Saturday, March 2nd

Lophius stream debut album 0 replies

Danish sludge/stoner/punk/hardcore outfit Lophius, is streaming its first album at the official Bandcamp location of compatriot imprint Virkelighedsfjern.

Titled Empire, the band's debut long player was officially published on March 1.

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Prehistoric War Cult chant The Spell 0 replies

German death/black metal purveyors Prehistoric War Cult, have posted a new track at the official Bandcamp location of Fucking Kill Records.

Titled "The Spell", the track is part of the band's upcoming debut long player Barbaric Metal, due out on May 21.

You can listen to the single, right below:

Jessica Ball Presents Eye 0 replies

Jessica Ball, the singer of Welsh doom metal band Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard has announced her new solo project, Eye.

Ball's new musical venture is self-proclaimed gothic electro-doom music and follows a lot of elements from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard.

The first single from Eye is available on most streaming platforms:

The debut album from Eye, Dark Light, will be released on April 26th.

Friday, March 1st

Demon Hunter are Worlds Apart 41 replies

American metalcore group Demon Hunter have released a new song, entitled "Worlds Apart". According to the band, the song is a standalone single, and not a part of a new album as of yet, though they released another single, "Some of Us", back in October.

Listen here:

Surprise! Convulsing returns 5 replies

Just in time for March’s Bandcamp Friday, progressive tech-death artist Brendan Sloan (aka Convulsing) has released a surprise new album, the first since 2018’s Grievous.

Perdurance is available to stream in full or purchase on Bandcamp below. No physical versions announced yet.

Thursday, February 29th

New Twenty One Pilots Single, LP 27 replies

Twenty One Pilots have released a new single in anticipation of their upcoming album, Clancy, slated for a May 17th release.

Stream album opener "Overcompensate" below:

1. Overcompensate
2. Next Semester
3. Backslide
4. Midwest Indigo
5. Routines In The Night
6. Vignette
7. The Craving (Jenna’s Version)
8. Lavish
9. Navigating
10. Snap Back
11. Oldies Station
12. At The Risk Of Feeling Dumb
13. Paladin Strait

Donny Benet is Infinite! 4 replies

The icon himself, Donny Benet just dropped his brand new album Infinite Desires on Bandcamp. Let yourself get seduced by the sensual sounds of the one and only:

Mooon stream album III 2 replies

Dutch '60s/surf/psychedelic rock outfit Mooon, is streaming a new album at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled III, the band's third long player was officially released on February 23, through Soundflat Records (LP) and Excelsior Recordings (CD).

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Aortes drops Lifeless 0 replies

Lithuanian chaotic post metal force Aortes have released their new single "Lifeless" - a bone shattering mixture of post metal, experimental synth noises and black metal fierceness.

Promoting their newest material, the band will join Erdve and Dom Zly for 9 dates tour through Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

2024 Tour Dates:

2024.04.05 Vilnius, Sodas 2123, LT
2024.04.06 Białystok, Motopub, PL
2024.04.07 Łódź, Wooltura, PL
2024.04.08 Wrocław, Łącznik, PL
2024.04.09 Hradec Králové, Country Club Lucie, CZ (without Dom Zly)
2024.04.10 Prague, Modra Vopice, CZ
2024.04.11 TBA
2024.04.12 Berlin, ORWOhaus, DE
2024.04.13 Poznań, Pod Minogą, PL

Wednesday, February 28th

Thurisaz Celebrate Debut 10 replies

In celebration of their debut album turning 20-years old, Belgian black metal/progressive metal band Thurisaz are offering it on vinyl for the first time. Scent of a Dream, originally released in May of 2004, was self-released by the band and had a relatively limited physical CD format as a result. Additionally, the collective is doing a giveaway for an exclusive hand-painted recreation of the album's cover art, with more details to follow.

The band has been active since the late-90s and recently celebrated their 25-year anniversary. Four of the five original members that composed Scent of a Dream remain. Their latest album, Re-Incentive, was released in 2020, and since then, the collective has maintained a steady live show schedule.

Dealer drop Glass Preacher 20 replies

Australian metalcore band Dealer have dropped the second single from their upcoming debut album New Order Of Mind, titled "Glass Preacher".

People had speculated that, due to the history of misbehaviour by vocalist Aidan Holmes and the revolving door of past members, the band would not continue to release new music.

The album is due to arrive on May 10th.

