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Best User Reviews: November 2022 Sowing ðŸŽ„ 🕎 Happy Dec Cas Convo 🎅 🤶 🎂 🍎 Storm In A Teacup 
Pie Charts 2022 SandwichBubble spotify wrapped 2k22 JesperL 
2022: Top 75 TheMonster Kompy's 2000 ratings/7 years extravaganza!!! Kompys2000 
5Ksperus hesperus Build-an-Album II, R11(P3): Bring Out Yer Dead MarsKid 
My Avant Garde Grind Track Brabiz 2nd hip-hop single DrGonzo1937 
4000 Ratings Colliiiin My Top 100 Favorite Albums Brabiz 

December Shows thecheatisnotdead  0My Favorite Albums of 2022 BYAMdrummer  4
Best User Reviews: November 2022 Featured Sowing  7AltRyche ksoflas  3
Album List #1 OverAndOver  2🎄 🕎 Happy Dec Cas Convo 🎅 🤶 🎂 🍎 Featured Storm In A Teacup  46
Pie Charts 2022 Featured SandwichBubble  36RUSH Ranked Brabiz  20
Top 10 albums of 2022 AquariusBM  0

1974, 1992, 2008 best album gg901goody  57 songs - Skinny Puppy MIDDLE PERIOD kildare  0
I'm so behind on listening to new music gimme recs Minushuman24  14spotify wrapped 2k22 Featured JesperL  109
yet another Vinyl list #5 grannypantys  2My Top 10 AOTY 2022 FunJan  3
Rec me some bombastic, dramatic shit Scornfyre  16

Monkey list pizzamachine  25 albums that are only going to grow in influence gg901goody  3
2022: Top 75 Featured TheMonster  24hip-hop to listen to cylinder  9
Digs (11/29) gryndstone  1THE PALOMAR SHUFFLE robertsona  1
Alice In Chains Studio Albums RANKED mkmusic1995  6Sowing's Week 13 Picks Sowing  13
MarsBro's NFL Ranking: Week 13 MarsKid  18🦇 Wednesday AudreyMyers  4
Honorable Mentions of 2022 Rawmeeth38  0Songs about Paris burning? Get Low  18
DON'T TAKE RISKS: destroy now JohnnyoftheWell  25Kompy's 2000 ratings/7 years extravaganza!!! Featured Kompys2000  21
Disturbed Albums Ranked KManoc1  4

The Audacity of Papa Roach cycosynner  135Ksperus Featured hesperus  3
pop/rap w metal/rock influence recs? alamo  10Top Albums of 2022 Minortimbo12  7
Best Re-Release? EoinCofa  20Sputnik Kill Count 2022 WalrusTusk  39
Rec me Industrial Techno pls Heppasodge  24i need a new favorite band neekafat  50
Kamelot Albums Ranked KManoc1  7Top albums 2020 & 2021 - Supplement SrpskiCekic  2

Bands I've seen live in 2022 TroisMimes  0Survey: Worst Year for Music This Century Scornfyre  114
My best of 2022 Manatea  16𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝗼𝐟 2005 Vinnymcscoop  16
Top 20 Albums of the Year InfernalDeity  11

Top albums 2022 SrpskiCekic  12gg901goody's Top 50 Albums Of All Time gg901goody  6
Rec Me Some Black Metal & Industrial Please!!! combustion07  21Failure Ranked Scornfyre  14
Psychedelic Sourness ArsMoriendi  16My AOTY Nominees Scornfyre  9
Where do I start with Faith No More? cycosynner  13

favs of the year but not too late to fix it lol treos777  8Best of 2022 (metal) Hughstone  4
Three alts based off me Minortimbo12  58metalhead bitterness Colton  218
happy black friday LeddSledd  11

WIP - 2022 acuthbert1  0Some Modern Prog favorites BookoftheFallen  2
Bryter Layter > Pink Moon Onirium  8Happy Sputsgiving Thranth  16
Anathema is amazing Scornfyre  25Sabaton Albums Ranked KManoc1  2

