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Power Metal in 2019

Ranking all the power metal records I listened to in 2019 with reasonings
24Raptor Command

A metal album about Elon Musk, what a stupid fucking idea.
23Sonata Arctica

I refuse to believe these guys were ever good. They had some serious balls putting an album like this out. Some serious fuckin trash.
22Steel Prophet
The God Machine

There isn’t a single memorable note on this unremarkable shitpiece. Total waste of time.
21Iron Savior
Kill or Get Killed

Same as above but with better production.
20Rhapsody of Fire
The Eighth Mountain

I seriously can’t stand the new vocalists cry baby singing voice. Some solid songs on here, but not enough to warrant a listen.
19Battle Beast
No More Hollywood Endings

Now that Beast in Black is around and playing Battle Beast style music, this band really doesn’t warrant its own existance.
They Never Say Die

A metal concept record about The Goonies, what a stupid fucking idea. At least that truffle shuffle song is decent.
17Blind Guardian
Legacy Of The Dark Lands

Wow, now this was a huge disappointment. In theory, this should have been amazing, but the end product felt like a collection of interludes that belong sandwiched between actual Blind Guardian tracks. Total bummer.
16Merging Flare
Revolt Regime

First 3 tracks are fucking fantastic, sadly the rest of it is pretty unremarkable. After the first 15 minutes you could shut it off and not miss anything.

Hammerfall are back with another middling release. Gets the job done, but doesn’t go above and beyond in any aspect.
14Savage Messiah

Most of this record is pretty serviceable at best, but is bookended by two behemoth tracks that help raise it above mediocrity.
13Silver Bullet (FIN)

While it does teeter on generic every now and then, Mooncult is an enjoyable, if not a little forgettable experience.
12Iron Fire
Beyond the Void

The thing that makes this record stand out among the rest is the vocals. It isn’t very often that you hear a straightforward power metal record with a gravelly vocalist. If you want some with power metal but without an operatic vocalist, this is for you.
11Turilli / Lione Rhapsody
Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)

This version of Rhapsody totally blew the actually band out of the water this year. While the actual group put out a boring slog with a whiny vocalist, Turillli and Lionne deliver an infinitely more interesting and cohesive record. If you’re gonna listen to any Rhapsody record from 2019, make it this one.

While the production and vocal categories leave a lot to be desired, I can’t deny just how killer the songs actually are. Some good shit, just prepare for your ears to get a little battle damage.
9Freedom Call

These guys are the masters of good records with dreadful album art. Don’t let the eyesore of a cover dissuade you from giving this a listen; it's well worth your time
Extreme Power Metal

Fuck you, I like Dragonforce

Yet again, another rock solid release from the passion project of Tobias Sammet. Great variation from track to track, and with a juggernaut line-up of guest vocalists. My only major critique is that Jorn deserved to be on every single song.
6Twisted Tower Dire
Wars in the Unknown

Sonically this record occupies the same territory of early Helloween, possessing a classic feel that never once comes across forced. Wars is a pretty no frills, meat and potatoes power metal record; and a good one at that.
Legends From Beyond the Galactic Terror.

Remember adding this album to Sput and not being able to fit the entire title in the album information. Gloryhammer’s third and final chapter in the Angus McFife trilogy doesn’t disappoint, and delivers and extremely satisfying conclusion. The band’s trademark cheese and fantastical lyrics are dialed up to 11, and goes all out for the finale.
Rise of the Dragon Empire

I was shocked at how good this record was. I’ve always found Bloodbound to be a pretty white bread band, with little to no original aspects worth merit. But to my surprise, this record slapped me right in the cock from start to finish. Only took them 9 records, but they’ve finally been able to crank out a record worth listening to.
The Great War

I know there is a sizable percentage of people who dislike Sabaton’s lack of variation and creative growth, but I say fuck that noise. These guys know the music they want to make, and do a damn good job of it. Sabaton fucks
2Beast In Black
From Hell With Love

Since their very inception, Beast In Black were created to be a better version of Battle Beast, and this new record helped transform that mission into a foregone conclusion. From Hell With Love is a top to bottom barnburner chock full of powerful screams, chunky riffs, prominent synth leads and enough cheese to fill an industrial sized food cellar one hundred times over. Turn off your brain, put on your designer shades, and have a good time.
1Twilight Force
Dawn of the Dragonstar

And here we are, my pick for not only power metal record of the year, but record of the year overall as well. This is an absolutely fantastic album in every regard, and is climbing its way up the ranks of my all-time favorite records. Power metal doesn’t get much better than this.
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