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4.3death's dynamic shroud.wmv Darklife4.2Kathaaria To Be Shunned By All … As Centres Of Pestilence
4.1Courting Guitar Music4.1An Abstract Illusion Woe
4.1Gaerea Mirage4.1Darko (US) Oni
4.1The Callous Daoboys Celebrity Therapist4.0Suede Autofiction
4.0Destrage So much. Too much.4.0Mindforce New Lords
4.0KEN mode Null4.0Sumerlands Dreamkiller
3.9Gudsforladt Friendship, Love and War3.9Blind Guardian The God Machine
3.9Crippled Black Phoenix Banefyre3.9END/Cult Leader Gather and Mourn
3.9The Afghan Whigs How Do You Burn?3.9The Wonder Years The Hum Goes on Forever
3.9Future Teens Self Help3.9Somewhere South of Here Leave Me for the Crows
3.9Fallujah Empyrean3.9Miscreance Convergence
3.9King Buffalo Regenerator3.9Sudan Archives Natural Brown Prom Queen
3.9Editors EBM3.9The Comet Is Coming Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam
3.9Holy Fawn Dimensional Bleed3.8Revocation Netherheaven
3.8Colour Haze Sacred3.8Alex G God Save The Animals
3.8Stratovarius Survive3.8No Devotion No Oblivion
3.8Phobophilic Enveloping Absurdity3.8The Beths Expert in a Dying Field
3.8Mortuous Upon Desolation3.8Wolfheart King of the North
3.8The Butterfly Effect IV3.8156/Silence Narrative
3.8Eternal Closure At The Center of it All - Chapter I3.8Aeternam Heir of the Rising Sun
3.8A Hope For Home Years of Silicon3.7Built to Spill When The Wind Forgets Your Name
3.7Djo Decide3.7Vermin Womb Retaliation
3.7The Garden Horseshit On Route 663.7Bloodbath Survival of the Sickest
3.7August Is Falling The Simple Plan EP3.7Armor For Sleep The Rain Museum
3.7Copeland Revolving Doors3.7Reliqa I Don't Know What I Am
3.6Innumerable Forms Philosophical Collapse3.6Jockstrap I Love You Jennifer B
3.6Blaqk Audio Trop d'amour3.6The Black Angels Wilderness of Mirrors
3.6Preoccupations Arrangements3.6Venom Inc. There's Only Black
3.6Fixation The Secrets We Keep3.6Sunflo'er All These Darlings and Now Me
3.5Noah Cyrus The Hardest Part3.5I AM Eternal Steel
3.5King's X Three Sides of One3.5Blood Orange Four Songs
3.5The Front Bottoms Theresa3.5The Hu Rumble of Thunder
3.5Weezer SZNZ: Autumn3.5Defacing God The Resurrection of Lilith
3.5Warforged The Grove | Sundial3.5Clutch Sunrise On Slaughter Beach
3.5Cryalot Icarus3.5Tribal Gaze The Nine Choirs
3.5Oceans Ate Alaska Disparity3.4Yeat Lyfë
3.4Death Cab for Cutie Asphalt Meadows3.4Sampa the Great As Above, So Below
3.4Irist Gloria3.4Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9
3.4FLETCHER Girl Of My Dreams3.4Electric Callboy TEKKNO
3.4Frayle Skin & Sorrow3.4Stray From The Path Euthanasia
3.4The Devil Wears Prada Color Decay3.4Razor Cycle of Contempt
3.3Whitney Spark3.3Rina Sawayama Hold The Girl
3.3Kings of Mercia Kings of Mercia3.3Flogging Molly Anthem
3.2Miss May I Curse of Existence3.2Xenobiotic Hate Monolith
3.2Megadeth The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!3.2Allen/Olzon Army Of Dreamers
3.1Until I Wake Inside My Head3.1Demon Hunter Exile
3.1Michelle Branch The Trouble With Fever3.1Behemoth Opvs Contra Natvram
3.1Ari Lennox age/sex/location3.0KMFDM Hyena
3.0Nav Demons Protected by Angels3.0The Mars Volta The Mars Volta
2.8Novelists FR Déjà Vu2.7BLACKPINK Born Pink
2.6Marcus Mumford (Self-Titled)2.1Two Door Cinema Club Keep On Smiling
2.1Highly Suspect The Midnight Demon Club2.0YUNGBLUD YUNGBLUD
1.8Berried Alive Our Own Light1.7Parkway Drive Darker Still
August 2022
4.2Flipturn Shadowglow4.1Rejoice! The Light Has Come Untitled EP II
4.1Hackle Gunsmith4.1Laufey Everything I Know About Love
4.1JID The Forever Story4.0Trha mã H​é​shiva õn dahh Khata trh​â​ndlha vand...
