Music Lists
Grey's First LP - Check It Out! GreyShadow got a cassette player oltnabrick 
A Year in the Life of Neek: 2017-18 neekafat PAST HALFWAY!!! (◠‿◠✿) // goodbye :* suk6er7l7p 
Pierce the Veil Ranked SineEclipse I Did a Music turnip90210 
Is This Thing Cursed Ranked onionbubs Action Movies that Kick Ass Thrust! 
!!Jam My New Trvth Album!! CaptainDooRight Four and more, best of 2017 Sniff 
Styles' all-time favorite cuts, as listed in 2018 Metalstyles Nightmare on Elm St.: Franchise Binge neekafat 

TOP 10 MARILIA ADAMAKI SONGS purpleflower8  0Rec me noise widowslaugh123  8
Dream Theater's first 8 albums ranked ElioG  3Frank Zappa's ten records... Zig  7
This House is a fuCKING NIGHTMARE elliootsmeuth  14Gary Numan, Nightmare Air Divaman  2
god i fucking love atreyu theacademy  26

Album Fixup: Nas - I Am... OpenUpandLetMeIn  1The Coathangers Ranked sharkshanna  8
PERFECT SONGS 2.. ROUND V.. butcherboy  8How do you describe Sputnik to others? shindip  51
Ocarina of Time temples ranked widowslaugh123  18Radiohead Ranked DaarrthVadr  24
Ranking Taylor Swift Albums FTM1234  13Do you listen to the whole album before you 1 it? HappyNipples  24
Q&A with a convicted felon! TheSonomaDude  40Sputnik album ratings vs. what they actually mean Djang0  14

Butcher's Favourite Indie Labels.. butcherboy  14Lucman's Recent Digs Pt.1 Lucman  0
Radiohead ranked but right this time Sinternet  28Newbie’s Digs??? Looking For Recs??? sharkshanna  3
I STILL HAVE METAL/ROCK CD'S FOR SALE RestInPieces  9Grey's First LP - Check It Out! Featured GreyShadow  14
My 2018 in music zruF  2Bye Avagantamos  18
got a cassette player Featured oltnabrick  12

Chevelle Ranked WoodeeX  11Top 25 Albums (9/20/18) WilhelmBlack  1
Butcher Buys a House butcherboy  53Album Fixup: Team Sleep - Team Sleep OpenUpandLetMeIn  1
Album Fixup: Cage - Depart From Me OpenUpandLetMeIn  0MY VINYL COLLECTION thetempler  0
Favorite James Bond Theme? JackSauffalot  22Deftones Ranked SineEclipse  33
Worst Weezer Albums sharkshanna  19My favorite albums of 2018 (so far) Handers  5
Autumn is the best vari  3A Year in the Life of Neek: 2017-18 Featured neekafat  21
hi help me dsbm budgie  42

im a teenager now Storm In A Teacup  11I'm 20 Jasdevi087  10
ADD/ADHD Artists theNateman  13Don't Break the Oath vs. Melissa Rowhaus  18
Happy Wednesday BallsToTheWall  0PAST HALFWAY!!! (◠‿◠✿) // goodbye :* Featured suk6er7l7p  18
PERFECT SONGS 2.. ROUND IV.. butcherboy  28Sowing's Seasons: Fall Albums SowingSeason  9
PS1 Classic Zig  79DSBM Recs Greem  3

DEATH METAL NIGHT BOIS Hawks  44عيون ملائكي الناري rabidfish  4
Deweekly'18 / September 21st Dewinged  12Favorite Metal Albums of All Time WoodeeX  9
Most Demented, Disturbing Albums JayEnder  16Pierce the Veil Ranked Featured SineEclipse  20
Sowing's Week 3 Picks SowingSeason  35Metal/Rock CD's for sale RestInPieces  7
Songs with excellent drumming mudloop  21Midge Ure, Mark Newman Divaman  4

