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2021: Top 75 TheMonster New track from my Death Metal EP DungeonBoy 
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: November DrGonzo1937 TheSpirit's Top 50 Releases of 2021 TheSpirit 
December Casual Convo list Pangea Song of the Day: December 2021 ArsMoriendi 
Best non-LPs of 2021 garas Tokyo Underground Scene Pt. 1 xasahix 
Death Metal Debut (Finals) Assemblage Save the 2021 Staff list JohnnyoftheWell 
Friday Premieres IV DDDeftoneDDD 11 years on Sput, My 5s twlight 

Essential prison metal BookoftheFallen  67 Reasons why 2021 Didn't Totally Suck xasahix  2
bye bye o7 kevbogz2  819 albums. botulist  1
Luna Sea: Albums Ranked samwise2000  12021 but in album covers RichRamp  1

Seth Rogen is Cringe Gyromania  34nocturnal animals fucking sucks neekafat  9
Modern Death Metal Debuts (Finals) Assemblage  16Best of 1981 Anthracks  8
amazon hosting servers are down lol rip to me heyadam  17Ranking Ling Tosite Sigure Singles Innellim  0
Greg's Top Albums of 2021 greg84  5My 2021 cristane  1
Albums With Fewer Than 15 Ratings V | Users III SandwichBubble  50Sput's Gym/Fitness Thread tectactoe  76
2021: Top 75 Featured TheMonster  24Top 15 albums of 2021 lucazade22  4
Metalcore Essentials NoiseByAccident  13Ultimate Metallica Setlist Muzz79  9
Overlooked Country of 2021 dmathias52  13

Wait a sec - same album art ?!? arf  16top 25 2021 barbalidio  4
Ranking Every Ling Tosite Sigure Albums Innellim  9New track from my Death Metal EP Featured DungeonBoy  25
Rolling Stone's Top 200 Australian Albums lz41  10where is your festive spirit?? LeddSledd  12

december fifth of jack TheAntichrist  2Trois's Top 31 of 2021 troisdouzemerde  11
its over sixdegrees  24Counting to 100 (Take 2) PorkchopGMX  2

My Top 20 Cryptopsy Songs ckssr1  6Prancer's Top 25 Albums 2021 Prancer  2
Cobra Kai Characters Ranked ReturnToRock  11I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass... ArsMoriendi  17
History of SOTD continued Pangea  17My Dixie Wrecked JDubb  2
Counting to 100 PorkchopGMX  4

The Velvet Underground Ranked JKing92  64Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: November Featured DrGonzo1937  49
TheSpirit's Top 50 Releases of 2021 Featured TheSpirit  39Frog albums cloakanddagger  37
Artists That Need Their Own Genre rockarollacola  11Bone thugs versuz three 6 mafia Typhoon24  7
Top 55 Comedy horror movies SuicycoManiac7  17

5 Songs that turn me into a bitch ReefaJones  8Bede's World Map: POP Bedex  10
Guess the staff AOTY of 2021! garas  26Swimming songs NorthernSkylark  13
Norma's Informal 2021 List - Recs Please! normaloctagon  24Been Thankful for Metal combustion07  14
Discovolante's Best of 1982 (Japan Edition) discovolante  0December Casual Convo list Featured Pangea  445
Updated Favorite Guitarists list. ReiniEden  7Aaaaaah there is no Casual Convo yet!!!! Trifolium  45
Tokyo Underground Scene Pt. 2 xasahix  1Can some1 review this FellHanded  5
Warped Vinyl ieatbabies795  17Modern Death Metal Debuts (VOTE!) Assemblage  50

Year of Video Games: Month 11 Trebor.  11How Many Times Do You Play a Single Song? AmericanFlagAsh  46
Spotify Wrapped 2021 SlothcoreSam  86I need help for my music exam rellik009  7
Song of the Day: December 2021 Featured ArsMoriendi  80CDs I'm Selling Drifter  33
Pie Charts 2021 SandwichBubble  127

