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Deep Purple Albums: Worst to First

Currently listening to Pink Floyd's discography, and having a rough time getting into it. Decided to share my ranking on a band I actually really enjoy to fill the gap between lists.
21Deep Purple
Shades of Deep Purple

A boring prog rock album is the worst kind of boring album. Ritchie’s lucky Hush is on here or else this entire album would be unforgivable.

Best Track: Hush
Grade: D-
20Deep Purple
The Book of Taliesyn

Another boring prog rock album.

Best Track: Kentucky Girl
Grade: D-
19Deep Purple
Deep Purple

The best album of Mark I is a slightly better boring prog rock album.

Best Track: April
Grade: D-
18Deep Purple
Rapture of the Deep

Deep Purple’s biggest wet fart of an album since their Mark I output. Boring prog rock, but with the notable advantage of having a harder edge.

Best Track: Money Talks
Grade: D+
17Deep Purple
The Battle Rages On...

Blackmore’s final release with the band, and you can really tell he’s phoning it in. Passable hard rock, but nothing more.

Best Track: Nasty Piece of Work
Grade: D+
16Deep Purple

Who the fuck thought naming the album Bananas was a good idea? Music is decent, but God that artwork and title are retarded. Worth a listen if you’re curious.

Best Track: Never a Word
Grade: C-
15Deep Purple

Definitely a major letdown following up the fantastic comeback ‘Purpendicular’. There’s an overall lack of memorable melodies, riffs or hooks. With that being said, it's still more than serviceable and has some great hidden gems.

Best Track: Fingers to the Bone
Grade: C-
14Deep Purple
Who Do We Think We Are

The weakest Gillan record of the 70's but still lightyears ahead of the first 3 albums. A solid blues rock album, but a definite step down.

Best Track: Woman From Tokyo
Grade: C
13Deep Purple

Another enjoyable offering in the post-Blackmore era. Some interesting ideas and concepts present, but not too many memorable moments in the first 5 tracks. Thankfully, the second half really picks up the slack and gives us some good shit.

Best Track: The Surprising
Grade: C
12Deep Purple
The House of Blue Light

Not really sure where the synergy the band had on the previous record went, but it really is missing here. It’s a shame, because there is some really excellent stuff on here, but there is more filler than I’m comfortable with. Weak follow up, but a decent album.

Best Track: Dead or Alive
Grade: C+
11Deep Purple
Now What?!

Wait? Deep Purple has the ability to make a prog-rock album that isn’t mind-numbingly boring? What?! This was the album where I came to the conclusion that Purpendicular wasn’t just a fluke, and this new iteration of the band still had some great music to share with us.

Best Track: Simple Song
Grade: B-
10Deep Purple

Stormbringer below the followup? Yes. I really dig Stormbringer, but their next album needs the love more than this one.

Best Track: Stormbringer
Grade: B-
9Deep Purple
Come Taste the Band

I don’t give a shit what anyone says; this album fucking rocks dude. Replacing Blackmore was a Herculean task, but Bolin fucking SLAYS on here. It's no 'In Rock' or 'Machine Head', but it isn't too far behind either. This record is some serious need of reassessment. Get on it, nerds.

Best Track: Dealer
Grade: B-
8Deep Purple
Slaves and Masters

I love this album. I understand why people don't like it, but it hits all the notes I wanted from a Joe Lynn Turner fronted Deep Purple album. It may not sound like the band's classic output, but it showed Deep Purple could make a damn good AOR record. I wish JLT would have stuck around for at least one more record, because I want more of what these boys cooked up here.

Best Track: King of Dreams
Grade: B
7Deep Purple

Poor Fireball. This record has it rough, being sandwiched between two of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. Don’t forget about this one guys, it’s still a damn good album.

Best Track: The Mule
Grade: B
6Deep Purple

Yeah, this one is really fuckin’ good. There’s a great sense of cohesion here, and all the material adds to a very satisfying whole. Not many bands at this point in their career will release an album of this calibre; so hats off to these guys for delivering a modern classic.

Best Track: Step by Step
Grade: B+
5Deep Purple

For a second time, Deep Purple showed us they don't need Blackmore to make a kickass record. ‘Purpendicular’ has a little bit of everything, but never once feels unfocused or eclectic. Steve Morse is one of rock’s most underappreciated guitarists, and nowhere is his immaculate fretwork showcased better than this album right here.

Best Track: Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Grade: B+
4Deep Purple
Perfect Strangers

I don’t know what happened, but my opinion of this album has done a complete 180. I really wasn’t a fan of this record back in middle school, but now I think it’s one of the best records in Deep Purple’s undeniably impressive discography. Everything here clicks into place, and is easily one of the band’s most consistent offerings.

Best Track: A Gypsy’s Kiss
Grade: A-
3Deep Purple

The Coverdale era is wrongfully overlooked by many, and that’s a damn shame. Burn is an absolute masterpiece, and the last DP offering that I truly consider to be a must listen for anybody. Don’t pass on giving this album a listen, because that would be a terrible mistake on your part.

Best Track: Burn
Grade: A
2Deep Purple
Machine Head

It was a tough putting this at #2, but I like ‘In Rock’ just a tiny bit more. I won't waste our time writing why Machine Head is so great, because you already know. Simply classic in every regard.

Best Track: Highway Star
Grade: A
1Deep Purple
Deep Purple In Rock

This is the debut album of Deep Purple. The first 3 albums don’t exist in my eyes. This is the debut, plain and simple. Probably the best hard rock album of the 70’s, and damn near the best metal album of the 70’s too. You owe it to yourself to give this a listen. Treat yourself; you deserve it.

Best Track: Child in Time
Grade: A+
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