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Disney/Pixar Theme Songs Ranked Scheumke under-the-radar IDM Avagantamos 
CALAMITY! Sput tragedies :] :] JohnnyoftheWell 20NEEK20: Q1 Albums neekafat 
Willie's Q1 2020 Willie Unknown Post-Punk #5 SandwichBubble 
The Wolfeclan April Cashhh Slicktalk Happy Hour No Refills Relinquished SONG OF THE DAY a p r i l JohnnyoftheWell 
Shittest singer of all time competition Jasdevi087 Guess the Album 2 Tunaboy45 
Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: March DrGonzo1937 Sputnik Users Yearbook 2020 Edition TVC15 

Drum & Bass WRYN  0Disney/Pixar Theme Songs Ranked Featured Scheumke  33
My (belated) Worst albums of 2019 davezillaMP3  2Depeche Mode Albums Ranked davidsbelike  3
CHIC (2018) gryndstone  0Front Line Assembly Albums Ranked davidsbelike  0
How the fuck are you? cirq  1620NEEK19: AOTYs neekafat  12
Movie Recs Brabiz  4What's your AOTYSF? dmathias52  35

My top 40 Favorite songs by REM mardin65  6Limp Bizkit albums ranked Drbebop  6
Driving Playlist WRYN  0Folk Tournament? Divaman  35
dark, winter-y post-rock vibes Ignimbrite  5My Improv Videos OmairSh  8
Ranking Rise Against kalkwiese  16Decapitated ranked Madbutcher3  4
1.-9. April 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  2Muse Albums Ranked davidsbelike  2
God Lives Underwater Albums Ranked davidsbelike  3Alice In Chains Albums Ranked davidsbelike  12
Nothingface Albums Ranked davidsbelike  0Mudvayne Albums Ranked davidsbelike  3
Gojira Albums Ranked davidsbelike  0Green Day - Best to Worst bobbydylan  2

How are you doing? random  6I've a song Josh D.  3
Anthony Fantano's NOT GOOD Albums MindsOfMen  31My Ranking of the King Gizzard Releases 4/4/20 Flomink  2
under-the-radar IDM Featured Avagantamos  13Sput on RateYourMusic? TVC15  49
CALAMITY! Sput tragedies :] :] Featured JohnnyoftheWell  89So you're looking for good quarantine tunes?? Wirertragen7  4
Recent Digs (Boris, Sonic Youth, City Morgue, etc) UglyFace  3top 20 elliott smith Rowan5215  21

i fucking hate you sputnik Element  223Wolfe's Letter to Sputheads Relinquished  121
Rec me atmospheric prog ResidentNihilist  6Released a deathgrind EP TrveBarbarian  11
Stimulus/Trump check USA ONLY MotokoKusanagi  26Favorite Albums Snorlaxicus  1
I’ve released an EP(FFO: Touche Amore, Departures) Kurai  1Kanye West albums ranked Drbebop  20
Sowing's Country Digs SowingSeason  43Update: just took a fat piss Jasdevi087  12
Nocte's 2020 Quarter No. 1 Nocte  25Best of 2018 EmceeKain  0
Best of 2017 EmceeKain  0Q1 Top 10 gnardude  3
Best of 2016 EmceeKain  3Dopest Sci-fi Ideas and Concepts in Books aydross121  4

Punkabilly GhandhiLion  9Death Worship Part III Deathconscious  1
NoDM ranks Rotting Christ NightOnDrunkMountain  1020NEEK20: Q1 Albums Featured neekafat  10
Willie's Q1 2020 Featured Willie  9Muse albums ranked Drbebop  18
Quarantine gots me listening to this again FellHanded  11Unknown Post-Punk #5 Featured SandwichBubble  61
Marilyn Manson - Best to Worst Albums bobbydylan  7GET CRUSHED combustion07  15

Fennesz Albums Ranked loulou  1snake Q1/2020 Snake.  3
Mercyful Fate Ranking BerryGarlicia  11Rec me weird death metal that's NOT Demilich ResidentNihilist  50
Favourite Cover Songs. Deez  22100% Accurate Metallica Ranking Bl4ckheart  2
Demon’s quarantine jams Demon of the Fall  16The Wolfeclan April Cashhh Slicktalk Happy Hour No Refills Featured Relinquished  114
The last thing I remember is... deadcrown  1Worst albums ever PART FUN SnuSnusonice  7
favorite albums of 2020 finalmourning  1Listening to Scatman John and Crying gryndstone  5
follow me on twitter Greyvy  3Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. Horfeepee01  39

