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Sputnikmusic's 'Album of the Month': September 2019 DrGonzo1937 Tears for Sulli RolyPoly 
Rec Your No. 1 Album Trifolium 50 best albums of the 10s in seaanemone's opinion SeaAnemone 
Wolfe's Electronic 2019 Pt. 1 Relinquished 10 Years of Hans BigHans 
p4k decade list luci Arche's great 2019 bm catch up Archelirion 
Willie's Current 2019 Picks Willie Spooknik Soundtrack 2019 butt. 
User Review Competition: Week of 10/04/2019 Frippertronics garas + the casual conversations: OCTOBER garas 

Soilwork albums ranked SuicycoManiac7  0At the Gates Ranked BerryGarlicia  0

Art is the lie that reveals the truth. phylyps  10Top 25 albums of 2019 Malto64  0
a decade with grover Romulus  19Top 70 Songs from the Scene 2016 - 2019 BC74  6
Slammin' and Skankin' Bloon  12MUSIC: tectac's Top 20 Metal Albums of 2019 tectactoe  23
Death Rocky garas  2Headphones, specific advice on apps/bluetooth etc. Demon of the Fall  48
Noise Rock + Noisecore Essentials NonCosmeticInjection  10My Top 5 Favorite Hardcore Records LastBreath  21
50 Fav Cocteau Twins Tracks Jasdevi087  19

Surviving Ranked SowingSeason  19top ten PUP songs madrigal30  7
Rec me some uplifting music kalkwiese  37Doof's Top 100 Songs of the Decade Countdown DoofDoof  29
bring back smae 2k19/20 MELONADE13  14focus vs focus vs focus alamo  12
Music by sputnik-users EclipseInYourEyes  35American Shoegaze Limbo  10
Best of 2019 so far Moge  8October Democratic Debate CaliggyJack  49
π–™π–œπ–Šπ–“π–™π–ž π–“π–Žπ–“π–Šπ–™π–Šπ–Šπ–“ ctellee  23Muh Top 35 (Christian?) Favorite Albums breadisdead  16
Joker movie Invaderbryan  229Great Metal Bands with Truly Extreme Vocals DeadPulse  1
Top 25 Metal Albums of the 1990s joshb9864  6Ghost and Sach - The Bet GhostB1rd  12

Ash's 25 Fave Songs of the 2010s ashcrash9  11Rec Me Some 90's Post-Hardcore JDubb  6
best albums of the decade (by genre) DopeFiend  8FILM: tectac's Gus Van Sant, Ranked tectactoe  22
WellDressedWeekly: 10/18 Bloon  13I’m Not Picky BallsToTheWall  6
Sputnikmusic's 'Album of the Month': September 2019 Featured DrGonzo1937  61League of Legends Worlds 2019 Scheumke  7
Top 25 Metal Albums of the 1980s joshb9864  16

Tears for Sulli Featured RolyPoly  7Progdaddy Digs StarlessCore  10
Top Favorite Albums of all Time Neutronix44  15TRIAL BY TWITTER hobblepot  15
Rec Your No. 1 Album Featured Trifolium  168Top 5 Best Albums Ever Absolutely Definative hii915  7
Albums I play far too much morbidstuff  5Rec Atari Hip-Hop from this decade Atari  24
Rush studio albums ranked SuzyC  3Favorite Albums in Each Sub-Metal Category I Enjoy mikep87  4
mewithoutYou ranked nightbringer  31The best albums IMO KaNe00  4
I got $10 on a gulch review MELONADE13  12

favourite bands ctellee  0Pika's dancy Dance Gavin Dance ranking Pikazilla  31
50 best albums of the 10s in seaanemone's opinion Featured SeaAnemone  25Best albums ever created TrantaLocked  17
online guitar lessons? alamo  11

