Tuesday, October 27th

Happy Valley Release Triptych 0 replies

Wellington, New Zealand post-hardcore/screamo act Happy Valley have released their second EP 'Triptych', following up the release of the stand-alone single and music video 'Achilles' earlier this year. 'Triptych' contains three songs, and three perspectives developed during the unique events of the past two years.

Listen at bandcamp - https://happyvalleywgtn.bandcamp.com
Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/3uuhIM3hieb5tK75YQV22v?si=fO33yYzaR3CqkMBV90oX8Q

Lykantropi have Tales to be Told 2 replies

Swedish vintage rock outfit Lykantropi, has aired a series of videos/singles at its official Bandcamp location and the official YouTube channel of Despotz Records.


Titled "Coming Your Way", "Kom ta mig ut" and "Axis of Margaret", new material firmly sets the tone for the band's upcoming LP Tales to be Told, due out on November 6.

You can check the singles right below:

Mastery (CAN) stream new LP 1 replies

Canadian thrashers Mastery are streaming their sophomore album at their official Bandcamp location.

Titled Severing the Earth, the album is an official Combat Records release as of today (10/27).

You can stream the album right below:

Monday, October 26th

Jucifer detail new double album 2 replies

Jucifer have announced the release of a brand new double album, called نظم (nazm). The title refers to a branch of urdu poetry, from ancient arabic origins. a nazm typically arranges its stanzas around a unifying theme, and is less regimented with regard to form and rhyme than related traditional poetry styles. The LP will be out on November 7 through Nomadic Fortress Records.

Nazm (نظم) was written and recorded by the band themselves. This time, they celebrate their shared love for MENA and central/south/west Asian traditional and pop music cultures with fourteen highly textured, intensely personal and passionately delivered original songs.

The opening track, 'RETURN' can be listened to on their Bandcamp page at the following link: https://jucifer-official.bandcamp.com/track/return

1. RETURN إرجاع
2. MOOD مزاج
3. UN OCCUPIED الم*تلة لم يتم غز
4. WELCOME أهلا بك

Sunday, October 25th

Normandie release two singles 2 replies

Swedish alt-rockers Normandie have released two singles entitled "Jericho" and "Holy Water". This is band's first new material since their 2018 album White Flag. No further album announcement has been made yet.

Listen to the singles here:


"Holy Water":

Saturday, October 24th

Mellon Collie tour/2xLP sequel 32 replies

Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins are certainly prolific lately. The band leader recently announced via livestream that the band is currently working on no less than two new albums - one being a thematic 33-song double-LP sequel to both Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and the MACHINA/Machines Of God concept records, which would complete the conceptual trilogy. The second record is Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 3, with the upcoming CYR double-LP being Vol. 2 in the trilogy.

Corgan also announced an upcoming Mellon Collie-themed 25th anniversary tour to commemorate the album, with plans to also do the same for MACHINA, which will also receive a future remix/remaster and "completed" release with an estimated 50 tracks total. The Kerrang! article and livestream is linked below:


Friday, October 23rd

Rïcïnn stream new LP 1 replies

Rïcïnn - the enigmatic, operatic female singer for multiple French avant-garde projects [such as Igorrr, Corpo-Mente, and Öxxö Xööx] is now streaming her sophomore solo album, Nereïd.

Nereïd is also now available at Name Your Own Price on Bandcamp via Blood Music.


Fleshgod Apocalypse Unplugged 7 replies

Fleshgod Apocalypse released an acoustic version of 'The Day We'll Be Gone', a song featured on the band's latest album Veleno.

Frontman Francesco Paoli states:
"In these uncertain times, we wanted to bare our inner souls and let the music speak for itself. This track pushes us out of our comfort zone as musicians and performers, proving that art in any form can survive the most dreadful circumstances. Given the current situation, it was the right time to do something truly experimental, a once in a lifetime musical exploration for the band."

'The Day We'll Be Gone' can be streamed below.

