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Thousands upon thousands of albums, EPs, mixtapes, compilations, and songs are released weekly. You might not be aware of the existence of 99% of those releases, but they’re there. So when each song released to the public is simply a drop in a pool that dwarfs even the Pacific Ocean, it can be hard to navigate the current music scene: it’s always moving and impossible to keep up with its speed. That’s where Share Some Singles comes into the picture. This series was formed to highlight songs released in 2017 that might not have been discovered by other listeners otherwise. I, alongside other Sputnikmusic users, have pulled together dozens of singles released in the recent past that we felt needed to be heard by the world. Or at least the Sputnik reader base.

Artists are listed in alphabetical order with corresponding YouTube, Soundcloud, and/or Bandcamp links. A Spotify playlist is also embedded below if the singles are available through that service. Enjoy! –wtferrothorn

ABRONCA – “Chegando De Assalto”

When thinking about abrasive and aggressive hip-hop, one usually imagines some ’90s gangstas, innit? Well, there is a trio of Brazilian ladies that would like to flip you off first, but then also convince you they are just as capable of delivering raw, in your face hip-hop harshness. –UniqueUniverse

The Afghan Whigs – “Demon in Profile”

Spooky is not necessarily the mood art rock bands have often tried to go for, but as usual, The Afghan Whigs are there for you to show you a whole new spectrum of virtuosity. In Spades is musically eerie, yet features overwhelmingly triumphant songwriting and instrumental finesse. Here they come again years later with their brand of coarse, ruthless post punk-infused rock that no other artist is able to even come close to. –UniqueUniverse

In Spades is out now via Sub Pop Records.

Algiers – “Cleveland”

“Cleveland” is as vibrant and moving as the band have ever been. Though it is not as dancy, the track is much more ominous in its core nature, and maybe more astonishing in its mixture of influences than anything in post-punk in general. You have your industrial, your gospel, your soul, and your goth. It is a full package with gorgeous vocals to top it all off. –UniqueUniverse

The Underside of Power is out now via Matador Records.

alt-J – “Adeline”

alt-J have come out with their fair share of slow burners, especially since the sonic embodiment of patience that was This Is All Yours. But “Adeline” might be the best of them all, if not the most climatically satisfying. Even the track’s acoustic intro gives off the mood of an imminent explosion. And in the end, the mood was no bluff, as the track slowly builds toward a climax surprising enough to warrant a lack of spoilers. –wtferrothorn

Relaxer is out now via Infectious Music.

Alvvays – “In Undertow”

“In Undertow” comes with everything that makes a solid dream pop song: sweet vocal melodies, charming vocal performances touched with the perfect amount of reverb, and the layers of guitars that bring both warmth and a bit of bite to the soundscape. But it’s the clean-cut songwriting and structure that makes “In Undertow” a notable release. –wtferrothorn

Antisocialities is out September 8 via Polyvinyl Records.

Big Thief – “Mary”

It’s fitting that storybooks would be mentioned in the lyrics of “Mary”, as the bouncy delivery from Adrianne Lenker is more reminiscent of a nursery rhyme than anything. It’s the contrast between Lenker’s aforementioned delivery and the sparse instrumentation of a droning organ and piano that makes the melancholy retrospection on childhood memories pop out so much more. –wtferrothorn

Capacity is out now via Saddle Creek.

Big Walnuts Yonder – “Sponge Bath”

There is only so much music out there that can be described as kooky. I believe that Big Walnuts Yonder outdid themselves with this profoundly odd track that mixes traditional hard-hitting indie with a distorted, ear-piercing lo-fi production that is so often robbed of its glory nowadays in the blandest way possible. Well, Big Walnuts Yonder are determined to bring the genre back to its former, insane nature. –UniqueUniverse

Big Walnuts Yonder is out now via Sargent House.

