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Pie Charts 2023 SandwichBubble spotify wrapped 2023 JesperL 
Your 5s choices reviewed AGAIN JohnnyoftheWell Morty's 2023 fav listens Mort. 
Converge Ranked brendanissnaz What guitar(s) do you have Colton 
rec me: YOU!!! (December 2023: Final Chapter) AsleepInTheBack Best words to call your friends (ranked) drillcosby 
Metalcore that does suck Mort. I'm Just Folking With You (Part I: 1937-1972) SandwichBubble 
The Wikipedia Page Is Back! Koris Sin's K-Pop Roundup 2022 Part 1/3 Sinternet 

Dillinger Escape Plan Ranked brendanissnaz  0Pie Charts 2023 Featured SandwichBubble  22
spotify wrapped 2023 Featured JesperL  72

Opeth Ranked Verdr  38Metallica Ranked brendanissnaz  15
oh yeah ive been on here for 10 years Flugmorph  36SMOK'S DEC CHRISTMAS MUSIC CHALLENGE ToSmokMuzyki  25
Your 5s choices reviewed AGAIN Featured JohnnyoftheWell  83Morty's 2023 fav listens Featured Mort.  20
Converge Ranked Featured brendanissnaz  7Reasons why I should be mod pizzamachine  32

Ranked - Ozzy Sabbath KTDB  9Best Counterparts Tracks bellovddd  33
Rec 3 mkmusic1995  11Round 6: Inverted Umbrella Competition ArsMoriendi  18

Who I've Seen Live (Never Leave Home Edition) mouldypigeon  8What guitar(s) do you have Featured Colton  74
Newer Bands cosmopapi  16Static-X Ranked mrsaturn123  8
rec me: YOU!!! (December 2023: Final Chapter) Featured AsleepInTheBack  55Top 2023 cosmopapi  0
Best words to call your friends (ranked) Featured drillcosby  19Core Albums I'm Enjoying RN AnimalForce1  4
Faith No More Ranked brendanissnaz  0These core albums are cool and quirky i guess Purpl3Spartan  21
Top 5 Folk Albums of All Time Colton  9

The "Smell Your Own Farts" Sput Starter Pack ReefaJones  24Faith No More - Album Ranking Spooncubus  9
Top 100 Swans songs SuicycoManiac7  13DType's 2015 DType  1
The "Sput Elitist" Starter Pack Tundra  162

Who Has a "New" Genre Tag on Their Pie Chart? ArsMoriendi  37Swans Studio Albums Ranked ReefaJones  51
a Zeni Geva list mryrtmrnfoxxxy  7Metalcore that sucks/doesn’t suck/also sucks pizzamachine  17

want to be the coolest guy at the party? mir4ge  9Deftones Ranked Vercetti  9
Metalcore that does suck Featured Mort.  258Top 10 albums 2022 Sam292929  1
Early End of Year List cos I'm going to Thailand.. Deez  11AOTY 2023 FunJan  15
Type O Negative Ranked brendanissnaz  4

HAWKZ' BLACK METAL CHALLENGE PT. 2 (DECEMBER) Hawks  120Fyre 2023 Scornfyre  5
Deftones Ranked brendanissnaz  14New Won't Bother album and ep. fromrows  2
Landmark 80's JDubb  48

TOTK Vs. BOTW mkmusic1995  18Pig Destroyer Ranked brendanissnaz  12
Integrated Tech Solutions Ranked PitchforkArms  423 2023 sub-23 someone  9

I luv music pizzamachine  31Ranked - Dio Sabbath KTDB  9
Every Time I Die Ranked brendanissnaz  11Some top tier Shoegaze albums Zac124  9
I'm Just Folking With You (Part I: 1937-1972) Featured SandwichBubble  41Round 5: Inverted Umbrella Competition ArsMoriendi  38

Top 5 WRYN  6The Wikipedia Page Is Back! Featured Koris  87
Glassjaw Ranked brendanissnaz  11

Sonacast robertsona  19Vote djent tag more for these bands Tundra  15
Matchbox Twenty Ranked CaliggyJack  4

Sin's K-Pop Roundup 2022 Part 1/3 Featured Sinternet  17HAWKZ' TOP 25 HIP-HOP ALBUMZ Hawks  40