Modded Fallout 4 Storm In A Teacup  23Tiger King!!! BallsToTheWall  38
Our Band Could Be Your Life dedexbinge dedex  26Incubus Ranked Rickislost  4
My top 10 favourite albums of all time. childatheart  5My Rush Ranking Horfeepee01  1
21.-31. March 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  0Meshuggah Albums Ranked MikeToreno  13
2020 - 1970 // MARCH Dewinged  18

How to get people to forget your band's name ArsMoriendi  18Top 10 Kublai Khan Tx songs BC74  0
Nine Inch Nails albums ranked Drbebop  14The Progressive Post-hc Encyclopedia thatbandsucks  11
Mupp's 2020 Q1 Muppelope  7Wolfe Digs Pt. 20: Apocalypse Picks Relinquished  4
Manic Minushuman24  6The Beach Boys - Best To Worst bobbydylan  5
Van Der Graaf Generator Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  7Metal Albums for Bassists DavidYowi  17
SONG OF THE DAY a p r i l Featured JohnnyoftheWell  237Xasthur albums ranked abjectism  6
House music (quarantine 2020) L4titudes  25Nine Inch Nails - Best to Least Best bobbydylan  19
Deftones albums ranked Drbebop  14

worst song of the year so far THISISMYWAR  22Van Halen are the greatest hard rock band MindsOfMen  4
Rec me Lovecraft Metal BookoftheFallen  7Hate List JDubb  9
Andy's Top 100 albums of the 2010's LedZep94  4Ambient Sleep Playlist WRYN  13 R4zor3dge  35Help TheSpaceMan  8
Shittest singer of all time competition Featured Jasdevi087  211

Hacks and Jams: Quarantine Edition Maniac!  222010-2020 Honorable Mentions nadryv  1
Top List 2009 nadryv  0garas presents: Favourite black metal vocalists garas  15
Death Grips_ Ranked JarJarNeeps  62010-2020 TOP FIFTY nadryv  0
Favorite Death/Thrash Albums? Truebadoor  9The Great March 2020 Birthday Take JDubb  0
Guess the Album 2 Featured Tunaboy45  121Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: March Featured DrGonzo1937  90
The Rolling Stones albums ranked Drbebop  7Gimme 2018/2019/2020 dm recs evilford  9
7 IDM-Inspired Electronic Recommendations pillsofeasypain  2

Quarantine Digs/Upcoming Spins thecheatisnotdead  2Favourite Electronic Releases WRYN  2
Sputnik Users Yearbook 2020 Edition Featured TVC15  299Converge ranked ncguitar  3
NoDM ranks Satyricon NightOnDrunkMountain  1110 Favorite Films of 2019 Rawmeeth38  41
Albums on Repeat, Part 1 bc013  7

top 25 2010 sbarbalexis  1Damn the recent list's made on here have been poor cazzill  6
My Favorite Metal Albums of My Birth Year (1993) Truebadoor  21Nick Cave Album Artwork Ranked TabulaRasa6  20
haunted ampharos4life  0

Weezer albums ranked Drbebop  13My 20 Favorite Metal LP’s Brabiz  15
Laid off and bored. LifeFeedsOnLife  28Neek's HORROR Binge neekafat  79
Get On da floor (And Dance with Me) AnimalsAsSummit  8Releasing some music foxblood  10
Thanks sputnik evilford  87

corgagie virus THISISMYWAR  14Listening To My Friend's 100 Hard Rock/Metal List MindsOfMen  6
I would like to apologize Storm In A Teacup  32Rec me modern metalcore ResidentNihilist  48
Rec me manga/anime + my reads/digs rellik009  26Best System of a Down ranked TabulaRasa6  21
fav songs of 2012 Ewgads  0Rec me minimalist solo piano Darius the Great  31
How do new bands get noticed? Annoying promotion? Eons  11

