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Pit is Engaged Intothepit A Lucid Decade luci 
2019: A Fight Riff Retrospective botb You Can (Not) Read This All parksungjoon 
Dance Gavin Dance - Every Tilian Song Ranked GreyShadow 2020 Charts Are Up SowingSeason 
Channing Freeman's Decade mynameischan my account is older than some posters Scoot 
top 20 enter shikari Rowan5215 Keeping up with a Sloth.🎢 Jan 20 SlothcoreSam 
Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: January DrGonzo1937 πŸ’€πŸ’€ budgie & february casual conversation πŸ’€πŸ’€ budgie 

sm0kin sm0ked0u7g4ng574  11

My 25 Favorite Albums KBP37  2My 25 Favorite Albums KBP37  2
Albums Listened in 2020 dess05  0Pit is Engaged Featured Intothepit  20
Ozzy πŸ†š Dio in Sabbath garas  16My favourite psychedelic electronic albums y87arrow  0
Bloodborne Part Deux Horfeepee01  51Comprehensive list of vaporwave I heard rellik009  6
Darkest metal albums ever SuicycoManiac7  13Opeth Albums Ranked Mila91  0
Dream Theater Albums Ranked Mila91  4A Lucid Decade Featured luci  14
Watchlist but for albums Vertecks  1Shit I Liked in 2019 rockarollacola  1
More From Hard Jams Inc. BallsToTheWall  6

Top 10 Joy Division Songs Zeuzo  172019: A Fight Riff Retrospective Featured botb  4
Rec me some dumb gym jams Thalassic  42How do you approach a discography? JustPressPlay  20
Democratic Primaries 2020 OmairSh  55Underrated metal albums TypoNegative  8

Albums I'd kill myself to. ReiniEden  26You Can (Not) Read This All Featured parksungjoon  181
Teamsters Albums Of The Decade teamster  3Top 25 Arcade Fire Songs Zeuzo  26
Dance Gavin Dance - Every Tilian Song Ranked Featured GreyShadow  19Quest for my 10th 5/5 SymbolicInTime  33

Best Metal Guitar Tone? G0atC0re  28i dont care oltnabrick  68
2020 Charts Are Up Featured SowingSeason  47im back Bloon  85
10 greatest hardcore albums DopeFiend  12Upcomings 2020 CoreLeone85  0
u nerds play d&d? heyadam  41The album word association game sixdegrees  33

Most wanted movies of 2020? Lookin4NuFriends  22Black Metal I have been digging twlichty  22
2019's music that might blow you away JohnyBlood  4Albums (2/17 - 2/21) Thompson  4
Radiohead albums ranked Drbebop  207ugh parksungjoon  40
20.-25. February 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  0ZORN Past Decade Ranked Veldin  10
Undying - The Whispered Lies of Angels Hellscythe  5Eminem Albums Ranked Assemblage  11

Top 25 King Crimson songs Drbebop  6My Quintessential Black Metal Albums List 1327deusexmachina  32
Rec for the Betterment of Sputbros sumyunguy  5my 4.5s : RANKED JohnnyoftheWell  169

Favorite Albums/Movies austin888  10BO Metal Nerdurosis  7
Clone Wars 7 hypethread Rowan5215  57So I Have a concussion ExecutiveExecuterexe  10
BE'LAKOR TOP DaveT0738  13Web Design Company Melbourne amishasharma  0
Dear Sonic. deadcrown  70Rage Against the Machine tracks ranked 0GuyMan0  21

Bob Dylan rockandahardplace  12unable to change my profile picture Snake.  30
Doof's Top 100 Albums: Update DoofDoof  31King Crimson albums ranked Drbebop  7
Pink Floyd albums ranked Drbebop  13The Clash - Best to Worst bobbydylan  4
Cult of luna ranked from best to good qwenta  98Sturgis' Top 50 Albums/EPs Sturgis  2

Channing Freeman's Decade Featured mynameischan  66Megadeth Ranked. Horfeepee01  8
Daniel Craig Bond Movies Ranked. BallsToTheWall  39im sick parksungjoon  88
rec me your classics botulist  42Wu-Tang Clan Best to worst bobbydylan  5

