LTE debut 'Beating The Odds'

2021-02-26 by Fernando Alves STAFF | 8 Comments
Supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment released a video for the second single, 'Beating The Odds', from their upcoming album LTE3 due to be released March 26th, via InsideOutMusic, twenty-two years after the bands' last studio album.

'Beating The Odds' official video can be streamed below.

Video by Christian Rios

"This was a riff that I brought into the sessions that I thought was interesting because it's in an odd time and phrased in a way that is hard to wrap your head around at first until you understand where the groove is. When I first presented it to the guys, their initial reaction was “how are you feeling that?” When the band enters after the opening riff it probably sounds a little ‘odd’ because the time signature is a bit unclear until the song gets going. If LTE ever had a ‘prog pop hit’ this would be it!"
John Petrucci

"I remember the look of confusion on ALL our faces when JP started playing that opening riff! It’s was seemingly so straight ahead but with a bizarre rhythmic twist! Took a while to internalize that but then we all loved it! One of the great things about LTE is the fact that we just let ourselves loose and have FUN!"
Jordan Rudess

" 'Beating The Odds' is the 2nd song we wrote in the LTE3 sessions. I jokingly referred to it as “the feel-good song of the Pandemic” in the studio as it has a very upbeat happy feel to it...but also takes a few cool musical twists & turns ranging from the glorious melodic chorus & end vamp to the dark driving solo sections"
Mike Portnoy

"Starts with an off-step riff, kind of like walking upstairs backward, but at the repeat you get it. Then it opens up into “anthem land.”. Later there are unison bass lines where both Jordan and John got flangy sounds that work well with the bass. Mike’s unstoppable energy is evident here, and we’ve got more fantastic J&J solos. At only five and a half minutes we start fading out… a short song by our standards. But we’re just getting warmed up."
Tony Levin

LTE3 tracklist:

1. Hypersonic
2. Beating The Odds
3. Liquid Evolution
4. The Passage Of Time
5. Chris & Kevin’s Amazing Odyssey
6. Rhapsody In Blue
7. Shades Of Hope
8. Key To The Imagination

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February 26th 2021

Passage of Time was cooler, but I dig the solos as always. This is too much like a Rush song for me to really get into.

February 26th 2021

2:15 In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1 and Constant Motion have entered the chat :P

Digging: Motorpsycho - Kingdom of Oblivion

February 26th 2021

Am I missing something? Isn't the opening riff just 7/4?

February 26th 2021

Good track I guess. Kinda hard to digest with all the noodling, but LTE2 was quite immediate for me

February 27th 2021

If the cheesy rush ripoff didn’t turn me off of this band completely, the pretentious and pseudo intellectual way petrucci described it sure as shit does.

February 27th 2021

This sounds straight out of Systematic Chaos/Black Clouds era, kinda as if they picked up right where they left off with Portnoy lol. It’s not bad.

February 28th 2021

A little too generic for me. Their first single has been their best so far.

March 1st 2021

I liked the commentary from Mike and Tony.
J & J sound like total cheeseballs. lol
Decent track. I didn't care for the intro as much as they seemed to.

Digging: Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

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