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4.1Zack Fox Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me4.1Vildhjarta Måsstaden Under Vatten
4.1Knocked Loose A Tear in the Fabric of Life4.1The World Is a Beautiful Place... Illusory Walls
4.0Deviant Process Nurture4.0Remi Wolf Juno
4.0Blood Red Throne Imperial Congregation4.0Trivium In the Court of the Dragon
3.9Twelve Foot Ninja Vengeance3.9Noltem Illusions In The Wake
3.9Sungazer Perihelion3.9The Omnific Escapades
3.9Frontierer Oxidized3.9Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood
3.9Lil Ugly Mane Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Conce3.9Sam Fender Seventeen Going Under
3.8The Breathing Process Labyrinthian3.8Explosions in the Sky Big Bend OST
3.8Kowloon Walled City Piecework3.8Katatonia Mnemosynean
3.8Hate Rugia3.8Creeping Death The Edge Of Existence
3.7Atrae Bilis Apexapien3.7Magdalena Bay Mercurial World
3.7Full of Hell Garden of Burning Apparitions3.7Dying Wish Fragments of a Bitter Memory
3.7Antichrist Siege Machine Purifying Blade3.7Four Stroke Baron Classics
3.7BADBADNOTGOOD Talk Memory3.7Karen Peris A Song is Way Above the Lawn
3.7Nothing The Great Dismal B-Sides3.7Pond (AUS) 9
3.7Noah Gundersen A Pillar of Salt3.7Untamed Land Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms
3.7Alda A Distant Fire3.6Abstracter Abominion
3.6The Body and Big|Brave Leaving None But Small Birds3.6Bummer (USA-MO) Dead Horse
3.6Teramaze And the Beauty They Perceive3.6Brandi Carlile In These Silent Days
3.6Atmosphere WORD?3.6Roseville something about a fig tree
3.6Blood Youth Visions Of Another Hell3.6Aeon God Ends Here
3.6The Agonist Days Before The World Wept3.6Kryptos Force of Danger
3.5Porches All Day Gentle Hold3.5Havukruunu Kuu Erkylän Yllä
3.5Jake Bowen The Daily Sun3.5Enslaved Caravans to the Outer Worlds
3.5Spy Habitual Offender3.5Wiki Half God
3.5Illuminati Hotties Let Me Do One More3.5Young Thug Punk
3.5James Blake Friends That Break Your Heart3.4Hovvdy True Love
3.3Bound In Fear Penance 3.3Strand of Oaks In Heaven
3.2Don Toliver Life Of A Don3.2aespa Savage
3.2Ministry Moral Hygiene3.1PinkPantheress To Hell With It
3.1KK's Priest Sermons Of The Sinner3.0Yes The Quest
2.8Wage War Manic2.8Tirzah Colourgrade
2.7Gemini Syndrome 3rd Degree - The Raising2.6Meek Mill Expensive Pain
2.6Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid Trust Fund Babies2.1Coldplay Music of the Spheres
2.1Asking Alexandria See What's On the Inside1.8Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Sticky
September 2021
4.1Trophy Scars Astral Pariah4.0Lamp of Murmuur Submission and Slavery
4.0Little Simz Sometimes I Might Be Introvert4.0Kero Kero Bonito Civilisation
4.0AngelMaker Dawn3.9The Felice Brothers From Dreams to Dust
3.9Veilburner Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull3.9Tremonti Marching in Time
3.9Invent Animate The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was3.9Inferi (USA) Vile Genesis
3.9We Butter The Bread With Butter Das Album3.9The Wildhearts 21st Century Love Songs
3.8Injury Reserve By The Time I Get To Phoenix3.8Clarence Clarity Vanishing Act I: No Nouns
3.8Blanket Modern Escapism3.8Low Hey What
3.8Amyl and the Sniffers Comfort To Me3.8Seven Spires Gods Of Debauchery
3.8Bilmuri 400LB BACK SQUAT3.8Lamp of Murmuur Punishment and Devotion
3.8LLNN Unmaker3.8Portrait (SWE) At One With None
3.8Trna Istok3.8Mini Trees Always In Motion
3.8Unto Others Strength3.8Wharflurch Psychedelic Realms ov Hell
3.8Westside Gunn Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B3.7Orbit Culture Shaman
3.7Vulvodynia Praenuntius Infiniti3.7Ruby Haunt Watching the Grass Grow
3.7I Feel Fine The Cold in Every Shelter3.7Sermon of Flames I Have Seen the Light, and It Was Repulsive
3.7Cognizance Upheaval3.7Eidola The Architect
3.7Thrice Horizons/East3.7Andy Shauf Wilds
3.7Myles Oliver Forcefield3.7Lil Ugly Mane Porcelain Slightly/Into a Life
3.7Dead/Awake Melancholia3.7DJ Seinfeld Mirrors
3.6One Step Closer This Place You Know3.6Spiritbox Eternal Blue
3.6Signs Of The Swarm Absolvere3.6Aborted ManiaCult
3.6We Were Promised Jetpacks Enjoy The View3.6Aorlhac Pierres Brûlées
3.6The Night Flight Orchestra Aeromantic II3.6Sleigh Bells Texis