Another Decade of Brutality Anthracks  27The 10 Greatest Hip Hop Albums of the Golden 90's sumyunguy  36
Wow! 1500 ratings!!! Dedes  15La Dispute - Rooms of the House Ranked GreyShadow  5

Albums (2/10 - 2/14) Thompson  0Let us hear your music! fromrows  27
1000 Comments nightbringer  15post-punk / garage rock rockandahardplace  0
valentine's gay parksungjoon  90Raps CoolNameGuy  0
rap rockandahardplace  2Best Songs of 2020 (so far) EasterInTheBatcave  7

my account is older than some posters Featured Scoot  60Mayo Pete The Nominee? sonictheplumber  235
Overlooked Singles 2010s AmericanFlagAsh  8Happy birthday, Heavy Metal! garas  22
Led Zeppelin albums ranked Drbebop  10Now Listening Stratu  1
List is dogs evilford  21I have the flu THISISMYWAR  17

Digs. Recs? Rawmeeth38  4The Police albums ranked Drbebop  4
NoDM's Top 50 Metal albums of the 10's. NightOnDrunkMountain  2top 20 enter shikari Featured Rowan5215  85
2019 metal rockandahardplace  126 Favorite Bands at Age 26 TypoNegative  8
Favorite Albums. Hudsonvsc  1Updated Soundgarden Top Songs List. gardenbus  2
Favorite Highschool Albums mann28  7

Annihilator albums ranked (2020) SuicycoManiac7  02019 rockandahardplace  0
2020 rockandahardplace  0Panic! At the Disco Worst to Best ajcollins15  1
24: TV Show ranked. DrGonzo1937  12King Crimson Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  11
11.-19. February 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  1Shuggah TOP DaveT0738  10
rec me metal thats melodic but isnt melodeath pls alamo  20

im fuckin pissed parksungjoon  322020 In Need of a Review Nocte  19

faves of the decade cylinder  51Stuff you should listen to garas  7
AV actresses/pornstars rellik009  42Andy's Top 35 albums of 2019 LedZep94  0
Disturbed Albums Ranked KManoc1  9Keeping up with a Sloth.🎢 Jan 20 Featured SlothcoreSam  41
Rec Me Modern Dm sonictheplumber  36Bands that I’d wish mix up their sound more. BankZZ  8

I'm Back KManoc1  26Johnny v. Neek - ROUND 1: Sample Platter neekafat  35
XX's Top Albums of the 2010's XXMurdaBeatzXX  2Fantastic Manufactured Power Pop Records lysinecontingency  2
Coast 2010s Coast  5

Concert Tees UpTheIRONS666  9hadriel's favorites of 2019 hadriel  4
albums with riffs Madbutcher3  7Favourite Albums 2010-2020 Jacktayl0r  0
Top 25 Death Metal Albums BerryGarlicia  47Baroness Albums Ranked VajonMiki  9
Sputnikmusic's Album of the Month: January Featured DrGonzo1937  582019 albums of the year - frozencarl edition frozencarl  2

Poetry is Good For You brosephmcbrah  5Ranking Rush - Live CygnusXIII  3
Top 55 black metal albums SuicycoManiac7  13Ranking Rush CygnusXIII  2
Top 10 albums of 2019 Boivin  0What Happened to Tracklists? SteakByrnes  40
12 years a lurker: thanks sputnik! durkl  27Sammy Hagar is coming where I live MindsOfMen  14
Records I Am On In Some Capacity lysinecontingency  1Oscar Nominees Best Movie aydross121  46

Dnc Craps On Sanders, Mayo Cheat Reigns Neoliberal sonictheplumber  39Birds of Prey Discussion Aerisavion  19
SgtShock's 2019 SgtShock  0NEW ALBUM_oftheWell JohnnyoftheWell  25
Skiing / Snowboarding MotokoKusanagi  16Shawdow INC Muhlysa  5
Big bands I owe a discogrun DDDeftoneDDD  53Headphone discussion AfterTheBreakdown  21
Talking Heads albums ranked Drbebop  16

February Jamz thecheatisnotdead  4It’s Just About That Time Again... random  0
They Might Be Giants Top Rated Records lysinecontingency  6Marvin Gaye albums ranked Drbebop  3
Good Albums in general RichRamp  3Jars of Clay Discography Rank JukeboxJunkieJosh7  7

