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YW Grid copy


To the average music enjoyer, the phrase “I really like Yellowcard” is fairly meaningless. At worst, it’s even slightly embarrassing – yeah, Ocean Avenue was pretty cool, but dude, you just admitted to liking pop punk, yikes. However, to the average Yellowcard enjoyer, the phrase “I really like Yellowcard” means so much more: it’s the kind of iykyk that conveys being in on the band’s quality beyond the two-ish hits from 2003. You appreciate the beauty of “Keeper”s chorus, you know “Life of Leaving Home” by heart, hell, you’ll even admit being aware of how excellently “Fragile and Dear” soars. Long story short, it’s hard to be a casual Yellowcard fan.

Above all, however, Yellowcard has meant many different things to many different people – a sentiment that would be horrifically corny and generic if it weren’t so crucially embedded in the shared experience of enjoying their music. Everyone has different memories intrinsically tied to different records – a testament to the band’s consistency both in terms of quality and ability to connect with their ageing audience. Now, a slice of this old, tired audience have combined their forces to decide on Yellowcard’s ten finest cuts. It’s you and me and one spotlight on the…

Revisit other SputStaff Top 10 Lists:

Bjork | Bon Iver | Kanye West | Metallica | Mastodon | mewithoutYou

 My Chemical Romance Queens of the Stone Age | The National | Say Anything 

SwansTaylor Swift | Tim Hecker | Thrice

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In celebration of the release of Chelsea Wolfe’s enrapturing new record She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She and the ongoing tour that, if you’re lucky, will bring her stunning show to a room near you, a group of staffers decided to gather around the fire, burn our clothes and howl our favorite Wolfe tunes under the light of a red moon.

As you know, Chelsea Wolfe’s body of work now spans seven albums (or eight depending on what you choose to include or not) and she has managed to consistently blend different styles into one single sound that is unmistakably hers. Whether it is the dark folk and occult Americana of Birth of Violence, the noisy bamboozling of electronic evil of Abyss or the indescribable gothic post everything of Pain is Beauty, Chelsea Wolfe is an artist that has grown from a seed of bedroom lo-fi recordings to branching out: making a collaboration project with hardcore legends Converge, soundtracks for different films and touring the world with unanimous success for her craft. Us here at the staffdom are very much fans of her music and hence we present you with our favorite tunes from the Californian songstress. – Dewinged

Honorable Mentions:

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Bjork | Bon Iver | Kanye West | Metallica | Mastodon | mewithoutYou

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swansartScreenshot 2024-02-23 at 03.49.33


Equal parts the preserve of masochistic veterans of the no wave scene, po-faced crescendo-riders, and arthouse devotees of guitar music’s more arcane side, few names command the same behemoth weight or stern complexion as Swans. Founded in 1982 as the brainchild of demoniac auteur Michael Gira, the band’s output has overlapped a wide range of collaborators and musical styles, yet rarely showcased anything less than ruthless focus and a profound sensibility for the extremities of humanity and inhumanity alike.

Originally prompted by last year’s release of Swans’ sixteenth album The Beggar and subsequent discourse over whether Gira appeared to be ageing with dignity or decrepitness, this list may not plumb the depths of the band’s multi-decade career or (spoilers) even dip its toes into their harrowing noise rock roots or folk-infused middle years, but it does provide a relevant snapshot of the eras they are best known for: well over a decade since Michael Gira reformed Swans, it’s remarkable how much staying power his ’10s output has had past its initial boom. This era saw Swans reframed from a revered cult classic to an obligatory hurdle to just about anyone starting out on the path of experimental rock music, and any reservations over the expansion of their audience or the datapool underpinning our democratic process can hold their horses until you’ve heard…

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Bjork | Bon Iver | Kanye West | Metallica | Mastodon | mewithoutYou |

 My Chemical Romance The National | Say Anything | Taylor Swift | Tim Hecker | Thrice

Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (Full Album Live) - YouTube


The year is 2023 and rock ‘n’ roll is officially dead in the ground, as recently cemented by Queens of the Stone Age’s latest record In Times New Roman. Sad? Well lemme tell you, this time ten years ago many thought the same – they thought rock’s parent bands had split up prematurely, failed to split up at a dignified age, failed to move with the times, or flat-out lost its grit. Radiohead had once promised us the future: the future was Muse, Coldplay and The Killers. The future haemorrhaged its savings accounts on Chinese Democracy and The Endless River and left a creative dearth so dearth-like that we are today surviving our way through the legacies-to-be of Black Midi and The 1975 because the hacks finally have someone to talk about again.