4.0Long Distance Calling Eraser4.0Danger Mouse and Black Thought Cheat Codes
4.0Autonoesis Moon of Foul Magics3.9thoughtcrimes Altered Pasts
3.9Cass McCombs Heartmind3.9Norma Jean Deathrattle Sing for Me
3.9Twice BETWEEN 1 and 23.9Cyborg Octopus Between the Light and Air
3.9Spite Dedication to Flesh3.9Heilung Drif
3.8Motorpsycho Ancient Astronauts3.8Rachika Nayar Heaven Come Crashing
3.8Dawnwalker House of Sand3.8Sigh Shiki
3.8Royal Coda To Only a Few at First3.8Brymir Voices in the Sky
3.8Dreadnought The Endless3.8Alpha Wolf/Holding Absence The Lost and the Longing
3.8Coscradh Nahanagan Stadial3.7Conan Evidence of Immortality
3.7Liminal Shroud All Virtues Ablaze3.7Blackbraid Blackbraid I
3.7The Mountain Goats Bleed Out3.7Szun Waves Earth Patterns
3.7Trha Vat Gëlénva!!!3.7The Lounge Society Tired of Liberty
3.7Psyclon Nine Less to Heaven3.7Aronious Irkalla
3.7Zabbeth Zabbeth3.7Osserp Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la
3.7nouns While of Unsound Mind3.6The Halo Effect Days of the Lost
3.6Julia Jacklin Pre Pleasure3.6Tony Molina In The Fade
3.6Panda Bear and Sonic Boom Reset3.6The Chats Get Fucked
3.6Boris Heavy Rocks (2022)3.6Roc Marciano and The Alchemist The Elephant Man's Bones
3.6Fugitive (USA-TX) Maniac3.6Toxik Dis Morta
3.6Orthodox (TN) Learning To Dissolve3.5Psycroptic Divine Council
3.5Russian Circles Gnosis3.5Osees A Foul Form
3.5Soilwork Övergivenheten3.5Abaddon Incarnate The Wretched Sermon
3.5Kenny Beats Louie3.5Silversun Pickups Physical Thrills
3.5Diamanda Galas Broken Gargoyles3.5The Flatliners New Ruin
3.5Kokoroko Could We Be More3.5Royksopp Profound Mysteries II
3.5Carrion Vael Abhorrent Obsessions3.4Hudson Mohawke Cry Sugar
3.4Morbid Evils Supernaturals3.4Becoming The Archetype Children of the Great Extinction
3.4Nadja Labyrinthine3.4Teen Suicide Honeybee Table at the Butterfly Feast
3.4NewJeans New Jeans3.4Ether Coven The Relationship Between the Hammer and the Nail
3.4Life's Question World Full Of...3.4Why Bonnie 90 In November
3.4Tropical Fuck Storm Moonburn3.3Young Nudy EA Monster
3.3Locrian New Catastrophism3.3Soulfly Totem
3.3The Interrupters In The Wild3.3Have Mercy Have Mercy
3.3Dub War Westgate Under Fire3.3Machine Head Of Kingdom and Crown
3.3Hierophant (IT) Death Siege3.3Mass of the Fermenting Dregs Awakening:Sleeping
3.3Doechii She / Her / Black Bitch3.2Stella Donnelly Flood
3.2Parasite Inc. Cyan Night Dreams3.2A-Z A-Z
3.2Tiny Moving Parts Tiny Moving Parts3.2Hexis Aeternum
3.2Sylvan Esso No Rules Sandy3.1Arch Enemy Deceivers
3.1Hot Chip Freakout/Release3.1Fleshrot (USA-TX) Unburied Corpse
3.1Pilori (FRA) Quand Bien Meme l'Enfer et le Deluge S'Abattraient3.0Rat Tally In My Car
3.0Lustre (SWE) A Thirst for Summer Rain3.0Meechy Darko Gothic Luxury
3.0Goo Goo Dolls Chaos in Bloom2.9Pianos Become the Teeth Drift
2.9Bob Driftwood Crow's Pine2.9Unprocessed Gold
2.9The Game Drillmatic - Heart vs. Mind2.9Pale Waves Unwanted
2.9The Dangerous Summer Coming Home2.8Demi Lovato Holy Fvck