Babymetal Ranked TundraL5Z  4Rocket League CS | North America | Results CaliggyJack  3
Top 10 Songs of 2019 lamont01  6An Exploration Into Nu Metal: Part 3 oisincoleman64  16
2010s Favourites Daneleslie  7Tim Hecker heckin' ranked Kompys2000  15
Best Deathcore of 2019 Arditi  30List Closed for Posting by User Lord(e)Po)))ts  0

music for evil folk like me DILDORIAN  23Wolfe's Electronic 2019 Pt. 1 Featured Relinquished  72
Whatchu sleepin on this year? butt.  17About Deweekly... Dewinged  23
Not to be pretentious, but... Sl3igHer  31El Camino, Bitches Gyromania  22
horror thread cont'd budgie  668

Bought and Listened to in September JDubb  0Thrash comeback albums ranked Madbutcher3  4
Good Music for Bad People. botulist  8FAREWELL FEAR FACTORY!!!! rodrigo90  16
New Sweet Trip music announced AnimalsAsSummit  162019 in Older Music CoreLeone85  0
2019 in Music CoreLeone85  0Green AOTYs Green Baron  13
Death In The Eras of Excess and Lies Uzumaki  0They say the number seven is lucky... Uzumaki  0

fav Paolo art? cinnamoncakeface  4Helloween Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  3
FILM: tectac's David Fincher, Ranked tectactoe  17610 Years of Hans Featured BigHans  80
My Favorite Albums Of All Time PostExistance  4Best Italian Metal Albums nylonhair  24

p4k decade list Featured luci  138My Top 50 Albums V.2 Flomink  1
Sowing's Week 6 Picks SowingSeason  19Week 1 of a Month W/O Music Tb1114  21
Noobzilla's Amon Tobin ranking Pikazilla  20The grand Burzum ranking garas  12
Down to the Core {Vol. 1} RadioSuicide  930 Favorite songs by Pink Floyd mardin65  2
What is your best thrift/pawn shop find? cinnamoncakeface  13Slam your head into a wall Scoob  5
Favorite Hard Rock/Metal Frontmen (1987-present) JDubb  25

album art to fix foxblood  25Nautical Adventures BallsToTheWall  5
Artists Not On Pitchfork's Best Songs List AmericanFlagAsh  92backpack rap 2019 theNateman  4
I only rate in 4's and 2's nightbringer  25Favorite Albums of 2019 So Far...and a few others french0gurll  17
Grind + Death Recs G0atC0re  5Sloth's top 10 albums, EP, Comps, of all time! SlothcoreSam  6

Critique my post-stuff band pjquinones747  52Arche's great 2019 bm catch up Featured Archelirion  22
"Disconcerting Metal" - a selection phylyps  5Dir En Grey Ranked samwise2000  21
Danny Brown Ranked RadioheadIsOverrated  12Favourite Psychedelic Albums NickLizard49  6
THE WIRE (Seasons Ranked) EyesWideShut  23

Pika's woeful Downfall of Gaia ranking Pikazilla  610/4 First Impressions SowingSeason  16

Beanie had a Heart Attack GhostB1rd  39My top 10 albums, 2019 edition siIverspawn  0
Thoughts on the 3rd season of Twin Peaks? jgrunge107  68Joker DrGonzo1937  230
Top 35 Deftones songs SuicycoManiac7  7Southern Steel Inveigh  13
X Japan Ranked samwise2000  14

Best Of 2019 bloodshy  2Best album closer PAIRS JohnnyoftheWell  47
My 10 Favorite Rap Albums BankZZ  5hey! el_newg  31
Every Sex Pistols LP Ranked From Worst to Best AlexMichels  766 metal albums from this year TheSpirit  11
Sowing's Week 5 Picks SowingSeason  12BMTH ranked SAPoodle  7
Pika's Definitive Opeth Ranking Pikazilla  50trump impeachment? oltnabrick  905

Fall Music For You And Me Josh D.  6Albums with very meaningful titles garas  10
Records for Fall klondikethebear  1Listening Freddykidd  2
Free, Legal, Good Music nightbringer  16rec me music!!! ReefaJones  14
Neek's 2019 Cram List neekafat  35Some of my favorite death metal albums LastBreath  2
Willie's Current 2019 Picks Featured Willie  24Sloth's Top 20 Artists of all time SlothcoreSam  7
Top 15 Almost Essential Glam Rock Albums LouTransformerReed  7halloween has oficially begun alamo  23