Inter Arma's New Heaven 8 replies

Richmond, VA extreme metal quintet Inter Arma have announced their first full-length record in five years, New Heaven. The record follows on from 2019's monolithic Sulphur English and alongside the announcement the opening title track to the follow-up, "New Heaven" has been shared, a 7-minute long discordant cacophony that wastes no time pulling you in head first. New Heaven will release April 26th through Relapse Records and will also be their first with new bassist Joel Moore, "a lifelong guitarist who’d never played bass in a band before."

excerpt from Bandcamp release bio with some details about the title track itself:

"...Take the title track, with its hair-raising lead riff stemming from drummer/songwriter TJ Childers’ challenge to himself to write a nonsensically dissonant part that he ended up loving. The song spirals upward into a punishing Death-Metal march, Meanwhile, vocalist Mike Paparo’s stentorian bellows the b ...more

Tuesday, February 27th

Harhaoppisten Ylipapitar stream new EP 4 replies

Finnish lofi black metal outfit Harhaoppisten Ylipapitar, is streaming a new EP at Bandcamp.

Titled Hylättyin Maailmain Kulkija, the band's third EP to date, is an independent publication since February 24.

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Knocked Loose New Album 115 replies

Hardcore band Knocked Loose have announced their new album 'You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To' will be released May 10th. Along with the album reveal, they've released a new single titled "Blinding Faith".

Track Listing:

1. Thirst
2. Piece By Piece
3. Suffocate (feat. Poppy)
4. Don’t Reach For Me
5. Miss Covers All
6. Take Me Home
7. Slaughterhouse 2 (feat. Chris Motionless)
8. The Calm That Keeps You Awake
9. Blinding Faith
10. Sit & Mourn

One last Sepultura drummer 14 replies

Sepultura have announced that Greyson Nekrutman (Suicidal Tendencies) will be the band's final drummer as they prepare for their farewell Celebrating Life Through Death Tour.

The news comes after Eloy Casagrande announced his sudden departure from the band on February 6th, ahead of the first rehearsal, with a new project already in the pipeline.

Statement from Sepultura:

"The Celebrating Life through Death tour, a farewell tour over the next 18 months that will celebrate the band's 40th anniversary and also its farewell to the stage.

Beginning of December the group clearly defined the intention at the announcement, it is a 'conscious and planned death.' As poetic as it sounds, a tour of this magnitude took nearly of year of preparing and planning which would require a lot commitment, ethics and loyalty to their fans, as well as respecting for the band's history – something that is a clear priority to Andreas Kisser, ...more

Monday, February 26th

Slayer returns? 33 replies

Expect the unexpected: the retired thrash metal icons have just announced two new live shows in the United States this summer.

9.20.24-9.22.24 - Riot Fest - Chicago, IL
9.27.24 - Louder Than Life - Louisville, KY

Tickets available here:

Saturday, February 24th

Integrity's last 7 years 8 replies

Cleveland metalcore pioneers Integrity released "All Death Is Mine: Total Domination", a collection of rarities and unreleased tracks from the last 7 years. This new rarities compilation was mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Code Orange) and includes covers of Ozzy Osbourne, Motörhead, Misfits and more!

Integrity guitarist Domenic Romeo said: "This compilation contains all the non-album songs I recorded with Integrity from 2017-2020. It's a mixed bag of new songs, covers and reinterpretations with a fresh mix by Arthur Rizk. It's still wild to me that I got to make records and play guitar for my favorite band. Thanks to Dwid for always pushing me to play better. Some of these tracks have my favorite solos I've ever put down. I hope everyone enjoys this collection. RIP Hector Flores. Holy Terror Forever!!!"

Integrity mastermind Dwid Hellion added: "I hope that you will enjoy this collection of Integrity sing ...more

Writhen Hilt stream debut EP 0 replies

German heavy metal outfit Writhen Hilt, are streaming their first handful of songs at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Ancient Sword Cult, the band's first EP was officially published on February 23 through Swedish imprint Jawbreaker Records.

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Friday, February 23rd

Druidess Release Second Single 3 replies

New shoegaze band Druidess have released their second single, following on from their successful debut single Lavender which was released late last year

They have now released their follow up single, Roll Back. The song has a completely different sound to their first single, coming in with a much more aggressive approach and it steps away from the shoegazey feel of Lavender.

Lavender popped up on Spotify playlists in the past few months and has seemed to be met with positive feedback looking at the stream count.

It's unknown as to whether these two singles are apart of an upcoming album or not.

Austrian Death Machine return 38 replies

After 10 years, California crossover metallers Austrian Death Machine made their long awaited return and dropped, "Quad Brutal", which can be streamed below:

Vocalist Tim Lambesis says about Quad Brutal:
"Being commissioned by The Govournator to sonically encompass the brutality of 80s action, bodybuilding, and judgment day into one album is a task that comes with great responsibility. First, I had to make it brutal of course. Then, I had to make sure to include choruses so that people don't forget the great wisdom of Ahhnold's words. And since it's the fourth album, I had to really work on my quad strength at the gym to someday be ready to carry the weight of the world from the album cover when it's passed along to me someday. The result is an album that is much more diverse than any ADM album I've written, and in the spectrum of heavy, it is the most brutal by a long shot when you ...more

And Also The Trees release LP 7 replies

UK alternative rock outfit And Also The Trees released their new album, "Mother-of-pearl Moon", which can be streamed on bandcamp:

Below you find their music videos for "This path through the Meadow" and "Valdrada":

EU Store:
UK/World Store:

Cheem releases Charm Bracelet 2 replies

Nu-pop-metal band Cheem have released a music video for the second single - Charm Bracelet off of their Fast Fashion EP, dropping March 29th. Find both singles below!

