Friday, January 15th

New Julien Baker Single 15 replies

To hype up her upcoming 2021 album Little Oblivions, Julien Baker has released a new song titled "Hardline." The song is a continuation of the increasing use of backing instrumentation and cleaner production first heard on 2017's Turn Out the Lights; this time a full backing band is utilized, but Julien Baker's trademark vocal style still shines through as usual. You can find the newly released video for it here:

Little Oblivions will be out on the 26th of February, and has been confirmed to feature fellow Boygenius members Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers on the song "Favor." The album, as with her previous record, will be distributed through Matador Records and engineered/mixed by the same duo of Calvin Lauber and Craig Silvey.

Sanguisugabogg drop new track 39 replies

Ohio's death metallers Sanguisugabogg (Latin for bloodsucker) released the first single, 'Menstrual Envy', from their upcoming debut album Tortured Whole, out March 26th, via Century Media Records. The new track features Roger Beaujard of Mortician.

'Menstrual Envy' official video can be streamed below.

Directed by Seby X Martinez

Tortured Whole tracklist:

1. Menstrual Envy
2. Gored in the Chest
3. Dragged by a Truck
4. Pornographi
5. Dead as Shit
6. Tortured Whole"
7. Interlube
8. Dick Filet
9. Urinary Icho
10. Posthumous Compersion
11. Felching Filth

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Hail the Sun New Album 13 replies

Post-hardcore Californians Hail the Sun have announced their upcoming new album, New Age Filth. Their fifth full-length will contain 10 tracks, and is set to be released on April 16th. Along with the announcement, they have released new single, "Domino".

You can hear the track and watch the video directed by Dana Willax and Orie McGinness below:

Here is the tracklist:

1. Domino
2. Slander
3. Solipsism
4. Misfire
5. Made Your Mark
6. Slipped My Mind
7. Parasitic Cleanse
8. Hysteriantics
9. Devaluation
10. Punch Drunk

Demon Hunter will fail you...twice 5 replies

American Christian metalcore band Demon Hunter have officially released the acoustic, or "resurrected", version of their song "I Will Fail You" from their 2014 album, Extremist. This version of the song comes from their upcoming compilation, Songs of Death and Resurrection, which features mostly acoustic renditions of previous songs. The album is scheduled for a March 5th release.

Listen here:

Orbit Culture drop new song 3 replies

Swedish melodic death metallers Orbit Culture have officially unveiled their newest song, entitled "Mute The Silent". The song is a part of the deluxe edition of the band's previous album, Nija. The deluxe version also includes another previously unreleased song "Wargblod", and is currently available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Check the video for "Mute The Silent" here:

Bandcamp stream for Nija

The Crown detail new album 6 replies

Swedish metallers The Crown will release their new album, Royal Destroyer, on March 12th, via Metal Blade Records. The full-length was produced by Fredrik Nordström at Gothenburg’s Studio Fredman. A video for the new single 'Motordeath' can be viewed below.

Directed and edited by Christoffer Tönnäng

Royal Destroyer tracklist:

1. Baptized in Violence
2. Let the Hammering Begin!
3. Motordeath
4. Ultra Faust
5. Glorious Hades
6. Full Metal Justice
7. Scandinavian Satan
8. Devoid of Light
9. We Drift On
10. Beyond the Frail

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New White Void Single 2 replies

Eclectic Norwegian hard rockers White Void released a video for 'This Apocalypse Is For You', the second single from their upcoming debut album, Anti, which is scheduled to be released on March 12th, via Nuclear Blast.

Band comments:
"The absurd can never be permanently accepted. It requires constant confrontation, unbroken revolt. If you fail revolting, This apocalypse is for you!

This is a song about crises. Also, it’s a song to put some boogie in your life. Because everyone needs boogie!"

'This Apocalypse Is For You' official video can be streamed below.

3D-visuals by Joakim Storsve, editing by Daniel Øverland

Anti tracklist:

1. Do. Not. Sleep.
2. There is No Freedom but the End
3. Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing
4. The Shovel and the Cross

Tribulation drop 'Funeral Pyre' 7 replies

Sweden's Tribulation released a video for 'Funeral Pyre', the third single from their upcoming album Where The Gloom Becomes Sound, out January 29th, via Metal Blade Records in North America and Century Media in the rest of the world.

'Funeral Pyre' official video can be streamed below.

