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4.2Convulsing Perdurance3.8Halfway Line Halfway Line
3.8Everything Everything Mountainhead3.7Yard Act Where's My Utopia?
3.7Mannequin Pussy I Got Heaven3.7ScHoolboy Q Blue Lips
3.7Suldusk Anthesis3.4Pissed Jeans Half Divorced
3.3Bruce Dickinson The Mandrake Project3.3Ben Frost Scope Neglect
February 2024
4.7Kelela RAVE:N, The Remixes4.2Monkey3 Welcome to the Machine
4.1Little Kid A Million Easy Payments4.0LVME Of Sinful Nature
4.0whyohwhy Bruises4.0Chelsea Wolfe She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She
4.0Job for a Cowboy Moon Healer4.0And Also The Trees Mother​-​of​-​pearl Moon
3.9Spectral Voice Sparagmos3.9Keres Homo Homini Lupus
3.9Ihsahn Ihsahn3.9Traveler (CAN) Prequel to Madness
3.9Friko Where We've Been, Where We Go from Here3.9Vennart Forgiveness and The Grain
3.9Twice With YOU-th3.8Counting Hours The Wishing Tomb
3.8Hurray For The Riff Raff The Past Is Still Alive3.8Farsot Life Promised Death
3.8Obsidian Tongue The Stone Heart3.8Crippling Alcoholism With Love From a Padded Room
3.8Eternal Storm A Giant Bound to Fall3.8Bipolar Architecture Metaphysicize
3.8Manu Delago Snow From Yesterday3.8Steve Hackett The Circus and the Nightwhale
3.7Necrowretch Swords of Dajjal3.7Solbrud IIII
3.7Borknagar Fall3.7Ace Frehley 10,000 Volts
3.7Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of the Last Human Being3.7Kali Malone All Life Long
3.7The Body and Dis Fig Orchards of a Futile Heaven3.7Ihsahn Ihsahn (Orchestral)
3.7Burial Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above3.7Striker Ultrapower
3.7Allie X Girl With No Face3.7Plantoid Terrapath
3.7Unaussprechlichen Kulten Häxan Sabaoth3.7Kyros Mannequin
3.7Final Resting Place Prelude To Extinction3.6Brittany Howard What Now
3.6Slope Freak Dreams3.6Theophonos Ashes in the Huron River
3.6Fucked Up 44th and Vanderbilt3.6Pestilength Solar Clorex
3.6Blaze Bayley Circle of Stone3.6Sun of Nothing Maze
3.6Grande Mahogany As Grande As3.6Shygirl Club Shy
3.6Grandaddy Blu Wav3.6Helado Negro Phasor
3.6The Obsessed Gilded Sorrow3.6Chapel of Disease Echoes of Light
3.6The Wise Man's Fear What Slept Beneath Tavros3.6Galleons Violent Delights
3.6The Requiem A Cure to Poison the World3.6Darkest Hour Perpetual | Terminal
3.6Persefone Lingua Ignota: Part I3.5J Mascis What Do We Do Now
3.5Litosth Cesariana3.5Quadeca SCRAPYARD
3.5The Chisel What A Fucking Nightmare3.5Mick Mars The Other Side of Mars
3.5Morbid Saint Swallowed By Hell3.5Barren Womb Chemical Tardigrade
3.5Liquid Mike Paul Bunyan’s Slingshot3.5Paledusk Palehell
3.5Mk.Gee Two Star & the Dream Police3.5The Last Dinner Party Prelude to Ecstasy
3.5Dwarrowdelf The Fallen Leaves3.5Prize Horse Under Sound
3.5Yeat 20933.4Griffon De Republica
3.4Austrian Death Machine Quad Brutal3.4meth. Shame
3.4Bloom (AUS) Maybe in Another Life3.4Enterprise Earth Death: An Anthology