Most Beautiful Albums hillbillyag  10ninja finally expands his death metal taste Ninjahague  15
Top 10 Ulver Songs Gyromania  16In Flames Albums Ranked Worst To Best parkercr00k  1
Some Electronic Albums/EPs I Dig 9Hammer  4Top Ten Countries for Black Metal. JZW1997  23
Underrated Songs by my favourite Bands Klingel0905  4Brand New Ranked DaarrthVadr  14
25 Favorite DJ Premier beats ilovewhiskey  12Jiggly's Top 10 Albums of 2018 (So far) JigglyPDiddy  7
New Lifeless Greem  6

most scrobbled in flames tracks since 2012 alamo  3Mixed Media Art Exhibition: Portraits of Decay suk6er7l7p  27
NEEK v. ZOMBIE v. SPUT neekafat  43Ulver: as of now Thrust!  12
Ranking twenty one pilots Albums FTM1234  710 heaviest albums Bobshat  24
Ranking Fall Out Boy Albums According To My Sister FTM1234  13Albums that Came out of Nowhere robotmagician  12
The Mars Volta Ranked DaarrthVadr  20Lucman's Top Ten Jars of Clay Songs Lucman  5
fuck the Dodgers Ignimbrite  2my band's final album BMDrummer  9

Best Thrice Songs? Ozymandies  10men help me with metal Desdinova  29
support sach friends THVRTVVN  12I Did a Music Featured turnip90210  3
REC Me Some Fusion of Styles/Alternative Metal JDubb  15DaarrthVadr's Favourite Albums DaarrthVadr  7
Is This Thing Cursed Ranked Featured onionbubs  17Palms Ranked SowingSeason  23
Thrice Ranked joobakka  7

Upcoming album score predictions BankZZ  3Action Movies that Kick Ass Featured Thrust!  111
Greatest live performances of all time mudloop  17Dark Tranquillity Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  15
BoJack Horseman S5 Papa Universe  61Black Metal - 2018 (not another favorite list) SitruK6  24
Digs BallsToTheWall  9bgill's Trip Hop Playlist, Journey Favorites bgillesp  6
First 2 weeks of September 3.5s and up Nazzadan  4About to pee test for my new job widowslaugh123  20
Hurricane Blues soulxstlr  250 Years Of Prog. The Best Song Of Each Year. Klingel0905  9
Tigers Jaw, The Sidekicks and Cave People Divaman  6

cringeworthy pitchfork over/unders TheManMachine  10New Angst Rockers Feather  1
You and me ranked alamo  1Reach Out To The Dorks InFiction  4
Fall Out Boy Ranked SineEclipse  5Mac miller ranked travisbickle36  4
My Favorite Album From Different Artists FTM1234  17A𐐒BA ranked Zig  6

Follow Me On Instagram! CaptainDooRight  23Releases this Friday 9-14-18 zaruyache  9
Deweekly'18 / September 14th Dewinged  19Sowing's Week 2 Picks SowingSeason  71
Ranking Fall Out Boy Albums FTM1234  19To listen toastmuncher  0
Russian Circles Songs Ranked Assemblage  17Deserted Island list WRYN  7
Albums that grew on me Zig  5PERFECT SONGS 2.. ROUND III.. butcherboy  66
article 13 ramon.  22Butterchurn Pings ExecutiveExecuterexe  1
Ok Computer vs Siamese Dream Doibhin69  62

Bebop gryndstone  8!!Jam My New Trvth Album!! Featured CaptainDooRight  35
Paramore Ranked SineEclipse  17New Sput Account DaarrthVadrr  17
15 Years on guitarded_chuck  27Top 25 Alice in Chains ToT720  10
Feel the Misery WoodeeX  1Toby Driver's 25 Most Influential Albums Zig  5
Vinyl I Want ToT720  5Vinyl Collection ToT720  1

Metallica albums ranked Lolitas  0Current Digs (recs?) oneups  9
R.I.P. Mr. Catra alamo  1Ranking the White Stripes Discography Stjimmy101  10
Electronica album recommendations? rmcrae  5Upcoming Blackgaze/Post Black Metal Albums JLR2DEG  36
Dist is ligs Marehelm  12Overkill: Picks From the Kill OverkillFanBoy1980  10
My 2018 in music Gwyn.  8Top 10 Clunkers hillbillyag  2
Top 5 Deserted Island Albums hillbillyag  13

5 more really bad words Tyler.  15Musical Arithmetics Vol. 5 CompostCompote  5
Top 10 albums of 2018 Currently carpenternoot  1Sad songs for a Rainy Day Divaman  8
Ranking Eminem's Discography Stjimmy101  14Sunday Question grannypantys  10
Dirt vs Superunknown Doibhin69  289 years on Sputnik Apollo  32
best avatar on sput MyDixieRekt  53Worst "The Nun" scenes alamo  44