Riverside Ranked JDubb  6Shiny Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem BallsToTheWall  2
AOTY Run for 2021 Frost15  6let's be friends on bandcamp TheSpirit  26
feminist literature recs someone  30Nu Metal 2021 Vercetti  2
Top 5 King Crimson Bars BillyBrill  42021 Albums Ranked DORBUSCUS  0

Anthrax ranked, including 2021 album. SlothcoreSam  8Heavy tribal electro - Any ideas? XyphDryne  4
park triggers you parksungjoon  45Best of 2021 brandaao  1
dont comment on this list TheSonomaDude  18mental health struggles BMDrummer  87
Discovolante's Best of 1981 (Japan Edition) discovolante  3

Bad Movie Recommendations deathofasalesman  68Discovolante's Best of 1980 (Japan Edition) discovolante  3
Bloodmoon I: Ranked SAPoodle  0

YoYo's Revolutionary Rush Ranking YoYoMancuso  25Best of 2021 Wirertragen7  1
FAV ALBUMS FROM 98 DaveT0738  9Shit I Need to Listen to - 2021 Ed. Skoj  0
Trivium Albums Ranked Zac124  3Josh D. New Music Josh D.  5
Heavy Saint Metal karagiannis1908  2Discovolante's Best of 1978-1979 (Japan Edition) discovolante  5
FAV ALBUMS FROM 97 DaveT0738  9Recent Take JDubb  2
Halo Infinite twlight  20

10 years under the influence of sput Minushuman24  27Best non-LPs of 2021 Featured garas  20
Tokyo Underground Scene Pt. 1 Featured xasahix  14Kurt Ballou vs. Colin Marston DavidYowi  19

digs and recommendations, for you and me rabidfish  11Death Metal Debut (Finals) Featured Assemblage  115
eat your fucking turkey you plebians TheAntichrist  63Post-metal MadrigalDawn  9

obama orders joe biden to order kielbasa. why? sonictheplumber  10What are you thankful for? 2021 TheSpirit  26
Limp Bizkit albums ranked Drbebop  16Musicians I have Met JeremiahBullfrog  29
Bands my shit band opened for aightnow  23emails reveal kamala harris ordered little caesars sonictheplumber  13

Hit By a Forklift. BallsToTheWall  20Is she into me? CugnoBrasso  21
2022 Grammys: Best Song in Metal Nominees TheSpirit  16Albums Missing Artwork (In My Ratings) Assemblage  16
Sad boi autumn jams twlight  3pokemon brilliant diamond/shining pearl loveisamixtape  246
trying september Cimnele  4My Favorite 25 Albums of the 2000's biggzhc  3
rec me metal w/slap bass Senetrix666  22Closing Out 2021 Divaman  11
Jayshawn Boyd FellHanded  0Save the 2021 Staff list Featured JohnnyoftheWell  45
My favorite records 2011 - 2020 ysveny  8

weird to me that people will see a picture of a pr LeddSledd  18Black Metal Top Ten MadrigalDawn  2
Stuff to check out hankz66  5female singer + all male hevvy band dream collabs JesperL  23

rec me breakcore madrigal30  11FAV ALBUMS FROM 96 DaveT0738  12
Glutton for 2021/Give me more Xenophanes  4Unknown Post-Punk #7 SandwichBubble  25
chad music (only for chads) Ryus  292021 core trashcan splinter  8
How do you push YOUR music? North0House2  30

Friday Premieres IV Featured DDDeftoneDDD  32Top 15 Greatest Actresses Of All Time ReefaJones  22
swans ranked Ryus  26

shoot an entrepreneur Cimnele  1some music ive been listening to Tyler.  18

Paramore/Hayley Williams Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  32Shin Megami Tensei V Discussion Underflow  22
Silent Planet Ranked homeyaloney  8Extreme Metal Artwork JeremiahBullfrog  8
Best Death Metal Debut (VOTE TWICE!) Assemblage  128Recent Listens ExecutiveExecuterexe  2
scuzz Ryus  9PGTY season 3 Update!!!!1!! Kompys2000  6

