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2024-02-28 by Ashtiel | 9 Comments
Richmond, VA extreme metal quintet Inter Arma have announced their first full-length record in five years, New Heaven. The record follows on from 2019's monolithic Sulphur English and alongside the announcement the opening title track to the follow-up, "New Heaven" has been shared, a 7-minute long discordant cacophony that wastes no time pulling you in head first. New Heaven will release April 26th through Relapse Records and will also be their first with new bassist Joel Moore, "a lifelong guitarist who’d never played bass in a band before."

excerpt from Bandcamp release bio with some details about the title track itself:

"...Take the title track, with its hair-raising lead riff stemming from drummer/songwriter TJ Childers’ challenge to himself to write a nonsensically dissonant part that he ended up loving. The song spirals upward into a punishing Death-Metal march, Meanwhile, vocalist Mike Paparo’s stentorian bellows the bludgeon, above an impossibly complicated web of riffs and rhythms. From the get go, New Heaven and the opening title track eschews any restraint - INTER ARMA is completely unchained."

and a blurb from TJ Childers about the new LP:

"New Heaven is the culmination of four years worth of adversity ranging from near death experiences, multiple member changes and of course a global pandemic. It marks a new chapter for us musically as we feel we’ve taken our songwriting to places we’ve never explored before. We’re excited to have come out of the madness relatively unscathed and feel as though we’ve created something completely unique that will stand apart in the sometimes homogenous extreme music community."

Listen below:

New Heaven tracklist:
01. New Heaven (7:29)
02. Violet Seizures (6:30)
03. Desolation's Harp (4:30)
04. Endless Grey (2:42)
05. Gardens in the Dark (4:15)
06. The Children the Bombs Overlooked (7:37)
07. Concrete Cliffs (5:24)
08. Forest Service Road Blues (3:16)

Bandcamp pre-orders:

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February 28th 2024

I want forest service road blues now pls

February 28th 2024

song's absolutely filthy

can't wait for this

February 28th 2024

Fuck yeah Siri play the boys are back in town

February 28th 2024

couple of riffs on this kill but overall didn't do too much for me. Band absolutely rips live tho

February 28th 2024

Damn, this track is so badass but the production on those drums is not to my taste at all.

February 29th 2024

yup the actual music is solid but the drum sound ain't doin it for me. bummer too because they've had killer production on the last two records

February 29th 2024

Sky Burial was a breath of fresh air when it came out, it sounded menacing and progressive. After that I feel that they have been going downhill. This track does absolutely nothing for me, just dissonance and not much else. The press release is absolutely ridiculous.

March 1st 2024

Don't want to join the hivemind but man, that drum production really is something else. Not sure why they went the direction they did.

March 19th 2024

I really don't get the hate for the drums, they sound like how Inter Arma's drums have always sounded. I will be missing the straight doom/sludge side from this band (although we'll see how the record pans out.)

Also the album art kinda blows compared to the last 3 records. Indie Rock called, they want their album art back.

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