My Favorite Tragically Hip Songs Stjimmy101  4Hip-hop recommendations? AdrianQuinn  56
2019 MLB Playoffs Divaman  247Spooknik Soundtrack 2019 Featured butt.  114
Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker  9Fav bands of 2010-2019 LastBreath  6
Rec me bouncy/chaotic death metal combustion07  30User Review Competition: Week of 10/04/2019 Featured Frippertronics  20
Any drummers that dont use hi-hats Bobshat  7

NFC South BallsToTheWall  36garas + the casual conversations: OCTOBER Featured garas  430
2019-20 NHL: Melnyk is a hack Artuma  40Sputnik Ideas Featured SowingSeason  91
My Top 50 Favorite Albums HappyNipples  5Update: Build-an-Album, Life, etc. MarsKid  14
50 Great Metalcore Albums LastBreath  40Counterparts LastBreath  4

First week of autumn- my weekly playlist Pratman  1October 2019 Songs of the Day Featured Divaman  400
Chingones ! Kakz  1Religions ov sputnik Dedes  104

DDD's 2015 picks DDDeftoneDDD  22Quit My Shitty Job RadioSuicide  13
Top 10 My Favorite Deftones Songs SeanLites  8From Best to Worst: Cult of Luna Gbhill  0

My Top 50 Albums of All Time (at this point) Disorderly  32Gimmie anarcho/crust punk recs RolyPoly  15
Will it release? RadioheadIsOverrated  9Albums to check out: (Proggy) Black Metal MementoMori  10
Ba(toomuch)ka? TheSpirit  23My list of albums with november-like atmosphere y87arrow  0
14 Years on Sput/mx: Top Albums of the 1960s tectactoe  2750 Nirvana Songs Ranked (Reupload) SeanLites  12
3 Years on Sput ExecutiveExecuterexe  8By Inheritance ranked Madbutcher3  3
Your Favorite Alkaline Trio Album Calc  30accomplishments RolyPoly  0
*WIP* 100 Greatest Albums of the '80s franconia  2

2018 AOTY markfromearly  5Albums to check out: Doom Metal MementoMori  6
G-Funk Off - Drifter vs. Foxblood Drifter  13College part 2 PatientlyDead  4
Albums to Get to Know Me markfromearly  8Albums I've Listened To (Part 2) BobbyWiggles  0
Albums I've Listened To (Part 1) BobbyWiggles  0Sowing's Week 4 Picks SowingSeason  13
Arcade Fire Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  5Top 10 Albums of the Decade sumyunguy  18
Top 100 LP: 2018 progsun  0Moon is A Dead World- Live in Full StarlessCore  18
Discog Binging! R4zor3dge  5My Top 10 Favorite Death Songs Disorderly  3
Iron Maiden Discography Ranked MindsOfMen  10

Demon's 5s Ranked Get Low  54Best hard rock/metal albums of 1976 Jero  3
Coincidence RadioheadIsOverrated  5same energy alamo  12
Bury Me Let  14My Top 20 Favorite Songs of 2019 (so far...) Disorderly  2

Pick a Vinyl. It's payday :) Closk  17I'm Going 1 Month Without Music Tb1114  32
Pearl Jam - ranked virpi  16Combustion is slapping these combustion07  3
Going to a gig alone Mesm277  25Oh Look, Another Slam List ExecutiveExecuterexe  6
Rec 2019 Here Relinquished  38Septeber Digs gryndstone  2
Top 100 2000s. Punknews v Sput v Me SlothcoreSam  8Adam Ant, Glam Skanks Divaman  1
Hella Mega Tour random  6