I tried making shoe gaze LordHugoThePoet  4Top 10 BN Tracks SowingSeason  25
That Good Shit soulxstlr  5Four and more, best of 2017 Featured Sniff  12
when you see it... Thrust!  24Bring Me The Horizon Ranked G0atC0re  12
NHL 2018-19 thread: to leafs or not to leafs Artuma  25

Favorite Metal Albums of 1985 Casavir  18Second Best Rap Album? highandtight  8
Best Second Rap Album? RadioheadIsOverrated  22Free boosts to low gold theacademy  5
888 and SCR (Sir Cadian Rhythm) Divaman  4My top 25 favorite album covers rmcrae  0
Deweekly'18 / September 7th Dewinged  12

The Worst Band Of All Time Thrust!  31Rec me electronica classics Meridiu5  39
PERFECT SONGS 2.. ROUND II.. butcherboy  71Styles' all-time favorite cuts, as listed in 2018 Featured Metalstyles  16
Nightmare on Elm St.: Franchise Binge Featured neekafat  56Razorwire come home Featured Divaman  17
JustJoe. + The Dreaming Disposition(s) JustJoe.  42Am I? Just taking up space? DamnVanne  4

Various Rodents Divaman  60Wired Coast  3
music list highandtight  1410 good songs from bad (or mediocre) albums RadioheadIsOverrated  5
What The Doctor Ordered BallsToTheWall  82018 Prog Picks temptationFruit  6
2Pac or Biggie Doibhin69  34

1990 toxicgarbageisland1  252,000 scrobbles solongatlast  20
Albums im familiar with (to rate) Erlshade  4Twenty One Pilots Albums Ranked KatieClyro  3
Who has played Sleeping Dogs? bentheREDfan  5Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Ranked JZW1997  33
British Bands DaarrthVadr  8

Top 10 Glassjaw songs ranked JeetJeet  28Arctic Monkeys Ranked DaarrthVadr  10
Butcher's Best Punk 2018.. butcherboy  7American Horror Story - Roanoke theacademy  38
5 Best Metal Albums of 1990 WoodeeX  2Wolfe Digs Pt. 14 Relinquished  9
Super Smash Bros. Ranked JigglyPDiddy  12BN Vibes SowingSeason  19
Deweekly'18 / August 31st Dewinged  16

Sowing's Week 1 Picks SowingSeason  191

99 Song Playlist Made By Individual Suffering From americanohno  2suck music Doctuses  23
August 2018 resumé Papa Universe  6Type O Negative Ranked WoodeeX  18
Smash Bros Games Ranked tellah  59TOP 200 BEST GTA FAILS EVER (1/9/2018) Featured verdant  9
Path of Eight Sniff jams -18 Sniff  9JustZeuz + The Casual Conversation: September Featured Zeuzo  318

Welcome to Circuit City EZLN  2Wolfe in 2018 Featured Relinquished  42
the long awaited highly anticipated continuation botman  5Eminem ranked widowslaugh123  4
Eminem Ranked (+HTS) RadioheadIsOverrated  19Rec Me Garage Psych RogueNine  6
100-1: Every Smashing Pumpkins Song Ranked Featured neekafat  47Soundtrack to long car rides DonPastrami  5
My band's new album just came out today! Thor  9Some of my favourites so far this year cloakanddagger  1
Top 55 Melodic death metal albums SuicycoManiac7  12Top 10 Arcane Roots Songs JS19  6
one hour of purchases on pay day TheSpirit  10Flug's 2018 Backlog (rec me shit) Flugmorph  25
Eminem Album Out Today Storm In A Teacup  13Boycott these albums (art) Ninjahague  7

Some pretty nice releases from 2018 hung0ver  4What should I do? widowslaugh123  23
Sput's SEP 2018 Song of the Day Featured bgillesp  296200-101: Every Smashing Pumpkins Song Ranked neekafat  22
Do advance singles ruin albums? greencorn5  31Top 35 old Korn songs SuicycoManiac7  6
Berate My 3s TheWonderSoFar  27Enslaved Ranked HARD Hawks  29

