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Ah, Avril Lavigne – everyone’s favorite 2000s pop-punk star! Oh wait, it’s 2022? Well, you’d be forgiven for mixing up your decades, because Avril is once again revealing her pop-punk side in an ode-to-Green Day that all but cements just how much the world has actually passed her by.

Oh well, the world is overrated. Even though I (allegedly) enjoy music that is actually good from time to time, I still find it fun to indulge in very basic pop/pop-punk. It takes me back to a simpler time when bands like Yellowcard, Simple Plan, and Sum 41 were dominating MTV. In that sense, ‘Bite Me’ is a nice little nostalgia trip – it’s got punchy upbeat verses and a chorus so memorable that you’d think it was written by The Gaslight Anthem. It’s not a shining beacon of originality, but it’s got enough going on to be enjoyable – especially Travis Barker’s contributions on the drums.

Vocally, Avril pretty much continues doing her thing. She’s always possessed a good blend of melody and attitude, making her an ideal fit for these sort of quasi-rebellious anthems. For as much as I doubt that any true music aficionado takes Lavigne’s songwriting seriously — a prospect made all the more difficult by lines like “forever and ever, you’re gonna wish I was your wifey” — there’s still no shame in bobbing your head or tapping your feet to this. It’s shallow, face-value punky pop that gets the job done – and not a damn thing more. Sometimes, that’s better than trying to get creative.

Score: 2/5

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Sputnik Singles Chart:

  1. Muse – “Won’t Stand Down” (User Avg 2.4)

This won't be a daily thing, I just happened to have time to push this one out today. Muse's single averaged a 2.4 across 15 user votes; can Avril Lavigne top Bellamy & co. on the Sputnik Singles "Billboard" Chart? (see bottom of post)

Ha! One tiny correction. Avril was everyone's fave 2000s pop punk princess not '90s. We/she old but not THAT old.

This is an awesome new feature guys!

Damn, I like this one (much more than the Muse song).

I enjoy it more than the score lets on. If the chorus didn't remind me so much of another popular song that I already love, it might have been a 3/5.

i didn't hate the verses actually, but the chorus is pretty bad

This song is great fun. Much better than the new MGK single emo girl ... but that may be the lowest a bar has ever been set.

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