demos pt. V m/ foxblood  20Every Album On My Phone R-# DORBUSCUS  41
Black Malachite Goes Harsh Noise BlackMalachite  100Core Collision:Northlane vs Invent Animate KingDweedle  21
Summer of Prog Preliminary Friday13th  69Enter Shikari: Ranked from worst to best kalkwiese  22
Best albums of 2014 origrinspun  8first list/current jams crownh8  4
neat stuff i added to the db Featured Rigma  19

I JUST MADE MY FIRST SONG!!! TyroneMalkmus  8Hypnotize/Mezmerize Assemblage  23
200 Greatest Albums of the 90's (200-101) BlaireCoucher  13Who is the best reviewer? Sharkattack  40
Please recommend TheSpaceMan some music TheSpaceMan  105Best albums of 2013 origrinspun  1
A$AP Rocky meets Aesop Rock Veldin  3

200 Greatest Albums of the 90s (100-1) BlaireCoucher  10First 25 Albums Divaman  24
my favorite albums of 2018 LethalPaintball  4New Allelic EP out (folk/black metal) TheGreenMan  6
Isildurs Bane Albums Ranked loulou  110 songs which show why Limp Bizkit don't suck cazzill  25
Best albums of 2012 origrinspun  0Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ranked Jasdevi087  98
How I interpret user ratings DoofusWainwright  196

Hoobastank- Push Pull bentheREDfan  3Sadistik ranked Nero  3
Favorite albums, rec me! Seppinjo  18Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Setlist Prediction charbyno  22
My favourite psychedelic electronic albums so far y87arrow  0No Expletives! A Rec Competition Round 3 ZombieToyDuck  90
My Top 2017 Albums DropTune  10just lock your jaws against my skin already pypypymble  3
Mort.'s 2018 so far Mort.  10Porks rec of the week mk.1 BlackwaterPork  12
Music That Gets You Pumped AF! G0atC0re  19Boris Ranked Meridiu5  5

Great Album Art Part 1 Sinternet  11Deweekly'18 / May 25th Dewinged  26
Every Album On My Phone H-P DORBUSCUS  8Top 12 hiphop loulou  3
Best Lil Peep Tracks MyShadow  34Season 2 Rnd 9: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  39
Post-2010 Rock SowingSeason  20Sputnik's Favourite Albums Zeuzo  111
Best albums of 2011 origrinspun  11Slam/Brutal Death Without the Shit Vocals? G0atC0re  12
Favorite Albums Ever (51-75) TheWalkinDude  1Big Bloon Rec Comp: Round Three Bloon  49

80s Sonic Youth Ranked ArsMoriendi  8Best albums of 2010 origrinspun  0
Hawks' Psychedelic/Prog Rock/Post-Punk Rec Extravaganza Featured Hawks  181Rec me Canadian metal RunOfTheMill  27
Top 12 hiphop Boivin  3Swancore Recs? BenCee  13
Aggretsuko Rowhaus  29No Expletives! A Rec Competition Round 2 ZombieToyDuck  101
Every Album On My Phone A-G DORBUSCUS  16My Workout Playlist KManoc1  32
Looking for albums of a certain sound... IcelandRevel  12Best Female Rap Albums: Cream of the Crop discovolante  19

Awesome album covers Zoomoo318  8After 360 Albums, my 36 favorite songs siIverspawn  16
2018 albums ranked (May) DORBUSCUS  26Favorite Albums Ever (26-50) TheWalkinDude  5
Space / Cosmic Black Metal: The Best Zoomoo318  29No Expletives! A Rec Competition ZombieToyDuck  129
checking in (22/5/2018) Featured verdant  27After The Burial. Ranked. G0atC0re  2

Bands That Know How 2 Rock BallsToTheWall  7Top 10 China Miéville Papa Universe  7
Skindred- Big Tings bentheREDfan  5Favorite Albums Ever (1-25) Featured TheWalkinDude  15
Summer Came Early zoso33  0New. This is what I’m into IAmArt  2
Thou ranked BlackwaterPork  49how to italicize in reviews? Doctuses  9
Season 2 Rnd 8: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  31Pick Your Death CompostCompote  28
Rec Me Black Metal Covers of Non-Metal Songs JLR2DEG  9Top 10 Stephen King Rowan5215  120
Top 10 Favorite Albums ClassicJaguar  17Rock on the Range 2018 TheGreatQ  1
2018 so far (what have I missed) ellagos  8Autechre - NTS favorite traks Avagantamos  6
Trying to Get Into Music Armadillos12  37

