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5.0 classic
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Agalloch The Mantle
Amenra Mass V
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Boris Flood
Burial Untrue
Chill Bump The Loop
Clever Girl No Drum And Bass in the Jazz Room
Converge Jane Doe
Defeater Lost Ground
Deftones White Pony
DJ Shadow Endtroducing.....
Fall of Efrafa Elil
Fall of Efrafa Tharn
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Gospel The Moon Is a Dead World
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
Portishead Dummy
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
Refused The Shape of Punk to Come
Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians
Suis La Lune Heir
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity
William Basinski The Disintegration Loops II
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss EP

4.5 superb
Alcest Kodama
This is peak Alcest material, proggy post-rocky blackened shoegaze executed masterfully.
And yet it does not feel like a 5.0 contender. It has quite a few non-god tier points, and
although I perceive it as a better album it feels like it has less of an identity than EdL
did at the time. 2 except its lovely outro tempers the excitment of a superb jammy opener
quite early on in the album. 3 is then a jam, but followed by again a less good track in 4.
1, 6, and 7 are definitely the main jams here. The album closer feels a bit unnecessary and
does not bring much in terms of album finale, but at the same time it does feel like a
closing track was needed. I just found out it was a bonus track so guess I'll have to re-
listen without 8. Some of the best, most mature Alcest material yet, but I don't think
it'll grow past a 4.4
Alcest Écailles De Lune
Absolutely stunning evolution from their debut. 1-3 is god tier and easily 4.4-4.5
territory. Abysses, albeit a lovely dark ambient interlude, is what brings the album down
as it faults its construction massively. The last two tracks are much softer than the first
three, and progressively decay away in reverberated lushness. If it weren't for Abysses,
they could be a lovely descent down from the bm goodness of 3, similarly to Boris' Flood 4.
But the pause created by Abysses forces us to regard those last two tracks as a standalone
'second half' which never reaches the heights of the first one, whereas it would have
functioned perfectly as a counterpart to the increasing heaviness of the first three tracks
if it were continuous with them. The album is still lovely, but this critical flaw in
construction prevents it from currently being a potential 5 from me, and it ends at 4.35
Anna von Hausswolff Dead Magic
Fabulous album mixing a variety of influences, even bordering on ambient and drone at times. Eerie, tribal, epic in alternation.
Arvo Part Spiegel im Spiegel
Delicate and breathtaking. Like much of Satie's work, wonderful musical food for thought.
Belong October Language
Absolutely superb noisy, gritty drone album which navigates various flavours of the genre
masterfully. From the first few seconds I knew I'd love it. The record is weakest on tracks
like 4, 6, and the first two thirds of 7 (the track end is a nice noisy decay though),
where it is glitchier, less cinematic, and maybe looses its atmospheric focus a bit.
Otherwise, this is pretty much all jams except maybe 2. 5 sounds a bit different as sublime
descent into lower ended, underwater-sounding textures reminisced in a glitchier, less good
way in 7. 3 brings a lovely despaired Sigur-Ros-esque post-rock guitar line atop all the
noise, and it gives a special flavour to the track. After 6 and 7 I was hesitant to say
this is 4.5 territory, but the absolutely sublime decay of the album into a blur of noise
as a grand finale bumped it over the edge. 4.25
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
Is there a more legendary intro track than this. This one feels a lot more 60s infused than what follows (can be heard on 3 or 4 for example), but their dark, fat sound is already there and aged so well. 1-4 is all jams, 1 being the evilest and darkest and 2 being super fun in contrast. 3 doesn't have the best transition from 2 or the best outro, but hell the riffs are fun. 4 is also incredibly fun. 5's a fine track but feels a touch more outdated and resolves on a fadeout. 6 is the track where you can tell they are having fun, and while it's not a jam it sure is cool and would belong on a 5.0. The nail on in the 5.0 coffin is the closing track which, let's be frank, is all good and well but didn't age properly and overextends pointless solos for a fair bit. Still a behemoth of an album, both from a historical point of view and just musically top notch. If ever you wanted to jam Sabbath in a festival while having a beer this might be the one? 4.4
Burial Kindred
If I ever get a second Burial 5.0, this is going to be the one. Man this doesn't age. 4.7
Burzum Filosofem
Some of the best and most original bm ever made. My personal favourite from Burzum. Strong contender for a 5, but for now a 4.7
Celer Para
Excellent ambient/dark ambient drone with rich, diverse and mildly surprising textures. Notrquite interesting enough to loop over 50+ minutes, but very near that top tier. Will re-rlisten. 4.2rEdit: yeah it does feel a touch long, but it still boasts some really unique and tastyrtextures and I find myself coming back to it often. Definitely one of his best works. 4.3
Celer I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This
Some of the best sounding 'generic' ambient I've heard. Maybe I am overreacting due to being in the perfect mood for it. Very different from Para, whose charm came from original sounds and textures - nothing surprising here, but masterfully executed. Will have to re-listen. Oh and title is certainly not the record's strongest point. 4.3
Cult of Luna Salvation
Effing beast of an album - a huge step up from their first two. To me this is the
defining CoL sound. Much more post-rocky and cleaner than its predecessors, it does not
lose the brutal riffs on some tracks, for instance the magnificent album outro. This
alternation of calm and heavy, clear and harsh vocals, dream and violence makes for a
very dynamic album. Riveting, diverse and with lots of memorable tracks, this is a clear
5 contender that has its unique personality to it. Solid 4.5
Cult of Luna Somewhere Along the Highway
Monumental album. The first few tracks are especially good, with many brilliant ideas (that synth
riff on 'Finland' is balls), and may surpass Salvation in their best moments. The rest of the
album does fall off a bit however, especially the middle. The heavy bits are brilliant and on par
with if not better than some of Salvation's high points, but the long calm phases are way weaker.
