Saturday, September 18th

Endless premiere new single 1 replies

New Jersey post-hardcore band Endless released the single 'Lapse' from their upcoming EP Lapse; The Guilt We Hold, produced by Adam Cichoki of the band Gatherers.

Their first EP From Ether is available on all major streaming services and can be purchased on their bandcamp page.

Watch the band's self produced video below:

Behemoth To Release Live Album 13 replies

Legendary Polish religion trollers Behemoth have released a live recording of "Evoe" off their 2020 EP A Forest. Behemoth's new live album In Absentia Dei, is set to be released December 17th, 2021. Check the recording, a link to Behemoth's Instagram, and the track listing below.

1. Evoe
2. Wolves Ov Siberia
3. Prometherion
4. From the Pagan Vastlands
5. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
6. Antichristian Phenomenon
7. Conquer All
8. Lucifer
9. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
10. Satan's Sword (I Have Become)
11. Ov Fire and the Void
12. Chwala Mordercom Wojciecha
13. As Above so Below
14. Slaves Shall Serve
15. Chant for Ezkaton 2000 E.V.
16. Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth ...more

Friday, September 17th

John 5's a Sinner 20 replies

John 5 (and backing band, the Creatures) will release a brand new album, entitled Sinner on October 29. Collaborators include Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Peter Criss (KISS), Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies).

First single, 'Que Pasa' featuring Dave Mustaine is out. Watch the music video below:

01. Welcome To The Island
02. For I Have Sinned
03. Euphoria (feat. Carla Harvey)
04. Que Pasa (feat. Dave Mustaine)
05. How High The Moon
06. Creepshow
07. Land Of The Misfit Toys
08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. This Is How I Do It
10. Georgia On My Mind (feat. Peter Criss)

Pre-order Sinner here:

Foo Fighters Go Prog (maybe) 38 replies

Wonderful news: Dave Grohl has stated that the next Foo Fighters album "may be an insane prog-rock record". In an interview with Rolling Stone the frontman also mentioned that the band haven't written anything for this alleged next prog-rock album yet.

The band featuring rOck'S NiCesT gUy released their tenth record Medicine At Midnight earlier this year. The album wasn't too well-received, with only a fraction of dads around the globe being aware of its existence in the first place.

Read the full interview here:

Placebo return with new single 17 replies

Placebo unveiled their first single in 5 years, entitled 'Beautiful James'. The duo have reportedly been working on a new album since late 2019, but did not offer any updates regarding its release date.

Front man Brian Molko mentioned the following about 'Beautiful James': “If the song serves to irritate the squares and the uptight, so gleefully be it. But it remains imperative for me that each listener discovers their own personal story within it – I really don’t want to tell you how to feel”

Listen to 'Beautiful James':

Thursday, September 16th

Four Stroke Baron release "Khera" 3 replies

Nevadan prog metal/new wave crossover act Four Stroke have dropped "Khera", which is the third single off their upcoming third LP, Classics. Classics is set to release on October 1st and has been mixed by none other than Hevy Devy Townsendy.

Bring Me The Horizon DiE4u 84 replies

English alternative rock five-piece Bring Me The Horizon have debuted a new single, titled 'DiE4u'.

The track is expected to feature on the band's upcoming second installment of the planned four-part Post Human... EP series.

New Silent Planet Album/Video 19 replies

CA Metalcore band Silent Planet have announced their fourth album, "Iridescent" will release November 12th 2021. To coincide with the announcement a music video for the songs Terminal and (ilminal) has been released as well, which features frontman Garrett Russel both playing guitar and performing clean vocals for the first time in the bands career.

Tracklist for "Iridescent":

Translate the Night
Second Sun
The Sound of Sleep
Alive, as a Housefire
Till We Have Faces

Archgoat Unleash 'Heavens Ablaze' 8 replies

Finnish death/black metallers Archgoat unleashed a new track, 'Heavens Ablaze', off their upcoming full-length release Worship The Eternal Darkness, out November 26th via Debemur Morti Productions. You can stream it below.