The Clash albums ranked Drbebop  7why do THISISMYWAR  32
The Coroner Virus JokineAugustus  13favorite albums of 2001 Ewgads  2
give me a word and i'll give you an album alamo  51I have a drinking problem heck  42
High on Fire Inveigh  11Top 7 Songs of the First Quarter of 2020 BC74  1

Some Recent Altmer Digs Altmer  3I care sometimes THISISMYWAR  10
JustPressPlay's 2020 JustPressPlay  7Aphex Twin albums ranked Drbebop  7
NoDM ranks Marduk NightOnDrunkMountain  6MY Death Metal Favourites VVild18  35
2020 - Q1 lucazade22  2The Strokes: Best to Worst Lukrezio  4
💣Sloth's 70s PUNK COMP🧻 Featured SlothcoreSam  131MARCH MADNESS 2020 WINNER: 👑TRIFOLIUM👑 Featured Dewinged  177

Pandemic of riffs Shuyin  24i kno u aint finna treeqt.  6
woman THISISMYWAR  10I made a metal song TheMrAlexK  6

Bandcamp Love deathofasalesman  18Thoughts On My New Album? Brabiz  9
After Hours ranked anarchistfish  19musical 10 year challenge Keyblade  24
Sublime: Best to Least Best Album bobbydylan  6after hours Scoot  4
Gorillaz: Best to Worst Albums bobbydylan  7Quarantine Digs brainmelter  47
Rec me melodies dfevil085  10My Favorite Albums Lukrezio  6
New Death Metal for Self-Isolation DungeonBoy  2310 of My Favorite Albums UglyFace  12
The Mars Volta albums ranked Drbebop  19My top 12 Favorite Hip-Hop Albums Ever. BankZZ  10
The End of the World Shamus248  1MARCH MADNESS 2020 🍑R6 / OH GLORIOUS 8!🍑 Dewinged  66
Stuff I should have the time to listen to now gryndstone  0Current Vinyl Collection twlichty  6

Enjoyable Experimental Music TOBD  8Mars2020: What to Listen For MarsKid  25
Ranking finger names CugnoBrasso  24free single by me and Scooter AnimalsAsSummit  5
The Black Dahlia Murder Ranked KaNe00  810 Most overrated pupular bands of all time in my opinion. SASSSGOOD  13
Bandcamp giving 100% revenue to artists/labels nightbringer  14plane decade Featured plane  36
Stonks theoleinnout  11MARCH MADNESS 2020 [💀R5 // THE UNDYING 16💀] Dewinged  142
Great 2020 Albums for a not-so-great 2020 Wirertragen7  2UBI as a response to Corona widowslaugh123  21

just another pandemonic list garas  10dam 1 CaptainDooRight  6
NoDM ranks Morbid Angel NightOnDrunkMountain  6In the Army Invaderbryan  107
Fleetwood Mac albums ranked Drbebop  8MARCH MADNESS 2020 [💥R4 // THE BRAVE 32💥] Dewinged  116
Review of Concerts (Sorta New to Sputnik) UglyFace  15Bernie is getting schlonged tonight Invaderbryan  39
Recent Vinyl Purchases widowslaugh123  2

Pakistani Songs: Corona Quarantine Playlist OmairSh  32Songs of the dedexcade FINISHED dedex  117
Quest for 10,000 ratings Featured Atari  64Wolfe Digs Pt. 19 Relinquished  12
Have to Go Back to Work Josh D.  32State of Calamity Oneironaut  4
Rec me some Ambient KaNe00  2612 years of sputshit theoleinnout  15
FAVES OF THE DECADE LIST! 2010-2019 Deez  27Machina I/II: REVAMPED neekafat  16
Listening Session en Cours WIP FR33L0RD  5MARCH MADNESS 2020 [⚡R3 // PART 2⚡] Dewinged  195
Video Games Thread TabulaRasa6  351MARCH MADNESS 2020 [🔥UNTIE🔥] Dewinged  25
Drinkin evilford  73

Pots '10-'19 Featured Lord(e)Po)))ts  132Working Remote - Send Recs pjquinones747  11
New song WeepinnWillow  1My ten favourite records of all time. lysinecontingency  4
ABBA albums ranked Drbebop  516.-20. March 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  0
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [🔥R3 // PART 1🔥] Dewinged  199fuck you all, die soon? Featured oltnabrick  56
Rec me spooky non-metal albums aydross121  40