They're in a grimmer, slightly proggier style than the classic hopeful post-rock style Salvation
had, but just executed far less well. On the verge of losing its 5 contender status, but still a
solid 4.4
Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas Mariner
Absolutely massive and enthralling. One of the best uses of female vocals in metal. Julie
Christmas input notwithstanding this is already a fantastic CoL record with brutal riffs,
excellent song constructions, and vocals amongst the best. Julie is a incredibly clever addition
to their sound and brings a touch of madness, making the record sound like a lunatic witch ritual
with powerful imagery a la Dead Magic by Anna vH. This freshness and originality is amazing from
these masters of the genre, and this may very well become the CoL classic album I've been looking
for. I have to say the second half did not feel quite as good on first listen, and 'The Wreck of
S.S. Needle' is a bit of a weak point, but hell yeah this rocks. 4.6
Edit: same except SS Needle is a good track, the low point is track 4 whcih drags on a bit and
maybe the second half of the closer. Still 4.6
Daughters Hell Songs
Liked this a lot more than YWGWYW. TDEP without metal and a touch noisier. Very accurately titled. 4.3
Deafheaven Demo
Deafheaven's sound is already there, but the black metal influences are more predominant, still with the characteristic post-rock interludes they are known for and have come to use increasingly along the years. This early output is excellent, although less ambitious and grand than their full-length work.
Death The Sound of Perseverance
IT COMESrFROM THE DEPTHSrOF A PLACErUNKNOWN TO THEEEErKEEPEEEEEEERrOF DREAMSrThis has some of Death's best banger tracks, but I have to say it got farther from a 5.0 for me. Transitions between songs are not always on point, and the Judas Priest cover is bad taste. Still incredibly solid though. 4.7
Death Human
I like a lot of death metal, but coming back to this always makes me feel like this is the absolute best death metal record out there, with the only real contenders being the three Death albums that followed it. Massive, innovative and never monotonous - the genre is masterfully executed. Especially after the remaster, this is a little bit like Pink Floyd in that you can tell it was made decades ago, but at the same time it does not sound old or outdated at all and is just as good today - if not better. Potential classic. 4.6
Erik Satie Gnossiennes
From reading online I gather only Gnossienne 1-3 were named as such by Satie, 4-7 having
been lumped in there posthumously. So I'm only talking about 1-3 here.rAbsolutely
stunning piano works with a unique, uneasy yet elegant feeling. No. 2 is my least
favourite, but 1 and 3 are absolute masterpieces. I sometimes prefer these to the
extremely overused Gymnopedies - depends on the mood really. They are drastically
different pieces of about equal quality. 4.4
Evilfeast Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest
This is fantastic and extremely atmospheric black metal. It remotely evokes a 2000's version of
90's Burzum. This is how dungeon synth truly shines, used either occasionally in conjunction with
bm or for short ambient interludes. Despite what I consider minor formal mistakes - fade out song
ends, abrupt changes in production that sound quite odd especially between the first two tracks
-, the record is excellent at crafting a wizardy, foresty, mountainy and mysterious feel, and has
enough unique traits to be quite memorable. Re-listen warranted. 4.4
Explosions in the Sky The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
Why do I enjoy this so much? In the end this is crescendocore like any other - fantastically well crafted, but quite standard. Yes it is old and sparked a
lot of interest for the genre, but it isn't the first crescendo post-rock album ever. But you know what, it just works. These songs have been with me for a
decade now; this is music that makes me love life, in a delicate mixture of happiness, nostalgia, and a bit of a smile for those melodies which I recall so
well. Today the intro of Six Days is what hit me the most, but that changes with every listen. Man I'm pumped to finally see them tonight. 4.5
Flourishing The Sum of All Fossils
Begins as a death metal album but progressively mixes a tonne of influences along the way, which makes it a very interesting piece of music that blurs the boundaries of the genre.
Francisco Tarrega Capricho árabe
Spanish guitar at its best. Soothing and relaxing.
Georgie Sweet Stories
Nujabes meets 90's soul? Add in a touch of XXYYXX on the second track, sprinkle with Hiatus
Kaiyote vibes and you get this little gem. This is only a two-tracker but it is splendid.
Cannot wait to hear more from her/these guys (not sure if this is a multi-person band or
not). Soulful, groovy and relaxing all at the same time.
Gnaw Their Tongues L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante
Orchestral noisy dark ambient/black metal. Don't have to say much more: this record is
f*cking terrifying and will chill your spine like day old pee in Siberia. The musical
embodiment of a cold, devastated hell. Glorious. 4.3
Grouper Ruins
Absolutely superb. My favourite from Grouper with Draggin a Dead Deer Up a Hill.
Absolutely worth a re-listen. Far heavier on the keys than DaDDUaH (what a strange
acronym), but that yields more than interesting textures. A lot of the album sounds like
Agnes Obel in terminal phase of depression, lost during a snow storm in some mental
hospital in the mountains. Magically dreadful. The last track is phenomenal and perhaps
the best of the album - instrumental ambient synth work that reminds of GYBE or
Agalloch's ambient moments. 4.3
Edit: listened again, agree with everything I said but bumped down to a 4.3 from a 4.4
Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
This sounds like reading a book wrapped up in a warm blanket at home on a cold winter night.
Superb acoustic guitar-based ambient with indie-like vocals. It is a bit on the long side and
does not vary much, but because it has such a unique feel and texture, balancing between haunting
and reassuring, in the right conditions it just works. Amazing album.
Edit: Absolute wonder. Much folkier than anything she released previously, with lots of acoustic
guitar and fewer noisy/drone elements. This is a droney folk album at this point, not a folky
drone album, and its a favourite folk record for me. Hadn't properly rated it at the time, but
this is clearly a 4.45
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 5 in C sharp minor
Probably my favourite of his so far on first listen. It feels like it offers much more in terms of memorable hooks, eg at minute 4 on III. Jammed Abbado's take. I starts with a nice intro, its first third is a bit flavourless, but the rise around min 5 is superb. II is my favourite Mahler movement at this point, with compelling storytelling, lots of dynamics and dramatic melodies. III is in the same vein, and made me decide this was my fave Mahler symphony. Min 14-15 is superb. IV is much more relaxed than the prior two movements, but that is most welcome given their dynamics and fullness. V is nice but not the best of all these. The finale is fine but not to the level of II/III. 4.3
Gyorgy Ligeti Requiem
One of the most cinematic, dread-inducing and frankly death-evoking Requiem masses I know.