Consumed By Slugs BallsToTheWall  0Long Time No List 2CHAINAL  1
Death, Ranked Uzumaki  14What is your favorite Overkill album? Doibhin69  13
2010-2019 ranked EclipseInYourEyes  14Periphery Ranked TundraL5Z  1
Top 35 DEATH songs SuicycoManiac7  3All Time Low ranked JayTheZoomster  4
Marianas Trench ranked JayTheZoomster  0blink-182 Ranked JayTheZoomster  16
Iron Maiden Ranked #1-7 McP3000  3Gigs coming up (3)....... Deez  21
The Weakerthans/John K. Samson Ranked Lucman  15My Top 10 Favorite blink-182 Songs Disorderly  2
The B-52s, OMD and Berlin Divaman  6

Rancid Ranked Right SlothcoreSam  5The Best Kanye Album of 2019 RadioheadIsOverrated  2
Doof 100,000 scrobble jamboree DoofDoof  23Top 35 DARK TRANQUILLITY songs SuicycoManiac7  9
Hometown Represent! theNateman  3My top releases in 2019 so far ReiniEden  0
hadriel's top 30 albums of 2019 hadriel  2Absolute s c a n d a l (Johnny's digs) JohnnyoftheWell  24

Finally, A New Album Josh D.  9Re-Ranking Blink-182's Discography Stjimmy101  8
Prog For Those Who Don't Like Prog Featured dfevil085  28Friday night drinking myself to sleep jgrunge107  5
My Top 10 Favorite Green Day Songs Disorderly  2

Nightmare Muzik | G-Funk Playlist Drifter  11METALLICA RANKED StacyPeraltaUndergro  10
DEFTONES RANKED StacyPeraltaUndergro  9Wolves on the Cover Rowhaus  23
Top 35 MEGADETH songs SuicycoManiac7  12blink-182 R A N K E D TheSpirit  39
"Obligatory" Area 51 Raid Thread rodrigo90  7Rhapsody's Emerald Sword Saga RANKED (MM) MatyMasaryk  0
Late 2019 Best of Decade Gatecrashers? DoofDoof  1821 years of Jas Jasdevi087  5

remix albums theNateman  10Mass Destruction Metal Fest 3 AngelofDeath  10
absolute favorites fredrickpeepee  2Sowing's Week 3 Picks SowingSeason  39
My Body Is Ready BallsToTheWall  6Astros best team, confirmed Josh D.  18
Korn albums ranked (2019) SuicycoManiac7  11Finally at 600 jgrunge107  10

20 Albums i like to hear when i read Manga. Part 2 Aranox  2Hey Avagantamos  6
I made a drone/ambient album. FurtherDown  14Trif's Most Spinned Albums Trifolium  12
1000 ratings garas  5From Worst to Best: Novembers Doom Gbhill  0
Your favorite band T shirt? foxblood  20Album Artwork to Be Fixed Asdfp277  18
Emo Albums I Love AffableMartyr  21

Cruelty and The Beast ranked PortraitsOfDecay  7Fire Emblem: Three Houses heyadam  76
Mariusz! BallsToTheWall  2Top 55 death metal albums SuicycoManiac7  8
20 Albums i like to hear when i read Manga. Part 1 Aranox  1Learning to drive manual transmission MotokoKusanagi  50
Batushka VS Batushka VS Batyushka garas  17League of Legends Playlist rockarollacola  2
my new single madrigal30  6The Last 13 Books I Read jgrunge107  17
My Top 10 Favorite Agalloch Songs Disorderly  610 2019 Albums Under 10 Votes Featured dmathias52  26
Between Blood and Ocean Ranked Lucman  7

Autumn Favorites Featured SowingSeason  37August Releases: Worst to Best Nazzadan  8
The rare time when the remaster is actually better BankZZ  21A Recent Purchase on Discogs random  6

popcorn snare? combatwounds  8Albums listened in 2019 dess05  2
japanese music worth listening to NuclearSplog  205 more disappointing albums Bl4ckheart  1
My Top 10 Favorite Metallica Songs Disorderly  2Intriguing Interludes Featured 9Hammer  22
Nile ranked BerryGarlicia  14