1. Intro
2. Heavens Ablaze
3. Black Womb Gnosis
4. All Christianity Ends
5. In Extremis Nazarene
6. Rats Pray God
7. Empyrean Armageddon
8. Blessed In The Light Of Lucifer
9. Worship The Eternal Darkness
10. Burial Of Creation

Pre-order at:
EU webshop :
NA webshop :

Visit, share & support:

Nothing's La La Means I Love You 6 replies

Philadelphia's Nothing shared the music video for Delfonics' cover 'La La Means I Love You', taken from the upcoming The Great Dismal B-Sides EP - a collection of tracks recorded during the The Great Dismal sessions. You can watch it below.

Directed by Dan Swindel & Domenic Palermo

The Great Dismal B-Sides is out October 8th on 12"/Digital, via Relapse Records.

1. Ambler Gambler
2. The Great Dismal
3. La La Means I Love You (Delfonics Cover)

Visit, share & support:

Aephanemer Unveil 'Panta Rhei' 2 replies

French symphonic death metallers Aephanemer unveiled the music video for the new song 'Panta Rhei', taken from their upcoming third full-length release A Dream Of Wilderness, out November 19th via Napalm Records. You can watch it below.

Director: Cédric Gleyal (URIPROD)

1. Land of Hope
2. Antigone
3. Of Volition
4. Le Radeau de La Méduse
5. Roots and Leaves
6. Vague a l'âme
7. Strider
8. Panta Rhei
9. A Dream of Wilderness

10. Old French Song (Bonus Track – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky cover)
11. Le Radeau de La Méduse (Bonus Track – French version)

Pre-order at:

Visit, share & support:

Doodswens Drop 'In mijn Bloed' 7 replies

Dutch female black metal duo Doodswens have dropped a video for the new track, 'In mijn Bloed', taken from their debut album Lichtvrees, out December 3rd via The Svart Records. You can stream it below.

Video footage at Hoompje by: Danny Mill | Extra footage and video production by: Diginaat

Band comments: "We are grateful to still be here, and share part of our bleak journey with you. The journey that we call Lichtvrees. This first track cuts right to the chase and leaves no room for a breath. Until the dismal end, where everything starts to slowly crumble away under your feet. Only to pick things up again, and slowly build back from nothing."

1. In Mijn Bloed
2. Onplaatsbaren
3. Zwarte Staar
4. Eindzicht
5. IJsheiligen
6. Het Zwartewaterland
7. Lichtvrees
8. Lich ...more

Fustilarian - Album Premiere 4 replies

Portuguese one-man black metal project Fustilarian is premiering its debut album, All This Promiscuous Decadence, via Black Metal Promotion's Youtube channel. You can listen to it below.

Or via Fustilarian's Bandcamp:

1. Reversed Ascension
2. Born in Neglect Embrace
3. Irreversible Cessation
4. Deceived in Ravenous Perversion
5. Interlúdio (A Alienação dos Inquietos)
6. Swallowed by the Nether Regions of Chaotic Isol
7. Carving Crystal Adornments upon the Flesh
8. The Vacant Dispirit

All This Promiscuous Decadence is available in CD & Digital formats at:

Visit, share & support:
https://www.face ...more

The Temple To Release Debut LP 1 replies

New Zealand's black/death metallers The Temple will release their self-titled debut album on November 19th via Profound Lore Records. The first new song, 'Hell Incarcerate', can be streamed below via Profound Lore's YouTube channel or through the band's Bandcamp.

The Temple Recorded was mixed, and mastered by J. Saint Merat. Art and design by David Glomba.

1. Prophecy Omega
2. Hell Incarcerate
3. Martyr Of The Tyrant
4. Pale Horse Of Pestilence
5. Wolf In The Vortex
6. Void Of Scars

Visit, share & support:

Mac Miller's Faces mixtape soon on streaming 6 replies

2014's Faces was Mac Miller first foray into darker territories. While it constitutes one of the highest points in Miller's career, it also showed more frontally than ever another facet of the rapper/producer, darker and more tortured. This aspect would later infuse all his work and inexorably push him into bad habits that would cost him his life in 2018.

Faces is going to finally be available on streaming services on October 15th.

A video for "Colors and Shapes" was made for the occasion:

Wednesday, September 15th

New The War On Drugs Single 13 replies

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania indie rock act The War On Drugs have released a new single in promotion for the band's upcoming fifth LP, the title track of I Don't Live Here Anymore

The album is scheduled for release on October 29th.