Dad said everything would be okay as long as rock ‘n’ roll could save us. Fuck you, dad.

Back in the ’10s people thought rock had failed to find new parents. They were (dubiously, but prevailingly) wrong! Radio rock didn’t need a stepdad – it needed a dad who stepped up! The dad was Josh Homme, second only to Dave Grohl on extending gruff-pop-music-played-on-guitars’ lease on popular life, allowing us to remember and savour that ten years before that, the man was churning out classic bangers to which good, dumb, good times were (probably) had in fraternal multitudes.…

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Bjork | Bon Iver | Kanye West | MetallicaMastodon | mewithoutYou |

 My Chemical Romance The National | Say Anything | Taylor Swift | Thrice

gif final


Tim Hecker’s discography is a patchwork of ambient treasures, as rewarding to the deepest pursuits of one’s navel as it is deceptively tourist-friendly. As such, in honour of his latest album, No Highs, the Staff team has undertaken to give it the Treatment. Here are our picks! Patience goes a long way with Mr. Hecker, and so we have taken a generous length of time to absorb No Highs and reflect on the rest of his corpus. We hope the wait has been worth it.

Honorable Mentions:

15. The Work of Art in the Age of Cultural Overproduction

14. Live Room

13. Castrati Stack

12. Song of the Highwire Shrimper

11. Azure Azure

Sputnik Staff Top 10 Tim Hecker Songs:

(10) “Music for Tundra”

from Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again (2001)

Tim Hecker’s music feels natural and synthetic at the same time; it’s therefore no wonder that he’s been drafted mercilessly into the ranks of Forward-Thinking Electronic Artists in the early part of the 21st century, with its various temporally specific concerns about the divisions between the kinds of artistic “decisions” made by a computer program and those made by those with eyes to see cathedrals everywhere.…

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BjorkBon Iver | Kanye West | Mastodon | mewithoutYou | My Chemical Romance |

The National | Say Anything | Taylor Swift | Thrice

metallica 10 copy


It is 2023, and SputStaff is back. The time is right now and the occasion is (checks notes) the release of the latest Metallica album-that-now-exists 72 Seasons! We did our best to get inspired from that record’s impetus and momentum and, uh, given that it’s now been out for over a month, we’ll leave it up to you to decide how easy a feat this was! In all sincerity, though, practically all of us jive with ‘tallica to some degree or another and in terms of ballots alone, this might have been the most full-handed collaboration of the lot. Please enjoy probably the least controversial selection of Metallica classics of all time (and righteously so!), freshly critiqued for your consumption.

Honorable Mentions:

15. Motorbreath

14. And Justice For All

13. Fight Fire With Fire

12. Orion

11. Ride the Lightning

Sputnik Staff Top 10 Metallica Songs:

(10) “Blackened”

from …And Justice For All (1988)

In an alternate universe, “Blackened” is the kickoff to an imperial second era of classic thrash; in ours, it’s the last time Metallica ever managed to out-Metallica themselves. …And Justice for All needed to instantly satiate the ravenous appetite of a metal world…

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Welcome to the final SputStaff Top 10 of 2022! For this installment, our staff decided to dive into Bjork’s extensive discography and select her ten best songs. We felt it was a good time to reflect given the recent release of Fossorra — so if you’re new to Bjork, this might be the perfect place to catch up! Below are five honorable mentions who narrowly missed the cut, followed by the official list itself. Don’t miss out on the Spotify playlist near the end of this article either, where you can jam our selections all in one easy-to-access place. So without further ado, please continue below and enjoy!

Honorable Mentions:

15. I’ve Seen It All

14. Possibly Maybe

13. Arisen My Senses

12. Aurora

11. Hidden Place

Sputnik Staff Top 10 Bjork Songs:

(10) “Crystalline”

from Biophilia (2011)

Everyone likes “Crystalline”! It’s the sole track outside of Bjork’s…

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| Bon Iver | Kanye West | Mastodon | My Chemical Romance |

| The National | Say Anything | Taylor Swift | Thrice |

A to B: LifeCatch for Us the FoxesBrother SisterIt's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright!Ten StoriesPale HorsesPale Horses: AppendixUntitledUntitled Album


