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Overkill Albums: Worst to First

Ranking the most consistent and reliable thrash band of all time.

Easily my least favorite Overkill record. Bloodletting is the sound of a band without any fresh ideas. A few good tracks, but never anything that warrants a second listen.

Best Track: Thunderhead
Grade: D

My opinion on ReliX IV is pretty much the same as Bloodletting, but with the added bonus of having a much better 2nd half.

Best Track: Play the Ace
Grade: D
I Hear Black

Slow Overkill is the worst Overkill.

Best Track: Feed My Head
Grade: D
Killbox 13

A definite step up from Bloodletting for sure. It isn’t spectacular, but it’s definitely okay.

Best Track: Devil by the Tail
Grade: D+
The Killing Kind

4 pretty solid tracks on here, but the filler is still a bit too abundant for my liking,

Best Track: Battle
Grade: C-

Definitely their best record of the 2000’s, and a little taste of the badassery that was to come. It’s nowhere near the quality of their 2010’s output, but it’s still a noted improvement over the staleness that infested their previous few records.

Best Track: Skull and Bones
Grade: C-

W.F.O. is the 90’s equivalent of ‘Under the Influence” for me. It’s a solid record, but there really aren’t too many memorable tracks. Solid, but a little stale.

Best Track: Bastard Nation
Grade: C
Under the Influence

I get that this record is part of their classic output; but I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of it. Sure it does contain the concert staple ‘Hello From the Gutter’, but outside of that and a couple other fun tracks, there isn’t much here that stands out.

Best Track: Shred
Grade: C

I don’t think Necroshine gets the respect it deserves. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of their slower, chuggier material, but this record finds a nice balance between 90’s groove and their 80’s thrashing.

Best Track: Forked Tongue Kiss
Grade: C+
From the Underground and Below

Now HERE’s an album I don’t understand the hate for. People also seem to hate the track ‘Long Time Dyin’, which totally baffles me because that song is a fuckin ripper. Give this one another shot. Definitely the best record of their mid-period.

Best Track: Long Time Dyin’
Grade: C+
The Wings Of War

I’ll be honest, I was pretty disappointed with this release initially. It’s pretty obvious it isn’t quite up to par with the 4 albums that preceded it. However, my opinion has definitely improved on repeated listens. The best thing this record has going for it is the god-like production job. The guitar tone on this record is simply orgasmic.

Best Track: Hole in My Soul
Grade: B-
White Devil Armory

It’s a 2010’s Overkill record, of COURSE this record fucking rips. My biggest complaint comes down to how samey most of the tracks on here sound. Don’t get me wrong, all the songs present are fuckin’ bangers, but I do with there was a little more variety from track to track. But at the end of the day, this is still modern Overkill, so you know you’re in good hands.

Best Track: Bitter Pill
Grade: B

Listen, I know this is a classic. I get it. I like it. BUT, I do think it’s pretty overrated. Don’t ask me why, but this record never struck me as anything more than a really solid thrash record. Great album with some great songs, but I don’t think it’s the thrashsterpiece many claim it is.

Best Track: New Machine
Grade: B
Feel the Fire

If this record had a decent production job, it would definitely be higher. The material on his is 100% pure unadulterated badass, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t prefer listening to them re-recorded or live.

Best Track: Hammerhead
Grade: B+
Taking Over

In terms of quality, Taking Over is definitely on par with the debut; but in terms of production, it is astronomically better. This was my first Overkill record, so it will always have a special place in my heart, but even with my personal biases accounted for, this is still a thrash classic.

Best Track: Use Your Head
Grade: A-
The Grinding Wheel

3.5? You guys are fuckin nutty, I swear. This thing is a fucking beast of a record, and proof positive that Overkill still had some tricks up their sleeve. While ‘White Devil Armory’ felt a little one note, ‘Grinding Wheel’ is chock full of variety with a real focus on a more traditional metal sound. If there’s one issue I have with the record, it’s with how it was marketed. The first single ‘Our Finest Hour’ is easily the weakest song of the bunch, and the 2nd weakest track, ‘Shine On’ got a music video.

Best Track: Red White and Blue
Grade: A
The Electric Age

Is it as good as Ironbound? No. Is it damn close? Abso-fuckin-lutely. This record is also home to the most badass scream in Bobby’s career. The fact he can still sing after that shriek on ‘Wish You Were Dead’ is truly a testament to how much of a monster he truly is.

Best Track: Electric Rattlesnake
Grade: A
The Years of Decay

I can’t believe this masterpiece is in 2nd place. If it were any other thrash group, it would obviously be in 1st, but this isn’t any other thrash group. Prepare your anus for the greatest comeback in all of thrash.

Best Track: The Years of Decay
Grade: A+

God, this album is so fucking good. Not only one of the best thrash records of the 2010’s, but one of the best thrash records of all time. Literal perfection.

Best Track: Endless War
Grade: A+
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