New Darkest Hour video & album 9 replies

Darkest Hour have shared a third single and video, featuring the song "One With the Void" from their new album Perpetual | Terminal, which releases worldwide today.

Vocalist John Henry states, “This is probably my favorite song off the new album. The music spoke to me from the early stages of the writing process and I knew this would be a special one. All the space created by the band really inspired me to get creative with the vocal melodies and try new approaches. It’s always a risky feeling trying new ideas and expanding on the established sound of the band, but also the most rewarding part of the process for me.”

1. Perpetual Terminal
2. Societal Bile
3. A Prayer to the Holy Death
4. The Nihilist Undone
5. One With the Void
6. Amor Fati
7. Love is Fear
8. New Ut ...more

C Turtle tease new album 1 replies

English lofi/noise/garage rock outfit C Turtle, has posted a trifecta of new songs at the official Bandcamp location of compatriot label Blitzcat Records.

Titled "Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?", "Melvin Said This", and "Shake It Down", all singles are part of the band's upcoming new album Expensive Thrills, due out on March 8.

You can listen to the singles, right below:
Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing? -

Melvin Said This -

Shake It Down -

Do It Tonight with Couch Slut 7 replies

Couch Slut are back with a new album announcement and a fresh single. You Could Do It Tonight drops April 19 on Brutal Panda, and the first track “Ode To Jimbo” is available to stream now, including a music video.

Selbst chant of self confrontation 1 replies

Based in Chile, Venezuelan post/black metal outfit Selbst, has posted a new track at the official Bandcamp location of Debemur Morti Productions.

Titled "Chant of Self Confrontation", the track forebodes the band's upcoming album Despondency Chord Progressions, due out on April 19.

You can listen to the track, right below:

Job for a Cowboy are back 12 replies

After 10 years, American death metal lineup Job for a Cowboy have returned with their new album, "Moon Healer", the follow-up to their previous landmark album, "Sun Eater".

But why the extended wait? “I had to take a step back in the band for family. It was the catalyst that eventually created a fork in the road for all of us. We all drifted into our separate paths. Fatherhood, additional music projects, academic degrees, and careers outside the band took priority and life’s focus"

So the band agreed on a prolonged hiatus, but with the door open for a return. “Everything lined up for us to collaborate on a new project together, it was time to cross the threshold for something new”, states Jonny Davy, vocalist of the band.

The album can be streamed below:

Track ...more

New Iron Monkey 5 replies

UK sludge outfit Iron Monkey have dropped the first single, Misanthropizer, from their highly anticipated new album, Spleen & Goad. Iron Monkey's latest effort is sure to hit all the right notes and leave fans feeling "splendidly goad" about their musical choices. The album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

Alcest Unveil New Single 35 replies

Alcest have unveiled the first single from their forthcoming album "Les Chants de l’Aurore", out on June 21st, along with an animated music video produced by Yoann Lossel, who also made the album art.

Neige states:

"'L'Envol' is a musical return to the atmosphere of Alcest's first albums. I wrote this song after an inspiring trip to Corsica, where I met amazing people and was surrounded by some of the most unique landscapes I have ever seen. It is about escaping from earthly reality to join a flock of mythical birds flying through the known boundaries of our world. The song is accompanied by a music video created by the talented French artist Yoann Lossel, who also designed the album cover. For this first single release, we wanted the music, lyrics and visuals to be as coherent and immersive as possible. All the tracks on Les Chants de l'Aurore are very different from one another, but we thought this one would be a great introduction to th ...more

Thursday, February 22nd

Crippling Alcoholism LP stream 5 replies

The Boston noise rock band Crippling Alcoholism are streaming their sophomore record With Love From A Padded Room a week ahead of its February 29th release date, courtesy of Brooklynvegan. The record follows the despondent noise of their 2022 debut When The Drugs That Made You Sick Are The Drugs That Make You Better, which mixed the anxiety-inducing aural outbursts of Daughters with haunting lyricism that touched upon the darkest corners of the human mind.

With Love From A Padded Room expands upon this template with an additional focus on brooding, heavy and melodic gothic rock by way of Type O Negative or even Bambara, while also including somewhat of a more conceptual focus than the debut record (excerpt from the Brooklynvegan article):

"The band says the album is “about a fictional prison and each song captures a different prisoner being held in solitary confinement,” and the brooding, ominous soundscapes set the perfect setting for the dark s ...more

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