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Queens of the Stone Age – “I Appear Missing” Whenever someone tries to tell me that rock is dead, all I need to do is point them to …Like Clockwork, grin a big wide dumb smile, and say “well, the best rock album of all time came out in 2013.”  Even if it’s a dubious […]

mewithoutYou – “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore” Sometimes more is said through how something is expressed than the precise words being articulated.  I’d be lying if I said that I’ve cracked the hidden meaning behind every lyric of “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore.”  Heron of the past with a baked clay! / Truth swans! kaleidoscopic […]

Kanye West – “Runaway” I’ll always remember the first time I really connected with Kanye West the person.  Sure, he’s an amazing artist, a creative visionary even.  But had I ever listened to a Kanye song that tapped into something deeply emotional?  Not even close.  “Runaway” changed that, as an epic hip-hop song that easily […]

Deftones – “Sextape” Despite a gradual decline over the past ten years, Deftones began the decade with a bang.  Diamond Eyes is a gorgeous, flourishing heavy rock album – featuring a phenomenal blend of screaming and atmospheric nu-metal.  There are plenty of heavier songs that would also be deserving in this spot, but there’s simply […]

Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of May 3, 2019.  Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff and/or contributors.   – List of Releases: May 3, 2019 – Amon Amarth: Berserker Genre: Melodic Death Metal Label: Metal Blade ALASKALASKA: The Dots Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock Label: […]

Weyes Blood – “Everyday” There’s an argument to be made against including songs from the final year of this decade.  It’s tough to evaluate just how much of an impact a new song will have long-term, whereas tracks from 2010 have had more than enough time to prove themselves worthy.  With that said, let’s do […]

The Republic of Wolves – “Bask” I’m fully prepared to ward off the argument that this spot belongs to “Birdless Cage” – a more melodic, sweeping tune that seems to also be a fan favorite off of shrine.  My thinking is that The Republic of Wolves distinguish themselves from their other side projects (Tigers on […]

Lorde – “Hard Feelings/Loveless” When I think of perfect pop, I think of Lorde – and more particularly, Melodrama.  For me, this was the album where it all came together for her.  The trap beats and finger-snaps of Pure Heroine were accented by colorful strings, brought to life by pop-rock rhythms, and in my opinion, […]

One of the dominant storylines of Coachella weekend was the unusual amount of technical fuck-ups afflicting multiple sets, on multiple stages, over the course of the entire weekend. From mics cutting out, to portions of video screens malfunctioning, to backing tracks just out of sync, the difficulties at Coachella were of the humdrum type that […]


Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of April 26, 2019.  Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff and/or contributors.   – List of Releases: April 26, 2019 – Agoria: Drift Genre: Techno/Electronic/House Label: Virgin/Mercury Aldous Harding: Designer Genre: Indie-Folk Label: 4AD Amon Tobin: Fear in […]

No need to bury the lede – I’m not sure if Aphex Twin was the “best” set I saw all weekend, but it was certainly the one that most thoroughly reduced my brain to a quivering, sizzling mass of pink goo by the time it was over. I imagine they had to close the Mojave […]


Astronauts – “Flame Exchange” There are the songs of the decade that you know, and then there’s the ones you don’t. “Flame Exchange” is the emotional centerpiece of Astronauts’ 2014 debut album Hollow Ponds, a somber and all-acoustic record about the depression and hallucinations suffered by Dan Carney as he lied in a hospital, bed-ridden […]

Brand New – “In The Water” When I consider what my favorite song is from Science Fiction – the only album Brand New released in the past decade – it always comes down to the same five songs, and an argument could be made for each one equally as well.  For the longest time I […]

It was many things, but it certainly wasn’t a landmark. Twenty years old this year, Coachella may be only one year away from legal drinking age, but as it continues to age into a Frankenstein of elite production values, Top 40-busting lineups, corporate greed, and increasingly bonkers art design and food options, it still can […]


Damien Rice – “It Takes A Lot To Know A Man” “If Damien Rice told me that the reason it took him eight years to release a new album was because it took him six years to write ‘It Takes A Lot To Know A Man’, I’d probably be okay with it.” -Me, in my […]

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