The third movement breaks the suffocating atmosphere a bit and is by far my least
favourite, but this is still immensely powerful. Potential 5? Jammed the Berliner
philarmoniker from Ligeti Project IV. 4.4
John Coltrane A Love Supreme
I don't know what it is, but there is something special about this record. This is jazz that tells a story, even in its dissonances and its quirks. It tells a story of noir New York, of lost times, of love perhaps. It has an inexplicable darkness to it. The opener is the one that makes me a bit doubtful that it could be a perfect 5.0. 2 and 3 are the most accessible jams, the former being one of my fave jazz tracks period and 3 being more upbeat and heavy on the drums in a lovely, fun almost gershwin-esque way. 4's a perfect conclusion and honestly, this might be the jazz album I 5 some day. 4.8
Mastodon Remission
The rawest Mastodon LP out there. Fantastic drumming technique, bleak and spicy prod, and
the vox sound heavily distorted and out of this world. But apart from 7 I think they fit
the album's brutality and raw aggressiveness perfectly. The first half is incredible, and
1-4 is all god tier jams bar a few sections here and there. 5 shows us that they already
had those melodic, proggy, marine melodies in them as well with a lovely intro, seen also
on 9. But from 5 on the record seems to get lost into slower territories and seems to loose
its focus and direction quite badly. 10 does go back to the style of the early and is a jam
except towards the end, but at this point it feels like too little too late. We're still
being offered lovely material, sometimes post-metalish, but it's just not on par with the
first half, especially with the closing track ending it all on pretty much a fade out.
Still balls and still some of my favourite riffage out there - who dare say thrash metal
now. 4.4
Meshuggah I
Mind-bending tortuous brutality. In my view, the peak of their work. Immensely complex and massive sound.
Miles Davis Kind of Blue
Gorgeous, relaxed jazz and one of the most consistent albums at that out there - that I
know of at least. It has an atmosphere to it, that of a timelapse of 50's NYC traffic,
but it is less atmospheric than A Love Supreme. The opener is an incredible feel good
jazz jam and a top tier track, but the problem is that, after 2 which is the perfect
continuation of the track, the album feels a touch like a downwards curve. 3 has a lovely
delicate atmosphere but lingers on it a little too long, and 4 is the weakest track here
although it is nicely playful and cute and certainly still a strong track. 5 is
deliciously relaxed and a gorgeous jazz track. While a jam it also reinforces that
overall feel of overall downwards curve in energy which I'm not sure I am a fan of. Still
a mammoth jazz record of course, and one of the few truly accessible ones. Perfect to get
started on jazz. 4.65
Mobb Deep The Infamous
As quintessential as hip-hop gets. Not quite there yet and I have my doubts, but this is still very much a 5.0 contender. The opener is perhaps not as iconic as Illmatic's but is a godtier jam, and Shook Ones is perhaps even godlier - Prodigy's verse being one of the best in hip-hop and one of my favourite moments in music altogether. This is packed with jams on 1,3,6 (quite Nujabessy), 7 (ethereal and vox-centered), 8 (hard hitting but far from god tier), 10, 11 (cool but again far from godlike), and 14-16. The vocal deliveries are diverse with multiple guests but consistently surgically sharp and fitting for the song, eg. Q-Tip in the jazzier 14 which contrasts sublimely with the bleakness of 15 and 16. 13 had the ideas to be a godtier jam, but the execution pales and the prod often feels too minimalistic. The record only struggles on some of the darker tracks which reminisce of what we will later see on Hell on Earth and don't feel like they fit the aerial tone of the album, like on 4 or 9, where a track like 10 is hard hitting too but in a way that fits the album massively better. The skits aren't the worst and certainly not annoying, and while I kinda wish they weren't there they do offer flow and continuity to an album which I decidedly struggle to find flaws in. 4.75
Nas Illmatic
Where The Infamous embodies classic collective East Coast hip-hop, Nas sublimes the solo rapper side of the genre with this masterpiece. It feels slightly more consistent than The Infamous, owing to a shorter runtime, an absence of skits, and the near-total absence of weak tracks. I say near total, because 8 hurts the album massively. The second half of the album (7-10) is clearly weaker than the first, but 8 is the one that really hurts the album by feeling quite out of place. It is bouncy and head bobby, but feels too slow and laid back compared to the early album without packing anywhere near the same punch. 7,9 and 10 are still jams of varying degrees, although 10 feels like it falls a bit flat as an album closer, but had 8 not been there it would be a very different story. On the other hand, 1-6 is some of the most consistent and iconic hip-hop there is out there, and is the reason why this still could be a 5.0. 2 is my favourite hip-hop track, only challenged perhaps by Prodigy's verse on Shook Ones. But I'm doubtful this will manage to reach the perfect album tier. 4.8
Neurosis Times of Grace
Absolutely bleak and ferociously dark. A dive into the depth of hell. Even though the music is in the end relatively simple, the evoked emotional response is extremely powerful. One of their best and sludgiest records. I wouldn't be surprised if it were Amenra's favourite. 4.3
Nuvolascura Nuvolascura
Phenomenal screamo with crazy drumming, constant changes and relentless gut-wrenching energy.