RIP Young Dolph loveisamixtape  11Why not, Favorite Actors List. ReiniEden  46
IF U KNO, U KNO Fxxkit13  4Double D Jebull  5
Year of Video Games: Month 10 Trebor.  1111 years on Sput, My 5s Featured twlight  12
Top 5 Gentle Giant loulou  2Top 10 Video Game OSTs beefshoes  41

svmmercamp! Featured Conmaniac  34Hard Times articles I would write TheSpirit  21
All of my Soul/Funk/R&B 5s and 4.5s Except... ArsMoriendi  252000's Muhlysa  9

101 Greatest Hip Hop Lyricists (Alphabetical order) GodLovesUgly  58Top 10 Remix Albums JDubb  0
Poppy Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  103 Years On Here… Uzumaki  21

What’s your song of the year? (2021) StickFeit  67Rapanomicon Dedes  22

2021 Listen List pjquinones747  81984 is the greatest year ever made sonictheplumber  29
Don Broco Ranked JoyfulPlatypus  4Would You Let Pretty Dark Skin Girl Pee On You? americanohno  8
Current Metal Vocalist Digs JDubb  1Beatles - Worst To Best gibsonwarren  9
ISIS albums as ranked by you Icebloom  8

Discovolante's Best of: 1999 discovolante  1Got Hitched Parallels  21
Best post metal 2010-2019 Senetrix666  7Rec me music library software RunOfTheMill  12
FAV ALBUMS FROM 95 DaveT0738  6Orange Metal Jebull  15
My Favourite Albums 2021 NorwichScene  2

RATM Rhythm Section Ranked… JDubb  4late night aesthetics phylyps  2
2021 Surprises BallsToTheWall  14Miserable, Heavy Shit (recs) Brabiz  9
Mastodon Ranking (2021) Assemblage  11best drums albums (Death - Black) MAB  20
5/5 gg pogchampion Featured Demon of the Fall  48Radiohead・Stereolab [deathmatch] Featured JohnnyoftheWell  33

Sputdik music ranked Featured pizzamachine  17Good albums with bad mixing JeremiahBullfrog  33
not quoting comments anymore Colton  67Some of my favorite black metal songs Tomstein  3
Rage Against The Machine Albums Ranked KManoc1  9hardcore that i love KingZal  3

After poppy binge, the folk binge rellik009  18The perfect album doesn't exi.... ReiniEden  16
Perfect Albums ThyCrossAwaits  8Evanescence albums ranked Vercetti  13
10 Underrated Cannibal Corpse Songs blubbo  7Bullet For My Valentine Albums Ranked KManoc1  8
90s random  7

Ant of Rush Trader Divaman  5FAV ALBUMS FROM 94 DaveT0738  6
Running Wild Albums: Worst to First rockarollacola  4

Top 65 Metal singers of all times Featured SuicycoManiac7  65Trivium Ranked (2021) Assemblage  5
Ozzy Ranked JDubb  9Satanic Sacrifice In Houston Texas? americanohno  17
A Decade of Rowan Featured Rowan5215  39Who needs guitars? rage11111ro  5
Dream supergroups? veninblazer  46Top Skater random  1

Top 5 New Bands I've Discovered In 2021 John7  2Twelve Foot Ninja Ranked JDubb  6
Trying to Remember the Name of An Album Ebola  12Least favorite tropes in music veninblazer  47
best albums of all time breathlessmox  12worst albums of all time breathlessmox  20
Stuff I shoplifted today BookoftheFallen  9

Top 10 Post Rock All Time Albums faustuscopernicum  8EPIC SPUTNIKMUSIC HACK (REAL!) Featured Ryus  113
jam my homie’s tunes ratmeat  2cult of luna ranked Senetrix666  9
Discovolante's Best of 1974-1976 (Japan Edition) discovolante  0Justin Timberlake Recordz Ranked ghostalgeist  4
Blood Harvest Records: Label Discog Feature Assemblage  5