Visit, share & support:

Harlott stream new track 2 replies

Australian thrashers Harlott are streaming a brand new song at their official Bandcamp location.

Titled "As We Breach", the new material forebodes the band's upcoming album Detritus of the Final Age, due out on November 13 through Metal Blade Records.

You can stream the song right below:

Korpiklaani announce new album 4 replies

Finnish folk metallers Korpiklaani announced that their upcoming eleventh album, Jylhä, will be released on February 5th, 2021, via Nuclear Blast Records. The music video for the first single, 'Leväluhta', can be streamed below.

Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Script: Markku Kirves

Singer Jonne states: "Jylhä is not just a battering heavy metal record, it's also our most volatile full-length album to date. For example, some of the new songs feature energetic punk rock influences and there are even some audible laid-back reggae-rhythms, like our first single, Leväluhta."

Jylhä tracklist:

1. Verikoira
2. Niemi
3. Leväluhta
4. Mylly
5. Tuuleton
6. Sanaton maa
7. Kiuru
8. Miero
9. Pohja
10. Huolettomat
11. Anolan aukeat
12. ...more

Soen debut new song 12 replies

Swedish progressive metallers Soen have released a brand new song, 'Antagonist', from their upcoming album Imperial, out January 29th, 2021. The album's cover has just been revealed on the band's Facebook page.

'Antagonist' can be streamed below.

Imperial tracklist:

1. Lumerian
2. Deceiver
3. Monarch
4. Illusion
5. Antagonist
6. Modesty
7. Dissident
8. Fortune

Visit, share & support:

Soilwork release new song 15 replies

Swedish metallers Soilwork released a brand new song, 'The Nothingness And The Devil', from their upcoming EP A Whisp Of The Atlantic, out December 4th, via Nuclear Blast. The EP was produced by Thomas "Plec" Johansson and Soilwork at Nordic Sound Lab in Skara.

'The Nothingness And The Devil' official video can be streamed below.

Director: René U Valdes of BRAVO & BRAVO FILMS

Guitarist David Andersson states: "Between 'the Nothingness and the Devil' is a song about how the old concept of a patriarchal God doesn’t work anymore, and how everyone with any logic reasoning must accept that we have to create our own deities, if we need them. Or if we don’t, we’ll have to accept the fact that our lives are essentially meaningless unless we are able to find our meaning and make ourselves feel fulfilled. The video also hin ...more

Thursday, October 22nd

New Coroner in the works? 21 replies

Iconic technical thrashers Coroner announced on their Facebook page that they are currently working on new material, also revealing their upcoming 2021 live dates as well as the band's new logo.

The band's announcement goes as follows:

Time for some announcements:
We're currently working hard on the new material!

That being said, we will also handle all our social media domains on a more personal basis from now on. This page is now the official Coroner Facebook domain through which we will keep you posted on anything newsworthy - starting by revealing our future logo, along with the first 2021 live dates:

27.2.2021 - Clang Metal Festival / IR-Dublin

15.5.2021 - Live Music Club / IT-Milano
https://www.facebook.com/LIVEMUSICCLUB (event tba)

16.5.2021 - Club Grillen / FR-Colmar
https://www.facebook.com/legrillen (event tba) ...more

Liturgy's Lonely OIOION 31 replies

The internet's favorite microtonal extracosmic polymetric transcendental black metal band Liturgy has revealed new details and a new song from their surprise new album, Origin of the Alimonies.

Their fifth full-length album, Origin of the Alimonies is due out 11 November and the album's "lead single, "Lonely OIOION" can be streamed below.