FILM: tectac's Tsai Ming-liang, Ranked tectactoe  16My Favorite Albums of 2019 PatientlyDead  2
top 25 of 2010-2019 sbarbalexis  0Drinks and Jams BallsToTheWall  16
A Selection of Post-Bop Jazz from the "Long 60s" Onirium  910 Rare musical gems on Sputnik pillsofeasypain  10
Riverside Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  5Rec me electronic music II rellik009  26
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R2 // DIV3 vs DIV4 (Pt. 2)] Dewinged  87Using again Chmonlee  6
Which band's album/period got better with time? rodrigo90  4DOOM Eternal UpTheIRONS666  152

TWENEEK19: FilmOTYs neekafat  292020 Release Log, Part Two Lord(e)Po)))ts  44
Rec me lotsa electronic music rellik009  33Spiritualized albums ranked Drbebop  2
Fugazi Lyrics as Relevant Now as Ever F1i2s3c4h5e6r7  10Would you rather... Muhlysa  32
Pika's paradisiacal Paradise Lost ranking Pikazilla  40Been here since ‘05, let’s see what’s out there tinathefatlard  14
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R2 // DIV3 vs DIV4 (Pt. 1)] Dewinged  77

Rec Me Some Autumn Gems Lucman  20rec my whife butthole sex budgie  56
The Future is Female dmathias52  14Rec My Wife Shoegaze widowslaugh123  41
Albums on my "To Listen" List rifkadm  911.-15. March 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  0
13 Killers Songs I Like gryndstone  0My favourite dark wave albums list y87arrow  0
Periphery Albums Ranked SeanLites  8Suggestions to the bands that just cancelled tours rodrigo90  3
Electropop + Femme vox... I guess Aberf  21COVID-19 Comes to Canada GhostB1rd  174
My Favorite Albums I'd Heard In 2020 Flomink  1MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R2 // DIV1 vs DIV2 (Pt. 2)] Dewinged  131

Rec Me Americana-tinged Metal JDubb  17Here's my band. JustinKing  10
Coheed records ranked TabulaRasa6  18My 20 Favorite Albums From Asian Artists akiko1yamamoto  23
2020 Stuff and Some 2019 I Missed. Deez  32Hair Metal That Doesn't Suck Vol. 2 Featured rockarollacola  32
Rome: Ranked Zoomoo318  5Best albums of 2020 (so far) Markmark  1
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R2 // DIV1 vs DIV2 (Pt. 1)] Dewinged  243[DV4 UNTIE] Update: Closed Dewinged  13
My Top 50 Albums All Time alessandrosilverj  11

Oasis, Noel, BE and Liam albums ranked Drbebop  5Music With Friends: Part III hogan900  4
corona pandemic listening party butt.  211CD Archive III JohnnyoftheWell  13
M-m-m-myyy corona! CugnoBrasso  28If you haven’t heard these songs must HYPERVIOLET  23
Best Trilogies of all time Doibhin69  139Atari's First 2020 List (Digs) Featured Atari  26
Drunk Raps random  5Can you dig it? Dedes  15
Super Tuesday 2.0 Invaderbryan  29

Poggers Tyler.  4Three Months in... Nothing to Show BeyondCosby  35
Happy Music! AnimalsAsSummit  27Just got kicked out of school theBoneyKing  133
18 Visions interview Featured TheSpirit  14The leftovers were playing... Featured parksungjoon  77
Anime Recs Deathconscious  174MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R1 // DV4] Dewinged  129

Insane Clown Posse: Albums Best to Worst bobbydylan  13ELO albums ranked Drbebop  5
Songs With Strings Josh D.  29DiscoRun - Leprous: Every Song Ranked Scheumke  9
The Third Hundred Shows Minushuman24  9All Daft Punk Songs Ranked Drbebop  4

Narrows Appreciation calmrose  19Rec me newish core of any kind MaxTwoKids  19
top music genres to study to thedoom  43The National album covers ranked Icebloom  31
Every Blood Brothers Song Ranked widowslaugh123  46Cherish The Ladies Divaman  2
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R1 // DV3] Dewinged  136