Periphery Ranked YRI  9my new ep - fade 2 funk AnimalsAsSummit  6
Black metal and ambient digzz 8. garas  2Eddie Money RIP Divaman  3
Fuckin bullshit man Sharkattack  11Prog Post hc revival scoopitypoop  4
Youth Group Storm In A Teacup  4My Top 10 Favorite Eminem Songs Disorderly  1
Six! We have a sixth! Uzumaki  0

gimme some blacc metal TheGuy  5Don Broco: Fishtown Pt. 2, Baby! thecheatisnotdead  3
5 ALBUMS FROM THIS WEEK YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO Featured TheSpirit  40straight a student theacademy  6
Music Strangeness Scale Flomink  8Get Low's "How I Rate" Get Low  25
David Bottrill Classics JDubb  2

Favorite Cocktails Rowhaus  262019 ambient for comfy sleeps and peaceful thinks Archelirion  33

My Top 10 Favorite Alice In Chains Songs Disorderly  10Top 10 Cradle of Filth Songs PortraitsOfDecay  14
MuDvAyNe rank DaveT0738  16Albums that are so bad that they're good JayEnder  51

My Top 10 Favorite Opeth Songs Disorderly  13Sowing's Week 2 Picks SowingSeason  24
2019 porn titles alamo  9Top 25 Albums (2015) Matthias812  1
Top 25 Albums (2016) Matthias812  5Top 25 Albums (2017) Matthias812  0
Top 50 Albums (2018) Matthias812  12019 Isn't Over Yet Nocte  54
Deweekly'19 / September 13th Dewinged  19Josh D's sputversary (14) Mr. Pain  10
Morphine Ranked Butkuiss  8Unwound ranked DopeFiend  10

Upcoming Concerts TheGreatQ  8Expectations about the next Pixies album? rodrigo90  11
FILM: tectac's Christopher Nolan, Ranked tectactoe  24Top ten favorite concerts of the summer omelettedufromage  1
10 bands that have no chance of reuniting, ever oweinerwaltini  19Deweekly'19 / September 6th Dewinged  27
New pHxC for men and nephews tellah  12everything is weird bro Bloon  18

My Top 10 Favorite Misfits Songs Disorderly  11Mellon Collie: Revamped Featured neekafat  29
my debut ep! Featured Rigma  29Big Hair at the Fair JDubb  0
Underrated and Unknown Metalcore / Mathcore Wayfarer1991  2Hard Trems ffs  11

Music Tests GhandhiLion  34post your mother's favourite music Darius the Great  52
Top 10 post-rock album of the past decade eloimayano  2Top 10 math-rock album of the past decade eloimayano  4
Another shitty metal discord server. starboystargirl  0Favorite Album at Every 0.1 Rating Sevengill  8
Pick my next game, please Xenophanes  23Happy 20th birthday to 69 Love Songs mardin65  2
Norman Fucking Rockwell Ranked SowingSeason  16What do you think about the new Pie Chart? Dolving999  104
Best Death Grips Album Opening Songs SeanLites  10Most Wanted Records CoreLeone85  0
Sputnik Mafia: Trial Run MarsKid  23

The Number 5 Has A Nice Ring Of Finality To It... Uzumaki  0Sowing's Week 1 Picks Featured SowingSeason  87
luci Q3 picks Featured luci  21Top Blackgaze Albums of the Last 10 Years - Rework JLR2DEG  36
Tools ranked butt.  15recommend me a horror movie please budgie  919
Top 15 Essential Glam Rock Albums LouTransformerReed  15How do you like your burgers cooked? GhostB1rd  71

10 2019 Country Albums dmathias52  159/4/19 Dino Dinosaur  8
Every Daft Punk Song Ranked Drbebop  0"Alternative" Pop theNateman  10
Holy Mountain Printing BallsToTheWall  6Autumn Metal [2] Featured Hawks  74
Musicians I respect Featured Itsonlyme  45Ready To Mosh! BallsToTheWall  3
Fear Inoculum Ranked AffableMartyr  25

