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Ham SandwicH (there’s no real reason for that capital H – it doesn’t make it look any more symmetrical)  released their second album, White Fox, last week (stream here).

To coincide with the release they went on Irish and recorded this oddly brilliant cover of Britney Spears’ slut’s anthem ‘Piece of Me.’

It’s Britney, bitch. Not really.

Ham Sandwich – ‘Piece of Me’ (Britney Spears cover)

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I don’t really know anything about Sound Set aside from what their Facebook and my rudimentary French tells me, which is that they’re a Franco-German trio of DJs and producers with a passion for new wave, house and “The Swedish touch.”

Whatever their influences, they’ve zeroed in on the most important one of all – Butch Walker – and unleashed this beefy remix synced to the original track’s Kung Fu-themed video. Enjoy.

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Here’s the deal: Sputnikresident Keelan’s review of Sufjan Stevens’ The Age of Adz is really fucking good. I mean like, really, really fucking good. So much so that I had to write something back at him. But before that I really need to point out that Keelan is the most profound writer on this site, someone who actually takes the time to think through what he’s writing before spilling his digital ink, and anyone else looking to figure out how to do this whole writing reviews thing should read his stuff. Secondly, this is also a roundabout response (not quite review!) to The Age of Adz itself, which is probably one of this years most bewildering records, which, for better or worse, I’d like to share some thoughts on. So with the stream of consciousness button firmly pressed down into my head, let’s keep going!

Let me get this out of the way: The Age of Adz is the mirror image reversal of M.I.A’s /\/\/\Y/\. Calm down. Now, I like /\/\/\Y/\. I wrote an over the top review saying as much. I don’t like The Age Of Adz. Let me flesh this out – Perhaps the most striking resemblance between /\/\/\Y/\ and The Age of Adz is their sheer reliance on affect, with the barest minimum tying it all together: Melodies and sounds will sweep in out of nowhere; for Sufjan, this means fleeting strings and choral lines; for M.I.A. this means glitchy spasms of synth squelches…

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As part of my ongoing efforts to educate the masses about an archaic musical genre that nobody really liked in the first place, I’ll be highlighting some of the forgotten classics (i.e. all of them) of the hair metal era. Anybody who had harboured any lingering respect for me up to this point will soon see the error of his ways.

OK, I know I’m ever so slightly breaking my own rules by featuring a parody act, but given Steel Panther are more or less carrying the flag for ball-grabbing hair metal I feel it’s justified. Choosing a track for this edition of the series, I was put in the rather awkward position of not really knowing where to start: Steel Panther only have a handful of tracks and they’re more or less all equally awesome.

Steel Panther began life as Metal Skool, a semi-satirical glam metal covers band that set up residency in LA and regularly featured guest spots from the biggest names in rock, from Kelly Clarkson to Billy Ray Cyrus and all the way back to Kelly Clarkson again. All four members are fully paid-up veterans of the Sunset Strip – frontman Michael Starr was briefly a member of LA Guns and guitarist Satchel played with Rob Halford’s post-Priest project Fight – so they know their source material better than almost anybody.

Steel Panther’s first official album (second album proper) features 12 slices of ’80s rock magic closely modeled on the work of some of…

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There’s a sweet spot in my heart for this Sydney four piece – not only do they craft some of the best alt-pop tunes I know, but they do it with a lush grandeur that so few others ever have. On the back of their brilliant and shimmering Dark Strom EP,  released yesterday, here’s Mace Spray the first single to be released:

The Jezabels – Mace Spray:

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And just for kicks, and because it’s pretty, here’s the official video for Hurt Me from their second EP:

Hows about them drums hey?

Hello Sputnik community,
As a staff writer I frequently get asked about “the right way to write a review” (as if there is a right way), and for tips and pointers by users that want to step up and provide new content to the site. While the creative process is different from person to person, there is one thing that, regardless of if it’s your first review or your 100th, should be a part of the writing process: proofreading. No matter how clearly you think you have laid out your ideas, little kinks have a nasty habit of popping up and sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to catch them before you hit submit. To help out with catching grammatical errors, improving flow, and curbing wordiness you can visit the oft underused proofreading forum (here), where you can get a peer review from some of the more helpful community members and the staff. Even if you don’t want to write a review, you can still help out by offering advice and helping those who do. Please don’t let this beneficial feature go to waste.

Thank you for your time,
Adam Thomas (redskyformiles)

Remember the last time a couple of tracks rocked as hard as Broken Social Scene channeling Black Francis via Dinosaur Jr with a detour past the Japandroids? We do, and it was right about every time we spun the red hot singles from PS I Love You’s upcoming debut Meet Me At The Muster Station (Paper Bag), set to drop on Oct 5th. Fuzzy, fun and wild eye’d, here’s a taste of some Facelove with a hint of 2012 thrown in just for kicks:

PS I Love You – Facelove:

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PS I Love You – 2012:

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On last night’s (Wednesday’s) edition of his Late Night show, Jimmy Fallon finally managed to combine his dual-interest in classic hip hop and wooden acting in a surprisingly good medley of classic rap songs with help from Justin Timberlake and house band the Roots.

‘Army of Tears’ from The Nameless.