DST: Spring Forward Masochist  4Neo-Soul Afro-Dank for the Spank-Bank Lord(e)Po)))ts  30
Classic 80s heavy metal and heavy rock albums snowsorcerer  20Genesis Albums Ranked Drbebop  1
Only metal albums of this decade that I care Handers  17

Classic black metal top 10 snowsorcerer  10Observing Bleep Bloop Featured Observer  133
Classic Death Metal Top 10 snowsorcerer  12Every David Maxim Micic Song Ranked TundraL5Z  5
Folk me up fam butt.  12XTC albums ranked Drbebop  2
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R1 // DV2] Dewinged  154

been working on new music veninblazer  10Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo DungeonBoy  45
Kompy's big 21!!! Kompys2000  20PS2: 20 Years Saros  42

Top 15 National Songs AmericanFlagAsh  80Thoughts on Genesis reunion. rodrigo90  14
1.-10. March 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  5Music With Friends Part II Featured hogan900  5
blue and purple debuts frozencarl  36on repeat wroughtironbug  3
Give me recs combustion07  8R.I.P. Beanie GhostB1rd  59
MARCH MADNESS 2020 [R1 // DV1] Dewinged  145

Behold the best Abbath show ever rodrigo90  0I've got the Urkel blues.... Trundle  2
Pika's void Voivod ranking Pikazilla  28Shows I've been to TabulaRasa6  18
Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: February DrGonzo1937  81666 Ratings: The Metal Will Live On SymbolicInTime  11

Metal Livez JokineAugustus  9M/ BallsToTheWall  6
New album homies AnimalsAsSummit  12James Bond Ranked cazzill  57
Blur albums ranked Drbebop  2Stuff I bought vol. 6 Pratman  0
Best Devin Townsend records ranked TabulaRasa6  10Gigs I've been to ayew  0
Slut Patricks Day gryndstone  5some jazz 4 U butt.  18

sounds like orc mischief to me heyadam  18anat plugs anatelier  6
Sowing's 2020 Q1 Digs Featured SowingSeason  26

De/an/cade 100 Featured hesperus  16Ozzy karagiannis1908  4
Greek Yogurt and Blueberries for breakfast Jasdevi087  13How to review an album: part 14 pizzamachine  10
Upcoming Shows Halfman  0My Top 25 All Time Daneleslie  4
"Make Alt. Metal great again" Campaign rodrigo90  31March 2020 Song of the Day Featured Divaman  416
Rec Me Dank Experimental/Weird Hip-Hop Colliiiin  10band got signed last week! madrigal30  7

Guidance into obscure depths garas  14Pika's lunatic Cult of Luna ranking Pikazilla  30
The Sidekicks Ranked SlothcoreSam  14Longtime Lurker omgbecky  98

i make death metal lazily Madbutcher3  12Opethian SrpskiCekic  1
CD Archive II JohnnyoftheWell  22All Moonsorrow's Guitar Solos Ranked By Length aydross121  2
mainstream pop rockandahardplace  12trans rockandahardplace  215
Made an impressionist piano album Sevengill  16

Music With Friends: A Daily Collective Project hogan900  3Beatles albums ranked Drbebop  47
My band Night Thieves just released our debut EP Rickislost  0CD Archive I JohnnyoftheWell  13
Weirdest metal albums ever Featured SuicycoManiac7  5626.-29. February 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  1
Fiddy's Curated Salsa Compendium (Playlist) 50iL  15Songs that go as hard as derezzed? bigboss00  6

2019 jacobman7  0Ranks Ranked butt.  14
Favourite albums 2010-2019 virpi  2FILM: tectac's Robert Bresson, Ranked tectactoe  18
Mariusz Lewandowski: A Journey Into the Abyss Dunpeal  18Pika's lupine Ulver ranking Pikazilla  19
Kinks RANKED 123cf456  1XTC RANKED 123cf456  1