Heroes, Heroines and Quality Control Confessed2005  3Petition to get Darius to review something Doctuses  44
PERFECT SONGS 2.. ROUND I.. Featured butcherboy  92give me your SSN & i rec you all the same album TheSpirit  30
Haruki Murakami Fictions Ranked Anthracks  22I'll rec an album based on your religion ButtBoy  56
255-201: Every Smashing Pumpkins Song Ranked Featured neekafat  52IT CAME FROM BANDCAMP!!! soulxstlr  9
Jakob Remix diatribes  0Describe a feeling and I'll give you a song. Papa Universe  87
A list of my fine ass fives Larkinhill  12

more cool covers 【 仲 Rigma  20give flaccid approval to my 2.5s Doctuses  16
A Script Written In Heaven and Burnt In Hell Confessed2005  2Updated Gym Playlist Featured BallsToTheWall  39
Dungeon Hunter 5 hack tool Abdiasz2017  1Death Grips ranked messenoire  2
The Dillinger Escape Plan messenoire  7Date My 5s ExecutiveExecuterexe  11
Most listened albums of 2018 YouFoldAndIWin  6The REAL Alice in Chains album ranking DonPastrami  7

Gate my 5s alamo  25Annihilator albums ranked SuicycoManiac7  6
Metallica Ranked, But Unpopular RTL Opinions MrNoob  16Black Metal That Slaps My Tits (2017-2018) JZW1997  2
Converge ranked messenoire  9Traffic Jams soulxstlr  3
Nine's Personal Top 10 9Hammer  11Praise my 1s Doctuses  45
rawest & truest black metal of the year pt 1 TheSpirit  58Top 35 Iron maiden songs SuicycoManiac7  9

Hate my 5s alamo  35Rate My 5s RadioheadIsOverrated  25
Rate my 4s BankZZ  8Music for Urban Dystopias Frivolous  16
The Impractical Jokers Ranked Doctuses  21

Disenchantmenrt theacademy  9Disenchantment Sinternet  31
Top 30 Slayer songs SuicycoManiac7  12Hellraiser, All of 'Em Bloon  6
The Worst Metal Albums of 2018 (So Far) soulxstlr  21Ambient picks WRYN  3
Alice In Chains Albums Ranked Featured Wildcardbitchesss  18

Nirvana ranked widowslaugh123  8Devourment Ranked ExecutiveExecuterexe  7
My top 10 Albums zruF  14Terminal Redux Ranked TronaldDump  19

Avenged Sevenfold Ranked, I Guess MrNoob  18Green Day Ranked V12  20
August SH*T you might LIKE Nazzadan  28Top 25 old in flames songs SuicycoManiac7  9
Top 25 post clayman In Flames songs SuicycoManiac7  13Music streaming apps ViperAces  20
DeathEathdAthdeThdeaHdeat osmark86  16Vocalist for black metal wanted Marehelm  24
Top 5 Favorite Dance Gavin Dance Songs TronaldDump  4

Concerts I've Attended vulgardisplayofogre  1035 Exceptional Atmospheric Metal Tunes ElioG  8
(Approximately) 10 years of sput Featured robertsona  37Butcher's Reading List.. butcherboy  28
albums what were released in 2018 that SlightlyEpic  11fav albums ever naughtcturnal  16
Deweekly'18 / August 24th Dewinged  22Metalcore Genre Summarised in Just Five Albums G0atC0re  39
Albums i love listening to late at night ReiniEden  35 Years on Sputnikmusic... ArsMoriendi  30
My Top 25 System of a Down songs JasmineRodriguez909  2A Guide Through the Depths of Black Metal Pt. II Featured Hawks  128

Best Artist that began in the 2010s? CharacterMusings  76Idk Dedes  17
1 Country - 1 Film Papa Universe  27Bring Me The Horizon ranked WeepinnWillow  13
Going Down MarsKid  7My Band Just Dropped Our 3rd Album oWhoadYo  1
Hard Jams. BallsToTheWall  12Kentucky ain't so bad. JasonCarne  4
1984 origrinspun  0Fav of 2018 (so far) naughtcturnal  4
indie games ramon.  39Deftones Albums Ranked Morningrise767  18
im drunk lol Tyler.  57

Want to Really Get Into Death Metal/Black Metal FearThyEvil  25Rest Your Eyes... Bloon  16
2018 Albums Ranked (August Update) DORBUSCUS  1Silverstein Ranked, I Guess MrNoob  17
My top 10 Favourite Albums Right Now YRI  7Underrated 2018 indie/gazey/dreamy stuff JesperL  6
I've been diagnosed with CLM ... TheSpirit  16Mid-Year (sorta) AOTY Ballot luckdaboss  0
Top 10 Favorite Albums V12  8My top 10 favorite albums right now, i guess danielfernandes  5
Albums As Pokemon mindleviticus  6murakami fanboys unite n stuff TheCharmingMan  15
Dance Gavin Dance LPs Ranked TronaldDump  25The Fifteen 0GuyMan0  5