Vibe With New Kurt Travis Band 29 replies

Last night during a show at Anaheim's Chain Reaction, the ever prolific post-hardcore vocalist wunderkind Kurt Travis announced a new band with Brandon Ewing called Gold Necklance. The spiritual successor of their former project Eternity Forever (disbanded due to differences with drummer Ben Rosset), Gold Necklace also features the collision of R&B smoothness and math rock dexterity that led to Eternity Forever's status as fan favorite within the Kurt Travis Extended Universe.

They have released a video for the single "Vibe With Me", as well announced their debut self-titled record which will be released via Kill Iconic Records sometime in November of this year.

Preorder the album and buy merch here:

The video for "Vibe With Me":

Snail Mail Release New Single 9 replies

Snail Mail, solo project of Maryland native Lindsey Jordan, released the title track from Valentine. The record is a follow-up to 2018's Lush and comes out November 5.

Connect with Lindsey & Preorder the album here:

Necromantia tease final album 3 replies

Hellenic black metal veterans Necromantia has uploaded a brand new track at Black Metal Promotion YT channel.

Titled "Inferno", the new song sets the tone for act's final album To the Depths We Descend..., due out on October 15.

Different storage formats will be handled by different labels, namely The Circle Music (CD), Rabauw (Tape) and Necromantia (Digital) on October 15, whereas vinyl will be handled by Hell's Fire Records on November 25.

You can check the new song right below:

Skillet are Surviving The Game 20 replies

Memphis, Tennessee Christian rock quartet Skillet have announced the release of eleventh studio album Dominion, due November 19th.

The announcement comes alongside the release of leading single, 'Surviving The Game', with the track generally keeping in line with the previously established electronic/hard rock sound of previous LPs Unleashed and Victorious.

Dominion track list is as follows:
1. Surviving the Game
2. Standing in the Storm
3. Dominion
4. Valley of Death
5. Beyond Incredible
6. Destiny
7. Refuge
8. Shout Your Freedom
9. Destroyer
10. Forever or the End
11. Ignite
12. White Horse

Cherubs Drop New Video 0 replies

Noise rockers Cherubs have dropped a video for the new song 'A Pair of Pear Tarts'', taken from the upcoming SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY EP, out October 15th via Relapse Records. You can watch it below.


1. Die Robbin
2. A Pair of Pear Tarts
3. Lazy Snakes
4. Sooey Pig (Sad)
5. Little Barely Pieces (Pop-O-Pies)
6. Die Robbin’ (Skrewd Version)
7. A Pear of Pair Tarts (Skrewd Version)
8. Lazy Snakes (Skrewd Version)
9. Sooey Pig (Sad) (Skrewd Version)
10. Little Barely Pieces (Pop-O-Pies) (Skrewd Version)

Pre-order at:

Visit, share & support:

Thulcandra Light 'Funeral Pyre' 1 replies

Melodic black/death metallers Thulcandra are back with a brand new studio album, A Dying Wish, scheduled to be released on October 29th, 2021 via Napalm Records. The official music video for the first single, 'Funeral Pyre', can be seen below.

Vocalist and guitarist Steffen Kummerer on the first single: "With 'Funeral Pyre' we present you the opening track of A Dying Wish and show you a first glimpse of new music in years. With a foul, unpolished and rotten attitude 'Funeral Pyre' takes you on a ride between bitter sweet melodies, fast forward pushing up-tempo blast beats and a sheer steamrolled performance."

A Dying Wish was produced at Unisound Studio by Dan Swanö.


1. Funeral Pyre
2. Scarred Grandeur
3. Orchard of Grievance
4. In Vain
5. Nocturnal Heresy ...more

Cynic Unveil Ascension Codes 43 replies

Iconic progressive band Cynic will be releasing its new full-length, Ascension Codes, on November 26th via Season of Mist. The band is now sharing the first single, 'Mythical Serpents', which can be heard via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel below.