My 25 Favorite Albums KBP37  13Albums Listened in 2020 dess05  0
Pit is Engaged Featured Intothepit  43My favourite psychedelic electronic albums y87arrow  0
Bloodborne Part Deux Horfeepee01  109Comprehensive list of vaporwave I heard rellik009  6
Darkest metal albums ever SuicycoManiac7  66Opeth Albums Ranked Mila91  0
Dream Theater Albums Ranked Mila91  4A Lucid Decade Featured luci  24
Watchlist but for albums Vertecks  1More From Hard Jams Inc. BallsToTheWall  6

2019: A Fight Riff Retrospective Featured botb  13Rec me some dumb gym jams Thalassic  43
How do you approach a discography? JustPressPlay  20Democratic Primaries 2020 OmairSh  699

Albums I'd kill myself to. ReiniEden  26You Can (Not) Read This All Featured parksungjoon  281
Teamsters Albums Of The Decade teamster  3Top 25 Arcade Fire Songs Zeuzo  26
Dance Gavin Dance - Every Tilian Song Ranked Featured GreyShadow  22Quest for my 10th 5/5 SymbolicInTime  33

Best Metal Guitar Tone? G0atC0re  28i dont care oltnabrick  83
2020 Charts Are Up Featured SowingSeason  47im back Bloon  85
10 greatest hardcore albums DopeFiend  12Upcomings 2020 CoreLeone85  0
u nerds play d&d? heyadam  41The album word association game sixdegrees  33

Most wanted movies of 2020? Lookin4NuFriends  22Black Metal I have been digging twlichty  22
2019's music that might blow you away JohnyBlood  4Albums (2/17 - 2/21) Thompson  4
Radiohead albums ranked Drbebop  207ugh parksungjoon  40
20.-25. February 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  0ZORN Past Decade Ranked Veldin  10
Undying - The Whispered Lies of Angels heck  5Eminem Albums Ranked Assemblage  11

Top 25 King Crimson songs Drbebop  6My Quintessential Black Metal Albums List 1327deusexmachina  32
Rec for the Betterment of Sputbros sumyunguy  5my 4.5s : RANKED JohnnyoftheWell  169

Favorite Albums/Movies austin888  10BO Metal Nerdurosis  7
Clone Wars 7 hypethread Rowan5215  84So I Have a concussion ExecutiveExecuterexe  10
BE'LAKOR TOP DaveT0738  13Web Design Company Melbourne amishasharma  0
Dear Sonic. deadcrown  70Rage Against the Machine tracks ranked 0GuyMan0  21

Bob Dylan rockandahardplace  12Doof's Top 100 Albums: Update DoofDoof  31
King Crimson albums ranked Drbebop  7Pink Floyd albums ranked Drbebop  14
The Clash - Best to Worst bobbydylan  5Cult of luna ranked from best to good qwenta  98
Sturgis' Top 50 Albums/EPs Sturgis  2

Channing Freeman's Decade Featured mynameischan  65Megadeth Ranked. Horfeepee01  8
Daniel Craig Bond Movies Ranked. BallsToTheWall  39im sick parksungjoon  88
rec me your classics botulist  42Wu-Tang Clan Best to worst bobbydylan  5

Another Decade of Brutality Anthracks  29The 10 Greatest Hip Hop Albums of the Golden 90's sumyunguy  36
Wow! 1500 ratings!!! Dedes  15La Dispute - Rooms of the House Ranked GreyShadow  5

Albums (2/10 - 2/14) Thompson  0Let us hear your music! fromrows  27
1000 Comments nightbringer  15post-punk / garage rock rockandahardplace  0
valentine's gay parksungjoon  90Raps CoolNameGuy  0
rap rockandahardplace  2Best Songs of 2020 (so far) EasterInTheBatcave  7

my account is older than some posters Featured Scoot  76Mayo Pete The Nominee? sonictheplumber  258
Overlooked Singles 2010s AmericanFlagAsh  8Happy birthday, Heavy Metal! garas  22
Led Zeppelin albums ranked Drbebop  10Now Listening Stratu  1
List is dogs evilford  21I have the flu THISISMYWAR  17

The Police albums ranked Drbebop  4NoDM's Top 50 Metal albums of the 10's. NightOnDrunkMountain  2
top 20 enter shikari Featured Rowan5215  862019 metal rockandahardplace  1
Favorite Albums. Hudsonvsc  1Updated Soundgarden Top Songs List. gardenbus  2
Favorite Highschool Albums mann28  7