NEW YOURMOM ToSmokMuzyki  46New Won't Bother album. fromrows  2
I like dumb things too now DarkSideOfLucca  9Musical biases veninblazer  64
Bands/Artists/DJs I saw in 2023 jrlikestodance  9See you down the road Storm In A Teacup  33

learn from my WORST REVIEWS Featured JohnnyoftheWell  17Ranking My 5's (2023) gryndstone  12
Congolese music: Franco robertsona  4i rate your taste Featured Ryus  224
Records I don’t love SmokingHead  8Rec me the albums I’m missing for a year end list Manatea  22
Am I Insane Pt. 2 deathofasalesman  9Formative hip-hop Butkuiss  26

My YouTube Reviews pizzamachine  58(UPDATE) Help me decide normaloctagon  38
Shit pants at work digs evilford  85Architects Ranked: Definitive Edition Spec  44
Drift & Pots Rec Exchange Drifter  23

Seasonal Depression Digs Jash  13Site Rules Featured Sowing  0
Nu-Metal Supergroup Rowhaus  35Tory stooge music JohnnyoftheWell  68
VENOM TRV AND SPANKED ToSmokMuzyki  30Round 4: Inverted Umbrella Competition ArsMoriendi  30

Do you browse Mobile or PC/Laptop twlight  21

Sinus infection jams Hyperion1001  19Mort's metal education Mort.  211
Yellowcard Self-Titled Ranked Shamus248  9

Bowery Electric - Shoegaze / Trip Hop / Post Rock stupidpuma89  10Feed me 2023 things JohnnyoftheWell  26
Great use of music in video games SmokingHead  26Emo Confessions ConcubinaryCode  12

yeaaaaaaaaaa Ryus  14Listening Log: Part Vier gryndstone  1
The Ninth Hundred Shows Minushuman24  3Rec me ambient/microhouse/drone etc Mort.  28
Korn - Album Ranking Spooncubus  20Current Black Metal Listens BookoftheFallen  5
Rec Me Stuff Like Dozer (or Black Metal) ThyCrossAwaits  7Shadows of Their Former Selves JDubb  18

Sowing's 2022 Featured Sowing  22Rec me post 2015 hip hop that doesn’t suck HipHopisDead2000  44
staying on Sputnikmusic, wTfrick the heck is up? oltnabrick  46Rec me prog that doesn’t suck Wildcardbitchesss  42

Leaving Sputnikmusic Colton86  134Best User Reviews: October 2023 Featured Sowing  12
it's digs mryrtmrnfoxxxy  13Favorite Metalcore Shows This Year. BallsToTheWall  19
Every Horror Film I Watched in October 2023 Ranked Zac124  14SMOK'S NOV BUTT HAIR CHALLENGE ToSmokMuzyki  137

Best Party Songs bellovddd  12Big Country - Album Ranking Spooncubus  3
Hydra Head Records Discography pt.2 Mort.  6Ranked - Fightstar KTDB  12
Why Box Car Racer Is Great officercoughsyrup  4Lost Ozzfest Alums JDubb  27
Round 3: Inverted Umbrella Competition ArsMoriendi  57

Hydra Head Records Discography pt.1 Mort.  12November Rec me Drum and Bass stupidpuma89  20
Rec me an album Shamus248  11Outsider Post-Metal ReAnimator  23
Suffocation ranked Goodolboy  2Top 5 Best Mars Volta Lyrics officercoughsyrup  20
1990's Mashups JDubb  4

Nu-National: rated & reimagined Featured Icebloom  154000 Ratings // Top 100 albums* Featured JohnnyoftheWell  155
Will this site ever improve? Minortimbo12  90

Arrow-awards: Best of albums discovered in 2023 y87arrow  0Suffocation ranked DarkSideOfLucca  15
new single but no album announcement gschwen  2Band names that you are suprised arent used Ectier  31
Green Day Ranked Veldin  8Albums I like this year mokusatugimp  1

My Favorite Metal Bands (found 10 years or less) mikep87  4Check out my band’s new/final record botb  6
NO AVATAR CLUB JohnnyoftheWell  47Check out my band's EP, thanks! SpiritCrusher2  3
Moving Is the Worst ThyCrossAwaits  18