La Dispute - Wildlife Ranked GreyShadow  20Dream pop binge Bedex  124
No Deodorant Necessary BallsToTheWall  92020 Black Metal recommendations [in progress] AntalWS  16
2019 Black Metal recommendations AntalWS  3

hit me with some recommendations swallowtales  18How bad is Max Cavalera live? rodrigo90  6
Great Albums of 2019 loulou  4bojack s. 6 pt. 2 stuck the landing theacademy  31
drum & bass recs please Avagantamos  40

Genre Defining Albums rockarollacola  8πŸ’€πŸ’€ budgie & february casual conversation πŸ’€πŸ’€ Featured budgie  1059
1.-10. February 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  3February 2020 Song of the Day Featured ArsMoriendi  205

Periphery Worst to Best ajcollins15  8The GazettE, Ranked Uzumaki  8
Top 10 Kayo Dot songs siIverspawn  37Ranking Damon Albarn’s work Stjimmy101  10
BLACK SABBATH - 50th anniversary TheNotrap  13Hard Jams Inc. BallsToTheWall  9
Help me find workout albums DadKungFu  43MindsOfMen Ranks Judas Priest's Discography MindsOfMen  5
Ambient L4titudes  18La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom... Ranked GreyShadow  8
Sputnikmusic oisincoleman64  5Do You Smoke Reefer StarlessCore  16

Insomnium siIverspawn  14Mastodon - Best to worst bobbydylan  32
What is emo? ConcubinaryCode  52All Mastodon Songs Ranked (Mastosongs) Assemblage  19
2019 choice cuts brainmelter  12

Motley Crue Albums Ranked! CyanKnux  11Can any of you upload album art to albums without art? SandwichBubble  78
luci's decade in electronic: releases Featured luci  33Dying Lights siIverspawn  1
Any Of Youse Gonna Catch This Corona Virus Thing? americanohno  14Rec Me Hardcore PortraitsOfDecay  29
Share your playlist Aberf  42

The gay porn epidemic of 2019 was not fixed GhandhiLion  39why are you? butt.  21
Favourite 25 Albums, Ever thomasdavidge  1Favorite LPs of last decade insomniac15  2
Pangea's 2019 Pangea  2Rec me noise music albums and I'll add them rellik009  47
Dicography Journeys NOTINTHEFACE  21Sowing's Top 10 Hip-Hop SowingSeason  52
Where'd You Get Your Nickname? Scheumke  133DDD's 2014 picks Featured DDDeftoneDDD  69
The Ocean (Collective) ranked! qwenta  25The Gun Club ranked L4titudes  12
am sad Featured kevbogz  189

RED Ranked JustPressPlay  1RAMMSTEIN Ranked JustPressPlay  8
Give Me Your Concerts...... Deez  85The only correct ranking of all Kayo Dot albums siIverspawn  12
If you're reading this DadKungFu  132017 PytkaWonsza  0
ZombieToyDuck's Belated 2019 ZombieToyDuck  11CDs that dont come with front covers Supercoolguy64  9

Any photographers here? heyadam  15Some artists that experiment wildly instrumentally Bobshat  2
RIP Kobe Bryant Storm In A Teacup  90A Decade Flew By NorthernSkylark  18
Lana del Rey Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  5Thin Lizzy Ranked Inveigh  12
Top 30 of the 00s d00stin  1traditional heavy metal list budgie  121
Coast's 2019 Metal: Light to Dark Coast  3TWENEEK10s: AOTDs Featured neekafat  34

Favorite Songs of 2019 Louksy23  090s Riff monsters DopeFiend  2
China Crisis Divaman  11What I'm Going To Listen To While Doing Yard Work americanohno  6
Best Metal Albums that aren't on Spotify (rec pls) VincenzoAureo  23My favorite albums of the decade (2010-2019) Stjimmy101  0
20 Ambient Albums to save your soul. phylyps  826.-31. January 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  2

favorite metal album covers TheGuy  11Top 25 The Cure Songs Zeuzo  19
Ranking Car Seat Headrest’s Albums Stjimmy101  0TDEP ranked ExtinguishingTheSun  16
man parksungjoon  79Dream Theater Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  3
Progressive Metalcore splinter  8Reimagining Paramore (2014) Aerisavion  1
My Top 10 Dir En Grey Tracks Brabiz  6Top 25 Songs of 2019 d00stin  2
Top 15 of 2019 d00stin  0