Annihilator albums ranked (2020) SuicycoManiac7  12019 rockandahardplace  0
2020 rockandahardplace  0Panic! At the Disco Worst to Best ajcollins15  1
24: TV Show ranked. DrGonzo1937  12King Crimson Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  11
11.-19. February 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  1Shuggah TOP DaveT0738  10
rec me metal thats melodic but isnt melodeath pls alamo  20

im fuckin pissed parksungjoon  322020 In Need of a Review Nocte  19

faves of the decade cylinder  51AV actresses/pornstars rellik009  42
Andy's Top 35 albums of 2019 LedZep94  0Disturbed Albums Ranked KManoc1  9
Keeping up with a Sloth.🎶 Jan 20 Featured SlothcoreSam  42Rec Me Modern Dm sonictheplumber  36
Bands that I’d wish mix up their sound more. BankZZ  8

I'm Back KManoc1  26Johnny v. Neek - ROUND 1: Sample Platter neekafat  57
XX's Top Albums of the 2010's XXMurdaBeatzXX  3Fantastic Manufactured Power Pop Records lysinecontingency  2
Coast 2010s Coast  5

Concert Tees UpTheIRONS666  9hadriel's favorites of 2019 hadriel  4
albums with riffs Madbutcher3  7Favourite Albums 2010-2020 Jacktayl0r  0
Top 25 Death Metal Albums BerryGarlicia  47Baroness Albums Ranked VajonMiki  9
Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: January Featured DrGonzo1937  58

Poetry is Good For You brosephmcbrah  5Ranking Rush - Live CygnusXIII  3
Top 55 black metal albums SuicycoManiac7  13Ranking Rush CygnusXIII  2
Top 10 albums of 2019 Boivin  0What Happened to Tracklists? SteakByrnes  40
12 years a lurker: thanks sputnik! durkl  27Sammy Hagar is coming where I live MindsOfMen  14
Records I Am On In Some Capacity lysinecontingency  1Oscar Nominees Best Movie aydross121  46

Dnc Craps On Sanders, Mayo Cheat Reigns Neoliberal sonictheplumber  39Birds of Prey Discussion Aerisavion  19
SgtShock's 2019 SgtShock  0NEW ALBUM_oftheWell JohnnyoftheWell  25
Skiing / Snowboarding MotokoKusanagi  16Shawdow INC Muhlysa  5
Big bands I owe a discogrun DDDeftoneDDD  53Headphone discussion AfterTheBreakdown  21
Talking Heads albums ranked Drbebop  16

February Jamz thecheatisnotdead  4It’s Just About That Time Again... random  0
They Might Be Giants Top Rated Records lysinecontingency  6Marvin Gaye albums ranked Drbebop  3
Good Albums in general RichRamp  3Jars of Clay Discography Rank JukeboxJunkieJosh7  7

La Dispute - Wildlife Ranked GreyShadow  20Dream pop binge Bedex  170
No Deodorant Necessary BallsToTheWall  92020 Black Metal recommendations [in progress] AntalWS  16
2019 Black Metal recommendations AntalWS  3

hit me with some recommendations swallowtales  18How bad is Max Cavalera live? rodrigo90  6
Great Albums of 2019 loulou  4bojack s. 6 pt. 2 stuck the landing theacademy  31
drum & bass recs please Avagantamos  40

Genre Defining Albums rockarollacola  81.-10. February 2020 Rock & Metal MatyMasaryk  3
February 2020 Song of the Day Featured ArsMoriendi  263

Periphery Worst to Best ajcollins15  8The GazettE, Ranked Uzumaki  12
Top 10 Kayo Dot songs siIverspawn  37Ranking Damon Albarn’s work Stjimmy101  10
BLACK SABBATH - 50th anniversary TheNotrap  13Hard Jams Inc. BallsToTheWall  9
Help me find workout albums DadKungFu  43MindsOfMen Ranks Judas Priest's Discography MindsOfMen  5
Ambient L4titudes  18La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom... Ranked GreyShadow  8
Sputnikmusic oisincoleman64  5Do You Smoke Reefer StarlessCore  16

Insomnium siIverspawn  14Mastodon - Best to worst bobbydylan  32
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