Amazing debut, a band to watch. 4.3
Edit: second listen, I stand by my rating. Not a classic contender, but this is an amazing
record. A trance in flames, maybe one half track too long (could do away with the closer), but
still. 4.25
Oxbow The Narcotic Story
Patrick Watson Je Te Laisserai Des Mots
I can't legitimately rate a single any higher than a 4.5 especially with a track this short, but as far as individual songs go this is an absolute stunner. Wonderful, breathtaking emotion. 4.5
Paysage d'Hiver Winterkälte
My favourite from Pd'H by far. This album shows a lot of maturity in construction compared to previous records, alternating very well between field recording sections, black metal bursts, and ambient parts. The production is a lot cleaner too, which arguably takes away a little bit of the Pd'H DNA, but makes the record less tough a pill to swallow. The middle section especially tracks 2 and 4 bring the album down a couple points. Their style of slower, more repetitive riff based and less atmospheric bm just clicks with me less than the rest. Prevents the record from being 4.4/4.5 material, but the other tracks keep it high up. Opener especially is a favourite Pd'H jam. 4.3
Pink Floyd Meddle
The most relaxing of all the 70's Floyd albums, and the first really legendary one as AHM was only a precursor. The bulk of the album from 2-5 does retain a lot of the earlier, folkier Floyd sound minus the psychedelia, and doesn't go yet too much into their later 'rock' grandeur, but the bookends (both jams obvs) are magical and represent what they were about to become. 1 is one of the best openers of all time, and 5 is a majestic epic, from the first minutes displaying a more rock sound, and is the track that nudges this back to 4.5 range. It is incredibly atmospheric in places, music to look at the sky. The midtrack gets weird but not for too long, and then it goes back to sublime stuff although the very conclusion is not their best. Between those two, 2 is ok and sweet but doesn't feel as jammy in comparison, 3 is a chill jam and probably the best in this mid-album, 4 is summer Floyd with lovely bounce, kind of a boppy jam, while 5 feels like it overstretches 4 and is a bit unnecessary. An album to enjoy life to. 4.4
Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
I don't tend to rate live albums, but given this was played to be recorded without even an audience, I don't care. It is canon, and it is a 'studio' album - but recorded outdoors. And what a beast of an album. It is their first truly flawless album, like 70's Floyd took the best of their earlier discog, and transformed it into the first of the legendary 70's Floyd albums. Echoes is a highlight here and offers a much rockier version than on Meddle, definitely jams and 5.0 material. But it is not the only highlight, as 3 is an effing sick avant garde jam with crazy screams (avant garde done right dude), and 6 is a fantastic jam too, perfect take from their earlier discog with those oriental mysterious vibes, and showing that the album just summarises early Floyd in a better form. 4 has awesome drumming in the intro, and is fantastic but does get quite experimental, while 7 is just flat out unnecessary but is thankfully only two minutes long. The album does have a couple too many experimental weird sections than I can live with on a 5.0, but they're never too long. 5 is the only track that clearly sounded better on the studio version, but is still very nicely experimental and cool. The sample/sorta drone intro on 1 is nice too, and a trait we'll find later on in their discog. Just near flawless. 4.8
Radiohead OK Computer
A mammoth album full of superb tunes that I think suffers from some degree of generational mismatch. I am a touch too young to have grown with it, yet too old for my ma or pa to have grown with it themselves and raised me to it. Thus a lot of the tracks feel like jams but not god tier, personal ones. The tracks that do feel god tier - the cheesy 10 and more so 6 - are the famous ones I knew early on before I ever jammed the CD as a whole. The outlier being 12, which I just love as a sublime conclusion and bumps this a point. Because of this phenomenon, the album feels like it won't be a personal 5.0 - and it isn't a matter of familiarity, I've listened to this for years and years -, but it also just suffers from a weaker second half post the Pink Floydesque transitional 7, a vocal sample-based interlude, that is followed by a run of two harder hitting tracks that go more experimental (the intro of 9 is totally trip-hop). While I enjoy abrasiveness and experimentation, here it feels out of place for an album that was mostly made of rich, deep and complex yet easily digestable tunes. Thankfully 10-12 are all jams - 11 is so vast and spatial. The first half on the other hand is all classic jams except perhaps the electronic 4 which still feels like a very strong track that would fit on a 5.0. That first half is all classic, rich and dense songs that aren't really worth describing given how ubiquitously known they are, and somehow they feel like the soundtrack to a happy sunny roadtrip with your sad friends. Behemoth album, but that falls short of perfection. 4.8
Sigur Ros Agætis byrjun
To me this has been 'almost a 5.0' for at least five years now. The beginning and the end are absolutely beautiful, but there is just a phase in the middle of the album where it struggles to match the quality of the rest, with a few sub par tracks that make me hesitant to make it a five. Still a strong contender though. 4.6
Sigur Ros Takk...
Magnificent opus from Sigur Ros. If happy childhoods had a soundtrack. I have no idea if
the lyrics are actually happy but I always found this bizarrely uplifting, with a heavy
touch of melancholy - missing those long lost happy days. Probably the most peaceful SR
album too. I shall need many re-listens but this is definitely still a 5 contender. 4.6
Edit: perfectly bridges the emotion of ( ) and the hooking melodies of AB. Might be my fave
of theirs? 4.7
Sigur Ros ( )
From the first notes you know this is going to hit right in the feels. Didn't have as good
a listen as I was expecting this time after not hearing this for quite a while, but it's
still a glorious album full of highly emotional peaks, that are unfortunately brought down
by some very (I daresay excessively) lengthy buildups and a couple tracks that do not pack
as much intensity as others. Still a glorious and top tier SR album, but I'm not feeling
the 5.0 on this one. 4.4
State Faults Clairvoyant
The first half of this up to track 7 or so is incredible, about a 4.35 and clearly a potential grower. The music is brutal, intelligent, changes pace all the time and is just a chaotic delight to hear. Drums are incredible, and I finally love the vocals with those more aggressive instrumentals behind them .Track 4 is my tentative favourite of the album, but 1-6 are absolute jams bar some sections of 3. The t/t is a turning point and is much slower and doomier than the rest. It's not quite my favourite, but also it brings a bit of freshness mid-record, and in the context of making a grand album and not just a great album I think it fits really well. The run from 7-11 has more ups and downs, whereas the first half was all ups. Highlights are the brutal last third of 9, and the melody on 9. 11 is a jam and graciously comes back to the sound of the first half. I feel diced about rating this in 4.5 range, but also I've grown more cautious about what I 4.5 since I 4.3'd Nuvolascura. Clairvoyant feels superior, so I guess I'll have to rejam both. I still think this is fantastic and a grower, so it'll tentatively reach a 4.25
Suffocation Reincremated
I don't care, this is a huge dm fix with fat demo prod and distorted vox. It's a headbanger from the first minute to the last. Man I had forgotten how much I love this band. 4.3
SUMAC What One Becomes
Holy f*ck this record is massive as f*ck. Crass, bleak post-metal with heaps of low end and fantastic guttural grows. I don't understand why this is rated so low on here. The compositions are maybe a touch simpler than say Isis' or CoL's, but they sure are efficient. Mad headbangs - Locust Star as an album. The record also has some calm phases (e.g. the end of 'Blackout' whose melody sounds exactly like Perth by Bon Iver) and lots of dynamics. Last track is probably the weakest and it's still great. 4.3
Tame Impala Innerspeaker
Tunes tunes tunes. Prod is a bit rougher on the edge than I remembered, but man does this have catchy melodies. 4.3
The Body No One Deserves Happiness
Exceptionally bleak and abrasive. A unique album with a peculiar horror-esque feel.