00’s Metalcore I’d Jam BallsToTheWall  8Best of 2006 Vinnymcscoop  11
MarsBro's NFL Ranking: Week 12 MarsKid  36Sowing's Week 12 Picks Sowing  4
i need answers Cimnele  21All Animal Collective Ranked juiceviaorange  4
Rise Against Albums Ranked KManoc1  10Build-an-Album II, R11(P3): Bring Out Yer Dead Featured MarsKid  95

Melancholic prog cloakanddagger  1The Tuesday Blues. BallsToTheWall  6
7 songs - Aggrotech EARLY kildare  9Mariupolis LouBreed  0
Nostalgia mkmusic1995  16Best Non-2022 Finds Of 2022 YoYoMancuso  8
Word of the Day 3 Minortimbo12  1Lamb Of God Albums Ranked KManoc1  9
Get Low's Top 10 N64 Games Get Low  67

Bands I'd Love to See Live DiscoveringAxiom  24The winner is… pizzamachine  15
RIP Jason David Frank CaliggyJack  10I WANT BLOOD Sharenge  11

remembered my password artificialbox  20More Popular Bands That I Loathe Rowhaus  34

My Avant Garde Grind Track Featured Brabiz  9When metal bands made an ambient album Ladron93  13
2nd hip-hop single Featured DrGonzo1937  5

Rabid's October selection(!) rabidfish  4ɮɛֆȶ օʄ 2007 Vinnymcscoop  5
Word of the Day 2 Minortimbo12  7Jalapeno's 50 discog completion challenge BitterJalapenoJr  43
Just dropped an album deadcrown  2Tolkien RANKED DrGonzo1937  14
Twisted Sister Albums Ranked KManoc1  1

Sowing's Week 11 Picks Sowing  282022 FIFA World Cup Divaman  8
Helloween Albums Ranked KManoc1  1

💀 Sput horror - From AudreyMyers  1New Album and more digz mindleviticus  0
Top 15 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Songs mkmusic1995  10Shows through the End of November thecheatisnotdead  3
𝘉𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘰𝘧 2008 Vinnymcscoop  8sludge recs Bobshat  25
Autumn gloom cloakanddagger  58 Billion normaloctagon  45
20 of my favorite metal songs Kusangii  2Fall Out Boy Albums Ranked KManoc1  3

💀 Sput horror - Smile AudreyMyers  5Rom Di Prisco WRYN  0
MarsBro's NFL Ranking: Week 11 MarsKid  30Things ive heard this year pt.3 Mort.  35
Trv Morbin' Angles ToSmokMuzyki  7Three Days Grace Ranked ReturnToRock  7
Certify True Copy Services in Singapore AlexThai  2Top 100 Favorite Metal Songs TheSonomaDude  8
Twenty20Two Things Josh D.  2Carcass Albums Ranked KManoc1  5
Best of 2015 (Re-upload) Vinnymcscoop  0

ϐׁׅ֒ꫀׁׅܻ꯱ׁׅ֒tׁׅ ᨵׁׅ⨍ 2009 Vinnymcscoop  23Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Ranked mkmusic1995  10
Hardcore Barksdale  0First to rec an album I deem a 5/5 wins Scornfyre  94
Muzz Top 20 2014 Muzz79  3xihawks digitalxihawks  0
Morbid Angel Albums Ranked KManoc1  17no news article for Keith Levene tastepolice  8

4000 Ratings Featured Colliiiin  19Albums for musical therapy tarcus  0
My Top 100 Favorite Albums Featured Brabiz  22bump this list normaloctagon  20

aquacore Sharenge  21Word of the Day Minortimbo12  4
The Soul The Funk The List Thalassic  8tswift ranked alamo  6

On the Impossible Past... thecheatisnotdead  6Bₑₛₜ ₒf ₂₀₁₀ Vinnymcscoop  5
Check The New EP Featured tyman128  17More underrated metal bands you might like Tomstein  13
Breakfast for Dinner pizzamachine  34Kreator Albums Ranked KManoc1  1

Bolt Thrower Ranked LucretiaMyReflection  6World Cup 2022 Thread: Predictions and Discussion beefshoes  219
MarsBro's NFL Ranking: Week 10 MarsKid  37Sowing's Week 10 Picks Sowing  7
Manowar Albums Ranked KManoc1  1