1996-2003 was the shit SmashIsTheWay94  14Top 20 Favorite Albums Right Now MrNoob  17
Homogenic vs Vespertine Doibhin69  28Republic of Wolves Ranked (EPs & LPs) SowingSeason  9
Ambient Death Metal? Jacob818Hollows  15Manic Street Preachers Ranked DaarrthVadr  5
Pusha T Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  5Ranking Genesis Albums Jeanclaude  12
Ranking Metallica Albums Jeanclaude  17Morty boys 2018 so far (recs pls) Mort.  5
Excellent Sputnik RECs Received (Part II) JDubb  1Another Favorite Album Covers List TronaldDump  4 - August 12-19 AgentDeathbat  7The Girls I Grew Up To Thrust!  22

Cool Jams from 2018 dmp3131  2Quest for 1000 Ratings Featured Atari  78
A Tale of Three Ghost Sightings JDubb  9

What's your Dream Pie Chart? neekafat  77P!nk Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  12
5 months without a list Trebor.  15Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes... thecheatisnotdead  9
Favorite Female Vocals Zig  7REC Me Some New Music tyman128  3
10 Tunes for '18 Featured SowingSeason  28Best RHCP Albums Doibhin69  9
Today is an Industrial day Shuyin  22018's Albums and EPs, Part 2. twipzdeeauxilia  0
2018 so far Agonba  3

10 Jazz Albums you should own Jeanclaude  1Deweekly'18 / August 17th Dewinged  7
FUCK! Papa Universe  24Stuff I've Discovered Recently AffableMartyr  4
Peter Dolving amakir  4Yellow Magic Orchestra albums ranked Boivin  1
10 exceptional tunes Atari  19The Dillinger Escape Plan Ranked DaarrthVadr  14
Nightwish albums ranked AntonTati  9DOG FACED HERMANS: Don't you forget us #18 Papa Universe  20
favorite metal cover artists (also rank 'em) TheGuy  7RIP Aretha Franklin Zig  14
Shape of 2018 To Come Storm In A Teacup  16

Ranking The Cure Albums Jeanclaude  10Ranking Death albums Jeanclaude  18
Ranking all Dream Theater Albums Jeanclaude  8R A G E EZLN  9
Dealing with Loss Featured Thrust!  31Last album you'd listen to before you die TheClansman95  122
Bring Me the Horizon albums ranked AgentDeathbat  33Rip summer 18' brainmelter  10
New Job JWT155  301985 origrinspun  0
maiden 3rd millenium - the comeback TheGuy  4THrice: Dinner Conversation theacademy  17

1000: a rating for every comment Sharkattack  8The Sput 4.6's Ranked Featured GetLow  217
fantastic video game OSTs Cosmopath  47deafheaven trash looking for album recs Ashtiel  22
My Top Gaga Songs betweentheburiedandi  0Deftones Ranked DaarrthVadr  13
2018 TomBombadil  62018: Back-Half Exciters thecheatisnotdead  6
Top 25 Nevermore Songs Madbutcher3  4Metallica albums ranked AntonTati  37
maiden 90s - the dark times TheGuy  7Tuna's 5 Year Embarrassment Spectacular Tunaboy45  14
5 Sputnik years Zig  9Green Day ranked WeepinnWillow  23
Deweekly'18 / August 10th Dewinged  17

Nightly Mix soulxstlr  0Gyro's 29th Gyromania  18
From First to Last albums ranked AgentDeathbat  15maiden 80s - the classics TheGuy  11
Best Radiohead Songs? Ozymandies  31Gigs I've been to so far this year Kurai  0
RHCP Ranked TheMrAlexK  25Bands I've seen live this year SitarHero  10
Favourite Albums sepiaclouds  1mwY discog ranked Featured SowingSeason  97
Favorite Footballers Zig  11RIP Anthony Kiedis jagride  31
Concerts Vs Car Repairs BallsToTheWall  7My band's first live show Sevengill  18