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out
Fantastic cool jazz with some of the most instantly recognisable melodies in the genre,
and I'm not only talking about the ultimate classic Take Five. It feels like less of a
unique flow like KoB and more like distinct songs, which isn't a bad thing. The high
points here can get higher than on KoB, but the album feels less consistent overall. A
lot of the tracks feel like they stray too far away and for too long from the melodic
territory they started with. The clearest example of it is the closer, which is one of
the weakest tracks here overall. It feels like the album would gain in having nearly
every track shortened by a minute or two. This is nonetheless a timeless classy, relaxed,
playful, bouncier than KoB autumnal cool jazz classic, with 2-6 being pretty much all
jams. If you think this one is just about Take Five, you are completely incorrect - it is
an achievement that they succeeded in making the tracks following it not feel like a step
down. Some part of me actually prefers some of the live recordings of Take Five, but the
one here is 5.0 worthy still. 4.5
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
An album I love and enjoy thoroughly every time I jam it - especially the mid-album 5-8 -, but that lacks this 'god-tier' feel required to be a 5.0 or a 5.0 contender really. Textbook 4.5
The Prodigy The Fat of the Land
Has been one listen away from a 5.0 for years now. It is such an exquisite bunch of songs absolutely packed with complete electro-punk goodness and incredible energy. One day maybe.
Tim Hecker Radio Amor
Tim Hecker is a dominant artist when it comes to drone ambient, and that has been the case for a long time as he shows us with this brilliant record. Hard to pick favourites in his discog but this one is certainly up there, varying between melodic and noisy tracks, uplifting and dark moments - some sections even reminding of Thomas Koner. Stellar and always a good re-listen. 4.4
Tim Hecker Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again
The broken noises draw landscapes before my eyes. An impressionist drone masterpiece telling blurred stories through creaks and squeaks over long, desolate ambient laments. Tim Hecker being a master of his craft with the album that introduced me to sound collage drone can only mean a top tier record. The only question is, is this my favourite of his, or did he ever beat it? First half is strongest, second is softer and really not far behind in quality. 4.5
Toby Driver They Are the Shield
Somewhere between 4.0 and 4.5. Violin/piano based prog, which in itself makes this worth a listen. Some really cool tracks (1,3,4) but the record is slightly on the lengthy side considering its overall tone scarcely changes.
Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
This is on the verge of getting to a 5.0, but I still need more listens to fully digest it and make my mind. Despite its lengthy runtime almost every single song is catchy and memorable. The album is masterfully constructed and keeps the listener entertained throughout the record. So many jams. 4.9
Unwound New Plastic Ideas
Always has been my favourite Unwound album after LTIY. Much more readily classifiable and accessible than the latter, it is an impactful, creative noise rock/post-hardcore album that packs a shorter, less grand but almost just as efficient punch as its little swansong brother. Always a jam. 4.3

4.0 excellent
*shels Laurentian's Atoll
Diverse record packing some great post-rock, post-metal and interesting interludes in a not-so-short amount of time. Could stand its own as a full length really.
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Ashes Grammar
And the band continues with another incredible journey that defies description. The album flows very well, don't let the disgusting number of short tracks discourage you. This mixes dream pop (4, and just overall), ambient (3,5,13), techno (the next part of 13,16,20), funky or tychoesque electronica stuff (intro of 4, 7-9,21-22), post-rock (12), a tonne of weird interludes that actually work, accordion passages on 17 I think, you name it, in an ever changing blend that yet somehow manages to feel coherent. A true tour de force as nearly every single one of these tracks is very nice and some are quite jammy or have jammy moments. The two bits that marked me the most were the bouncy jam 6 and the second jammy half of 13, but really this is an album that should be heard as a whole. Again a rich, dense, baffling album that will require more dedicated listens to fully grasp. 3.9
Aburadako 1985
The vocals on this are pretty horrible and sound like a parody almost. I wish they stuck to a different style, why not the one heard on 9. But instrumentally, for 1985, this is absolutely incredible. Maybe I need to listen to it again without having a pint beforehand but hell is it full of good stuff. 4.1
Agnes Obel Aventine
This is sweet. Nothing too crazy, and no really amazing memorable tracks, but with a couple exceptions they are all very nice, relaxing and enjoyable. Good melodies and vocals, I might re-listen. Surprised this does not have a review yet. 3.9
Akhlys The Dreaming I
Really cool and bleak black metal, but not hugely original. The vocals are not my favourite but they're not bad at all. Tracks 1-2 and the drone intro of 3 are jams, Track 3 is super bleak and has cool moments but drags on a bit, and track 4 is a nice ambient outro. I might come back to this but I don't feel compelled to do so. 3.9
Alcest Les Voyages De L'Âme
Lovely follow up to EdL, and its logical foresty, shoegazy and softer counterpart. The album often relies on an alternation of ethereal, blackened post-rock ambiences and magical reverberated melodic hooks. When it works it is superb and can produce some of my favourite Alcest material (1, first half of 2, 6), but when it doesn't it quickly feels like the album is running out of steam (the rest of 2,3, 4, 8) which brings it down a lot. 7 is a really well crafted interlude. 5 is a peculiar track here, with a lovely ambient intro that softly builds up into a blurry cinematic post-rock atmosphere underlined by bm drums. It could have been boring but I actually dig it, it works very nicely as a midway album interlude, and could have been a nice finale if put at the end of it. Overall this is a sweet album but that I revisit mostly for individual songs, its structure doesn't feel compelling. 3.9
Alcest Spiritual Instinct
Alcest show us once again that they are a supremely consistent band. 1 is the clearest jam here and shows us a brand of Alcest we haven't seen before, more straightforward, with more prominent bass and drums (love it), lots of riffy riffs, and a lesser emphasis on lush reverberated atmospheres. 2 is in the same vein, albeit a bit less jammy - both tracks do have a few short clumsy sections here and there. The album then softens to more regular Alcest material and didn't mark me as much - the softest track being 5. 4 feels uninspired, but the other tracks are all really nice. I like the direction they took, and admire that they managed to once again change their sound (both in prod and comp) while retaining their identity, but somehow I wish they pushed it a little further. Still a solid 4.1
Alpha Wann Une Main Lave l'Autre
Solid album. Caveat is I didn't pay attention to the lyrics, but his delivery is usually amazing, one of the most enjoyable in modern FR rap imo. Album is long but does not feel too long and does not have a single real bad track which is rare. As usual in rap no real transitions between tracks, but they follow in a good order and construction is not bad. Most tracks are 3.2-4.0 with scarce 2.5 range sections, but album also has f*cking jams (1,3,8,16, 12 kinda). 3.95
Amber Navran Speak Up
Cool neo-soul EP with excellent grooves. Was rbobbing my head to the music all along. Some rsections are a little less tasteful than rothers with sounds that feel out of place or rgrooves that are somewhat lost at times, but rdespite this imperfect execution this is a rsolid EP that I will listen to again and ragain. 3.8