Ulcerate - Of Fracture and Failure Re-Riffed Assemblage  4Build-an-Album II, R10(P2): We're Gloom'd Featured MarsKid  117
rip gal costa alamo  7Every Episode of Atlanta Ranked Rowan5215  24
Albums that perfectly click with you (read desc) Scornfyre  38Discord Server? Wildcardbitchesss  40
i am no longer a crackhead (i think) nol  32Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me About Teenage Dirtbag? Trebor.  42
fitz sucks PorkchopGMX  3Trivium Albums Ranked KManoc1  3

charli xcx climbed up on me alamo  5Non-US Hip-Hop Classics Thalassic  10
2022 fall/winter ambient recs Scoot  12My favorite SOTD songs Vercetti  10
Bucket List Bands goblinilbog  18DragonForce Albums Ranked KManoc1  3

I met Charile Puth Minortimbo12  16Instrumental folk recommendations? EphemeralEternity  12
Blink-182 Albums Ranked KManoc1  5

Technovember Hyperion1001  13Top 25 Favorite Songs of the Year ATM mkmusic1995  11
digs mryrtmrnfoxxxy  15Staff AOTY 2022: BREAKING SPUTNIK Featured JohnnyoftheWell  61
💀 Sput horror - Alien vs The Thing AudreyMyers  13PAKISTANI live music sessions OmairSh  10

Create List pizzamachine  26Saturday Jams BallsToTheWall  12

Carcass albums ranked Goodolboy  9Essentially: Billie Holiday PitchforkArms  4
💀 Sput horror - The 2010's AudreyMyers  24Broadening My Horizons (Read Desc) Scornfyre  14
Skillet Albums Ranked KManoc1  16

Boston Bruins mkmusic1995  17Devin Townsend Ranked misterhustle24  9
Wii Minortimbo12  5Garage Punk asphinctersayswhat  7
Andor Rowan5215  79List is Pigs SlothcoreSam  17
Albums with blue covers are always classics BookoftheFallen  18My Favorite Album Of Each Year (2010s) KManoc1  3

August Burns Red Albums Ranked mkmusic1995  18SputRoyale: WINNER 2022 Featured JohnnyoftheWell  41
ᗷ𝑒丂т ᵒƒ ❷ʘ11 Vinnymcscoop  3Oh yeah. Kill me Minortimbo12  24
Sowing's Week 9 Picks Sowing  20MarsBro's NFL Ranking: Week 9 MarsKid  31
appetite sated Cimnele  5A Tool For Listening To Music on Youtube notagenius  13
What I listened to yesterday random  7My Favorite Album Of Each Year (1980s) KManoc1  4

WORLD SERIES THREAD 2022 PHILLIES V ASTROS CaliggyJack  74Guess the song from lyrics! Minortimbo12  37
💀 Sput horror - The Conjuring AudreyMyers  6November concert lineup thecheatisnotdead  4
NNN Begins Vinnymcscoop  38THANK YOU Featured CaliggyJack  11

🚇🥧🍟November SOTD: Best of British 🐟👑⚽ Featured fogza  200Every Horror Film I Watched This October Ranked Zac124  40
Vote Unwound normaloctagon  21Best User Reviews: October 2022 Featured Sowing  18
Halloween 2022 jamzzzz DarkSideOfLucca  67 songs - New German Hardcore kildare  4
go to hell bolsonaro dumbfuck alamo  56Goodbye Dad Featured SteakByrnes  80
SPUT ROYALE: FINAL Featured JohnnyoftheWell  95COMBUSTION GOT AN XBOX combustion07  69
new hip hop band Featured DrGonzo1937  10King Album And The Ranking Wizard YoYoMancuso  10
Click Me ToSmokMuzyki  10

Best of 70s Black Sabbath Vercetti  279 albums - Best Classic EBM Albums, As Decreed by kildare  2
HAPPY HALLOWEEN LOSERS Dedes  6Nothing But Black Metal November sixdegrees  15
Catch-up Covenant Bedex  3Rec me generic Myspacecore cycosynner  35
💀 Sput horror - X & Pearl AudreyMyers  13Back in the states Koris  14

