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Remixes are often hit or miss affairs. Modern technology allows any teenager or unemployed DJ to sit in their living room and churn out tracks — as a result, the internet is bombarded with thousands of crappy Rihanna and Lady Gaga remixes every day. However, to use a cliched expression, there are diamonds hidden in […]

About 2-3 weeks ago, we posted a news item asking for volunteers to improve the site’s database. Unfortunately, the announcement predated some new community album editing features that we were in the process of adding. As a result, thousands of hopeful, enthusiastic recruits were turned aside in dismay. Never fear, eager album editors. Meatplow is […]

Voting is currently underway on the next feature to add to Sputnik. Some of you may be asking: “Egads, so soon after the launch of the staff blog?!” However, our hordes of web designers (read: me) need something to be working on over the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested, check out the poll […]

Moody indie single for the day I Hope You Die Buy it here

Sputnik 2 was an unmanned spacecraft. That is, except for Laika (pictured on the left), who calmly commanded the satellite as it rocketed through the heavens. She did an admirable job of things until she died of overheating. However, her name now lives on forever as the first mammal to orbit the Earth — an […]

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