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Lol what the fuck okay no haha quirky


Literally death-god (死神), a Shinigami is a supernatural figure from Japanese mythology. They don’t spark joy and you do not want to meet one. They are the Grim Reaper, but in accordance of the ancient doctrine of thing, but Japanese, somehow better.


In the anime Death Note, the Shinigami have magic eyes that display the exact convenient predetermined time of each individual human’s lovely death like a floaty alarm clock from the future. If they kill someone before they’re destined to die, they get to steal their remaining lifespan. Shinigami are very good at killing humans because they have long nails and magic powers and freaky makeup. They are death gods.


This infodump is important and necessary because it’s the only way anyone will ever be able to extract a fraction of substance from Grimes’ doss of a new single. It is not good and probably kinda bad. There is little to analyse, which suits me just fine. Grimes wastes everything she learnt between Art Angels and Miss Anthropocene as a producer on a cut/paste kick-clap beat that has no opportunity to support a single good hook. She wastes everything she clearly didn’t learn from the “Kill vs. Maim” video’s cyberpunk death dream of definitely cultural probably appropriation on, like, the same shit but with longer nails. And different coloured eyes. The way she delivers the words Shinigami eyes gives me flashbacks to aural readings of My Immortal, minus the irony etc.. Has irony ruined the internet? Can Grimes save it?

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Fun fact

Grimes undertook experimental eye surgery irl to have the spectrum of blue light removed from her vision, for reasons. Scientists have since determined that the procedures she was talking have as much a chance of existing as they do of serving any practical function. Maybe this is why “Shinigami Eyes” is a little bit shit.

Score: 2/5

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Wasn't a big fan of this, but it wasn't flat out terrible. I prefer her sound on tracks like "So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth" and especially "My Name Is Dark" from Miss Anthropocene, which I heavily prefer over Art Angels.

well last album was a step down overall, and so is this. it's fine but it's rather formulaic and seemingly devoid of personality or any of the hooks she used to be so good at. plus what the fuck is this mix

i don't hate it but i don't like it either

I guess it's not the worst - but I agree that it's a major step down from her last two albums.

"the fuck is this mix"

if she wants to muddy up that twinkly shamisen shit and stick it in the background, i am a-okay with that. this is like a 2-2.5 in reality but a 1 on principle

i feel like the real info dump should be disambiguation between a good browser plugin and a shit song

did a google and you are correct. alas!!

didn't realize this dropped and now I am not very excited to check it out ...

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