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Thousands upon thousands of albums, EPs, mixtapes, compilations, and songs are released weekly. You might not be aware of the existence of 99% of those releases, but they’re there. So when each song released to the public is simply a drop in a pool that dwarfs even the Pacific Ocean, it can be hard to navigate the current music scene: it’s always moving and impossible to keep up with its speed. That’s where Share Some Singles comes into the picture. This series was formed to highlight songs released in 2017 that might not have been discovered by other listeners otherwise. I, alongside other Sputnikmusic users, have pulled together dozens of singles released in the recent past that we felt needed to be heard by the world. Or at least the Sputnik reader base.

Artists are listed in alphabetical order with corresponding YouTube, Soundcloud, and/or Bandcamp links (click on the song title to open a new tab). A Spotify playlist is also embedded below if the singles are available through that service. Enjoy! –wtferrothorn

Alex Cameron – “Stranger’s Kiss” (feat. Angel Olsen)

What do you know about beauty? Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen have a deep knowledge of it, that’s for sure. This is as tender and gorgeous as one could ever want a duet to be. In the short 4 minutes of runtime, both Alex and Angel blissfully interplay one another with a perfect command of melody and sense of stargazing beauty. It is a song that won’t let even the most stubborn hothead sorrowful. –UniqueUniverse

Forced Witness is out now via Secret Canadian Records.

BADBADNOTGOOD – “Confessions Pt. III” (feat. Colin Stetson)

Soft, dizzying and calming. This is a full seven minutes of ecstatic jazzy music with some truly mesmerising instrumentation and an utmost brilliant addition from Colin Stetson. His disorienting sax in combination with the band’s usual dose of dreaminess makes this an incredibly liberating experience, even though that freeing feeling comes from a generally subtly chaotic place. –UniqueUniverse

Baths – “Yeoman”

This new single from Baths shares a few parallels with the last lead single to come from this project, “Miasma Sky”. Both are danceable, stripped-back tracks from Will and Morgan that see the more songwriter side of the outfit shine. However, the difference in tone is drastic; while the Obsidian cut is drenched in suicidal thoughts and depression, “Yeoman” is a bouncy love song song with a fantastical twist. With lines like “I want big arms to put around you / To get lost in all your birthmarks” in there to prove Will still has the capability to pack pure love and sweet sentiments in simple statements and a tightly written song, Romaplasm is looking to be a wonderful return to the sunshine for Baths. –wtferrothorn

Romaplasm is now via Anticon Records.

Bill Wurtz – “Outside”

Showcases of adept musicality are present in the majority of Bill Wurtz’s most famous videos, so the fact that whenever he comes out with a full track gold usually results is not surprising. Sure, the lyrics are mostly absurd just to be absurd and give Bill a chance to provide some crazy visuals for the music video, but behind all the wackiness is a solidly constructed song with a breezy, funky instrumental that complements Bill’s soft, smooth vocal delivery. –wtferrothorn

Björk – “The Gate”

There is heaven, there is hell, there is purgatory, and then there is the bottomless phantasmagoria of Björk’s fantasy world she keeps dragging her listeners into. “The Gate” might just be exactly what the title suggests: the gate into that dreamlike world. It’s as perfectly mind-bending and cinematically stunning as one could expect of a good Björk song. The track doesn’t follow any traditional musical progression; rather, it provides you with a taste of just what kind of spectacle is about to transpire, only to then gently drown you in it. It’s a gorgeously monolithic, yet tenderly sweet song and we can only guess what kind of acid treasures await us ahead in her future discography. –UniqueUniverse

Utopia is out in November 24 via One Little Indian Records.

Cut Worms – “Like Going Down Sideways”

In many respects, Max Clarke (FKA Cut Worms) feels more like an admirer of the songwriting craft than an active participant in it (years of classic blues rock is bound to do that to you). However, the result of this condition is one of the sweetest tunes I’ve heard all year. “Like Going Down Sideways” is off of Clarke’s upcoming debut EP and I already feel comfortable with him being around. The slick guitar, backing harmonies, and wistful lyrics make for a wonderful throwback to a style many believe to be stuck in the past. But as long as artists like Cut Worms continue to carry the banner with such fervency and respect, I’m all for it. –SandwichBubble

Alien Sunset EP is out now via Jagjaguwar Records.