Best albums under a 3/5 rating Allergist  42songs of 2018 so far Lucid  9
Some of the Greatest Lyrics siIverspawn  41,000 Ratings Drifter  16
Best albums of 2009 origrinspun  1R.I.P High School TheMrAlexK  8
Snide's Best of 2018 So Far BlackMalachite  56Iced Earth Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  0
Best Metal Albums of the 80s WoodeeX  3The true biography of Albert Einstein CugnoBrasso  5
Perfect sounding Albums stealjohnny  1Every Norma Jean song ranked TooManyFriends  25
Favorite albums 1950-2017 gagnonov  14

Phinehas Ranked splinter  1Dedes- KingDweedle  85
Big Bloon Rec Comp: Round Two Bloon  53black metal demos pt. IV m/ foxblood  2
Black Malachite's Jet Black Ice BlackMalachite  25FFDP- ...And Justice For None bentheREDfan  21

Rec me non core music splinter  14Summer Jamz brosephmcbrah  2

Brand New LPs Ranked Worst to Best Lucman  20Big Bloon Rec Comp: Round One Featured Bloon  97
Deweekly'18 / May 18th Dewinged  1510 Days: Impactful Albums Still Rotating JDubb  0
Awesome Albums With Less Than 100 votes Featured TheWonderSoFar  23Linkin Park Ranked from worst to best goblinilbog  22
Star Wars: The Clone Wars My Favorite Episodes TundraL5Z  7Season 2 Rnd 6: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  31
2001-2017 splinter  11Corey Feldman Truth Movement ranked LeftyMcRighty  5
Linkin Park Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  33Favorite Songs of All Time ampharos4life  7
Tech Rec TrveBarbarian  8OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS.. butcherboy  117
Core Collision: Norma Jean vs The Chariot KingDweedle  22theacademys decade so far theacademy  16
sputlurkmusic ultrainstinctgranny  17

Current Favorite Albums of All Time WoodeeX  13songs that reference TheManMachine  3
underrated comp alienobserver  530 favorite bands of all time chemicalkid44  23
OutKast ranked MyShadow  12Bands that we've lost splinter  36
My Top 10 Westerns BallsToTheWall  21SAtH vs Salvation BlackwaterPork  22
Question Mark Bug: Workaround Featured SowingSeason  30How to review an album: pt 4 pizzamachine  14
black metal demos pt. III m/ foxblood  11Muse Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  19
Oddnodd combustion07  6The Sword albums ranked Dwap  5

What I've Listened a Decade Ago splinter  3Record Purchases BallsToTheWall  14
Updated Favorite Album Covers 2 BaloneyPony  1BRUTAL ALBUM ART!!!111!!!!!! temptationFruit  15
Children of Bodom albums ranked NordicNorth  14Northern Invasion Was Fantastic TheWonderSoFar  12
Core Collision: Converge vs The Dillinger Escape P KingDweedle  60Need help! JesperL  12
May first half 3.5s Nazzadan  7Problems with Listening to Music dfevil085  13
Goo Goo Dolls Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  2Best Modest Mouse Doibhin69  27
Crooked system Papa Universe  84Top 10 Albums inherentkev  5

Underappreciated ABBA Jams Lucman  5My Top Ten Favorite Albums CurtisKaiju  9
hxc splinter  14Metal: Ladies in the House Stand Up! JDubb  13
"Classical" music competition discovery round 2 Jasdevi087  6Glenn Branca Discography Run SandwichBubble  6
Best Sludge Metal Albums of All Time WoodeeX  7Some Cult Movies for Y'all.. butcherboy  14
RIP Glenn Branca Featured Zig  14I've got a Black Metal album coming out BandNewbac  20
Coroner wanked BlackwaterPork  4Of Mice And Men Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  4
Sowing's Decade So Far Featured SowingSeason  66Black Malachite Space Opera Tracklist BlackMalachite  25
This site is a cancer Demon of the Fall  74Favorite Thrash Songs Ebola  6