My Ranking of the Rush Albums Flomink  8The Who, Leslie Mendelson Divaman  5
We're back in business! samwise2000  181

mp3/mp4 player suggestions brainmelter  35Hella bored Sharkattack  13
My Top 50 Songs Ever (at this point in my life) Disorderly  5poor tool... :( Featured theacademy  52

Fiddy's Top Classical Pieces, Vol. 1 Featured 50iL  14I Must Make A Parallel RadioheadIsOverrated  3
Bands I miss Beardog  29List 250 - Happy Tool Day! thecheatisnotdead  1
Tool - Fear Inoculum Ranked Graveyard  34September 2019 Songs of the Day Featured Divaman  380

who avi has that one picture of catch thirtythree MELONADE13  7Best Album of 2019? RadioheadIsOverrated  0
Arctangent festival 2019 BenThatsMyJamin  32Dark Metal dathvada321  20
TDWP songs ranked (gaycore era) Davyd120  24Killer Albums that Need a Review SaltersofMadness  5
Tool - Fear Innoculum Mr. Pain  25Share your accounts! Lender  24

Black metal and ambient digzz 7. garas  16Top 10 Bob Dylan albums oweinerwaltini  18
FILM: tectac's Coen Brothers, Ranked tectactoe  62#WaspWednesday BallsToTheWall  21
Anyone here do Intermittent Fasting? Tb1114  144Favourite Sputnik Reviews (Ever, that Still Exist) Featured BlushfulHippocrene  33
Some Donculously Great Black Metal This year mifzal  4The 50 Most Fun Songs of the Decade by Grey GreyShadow  15

Top Albums of 2019 mcauleyadam100  2The Big 4 Featured BallsToTheWall  59
How to review an album: part 13 pizzamachine  2Asian Blackgaze Albums Worth a Listen JLR2DEG  26
Godspeed You! Black Emperor ranked pleb-style Kompys2000  30Deweekly'19 / August 23rd Dewinged  10

My recent jams Linx  2Santana, The Doobie Brothers Divaman  20
Top 12 Tkay Maidza Tracks Featured artiswar  12Rec Me Garage/UK Garage/House Drifter  15
Can someone listen to my free album from 2016? jgrunge107  6

good autumn playlist Featured SeaAnemone  35best metallicaβ„’ songs Darius the Great  16
Ashes 2019 BigPleb  31Rodrigo's let's argue rodrigo90  37
Top 5 Noel Gallagher Albums arobin10  3Opeth Top 20 Trifolium  34

sad music HiItsMeAgain  18Burzum unofficial release garas  7
Because ramon wouldnt listen to me Darius the Great  9Favourite Albums of 2018 (In Order) thomasdavidge  3
Albums to check out: Melodic Death Metal MementoMori  7Top 20 Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs MondrainTheLiar  6
The Alarm, Modern English, Gene Loves Jezebel Divaman  2the story of how i ended up here shaun95  12

glassJAw ranked - TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE hobblepot  28Choose my 1,000th album butt.  45
Situs capsa banting online terpercaya worldbestgambling  0august warehouse work = daily swampass ryanbiscuits  6
My All Time Favorite Albums - Ranked Flomink  0Best Zombie movies Sevengill  65
Intro/2019 Metal Recommendations SaltersofMadness  156 Years of Ars / Funk I like ArsMoriendi  14
Synthwave in 2019 (So far!) TVC15  23For the people of sputnik Dedes  31

08.22 alamo  6the worst albums I've heard so far foxblood  61
2019 Jams without Reviews DungeonBoy  12To Download Freddykidd  4
How to review an album: part 12 pizzamachine  8Top 20 Favorite Doors Songs MondrainTheLiar  4
film and photography gear Featured ramon.  10Top 25 Taylor Swift Songs Lucman  25