01 “The Seperation Of HAQQ From HAEL”
02 “OIOION’s Birth”
03 “Lonely OIOION”
04 “The Fall Of SHIEYMN”
05 “SIHEYMN’s Lament”
06 “Apparition Of The Eternal Church”
07 “The Armistice”

The album can be pre-ordered via your preferred streaming medium below:

Or just use Bandcamp:
https://liturgy.bandcamp.com/album/origin-of-the-al ...more

Wednesday, October 21st

Nader Sadek unveil new song 3 replies

Egyptian-American artist, director, and death metal musician Nader Sadek released the official video for 'The Serapeum: Polluted Waters'. The song (which features vocals recorded inside the pyramid of Snefru in Dahshur, Egypt) comes by way of the Sadek's The Serapeum EP, set for release November 20th. Mixed and mastered by engineers Mahmud Gecekusu, Mendel Bij De Leij, and Ahdy Khairat.

The Serapeum features principal members Karl Sanders (Nile), Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise), and Mahumud Gecekusu (Perversion), who visited Egypt in 2017 at the invitation of Sadek and Cairometal.net.

'The Serapeum: Polluted Waters' official video can be streamed below.

Sadek comments: "Every time I think about this project, I literally have to pinch myself. Layers and layers of seeming impossibilities and events only dared conjured by dreams, ha ...more

Julien Baker Enters Oblivion 22 replies

Julien Baker has announced a new album, "Little Oblivions", set to be released on February 26th. A video for the song "Faith Healer" has been released alongside the album announcement. The video and tracklist can be found below.

"Little Oblivions" Tracklist:
01 Hardline
02 Heatwave
03 Faith Healer
04 Relative Fiction
05 Crying Wolf
06 Bloodshot
07 Ringside
08 Favor
09 Song in E
10 Repeat
11 Highlight Reel
12 Ziptie


New Ging Nang Boyz album 0 replies

Legendary Japanese punk band Ging Nang Boyz have just released their first new album in 6 years, titled Ne- minna daisuki dayo (Hey, I Love You All). It is their first studio album without original members Murai Mamoru (drums), Abiko Shinya (bass) and Chin Nakamura (guitar), all of whom left the band just as Ging Nang Boyz were completing their previous albums Hikari no Naka ni Tatte Ite ne and Beach.

Frontman/songwriter Mineta Kazunobu nevertheless decided to keep the band going, and remains the sole official member of Ging Nang Boyz. Over the past five years, Mineta assembled a backing band of unofficial "support" members to perform live with him and play on Ging Nang Boyz records, including this latest album: guitarists Kanji Yamamoto (ex-The Cigavettes) and Ryouta "P-chan" Katou (2, ex-Ponytail Sclimb); as well as bassist Hiroshi Fujiwara and drummer Kenji Okayama, both of whom were members of the hugely popular band Andymori. Also appearing on th ...more

Wake stream new EP 7 replies

Canadian extreme metallers Wake are streaming their brand new EP Confluence on Bandcamp. The three-track release was mixed and mastered by Dave Otero.

Confluence can be streamed at: https://wakegrind.bandcamp.com/album/confluence

1. Disparity and Chaos
2. Beyond Empyrean
3. Entropic Cascade Failure

North American preorder Vinyl:

Europe/UK preorder:

Visit, share & support:

Tuesday, October 20th

Coexistence stream album 1 replies

Italian technical death metallers Coexistence have released a full album stream of their upcoming debut album Collatral Dimension, out October 23rd via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Collateral Dimension can be streamed below:

You can still pre-order Collateral Dimension at Coexistence's Bandcamp:

Architects share "Animals" single 267 replies

British outfit Architects have debuted a new single, "Animals", which you can stream below. This surprise single is the first new track from the band since 2018's Holy Hell.

While unconfirmed, the video's metadata suggests that the track will appear on the forthcoming record, slated to be titled For Those That Wish to Exist.

"Animals" was directed by drummer Dan Searle.

Blackstarkids say "Whatever, Man" 1 replies

Kansas City pop/hip-hop/rock trio Blackstarkids will be releasing their third album and their first via Dirty Hit, Whatever, Man, this Friday.

This comes following their self-released second album, Surf, in February, and their first last year, Let's Play Sports. Singles "Britney Bitch," "Frankie Muniz," and "Acting Normal," are all available now.

