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My introduction to dredg was as them as a live band in the fall of 2005. At that time dredg were already over a decade into their career and it wasn’t until almost a decade later, last night, that I was able to see them again, but it was not to celebrate a new album or a long tour. Instead, it was to hear their 2005 album Catch Without Arms which was played in its entirety. So in a way it was almost as if those seven years in between performances was instantly zapped out of existence for an hour and a half on a cool June night. Their set began promptly at 10:20 PM to a packed and sweltering Roxy. Having seen The Gaslight Anthem play the small Sunset strip club only weeks earlier, it seemed as though capacity was raised by over one hundred for dredg, as the floor was packed into an airtight mass of young and old. Dredg knew exactly why we all were there and got things started with “Ode To The Sun”. The crowd surged forward, creating an ever tightening knot of raised voices and pumping fists. As they worked their way through the album, it was obvious that dredg had thoroughly prepared for the event as every interlude and sample used on the studio recording was heard blaring out of the PA in an eerie weirdness between songs, even when the band themselves were lightheartedly conversing with the audience underneath the noise. After “Matroshka (The Ornament)” ushered in the close of Catch Without Arms, they then broke into a selection of B-sides from the recording of the album with “The Uplifting News Channel” and the breakneck “Stone By Stone”. Forgoing an encore dredg stayed on the stage for only two more songs. The first was “Down To the Cellar” from their album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion which was a fitting but somewhat odd choice for a late set addition. That still didn’t make the crowd let up in the slightest, as the echo of the audience was just as loud as it had been over an hour earlier. Afterward there was a slight pause, and there was no way the night could have gotten any better — and then it got even better as dredg closed out the night with “The Canyon Behind Her”. It was perfect. Absolutely fucking perfect.


Would've loved to be there.

Also this came up in My Discussions despite not having posted in it. WEIRD. Awesome though 'cause I got to read this.

that is the best possible dredg set.

If "Down To The Cellar" were "Ireland" I'd agree.

saw them perform all of el cielo back in 2008, was ridiculous

I saw dredg and they literally only played like 5 songs

Yeah that show sucked pretty bad, but I think it was because they had on the fly soundcheck, and or barely any crowd to be enthused by.

love the band despite the last album. Last time I saw them live, my friend and I accidentally ran into Dino outside the venue. Apparently he was looking for a place to get a good a drink like we were and he got us into a club for free on Halloween. Shots ensued, and my respect for the band went sky high. Too bad Gavin had the flu, but it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.

A set made up of tracks from their middle three albums would be amazing. Love those discs, great band.

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