Destroyer – “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood”

Destroyer leaves the gates of folk far behind and heads towards the immense fields of touching atmospheric electronic experimentation. But those fields are deceptive, for the path through them has led many into darkness. It is only up to Dan Bejar to be able to navigate the fields freely and come through artistically unharmed in the end. –UniqueUniverse

ken is out now via Merge Records.

HMLTD – “Satan, Luella and I”

The British marauders of obscure pop/rock balancing music are at it again with yet another song, but as of yet no album in prospect. However, unlike their previous material, this song doesn’t explicitly scream ‘artsy rainbow coloured oddity’ in your face, making you feel like an audio-voyeur. It is much more down-to-earth, or as down-to-earth as HMLTD are capable of being. Make no doubt of it, this song is exceptionally eccentric. You shouldn’t expect anything less of this band. But it is also an extremely delicate digital-age Pygmalion. –UniqueUniverse

The Horrors – “Machine”

When talking about obscure industrial electro-punk, it is quite unlikely that The Horrors are among the artists first to come in mind. However, when talking about a radical change in style in the recent years, they will soon dominate the list. “Machine” is a harrowing and somewhat creeping display of electronic mind-bending slickness. It isn’t designed to strike your memory with a blast of formulaic catchiness, instead it slowly crawls inside with and nests there until you eventually succumb to its power and put it on eternal repeat. –UniqueUniverse

V is out now via Wolf Tone Records.

Injury Reserve – “North Pole” (feat. Austin Feinstein)

It was quite the interesting move for Injury Reserve to release “North Pole” as the first single from Drive It Like It’s Stolen. It’s quite different from the high-energy bangers they’ve come to be known for, and even deviates from the usual way they craft a darker song. It’s no doubt the most low-key song they’ve ever made, with a loop of sour guitar strumming and downtrodden vocals make up for a lot of the song’s sonic landscape. Over Parker Corey’s beat, Groggs and Ritchie come through some equally solemn material equally, with the latter of the two rapping to his friend who overdosed. The soft ‘hook’ from Austin Feinstein really solidifies the song’s intensely sad atmosphere. –wtferrothorn

Drive It Like It’s Stolen is out now.

Jessie Ware – “Midnight”

The intro to “Midnight” really leads the listener to false assumptions. After a rather soft open, a hook powered by some forceful piano chords and Ware’s gargantuan voice augments the track as it leads to the chorus. This show-stopper wonderfully contrasts the more grounded, sensual verses. It’s a great marriage between the more contemporary and alternative sides of R&B; a marriage that leads to the creation of one of the best pop songs of the year. –wtferrothorn

Glasshouse is now via Island Records.

King Krule – “Czech One”

It’s strange just what artistic ground King Krule reaches with his utterly monotone vocal delivery and dreamlike production. It sounds like it tries its best to make you sleepy, but in the end, it only intrigues you out of your mind with its almost lifeless combination of the aforementioned vocals and music. An obscure offering from an obscure man. –UniqueUniverse

The Ooz is now via True Panther Sounds.

Kitty – “Mass Text Booty Call”

Kitty’s new album, Miami Garden Club, shows off a more mature side to her music, while also delivering fun, care-free pop hits in the process. The infectious single “Mass Text Booty Call” is the perfect showcase of this, and is destined to be the soundtrack to teen party movies for the next few years. –GmemberKills

Miami Garden Club is out now via Pretty Wavvy Records.

Moses Sumney – “Quarrel”


“Quarrel” is quite the antithesis to the single that preceded it. While “Doomed” was an amorphous, yet haunting landscape of a track, this new song from Sumney is a multi-faceted, genre spanning ballad that showcases the bits of Bjork and Radiohead inspiration that run through his music. But even if there’s much more of an instrumental backing to this tune, the haunting aura of Sumney’s music stays intact: his soulful, ethereal vocals seem to be the factor that keeps these two songs within the same musical stratosphere. –wtferrothorn

Aromanticism is out now via Jagjaguwar Records.