American Football American Football (LP3)
This is a great album by American Football. Not diverging much from their previous two albums but I like the use of keys on this as well as some of the guest vocals. Very relaxing and soothing with beautiful melodies, but nothing quite as catchy and memorable as their first LP. Will still re-listen to this for sure, but the first thing I did after finishing it was jamming Never Meant. 4.1
Amia Venera Landscape The Long Procession
Temporary rating as I had godawful poor listening condition, plus was not paying enough attention. Almost would 4.3 it right now though. Really diverse, and managed to make me like vocals I usually find annoying borderline insufferable. Post-rock, post-hardcore, post-metal, post everything, with intelligent interludes and shifts in atmospheres, instrumentation, and vocals. MUST re-listen. 4.2
Amulets False Horizon
Wonderful noise/drone. I might just jam this guy's discog. Track 4 is a pure jam and made me want
to listen to this, but all the tracks are pretty much jams too and the record sure is worth a
spin for those seeking noisey, gritty and aggressive drone. 4.1
Amulets Beneath the Surface
Yeah I like this guy's stuff - probably will jam his discog. Droney, gritty and repetitive ambient. Track 2 and 3 are the highlight jams, the former being on the drone side and the latter mixing in more organic instruments with noise textures, but every track is a jam to be honest. This is helped by the record being quite short. 4 is nice too and a bit grouper-y without the vocals. 4.05
Amulets In Flux
I love this guy's stuff. Pretty flat drone without vocals or anything quite memorable to it, so not really anything above 4 range material, but the textures are just so so sweet and droney. Very nice and inspiring albeit very much low ambition EP material - not going to be a classic album. 3.95
Andavald Undir Skyggðarhaldi
Absolutely amazing black metal. Would be in 4.5 range if it weren't for the vocals which I found
frankly quite horrendous most of the time. It is one thing to sound inhuman and despaired, it's
another to sound like field recording of evil sick burping babies. The instrumentals on the other
hand are out of this world and make every single track a jam. I love the unique gnarly,
aggressive, noisy, droney almost tone the band creates. It has horror and bleak feels, but also a
sort of emo feel at times - not sound, juts the emotion of it. An instrumental version of this
would nearly be a potential classic - the record is extremely strong, cohesive and unique, not
too long to bore but long enough to thoroughly entertain. 4.22
Anna von Hausswolff The Miraculous
This is underrated. Grand organ-based ambient ceremonial stuff that has some vocals reminding of Lana del Rey but miles, miles better. Album quality decreases ever so slightly through its course, but still a great jam. 3.9
Astronauts Hollow Ponds
Lovely indie folk. 1 is a really nice intro and a jam I think. 2-5 are all nice tracks, but they got me worried. The songs are all simple, a nice acoustic guitar lick, simple vocals. Because of that, at that point the album started to feel repetitive and I thought I'd rate it below 4.0 range. Thankfully the second half picks it up a whole notch. The t/t starts with a relatively long ambient/droney intro, which brings most welcome variation. The actual song felt kinda eh, going back to the simple indie folk, but on its own I think it'd be a jam. 7 is a jam too. 8-9 both bring nice variation again , 9 being the densest and noisiest track here with New Plastic Ideas vibes throughout the track and a Pigmy Lush-esque ending. 10 breaks that by returning to simple indie folk with touches of piano, but at this point of the album it is most welcome, like coming home. Both 9 and 10 are jams, and the record is overall a very sweet 4.0
Baby Formula Baby Formula
A band to watch. Very sweet and lush blend of dream pop, shoegaze and the occasional
post-rock guitar with vocals aerially sung in Chinese. 1 is just a little intro thing,
but from the first seconds of 2 you feel how lush this is going to be. Same on 3, but I
wish the drums were less cheaply electronic sounding. Exact same comment on the superb 5.
The band is also capable of more upbeat and catchy tracks like 4, and can crank up the
distortion a bit - see the happy and summery 9. 7-8 are quite shoegazy, while the closer
demonstrates the strongest post-rock influences. Every track works, 6 being maybe the one
that hit the least and still cool. This isn't an album where I can really pinpoint
specific jammy tracks - just listen to the whole thing, it's quality stuff. 3.75
Banks III
I consider this to be ever so slightly superior to Altar solely because it is much more memorable. III sees Banks shift style a lot, both vocally and instrumentally. I kind of prefer her old style, but this is more unique. Vocals are much more processed and more noticeably autotuned, While this works in a lot of places, there are lots where it doesn't, and regardless her more organic, 'bare' vocals are missed. They remind of Ariana Grande in a lot of places too, both melodically and in how they are processed. Instrumentally, this explores a lot more than Banks' first two albums with tonnes of synthy sounds, piano textures, distorted drums etc., and while it does not always work it certainly is commendable. The first half of the record is by far the best and has only jams (1,2,4) or nice tracks. 6 has the first annoying section of the record with overprocessed whiny vocals, but otherwise it is cool albeit Ari-neric. The first truly bad track is 7, which is frankly awful all the way. 8 is in the same style but does it a little bit better, and its end is kinda nice with good ideas. From there on the record becomes more generic and Ari-esque, not much that is truly bad, but the catchy and memorable hooks from the first half are sorely missed. The closing track is probably the worst post track 8, but the actual ending is nice. Overall, just barely above Altar with a 3.4rSecond listen: 1-6 & 8 are jams, 11 is kinda cool, 10 and 12 are ok, but the second half is still a train wreck compared to the first. 3.9
Belong Same Places
A simple, lovely drone/ambient track in the vein of October Language softest bits. A slow emergence and disappearance of a single texture over 15 minutes. The length feels just right and, although it doesn't have the ambition to be a grand album, this is a great drone EP to grab. Nice art too. 4.05
Black Matter Device Modern Frenetics
Brilliant mathcore album, and a few tracks in I already knew I would need to re-listen to
it before making my mind on a final rating - it is a lot to process. The record is
extremely dynamic, jumping from sheer chaotic hardcore brutality to calm guitars in a
matter of seconds. The album mixes various influences and there are even some noise
sections sprinkled in. The recorded reminded me somewhat of a slightly less raw, 2010's
version of TDEP's Calculating Infinity. This is my rating for now, but I sense that this
may be a grower. 4.1
Blood Incantation Hidden History of the Human Race
I agree with my dexbro: they have a magnum opus in them, but this isn't it yet. I do think it is a step in the right direction though. Starspawn is imo an objectively better and more consistent record, but this one shows a lot more of their unique sound and is just more interesting on the whole. The first two tracks feel like your usual BI dm. The bass is nicely mixed, 1 is fat and the conclusion to 2 is fat. But at this point it felt like a downgrade from Starspawn really. Then the band starts to unfold their real potential with the sublime 3, an absolute jam that finally got me to feel space vibes and not Antiquity vibes (lol). It's the kind of grand intro/buildup that makes grand albums. Feels like taking off in an immense spaceship. 4 brings back the dm but mixes in elements similar to 3 and feels like they really found their sound. The intro is superb, min 3 is copiously fat, at min 6 the band goes into tasty dark ambient, before going back to guitars in a superb way. There, sadly, the track looses a bit of steam, going back to more conventional/generic dm, bringing back a bit of the wankery guitars that could be heard on 1. Min 14 on gets especially zzz. But eventually it breaks into a convenu yet nicely executed mix of wind recording and a nice chill melody on the guitar as album outro. The next one might be it. 4.0
