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To be fair to CHVRCHES, I’m not entirely sure what progression for them sounds like. Does it sound like some backwards adoption of analogue synths and sound collage as an experimental form? The alternative to that would be to go bigger, less subtle, and more infectious with their pop songs, and I don’t know if they’re capable of that. They’ve already perfected vague ennui and a handful hooks for a few years now, and so the success of their songs relies almost entirely on their quality, rather than they do the scope or breadth of their ambition.

Which is why it is difficult to assess “Get Out,” because on first listen it’s just not very good. The verses aren’t especially memorable, which automatically robs them of a place to put at least one good hook, and the chorus is only memorable because it’s basic, not because it’s familiar. You’ve heard it before, but it’s not nostalgia; it’s just another pop rock song in a litany of others. But fans of Every Open Eye can make the credible case that, as it became clearer and clearer that CHVRCHES weren’t going to be doing much other than writing a few good songs, it slowly revealed itself as a decent enough album. There exists the possibility that the same might happen for “Get Out,” and so I won’t go too hard into its faults (moreover, it being boring). The fundamentals of the song remain the same, however; its melody isn’t impressive, its instrumentation is lifeless, and it reeks of Greg Kurstin’s sub-bubblegum aesthetic.

It’s possible that “Get Out” might be their “If You Leave.” It’s possible I might end up liking it, too. I might just eat my words. I won’t be doing soon, though.

Nice track review Arcade. I actually enjoy the song, although I don't think it's a fitting lead single. If this is the best the new album has to offer, we're in trouble. If it's a supporting midsection track, I'm hyped.

I'm in the same boat as Sowing. I thoroughly enjoyed both Bones and EOE but this song felt like a b-side. I'd love to see them grow with some form of dynamics -- they're pretty one-note at this point, and it's worked for them because they hit that one note really well.

good summary. chorus is catchy enough to get stuck in my head, but only long enough until the next catchy pop song comes along.

I think this is chvrches going all in on pop and it ends up being one of their more boring and unoriginal tracks in their catalog. I hope the rest of the album isn't like this.

Wow that was underwhelming. 2nd paragraph spot on

@JWT if they weren’t all in on pop before then what exactly were they?

I thought the song was decent but far from their best.

sounds like something on EOE with more bite. me likey

Is this the one where they do absolutely nothing for three minutes and prove they are a style-over-substance indie pop group?

Lauren's got a great vocal, but this track review hits the nail on the head.

Agreed. Hope the album is more adventurous because 1.) I love CHVRCHES and 2.) I want to see them play this year.

the production on this track reminds me a ton of a german band I used to like. The whole structure feels like a Munchener Freiheit song from the mid 80's.

On first listen this is catchy af.

it's pretty bland, but it's got a different vibe to their previous efforts, the album i can already tell is gonna be painfully average though

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