Things you like pizzamachine  33Deathrock & Black Metal asphinctersayswhat  3
Top 10 BTBAM songs peartnoy  27King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Ranked BYAMdrummer  1
💀 Sput horror - Cabinet of Curiosities AudreyMyers  8Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: October Featured DrGonzo1937  50
List Minortimbo12  11

similar album covers (stars) bloaf38  7Rec me amazing female live vocal performances ReefaJones  7
Tom Brady fucking sucks CaliggyJack  44

RIP Spirit Featured BigHans  156I saw In Flames last night BookoftheFallen  12
Native Construct albums ranked AeniasGaming  0Creepy Halloween 2022 vale  6
💀 Sput horror - Barbarian AudreyMyers  41Add Sleeper Recs in Comments (Read Description) Scornfyre  12
Sputnik Supergroup Featured SlothcoreSam  11

metal is the LAW frozencarl  30🄱🄴🅂🅃 🄾🄵 2012 Vinnymcscoop  5
Sowing's Week 8 Picks Sowing  31PJ Harvey Ranked mkmusic1995  16
lost my job list is digs Rowan5215  321000 ratings Rawmeeth38  4
Last Played Songs (October 2022) randomguitarist  0A Rock/Metal Music Fan's Rap Playlist KManoc1  11

Check Out My Album Art Redesigns homeyaloney  1Ranking My Current 5's FreakMachine  6
Rec Me Some Post Metal DiscoveringAxiom  31Ranking My 5's mkmusic1995  9
Taylor Swift - 1:30 AM Sowing  33Nirvana Albums Ranked KManoc1  17
Build-an-Album II, R9(P2): Pain. Max Pain. Featured MarsKid  147Discovolante's Best (Stuff I discovered) of: 2022 discovolante  2
Casey Crescenzo Ranked Scornfyre  2songs to escape from a murderous carnival to JerseyJimmy  4
YOU’VE BEEN pizzamachine  12crj ranked alamo  6
SPUT ROYALE: Round 6 (½ final) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  73Breaking Benjamin Albums Ranked KManoc1  8

7 songs - Thrash – OLD GUYS, NEW MUSIC kildare  0My Doggo Pics CaliggyJack  11
Saw The Mars Volta in Hollywood nickisnotarapper  6Astros number one Josh D.  14
💀 Sput horror - Terrifier 2 AudreyMyers  10My Chemical Romance Albums Ranked KManoc1  13

Ask me Minortimbo12  35

List? Digs? Aight. Featured Josh D.  7Please Help Featured CaliggyJack  74
Enslaved studio albums ranked Dodedodo  7Hot D Ep 10 Spoilers artiswar  17
any other posers in the chat Featured ramon.  187Discovolante's Best of: 1998 (Japan Edition) discovolante  2

Friday the 13th Ranked CaliggyJack  10fall jams Keyblade  19
Megadeth Albums Ranked Featured saintbeastofmetal  10A Selection of Rock Songs vertexarray  0
Sowing's Week 7 Picks Sowing  50Silent Hill Ranked CaliggyJack  16
Kitty cats on the cover! Featured kkarron  472021 - Albums i've liked CaptainPlasma  0
Five Finger Death Punch Albums Ranked KManoc1  16

colton's advice Colton  52Users RANKED: Part 1 pizzamachine  72
mY favorIte crEmatORY cLiPS XyphDryne  0Richmond-bound thecheatisnotdead  11
hardcore punk 2022 gschwen  7Cyberpunk tunes | Part I CaptainPlasma  10
Ghost Albums Ranked KManoc1  9

festivals: get good spots or watch more shows alamo  12New Halloween Ranking CaliggyJack  59
[̲̅B][̲̅e][̲̅s][̲̅t][̲̅o][̲̅f][̲̅2][̲̅0][Ì…Ì Vinnymcscoop  7Added League of Legends soundtracks Get Low  17
(Albums with) parrots rule tom79  11Unknown Industrial | Part I CaptainPlasma  7
Sputnik Supergroup: Vocalists SlothcoreSam  45

Favorite Albums of Each Year ChrimzonCanine  11Describe me Minortimbo12  33
Late career gems BookoftheFallen  10Tru-Kvlt Hardcore Only mkmusic1995  10
Employee of the Month: October, 2022. pizzamachine  15Artists i recommend to everyone CaptainPlasma  7
New Wave of Am. Heavy Metal is (?) normaloctagon  20