My 1000th comment Squiggly  10Sputnikmusic Release of the Month: October Featured Sunnyvale  50
Recent Digs and Buys JDubb  1Albums that need love bellovddd  5
Alan Wake 2 Game of the YEAH! Gyromania  17

that new blink album ranked oisincoleman64  17REC ME: pOst-hardcOre (November 2023: Chapter 11) Featured AsleepInTheBack  325
🎇 November and the Casual Conversation 💥 Featured Pheromone  965The Ranking of Dance Gavin Dance beamlith  6
🌅 Fake November Not CaCo Coup One World Order > Patriotis Storm In A Teacup  36Happy Halloween!🎃 pizzamachine  28
Best Blink Songs officercoughsyrup  16(gamers) mario wonder playtime Hendoi  18
Give me an album rec: NOVEMBER EDITION Zac124  136Creepy Halloween 2023 vale  0
Ranking Slashers bellovddd  34

So... I'm back. Ocean of Noise  27BMTH Ranked AnimalForce1  39
King Crimson Albums Ranked BlazinBlitzer  12Can anyone explain this? Vercetti  7
Rec me weird creative Psychedelic rock loulou  4

Round 2: Inverted Umbrella Competition ArsMoriendi  56GETTING A NEW DOG TOMORROW CaliggyJack  17
Sputnikglobal Round 1 robertsona  7Top Episodes of The Sopranos Wildcardbitchesss  153
The Skronkman Cometh Featured Mort.  45Ranked - Blink 182 KTDB  8
Favorite metal releases of (mostly) 2023 metalphil  1Some of my Fav albums Ectier  4

Trv Cuisines Ranked ToSmokMuzyki  16Top 5 Amon Düül II loulou  2

Bands to listen to instead of wintersun BookoftheFallen  10Big Ears Music Festival cylinder  5
10-27-23 new music wow zaruyache  3Moonsorrow is the greatest band in the world Heppasodge  11

cuisines ranked budgie  132New Domestic Terminal Song Boyee Featured YoYoMancuso  8
Death/doom shit Featured Space Jester  51living in maine... BMDrummer  28
favorite greta gerwig movie neekafat  36

The Ranking of Glassjaw beamlith  21what's a perfect song JesperL  58
Dire Straits, ranked Butkuiss  12five albums for each year of life artificialbox  4
Top 10 Egyptian Pharaoh's (New Kingdom) CaliggyJack  21

new pizzamachine 🔜 pizzamachine  34My jazz band released an album loulou  10
Latest BM buys Rastapunk  6final destination movies ranked JerseyJimmy  11
Top 10 Egyptian Kings (Middle Kingdom) CaliggyJack  8

Favourite Remastered Albums bellovddd  26tHeY pRaYiN' 4 tHe DeAtH oF a RoCkStAr alamo  3
Covid Jams BallsToTheWall  2Rec me an album Mort.  183
Iceland where are you? PizzaBear  10Top 15 Sonic Youth Songs bighubbabuddha  11
Top 10 Ancient Egytian Kings (Old Kingdom) CaliggyJack  22

Nature Themed black metal BookoftheFallen  9Carnivore Diet 30-Day Journal CaliggyJack  217
Inverted Umbrella Competition 2023 Featured ArsMoriendi  56(Mana)tea time - Still slaps? Manatea  19

Neek's 2023 Cram List Featured neekafat  14Descendents, Ranked Properly FrozenFirebug  1
Do not join these bands BookoftheFallen  302023 MuzinMuziahedin  0
Ozzfest 2004 JDubb  11

SPUT ROYALE: f i n a l e JohnnyoftheWell  33The Tea Party Ranked Gavierra  7
The Bond Riff Tunaboy45  6hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahah alamo  14
🍁Slowcore season🍂 (recs welcome!) Icebloom  32blink-182 ranking Hendoi  29
2023 favorite nosuke  1Live-Action Star Wars Ranked Gavierra  307

Technical melodeath cloakanddagger  8A Beginner's Guide to Jazz phylyps  17
Medieval Torture Vibes ParoXysm  19

Core to check Mort.  52Hidden/Forgotten Gems vol. 1: Alternative Rock Featured BitterJalapenoJr  33
SMOK'S OCT/NOV BUTT METAL CHALLENGE ToSmokMuzyki  213A year of 4.5 releases FurtherDown  11
RIP Carla Bley GhandhiLion  5RIP rudolph: sona's fav isley cuts Featured robertsona  2
Thou Compilations Ranked Jurtz  3Beach Boys Ranked ( - 1977) gryndstone  7

