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Austin-based Destroyer Of Light have just released their second EP, Bizarre Tales Vol. 2. While their lyrics still revolve around the ghastly horror stories, the quartet do a fine job of not repeating themselves musically. In contrast to their debut EP, which can be labelled as Black Sabbath-echoing traditional doom metal, the new release delves headfirst into a melodic sludge metal realm of Mastodon’s ilk. Instrumental opener ‘Battlefield Girth’ sounds monolithic due to its wondrous interplay of crushingly heavy riffs and hypnotic soloing, while the gloriously titled ‘Forbidden Zombi Ritual’ may be the band’s most accessible tune with infectious melodicism permeating both vocal harmonies and bewitching guitar leads. The remaining tracks see the band placing a greater focus on song progression while retaining a penchant for memorable riffs. Frontman Steve Colca augments the shift in style with howling vocals which sound more assured than before. In fact, Destroyer Of Light are growing rapidly as both songwriters and musicians, and Bizarre Tales Vol. 2 proves how versatile and expansive they can be. May the power of the riff compel you!

Here’s what singer/guitarist Steve Colca had to say about each number:

‘Battlefield Girth’ – It was one of the first Destroyer Of Light songs that we ever wrote, and decided to put it on this EP. We figured the song didn’t require vocals; so, we went with a heavy instrumental to start the album off.

‘Forbidden Zombi Ritual’ – On this EP, most of the main riffs were written by Keegan (Kjeldsen); so, they have more of a sludgy kind of feel to them, which I like cause it shows how diverse we can be. Once we wrote this song, I was excited to have it recorded.

‘Lost Time’ – This song was basically bass lines written by Mark (Mars) and used to be a completely different song by an old band that Mark and Keegan were in before Destroyer of Light. Let’s just say we decided to add some psychedelic elements and make it trippy as it is about alien abduction.

‘Year of the Witch’ – Like ‘Battlefield Girth,’ this song was written a long while ago, and we were waiting to put it on our next EP. This song is my feature of riffs, as it is the one slow, doom song on the record. You know, we just can’t have an album without a doom song. Plus, it is about a witch being burnt at the stake!

‘Obliterated By Cosmic Fire’ – This song was written in the process of us entering the studio. We just liked the outcome of this song so much that we decided that we should put it on the album. Plus, it definitely fits the flow of the EP. And who doesn’t like Greek mythology?

Feel free to stream Bizarre Tales Vol. 2 on bandcamp:

js that's an amazing band name. sweet work greg, would love to see more staffers aside from you and a few others use the blog more regularly

Sweet, looks awesome. Really digging how high the bass is in the mix; it really adds to the sludgy feel. Only thing I'm not super keen on are the cleaner vocals -- he kinda sounds like Aaron Barrett on "Forbidden Zombi Ritual".

Granted, I only listened to the first two tracks, but it wasn't too shabby. Nice find, really good write-up!

Thanks, Jom. Glad you're diggin' this. I obviously don't know who Aaron Barrett is. I'm not sure Steve (SteelErected) knows, either.

The vocalist for Reel Big Fish, ha!

Hmm. Ska band. That's interesting.

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