Tool Albums Ranked faustuscopernicum  7Deftones Ranked faustuscopernicum  4
Vinyl Haul 2 (electric bugaloo) botulist  7ass destruction day 1 tomorrow sonictheplumber  7
Incubus (et al.) Ranked JDubb  7nothing but noise november sixdegrees  33
New Gaahl's Wyrd is great, check it out. Eons  28 years on Featured Ryus  45
Digs of 2021 zruF  2Slayer - Correct Ranking Dwap  17
Neek'd: Coldplay neekafat  34

5FDP (et al.) Ranked JDubb  10Bands That I've Ranked List Assemblage  10
top 10 dream on dreamer onionbubs  3no nut november megathread JefferyBigglestein2  104
David Bowie albums ranked by first impressions childatheart  23Please recommend me 2021 music bluedrawer  9
NBBMN 2021 SwimToTheMoon7364  1Top 100 Records of All Time tonydip  17
Top 101 Nick Cave Songs Featured lz41  21

Albums I Need to Get Around to Listening To... DiscoveringAxiom  4Dnor's 2021 So Far GhostOfDnor  3
Top 25 David Bowie Songs ReefaJones  34>>>>buying gf Featured JohnnyoftheWell  97
Imagine A Party random  12Top 25 Beatles Songs ReefaJones  112

Find Me Black Metal Like This KennyAlwaysDies  8Top 5 most underrated Rush albums BookoftheFallen  6
october 2021 Ryus  13Pika's elephantine Mastodon ranking Pikazilla  72
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: October Featured DrGonzo1937  120Tales From The Crypt Assemblage  8
kids in the basement of ATL metal venues and pizza sonictheplumber  4

Underrated horror movies SuicycoManiac7  9My Top 10 Favourite Horror Films Zac124  1
Albums that deserve a higher/lower average veninblazer  23Happy Helloween!!! JDubb  1
Song of the Day November 2021 Featured Divaman  370Mystical Occult Black Death (Samhaincore and Recs) Hyperion1001  7
Top 2021 cosmopapi  4

My Favorite 25 Albums of the Nineties biggzhc  19Halloween rawks Dedes  6

Misfits Albums Ranked: Worst to First rockarollacola  13List of Double Albums Assemblage  19
Reefa Inspired: Ars Top 25 Zappa ArsMoriendi  11TheSpirit interviews Alda TheSpirit  14
Happy Halloween Sputnik! JeremiahBullfrog  22Larry LaLonde vs Brent Hinds chemicalmarriage  11
Top 25 Frank Zappa Songs ReefaJones  26Hard at work on my sophomore album veninblazer  7
Top 55 Devin Townsend songs (S.Y.L. Included) SuicycoManiac7  8First Gigs in 19 months. Deez  14

Bodom Trax Ranked Assemblage  1Florida Metal Heating Up BallsToTheWall  8
VOTE for your favourite ISIS album(s) Icebloom  30alec baldwin was an inside job sonictheplumber  31

synth pop recs courthouse69  7Trv Kradle ToSmokMuzyki  7
NOTHING BUT BLACK METAL NOVEMBER 2021 TheSpirit  45"Legendary" Albums That I Don't Like Somedude402  13
Ratings clean-up part II: neglected 4.5s and 5s Icebloom  6Pika's filthy Cradle of Filth ranking Pikazilla  30
Top 5 Yes loulou  4Disturbed (et al) Ranked JDubb  11

FIXING TRIVIUM AlexKzillion  23Porcupine Tree ranked StormChaser  28
Every Time I Rank twlight  14roast fish & cornbread makka favorites phylyps  6
Children of Bodom Ranked Assemblage  20Primus Albums Ranked biggzhc  2
Dune Movie Review JefferyBigglestein2  198bands without Bear in their name Cimnele  3
Recs for a car journey plz & thx KnewUser  10

