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Blind Guardian Albums: Worst to First

I only listen to Blind Guardian in the winter and I have no idea why. Anyone else think Blind Guardian is a strictly winter band?
11Blind Guardian
Legacy Of The Dark Lands

This sounds like an Awesome idea on paper, but once you actually give a listen, you can’t help but feel let down by the end result. At the end of the day it sounds like a collection of tracks that belong sandwiched between two real Blind Guardian songs. Let’s hope that new project coming up in 2021 is of a higher calibre.

Best Track: In The Red Dwarf’s Tower
Grade: D
10Blind Guardian
Beyond the Red Mirror

This is the album I fear At the Edge of Time was going to be. Red Mirror relies heavily on said progessive elements, which makes an already long album feel even longer than it actually is. While it hurts to call any Blind Guardian album boring, that descriptor fits the album like a glove. Memorable moments are far and few between, making the overall experience rather disappointing. I expected much better from this guys.

Best Track: The Ninth Wave
Grade: D+
9Blind Guardian
Battalions of Fear

While I do like this album, I can’t say it's some of their strongest material. While I do appreciate Blind Guardian’s heavier roots, I rarely ever come back to this one. I prefer my Blind Guardian on the more melodic side, which is a department this record kinda falls flat in.

Best Track: Guardian of the Blind
Grade: C
8Blind Guardian
Follow the Blind

Follow the Blind continues the vicious and speedy sound of Battalions, just with the advent of a stronger production and marginally stronger material. If you dig the debut, you’re gonna love it. As for me, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Best Track: Hall of the King
Grade: C+
7Blind Guardian
Somewhere Far Beyond

Yeah, I’d be lying if I said this is one of my favorites. It isn’t bad by any stretch of the world, it just doesn’t really possess any distinct characteristics that make it stand out. I’ve listened to it many times in hopes of finally “getting” it, but the record absolutely refuses to commit to my memory once I’m done listening to it. It’s generic Blind Guardian, which is never a bad thing; but it sadly isn’t all that memorable at the end of the day. Oh, and The Bard's Song is totally fucking lame.

Best Track: Somewhere Far Beyond
Grade: C+
6Blind Guardian
At the Edge of Time

While I feared this album would lean a little too much on the progressive side it thankfully never degrades itself into the pretentious prog bullshit Iron Maiden started releasing in the 2000’s. If I had one major critique with the album, it would have to be that it drags on a little too long, and can be pretty hard to fully digest in one sitting. With that being said, every track on here sounds important, and surprisingly doesn’t contain much filler.

Best Track: Curse My Name
Grade: B
5Blind Guardian
Tales from the Twilight World

TFTTW marks the moment where Blind Guardian began to slowly stitch together the iconic sound that would define the band. While the record is definitely on the heavier side, the additional rich atmospheric on a couple tracks give us a taste of what's to come. Definitely an underappreciated gem in the Blind Guardian catalog.

Best Track: The Last Candle
Grade: B+
4Blind Guardian
A Twist in the Myth

After the overwhelming masterpiece that was Night at the Opera, the band opted to return to the more straightforward and heavier sound found in their late 80s and early 90s moutput. While some might find this gross overcorrection a tad bit jarring, I really found it to be a breath of fresh air. They knew there was no way they could top NATO in terms of grandiose spectacle, so that fact they went in a more streamlined direction was a smart move in my eyes. The end product shows us they haven’t lost their hardened edge, and could still kick some serious ass.

Best Track: Turn The Page
Grade: B+
3Blind Guardian
Imaginations from the Other Side

I’ve always seen Imaginations as the album that bridges the gap between their more aggressive style in their early work, and the the more progessive tendences of their later albums; making it a great introduction to anyone looking to get into this band. While it may not be quite as strong as their following two albums, it’s still an undeniable classic, and an all-time fan favorite.

Best Track: Bright Eyes
Grade: A-
2Blind Guardian
Nightfall in Middle-Earth

Without a doubt the career defining record for Blind Guardian. As far as I’m concerned this was the album where Blind Guardian finally reached maturity and perfected their signature sound. I feel as if this goes without saying, but far as concept records go, this is easily one of the greatest of all time. You guys already know that, so me repeating it doesn’t feel all that necessary. If you haven’t given Nightfall in Middle Earth a listen, fuck you.

Best Track: Nightfall
Grade: A
1Blind Guardian
A Night at the Opera

If Nightfall was the album where Blind Guardian fully obtained their sound, Night at the Opera is a record where they where they go all out, and push that sound to its limits. Never has Blind Guardian ever sounded more invigorated and important than they do on this record right here. It’s clear the record had some pretty lofty ambitions; thankfully, every single member is giving it their all, and composing easily the most intricate and technically impressive compositions of their entire career. If you want a record that perfectly shows a band in top form, check this one out immediately.

Best Track: And Then There Was Silence
Grade: A+
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