2.8Megan Thee Stallion Traumazine2.8Amon Amarth The Great Heathen Army
2.7Cheekface Too Much to Ask2.6Drag Me Out Demons Away
2.6Eminem Curtain Call 22.6Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Let's Turn It Into Sound
2.6I Prevail True Power2.6Bobby Shmurda Bodboy
2.6Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 22.6Kasabian The Alchemist's Euphoria
2.5In Disarray Trauma2.5Muse Will of the People
2.3Hollywood Undead Hotel Kalifornia1.7DJ Khaled God Did
1.7Five Finger Death Punch AfterLife1.7Panic! at the Disco Viva Las Vengeance
1.1.357 Homicide Homicidal Amusement Through Supreme Exsanguination
July 2022
4.1The Suicide Machines / Coquettish GEBO GOMI4.1Neil Young Toast
3.9Chat Pile God's Country3.9Gospel MVDM: Magick Volumes Of Dark Madder
3.9Willi Carlisle Peculiar, Missouri3.9Young Jesus Shepherd Head
3.9Conjurer (UK) Pathos3.9Murder by Death Spell/Bound
3.9Esoctrilihum Luadimmerantia3.9Asunojokei Island
3.9Ashenspire Hostile Architecture3.9Greylotus Dawnfall
3.9Grenadier Trumpets Blare in Blazing Glory3.9Imperial Triumphant Spirit of Ecstasy
3.9The Wind in the Trees Architects of Light3.9Wormrot Hiss
3.9Grima Frostbitten3.9Sam Prekop and John McEntire Sons Of
3.8Neurotic Machinery A Loathsome Aberration3.8Pool Kids Pool Kids
3.8Domestic Terminal All The Stories Left To Tell3.8Lynyn Lexicon
3.8Wake Thought Form Descent3.8Orphan Porcelain
3.8Piri Reis Ritma3.8Caterina Barbieri Spirit Exit
3.8Anthony Green Boom. Done.3.8Panopticon The End is Growing Near
3.7John Moreland Birds In The Ceiling3.7Working Men’s Club Fear Fear
3.7Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition Chapter III3.7Fellowship The Saberlight Chronicles
3.7Scarcity Aveilut3.7Krisiun Mortem Solis
3.7Culprate αριθμός τέσσερα (Number Four)3.7Homeskin Life's Wishes to Tears
3.7Greg Puciato Mirrorcell3.7Julien Baker B-Sides
3.7Bedlocked Bedlocked3.7Moonshade As We Set the Skies Ablaze
3.7Maul Seraphic Punishment3.7Ithaca They Fear Us
3.7Karl Sanders Saurian Apocalypse3.7Black Midi Hellfire
3.7Wailin Storms The Silver Snake Unfolds3.7Gleemer Here At All
3.7Souveneer Sleep Study3.7Sedimentum Suppuration Morphogénésiaque
3.7...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead XI: Bleed Here Now3.6Municipal Waste Electrified Brain
3.6Launder Happening3.6Hylda Juniper Pyre
3.6End It Unpleasant Living3.6Jason Richardson II
3.6Metric Formentera3.6Kuedo Infinite Window
3.6Mourir Disgrâce3.6The Dear Hunter Antimai
3.6Altars (AUS) Ascetic Reflection3.6My Sleeping Karma Atma
3.6Xenoglyph Spiritfraud3.6Organectomy Nail Below Nail
3.6Amanda Shires Take It Like A Man3.6Wu-Lu Loggerhead
3.6World of Pleasure World Of Pleasure and Friends3.6Reeking Aura Blood And Bonemeal
3.6Viagra Boys Cave World3.6Ernia How To Deal With Life And Fail
3.6Vomit Forth Seething Malevolence3.6Cara Neir Phantasmal
3.6Maggie Rogers Surrender3.6Kali Malone Living Torch
3.6Goon (USA-CA) Hour Of Green Evening3.6Ghais Guevara There Will Be No Super-Slave
3.6Birth (USA-CA) Born3.6Wisteria Lodge Wisteria Lodge