Recent Buys and Digs JDubb  1Every Time I Die - Radical, ranqued Josh D.  8
Bands with "Bear" in their Name ParoXysm  302021 digz brainmelter  12
Nightwish Ranked Assemblage  21Non pussyboi playlist FellHanded  5
2021 wya deathofasalesman  14My Favorite 25 Albums of the Eighties biggzhc  10
Rec me some Shoegaze Zac124  12

best album covers September 2021 someone  6Within Temptation Albums Ranked Vercetti  7
All Kayo Dot trax ranked 2021 Featured JohnnyoftheWell  153

Nine Inch Nails Ranked JKing92  15Movie Time BallsToTheWall  22
👊 UFC [Inside the Octogon] Q4 2021 TheNotrap  151Scottish Treasures NorthernSkylark  31
Discovolante's Best of 1972-1973 (Japan Edition) discovolante  3Is It 2010? Assemblage  16

alex g ranked Ryus  28rec this homosexual something alamo  22
My All Time Top 5 Studio-albums BoerK  5New JPEGMAFIA CottonSalad  42
Rec Horror Audiobooks/Books!/Diggage combustion07  6Every Album by Every Time I Die Ranked deathofasalesman  36
2021 dm Ryus  30dave chapelle JefferyBigglestein2  22

Frightening Music siIverspawn  40Year of Video Games: Month 9 Trebor.  26
Black Sabbath Albums Ranked biggzhc  29Coldplay LPs Ranked normaloctagon  13
Experimental Metal Album Update Brabiz  2Dnor ranks The Silver Scream 2 GhostOfDnor  7
objective best rappers of all time Drifter  140who loves Enslaved? Heppasodge  19

trying to think of my fav song in every language Featured theacademy  29Top 5 Threshold loulou  4
Bands I also seriously 5 and 1 Colton  18Songs on repeat lately loveisamixtape  6

Bands I seriously 5 and 1 Storm In A Teacup  375 years here, still no buffalo wings Dewinged  39
Cringe index: Best New Music Featured JohnnyoftheWell  102my debut rap album made front page on RYM SmileNerd  14
Megadeth Ranked blakeguitarist2  11

Elden Ring: Discussion beefshoes  151101 lists / '21 to-checks Conmaniac  43
FAV ALBUMS FROM 93 DaveT0738  9Read This List Assemblage  5
Melodic Black Metal MadrigalDawn  4My 10 Personal Favorite Rappers (2021 - currently) ericarcadia  22

james ferraro ranked Ryus  11Best Tapeworm Collaborations JDubb  1
The Damning Well Ranked JDubb  0Tweets I 'Liked' On Twitter this Morning... americanohno  2
Norwegian Arrow Attack BallsToTheWall  107 years of sin >:) Featured Sinternet  27
Sockhead Sucks PurpleBottle  410 yrs on SputnikMusic *STAY POSITIVE* -oltnabrick Featured oltnabrick  43

My Favorite 25 Albums of the Seventies biggzhc  154000 Ratings, List is Digs bgillesp  6
smexy goth gunslinger zone Cimnele  11

The Dillinger Escape Plan Ranked Revulse  16Ice Nine Kills Albums Ranked Fathm  12
Anime schmanime Dedes  41Starflyer 59 Ranked (For Real) mrsaturn123  9

The Big Fat Melvins Ranking SmallMess  12tec’s NEW ORDER, Ranked Featured tectactoe  26
Silent Hill Ranked Featured Brabiz  39Beautiful female voices Nikkolae  44
Sputnik Jobs 2021 Ryus  115Blur vs Oasis (All albums RANKED together) MyMentality  5
Ryus Made Me Hear These and Wanted a List About Em ArsMoriendi  25

triggered? sonictheplumber  452020 #51-151 Assemblage  2
Dream Theater Ranked GhandhiLion  8Am I Insane deathofasalesman  23

no LPs–EPs, comps, and DJ mixes Ryus  25cancel culture takes down dave chapel and john gru sonictheplumber  62
top 10 volumes onionbubs  10