SPUT ROYALE: Round 5 (¼ final) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  103Fantasy Basketball (Categories) pjquinones747  10
Disappointing albums CaptainPlasma  14💀 Sput horror - Halloween Ends AudreyMyers  6

Junk Horror Film Recs normaloctagon  131True Music for Real Music Fans Vol. 1 Hyperion1001  9
2022 - Favorite songs CaptainPlasma  2Autumn albums Orangentorte  20
My top 202 albums of all time (1-101) y87arrow  0My Wife's New Band. Check it. botulist  32
The true amon amarth ranking Unclefrank  8

PopGoesTheYear: Worst of 1989 Featured Kompys2000  21ʙᴇꜱᴛ ᴏꜰ 2014 Vinnymcscoop  1
My top 202 albums of all time (102-202) y87arrow  0My propic Minortimbo12  5

How you gonna produce the best sounding album ever Trebor.  5jimmy's somewhat-underwhelming concert history JerseyJimmy  0
2700 Ratings mkmusic1995  2RETURN OF THE KING Minortimbo12  8
Top 10 Metallica songs Kusangii  12autumn > Sharenge  7
2022 - Albums i've liked CaptainPlasma  5

Album of the year CaptainPlasma  13Black Metal favorites AcidCaravan  10
Autumn is the Season for black metal BookoftheFallen  4dreamo BMDrummer  8
Some top tier melodic death metal albums Zac124  3Japaknees Josh D.  9
Need Country Music recs PitchforkArms  29Le Police mkmusic1995  8
Nu-Metal Bands I Enjoy violetvertigo  9𝐵𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝑜𝒻 𝟤𝟢𝟣𝟨 Vinnymcscoop  5

Sputnik Supergroup: Miscellaneous SlothcoreSam  44Blink-182 ranked CaliggyJack  22
7 songs - Electro-Industrial - MODERN kildare  0Sowing's Week 6 Picks Sowing  11
SPUT ROYALE: Round 4.5 (playoff) JohnnyoftheWell  88Florence and The Machine mkmusic1995  5
Fall 2022 gryndstone  2Deep Cuts: Godflesh kkarron  5
💀 Sput horror - Bates vs Jack AudreyMyers  4Favorite Hip Hop Albums of the last years FunJan  1
Best of the Genres Scornfyre  7rabidfish september picks rabidfish  9
Amon Amarth Albums Ranked KManoc1  9

RIP Angela Lansbury AudreyMyers  42022-23 NHL Season: Turmoil in Tempe Snake.  15
We have to fix this Minortimbo12  22Just wrote a JRPG plot Featured CugnoBrasso  18
Bjork mkmusic1995  28💀 Sput horror - The Exorcist vs Rosemary's Baby AudreyMyers  21
Wtf are you looking at? ConcubinaryCode  8Released a horror concept album Recreate  5
Albums I've listened to Chi134  0A History of Music - Part IV (1788 - IN PROGRESS) musichub  2
Best Death, Doom & Black metal of 2022 so far... IMHO plexed666  7

there r two types of people alamo  12A History of Music - Part III (1765 - 1787) musichub  1
A History of Music - Part II (1708 - 1765) musichub  4Pizza or nahhh? pizzamachine  22
I hate my depression Vercetti  75Help Me Use My Audible Credit! combustion07  11
𝔹𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟟 Vinnymcscoop  5Name 10 things that aren't Whitehouse kkarron  4
💀 Sput horror - Dahmer AudreyMyers  16Best User Reviews: September 2022 Featured Sowing  19
Truths 38 sixdegrees  5I fix Limp Bizkit's Results May Vary Tracklist rodrigo90  11
Albums Openers I Can't Stop Thinking About BaloneyPony  7

Albums with Great Closers Minortimbo12  35Willie Needs Some 2022 Recs Willie  18
Sputnik Supergroup: Bass SlothcoreSam  48SPUT ROYALE: Round 4 JohnnyoftheWell  88
Vinyl update shit Sinternet  6Best of 2016 thosemadsounds  1

