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The city of Columbus has changed much over the past decade. Ohio’s reputation as ‘that lame Midwestern state’ certainly persists, but it’d be hard to figure that when observing the growth of the state’s capital; it’s undergoing one of the highest growth rates of all Midwestern metropoles. It’s no longer simply a domain for the […]

It should bear no repeating, yet I’ll do so once more for those in the back: modern metalcore is in safe hands. Bands come and go, trends rise and fall, but the genre is a resilient one; a slew of acts have come to prominence in the past decade, each one eager to carve out […]

Welcome to sputnikmusic’s (first ever?) roundtable interview, featuring the contributors! The goal is to create an opportunity to illuminate some of the current contributing team, like how it goes with the staffers in the ongoing Staff Wars series: questions and answers in a cozy interview. But there is a twist: we ask and answer the […]

Once again, out of sheer obsession and love for visual art, I have compiled my 100 favorite album covers of the year. Keep in mind that this list is not ranked in any way, instead ordered left to right by aesthetics, imagery, and framing, with an emphasis on color this year. There is so much […]

While there was certainly no shortage of exceptional metalcore releases in 2018, one in particular possessed a level of ingenuity in its craft that deserved far greater praise. Despite their underground status, Noise Trail Immersion managed to emerge from the depths to secure a portion of the spotlight, revealing to a broader audience their expertise […]

After years of procrastination, deep into my 2020 lockdown, I decided to turn my love for album artwork into something concrete. Drawing off of my previous quarterly lists, I’ve spent the past year curating a compilation of the 100 most impressive and beautiful album covers of the year. The art is not ranked, but ordered […]

Post-Metalcore: The Little Engine That Could A four-part series by MarsKid [Part I] || [Part II] || [Part III] || [Part IV] Part IV: Changing the Game On paper, detractors that remained in the metalcore scene had plenty of ammunition in 2016. After years of providing the most chaotic brand of the genre to hit […]

Post-Metalcore: The Little Engine That Could A four-part series by MarsKid [Part I] || [Part II] || [Part III] || [Part IV] Part III: Death of a Genre? What exactly causes a genre of music to ‘die’? The concept is used commonly, yet the specific definition shifts depending on who utters it. For some observers, […]

Post-Metalcore: The Little Engine That Could A four-part series by MarsKid [Part I] || [Part II] || [Part III] || [Part IV] Part II: Underground Alone The blueprints for post-metalcore had been amassed over the course of the 1990s. Once the genre began near the early 2000s and stepped into a new century, the efforts […]

Post-Metalcore: The Little Engine That Could A four-part series by MarsKid [Part I] || [Part II] || [Part III] || [Part IV] Part I: Roots What Rolo Tomassi managed to accomplish in 2018 deserves to be remembered for decades to come. The year 2018 as a whole was a landmark for the metalcore genre in […]

CONTRIBUTORS’ GENRE ROULETTE: ROUND 2 It’s back! By popular demand, some of us contributors (current, former, and new) sat down to introduce ourselves to genres that people in general and we in particular tend to avoid, as recommended by you, the users. Here’s what we thought…     HARDCORE PUNK Recommended by cvlts Assigned to […]

Outside of the incredible musical content, the fleeting existence of No Note as a band was captivating to me; their work seemingly arrived and departed without any explanation. Here was a collection of tracks with titles taken from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a despairingly brief band biography, little to no information on contributing members, […]

[April Edition, Vol. 1] A monthly curated bite of word salad on the hottest new tracks to come out across the globe, targeting artists of all genres and popularities. Brought to you by myself and a few other friendly writers, this blog series intends to inspire something new yet familiar to this wonderful music review […]

25 – 11 | 10 – 1 10. Earth Tongue – Floating Being Genre: Heavy Psych/Fuzz | [Bandcamp] Floating Being by Earth Tongue Marrying the sound of bands like Big|Brave or True Widow with the imagery of Dr. Who (the connection makes a lot of sense in my head somehow), this couple from New Zealand […]

25 – 11 | 10 – 1 25. Homeshake – Helium Genre: Indie Pop/Psychedelic | [Bandcamp] Helium by HOMESHAKE When I think ‘under the radar,’ the words “underrated” and “underappreciated” are obviously synonymous. Still though, this album is a pretty hard sell with that abysmal 2.6 average, but I find it hard to discern the […]

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