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Albums Ranked biggzhc  14Trivium karagiannis1908  15
gas the straights parksungjoon  50Best Italian Metal 1980-2000 nylonhair  14
Top 50 of 2020 Assemblage  14$130 Worth of CDs Colliiiin  11

Fall 2021 gryndstone  2Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Get Low  21
Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury AffableMartyr  14Drinkin/birthday evilford  70
31 October/Halloween/Autumn Albums goblinilbog  21

Top 10 Nine Inch Nails Songs Zac124  17Bede's videogames log Bedex  18
Sputnikmusic Album of the Month: September DrGonzo1937  65Emo/Post-Hardcore G0atC0re  12

Remember when Sput had integration? Archelirion  37Cool Music Website - Purpl3Spartan  21
Norma's 1yr Sput Celebration normaloctagon  33Top 10 David Bowie Albums JKing92  11
Favourite Metal Releases 2021 VikkiH  6Mend a bruised heart KnewUser  6
Mike Oldfield (ranked) virpi  8

Ministry Albums Ranked biggzhc  6Creepy Halloween 2021 vale  8
Dope Kvlt BM Tee Shop Recs FellHanded  8

What Killed Mathcore DiscoveringAxiom  60KC's Beat, Ranked normaloctagon  19
Best hardcore/emo/post hardcore EPs? Rawmeeth38  15park triggers maiden fans parksungjoon  72
spookytober watchlist time Rowan5215  12A Sp*tify POst RoCk Super LIst americanohno  3

digs of the past month Drifter  14Bloodborne: Boss Ranking beefshoes  27
Nile: top 5 most brutal song titles BookoftheFallen  3Some semi-new Hip Hop that need reviews rufinthefury  8
We Need AOT Smash Bros. BallsToTheWall  15Neek'd: Alien(s) Franchise neekafat  16
Recently CottonSalad  16Limp Bizkit albums ranked Vercetti  6
My dog got skunked Purpl3Spartan  14dance music n shit Ryus  36

Facebook is Gone Forever sonictheplumber  4016th Sput-versary / Overlooked 80s Gems tectactoe  20
Putting the Metal into Metalcore Muzz79  29Listening list for October 2021 goblinilbog  14
Every Tool Song Ranked Featured TalonsOfFire  616 years; A berf Summary; top 100 albums Featured Aberf  44

Boris vs Hopesfall Storm In A Teacup  25Umbrella 2021 Results: Closing a Third Umbrella ArsMoriendi  39
Tweets I 'Liked' On Twitter This Morning While Lis americanohno  10Favorite songs from bands that start with C Tomstein  2
Squid Game Gyromania  66Great songs from lesser known bands you may have missed Bpvfitness19  1

Crippled Black Phoenix albums ranked AlexKSant  122021 album covers with metaphorical buttholes Featured alamo  31
Converge vs. Deftones Assemblage  57My Top 10 albums of 2017 olisz  0
Shoegaze rec for Colton Featured Aberf  551965-1970 Beatles Ranked JKing92  27
Hit Me With the Brutal Slam Death Recs ThyCrossAwaits  11

(SPOILERS) Many Saints of Newark First Impressions Snake.  8Early 2000's Post-Hardcore Recs BroFro  15

more good metal guitar solos Madbutcher3  24Favorite songs from bands that start with B Tomstein  2
Coworkers chemicalmarriage  43Floyd ranked (new & improved & updated & current) normaloctagon  39
Song of the day October 2021: Your Entrance Theme Featured SlothcoreSam  354