Digs elliootsmeuth  8Vinyl Collection ChrisBCreme  2
REC Me some Reggae Metal! JDubb  6Linkin Park ranked WeepinnWillow  18
Upcoming Concerts Divaman  4Neurosis ranked DarkSideOfLucca  33
best nirvana songs (1 per album) huskerdune  10Kanye West Ranked YRI  12
Seriously considering reviewing Bryan Adams albums rodrigo90  9Linkin Park Ranked YRI  7 Scrobbles (Plays) - August 5 to August 12 AgentDeathbat  45

First Half(?) of August Not-Bads Nazzadan  5A Non-Ranking of Converge Featured clavier  37
JAH LOVE SPUTNIK: "New" Reggae Britch2tiger  15Underoath albums ranked AgentDeathbat  101
Ranking Kate Bush's Studio Discography Featured ArsMoriendi  21Top 30 Hip Hop Albums SitruK6  24
1986 origrinspun  0October Gigs Tunaboy45  3
Addictions TheWonderSoFar  89The start of great albums - Best intro songs cazzill  2
Chaoscore Mort.  16

2018 Jams: A Running List Atari  15hey staff cojamneko  49
More Noise Punk.. butcherboy  16Favorite Trumpet Zig  4
artists that arent music Tyler.  13710 Albums For 10 Years of Sputnik ItsOnlySkinDeep  10
Started my game back log Devastator  5Purchases BallsToTheWall  11
Top 5 BoC Tracks Shoegazefan9789  17Old folkies Divaman  7
Amazing instrumentals Davyd120  3Jeff Buckley albums ranked ButtBoy  7
My band's upcoming 2018 Demo ExecutiveExecuterexe  2

2018 so far Wirertragen7  42018 5amonthebeat  7
1997 was the best year for music Limbo  26MLB World Series Divaman  43
Favorite Exploitation Films Zig  10My beloved albums Metalicsound  2
Bloodstock Fesival 2018: Saturday BigPleb  5My Chemical Romance albums, ranked AgentDeathbat  11
My top albums of 2018 so far... Royl123  0Another most beautiful songs I've ever heard ReiniEden  0

REC Me some Latin American-Influenced Metal JDubb  9Brian Fallon Ranked Clumseee  18
1987 origrinspun  02018-19 NFL Predictions SmashIsTheWay94  75
EPL Fantasy Football claygurnz  8Back to School Jams ExecutiveExecuterexe  10
Butcher's 101 Hip Hop Tunes.. butcherboy  20Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 8.8.2018 ramon.  106
Do you instantly rate stuff? Keeping track. Demon of the Fall  184My Top 25 Best Metal Albums madtwoo  0
Rescue Your Father From the Underworld TheArtofTheGanja  6

Come Clarity alternate covers Featured alamo  19La Dispute Ranked HARD Hawks  68
Waiting the new Alice in chains karagiannis1908  7My Favorite New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal albums - Vol. 1 rockarollacola  10
Favorite Band from Your Country Dolving999  45techno Ryus  26
Ranking My 5's (8-7-2018) RadioheadIsOverrated  27Musical Arithmetics Vol. 4 CompostCompote  10
Somehow managed to get my debut signed HarrySmalldini97  7Deweekly'18 / August 3rd Dewinged  18
Influential albums KevinGoldfinger  7

My First Out of Body Experience! JDubb  85A Guide to Junji Ito (Links Added) Featured ZombieToyDuck  28
Max B is so fucking good Fort23  3Adam Neely AnimalsAsSummit  2
Is Rolling Stone A Joke? RadioheadIsOverrated  40Albums that I just got into recently DarkSideOfLucca  19
How normal is listening to your own music? JS19  56Musical Arithmetics Vol. 3 CompostCompote  9
Underrated Bands G0atC0re  5idk best bands (of all time) theacademy  9

Trivium albums ranked AgentDeathbat  27Favourite Emperor Songs Morningrise767  5
Musical Arithmetics Vol. 2 CompostCompote  8Neek's Pixies Discog Run neekafat  65
Fantasy PREMIER LEAGUE VisionsFromTheDarkSide  78Senses Fail ranked TheWonderSoFar  18
10/10 Albums Zoomoo318  14Ulcerate Songs Ranked Assemblage  18
Escape the Fate albums ranked AgentDeathbat  441988 origrinspun  0
Top 5 Worst Albums of The Decade Redux RadioheadIsOverrated  14My reviews on "" TheClansman95  8
RIP Barry Chuckle Sinternet  8Favourite albums I discovered this year nigelgrab  1
Seventh Son of a Sniff Jam -18 Sniff  15Lost 80's Tour Divaman  1

