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50-26  |  25-1   (25) Manchester Orchestra – “Lead, SD” A Black Mile to the Surface   Imagine the heart-wrenching emotional reach of a track like “Colly Strings”, only blasted through the sleek production of an album like Simple Math. This is Manchester Orchestra in peak form. –Sowing   (24) Lorde – “Hard Feelings/Loveless” Melodrama   2017 […]

Hello budding data viz lovers, and welcome to a post that will put the division in Joy Division. When it’s time to explain patterns and numbers to layman, it’s usually done with the help of a graphic of some sort. Why? Because numbers are abstract and visual aids are useful tools to make the abstract […]

50-26  |  25-1   (50) Frank Ocean – “Chanel” Chanel – Single   Frank’s been labeled (by me) a Modern Day James Joyce, 12 months ago, when “RAF” and “Slide” weren’t even a thing. Truthfully, he exceeds his own influences, and renders himself as his own auteur. “Chanel”, a song that juggles sexuality and 21 […]

I’m glad this isn’t a country song, or a rap song, or a country rap song; I’m glad it doesn’t sound like Joanne, or Forever Young; I’m glad Juicy J, Dave Berman, or Al Gore aren’t rapping on this thing; I’m glad this doesn’t sound like “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” The 20/20 Experience, Future Sex […]

Many of you guys know the deal here. I’ve done the best album ranks for each year of sputnik’s existence starting here. Briefly, when users were complaining about the lack of charts, I made a post with the current year end rankings. For those who are too lazy to click links, these are the top […]

So I have a lofty new years resolution for 2018 in music, and it’s one that my track record of consuming mainstream pop and thriving on the hyperbole of big-name indie-rock releases suggests that I’ll be unable to deliver upon.  Regardless, I remain focused and intent on exposing only new/underground artists this year, particularly of the indie/folk/electronic […]

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably done by now with the same tired-sounding retreads of Christmas classics.  That’s why, like Rudolph, I’m here to save the holiday with alternative versions of the tunes we all know and love (and a few originals).  This is just a brief 10-track, 35 minute collection that I spin every holiday […]

50-31 | 30-11 | 10-1 10. Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory [Official Site] // [Spotify] // [Facebook] I have a special connection with Vince Staples’ music because my partner lives in Long Beach. The first time my partner drove me around Long Beach, I saw the city through the lens of the rappers that call it home and […]

50-31 | 30-11 | 10-1 30. Propagandhi – Victory Lap [Official Site] // [Spotify] // [Facebook] Seven albums deep, Propagandhi know how to riff. They also know how to write evocative political lyrics. Combine these two qualities and it becomes difficult to craft a subpar record. Seven great albums in a row, Propagandhi have perfected their blast-to-the-face thrash-influenced punk. While […]

50-31 | 30-11 | 10-1 50. Sorcerer – The Crowning of the Fire King [Official Site] // [Spotify] // [Facebook] 2017 was a solid year for epic doom metal, with some of the best releases of the last few years arriving in the form of Below’s Upon a Pale Horse, Doomocracy’s Visions & Creatures of Imagination, and Arduini/Balich’s Dawn of Ages. However, if […]

  ————————————————————————————————- **Click the Arrow on the top left of the player for songs from 40 – 31** ————————————————————————————————- 40. In the Nursery – 1961 Post Rock/Classical/Ambient // ITN Corporation In The Nursery have been around since the early 80s and have gone through a number of style changes without ever losing sight of their original formula. That […]

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I want to briefly talk about U2. They have a new album out this week, Songs of Experience, which Rowan described as ‘an Apple-funded gimmick to appeal to the poetry-loving college crowd.’ It’s ostensibly a companion to 2013’s Songs of Innocence, and it’s bad. Not offensively bad (not that U2 ever have been offensive, moreso […]

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Repeat this with me until it sinks in: there’s a new Glassjaw album. It’s written, it’s recorded, it will quite possibly release on schedule, and we’re (probably) not all collectively dreaming. Two songs have now been released, and contrary to instinct and logic, they also actually do exist. I know, right? Why am I doing […]

[Volume 1] | [Volume 2] | [Volume 3] | [Volume 4] Thousands upon thousands of albums, EPs, mixtapes, compilations, and songs are released weekly. You might not be aware of the existence of 99% of those releases, but they’re there. So when each song released to the public is simply a drop in a pool […]

Slowdive, in my opinion, are perhaps one of the premier shoegazers of the initial wave of the genre. Recording one of the landmarks with 1993’s Souvlaki and following it up with the radically different Pygmalion, Slowdive have cemented themselves as one of the giants of the effects-obsessed artform. Sometimes drifting in between heavenly dream pop […]

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