The Midnight Club Shemson  9Truths 37 KILL  13
Worst metal sub genres Kusangii  87Direct X - my new album AnimalsAsSummit  3
Chill Tunes pizzamachine  9Top 5 fav melodic death metal albums this week BookoftheFallen  5
Name an Artist, Get an Opinion Scornfyre  71

Can't stop humming these happy tunes rage11111ro  0Build-an-Album II, R8 (P2): The Col-Train of Pain Featured MarsKid  138
Electronic EPs 2022 Featured izakaya  12Best Song By Every Artist oisincoleman64  42
Yellowcard Deep Dive BigBoofZone  10Albums i loved the last 2 months mariapaikoy  0
Burial ranked Heppasodge  5Please give me artist/album suggestions Scornfyre  41
Blind Guardian Albums Ranked KManoc1  2

MINI SPUT ROYALE CHAMPIONSHIP [Closed] Minortimbo12  9evangelion themed albums mrdogthrow  12
What do you look for in music? anode  112Vinyl? Hell, I could listen Josh D.  5

Beautiful ladies on metal albums' covers rage11111ro  16Best of 2018 Vinnymcscoop  1
10k comments official party thread butt.  19My Favorite Album Of Each Year (1990s) KManoc1  3

sup kevbogz  27Best of 2019 Vinnymcscoop  1
MINI SPUT ROYALE (Last Losers match) [closed] Minortimbo12  17Sowing's Week 5 Picks Sowing  82
(Help Wanted) Playlist for the End Times Scornfyre  33Most important Metal Albums in my fan prime time FunJan  1
Say something nice about the person above you Drifter  107Slipknot Albums Ranked KManoc1  5

Sputnik Supergroup: Guitarists SlothcoreSam  50So how do you write reviews? kkarron  28
SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  124Groove Metal Albums by not so groove Metal Bands FunJan  4
Cambodia : The Return Deez  10

7 songs - Electro-Industrial - CLASSIC kildare  2NINE THOUSAND Dedes  7
Top 10 Dog Breeds ReefaJones  3010 Years on Sputnik Toondude10  22
MINI SPUT ROYALE (Losers R5) [Closed] Minortimbo12  11Albums Of The Years (1990-Present) Scornfyre  4
Best Soundoffs Featured YoYoMancuso  75Vinter is Cvmming Josh D.  10

digs n sich Trundle  2Recent Trips and Buys JDubb  0
Happy October frens wutang4ever  4spooktober alamo  6
Rec me albs with vocals on only a few tracks Get Low  33Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: September Featured DrGonzo1937  68

MINI SPUT ROYALE (WR3 and LR4) [Closed] Minortimbo12  11Just Added a Good Death Metal Band pjquinones747  7
Dream Tour Lineups! mkmusic1995  7Rec Me: Pop, Math Rock, Emo, and Other Happy Music DiscoveringAxiom  9
Sputnik Supergroup: Drummer SlothcoreSam  91Drifting Into My 20's Drifter  20
Heavy gaze cloakanddagger  32💀😈October SOTD: Sputnik Horror Picture Show😈💀 Featured Koris  300
Overlooked Hip-Hop Part 2: A Playlist Featured PotsyTater  14Meshuggah Songs Ranked Assemblage  16
Albums I Own That Topped The Billboard 200 Shamus248  2He is Legend ranked TheSpirit  20
11,111 Sput Comment Celebration Extravaganza combustion07  23

Football: Ranked beefshoes  14September Digs DiscoveringAxiom  3
MINI SPUT ROYALE (Winners R2 and Losers R3) [Closed] Minortimbo12  12 FlorenceStewart  0
garas's 5th sputversary: things I've learnt Featured garas  26Anyone know where parksungjoon is??? evilford  50
Muzz Top 20 2015 Muzz79  1RIP Coolio Drifter  23
SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group B pizzamachine  12SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group A Featured JohnnyoftheWell  94

Thrice - Horizons/East (Re-envisioned) bc013  9Florida Hurricane pizzamachine  11
bad poo poo bands no listen pweaseeeeee! mkmusic1995  11list of no good very bad albums bands and genres AlexKzillion  27
MINI SPUT ROYALE (Losers R2) [Closed] Minortimbo12  13Popular Albums I think suck SharkTooth  31
Popular metal bands I can't stand Kusangii  87My Favorite Album Of Each Year (2000s) KManoc1  7