Blood Incantation Starspawn
Now this is how you play around with different genres in a coherent manner. The first track showcases this especially well, opening with no mercy on hellish dm, showing hints of bm, fat doom riffs, beautiful dissonant guitars at 3:40, another excellent doom break at 8:35, atmospheric guitars at 11:40, back to fatness. And it all flows superbly well. The prod is miles better than on the EP, and the vox is fantastically atmospheric - reminds of Saturnus with its low ended reverberated growls. Bizarrely I get more Egyptian vibes out of this than I do space vibes. Now I don't think it is perfect, given there are some wankery solos here and there that don't seem like they work as well as on the EP. 2 is an absolute hellish jam and perhaps my fave track on the record unlike a lot of the folks here? 3 is its direct contender as their greatest implementation of atmospheric dm yet, quite sublime. 4 starts off on an ominous drone intro (me likey), and goes back to hellishness thereafter, while 5 does the same but feels a touch more generic. Yummy modern dm. 3.9
Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God
This album is unique, and for a straight up black metal record released in 2004 with no added elements from other genres, that in itself is laudable. The music has a strong horror feel to it and makes one's skin crawl minutes into the r ecord. However the record lasts long enough for the freshness and excitement of the first few tracks to slightly fade without renewing it with other atmospheres or ideas. A solid 4.1
Borvlt Under The Green Shades
Really nice sput-made drone/dark ambient with rich textures. Not too long and very nicely produced. Solid work that really has an atmosphere to it. 4.0
Breag Naofa Breag Naofa
75% Cult of Luna's first two albums, 25% Fall of Efrafa's Owsla minus the violin, and some
of the best post-metal vocals out there: needless to say this album is a f*cking jam. Track
3 is quite subpar compared to the rest and brings the album down one or two points, but
track 2 is balls and the bookends especially the opener are really not far behind it.
Looking forward to the rest of their discog now. 4.0
Edit: no, 3 isn't subpar, this is all gold. 4.0
Breag Naofa Cearo
A little bit more FoE DNA in this one - it feels like a modern take on Owsla at times, but not as good. The first track is a gorgeous buildup leading to a nice explosion that did not quite match the quality of its intro, while track 2 is more aggressive and fast paced but did not convince me as much. I'm diced between 3.7 and 3.8 but I'll bias it to a higher rating because this is short and sweet and people should jam it. 3.75
Brutus (BE) Burst
Everyone is hyped over the new album but hey this jams. Somehow it sounds like it was recorded live, the production and vocals are a touch amateur. But when in general this can be a bad thing, here it gives the album a unique vibe. It feels like your teenage girlfriend's rock band except a lot better, and with tonnes of post-hardcore/even post-rock influences. There is a certain tenderness felt towards the music because of that. Idk it's weird. Also yeepee they're Belgian! 4.1
Brutus (BE) Nest
I was not quite convinced at first, and the first half of the album is a 3.8 reiteration of their first album that just charmed me far less. However, starting from 'War', the record lines up fantastic track after fantastic track, with lots of great ideas, cool riffs and drumming, and more post-rock influences. Second half is a 4.2, for an overall 4.0
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club
It is difficult enough to get music like this on a solid album format for me to
appreciate that fact alone. The album is sure good at setting a mood, and it will project
Cuban vibes anywhere you play it. It has a subtlety to it too, with a sense of melancholy
and longing for the old days - it is far, far from being just background chill music,
which I've seen it being used as a lot. However, the first half of the album (with the
notable exception of opener 'Chan Chan') pales in comparison to the amazing second half.
Overall still a solid jam. 3.9
Burial Rival Dealer
Mah dude went all over the place on this and I feel like he had fun making the record. 1 and 3 are dense enough that they could be EPs on their own. 1 is top tier and a solid 4.3. Some of the hardest hitting Burial material out there, bouncy, upbeat and fast tempoed as if Burial made a The Prodigy track. At 5 min the track transitions into something grittier and subtler but still bouncy, medig. Another transition at 7:30, building up to one of the loveliest ambient textures Burial's made - I miss Untrue man. There is even some kind of flute featured. On its own, this t/t would be a 4.3 EP. 2 is oddly happy but comforting. I'm not sure if I like it, it confuses me. It sounds like the soundtrack to the happy end of a movie where two lovers finally get to be together, and if it weren't for the vox I'd be hard pressed to guess it's a Burial track. 3 features a sitar (?) based beat, feels high as fck that breaks at min 7 into some kind of Burial-esque abstract hip hop, always with his classic vox. It's cool but not as much as 1, would be a 4.0 on its own, so the EP overall is around 4.1
Burial Truant/Rough Sleeper
One of the great Burial EPs. I have to jam that Tunes comp man. Truant is so lovely from the first seconds, bathing in good Burial lushness, but thereafter (and following a weird pause, common theme here with a lot of odd transitions between the sections of each track) it takes a darker turn with an uneasy feel. It is the Untrue sound, but with a different twist, and I love it. The track feels a bit patchworky and has some disrupting sections, but the last one is really cool with some of the noisiest, messiest and wicked Burial we've seen. Rough Sleeper starts in even a lusher way, and is overall a much stronger track - although both are jams. It is closer to his typical sound, less dark and slightly more upbeat in a sad way, although the midtrack features some great but pretty unique vox relative to his repertoire which makes the track memorable. The last section, again after an awks transition is good but really does not stand out as much as the rest of the track and feels far more average. Does not prevent this from being a 4.1
Cacartu Habitat
Damn, that Melbourne soul scene man. This is a really consistent record without a single bad track and with quite a few high points ('Orion's Belt' or 'Cyclone' to name a couple). It is also more guitar-centered than a lot of the genre which gives it a remote bluesy vibe at times. Groovy, relaxing, smooth, and a definite re-listen. 4.0
Cacartu Cacartu
This neo-soul EP felt just a touch better than their full length, with more variety in a shorter runtime (including an instrumental track 'Jeff the Chef' that bangs). Again, not a single bad track and overall a very enjoyable record. I did listen to it in better conditions though so not a super fair comparison with the LP, probably need a re-listen. 4.1
Cara Neir Part III / Part IV
This record is incredibly diverse instrumentally, ranging from furiously chaotic hardcore drumming to almost trip-hop/hip-hop beats - worthy of note, 'Choke' was recorded four years before the rest of the album and has a very distinctive style, yet it blends quite well with the rest of the album.rThe album's main strength - its diversity - is also its weakness, with a couple lower points and harsh vocals that very subjectively I am not a fan of. As I was listening my intended rating bounced back and forth between 3.7 and 4.1. Regardless of the rating, this rules and is definitely worth a listen.