The Ranking of The Contortionist beamlith  25Thou LPs Ranked Jurtz  15
36 Crazyfists Ranked cycosynner  20structure and content of book about sput robertsona  34
Give Me Some Good Detroit Techno myri14  4Lies of P Dewinged  186
Foetus LPs ranked ArsMoriendi  6

Good day mryrtmrnfoxxxy  4favorite alex garland movie neekafat  74

Reminder List Jash  13SPUT ROYALE: FINAL JohnnyoftheWell  121
This Guy Get Low  13

My top 100 metal albums of all time y87arrow  0WHO among us will order a PAPERBACK of the italian robertsona  10
!!!!!! pizzamachine  20

!!!Patton-Core!!! JDubb  11Banned Users Featured Sowing  0
Fav 30 death metal albums SomeCallMeTim  9

Sonic iHaveSex  14favorite robert eggers movie neekafat  107
The Ranking of Albums Titled Roots in the Sky by Oregon beamlith  6The Ranking of Queens of the Stone Age beamlith  6
HAWKZ' BLACK METAL CHALLENGE PT. 1 (OCTOBER/NOVEMBER) Featured Hawks  476Bands/Artists Mentioned In Cards Against Humanity random  2
The Ranking of In Flames beamlith  10Goodbye list Storm In A Teacup  32
Favs Wav0fmutilation  7Fuck sputnik pizzamachine  63

Thrice, DGD, Opeth, and Deftones ranked Ryus  2635 at 35 Shemson  22
In Flames (Ranked) Stakis83  3

SPUT ROYALE: Round 6 (½ final) JohnnyoftheWell  105list is digs Ryus  18
10 Songs Describing Depression Featured AmericanFlagAsh  19Recent Shows thecheatisnotdead  1
COLD AS LIFE COLDER THAN YOU TOO 2023 2CHAINAL  7u want more alamo  8
Depression pt II evilford  45

favorite ari aster movie neekafat  76My Top 5 Fan Edits bananatossing  3
Apple Replay List AnimalForce1  2

New York, New York JDubb  910 favorite hip hop albums? Featured Flashmobba  61
Green Day - Album Ranking Spooncubus  7Driving Me CraZeE ParoXysm  8
Cattle Decapitation Albums Ranked FoosballFurry  1Reviewing music comments pizzamachine  41
CUBIST CASTLE 2022-2023 robertsona  6REVIEWING REVIEWS Minortimbo12  16
LAST FM??? Hawks  36

last 30 days digs mryrtmrnfoxxxy  3Creedence Clearwater Revival Album Ranking Spooncubus  5

Recent vinyl pickups ver.29403 Sinternet  4Gimme Rec (Singular) Pls Cygnatti  42
Feedback Requests Featured Sowing  41SPUT ROYALE: Round 5 (¼ final) JohnnyoftheWell  105
New EP - Somewhere but Here 9Hammer  4Motorpsycho Full Discog Ranking Gavierra  11

Gene reviews your 2023 recs someone  41Okay here me out Belgian bands Ectier  18
🤠 tec’s Recs 🤠 Q2 + Q3 (2023) Featured tectactoe  21Muse ranking Spooncubus  10
Greenday albums ranked as a child with a topster positivefingers915  7

Unique metal bands Tomstein  15For The Meds & Site FAQ Featured Sowing  82

My latest album. fromrows  5OCTOBER of d o w n t e m p o // ぼreaks (REC me) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  95
My Top 35 Favorite Albums HappyNipples  7Best User Reviews: September 2023 Featured Sowing  14
Queens of the Stone Age Ranking (and TCV) Spooncubus  10Muzz Top 20 2010 Muzz79  4
True Rock iHaveSex  23

I am what I yam 🍠 pizzamachine  11SPUT ROYALE: Round 4.5 (playoff) JohnnyoftheWell  76
Dark ambient essentials Featured mystagogus  20some 2023 favorites BookoftheFallen  1
Best first album DarkSideOfLucca  35More albums I'm waiting for Tomstein  4