Shows botulist  9Sowing's Superbowl Pick SowingSeason  66
Best 2019 Metal releases flying under the radar AntalWS  4Karnivool Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  2
Immortal Ranking BerryGarlicia  5Death Metal Vocal MAB  3
Flying Lotus Ranked Royl123  24

Pangea's songs of 2019 Pangea  6Redundancy Day Aerisavion  19
My Favorite Guitarist MAB  3My Favorite Metal Drums albums MAB  16
RIP Terry Jones IAmScott  1820000 comments / 1500 ratings Featured JohnnyoftheWell  59
Songs That Can't Be Overrated Josh D.  23Quickest made albums ConcubinaryCode  11
50 Albums That Will Steal Your Lunch Money JasonCarne  1Worst Live Band(s) You've Seen? TypoNegative  46

Users who have pictures of themselves as avatars Jasdevi087  2650 TOOL SONGS RANKED (including fear inoculum) SuicycoManiac7  16
My 100 most favourite songs Featured garas  262020 origrinspun  0
Adding CDs To the Database.... americanohno  42pac albums ranked oweinerwaltini  1
Allan's Favorite Record From the Decade ajcollins15  1MUSIC: tec's Top 50 of 2019 Featured tectactoe  27
2010-2019 in BLACK METAL Pt.2 TheSpirit  4Trif's 2020: Records I Love So Far Trifolium  53

Best source to find music??? SlothcoreSam  20

The Cure Albums Ranked Zeuzo  21My favorite Father John Misty Songs Stjimmy101  7
Neato Albums calmrose  4Funk-Rock, Blues and Ragtime lysinecontingency  12
Bluegrass and Modern Appalachian Folk Starter Pack lysinecontingency  5Weird Shite lysinecontingency  8
Introspective Indie Rock lysinecontingency  0Blood Pumping, High Octane Rock And Roll lysinecontingency  1
tfw no gf lysinecontingency  19Greatest Sad Albums lysinecontingency  0
Neek's January 2020 Mixtape neekafat  3

Looming Concerts: February Edition thecheatisnotdead  5Sodom Albums Ranked VincenzoAureo  4
21.-25. January 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  1top 10 albums 1990-1999 FirstLucidDream  0
top 10 albums 2000-2009 Featured FirstLucidDream  5top 10 albums of the decade FirstLucidDream  0
Songs of the Decade Featured Rowan5215  31I need recs. DinosaurJones  15
End of the Year List - 2019 jrhonan  0DoofDoof Gets Remarried! Lord(e)Po)))ts  142
Jams random  9bgillesp's 2010s Albums of the Decade (100-1) bgillesp  15

System ranked karagiannis1908  1UFC 246 - McGREGOR vs COWBOY TheNotrap  80
top 100 albums of the 2010s barcafan21  0Rec me stuff like this Icebloom  26
bgillesp's 2010s Albums of the Decade (197-101) bgillesp  6

Destruction Ranked BerryGarlicia  52010-2019 in BLACK METAL Pt.1 TheSpirit  13
R.I.P. Roock Music alamo  4check out my band's new song? madrigal30  12
Worst Gig Experience? TypoNegative  92

How does one delete their account? peaks40  7Trilogies ranked Featured DarkSideOfLucca  33
The Gig List Aerisavion  3Wolfe Digs Pt. 18 Relinquished  23
Top 35 System of a down SuicycoManiac7  102019 faves lexicondevil  1
Good IQ Albums ranked loulou  7Annihilator Ranking BerryGarlicia  13
To-Dos Psychaberration  0stuff to check pt 2 alamo  3

In need of new tunes to try out! pjquinones747  12Moonsorrow Epics Tier List aydross121  14
I recorded some demos thebeautifulones  6driving album recs Ashtiel  11
I Ate A Porcupine Quill JohnnyoftheWell  18Underappreciated Metal. Featured TableLamp  12
The Flower Kings albums ranked loulou  0

