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2021-12-08 by Jesper L. CONTRIBUTOR | 6 Comments
It's been a busy year for Psycho Synner¹! The cool band, fronted by ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer and self-proclaimed 'Devil Daddy' Jeremy Spencer is making some real waves. After having released a mere nine full length albums last month (all of which currently sit at a '1' average on, Spencer is now doing in-depth lyric explanations of every song on the band's Instagram. By listening to these tiny works of art, one can learn about 'N.F.T.L.' having been written when Spencer was in a dark headspace, resulting in the song detailing a desire to engage in sexual acts with people who are very dead. Dig in!

¹Psycho Synner was previously known as Psychosexual and then briefly changed their name to Psycho Slayyr a few days after changing it to Psycho Synner but then changed it back to Psycho Synner again

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December 8th 2021


December 8th 2021

is this metamarketing for the next jared leto movie

December 8th 2021

I have no idea what this is but 9 albums in a month is insane. I'm gonna jam some and I'm sure I will be regretting the decision but ya know...
We've got a rapper in KC named CW Da Youngblood and he's been doing his "365" where he records and drops a song everyday of the year. Pretty cool to see someone local to me putting in that insane amount of dedication to his craft. I'm sure I probably won't feel the same about these 9 albums but it made me think of CDubb da Young truth!

Digging: Discarnated - Deus Misereatur

December 8th 2021

went through all of these over a few weeks with a friend. Some good laughs here and there. "N.F.T.L." made our heads explode when it was first revealed what the acronym was for. Most of it is just boring nonsense with some of the worst vocal performances ever laid down, and it's so bizarre that he deleted all of the Psycho Sexual stuff to just double-down on their gross, mindless and bland sound. I wouldn't recommend going through all 4.5 hours of it, but there are a few hilarious gems sprinkled throughout. I guess the question is whether if he's serious or just being ironic, but the music is terrible either way. The only thing to really wonder about is whether he's a dumb, musically challenged pervert with a blood-fetish or if he's just a very dedicated, musically challenged troll. Death Thrust might be the worst song I've ever heard, or maybe that's just because it was the worst song on the final record we listened to. The torture never stops!

p.s. Jeremy is no longer Devil Daddy, he's going by Grym Synner these days. He'll always be Devil Daddy in my heart though.

December 9th 2021

I am losing my shit listening to “We Hate You” by them right now. I can’t believe this is real. This is amazing. Comedy gold. It’s so lazy and boring sounding, and the lyrics. This is incredible.

December 9th 2021

9 albums? Hahaha. I remember when everyone made fun of Psychosexual. I thought it was just a temporary bad taste gig, Can't believe he's still going for it.

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