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December 30th, 2014 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Nickelback begin their career with a banging, loud, growling, underground-sounding, somewhat enjoyable extended play. Such a shame as for what a disgrace to rock music they would later become.

For my first review on this site, I will review the debut effort from Nickelback, "Hesher". This is the first EP the band ever made, and it's called Hesher. It's a pretty great debut effort for what the band would later become.

The album begins with the song "Where?" which is a fairly decent opener. The lyrics are sort of generic but respectable. The grunge-like instrumentation is what makes the song good. Chads vocals aren't the best, but they never really were. The next two grunge-like tracks, "Window Shopper" and "Fly" were brought onto the groups debut album, "Curb" released in 1996, in their original format, while "Where?" I believe was rerecorded. Nevertheless, they are both solid and very enjoyable. While "Window Shopper" has painfully generic lyrics that, although stain the song, do not bring the album down, "Fly" is an excellent peice of work, and is possibly the records best song as well as a highlight for the band. The song's
lyrics are about Chad Kroeger as a child asking his parents where people go when they die, and his mother tells him that they grow wings and go to either heaven or hell. Chad is curious, so he gets his father's gun and kills himself to see where he will go.

The next song is "Truck" and despite having decent lyrics, the instrumentation is very poor and Chad's vocals are difficult to understand. A weak track on the record and it's fairly forgettable. "Left" continues the string of tracks that were brought over to the bands debut album. I'm quite certain it was rerecorded. The song talks about a man who dies and his final words are "I'm the only one left." Another highlight on the record, despite repetitiveness that slightly brings it down. Very solid track. "In Front Of Me" and "D.C." close out the album in a very strange way in terms of instrumentation. The lyrical content, on the other hand, is nothing very special. Decent tracks overall.

Nickelback's seemingly forgotten debut EP, "Hesher" is a loud, grungy and respectable first record, which is saying a lot, considering the band produced it with only about $50,000 under their belts. In conclusion, "Hesher" despite some weak spots, will entertain grunge fans, music fans, or people who just want to find something good about the band.

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December 30th 2014


"Ah, Nickelback. The band that everyone just loves to hate."

never start your review with "ah, *insert band*" it reads really stupid. and come on nickelback reviewers try to come up with something else than starting with a mention of how many people hate them, for a change please.

"The two albums I have heard from them, "Silver Side Up" and "Curb" are, in my opinion, great records."

this adds absolutely nothing to the review. if you're gonna mention their albums, you need to connect them in some way to the album you're reviewing.

"With that said, let's review Nickelback's "Hesher"."

you're already reviewing it...

also, avoid going track by track, the readers often hate them and it's really hard to make a successful one (for the record, you aren't succeeding it). instead try to form an image of how the album sounds as a whole. the musicianship, the overall sound, what makes it good, what makes it bad, etc.

"The grunge-like instrumentation is what makes the song good. "

you're kinda trying to do it here but honestly this sounds just retarded to my ear. however, this...

"The next song, "Truck" has stellar lyrics as well as interesting instrumentation. There isn't really much else to say since the song is fairly short."

...doesn't tell me anything about how the song sounds like.

not gonna neg because i've seen worse first reviews but you've got a lot to improve. check some staff reviews for seeing what a good review looks like

Digging: Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full

December 30th 2014


Finally, somebody reviewed this thing. And no, Hesher sucks. Chad's vocals sound more like a comedic spoof of Chad Kroeger, and the lead guitarist sounds like he picked up the guitar for the first time 2 minutes before entering the studio.

December 30th 2014


"Chad's vocals sound more like a comedic spoof of Chad Kroeger"
Every album sounds like that.

December 30th 2014


You need to hear these songs then. His voice is shocking.

December 30th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

We are all entitled to opinions I guess

December 30th 2014


inb4 jac will bash everyone who hates on nickelback.

December 30th 2014


Album Rating: 1.0

Great album

Staff Reviewer
December 30th 2014


@wesley - if you need to, you can edit your reviews from your profile page. the stuff artuma pointed out is actually decent advice

December 30th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5


December 31st 2014


Album Rating: 2.0

this reminds me of nirvana at times. definitely better than most of their LPs

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