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First thing to note: I won’t pretend to be able to analyze the hype phenomenon here (though hopefully I can offer some insight into why you might enjoy this album; at any rate, definitely give the two reviews a read).  Rather, I want to delve into some specific themes that particularly endear Clairvoyant to me — its portrayals of […]

One of the very first things I remember loving was blink-182’s “The Rock Show”. Yeah, I was like five at the time, young as shit blah blah blah, but that put me right in the targets of blink’s music. I was the archetype of the demographic that found “The Rock Show” a refreshing change of […]

Nobody else alive can do what Childish Gambino is doing. It’s not a matter of outstanding talent in any one area: he’s far outranked at rapping by Earl, Danny and Vince, can’t dominate a singing feature like Anderson .Paak, hasn’t yet pulled together a concept album the likes of which make big waves in the […]

A Singer Must Die: Cohen, Keats and Lil Peep John Keats, the English Romantic, died in 1821. That his now-famous sonnet, ‘When I Have Fears’, was published decades after the fact is of a grotesque class of ironies I’d much sooner forget. In its most bastardised form, it reads: When I have fears that I […]

“Untitled” wouldn’t just have improved Noonday Dream if it had been recorded for the album, it’s downright essential to its entire tapestry. The song ties together an astonishing amount of this dreamy, impressionistic LP – clarifying “Towing the Line”‘s rookery-as-metaphor, contrasting the closing of “Murmurations” with its celebration of sight, unnervingly foreshadowing the ‘something in […]

I used to be so sure “I Could Be Anywhere in the World” was the one. I mean, who wasn’t, right? As far as stadium-ready, skyscraper-chorus bangers go it’s downright flawless, and George Petit’s trapped-animal screeches never ceded more gracefully to Dallas Green’s highschool-fantasy of a voice. I also nearly gave the spot to “Boiled […]

Inspired recently by some quality discussions in the Leaked Demos 2006 review thread concerning possible variations of the 2006 alt-rock classic The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, I decided to piece together this little beauty.  It’s not “The Best Possible Version of TDAG” – as in, the best demos subbed in for the […]

I don’t really know what the impetus for writing this was, but in case you were at all curious: one of my favourite late-era Weezer tracks sounds like Rivers Cuomo spent a couple hours dissecting millennial tumblr blogs then tried to write a Killers song. If that sounds like a recipe for absolute trash, well, […]

Welcome back to the greatest show on the internet! The SMA’s have returned! Duh – Sowing’s Music Awards?  It’s cute that you pretended to forget – it’s only the biggest name in sputnik user profile, end-of-year, blog-based award shows.  It’s kind of a big deal. So anyway, after a one year absence, the SMA’s are […]

Top 10 National // Top 10 Say Anything // Top 10 Thrice // Top 10 Kanye Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings:      Top 10 Kanye Songs Preface: Is there an artist from the 2000’s who is bigger than Kanye West?  If not, he’s at least somewhere in the top 5…and regardless of whether or not you love him […]

A lot has happened since the release of Brand New’s presumed swan song, Science Fiction.  Released just about one year ago (August 17, 2017), the record was initially received to widespread acclaim.  It shot to #1 on the Billboard chart, a first in band history despite nonchalantly dropping the album – unannounced – after an eight year absence.  It garnered […]

Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings: Top 10 Say Anything Songs Preface: As one of pop-punk’s most beloved bands, Say Anything rose to fame during the peak of the scene’s early-mid 2000’s success.  They weren’t merely the beneficiaries of a booming genre, however; the band helped define what pop-punk meant, and they continue to influence up-and-coming artists spanning […]

The topic of enjoying and supporting artists of questionable moral reputation is one that I often find myself dwelling upon and discussing with others. The variety of takes on the subject are wide and interesting and, unlike a multitude of other topics, a large amount of these positions are thoughtful and sensical. The topic itself […]

1) White Ring – Gate of Grief Genre: Indie/Electronic/Experimental Release Date: 7/20/2018 Hype Rating: 10 Now this is just creepy.  There’s such an unsettling vibe to this whole thing, from the band name to the artwork to the massive industrial groove beat that throws me all the way back to The Downward Spiral.  Oh, and those shrill, shouted vocals, […]

Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings: The Top 10 National Songs Preface: It’s long been the subject of debate around this site: What are the best National songs?  Are they even possible to rank?  Have they ever even made a bad song?  While this list is unlikely to put an end to any longstanding arguments, it does represent […]

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