Brutus – “All Along”

Although the lyrics don’t exactly reveal a straight narrative, its music definitely does uncover some raw and raging emotions. From its metalcore and black metal-infused instrumentation, to its gripping, crushing atmosphere, to its engrossing vocals, “All Along” is a fantastic song. –UniqueUniverse

Burst is out now via Hassle Records.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Cut To The Feeling”

At this point, it wouldn’t be foolish of you to assume Carly Rae Jepsen was not human, but a synthetic being designed to construct insanely fun, immediate pop that balances unabashed ’80s nostalgia and modern production standards. “Cut To The Feeling” doesn’t reach the highs of E•MO•TION, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t scratch the same itches as those highlights. –wtferrothorn

The Clientele – “Lunar Days”

This year marks The Clientele’s 20th anniversary, but you would never have guessed listening to the new single off their upcoming record. As if it were plucked straight from the band’s early years, Lunar Days is a song fans of the group are well-acquainted with. The airy vocals, the jangly guitar, the sharp poppy hooks — it’s all here. And for those not yet acquainted with the band, you’ve got a perfect example of their sound right here. If this song is representative of things to come, we’ll be in for a real treat this autumn. –SandwichBubble

Music for the Age of Miracles is out September 22 via Merge Records.

Cold War Kids – “Love Is Mystical”

Love is indeed mystical. It is also surreal and will make you the happiest fool in the world. It is nearly impossible to find an auditory representation of that feeling more fitting than this track by one of America’s most consistently positive piano-led pop rock bands, with some of the best vocals on a song of this genre you might ever hear. –UniqueUniverse

L.A. Divine is out now via Capitol Records.

Cornelius – “If You’re Here”

At the core of “If You’re Here”, there’s an incredibly warm track. The very sharp drum hits, warm electric piano, and Oyamada’s intimate vocals give the track a bit of a neo-soul slow jam vibe. However, its pinches of eccentricity, such as the various panning tricks applied throughout the track, are what give the song its unique flavor. –wtferrothorn

Mellow Waves is out July 21 via Warner Music Japan.

Dark Model – “Survivors”

To me personally, electronica never really stood for anything significant. I always viewed it as merely a tool to get to where you need — never as a standalone, fully engaging genre that I could tune into and jam. Although Dark Model doesn’t exactly make me rethink my stance, it certainly shows me just how much more one can accomplish within the boundaries of the genre. “Survivors” is the definition of ‘overwhelming’. –UniqueUniverse

Saga is out now via Model Electronic Records.

Guerilla Toss – “Betty Dreams of Green Men”

Instrumentally, “Betty Dreams of Green Men” is an odd beast of a track. Matching wavy, sci-fi synthesizers with busy Afrobeat polyrhythms like this track does is a move most bands would not be able to pull off. Kassie Carlson is just that much of an energizing front woman to be able bring the thrilling punk energy to this oddness. –wtferrothorn

GT Ultra is out now via DFA Records.

HMLTD – “To the Door”

An instantly memorable, dancy pop extravaganza with some of the oddest musical shifts and transitions you’ll ever hear. –UniqueUniverse

To the Door/Music! is out now via IAMSOUND Records.

Kamasi Washington – “Truth”

It is known that whatever Kamasi Washington touches becomes gold. He states his presence clear with possibly his most joyous, life-loving beast of a track. Be it the song’s instantly memorable musical components, the heart wrenching, bittersweet atmosphere, or its ridiculously detailed and beautiful instrumental interplay, this might very well be Kamasi’s most accessible, but also rewarding work so far. –UniqueUniverse

Harmony of Difference is out this summer via Young Turks.

The Magnetic Fields – “’83: Foxx and I”

It is hard picking just one single off of this eclectic collection of profoundness, but I decided to go with the one that first made me truly believe in this project. “Foxx and I” is a beautiful confession of eternal admiration for your idol. Its fusion of synths and dramatic acoustic guitar makes up for some lovely singer/songwriter-influenced music. –UniqueUniverse

50 Song Memoir is out now via Nonesuch Records.

McCafferty – “Trailer Trash”

A spastic and energetic outing from Ohio post hardcore/pop punk outfit McCafferty. The looping folk punk riff and the vocals here are reminiscent of their most similar contemporary, The Front Bottoms. However, McCafferty do well to separate themselves in sound with the addition of electric guitar riffs that overlap the folky riff. It sounds like something Thomas Erak could write on a Fall of Troy record. The manic instrumentation is contrasted with a generally apathetic vocal delivery and the occasional angsty outburst. The track is poppy, sloppy, catchy, and definitely bodes well as a single. –DeadlyNightShade

Thanks. Sorry. Sure. is out now via Take This To Heart.