Whiskey and Music Dedes  29New Won't Bother song. fromrows  3
Sputnikmusic Release of the Month: September Featured Sunnyvale  63REC ME: WEED 🥦 (October 2023: Chapter 10) Featured AsleepInTheBack  155
my bloody valentine ranked objectively officially FrozenFirebug  3South Dakota is worse than Florida ThyCrossAwaits  16

Crescent posting is banned pizzamachine  62200k plays ffs  13
🎃🛸 SPOOKY New OCT CaCO Friends🎃🌙 Storm In A Teacup  859Jeff Buckley Ranked BillyBrill  4
Debating Vinyl FreakMachine  29Thirteen years of sputnik Butkuiss  18

100 Discographies Challenge FreakMachine  11rec me sexiOOO alt-rock songs for my car playlist BaselineOOO  28

Pink Cellphone Appreciation Thread Koris  16best piano concertos RANKED budgie  20
Windows versions ranked Minortimbo12  18Cannibal Corpse ARTWORK ranked DarkSideOfLucca  24
Working out identity Ectier  61

Things ive heard in 2023 pt.3 Mort.  9TZADIK on STREAMING Veldin  21
SEPTEMBER of J a ρ a n (+++) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  47

SPUT ROYALE: Round 4 Featured JohnnyoftheWell  133Constant Rotation mkmusic1995  11
music that shaped me gschwen  10Need advise in progressive metalcore albums sanchous  33
Would anyone be down to check out my 2022 album? deadcrown  24pizzamachine & bellovddd are Doin' it bellovddd  42

Favorite country artists beauvice27  13Shadow's Top 25 DM ShadowRemains  17
ryus top 25 dm Ryus  54My Favourite Every Time I Die Songs SmokingHead  8
GRΣΣK MUZAK SomeCallMeTim  39what my wife listens to beauvice27  23
my favorite bands beauvice27  12Toot Toot Chugga Chugga: A Philosophical Deep Dive Senetrix666  9

The Valley Vs. Kin mkmusic1995  4Storm to try early Biffy Clyro Storm In A Teacup  29
My Top 10 Isekai Manga CaliggyJack  13Rec Me underground 90’s Memphis Rap Invaderbryan  8
Im done with lists Minortimbo12  13bolt thrower ranked Ryus  23

homemade coffee concoctions ☕ budgie  33SMOKS TRV TOP DEATH METAL ALBUMZ BTICH! ToSmokMuzyki  27
Jinjer vs. Infected Rain JDubb  22010-2023 One song per year deadcrown  8
Baroness ranked + Remasters bananatossing  29FORD'S TOP 25 DM ALBUMZ SON evilford  43

Aussie Pub Rock: A Phylogenetic Guide Butkuiss  9under the radar 2023 gschwen  8
Fantasy/epic metal mystagogus  12Top 15 Fav Historical People to Study CaliggyJack  23

BaselineOOO Is NOT God pizzamachine  16PIZZA VS JOHNNY Minortimbo12  35
Streaming Census & Discussion normaloctagon  51My Top 10 Fav Historical Periods to Study CaliggyJack  58

SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 JohnnyoftheWell  144The Gathering albums ranked radianteclipse  18
MarsBro's Court of 2023 Featured MarsKid  65Definitive Albums/Listens PTRKoulou  0

Who Ya Voting For? mkmusic1995  183The Gutz ranked DType  10
check out my new ep! mindleviticus  11Perfect First Halves ReturnToRock  16
Been a While ImmortalPaper  10

Ling Tosite Sigure albums ranked Innellim  13Misunderstood Metal Muzz79  38
Favorite songs 2010-2023 ArsMoriendi  32

Joe Barresi JDubb  8DType's 2014 DType  3
hands on my knees Tyler.  10

Taylor Swift albums Ranked Best to Worst radianteclipse  10Thrice albums ranked radianteclipse  22
18 Year Anniversary Storm In A Teacup  26five numbers of comments Featured Pangea  28
Please read MoM  3610 Favorite Albums of the 60s TheSuperBadfella  4

Short people are sexy pizzamachine  38Starfield Thread (no spoilers) twlight  20
i hate everyone equally rellik009  26To Become More Openminded BallsToTheWall  10
Stuff not from this year that I’ve heard and loved Rawmeeth38  1NEW Dave Matthew's Band Ranking CaliggyJack  6

