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I recognise this isn’t exactly going to bolster my hipster cred.

“WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SONG, DUDE?” – for years, my go-to response when faced with this ludicrous question was Feeder’s ‘Just A Day’. On the not infrequent occasion that my tormentor didn’t know the song, or thought it was called ‘All By Myself’ (because all pop songs’ titles are their hook lines, duh), I would gleefully drag it up from the depths of my collection and admire the hold it still had over me. It astounded me that the sheer adrenaline and energy of that guitar riff (do do-do do, and so on) never wore off or ran aground; it still does the same things to me today, though now I have to measure my enthusiasm through an artistic spectrum because somewhere along the line it became not okay any more to just love awesome rock songs.

Except, you know, it is. I don’t drive, but if I decided to learn, it would be purely due to an imaginary scenario in which I just drive down the M1 and (probably) back all night listening to songs like ‘Just A Day’. But inside our adventurous natures (we’re all here because we explore music, right, instead of just absorbing it?) we sometimes manage to convince ourselves that the only things worth listening to are the abstract, the weird and the ironic. As a result of that conceit, we fail to care about those direct, simple songs, and as a result of failing to care, we manage to start believing that those songs don’t exist any more.

And that’s why I’m delighted to present ‘Idaho’, a gloriously upbeat, straight-up rock song by Feeder. The rest of Generation Freakshow, the band’s new record, is hit-and-miss, but ‘Idaho’ is what Feeder are best-known for and best at. It reminds me of things without ever having been attached to those memories, it makes me want to smile, and I can only really remember the chorus. AND I’M FINE WITH THAT.

mostly just to force Robin to confront his childhood

but also mostly because the song is awesome


You need to find better roads than the M1 to drive on, that place'll leech your love for any song away in an instant

Never thought I'd see Feeder pop up in a staff blog, they have some great tunes.

I've not heard the new album yet but I'm not expecting much, Renegades was pitiful.


New record's better than I expected. Nothing special but clearly far superior to Renegades. This didn't strike me as one of the highlights though..

there isn't a clear highlight for me, most of the songs are great. one of their best albums.

yo this blogs been poppin off lately!

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