We’ve arrived at our ninth installment of this wonderful little series, which happens to land on a group that has recently (and amicably) disbanded. mewithoutYou developed a cult following early in their career with A to B: Life and Catch For Us The Foxes before 2006’s Brother, Sister turned them into key players in the indie-rock/post-hardcore scenes. As the band pushed into the latter years of their career, they delivered some of their strongest material with the apocalyptic Pale Horses and the emotionally unhinged [Untitled] LP. Throughout their existence, they always delivered music that meant something. Frontman Aaron Weiss wielded his pen masterfully for two decades, in the process curating a world that often felt like it blurred the line between the playfully imaginary and sobering reality. In a way celebrating the life of this poetic and emotive vessel, the staff here at Sputnikmusic have created a list of the ten best mewithoutYou songs. We hope you enjoy.

Honorable Mentions:

15. Messes of Men

14. Magic Lantern Days

13. The Fox, the Crow, and

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For Emma, Forever AgoBlood Bank [Explicit]Bon Iver (album) - Wikipedia22 (Over Soon) [Explicit]I,I


Welcome back to the SputStaff Top 10, where we answer the music-related questions that keep you up at night. On today’s menu is Bon Iver, everyone’s favorite snowed-in log cabin dwelling acoustic guitar wielding vocoder falsetto warbler. You might remember the name from any number of mainstream pop artists who have featured him in their songs in a vain attempt to forcibly acquire indie cred (often stylized as “ft. Justin Vernon of BON IVER”). Vernon’s name has become virtually synonymous with the indie/folk genre, and he’s arguably one of the most popular and influential artists ever to grace that scene. Our staff decided to review his entire discography and enshrine his ten best songs to-date; no simple task but also one that we were excited to undertake. Scroll down to see the complete list (including five tracks that narrowly missed the cut) as well as a Spotify playlist where you can jam all of Bon Iver’s greatest songs in one place. Enjoy!



Honorable Mentions:

15. Skinny Love / Naeem  [TIE]

14. Beth/Rest


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WorkhorseLeviathanBlood MountainCrack the SkyeThe Hunter [Explicit]Once More 'Round the Sun [Explicit]Emperor of SandHushed and Grim


Greetings, and welcome back to Sputnik’s semi-famous “SputStaff Top 10” series, in which – and get this – our site’s staff members pick their favorite 10 somethings! In this case, we had Mastodon in our crosshairs, a natural progression from June’s feature on Taylor Swift. If you are brave enough for infallible truths, then dare to proceed below to witness the top 10 Mastodon songs of all time — but be sure to also stop by the honorable mentions section to see what barely missed the cut! If you’re new to Mastodon and are just looking to get your feet wet, you might scroll all the way to the bottom of this feature to locate our Spotify playlist, where you can find the ten best Mastodon tracks all in one place for your convenient consumption. Hold onto your hats, here we go!

Honorable Mentions:

15. Blasteroid

14. Iron Tusk

13. The Hunter

12. Siberian Divide

11. Colony of Birchmen

Sputnik Staff Top 10 Mastodon Songs:

(10) “The Wolf Is Loose”

Taylor SwiftFearless EnhancedSpeak NowRed1989 (CD)reputationLoverfolklore [Explicit]folklore: the long pond studio sessions (from the Disney+ special) (deluxe edition) [Explicit]evermore Transparent Green


After four long years of inactivity, the SputStaff Top 10 is back! The staff at Sputnikmusic put their heads together and tried to come up with the most badass way to reboot the series, and, uh, the best we could muster was T-Swizzle. She knits sweaters, yo! Anyway she might be the biggest pop star in the entire world, and at just 32 years old, she already has quite the extensive catalog. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed wondering what the top 10 Taylor Swift songs are. Thanks to our dedicated staff, you can finally put your mind at ease. We’ve done all the legwork, turned over every stone, and split every hair — so without further ado, I present to you the esteemed and irrefutably correct top 10 Taylor Swift tracks of all time.

Honorable Mentions:

15. Out of the Woods

14. I Knew You Were Trouble

13. Tolerate It

12. Shake It Off

11. Style

Sputnik Staff Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs:


(10) “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

from Red (2012)

Close your eyes – bam! We’re back in the Golden Age of Taylor Swift: a time when Swift owned vanilla rather than…

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love [Explicit]Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge [Explicit]

The Black Parade [Clean]Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys [Explicit]

With the recent announcement that My Chemical Romance is reuniting, our staff inhaled a collective breath of nostalgia and revisited the band’s discography.  From their rawer beginnings to their epic, glistening concept albums, MCR is a band that is forever tied to the mid-2000s emo punk-rock phase.  Whether or not the group aspired to great artistic heights is certainly debatable, but it’s pretty much indisputable that they were a damned ton of fun.  So put on your black eyeliner, stick some pins in your backpack, slip on your wristbands, and join us as we revisit one of the most grandiose, over-the-top bands of our era.  Here are our top 10 My Chemical Romance songs – let us know what you think in the comments section!

