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For Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo of the Sputcast, join Bloon and neekafat as they talk about the new Remo Drive, the Batushka controversy, the going-ons of Sput, and other miscellaneous tangents in a leaner, meaner 43 minutes.  

1) As I mentioned in my review, you guys seem to use calmer/more melodic moments differently than most heavy bands I’ve been listening to in the fact that they exist as their own movements and not just a prelude to a breakdown or climax. Was that something that was intentional, or did it come about […]

Our next stop on our tour of Bandcamp’s undiscovered artists takes us to Melbourne, Australia – the land down under. Specifically takes us to one Jesse Glass, a folk singer-songwriter whose music is extremely serine, dreamy, and picture-esque. With only one single out at the time of writing this, Jesse doesn’t have a large repertoire […]

Quarter-Year Crisis: My Top Records of 2019 (so far) By: Brandon Nurick If you had asked me in early January whether I thought 2019 could compete with 2018 in terms of releasing an equal (or greater) quantity of obscenely killer music, I probably would’ve upturned my nose, scoffed, and replied with some kind of snarky […]

“I know it’s hypocritical to point fingers at the people who point fingers…” starts the tenth song on the fan favorite ska-punk-power-pop record, Scrambles. This is the first of many acknowledgements that Jeff Rosenstock, the man on the proverbial soapbox during “(Shut) Up The Punx!!!”, isn’t free from the shackles of what he’s raging against. […]

On the very first podcast, we talk about Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah, Moon Tooth, Billie Eillish, Lentic Waters, and Lord Snow, as well as our recent pickups and projects. It’s a hoot and a half. Featuring: The Spirit, Hesperus, Neekafat, MarsKid, and Bloon!

At the time of writing this, I don’t know where Remorse are from, I don’t know when they formed, I don’t know even who they are. What I do know that they are an oppressively harsh sludge group that offers a blackened, noisy approach to the kind of metal played by bands like Dystopia, Grief, […]

This series is a new effort to highlight artists on Bandcamp by talking with them, discussing their music, and why I find it rad. Mental Fatal, a three piece out of New Zealand, are the definition of a garage punk group. Rough around the edges in all the right ways, the group is the kind […]

Despite the name, noise rock gone post punk group Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is primarily two people, Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice. Both take part in writing and performing brilliantly sharp hooks and idiosyncratic melodies, especially on the superb Riddles, which you can read about here. Alternatively you could listen to the album or see […]

One thing that really frustrates me about visual art is the reactions of general distaste from my peers towards postmodern projects. Empty clichés masked as snide criticisms (“anyone could make that,” “give me ten minutes and I could pour paint on a canvas,” “it’s just a urinal”) fill the air during discourse and it’s admittedly […]

25-11  |  10-1 10) Sepulcher – Panoptic Horror Genre: Death Metal  |  Bandcamp Despite how fantastic of a sales pitch it is, I can’t help but feel like I’m doing Panoptic Horror a disservice by describing it as “Hell Awaits era Slayer meets crust punk.” That feeling mostly comes down to the fact that, although they’re […]

25-11  |  10-1 25) Yung Lean – Poison Ivy Genre: Hip-Hop  |  Official Site I feel somewhat reticent talking about Yung Lean, let alone his latest, Poison Ivy. Whatever I write drips with ignorance, despite my love for the 22-minute project; and in some sense, that’s unavoidable. An air of mystique has always seemed to surround the […]

ITEM, a Cleveland-based indie rock group, came into my life as a surprise discovery by a friend.  I was immediately entranced by the sleepy absurdity of Sad Light, which ends up juxtaposing heavily with its most poignant moments — tales of environmental destruction and emotional dysfunction meeting with non-sequiturs and childlike playfulness.  I spoke to […]

An Interview with Basalte My attention first turned towards Basalte, a black metal band based in Montréal, when I heard their 2018 sophomore release, Vertige [lit. “vertigo”].  It’s at once desolate, bleak, towering, and yet intensely heartfelt at its most elegant moments; listen closely and the nuances will surely envelop you.  I spoke to the […]

A Conversation With: Jordan C. Weinstock of american poetry club There are few bands I can claim to have discovered at the moment of their inception — or, at least, upon their first release. Jordan C. Weinstock’s american poetry club (apc) is one of them, however, and glad to be here, etcetera is a project […]

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