Meilyr Jones – “Watchers”

As proven on his underrated 2015 record 2013, Meilyr Jones has a knack for writing baroque pop songs that live up to the dramatic, extravagant qualities of the genre”s namesake. “Watchers” just might be his greatest achievement in that sense. The orchestral instrumentation is not only gorgeous, it holds a symbiotic relationship with Jones’ elegant, subtle vocal delivery and the tragically romantic lyrics. –wtferrothorn

The Menzingers – “After The Party”

When you love someone, you can’t just rely on the feeling itself. You need to overcome a myriad of difficulties and challenges to stay together. You shouldn’t rely on the feeling alone, you should rely on the one — to whom you feel what you feel — because together you can do great things. That is where The Menzingers come in with their raw and moving brand of emo punk: a brutally real look at love and the admiration of your significant other that’s more than you can feel towards anybody else. With this messaging I might just as well be thinking about the music video, which deserves endless praise on its own. Either way, “After the Party” is an oddly beautiful and down-to-earth acknowledgement of the reality of one’s relationship towards someone else. Profound on a whole other level. –UniqueUniverse

After The Party is out now via Epitaph.

Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) – “Hose Down” (feat. Syne)

The first single from The Perceptionists in 12 years does not waste time making its point clear: the uprise is here. Both MCs come through with some fast flows and politically charged verses that detail how the long history of suppression of black protest has evolved, from the hosing down of civil rights protesters of the 1960s to the widespread police brutality of today. –wtferrothorn

Resolution is out July 28 via Mello Music Group.

Narra – “22”

Former members of Marietta formed this 4-piece emo band, and although they are a much different breed than their past selves, they still bring the jams. “22” is an upbeat, lighthearted punk-influenced single off their debut record and it hits on all the feelings that come with growing up into the “adult” life. –Conmaniac

Narra is out now.

Succumb – “Survival”

Brutality, harshness and an absolutely dismal hell. That is how one could describe “Survival” and Succumb’s entire self-titled debut. It’s a ruthless track that is full of engrossing and gross-out moments. It’s perfect for those who seek metal that is more than a formulaic atmosphere. –UniqueUniverse

Succumb is out now via The Flenser.

Superorganism – “Nobody Cares”

The positivity packed inside “Nobody Cares” is a different breed from the wide-eyed euphoria you expect to come from an ordinary pop song. Rather, Superorganism punctuates their message of self-acceptance in a nonchalant way: nobody cares. Whether it be falling up the stairs or having greasy hair, the only person bothered by your insecurities and embarrassing qualities is yourself. The perfect kind of lyrics to match the bouncy, sneeze-sampling instrumental. –wtferrothorn

Susanne Sundfør – “Undercover (Edit)”

“Undercover” is a simple track; it’s a traditionally-structured piano ballad. Thankfully, Sundfør makes sure to deliver what is crucial for a track like this to go over smoothly: passion. She sells the heartbreak displayed in the lyrics to a ‘T’, and even gets the chance to show off her upper range in the track’s wonderful outro. –wtferrothorn

Music For People In Trouble is out August 25 via Belle Union.

Todd Terje – “Maskindans” (feat. Det Gylne Triangel)

While it’s just as groovy and danceable as you’d expect a Terje track would be, “Maskindans” is a surprisingly rigid and sometimes ominous cut from the Norwegian producer. Det Gylne Triangel, the lead vocalist of the original track — which this Terje track is a self-claimed “cover version” of — may have a lot to do with that. The refrain of the song is delivered in an especially stone cold manner. It may be a new flavor for Terje, but he pulls it off like it was business as usual. –wtferrothorn

White Ward – “Stillborn Knowledge”

There is only as much you can do to reinvent the already near-perfectionist genre of black metal, but White Ward managed what no other band have even attempted. Their main tool of identity and musical virtuosity is the saxophone. Imagine all the epic atmospheric black metal songs you’ve ever heard. Now take their usual formulaic sound and set it in, say, the vampiric setting of late 18th Century Europe. That is what “Stillborn Knowledge” reminds me of: atmosphere like you’ve never heard it before. –UniqueUniverse

Futility Report is out now via Eitrin Editions.

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