Writer & Director: Claudio Marino | Producer: Artax Film

Where The Gloom Becomes Sound tracklist:

In Remembrance
Hour of the Wolf
Dirge of a Dying Soul
Daughter of the Djinn
Funeral Pyre
The Wilderness

Bonus tracks:
The Dhampir, Pt. I *
The Dhampir **
Månvisan ***

*) Bonus on Ltd. CD Mediabook, First chapter of the song
**) Bonus on Ltd. Deluxe LP Artbook, Complete version of the 18-m ...more

AFI debut two new singles 15 replies

AFI have released two new singles via Rise Records after teasing their upcoming album at the very start of the year. The singles, "Twisted Tongues" and "Escape From Los Angeles", will presumably appear on AFI's 11th studio album which is set to release "before the year's end".

Thursday, January 14th

Farhad (Overload) reveals song 1 replies

Farhad Humayun, band leader and now sole member of of Pakistani Psych Rock Fusion band Overload, releases a new song titled "Ho Janay Do" (Let it happen) where he plays all the instruments and sings. The song is somber in its mood but groovy and tastefully played atmospheric Rock.

Formed in 2003 with the intention to create instrumental heavy Rock music with a traditional Pakistani flavour. Longtime member Sheraz Siddiq (keyboardist and co-songwriter) eventually departed Overload amicably circa 2016 and since then Farhad has been the sole driving force. He has been releasing his own compositions on Youtube and various streaming services over the years. He has plans to release more material in the near future as well.

Farhad's Youtube page:

"Ho Janay Do" can be seen here:

BAND-MAID's "Manners" 8 replies

Band-Maid have released a music video for the song "Manners", taken from their upcoming album Unseen World slated to be released on January 20th.

"Manners" shows the band continuing in the direction of the sound of the band's 2019 album, Conqueror.

New Citizen album/single 23 replies

Life In Your Glass World will be the band’s first release performed as a three-piece with both their drummer and rhythm guitarist departing in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Mat Kerekes as well as Eric and Nick Hamm are the the remaining members.

Pre-Order Life In Your Glass World from Run For Cover Records

Wednesday, January 13th

Nansarunai stream debut album 0 replies

Indonesian lofi black metal act Nansarunai, is streaming its debut album at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Ultimul Rege, the album is an independent release since January 10.

UK imprint Death Kult Productions will issue the album in vinyl format, sometime in the second half of 2021.

You can stream the album right below:

New Of Mice & Men EP 38 replies

Of Mice & Men have announced a brand new EP, titled Timeless, which will be released through their new label Sharptone Records on Feb 26th.

Along with the announcement they have released a new single "Obsolete", a continuation of the heavier sound they found on their last album EARTHANDSKY.

Erra share new single, album details 56 replies

Progressive metalcore titans ERRA have released their third single "Divisionary", taken from their self-titled album slated for release March 19th.

Check out the new song here:

God Is an Astronaut's 'Fade' 11 replies

Irish post rockers God Is an Astronaut released the second single, 'Fade', from their upcoming album Ghost Tapes #10, out February 12th via Napalm Records.

'Fade' official video can be streamed below.

Video produced by Chariot Of Black Moth

Ghost Tapes #10 tracklist:

1. Adrift
2. Burial
3. In Flux
4. Spectres
5. Fade
6. Barren Trees
7. Luminous Waves

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Tuesday, January 12th

Mogwai release new single 22 replies

Scottish post-rock legends Mogwai have released a new single 'Ritchie Sacramento' off their 10th record As The Love Continues.

Mogwai describe this song as “the only conventional pop song on the record”. The track features vocals sung by the frontman and guitarist Stuart Braithwaite and is dedicated to the late Dave Berman of Silver Jews and all the band's musician friends who have passed away over the years.

Check out 'Ritchie Sacramento':

As The Love Continues will be released February 19.

Aara debut new song 2 replies

Swiss atmospheric black metallers Aara released the first single, 'Naufragus', from their upcoming album Triade I: Eos, out on March 26th, via Debemur Morti Productions. Triade I: Eos is the first part of a forthcoming trilogy inspired by the 1820 Gothic novel "Melmoth the Wanderer" by Charles Robert Maturin.

'Naufragus' can be streamed below.

Order from :
- the European shop at
- the North American shop at
- Bandcamp at

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Madlib teases Sound Ancestors 11 replies

Los Angeles CA hip hop producer Madlib has aired two brand new tracks in collaboration with Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.

Titled Sound Ancestors, the album will be officially released on January 29, through Madlib's own Invazion imprint.

Hebden has the following to say about the creative process:

A few months ago I completed work on an album with my friend Madlib that we’d been making for the last few years. He is always making loads of music in all sorts of styles and I was listening to some of his new beats and studio sessions when I had the idea that it would be great to hear some of these ideas made into a Madlib solo album. Not made into beats for vocalists to use but instead arranged into tracks that could all flow together in an album designed to be listened to start to finish. I put this concept to him when we were hanging out eating some nice food one day and we decided to work on this together with him sending me tr ...more

Need stream new album 5 replies

Hellenic progressive metal outfit Need is streaming its new full-length work at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Norchestrion: A Song for the End, the band's fifth album is an official Ikaros Records release as of today (January 12).