August Burns Red Ranked splinter  69Season 2 Rnd 5: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  56
TVC Rec Comp/Tourney Round 1 TVC15  49Deweekly'18 / May 11th Dewinged  17
Disheveled AsleepInTheBack  0Favorite Albums mitchman98  2
Favorite ABBA Songs Zig  8Great Jazz Albums of 2018 so far loulou  3
Sum 41 Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  21Core collision: Counterparts vs Misery Signals KingDweedle  33

Neek's 1st Listen: AM's "Tranquility Base" neekafat  12Progressive thrash metal Allergist  9
Since I Left You vs Discovery Doibhin69  6Beastie Boys ranked Sharkattack  6
Best Thrash Albums Ever Made IMO WoodeeX  41A Day To Remember Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  4
[Season 2] soon enough... Aberf  26Stop posting "top" lists and disabling comments VaxXi  14
enter electronic underground (3) Zeneren  8My Top 50 bands of all time y87arrow  0
All Counterparts Songs Ranked splinter  36craziest guitar solos? Allergist  23

An Offering: Vinyl Transfers [flac/mp3] Frippertronics  19Season 2 Rnd 4: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  44
My Top 30 System of a Down songs JasmineRodriguez101  0Random 20 Trip Hop Jewels melomANiaKk  7
Top 50 Metal Bands and Album tysly  0Blink-182 Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  11
Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked patterson29  16God Save the Core splinter  1
black metal demos pt. II m/ foxblood  38Mayday, Mayday thecheatisnotdead  1
I Want To Go Back To College BlackMalachite  36i'm in dire need of new music SweeneyTodd  6

Atmosphere Counts splinter  8Stuff I'm excited for goblinilbog  0
Hot jams extravaganza KingDweedle  10Metal albums that end on a piano lick GetLow  22
Memphis Underground Juntz combustion07  1I love you all Aiwaz  92
The Fuck Alcohol Happy Hour oldmilwaukee  9South Bound Saurez pissbore  12
Underrated 2018 releases JesperL  8Mat Kearney: CRAZYTALK Ranked Lucman  0
Season 2 Rnd 3: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  55

Rap Metal: Don't be a Hater JDubb  27dropped a new track tunatown  5
from me to you - 55 songs.. Featured butcherboy  17Sad times Aiwaz  10
Last Try to Revive splinter  7A Kid Shit on my Store Floor and a Dog Attacked BlackMalachite  36
Searching for perfection LouBreed  4So I made a video about my favorite metal albums TheWalkinDude  4
2018 AsleepInTheBack  9Pain of Salvation: Ranked Zoomoo318  2
Best & Worst Things About Infinity War (Spoilers!) Divaman  31movies albums KevinGoldfinger  0

Dire Straits albums ranked. zork1222  2Bill & Ted 3 Confirmed!!!! OwMySnauze  32
Pop Punk Recs splinter  33Gimmie Grooves AsleepInTheBack  14
Top 100 most played songs on Apple Music DORBUSCUS  44Rec me classic Metal with good riffage! dtsanchez  20
Rec me funk Sharkattack  15"Clart" music competition discovery round 1 Jasdevi087  8

Masic Taste Evolution As You Age TheWonderSoFar  36More like BORED Games brosephmcbrah  80
S/T for a movie not yet made LeftyMcRighty  16Metal to the End.... BallsToTheWall  8
important west coast psych albums ElviGemini  2Metallica Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  17
Season 2 Rnd 2: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos n stuff  72The Amity Affliction Ranked splinter  14
Deweekly'18 / April 27th Dewinged  16[Round 1] Drift's Rec Comp Drifter  216

Boards of canada ranked Tyler.  28Angra Ranked Meridiu5  10
black metal recommendations MistaCrave  17My bands EP dropped and these are our biggest influences disboardia  6
Favorite Producers/Engineers? tunatown  12The National ranked by depression value johnnydeking29  12
Bring Me The Horizon Albums Ranked YourAverageMusicFan  14My top 5 RHCP albums carlthehomeless  11
Great Album Triologies CharacterMusings  26Only Metallica albums that matter ranked Doibhin69  17
Vacation is over. Sharkattack  8Please do something about the ads!!! Wirertragen7  32

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