Songs I've discovered in 2022 and L♡VE ! Featured BaselineOOO  4Ghost Negs pizzamachine  40
Sowing's Week 4 Picks Sowing  38RobertsonArs moves to New York robertsona  41
James Blake needs to make a hip hop album Shemson  7It's gettin sp00ky bois JeremiahBullfrog  11
lets see those stats (6mos) TheSpirit  64

Listened devoid  0Knocked Loose Ranked Vinnymcscoop  0
MINI SPUT ROYALE (Winners R1) [Closed] Minortimbo12  10favourite 25 albums 2021 barbalidio  2
front page 09/23 albums have the same color scheme alamo  4Sad vibes (continued) Icebloom  12
My Top 100 Best Songs Of All-Time BenMobley383  16Sputnik Supergroup nominations. SlothcoreSam  61

Godflesh ranked SomeCallMeTim  16geologic locations ranked Tyler.  25
Machine Head Ranked MetalFrost66  2All-Time Favorites valtinho  2
Albums for cold or very cold days with pale sun y87arrow  0BVB/Andy Black Ranked CaliggyJack  5
chron PyrrhicBeggar  0Dinosaur's Digs (currently) DinosaurJones  4

MINI SPUT ROYALE (Losers Round 1) [Closed] Minortimbo12  11Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Shemson  23
My Favorite Album From Every Year Of My Life FreakMachine  20SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  100
0588046679 Bur Dubai Call Girls Service AjmanaLove  1favourite 25 albums 2020 barbalidio  0
the mars volta ranked mryrtmrnfoxxxy  20

cabaret voltaire 1 Cimnele  517th Sputversary | Jazz: FREE! Featured tectactoe  50
MINI SPUT ROYALE (Round 1b) [closed] Minortimbo12  21Bands that can do no wrong BookoftheFallen  51
Death and Dying in 2022 Pt.4 TheSpirit  13check out my vocals tyman128  12
Discovolante's Best of: 1997 (Japan Edition) discovolante  2Xiu Xiu Greatest Hits anode  10

Origami Angel Ranked Vinnymcscoop  12My Shoegaze Band Put Out Our Record Label Debut EP Featured oWhoadYo  19
favourite 25 albums 2019 barbalidio  0MINI SPUT ROYALE (Round 1A) [Closed] Minortimbo12  40
new singles from my band DarkHorizontal  4Death and Dying in 2022 Pt.3 TheSpirit  6
MINI SPUT ROYALE (nomination) [closed] Minortimbo12  21

Taylor Swift Studio Albums Ranked mkmusic1995  10favourite 25 albums 2018 barbalidio  1
Artists I Irredeemably Hate JeremiahBullfrog  107Death and Dying In 2022 Pt.2 TheSpirit  11
Fall is Your Aesthetic random  12Iron Maiden Albums Ranked KManoc1  12

SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  124robertsonamania robertsona  6
It’s Taylor Swift Season pizzamachine  17fav foods? Minortimbo12  48
Ranking all Slayer albums Djokoll  1favourite 25 albums 2017 barbalidio  1
Burning CDs from the library aka 2000s pirating rufinthefury  55 reviews of same artist Minortimbo12  8
Sowing's Week 3 Picks Sowing  30Death and Dying in 2022 Pt.1 TheSpirit  9
Encanto Songs Ranked ReturnToRock  2Jas does Bong Joon-Ho Jasdevi087  11
last 90 days (per lastfm) robertsona  2

Damnation Festival 2022 BigPleb  9rec me stuff that's not -core JerseyJimmy  4
Most Based TDWP Ranked List pjquinones747  13Favourite 25 albums 2016 barbalidio  0
Ranking all Trivium albums Djokoll  5breaking bad vs ozark Gestapo  38
I wish I was stuck in the early 00's rodrigo90  52I Christian Minortimbo12  67

Video Game Chars that would make great Smash Fight CaliggyJack  15Lower Than Atlantis Ranked Vinnymcscoop  3
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