Sputnik Staff Top 10 My Chemical Romance Songs:


#10: “The Sharpest Lives”

During their prime, there was more substance to My Chemical Romance’s output than they were credited for. The songs’ lyrics always peeled layers off loose narratives, but most of them could’ve been easily enjoyed out of context as well. ‘The Sharpest Lives’ is a fine example of an ode to living life at its fullest, indulging in all the vices and excesses without thinking of consequences. Musically, it retained the energy found on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, yet showcasing a more refined approach to structures. Gerard Way leveled up his delivery too, especially during the catchy, melodic choruses.

Top 10 National // Top 10 Say Anything // Top 10 Thrice // Top 10 Kanye

Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings:      Top 10 Kanye Songs


Is there an artist from the 2000’s who is bigger than Kanye West?  If not, he’s at least somewhere in the top 5…and regardless of whether or not you love him or hate him  – whether you find his antics annoying or endearing – the man can sure as hell write music.  Kanye’s rise to stardom coincided with the growth of internet culture, and as such, his footprint is all over Sputnik.  Our staff grew up listening to his music, so we’ve decided to take his his entire body of work into consideration for the construction of a Top 10 Songs list.  There are sure to be predictable entries as well as some surprises.  Check out our carefully curated list, and be sure to comment with your own!

(10) Father Stretch My Hands

from the album The Life of Pablo

Both parts of “Father Stretch My Hands” are a ridiculous fucking mess. I mean they’re like a quickfire montage of unfinished songs dating anywhere from 808s through to Yeezus, featuring not one but two of West’s greatest choruses that could easily grace chart-topping stadium hits, but in very Life of Pablo fashion instead wrap around the famous bleached asshole, a…

Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings: Top 10 Thrice Songs


Thrice is one of the most versatile bands of our generation, evolving from a post-hardcore outfit to atmospheric rockers and even political statesmen.  Their rise in the early 2000’s peaked with The Artist In The Ambulance  and Vheissu, but they’ve aged even better – with The Alchemy Index proving their experimental worth and Beggars offering some of their most important lyrical content to date.  With Palms a mere week away from release, our staff felt that there would be no better time to reflect upon the top ten songs of this influential, generational band.  With so much superb content to choose from, it just might have been our toughest ranking so far.

(10) Open Water

Related image

from the album The Alchemy Index Vol. II: Water

Thrice’s Water EP once provided me with one of the most transportative listening experiences of my life, which is strange because to this day I’ll reach for Fire or Air in a pinch every time. But in my childhood home, surrounded by mist like it frequently was and weirdly elevated from ground level at the back window like it always was, I sat listening to “Open Water” and staring out into a back garden I couldn’t see past a couple of metres. Some combination of Kensrue’s bone-weary mariner’s narration, the muffled dirge of the music and the weather outside made my teenage self feel in another place and time entirely, the first instance I can remember…

Sputnikmusic Staff Rankings: Top 10 Say Anything Songs


As one of pop-punk’s most beloved bands, Say Anything rose to fame during the peak of the scene’s early-mid 2000’s success.  They weren’t merely the beneficiaries of a booming genre, however; the band helped define what pop-punk meant, and they continue to influence up-and-coming artists spanning multiple genres today.  Their work ranges from silly/borderline offensive to earnest and heartfelt, but for the most part Say Anything are just a damned happy band.  At their best, they’ve featured intelligent, addictive, irony-filled lyrics with diverse, catchy melodies that leave nary a space for filler.  Say Anything were – and some may argue still are – a staple of the pop-punk genre that will always resonate with fans.  As a result, our staff felt compelled to rank their top ten songs in a definitive list.  Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below – or just jam the spotify playlist and sing along at the top of your lungs.  Admit it (!!!), you know you want to.

(10) An Insult to the Dead

from the album In Defense of the Genre

As of this writing I am the last (or among the last) to submit my blurb for our project, despite a weekend of long train rides and a relatively slow Monday. “An Insult to the Dead” is a treatise on one…

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