TEOAY's new piece of drone

2020-11-27 by Lian Gerbino | 3 Comments
Sweden-based drone/dark ambient act TEOAY have released their debut "Rules For Becoming Invisible": https://linktr.ee/teoay

TEOAY commented:
"Creativity comes after necessity. I began to explore these sonic labyrinths as I needed to fill (or empty) my studio. That need fell victim to a more intense need, literature. As I fight it, I bleed, die, and revive trying to write an unwriteable book, trying to put words on top of pain, pain as intense as life, as painful as to be human, as careless as destiny, as infinite as the metaphor of the gods.

I dreamed of a man who dreamed of me. He asked me not to stop dreaming about him, thinking about him, feeling him. He revealed things to me that I never wanted to know. He told me about bottoms that have no bottom, about the prison of the present, and the incorporeal chains that I drag through existence.

He told me there are rules to becoming invisible, that its ways and secrets sing tirelessly. With mute voices (the invisible of sound). He told me about the pendulum that swings unshakeable and absurdly throws us into a future that will never be ours. He whispered in my virgin ears we can paint with sound only when she (unique, all and none) takes you. He told me about the lie of individuality, about how we always take someone else's hammer to recover stones that were never ours, and then to create something that will never belong to us. That made me think that perhaps we are the inconsequential hammer, we, word creators, the simple metaphor of the instrument. I cried without being able to cry for a past that is not even mine, worse, I hid myself, from this unbearable present, in past painful guilt, as if a past-known pain were less painful than an inevitable present. And there, when the man who dreamed of me saw me trapped in my own mess, he gave me the secret that choice is a lie. I fell into a drone, a G that I guessed (or defined) to be a G minor and then evolved into a grey-eyes cluster. She kissed me and allowed me to continue dreaming. I meditated for long years (or a moment) about death, the end, the last chord. I chose, knowing that choosing is an impossible truth, I chose to die alone. But when I died I was at the door, again, every time, forever."

source: https://teoay.bandcamp.com/releases

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November 27th 2020

Giving it a try now!

November 28th 2020

oh this is lovely

Digging: Caelestra - Black Widow Nebula

December 1st 2020

this is cool

Digging: Ingrina - Etter Lys

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Rules for Becoming Invisible

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