3.4Stay Inside Ferried Away3.4I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Gloom Division
3.4Kirin J. Callinan If I Could Sing3.4Abriction Banshee
3.4Laura Jane Grace Hole In My Head3.4MGMT Loss of Life
3.3Real Estate Daniel3.3Kasra Dream Metal
3.3Ducks Ltd Harm's Way3.3Gulfer Third Wave
3.3Toadliquor Back In The Hole3.3Contaminated (AUS) Celebratory Beheading
3.3Vera Sola Peacemaker3.3Glitterer Rationale
3.3Erika de Casier Still3.3Little Simz Drop 7
3.3Planet B Fiction Prediction3.3Darkspace Dark Space -II
3.3Hulder Verses In Oath3.2Faded Cloak Wrapped in Fog and Freezing Mist
3.2Profiler A Digital Nowhere3.2The Pineapple Thief It Leads To This
3.2KMFDM Let Go3.2Infected Rain Time
3.2Before I Turn The Devil Exists3.2nothing,nowhere. Dark Magic
3.1Usher Coming Home3.1The Last Ten Seconds Of Life No Name Graves
3.1Morta Skuld Creation Undone3.0Einar Solberg The Congregation Acoustic
3.0Ghoul Noxious Concoctions2.9IDLES TANGK
2.8Amaranthe The Catalyst2.8Normandie Dopamine
2.7Yellowcard and Hammock A Hopeful Sign2.5Asian Glow Unwired Detour
2.4Being as an Ocean Death Can Wait2.4Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign Vultures Pack
2.2Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign Vultures 11.5Kim Petras Slut Pop Miami
1.4Remo Drive Mercy
January 2024
4.1Slift Ilion4.0SENTRIES Snow as a Metaphor for Death
3.9Cave Sermon Divine Laughter3.9Project 86 OMNI, Pt. 2
3.9Gyrofield A Faint Glow of Bravery3.9Rhun (USA-ME) Conveyance In Death
3.9Willi Carlisle Critterland3.8Kill The Thrill Autophagie
3.8Hoplites Π​α​ρ​α​μ​α​ι​ν​ο​μ​έ​ν​η3.8SYFF The World is Yours
3.8Caligula's Horse Charcoal Grace3.8Dissimulator (CAN) Lower Form Resistance
3.8Massa Nera/Quiet Fear Quatro vientos // Cinco soles3.8Stuporous Asylum's Lament
3.8Elegy (RUS) Graveflowers3.8Knoll As Spoken
3.8Donato Dozzy Magda3.8Exit Eden Femmes Fatales
3.8Ribspreader Reap Humanity3.7Narzissus Akt III: Erl​ö​sung
3.7Sgaile Traverse the Bealach3.7Vitriol (USA) Suffer & Become
3.7Departure Chandelier Satan Soldier Of Fortune3.7Blood Red Throne Nonagon
3.7Alkaline Trio Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs3.7Madder Mortem Old Eyes, New Heart
3.7The Plot In You Vol. 13.7Glass Beach plastic death
3.7Infant Island Obsidian Wreath3.7Viva Belgrado Cancionero de los Cielos
3.7Nemophila Evolve3.7The Fauns How Lost
3.7Mary Halvorson Cloudward3.7Manticora Mycelium
3.6Bloody Keep Rats Of Black Death3.6Hiraes Dormant
3.6Resin Tomb Cerebral Purgatory3.6Exocrine Legend
3.6Vemod The Deepening3.6Bill Ryder-Jones Iechyd Da
3.6Hauntologist Hollow3.6Underneath From the Gut of Gaia
3.6Andracca To Bare the Weight of Death3.6Birds in Row and Coilguns You and I in the Gap
3.6Be Safe Unwell3.6Cognizance Phantazein
3.6Vipassi Lightless3.6Kairo After Forever
3.6Vitriol Suffer & Become3.6LITE STRATA
3.6Svdestada Candela3.6Sovereign Altered Realities