All Songs Ranked #2- Stardust (1-1) Sinternet  8daddy issues pop Ninjahague  19
Wolfe Digs Pt. 15.55.555 Relinquished  30Top 20 Favorite Rolling Stones Songs MondrainTheLiar  9
Artist/Band of the decade EclipseInYourEyes  81New single WeepinnWillow  0

80s Pop Slappers gryndstone  2Real 80’s Hours BallsToTheWall  6
Gong - my album ranking y87arrow  0

Remembering why I hate myself butt.  58Favorite Star Wars Movies ranked Doibhin69  348
Beherit Ranked BerryGarlicia  12Greatest 80's/Hair Bangers m/ KjSwantko  45
FILM: tectac's Krzysztof Kieslowski, Ranked tectactoe  30Immortal ranked garas  12
10 Albums for 2018 zundza  4my country picks - pls rec similar! FoozerFan  10

Hey Graveyard  33Kaiju Ranked botulist  29
ENSLAVED RANKED Hawks  29Check out this YouTube channel rockandmetaljunkie  24

Best songs I know of HYPERVIOLET  16Top 20 Favorite Beatles Songs MondrainTheLiar  23
Digital download codes giveaway Dewinged  29

WANYK Rankyd ThyCrossAwaits  6Pull over RolyPoly  14
Ranking Bruce Springsteen LebowskiRams  5Stuff I bought vol. 5- Birthday Edition! Pratman  5
Quentin Tarantino: Ranked Clumseee  78"What music do you like?" - How do you answer? Featured GreyShadow  158
Big Week #2: Rapid Reactions SowingSeason  12RIP Kary Mullis CugnoBrasso  3
Premier League is back! Oneironaut  1Black metal and ambient digzz 6. garas  23
Need to listen PiratuMariiNegre  0Reccuring dreams/nightmares sixdegrees  68
Mr. Pain Mr. Pain  43Deweekly'19 / August 16th Dewinged  17
Metal album dump GhandhiLion  20

Early Bruce Springsteen albums ranked XXMurdaBeatzXX  7City Pop is God tier Featured foxblood  72
Space Bass peekatoad  0blackened punk megalist TheSpirit  26

best gay porn stars alamo  120Man Buns Need Not Apply - Monster Truck BigHans  59
1500 ratings/6 years/current favs Featured Mort.  28Deftones Albums Ranked skudboi  16
Best and worst album cover 2019 so far. SlothcoreSam  14

To Indulge BallsToTheWall  210 Favorite Modern Bands CherryChase  5
Rec me some sad folk music dafon24  34best porn stars Storm In A Teacup  253
16 Years of Sputnik / mx Featured Itwasthatwas  25GY!BE ranking Tb1114  20
Round 6: Season 2: Continental Rec Tournament Sharkattack  38How to review an album: part 11 pizzamachine  4
Steven Wilson Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  0Wishlist CugnoBrasso  4
Bjork Ranked BigPleb  39

American Sub Shops Ranked Rowhaus  26VOTE NOW. 2019 Album Art Comp. Featured SlothcoreSam  55
FILM: tectac's Paul Thomas Anderson, Ranked tectactoe  107Slipknot Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  33
My 5 Favorite Singers Bl4ckheart  14

listened/to listen aleem  0

jeffrey epstein was murdered YakNips  246Rec me Pinkerton worship McTime50  8
my new album is out Featured AnimalsAsSummit  17What's your reviewing philosophy? Featured clavier  63
2019 BeyondNoise  2Femme Schmidt, Bryan Ferry Divaman  17
My Favorite Bandcamp Discoveries DopeFiend  3Album Art Competition (2019 ed) SlothcoreSam  32

Bad Religion Ranked deathofasalesman  18Top 10 My Favorite Metallica Songs SeanLites  1
My Favorite Albums of 2019 (So far) Stjimmy101  2Albums needing a review/review upgrade? dwightfryed  14
New Album from Claustrophobia (Sputnik user) Featured SAPoodle  4Get Me Up to Speed (Recs) benkim  5
My favorite Aesop Rock songs ConcubinaryCode  250 Favorite Rappers of All Time (From 50 to 1) Featured discovolante  33
Deweekly'19 / August 9th Dewinged  17