Last Warped Tour Date BallsToTheWall  47 of my all-time favorite bands AgentDeathbat  45
15k Boney Comments! theBoneyKing  16Musical Arithmetics Vol. 1 CompostCompote  24
Life Affirming List AsleepInTheBack  14Dewi's 2018 Highlights Pt.1 Featured Dewinged  22
Why Does This Exist? RadioheadIsOverrated  37Favourite Death Metal Albums Morningrise767  16
Black Metal that im digging right now Solipsist  1Best Opeth songs? Ozymandies  37

Opeth ranked jesterhead92  24My All-Time Favourite Albums NarugaKuruga96  8
Horror/Thriller Essentials Featured Thrust!  225"Gentle" Indie Rock Limbo  6
Favorite albums of all time (as of now) DarkSideOfLucca  12Death Grips: Worst to Best AquariusBM  10
Kanye West: Worst to best AquariusBM  20How to review an album: pt 5 pizzamachine  8
Sput Fantasy Football 2018? TheMrAlexK  112bloc's favourite albums from 1989 bloc  13
NEW SONG ViperAces  3Lords of Chaos RunOfTheMill  24
fire pit.. butcherboy  23Best Brockhampton songs? Ozymandies  6
G-Funk Outta Here, A Rec Competition Drifter  88

reccomend for some heavy music of the time Desdinova  43cool covers bro. . . Featured Rigma  26
Top-selling death metal albums of all time TheClansman95  19How much money do you spend on music? (if at all) SitruK6  68
Buckethead Ranked (2014) - Pikes 42-101 Assemblage  8This one youtuber makes some amazing song mashups CaliggyJack  10
Rec me some heavy black metal Rowhaus  18What's your RYM? TheSpirit  23
2018 - The Second Half Divaman  8Do you even lift claygurnz  52
if the sink ships (2/8/2018) Featured verdant  20Doof's Deep Dive Series: 1994 Featured DoofDoof  46
Summer of Prog Winner Friday13th  26New record is finished (this time with vocals) Beardog  21

everyone in my life has been kind to me Epilogue  6REC Me Some Stoner Rock JDubb  17
Top 5 of 2018 so far! AquariusBM  321 Favorite albums of all time, give your opinion! AquariusBM  7
Wolfe Digs Pt. 13 Pt. 2 Relinquished  4Reached Level 21 TundraL5Z  24
Friday the 13th: Franchise Binge neekafat  143Hidden gems Featured Zig  14
Guess That Sputniker #10 indieghost  170My Favorite Albums NickKnight  8
Underoath Ranked G0atC0re  27Day off needed! charlesdivision  1
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked AgentDeathbat  29

calmrose 2k (4 years) jamboree Featured calmrose  19Top 10 Vegan MW Emo Bands AdolfChrist  18
Deathcore Albums I Still Listen To And Enjoy NarugaKuruga96  14Sniper - You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke EverClear 01451384107210260324  7
Sput's AUG 2018 Song of the Day Featured neekafat  660Second Half of July Goodness Nazzadan  3
Bullet for My Valentine Albums Ranked AgentDeathbat  19Jay-Z Ranking RadioheadIsOverrated  11
Summer of Prog Finals Friday13th  27July 2018 resumé Papa Universe  35
Unholy 13 Nero88  0Iron Maiden Albums Ranked Morningrise767  2
Iron Maiden Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  15

b l a c k m e t a l gontyna  15I wanna scream chaos is me Mendross  18
Radiohead Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  14REC Me Some Australian Rock and Prog JDubb  26
Kansas City Ain't No Joke combustion07  23RANKED II: Satyricon hansoloshotfirst  9
Draconian/Grey Space Force: Join Today BallsToTheWall  2My favourite songs Icebloom  12
Why the hell don't you guys listen to YK pjquinones747  27Favorite Live Records Zig  6
Check out my band's two new tracks PitchforkArms  615 Bad Albums by Great Bands rockarollacola  11
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Culture Club, The B-52s and Tom Bailey Divaman  13

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A Toast! BallsToTheWall  9Top deftones HypedMerchant  5
Best Anime/Video Game Soundtraks NickKnight  12

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