3.5Joey Badass 20003.5Hatriot The Vale of Shadows
3.5Tallies Patina3.5Hissing Hypervirulence Architecture
3.5Anberlin Silverline3.5Moor Mother Jazz Codes
3.5Inhuman Condition Fearsick3.5Molder Engrossed in Decay
3.5The Brian Jonestown Massacre Fire Doesn't Grow on Trees3.5The Machinist (USA-NY) All is Not Well
3.5Dawes Misadventures of Doomscroller3.5Rain City Drive Rain City Drive
3.5Kekal Envisaged3.5Critical Defiance No Life Forms
3.5Florist Florist3.5Slowly Distance
3.5$uicideboy$ Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation3.5Naked Flames Miracle in Transit
3.5Beyonce Renaissance3.5Death Bells Between Here and Everywhere
3.5Yours Truly is this what i look like?3.4Sonum Visceral Void Entropy
3.4Protector Excessive Outburst of Depravity3.4Hulder The Eternal Fanfare
3.4Oceans of Slumber Starlight and Ash3.4aespa Girls
3.4Momma Household Name3.4Spire of Lazarus Soaked in the Sands
3.4Perfume Plasma3.4Billie Eilish Guitar Songs
3.4Chaosbay 22223.4Mothica Nocturnal
3.4Coldrain Nonnegative3.3DOMi & JD BECK NOT TiGHT
3.3Downfall (USA-VA) Behind The Curtain3.3Black Magnet Body Prophecy
3.3ODESZA The Last Goodbye3.3Beach Bunny Emotional Creature
3.3Stiu Nu Stiu New Sun3.3of Montreal Freewave Lucifer f≮ck f^ck f>ck
3.3Witchery Nightside3.3Blood Command Praise Armageddonism
3.3beabadoobee Beatopia3.3Sabrina Carpenter Emails I Can't Send
3.2Steve Lacy (USA-CA) Gemini Rights3.2Camp Trash The Long Way, The Slow Way
3.2Tumi Mogorosi Group Theory: Black Music3.2Nicolas Cage Fighter The Bones That Grew from Pain
3.2Belphegor The Devils3.2Body Asphyxiation Science Gravitational Blood Art
3.2Vancouver Sleep Clinic Fallen Paradise3.2standards Fruit Town
3.2Antigama Whiteout3.2Spaced Spaced Jams
3.2Bad Breeding Human Capital3.1Crestfallen Dusk Crestfallen Dusk
3.1Westside Gunn Peace Fly God3.1Flo Milli You Still Here, Ho?
3.1Jack White Entering Heaven Alive3.1J-Hope Jack In The Box
3.1Punching Swans GAMESHOW3.1Interpol The Other Side of Make-Believe
3.1Jamie T The Theory of Whatever3.1Dance Gavin Dance Jackpot Juicer
3.0Hayley Kiyoko Panorama3.0Cheem Guilty Pleasure
3.0Alone I Stand In Backgrounds3.0Bastions Majestic Desolation
3.0Young the Giant ACT I: ORIGINS3.0Lil Uzi Vert Red and White
3.0Deaf Havana the present is a foreign land3.0Superorganism World Wide Pop
3.0Brent Faiyaz WASTELAND2.9Lizzo Special
2.9Rico Nasty Las Ruinas2.9clipping. CLBBNG vol. 1
2.9Giraffes? Giraffes! Death Breath2.8Stick To Your Guns Spectre
2.8Funeral Chic Roman Candle2.8Saint Asonia Introvert
2.8Journey Freedom2.7Bleeding Through Rage
2.6Senses Fail Hell Is in Your Head2.6Banks Arcade Future Lovers
2.6Fight the Fade APOPHYSITIS2.5Villain of the Story Divided
2.5Shinedown Planet Zero2.4Patient Sixty-Seven Wishful Thinking
2.4Palisades Reaching Hypercritical2.1Fame On Fire Welcome to the Chaos
1.9RZA RZA Presents: Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes1.8Imagine Dragons Mercury - Acts 1 & 2

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