Metal Spotify Playlists BenCee  3RIP David Berman Featured tom79  19
Some jams that don't have many ratings tacos n stuff  9Top 10 Metalcore Albums of All Time TheGooseTavern  21
Rec me city pop RunOfTheMill  10brbr deng mir4ge  3
Long Shot's Top 75 Albums of 1964 TheLongShot  2typhoon's top 10 K-Rino songs Typhoon24  5
What's the official reason for off limits 0.5's? McTime50  10Genre Spotlight: INTELLECTUAL DANCE MUSIC AutechreToolAesop  5
Why Has The Modern Music Scene Become So Stupid? AutechreToolAesop  17

Tool ranked in order Darius the Great  9New Tool Song Mr. Pain  38
Gimme some indie, emo and post hardcore combustion07  35New Song BandNewbac  6
Underrated albums from famous metal bands SuicycoManiac7  4My life in records Pratman  8
List of songs about the boys being back in town Jasdevi087  6Buckethead buckets ranked alamo  8
Rec Me Djent with Clean Vocals JDubb  28

Corey Taylor Masks Ranked BeyondCosby  26Sputnik Road Trippin' deathofasalesman  5
Slipknot ranked DarkSideOfLucca  22FILM: tectac's David Lynch, Ranked tectactoe  109
Synths! BallsToTheWall  5Evolution of Sloth. Early years SlothcoreSam  12
Back just in time for 2020 SPRFanOf5H  2furries on the cover art Supercoolguy64  24
Synthwave Jukebox vol. 1: Party Playlist TVC15  8furries gryndstone  33
My album for each mood. BankZZ  0

Brave New World Drifter  11Top 15 Death Metal albums of the past decade DarkSideOfLucca  21
Top 10 most obnoxious ass 2000s songs mir4ge  8My First 50 Albums of 2019 Ranked joshb9864  1
Dream Theater ranked correctly. kalkwiese  8Animals as Leaders tonight! BigPleb  7
Asia featuring John Payne Divaman  1Best learn-your-taste algorithm? dwightfryed  13
Judas Priest ranked TheMightyScoop  2

Chonky Dubs, Pt. I Featured Evok  125 Disappointing Albums Bl4ckheart  2
Skramz digz StarlessCore  8

Modern Rock claygurnz  10Propagandhi ranked Featured SlothcoreSam  32
Supergenius Reunion Divaman  6Top 55 avant-garde and experimental metal albums Featured SuicycoManiac7  44
Top 20 Portishead Songs LebowskiRams  192019 7/12 zaruyache  6
WhatIsUp WhatIsUp  20Sput Fantasy Football 2019 Featured TheMrAlexK  154
what song is always in your head Kaiwaz  46It is International Blues Day! GhandhiLion  10
My 100 favourite atmospheric electronic albums y87arrow  0looking for emo/pop/folky recs granitenotebook  16
1200 Ratings Drifter  8Metallica Albums Ranked Bl4ckheart  3

Tool - Ranked Kaiwaz  17i don't know if you got the memo but... Trebor.  7
Top 200 Favourite Albums: 100-1 (Age 19) oisincoleman64  1Top 200 Favourite Albums: 200-101 (Age 19) oisincoleman64  1
Best Albums of 2019, so far grello  3The 2019 Listening List (MM) MatyMasaryk  1
Black metal and ambient digzz 5. garas  5Chris Whitley Studio Solo Albums ranked fogza  0
Ranking Songs: Hotel Last Resort by Violent Femmes TinyApocalypse  0Premier League predictions Jasdevi087  209

Ableton Live qiblas  18Favorite Chris Cornell Albums JDubb  1
Disregard this list Rawmeeth38  9Ganja White Night Ranked peekatoad  0
What TOOL album will u Stream first? SlothcoreSam  62Sniffs selected cuts 7 Sniff  3

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