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Site update: There was a large power outage in our server cluster. Although only 0.5% of servers were affected, our main web server + associated backup volumes were destroyed. Thankfully, all text content was saved in another server, so all reviews, ratings, comments, etc. are fully preserved. We did, however, lose images uploaded to the […]

Hey folks, We’ve made a bunch of changes to the system: – Tags on band pages now update every 15 minutes instead of instantly. – ‘Third’ genres should no longer appear unless they have at least 15% of the total votes. – Non-approved tags will no longer appear on band pages or navigation. – Mods […]

Hey folks, We’ve launched a brand new tagging system for genres. Please use this thread to report any bugs or suggestions you might have. There will likely be a lot of volatility in the first few days as tags get updated. Please be patient throughout this process.

I’ve always found it difficult to express to other musicians why I find indie music* so intriguing. Instrumentally, there usually isn’t much there — indie tends to be vocally driven, minimal, and frankly a bit repetitive. (* what is indie music? whatever I want it to be for this post) The new single ‘White Leather’ […]

The last time the site received a major upgrade was in January, when we updated our server architecture. Although there have been a few bumps along the way, overall the change has resulted in increased speed and stability for Sputnikmusic. This summer, I plan on fixing several persistent bugs and will implement 1-2 ‘major’ changes […]

We value discussion, and we’re happy that lists are so popular. However, there is a thin line between users having fun and annoying trolling. Recently (or perhaps not so recently), there have been a few trends that I’ve noticed: – Users creating multiple accounts to bother other users, publish bogus lists, and generally be an […]

In my last post on this blog, I spoke of my ‘long hiatus’ (it was all of two weeks). This time, I’ve upped the ante and have refrained from posting for a full 4 months. After some effort, the Norwegians have managed to drag me out of my self-imposed literary slumber. Celebrate by checking out […]

After a long hiatus from the blog, I am determined to return in magnificent splendor. In this simple and unassuming post, you’ll find no less than 3 stellar tracks for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. Gold Panda – You Genre: Electronic Buy it here 01 You The Mary Onettes – The Night Before the Funeral Genre: […]

This smiling gentleman from the American Apparel catalog is Mark Ronson. Since  Ronson happens to be a mild-mannered DJ, it would be safe to assume that any of his songs featuring Ghostface Killah & Nate Dogg would consist of a remix compiled from the safety of his living room. Alas, you would be wrong.   Mark […]

As lists have become increasingly popular on the site, it’s become necessary to gently step in and make sure things are going in a constructive direction. As a result, I’ve posted the following set of brief guidelines on the list creation page. List Guidelines – Your list should be related to music in some way […]

You’ve probably already heard this track. On the off chance that you haven’t, check it out below. Delorean – Stay Close Delorean – Stay Close

Tokyo Police Club have released a free single from their upcoming album Champ. For those of you who care, check out the brief review below. If Helen was the face that launched a thousand ships, Tokyo Police Club was the band name that launched a legion of equally silly imitators. In the years since their […]

The Morning Benders – Excuses (with ukulele) Coffee shops and small halls are filled with ‘cover bands’ specializing in reproducing classic rock hits and songs that your parents used to love. However, indie cover bands are exceedingly rare — especially attic-based ones that provide arguably higher quality recordings than the original song. And for something […]

Exhibit A: Recipe for electronic goodness: A) Take a pop track B) Add really thick and distorted bass & synth C) Add tribal drums D) Distribute it for free Drive It Like You Stole It Download » The Glitch Mob Exhibit B Recipe for sugary indie pop goodness: A) Make it happy — chimes, choruses, […]

Remixes are often hit or miss affairs. Modern technology allows any teenager or unemployed DJ to sit in their living room and churn out tracks — as a result, the internet is bombarded with thousands of crappy Rihanna and Lady Gaga remixes every day. However, to use a cliched expression, there are diamonds hidden in […]

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