Welcome To Rockville BallsToTheWall  2Knights of the Old Republic Minushuman24  5
Blazin's Top 40 Songs of 2019 BlazinBlitzer  5Sowing's Conference Picks SowingSeason  9
TWENEEK10s: SOTDs neekafat  24Star Wars: My Final Verdict Doibhin69  49
Every Ling Tosite Sigure Ranked v2 Aberf  15

bgillesp's 2019 Albums of the Year bgillesp  8Top 20 Drumming Performances of 2019 BlazinBlitzer  13
Sputnik Copypasta II: The Great Pasta War Deathconscious  251Top 10 - 2019 lachapelle  0
Top 10 - 2018 lachapelle  0Why do people hate the new green day album? CyanKnux  21
Rap Music InFiction  02020 NoHope  0
Favorite 100 of 2010's DJENNY  6mermaid hair RolyPoly  0
Rush Ranked BerryGarlicia  12Artists that i respect but just can't get into BankZZ  25

My favorite underrated albums Hirsch  0AC/DC Album Covers Ranked CyanKnux  5
2019 section93  0Top 10 of 2019 Agonba  0
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  1Album Covers BerryGarlicia  13

2019 Favourites standeman  1Rest In Peace Neil Peart Featured CyanKnux  9
RIP NEIL PEART chemicalmarriage  5My Top 92 psychedelic albums (rock & electronic) y87arrow  0
paps runs through his favs real quick (2019) Papa Universe  1111.-20. January 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  3
What is the utility of the NRR? rellik009  2Butt's Decade butt.  20
Insomnium albums ranked standeman  5

Shoegazing the Decade: Aberf's list Aberf  36DUNGEON SYNTH 2020 Featured garas  33
Early Stream of My Debut EP veninblazer  15Favorite albums of the decade alexurenda7  0
My favorite albums of the decade ElHombreChino  1Nightwish Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  7
Asura's Favourite 2019 Albums Asura14  0Coffee Time Playlist TypoNegative  1

Best Albums of 2019 jkpyg  5best of 2019 anameagain  1
Demon's 2019 ranked Demon of the Fall  72slik's '19 metal picks slikphuk  9
Musician Deaths dollarpizzawhiskey  11Bands I've Been Meaning to Check Out TypoNegative  3

Top 10 Wu solo albums oweinerwaltini  5Sadness - Blackgaze Playlist JLR2DEG  17
2019 in a nutshell - 101 essential albums jonie148  4recent dungeon synth foxblood  18
Metal: Best of 2019 By A Nobody NoHellsNoHeavens  12Lfra's top 100 of the decade 2010-2019 Lfra  4

Top 25 albums of 2019 linguist2011  210 Techno Albums your mother should know. phylyps  8
Sab's mini 2019 list Sabrutin  7Top 30 of 2019 cjbizzlebizzle  0
My Top 10 Singles of 2019 BC74  0My Top 10 Albums of 2019 BC74  0
Sowing's Divisional Round Picks SowingSeason  112Top 70 Albums of 2019 mttgry  3
My Top 50 Of Decade pengui  1Best Metal Albums - 2019 mna  0
Outstanding Outros 9Hammer  25

SIGHT: Aileen's Favorite European Films notagenius  14WORD: Aileen Collects Well-Written Reviews notagenius  3
Dan's Decade VheissuCrisis  1Best of 2010s Daneleslie  1
Top 20 Simon and Garfunkel Songs Featured SowingSeason  24rec me a couple songs Featured Gyromania  110
Some stuff I'm Jamming mrsaturn123  0Our band tracklist Pratman  0
Stuff I got into in 2019 kalkwiese  1SOUND 2020: Aileen Listens To... notagenius  2
Favorite Punk and other Rock albums of 2019 mardin65  7Albums With Fewer Than 15 Ratings III | A Diary(?) SandwichBubble  3
The poetry of the earth is never dead. phylyps  6

My Top 100 atmospheric electronic albums (updated) y87arrow  0XX's Top Albums of 2019 XXMurdaBeatzXX  4
Top 10 Local (NY) Albums of 2019 Divaman  3tylers 2019 aklbums Tyler.  31
Type O Negative Ranked dollarpizzawhiskey  1

six degrees of 2019 sixdegrees  17Favourite albums of 2019 (incl. German reviews) Orangentorte  0
Top 50 Albums (2019) Matthias812  0Podcasts I Have Enjoyed For Years peekatoad  5
Year-Starters thecheatisnotdead  1Heavy Harmony Butkuiss  2
2010-2019 Top 50 Albums Greem  2Favorite releases of 2019 Rastapunk  0
Johnny VS 2019 JohnnyoftheWell  162000 is the greatest year in music. Change my mind sumyunguy  22
Whatever man Rawmeeth38  3SOUND 2020: Aileen Is Digging... notagenius  11
2k19 Featured granitenotebook  14Academy of 2019 Featured theacademy  16