Mycelia – “Drop the Baby”

Djent and deathcore are often a mix that never seems to go so well. There are several problems that the idea seems to constantly hit: immature lyrics, awful vocalists, and an uneven balance between technicality and genuine musicianship. At first glance, a song with a title like “Drop The Baby” may seem like another flop. However, getting past its awful title and the 13-minute runtime, the song itself is exactly what bands of similar caliber should be striving for. The song’s masterful instrumentation mixed with brilliant production and excellent vocal performances are definitely worth every second of your time. –Toondude10

Open Mike Eagle – “95 Radios” (feat. Has-Lo)

With “95 Radios”, Open Mike Eagle came though with one of the sweetest feel-good rap songs of the year. Both Mike and guest Has-Lo come though with extremely laid-back flows as they deliver some nostalgic bars on how the radio affected their childhoods; Mike goes into its role as a companion during friendless times while Has-Lo expresses the impact the likes of Q-Tip and Sun Ra had during his childhood. But it’s the soft singing on the hook and the subtly sunny vibes coming through the beat that act as the glue holding the warm atmosphere together. –wtferrothorn

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream is out now via Mello Music Group.

Peter Stampfel and The Atomic Meta Pagans – “Blue Moon”

Peter Stampfel has had quite the career. Since his work with the Holy Modal Rounders, he’s been hard at work producing solo albums and forming several different projects. On his newest single, “Blue Moon”, Stampfel is joined by a merry band of pagans and a sweet throwback tune in his heart. A charming duet with some off-kilter vocal performances and delightful banjo — what more can you ask for? –SandwichBubble

The Cambrian Explosion is out now via Don Giovanni Records.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Async (Arca Remix)”

Considering this is my current album of the year, more material from and/or related to Async is very, very welcome. Arca takes what was a very percussive and chaotic orchestral piece full of tension and wipes the slate clean with his heavenly vocals and glitchy electronics. It is absolutely nothing like the original and could even pass for an entirely new song altogether. –Frippertronics

Async – Remodels is out December 1 via Milan Records.

Seamus Fogarty – “Heels Over Head”

It’s a tale as old as time. One day you’re a small-time folk crooner, then before you know it, you’re signed to one of the biggest indie labels in the UK. While I’ve yet to hear any of Seamus’ previous work, this new single off his next album is definitely pushing me to do so. “Heels Over Head” is a delightful acoustic number with a slow burn feel to it. What truly sets the song apart is the noisy, almost psychedelic production. Fogarty is joined by Leo Abrahams on production duty, and they complement each other quite well. And with wonderful backing vocals by Rozi Plain and accordion done by Fogarty’s brother John, I couldn’t ask for a better introduction to this artist. Definitely one to look out for. –SandwichBubble

The Curious Hand is out now via Domino Records.

St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”

As is true to Annie Clark, she keeps on reinventing herself. Only a slight amount of people probably expected her to ditch her usual virtuoso guitar work for a much more traditional pop ambiance. Such a transition was hinted towards before, and not just on her previous single from MASSEDUCTION, but on the out-of-album little endeavour “Teenage Talk” that graced our ears back in 2016. Just like those two songs, although a tad more raunchy, “Los Ageless” is also a homesick, lovesick, and just sick lament after happiness and joy of living that Annie seems to be keen on searching lately. Her love-struck persona is delving into a full avant-garde and it is only a question of her creativity as to what that’ll amount to. –UniqueUniverse

MASSEDUCTION is out now via Loma Vista Records.

Umii – “Dangerous”

Bravo and Reva Devito had proven with “Can’t Keep My Hands off You” that the two are able to create incredibly smooth, sensual, and nostalgic R&B gold. It also seems that the two found that collaboration to be so fruitful that the two joined forces as Umii to see if more quality could be produced from the collaboration. “Dangerous” proves that to be the case. While it isn’t the slow jam that was their original joint, many of the strengths of that track carries over to this one: Devito’s silky, effortless vocals perfectly complement the slick and soundly-produced production from Bravo. Credit also has to be given to Devito for the sharp songwriting and the killer hook that elevates the song from being simply a nice vibe to a excellent pop tune through and through. –wtferrothorn

This Time is out now via Fresh Selects Records.

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Papa Universe
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A side note: Async - Remodels was delayed to 2/16 of next year

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