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Year End Lists – Individual

a short list of projects that probably would have had a good chance of being on this list if I had ever gotten around to listening to them:   Honestly, Nevermind Midnights Dirt Femme Being Funny In A Foreign Language Harry’s House SOS life Blue Rev The Long Count quinn almost certainly a bunch of […]

JAWs 2022: Best debut Hello and welcome to the first instalment of this year’s maybe-annual JAWs! Here are your questions: Who Are You? I am johnnyoftheWell! How Are You? I am well. I am in a cafe procrastinating an essay deadline and stressing about my laptop battery, which is not long for this world. How […]

 Another year down… As always, these were my favorite albums of the year regardless of originality, impact on any genre, or any other superfluous qualifier. The only thing that mattered was how much I personally enjoy it. As has kind of been my thing, instead of rambling on my own for 50 entries, I prefer […]

As we reach the end of another incredible year of music, I’ve decided to deviate from my typical awards ceremony in favor of something a little more traditional. Maybe I’m just getting old, but the thought of constructing yet another bloated set of “categories” with GIF-hyper presentation and endless embedded videos made me feel…tired. So, […]

2019 and Growing Old I’ve been doing this since 2007 and I’ve watched as members have come and gone (some departures way more welcome than others). I’ve also watched as my personal musical tastes have slowly separated from the Sputnik collective (they were never entirely in line to begin with), and that is no where […]

It’s that time of year again when artists wait with baited breath to hear their name called for the most prestigious award in all of celebrated art.  Sure, there are more mainstream ceremonies out there, but this is the one that artists – secretly – take vast pride in.  In 2014, Low Roar won the Seriously […]

Welcome back to the greatest show on the internet! The SMA’s have returned! Duh – Sowing’s Music Awards?  It’s cute that you pretended to forget – it’s only the biggest name in sputnik user profile, end-of-year, blog-based award shows.  It’s kind of a big deal. So anyway, after a one year absence, the SMA’s are […]

  ————————————————————————————————- **Click the Arrow on the top left of the player for songs from 40 – 31** ————————————————————————————————- 40. In the Nursery – 1961 Post Rock/Classical/Ambient // ITN Corporation In The Nursery have been around since the early 80s and have gone through a number of style changes without ever losing sight of their original formula. That […]

50 Best of 2016 From Norwegian Pop to Dad Thrash ——————————— 2016 was a pretty good year for music. Admittedly, there was nothing that I would call a classic or game changer, but there was a huge influx of albums I would still refer to as excellent or outstanding. It wasn’t just the great albums […]

It’s a grand celebration!  The SMA’s are back for the third and possibly final time, and quite frankly even that’s a miracle.  But I forced myself to have time to host one more of these god forsaken best-of-Barnes & Nobles (I upgraded from buying all my CD’s at Target, bitches) and we find ourselves at […]

Rather than boring Sputnik’s readership with a numbered list of all the metal albums I liked and then spending three paragraphs bitching about how much metal sucked this year and how xSPONGECOREx is neither funny nor well made, I’ll instead bore you with a wall of text regarding the dichotomy that was metal in 2014. […]

It’s been a pretty good year for music. We had quite a few bands get back together and make some excellent music. There was also quite  a few other artists that just continue to churn out quality releases, and of course there were also a few surprises. Anyway, different people use different criteria to make […]

26. Shugo Takumaru: “Katachi” 25. Gaytheist: “Stomach Pains” 24. Kvelertak: “Bruane Brenn” 23. Beastwars: “Realms” 22. Ghost B.C.: “Year Zero” 21. Darwin Deez: “You Can’t Be My Girl” 20. Dope Body: “Leather Head” 19. Coliseum: “Doing Time” 18. Meshuggah: “I Am Colossus” 17. M.I.A.: “Bring The Noize” 16. MGMT: “Your Life Is A Lie” 15. […]

——————————————————————————————————————————- So, I have neither the time nor the ability to be creative with my list this year, but there were definitely things that are worth sharing so here goes (just about) nothing… Note: I used Spotify links because it’s free and you don’t have to sign up as long as you use your Facebook […]

Songs of ’12 | Shows of ’12 25. Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror “End of the Line” | Spotify Sleigh Bells always struck me as sort of a gimmick, a one-trick pony on their debut Treats. To be honest, that trick, which makes Nigel Tufnel’s “but these go to eleven” explanation a parody of […]

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