Books glorybox94  7Kanye West Ranked DJENNY  3
AOTY 2019: Butt Style butt.  81.-10. January 2020 Rock & Metal Albums MatyMasaryk  2
Top 2018 cosmopapi  0Top 2017 cosmopapi  0
Top 30 Albums of 2019 ManintheBox  1My Final Top 25 Albums of 2019 joshb9864  0

Doof's Listening Log 1: Jan-Mar 2020 DoofDoof  66death metal albums of 2019 sbarbalexis  5
Top 2019 cosmopapi  0Willie's Most Listened - 2019 Featured Willie  15
Sunnyvale's 2019 Sunnyvale  42019 releases ranked Schellione  1
Pressing Shuffle Once a Day, Every Day, For a Year Aerisavion  33I just failed no nut 2020 πŸ˜’πŸ’¦πŸ‘Ž CugnoBrasso  9
My Top 10 albums of 2019 olisz  0My Top 20 albums of the decade 200x olisz  0
My Top 21 albums of the decade 201x olisz  02019 Top 10 LMadden  0
who the fuck did this Ninjahague  2Twenty.Nineteen AOTY BohemianAle  1
Decade Faves Royl123  0This is my Music Check it out spiritualkaedama  1
Oh look, another end of the year list mayesaman2  0HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! πŸŽ‰ AnimalsAsSummit  11
January 2020 Song Of The Day SlothcoreSam  374Key to the Decade Featured Keyblade  19
My FAVORITE albums of the Decade tmagistrelli  0

Best Charli Tracks gryndstone  0alamo's 2019 songs alamo  6
Chamberbelain's Top 50 Albums of the Decade... Chamberbelain  1SgtShock's Decade SgtShock  0
The best of 2019 Bartold79  0Atari's Electronic Starter Pack Atari  25
Albums Of The Year (2019) R3fl3cti0ns  02019 Live Shows cjbizzlebizzle  0
2010-2019 opie  0Omik's Best of 2019 omik1116  2
The cool EPs of 2019 butt.  16Lfra’s AOTY 2019 Lfra  1
Help me drown btors  32da 15 best MIXTAPES of 2019 according 2 oltnabrick oltnabrick  6
the 30 best EPs of 2019 according to oltnabrick oltnabrick  11the 50 best ALBUMS of 2019 according to oltnabrick oltnabrick  14

Opie's top 33 of 2019 opie  2My 101 Favourite Albums of the 2010s jonie148  6
Favorite softer songs from my favorite bands Tomstein  0Post Hardcore Diary splinter  4
it is my birthday!!!!! Darius the Great  20Sowing's Wildcard Picks SowingSeason  100
TOP 30 BEST ALBUMS OF 2019 Crxmateo  2TOP 15 WORST ALBUMS OF 2019 Crxmateo  3
favorites of the 2000s Avagantamos  5Squirrel's top15 albums of the year 2019 ItsTheSquirrel  0
Vinyl albums I collected in 2019 Couteau  0Elijah's Top 50 Albums of 2019 ESharp  5
All the albums I liked this year in 2019 Tomstein  0who cares engleprunt  2

Best of 2010's gwasson  0Amon Amarth is good Dedes  14
Favourite Albums of 2019 (In Order) thomasdavidge  0Top 30 Albums of 2019 timbo8  0
Doof's New Year Music Resolutions DoofDoof  19trilo's top 10 metal albums of 2019 trilo  7
Spoon Albums Ranked Sunnyvale  1Sowing's Songs of 2019 Featured SowingSeason  20
Greatest Work of 2019 ShadowNeko  3Movies of the Decade Featured Rowan5215  229
Albums of the Decade donjon122412  0personal top albums of 2010-19 Respawn  0
Favorite Silent Hill Soundtrack? samwise2000  20Kroehny's Decade Top 10 Kroehny  0
My Favorite 20 Songs of 2019 Divaman  3Jas' UNCOMFORTABLY modest favs of 2019 Jasdevi087  8
2019 favorites deathdrive83  0Top 5 of 2019 crmickel  0
AddTheCub's Top 25 Albums of 2019 AddTheCub  0