3.6Pentakill III: Lost Chapter3.6Alien Weaponry Tangaroa
3.6Nightcrush You Mark Me the Deepest3.6Amon Tobin How Do You Live
3.6Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine A Beginner's Mind3.6Iron Maiden Senjutsu
3.6Lady Gaga Dawn of Chromatica: The Remix Album3.6Apallic Edge of Desolation
3.6Doctor Smoke Dreamers and the Dead3.6Skepticism Companion
3.6Common Sage It Lives and It Breathes3.6Split End moratorium
3.6Anette Olzon Strong3.6Mild High Club Going Going Gone
3.6A Ritual Sea A Ritual Sea3.6Modern Color Now, Life Is Living You
3.6Wraith (USA-IN) Undo The Chains3.6Eunuchs The Castration of Gods
3.6Art School Girlfriend Is It Light Where You Are3.6Sincere Engineer Bless My Psyche
3.6Iskandr Vergezicht3.5Sleep Token This Place Will Become Your Tomb
3.5Carcass Torn Arteries3.5Angels and Airwaves Lifeforms
3.5Carnifex Graveside Confessions3.5Andrew W.K. God Is Partying
3.5Never Ending Game Halo and Wings3.5Blazon Stone Damnation
3.5Nala Sinephro Space 1.83.5Defacement Defacement
3.5Fustilarian All This Promiscuous Decadence3.5Succumb XXI
3.5Manic Street Preachers The Ultra Vivid Lament3.5Insomnium Argent Moon
3.5Mastiff Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth3.5Replicant Malignant Reality
3.4Moor Mother Black Encyclopedia of the Air3.4Better Off Better Off
3.4Daughtry Dearly Beloved3.4The Ophelias (USA-OH) Crocus
3.4Auri II - Those We Don't Speak Of3.4Blu The Color Blu​(​e)
3.4Earth Groans The Body3.4Employed To Serve Conquering
3.4Face to Face No Way Out But Through3.4Bokassa Molotov Rocktail
3.4Lvcifyre The Broken Seal3.4Abolishment of Flesh In the Presence of Darkness
3.4Sadness (USA) Rain Chamber3.4The Plot In You Swan Song
3.4Baby Keem The Melodic Blue3.4Poppy Flux
3.4Beyond Grace Our Kingdom Undone3.3Antediluvian The Divine Punishment
3.3Badflower This Is How the World Ends3.3Apophis Excess
3.3Tuesday The Sky The Blurred Horizon3.3Chrome Waves The Rain Will Cleanse
3.2Kacey Musgraves star-crossed3.2The Gentle Men The Evolution of Tears
3.2Hawthorne Heights The Rain Just Follows Me3.2ZillaKami DOG BOY
3.2Jose Gonzalez Local Valley3.2Mono Pilgrimage Of The Soul
3.2Public Service Broadcasting Bright Magic3.2Rivers of Nihil The Work
3.2Carbon Based Lifeforms Stochastic3.1A Pale Horse Named Death Infernum In Terra
3.1Militarie Gun All Roads Lead to the Gun II3.1Various Artists The Metallica Blacklist
3.1Lil Nas X Montero3.0Make Sure Ninjutsu
3.0Jail Socks Coming Down3.0Suuns The Witness
2.9The Muslims Fuck These Fuckin Fascists2.9Hail Spirit Noir Mannequins
2.8Homeshake Under The Weather2.8Sneaker Pimps Squaring The Circle
2.8Third Eye Blind Our Bande Apart2.7Jonny Craig The Places We'll Never Be
2.7Peste Noire Le Retour Des Pastoureaux2.5The Vaccines Back in Love City
2.3Park Hye Jin Before I Die1.8Drake Certified Lover Boy
1.6Imagine Dragons Mercury - Act 1
August 2021
4.3Black Kray Chain Gang Halo World4.1TesseracT Portals
4.1Kayo Dot Moss Grew On The Swords And Plowshares Alike4.0Scarypoolparty The Act of Forgiveness
4.0Trha Endlhëtonëg3.9Wolves in the Throne Room Primordial Arcana
3.9Between the Buried and Me Colors II3.9Yann Tiersen Kerber
3.9Turnstile Glow On3.9Hooded Menace The Tritonus Bell
3.9Goat Headsoup3.9Alora Crucible Thymiamatascension
3.9Desolate (USA-NY) The fate of destruction is the joy of rebirth3.9Wormwood Arkivet
3.9Press to Meco Transmute3.8Thyrfing Vanagandr
3.8Samurai Breaks TURBO RAVE ARTILLERY3.8Frost-Rimed Iron The Fire of Conquest
3.8James McMurtry The Horses and the Hounds3.8Quicksand Distant Populations
3.8Laura Stevenson Laura Stevenson3.8Telethon Swim Out Past The Breakers
3.8Ulver Hexahedron3.8Fluisteraars Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking
3.8Sugar Horse The Live Long After3.8Phinehas The Fire Itself
3.8Aenigmatum Deconsecrate3.8Julie Pushing Daisies
3.8hawak Nuoc3.8Ka A Martyr's Reward
3.8Qrixkuor Poison Palinopsia3.8Burial in the Sky The Consumed Self
3.8Narrow / Arrow Asbestos Weak Hood3.8Nunslaughter Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death
3.8Spirit Adrift Forge Your Future3.7Unreqvited Beautiful Ghosts
3.7Orla Gartland Woman on the Internet3.7Young Nudy Rich Shooter
3.7Diskord Degenerations3.7Teenage Bottlerocket Sick Sesh!