Look at this ad I just got Space Jester  16My Top 101 Albums (Ranked alphabetically) GodLovesUgly  47
SPUT ROYALE: FINAL (results) Featured JohnnyoftheWell  145Top 50 Pogues Songs lz41  3
Discovolante's Best of: 1998 discovolante  3forgotten Post-hardcore/Screamo Muhlysa  9
Fun Lovin Criminals are criminally underrated rodrigo90  7

Favorite songs from bands that start with A Tomstein  15Circa Survive - Album Top 5s GreyShadow  10
3394 comments JesperL  15come back, mort Featured Pheromone  81

top 20 tdwp onionbubs  15Thank you for your time Featured normaloctagon  32
Music for the fall BookoftheFallen  16Great Trippy songs (part 1) SuicycoManiac7  6
SPUT ROYALE: FINAL JohnnyoftheWell  146My Favorite 25 Albums of the Sixties biggzhc  11
2021-22 NHL season: Kracking new ice Artuma  81My Second Half of 2020 List Assemblage  4
Some EP Detritivore  1

50 Emo / Scene Albums That Many Will Remember LilPeep  21cropped faces someone  8
Top 10 Monster Magnet JDubb  5Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 12: 11 Umbrellas Each ArsMoriendi  43
69'-21' (1 year, 1 rec: redux) rabidfish  21

Nuking my 5s this week Storm In A Teacup  54Iron Maiden Albums Ranked Zac124  10
Nü müsic by me Josh D.  5Most UnderAPPRECIATED rappers ever Typhoon24  11
Discovolante's Best of: 1997 discovolante  5Pearl Jam LPs Ranked (2003-2020) deathofasalesman  5

The Darkest Ambient Shuyin  189/24/91 JKing92  19
my partner found my sput profile so im deleting madrigal30  8816 years on Sputnik Featured Storm In A Teacup  75
a million pounds Tyler.  4OFFICIAL Best Hip Hop/Rap of 2021 JefferyBigglestein2  11

Senjutsu Ranked ReturnToRock  3SPUT ROYALE: Round 6 (½ final) JohnnyoftheWell  195
Listening to Music Again... DiscoveringAxiom  22021 Jams R4zor3dge  12
The Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Of 2021 So Far AquariusBM  10Weezer Albums Ranked from BEST to WORST! MyMentality  13
Pre metal show DJ setlist Muzz79  15Kanye West worst to best AquariusBM  16

The Cure Albums Ranked biggzhc  12Moving vinyl records rufinthefury  11
Thrice Ranked homeyaloney  8tec tiers: PIZZA TOPPINGS tectactoe  228
Meshuggah Ranked Revulse  10Personalized Black Metal Recs FOR YOU TheSpirit  96
Please recommend something like David Sylvian XyphDryne  6a few trance choons parksungjoon  45
Discovolante's Best of: 1996 discovolante  5cds sonictheplumber  38

What is an unpopular opinion you have FabiusPictor202  120My new album is out AnimalsAsSummit  19
14 Years Sputnam Veteran Anthracks  32rec me anything loveisamixtape  71
Finally got my band on Spotify auberginedreams  28

I hate everybody FabiusPictor202  10SPUT ROYALE: Round 5 (¼ final) JohnnyoftheWell  137
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: a ranking Featured Stakaline  36SputnikMan Can Not Control The Passing Of Time SputnikMan  6
The RYM Top 100 AmericanFlagAsh  16Panthers! BallsToTheWall  25
Your Relationship w/Music Featured TheSpirit  184Prog - An End - WINNER Featured Friday13th  25
Discovolante's Best of: 1995 discovolante  7

SPUT ROYALE: Round 4B (playoff) JohnnyoftheWell  110Overrated Artists JefferyBigglestein2  44
Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 11: The Umbrella 2000 ArsMoriendi  31My top 5 David Bowie albums childatheart  15
Physical media... americanohno  3Best Aged Kevin Spacey Performances lz41  13
Discovolante's Best of: 1994 Featured discovolante  6what's your drink of choice heck  76
Discovolante's Best of: 1993 discovolante  8