You can stream this release at its entirety right below:

Marko Hietala leaves Nightwish 9 replies

Bassist and backup vocalist Marko Hietala has left Finnish symphonic metal outfit Nightwish after a 20-year tenure.

You can read his full statement here:

Dear people. I am leaving Nightwish and my public life.

For a quite a few years now I haven’t been able to feel validated by this life. We have streaming company big guns demanding 9/5 work from artists of inspiration while unfairly sharing the profits. Even among the artists. We’re the banana republic of the music industry. Biggest tour promoters squeeze percentages even from our own merchandise while paying dividends to Middle East. Apparently some theocrasies can take the money from the music that would get you beheaded or jailed there without appearing as hypocrites. Just a couple of examples here.

This past year forced me to stay home and think. And I found myself very disillusioned about these ...more

Sunday, January 10th

Linkin GECS 72 replies

Linkin Park have passed the golden key to their hallowed discography to the quote-unquote hÿpærpœq duo 100 Gecs, in a remix - aka reanimation - of their original classic "One Step Closer". The song is online and free game for consumption.

The video-visualiser-accompaniment is innovative and topical because it features fuck knows who wearing a Thanos mask and constructing a house of cards with a glue gun. Maybe it is a metaphor?

Brian Posehn hates New Music 47 replies

Comedian and well known metal fan Brian Posehn has released a new music video from his album Grandpa Metal. On "New Music Sucks", he rails against new music from 5-8 years ago with the help of Fall Out Boy members Patrick Stump and Joe Trohman, and numerous other celebrity cameos.

Saturday, January 9th

New Consumer Death Proposal 1 replies

Instrumental metal act Consumer Death Proposal have posted a new track, titled "Axon To Dendrite". The song is a shift towards a more progressive metal style and away from earlier thrash/grind works.

The track can be heard via Bandcamp at the following link:

New Chimp Spanner tunes 13 replies

Ledjentary instrumetal prog auteur Paul Antonio Ortiz has released two tracks, one brand new new song titled "Tombstone City", and a completed version of a demo originally released in 2014 called "Aurora". Ortiz has also promised that there are more all-new Chimp Spanner tracks to come.

Both songs can be heard and downloaded here:

Tombstone City

Love and Death's White Flag 12 replies

Nu-metal supergroup Love and Death has released their second single from their upcoming record Perfectly Preserved, set to release February 12th.

The new single, "White Flag," features Ryan Hayes, vocalist of Righteous Vendetta, and displays the heavier side of the band's new material.

You can check out the new single here:

Friday, January 8th

For Giants stream new LP 4 replies

Brooklyn NY/Chicago IL djent/progressive metal outfit For Giants, is streaming its new album at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled There, There, the band's sophomore album is an independent release as of today (January 8).

You can stream the album below:

Evergrey release 'Eternal Nocturnal' 7 replies

Swedish progressive power metallers Evergrey released a video for 'Eternal Nocturnal', the second single from their upcoming album Escape Of The Phoenix, out February 26th, via AFM Records.

'Eternal Nocturnal' official video can be streamed below.

Directed by Patric Ullaeus

Escape Of The Pheonix tracklist:

01. Forever Outsider
02. Where August Mourns
03. Stories
04. A Dandellion Cipher
05. The Beholder
06. In The Absence Of Sun
07. Eternal Nocturnal
08. Escape Of The Phoenix
09. You From You
10. Leaden Saints
11. Run
12. The Darkness In You (Artbook Bonus Track)

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Enforced unleash 'Malignance' 4 replies

Virginia-based crossover metallers Enforced released a video for 'Malignance', the second single from their upcoming album Kill Grid, out March 12th, 2021, via Century Media Records. The album was recorded by Rocky Olson and it was mixed/mastered by Arthur Rizk.

'Malignance' official video can be streamed below.

Directed and Edited by Ethan Gensurowsky | Filmed by Coleman Jennings, Russ Robinson, And High Command

Kill Grid tracklist:

1. The Doctrine(4:40)
2. UXO(4:03)
3. Beneath Me(2:30)
4. Malignance(4:21)
5. Kill Grid(7:08)
6. Curtain Fire(4:34)
7. Hemorrhage(4:36)
8. Blood Ribbon(3:51)
9. Trespasser(5:21)

Stream first single 'Hemorrhage' below.