3.7A Great Big Pile of Leaves Pono3.7Lingua Ignota SINNER GET READY
3.7Boldy James and The Alchemist Bo Jackson3.7Beholding collapse
3.7Nightmarer Monolith of Corrosion3.7Tinashe 333
3.7The Killers Pressure Machine3.7Spirit Breaker Cura Nata
3.7Tropical Fuck Storm Deep States3.6quickly, quickly The Long and Short of It
3.6Osi and the Jupiter Stave3.6Devoid of Thought Outer World Graves
3.6Woman Is The Earth Dust of Forever3.6Eluvium Virga II
3.6CHVRCHES Screen Violence3.6The Bug Fire
3.6Feral Lord Purity of Corruption3.6Joy Orbison still slipping vol. 1
3.6Indigo De Souza Any Shape You Take3.6Nas King's Disease II
3.6Grayscale Umbra3.6Lorna Shore ...And I Return To Nothingness
3.6Jungle Loving in Stereo3.6Windfaerer Breaths of Elder Dawns
3.6Space Afrika Honest Labour3.6Raccoon City For Nobody, Nowhere
3.6Foxing Draw Down the Moon3.6How to Care for Flowers The Clutter of Old Love: A Birdwatcher's Diary
3.6The Neal Morse Band Innocence & Danger3.5Our Place of Worship is Silence Disavowed, and Left Hopeless
3.5Benny The Butcher Pyrex Picasso3.5Jinjer Wallflowers
3.5White Stones Dancing Into Oblivion3.5Tokenai Namae Taimu mashin ga kowareru mae ni
3.5Switchfoot interrobang3.5If I Die First They Drew Blood
3.5Leprous Aphelion3.5Westside Gunn Hitler Wears Hermse 8: Sincerely Adolf
3.5Sungaze This Dream3.5Caskets Lost Souls
3.5Bendigo Fletcher Fits of Laughter3.5Andrea von Kampen That Spell
3.5The Bronx The Bronx VI3.5Fawn Limbs Darwin Falls
3.5Act Of Denial Negative3.5Deafheaven Infinite Granite
3.5Portrayal of Guilt/Chat Pile Split3.5Jade Bird Different Kinds of Light
3.5Big Red Machine How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?3.4Chubby and The Gang The Mutt's Nuts
3.4Villagers Fever Dreams3.4Reverorum Ib Malacht Not Here
3.4Watchhouse Watchhouse3.4Wednesday Twin Plagues
3.4Halsey If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power3.4Liars The Apple Drop
3.4Serpent Column Katartisis3.4Wormwitch Wolf Hex
3.3Sturgill Simpson The Ballad of Dood and Juanita3.3Sepultura SepulQuarta
3.3Ex Deo The Thirteen Years of Nero3.3The Joy Formidable Into the Blue
3.3Gorillaz Meanwhile3.3One with the Riverbed Absence
3.3Kississippi Mood Ring3.3Men I Trust Untourable Album
3.3$uicideboy$ The Long Term Effects of SUFFERING3.3Ushangvagush Mntu
3.3Pink Siifu GUMBO'!3.3Holy Holy Hello My Beautiful World
3.2GHOSTEMANE Fear Network II3.2Vessel of Iniquity The Doorway
3.2Still Woozy If This Isn’t Nice I Don’t Know What Is3.2Sodom Bombenhagel
3.1Trash Boat Don't You Feel Amazing?3.1Alien Boy Don't Know What I Am
3.1Ty Segall Harmonizer3.1Ov Sulfur Oblivion
3.1Meet Me @ The Altar Model Citizen3.0Abstract Mindstate Dreams Still Inspire
3.0Kanye West Donda3.0GosT Rites of Love and Reverence
2.9Slaughter To Prevail Kostolom2.9Dare (USA-CA) Against All Odds
2.9dvsn and Ty Dolla $ign Cheers to the Best Memories2.9Pet Symmetry Future Suits
2.9Trippie Redd Trip At Knight2.8Lil Lotus Error Boy
2.7Angel Olsen Aisles2.6Hippo Campus Good Dog, Bad Dream
2.6Settle Your Scores Retrofit2.5Lorde Solar Power
2.4Jake Bugg Saturday Night, Sunday Morning1.6OneRepublic Human
1.3Hobo Johnson Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase

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