Baldur's Gate 3 heyadam  22SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  130
Venting to Sput (series 7 can eat my ass) DarkSideOfLucca  15Recent Doof Digs DoofDoof  13
Top 20 Drumming Songs of 2022 BlazinBlitzer  4Just saw the Northern Lights. Deez  22

Won't Bother is deformed fromrows  9PANOPTICON RANKED AHRDDD!!! Hawks  26
👽 BREAKING!! Aliens in Mexico AudreyMyers  23anybody had a threesome before? Ryus  142
THE FLAME IS LIT Minortimbo12  5Blazin's Top 40 Albums of 2022 BlazinBlitzer  2
two deer walk out of a gay bar Colton32  23

Saw The Nun II CaliggyJack  23Bands sput has 'rediscovered' Mort.  87
there is a new iosonouncane album out dogmurderer  4Blazin's Top 40 Songs of 2022 Featured BlazinBlitzer  6
SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  114

REMEMBER 9/11 Minortimbo12  342003... was a good year bellovddd  36

30 of my Hardest 5's DarkSideOfLucca  24Top post-grunge that no wants to call post-grunge oisincoleman64  94

My 10 favorite Albums of all time RemedyLane99  14Eminem Ranked 2023 Assemblage  11
CUM on REC me NOISE (September 2023: Chapter 9) Featured AsleepInTheBack  225Albums Bought, Sold, and Bought Back JDubb  7
Where Did All My Friends Go? TheArtofTheGanja  35Valzentia Reviewed pizzamachine  14
In Flames ranked Valzentia  15

Best e-mail I've ever received? CugnoBrasso  36the greatest songwriting partnership ever Ryus  16
4444 ratings: aiming for 55555? Jasdevi087  6SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 TIE-BREAK JohnnyoftheWell  74
BG3 GOTY Gyromania  20

Black Metal AcidCaravan  4Country that was missing hillbillyag  11
My Message to JEREMY to Put Back on the Forums DoctorGurtisGulasian  24Sputnikmusic Release of the Month: August Featured Sunnyvale  50
listened to one album a day in August oisincoleman64  13Skramzers of Sput Unite - Sputband West Coast Tour pjquinones747  14
Not well received films I liked. Tomstein  53ENSLAVED RANKED AHRDDDD Hawks  22

Acts Named After Genres They Don’t Play Butkuiss  26Snek pic kkarron  12
got drunk, then i got sober madrigal30  29Masked Bands JDubb  15

Top 10 Boxers Ranked AffableMartyr  26Russian Black Metal 86vatrushka  11
Made a Page on Here for My Balls ToSmokMuzyki  14IN FLAMES RANKED AHRDDD Hawks  33
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group D JohnnyoftheWell  145Rec me aggrotechy babbbbyyyyy cycosynner  4

Sputnik User Project Claustrophobia New Album SAPoodle  0new robertsona EP robertsona  26
You Get To Have Dinner... mkmusic1995  20Keep Coming Back JDubb  8
At least 7000 users Minortimbo12  18Made a page on here for my bandcamp music. Featured fromrows  19
good noise rock with 2 or less votes mryrtmrnfoxxxy  26

"Is this even an album?" is the question that I as parksungjoon  13Me and my buddys old noise rock punk band. fromrows  5
What is on these album covers BookoftheFallen  206666 Comments, 4000 Ratings ToSmokMuzyki  15

Awesome Prog Metal exepelehn  26Jams BallsToTheWall  6
To check out eventually CugnoBrasso  02023 digs naughtcturnal  11
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group C JohnnyoftheWell  104

slowdive LPs/EPs ranked gnardude  10Concert Earplugs MeatSalad  80
Best User Reviews: August 2023 Featured Sowing  15Favorite albums 2022 TrantaLocked  0
Cult of Luna piano covers (again) FurtherDown  6

Top 10 Hip-Hop/Rap LPs of ‘22 Rawmeeth38  2alexk's pie-less rec competition Featured AlexKzillion  63
Santana Studio records Worst to Best hedunadan  4In search for slow metal FurtherDown  32
2023 digs w/ garas garas  29