I’ve had enough, these salty tears
I’ve caught a thousand of them, filled a hundred cups.
And bit by bit, they grew and grew
So I began to turn them into something new.

Every hour of every night
My little soldiers drew a breath and came to life.
One by one, they formed a line
And pledged allegiance to this salty heart of mine.

Filled the house in shallow waves
I fed them only on revenge and shallow rage.
And they grew up, angry and tall
Lo and behold I have the coldest sea of all.

I built a boat made out of ice
To sail the frozen ocean of my own device.
And there I float, and there I freeze
The commander of her fleet, queen of the sea.

Remember when all that crazy news about Justin Vernon working with Kanye broke? Remember how we didn’t know what to think? Had Vernon sold out, or was Kanye collaborating with people who could really bring his vision to fruition? Well, Yeezy released “Monster”, which was the first taste anyone got of the Vernon/West collaborations, but it was a sort of after-thought verse tagged at the end of a bloated song. Nicki Minaj had already turned in the best verse of her short career, and Vernon’s slow-burning melodicism was perhaps too much of a contrast.

Now, “Lost in the World” has leaked, and it’s a true monster. The song begins innocuously sampling Vernon’s auto-tune experiment “Woods”, but quickly, it becomes a dark, twisted dancefloor jam that samples Gil-Scott Heron and hardly even features aside from some sing-a-long and a concise but consistent verse. “Lost in the World” is easily the best track to come from Kanye’s lengthy, prodigious leak campaign to promote his latest album (wait, what is it called again?).

I’d attribute the source of the leak, but I think you can figure it out from the most annoying tags since Beggars. Someone forgot a “w”.

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This might be my favourite track to come out this year. It’s by Adam Haworth Stephens, who you might know from his work in Two Gallants, and it sounds like if Bob Dylan re-wrote “Another Brick in the Wall”.  It’s off his first solo release, We Live On Cliffs, which is out today.

There’s almost nothing better than some funk in your folk.

Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of September 28 , 2010. Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff or contributors.

Abigail Williams – In the Absence of Light (Candlelight/Lumberjack)
August Burns Red – Home [Live CD/DVD] (Solid State Records)
Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man (Epitaph Records)
Kenny Chesney – Hemingway’s Whiskey (Sony Nashville)
Eric Clapton – Clapton (Reprise)
Phil Collins – Going Back (Atlantic)
Combichrist – Making Monsters (Metropolis Records)
Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (4AD Records)
Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra {EU} (Nuclear Blast)
Doobie Brothers – World Gone Crazy (HOR Records)
Electric Six – Zodiac (Metropolis Records)
Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini (Nuclear Blast) - Adam Thomas
Gin Blossoms – No Chocolate Cake (429 Records)
Glasser – Ring (True Panther Sounds) - Kiran Soderqvist
Halford – Made of Metal (Metal God Ent)
Ingram Hill – Look Your Best (Rock Ridge Music)
InMe – Phoenix: The Very Best of InMe (Indie Europe)
Ice Cube  – I Am The West (Lench Mob)
Jimmy Eat World – Invented (David Geffen Company)
KMFDM – Greatest Sh*t (Metropolis Records)
James LaBrie – Static Impulse (Inside Out U.S.)
Lazerbeak – Legend Recognize Legend (Doomtree)
Mark Ronson And The Business International – Record Collection (RCA)
Nellie McKay – Home Sweet Mobile Home (Verve Forecast)
MSWhite – Squares (Rise Records)
Mushroomhead – Beautiful Stories for…

you won’t need me where i’m goin

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Simple Plan – you know the name, but do you know the story?  The nitty-gritty?  The highs, the lows, the drama, the bond that these five young people share?  For those of you who have just recently heard of the band, you might think that they’ve always been on top, that they’ve always had the kind of success that they have now, but it is not so.

“Yeah man,” says lead singer Pierre Bouvier.  ”We weren’t always doing songs for the live action Scooby-Doo movie and playing shows on MTV’s Hard Rock Live.  We’ve had to work hard to get where we are.”

Indeed, in 1999, Bouvier was slaving away in his first band, Reset.  They’d just released their second album, No Limits – a title which proved ironic because nobody anywhere cared about Reset.  ”Yeah man I’ll admit it,” Bouvier says, “Reset wasn’t going so well.  We were pretty punk, you know – no compromise and all that – but eventually I just had to look out for myself, right?  I had to say ‘Fuck it.  It’s time to write some pop music.  It’s time to write about my inner turmoil, my inner despair.’  Because I’ll tell you man, at the end of the day sometimes I feel like that’s all I’ve got.”  Here, Bouvier pulls out a notebook and writes something down.

He laughs.  ”Just had a great idea for a song,” he says.

Part 1: The Beginning

Bouvier’s work in Reset was not necessarily bringing in…

Boston, MA pop-hardcore act Four Year Strong (pictured above) will perform in New York City’s Irving Plaza on October 5 with the insanely strong support line-up of Comeback Kid, the Wonder Years and American Fangs.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets, email your full name along with confirmation that you’ll be available to attend to sputnikreviews@gmail.com.

The rules? There are no rules! Just be available.

Closing date: midnight EST September 30.


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