Favorite Americana, country and folk of 2019 mardin65  1My Favorite Albums of 2019 Stjimmy101  5
plane descending decade of songs Featured plane  20Best of 2019: dbizzles edition Featured dbizzles  16
RHCP Openers Ranked widowslaugh123  10Favs of the 2010s pt. 4 batstevens  0
IF TOP DaveT0738  2A Decade Under the Influence JWT155  3
Favs of the 2010s pt. 3 batstevens  0Miami Heat BallsToTheWall  0
2020 listening log alamo  0Caleb's 100 Best Albums of the 2010's TheCalebRobinson  0
My Favorite 10 Albums of 2019 Divaman  218 of My Favorite Music Videos (in no specific order) discovolante  0
Favs of the 2010s pt. 2 batstevens  1Top 80 albums of 2019. RichRamp  1

Was This Done On Purpose??? americanohno  21Pop Ups/Page Hijacks On Reviews? Aerisavion  131
Decade Favorites SymbolicInTime  125 for 2019 gryndstone  8
most listened 2019 alamo  0death metal albums of 2018 sbarbalexis  0
My personal Top 10 Ambrisa  0Melego's 2019 Ambrisa  0
2019 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari s2 Voivod  4Writing a song every weekend North0House2  6
My Favorite Metal Albums of 2019 MathMetal09  6GuyMan's 25 Favorite Metal Albums of the Decade 0GuyMan0  4
Top 25 Non-2019 Albums of 2019 TheManMachine  2

Journey to the perfect metal album vertexarray  12Favorite Movies of the Decade Diabetes  26
This Year's Christmas Haul Divaman  8Dewinged's AOTY 2019 Featured Dewinged  51
REC the Halls 2019: NEED NEW MUSIC spiritualkaedama  5

2019 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari s1 Voivod  2My Top 50 Albums of 2019 JamesHarro  0
2019 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari Featured Voivod  7Top 20 favorite albums of all time Brabiz  2
Arrow-awards: The official best discovered albums in 2019 y87arrow  0Give me your best 2019 EclipseInYourEyes  20
made a demo tape Supercoolguy64  3

Gojira ranked, BEFORE RELISTENING. ReiniEden  0My Top 25 Albums of 2019 jtswope  1
Favorite K-Pop songs 2019 insomniac15  0RHCP closers ranked widowslaugh123  21
Merry Sputmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ Meridiu5  56My Favorite 25 2019 Albums mikep87  1
Top 20 Albums of 2019 Mattallica  7What are your Christmas jams? Donchivo  13
Bazman's 2019 Bazman  2C u l l M e (Johnny's 5 Purge) JohnnyoftheWell  49

Death of a Decade: Top 20 Albums spiritualkaedama  6Influence my Decade Best Featured BlushfulHippocrene  27
most listened non-2019 (1-101) alamo  0Favorite 2019 EPs insomniac15  0
Pistol's 2019 Featured PistolPete  14Top 10 Albums of the 2019 Rager99  0
2019 Ranked AffableMartyr  5Fours+ That I was Too Late On cjbizzlebizzle  0
Kingdok's Decade Kingdok  2my 2019 Zig  3
50 Best Albums of the Decade Ranked Featured TalonsOfFire  40Top 20 songs of the decade. diatribes  2
Top 50 Albums - 2019 TheManMachine  3Top 10 favourite albums of the decade Kurai  0
Best of Decade: 2010-2019 Gbhill  0im drunk Tyler.  14

Favs of 2019 LastBreath  0aoty Hellscythe  1
Atari's Decade: FINAL Draft Atari  15Favorite 2019 LPs insomniac15  0
accessible core? THISISMYWAR  19Tool Albums Ranked SeanLites  8
20 Songs I love from the 2010s ArsMoriendi  11Top 30 Songs of the 2010s Divaman  8
Top 10 2019 tom79  3Favorite Metal Albums of 2019 Dmax28  3
Top 100 Albums of the 2010s turntheskaoff  4

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