3.6Cowboy Sadness Selected Jambient Works Vol. 13.6Magnum Here Comes the Rain
3.6Kali Uchis Orquídeas3.6Dark Oath Ages of Man
3.5The Smile Wall of Eyes3.5Mourning Dawn The Foam of Despair
3.5Lucifer (DE) Lucifer V3.5Tapir! The Pilgrim, Their God and The King Of My Decrepit Mountain
3.5Patricia Taxxon Bicycle3.5Luneth Luneth
3.5Bib Biblical3.5Splitknuckle Breathing Through The Wound
3.5The Umbrellas Fairweather Friend3.5Dipygus Dipygus
3.5Malist Of Scorched Earth3.5Yersin The Scythe Is Remorseless
3.5Casey How to Disappear3.5Upon Stone Dead Mother Moon
3.5Heave Blood and Die Burnout Codes3.5Animal Ghosts Swell
3.5Kinoteki Faith and the Vessel3.5Lord Dying Clandestine Transcendence
3.4Ghost Atlas Dust of the Human Shape3.4Marika Hackman Big Sigh
3.4Alluvial Death Is But A Door3.4Dead Poet Society FISSION
3.4Saevus Finis Facilis Descensus Averno3.4Drowned Procul His
3.4fallingwithscissors the death and birth of an angel3.4Skee Mask C
3.4Bruiser Wolf My Story Got Stories3.4Marlon DuBois .
3.4Future Islands People Who Aren’t There Anymore3.4Saxon Hell, Fire and Damnation
3.4Master Saints Dispelled3.4YIN YIN Mount Matsu
3.4Cosmic Joke Cosmic Joke3.4Sprints Letter to Self
3.4Benny The Butcher Everybody Can't Go3.4Inquisition Veneration Of Medieval Mysticism And Cosmological
3.4Any Given Day Limitless3.3Wizards of Aldur Magician's Gambit
3.3Crizin da Z.O. Acelero3.3Drown In Sulphur Dark Secrets Of The Soul
3.3Guhts Regeneration3.3Rejoice (USA-OH) All Of Heaven's Luck
3.3Nailah Hunter Lovegaze3.3Gruff Rhys Sadness Sets Me Free
3.3Folly Group Down There!3.3Static-X Project Regeneration Vol. 2
3.3Filmmaker (COL) Land of Hidden Variables3.3Ty Segall Three Bells
3.3R.A.P. Ferreira The First Fist to Make Contact When We Dap3.3Loveblaster The Way Things Works
3.3Nicholas Craven and Boldy James Penalty of Leadership3.3Engulf The Dying Planet Weeps
3.3Gray State Under the Wheels of Progress3.3Ryujin Ryujin
3.2Pile Hot Air Balloon3.2Katy Kirby Blue Raspberry
3.2Acasia Acasia3.2New Model Army Unbroken
3.2Eye Flys Eye Flys3.2Kaonashi The 3 Faces of Beauty
3.2If I Were You Wither//Without3.2Scanner The Cosmic Race
3.1Escuela Grind Ddeeaatthhmmeettaall3.1Cheekface It's Sorted
3.1Olhava Sacrifice3.1Metalite Expedition One
3.1Green Day Saviors3.1Neck Deep Neck Deep
3.0Gumshoes Cacophony3.0Ryan Adams Star Sign
3.0Torres What an Enormous Room3.0Dead by April The Affliction
3.0Panzerwar Pale Whispers Of A Writhing Moon3.0NewDad Madra
2.9Sleater-Kinney Little Rope2.921 Savage american dream
2.9Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Dark Rainbow2.8Goth Babe Lola
2.8Cancer Christ God is Violence2.8Ameonna Goddess Wept
2.7pizzamachine Crunkcore Revenge2.7The Vaccines Pick-Up Full of Carnations
2.6Kid Cudi Insano2.5Courting New Last Name
2.1Lil Dicky Penith1.5Jeremy Renner Love and Titanium

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