Top Tier of GroveGroove  1I maked this. North0House2  14
YOB ranked Senetrix666  13It's bigger than that Chris, it's large! kkarron  7

Depeche Mode Albums Ranked biggzhc  19Vinyl list #4 or how Covid killed the record game grannypantys  33
Top 10 Disney Animated Sequels CaliggyJack  10My Tool albums ranking childatheart  12
SPUT ROYALE: Round 4A JohnnyoftheWell  108Genre AOTY: 1. Doof Metal DoofDoof  15
September Enders thecheatisnotdead  1Nirvana Ranked JKing92  25
Essential Screamo? GBJ  27sputshitmushit heck  18
Rec Me Female Dance Pop >120 BPM bgillesp  25

10 USBM bands killing it right now TheSpirit  11Demon Hunter Ranked CaliggyJack  7
My friend recced me Greta Van Fleet widowslaugh123  21Dream Theater Ranked Assemblage  23
2018: My Favorite Year in Music JefferyBigglestein2  1Jay Z albums ranked Featured Drbebop  19
SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  152mysterious saxophone woman Featured Colton  71

2021 so far Ryus  36Furnace Fest '21 Maniac!  156
2021 listening log 3 alamo  38Need some death metal recommendations blubbo  4
Finished project beautifulonesmusic  3

Gorguts ranked austin888  16SPUT ROYALE: Round 3 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  124
Pika's nubile Iron Maiden ranking Pikazilla  16September '21 Music Discovery goblinilbog  1

Mastodon rocks karagiannis1908  11Synth / Electro / Dance Recs? Rolling Girl  10
Where do shouts go when they die normaloctagon  36Prog - An End - Finals Friday13th  74
NOMEANSNO Albums Ranked biggzhc  13Down My Rabbit Hole II: Thrash Metal Jebull  11
Best Price Guaranteed Plugin jhonsmith  0Peep Show random  9

Tar-Tchaikovsky? IntolerantLactose  8Every Song From Brave New World Ranked Zac124  0
Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 10: Breezy Umbrella ArsMoriendi  31DEAFHEAVEN RANK DaveT0738  18
SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group B JohnnyoftheWell  137

It's my 22nd birthday. Here's my favorite bands. rockarollacola  33Immolation 6th songs on the album ranked Assemblage  3
System of a Down Ranked JKing92  14Top 35 Songs I've Heard anode  8
Djent TIME MACHINE Heppasodge  55Thrift Shop Finds (9-11-2021) ManicCosmonaut  0

Dropped the ball JDubb  10Rec Angry Metalcore Shit Aerisavion  23
What have I missed? 2021 Recs dmathias52  12Sputnik Wrestling Championship BallsToTheWall  33
New favorite artist FabiusPictor202  14future Ryus  6
I love the girl with magic ways Featured Jasdevi087  6

Marilyn Manson Albums Ranked biggzhc  12Top 25 Greatest Songs Ever Recorded ONEPUNCHMAN  10
metal albums ranked (worst to best) Colton  38My Music Artwork Collection ReturnToRock  0
SPUT ROYALE: Round 2 Group A JohnnyoftheWell  162end of summer madrigal30  10
Classics That Are Not In My Fives Assemblage  25

Every Song From Virtual XI Ranked Zac124  1Food Cultures Dedes  38
Down My Rabbit Hole: Metalcore Jebull  21post some poppy stuff rellik009  30
2016 - 2020 Metalcore Worth Checking Out Xizon  10List of 100 Assemblage  15
Pop Punk Recs? G0atC0re  20Wolfe In 2021 Pt. 2 Relinquished  12

2021 Jams BallsToTheWall  17Iron Maiden Ranked Thor  4
Deftones Ranked Remixed GarthAlgar  40Do you believe in Cryptids? TheSpirit  22
listening log, part 491 Ryus  16Best 2021 Records as of September Sharpyyy  2
Artists I just don't get JeremiahBullfrog  24

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