Spine announce 12" EP 3 replies

Kansas City hardcore band Spine will be following up their Bridge Nine debut, Faith, with a new 12" EP on December 18 titled L.O.V..

The nine-song release was recorded and mixed by guitarist Alex Tunks and mastered by Brad Boatright. Pre-orders will be available soon.


Monday, October 19th

New Boris with Merzbow collaboration 9 replies

Japanese trio, Boris have once again teamed with Merzbow, reworking tunes from the group's catalog under the title 2R0I2P0, translating as Twenty Twenty R.I.P. Regarding the mindset behind the LP, Boris comments: "This year was a period of trial for everyone in the world. This work becomes a monument to the requiem of the previous era. From here, a new world begins again". The album will be released through Relapse Records on December 11. 'Journey' was performed live last year, but remained unreleased until now. 'To the Beach' and 'Boris' are covers of the Coaltar of the Deepers and Melvins songs, respectively.

Listen to the new version of 'Away from You' below:


1. Away from You
2. To the Beach
3. Coma
4. Love
5. Absolutego
6. Journey
7. Uzume
8. Evol
9. ...more

Quitters (DK) stream debut LP 0 replies

Danish sludge/punk/doom metal outfit Quitters, is streaming its debut full-length at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Man, the album is an independent release since October 16.

You can stream/"name your price" download the album right below:

New Efrim Menuck (GY!BE) Song 13 replies

Canadian musician Efrim Manuel Menuck (Known for being a member of GYBE, ASMZ, and other things - ) has released a new solo track, the song is titled ''Baby It Has To Fall'' and is streaming on the EMM Bandcamp page linked below.


Sunday, October 18th

Escape the Fate are "Invincible" 20 replies

Scenecore veterans Escape the Fate have released a new single, "Invincible" featuring Lindsey Stirling.

In addition the band have also announced their 8th album titled Chemical Warfare will be released February 19th via Better Noise Music.

Watch "Invincible" here:

Saturday, October 17th

Striges are Verum Veterum 2 replies

International black metal outfit Striges is streaming its debut album at the official Bandcamp location of WTC Productions / Blut & Eisen Productions.

Titled Verum Veterum (latin for "Truly Old"), the album has been officially released on October 13.

You can stream the album right below:

Daniel Tompkins unveils new song/album 19 replies

British singer and TesseracT frontman Daniel Tompkins has officially released his newest single, entitled "The Gift". The song also features Matthew Heafy of Trivium on guest vocals. The song comes from Tompkin's new album, Ruins, which is scheduled to be released on December 11th.

The song features the return of the djent/prog metal sound that fans are familiar with regarding Tompkin's work, compared to the more mellow pop sound of his previous album, Castles.

Listen here:

Album tracklist:
1. Wounded Wings (feat. Plini)
2. Ruins
3. Tyrant
4. Stains of Betryal
5. Empty Vows
6. Sweet the Tongue
7. A Dark Kind of Angel
8. The Gift (feat. Matt Heafy)

Friday, October 16th

Dysphoria stream new track 1 replies

Ukrainian deathcore outfit Dysphoria is streaming a new track, 'Imminence Reborn', from their upcoming new album Primal Entropy, out November 13th. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Kyiv city (Ukraine) at Chaotic Productions and Checkpoint Studio during 2016-2020 by Dysphoria. Artwork by Armaada Art.

'Imminence Reborn' can be streamed below.

Video by Vladyslav Tsarenko of All4band

Primal Entropy tracklist:

1. Faux Purpose
2. Escapist
3. Imminence Reborn 05:39
4. Shattered Throne
5. From Swans To Vultures
6. Frail Concept
7. Oversight

Visit, share & support:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dysphoriaband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dysphoriaband
Bandcamp: https://dysphoriametal.bandcamp.com

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Mellon Collie tour/2xLP sequel by Sharenge
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