Just dropped a new single [Prog Rock] figure337  3SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  146
Yo LA Tengo RANKEDDD SomeCallMeTim  13music for smok Hyperion1001  29
cool album art from my ratings Ryus  17MarsBro's NFL Ranking: '23-'24 Preseason Ranking Featured MarsKid  65
Counterparts ranked bellovddd  25

Tones and I rules Minortimbo12  17Selling all my DGD vinyl hobblepot  46
Albums I Plan on Reviewing AnimalForce1  4The Best Joke on Sputnik lz41  8
My Favourite Albums of 2023 sanchous  10Digz Ryus  31

💋 🇪🇸 Rubiales kiss AudreyMyers  8My new film is out! AnimalsAsSummit  23
SPUT ROYALE: Round 1 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  162Rec me my next 4.5/5 Scheumke  28
A Non-Metal List Butkuiss  12Riget (The Kingdom) Jasdevi087  4

Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked Wildcardbitchesss  21Blut aus Nord Ranked pyroflare77  12
What if Kurdt had Lived? JDubb  31Smok Insult Thread Minortimbo12  23
Smok Insult Thread ToSmokMuzyki  6

Best Vinyl List #6 grannypantys  1In the Family JDubb  0
Godflesh - Purge RANKED kkarron  2

Hail the Sun Ranked tellah  5butthole surfers ranked mryrtmrnfoxxxy  15
good movies that are free on youtube! hel9000  43Job For A Cowboy: Ranked! JeremiahBullfrog  2
top 20 charli xcx onionbubs  54Powderfinger Albums Ranked Dwap  3
New Claustrophobia Song and Album SAPoodle  0INCANTATION RANKED AHRD!!! Hawks  29

colour scheme parksungjoon  14weeklong musicwriting soulcycle class for JUSTICE Featured robertsona  110
Lookit Dedes  4Metal deodarant for Satan's Armpit this week Azazzel  19

Let’s Get Married Featured JWT155  55RATM vs. SOAD JDubb  96

I MISSED MY SPUTAVERSARY Minortimbo12  22Apology Tundra  146
Recs for diversity ?? BillyBrill  9DType's 2013 DType  0
10 years of Mort. Featured Mort.  685 Years!? 9Hammer  4 10 years of Ars...uh... Featured ArsMoriendi  65

willie nelson Ryus  38Jalapeno's 5 Purge BitterJalapenoJr  42
A perfectER album BillyBrill  7Top 100 Favorite Electronic Songs ReefaJones  19
Peckinpah Ranked CaliggyJack  10

Sunday Vibes BallsToTheWall  8Guess the song from the lyrics! 2 Minortimbo12  6

Elden Ring **CHALLENGED** JohnnyoftheWell  31Fav songs from bands that start with D Tomstein  6
Heavy Rotation past year bloaf38  36 best albums of 2014 that you should listen! Lazarusmusician  5
TOP 10 Psychedelic and experimental albums of 1975 Lazarusmusician  3TOP 25 best debut albums of all time Lazarusmusician  14
guitar hero: red hot chili peppers...? JerseyJimmy  16top 5 best albums of 1976 Lazarusmusician  7

My Hall of Fame List FunJan  8Sputnik’s Missing Features Featured pizzamachine  114

Any way to see my older lists? SuicycoManiac7  12CULT OV LUNA RANKED AHRD! Hawks  58

Born of Osiris RANKED pizzamachine  27Rate my band? Featured widowslaugh123  47
Every Slayer song ranked (57-1) SuicycoManiac7  9Every Slayer song ranked. (117-58) SuicycoManiac7  2
"Halfway" through 2023 (ranked) (empirical), Featured Winesburgohio  19

RIP Divaman Featured zakalwe  110Rec me house/IDM/Electronica etc. Purpl3Spartan  30
Pink Floyd Ranked West to Worst bobbydylan  8the great BILL PAXTON bellovddd  6
SPUTNIK INTERVIEW RAFFLE Featured JohnnyoftheWell  119

Iron Maiden Ranked junkie  55U CAN'T BEAT CORPSES OF CANNIBALS!!! Hawks  24
my list of classic emo/screamo/metal albums ExcuseMeDarling  16Top 25 Films I Have Seen So Far This Year Zac124  11
Playlist for English IV: BROOKLYN EDITION robertsona  14Current Spinage M8 Deez  11

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