Or via Cynic's Bandcamp:

Paul Masvidal comments: "I invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to 'Mythical Serpents' as a fully realized piece of music. No phones or screens necessary, just the power of sound communicating directly into the ears of your heart. In the coming weeks, Cynic will be revealing further details on the constellation that is Ascension Codes, including a 'Mythical Serpents' animated video, featuring the artwork of Martina Hoffmann & Robert Venosa. Stay tuned."

Michael B ...more

Cradle Of Filth's Necromantic Fantasies 23 replies

British black metallers Cradle of Filth shared another new song, 'Necromantic Fantasies', off their upcoming new album Existence Is Futile, out October 22nd via Nuclear Blast. You can stream it below.

Official music video:

Directed by Vicente Cordero

1. The Fate Of The World On Our Shoulders
2. Existential Terror
3. Necromantic Fantasies
4. Crawling King Chaos
5. Here Comes A Candle… (Infernal Lullaby)
6. Black Smoke Curling From The Lips Of War
7. Discourse Between A Man And His Soul
8. The Dying Of The Embers
9. Ashen Mortality
10. How Many Tears To Nurture A Rose?
11. Suffer Our Dominion
12. Us, Dark, Invincible

Sist ...more

FNM & Mr. Bungle - Tour Canceled 32 replies

Faith No More and Mr. Bungle canceled their upcoming U.S. tour due to Mike Patton's mental health issues. Patton, who sings for both bands, released the following statement:

"Sorry to report that due to mental health reasons, I cannot continue with the currently scheduled Faith No More and Mr. Bungle dates.

I have issues that were exacerbated by the pandemic that are challenging me right now. I don’t feel I can give what I should at this point and I am not going to give anything less than 100 percent. I am sorry to our fans and hope to make it up to you soon.

The bands’ support me in this decision and we look forward to working through this in a healthy way."

Impacted dates:

Faith No More
September 16 Maryland Heights, MO Saint Louis Music Park
September 18 Chicago, IL Riot Fest
September 21 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
September 22 Newport, KY Ovation Pavilion
Septemb ...more

Artificial Brain & Will Smith Part Ways 26 replies

Artificial Brain have announced on their official Facebook page that vocalist Will Smith is no longer part of the band's ranks. Band's statement goes as follows:

" Today we must make the difficult announcement that we have split with our vocalist, Will, for personal reasons. Our upcoming third full length, which is currently being mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves, will be our final recording together. We are extremely proud of all of the work that we have done with Will over this past decade -- this new record most of all -- and we can't wait for you all to hear this final document of the first iteration of Artificial Brain.

We will be joined on our upcoming tour with INTER ARMA by Paulo Paguntalan (Miasmatic Necrosis, Edenic Past, Undeciphered), who has filled in extensively for the band over the years and who has also appeared on each of our full-length albums. We have the utmost trust and confidence in Paulo, and we are so ...more

Twelve Foot Ninja go Over and Out 4 replies

Twelve Foot Ninja have released another single off their upcoming third LP, Vengeance. The single, "Over and Out", features the vocal talents of Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer) and is accompanied by a video that will probably put you off vegemite for the rest of your life.

Vengeance is set to drop on October 15, 2021 and can be pre-ordered here along with the multimedia package, The Wyvern and the Wolf:

New The Amity Affliction Song 18 replies

Aussie Post-Hardcore band The Amity Affliction has released a music video for their new song 'Like Love'. It is unsure whether this is a stand-alone single or part of an upcoming album.

Tuesday, September 14th

New Professional Murder Music 1 replies

Marking the band's first release in eight years, Los Angeles, Californian industrial metal act Professional Murder Music have released a brand new single, titled 'All Comes Down'.

It is not yet currently known if the release is indicative of a new album, with 2013 single 'The Reflection' having not been followed through with a new studio LP.

New Makthaverskan Song & Album 3 replies

Swedish post-punk/dream pop outfit Makthaverskan have released a new single, titled 'This Time', alongside the announcement of the band's fourth studio album För Allting.

Following previous 2017 LP III, För Allting is set to be released on November 17th.

För Allting Tracklist:

1. –
2. This Time
3. Tomorrow
4. Lova
5. All I’ve Ever Wanted to Say
6. Ten Days
7. –
8. Closer
9. Caress
10. These Walls
11. För Allting
12. Maktologen

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