Celer Panoramic Dreams Bathed In Seldomness
Again, fantastic ambient-drone from Celer. Track 1 and 2 are not particularly great, they have brilliant textures but those are deserved by a choppy and erratic structure which struggles to establish a mood. Track 3 is much more linear which allows the atmosphere to set in, and the result is a fantastic track. Track 4 brings it up a notch and is the genre perfectly executed. Maybe not as surprising as Para, but very good. 4.15
Celer Advancing Dances
Nice, loopy, ominous and depressing, but simple and somewhat generic ambient from Willy. A good jam when in need for 16min of ambient but no more. 3.8
Celer Red Seals
Pretty flat, but good dark ambient record. The two tracks are essentially two halves of the same thing. Texture vaguely reminding of Para, but with a creepier tone. This record is chilling to the bone and pretty horror-esque, which makes it interesting although its complete lack of variability even in textures alone brings it down. Solid 3.9
Chico Buarque Chico Buarque de Hollanda
I dug the second half much more than the first. Nice Brazilian music with amazing prod for its
time. I much prefer when there is either less singing or mixed singing with back vocals and not
only his, because otherwise it gets a bit much. Obviously there is the caveat that I don't get
any of the lyrics. Lots of jams (3,5,7,8,11,12) and nothing too bad either, but the songs feel
very short sometimes. 3.85
Chico Buarque Chico Buarque de Hollanda - Volume 2
Exactly the same thoughts as on his first: nice Brazillian chill music, but his vocals are a bit
much sometimes and most tracks are too short. Closer or track 8 are perfect examples of that with
neat instrumentations but vocals that get annoying after a while. This album felt superior but
the second half falls of a fair bit. 1-3 are jams, 5,6 10 are kinda nice. Instrumentation on 11
is really nice but the vocals again annoy towards the end. 3.9
Chippr Jones Tropics / COSM
A low ambition two track (plus interludes) math-rock EP that ends up being full of rsurprises. 'Tropics' is especially impressive in how many styles of math-rock and rambiences it fits in under five minutes. This will never grow past a 4.2-4.3 for me rbecause it is so short and lacks identity as an album, but if you have a dozen minutes to rspare this is worth a shot. A lot of head-nodding high points and makes you want to rlisten to a full length by them.
Claude Debussy Deux arabesques, L. 66
Arabesque no. 1's opening and closing melody is some of the most gorgeous piano music I have ever heard. The middle is beautiful too albeit not at that same incredible level and the whole Arabesque is a solid 4.4. Arabesque no. 2 breaks the mood for me a little however, with its more classical, less impressionist style that I would almost call quirky at times, bringing the collection down for me. 4.0
clipping. There Existed an Addiction to Blood
Yeah following their discog this feels like a huge step up. It finally feels like a grand, ominous album with its own coherent (for the most part) personality and feel. I don't know if it is the layers of low ended noisy drones forming the basis of a lot of tracks or what but there is just something that ties tracks together very nicely. The record is weakest when it evokes their prior discog actually, i.e. tracks that feel like stylistic exercises more than parts of a cohesive whole. 9 and 13 are clear examples, while 8 starts off that way but then builds up quite nicely back into the album's style - I don't dig the guest vox though. The run from 1-7 is pretty much flawless. With 1 and the intro of 2 you already know this is going to be better. 2 and 5 are huge jams, and 3 and 6 have fantastic atmospheres - especially the latter with its horror feel. While weaker the second half still boasts some great tracks, with the fantastic second half of 11 and 12 which will be a huge banger live. It's a bit pretentious but I also dig the burning piano outro, it tickles my drone fancy nicely. Their magnum opus? Maybe, we'll see what they offer next. 4.05
Coalesce 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening
This is an excellent metalcore album.It is far from being a disruptive musical monument like its contemporaries (TDEP's CI and Jane Doe) which I see it often compared to - questionably if you ask me. It does not have anywhere near as much of a unique personality as these classics, but it sure is well ahead of its time and sounds better than a lot of the metalcore from 2005 and up. 4.0
Controlled Bleeding Distress Signals
Listening to this while reading the 'treatment' chapters in A Clockwork Orange was absolutely perfect. This the first powernoise/hnw album I thoroughly liked. It fit the scenes of torture, horror and medical abuse so goddamn well. It is also quite diverse in a way, with vocals in the opening track or a melodic mid-third track. Do I like powernoise now? 3.9
Cortex Troupeau Bleu
Fun jazz record with distant touches of prog.I have a hard time with the vocals when they actually sing in French, bun when they just hum along it's fine. Instrumental side is really nice, groovy and fun. Loved the middle of the album (Tracks 4-8, of which the latter two are jams especially). The beginning and end have more of what I don't dig and less of what I do dig, but they're still nice. Overall a solid record I will re-listen to - vocals might grow on me. 3.9
Cult of Luna The Beyond
You know I don't know if I prefer this one or their debut LP. It is definitely a step up in
quality and maturity, as none of the sections feel amateur anymore. They definitely progressed.
This has some of CoL's angriest moments on Receiver and The Watchtower, which are my album
favorites and definite re-listens. The second half of the album falls off a fair bit and did not
rgrab my attention as much. I also don't like the cleaner, more electronic prod as much compared
to their debut. Which one I prefer in a vacuum is hard to say because of variability of listening
conditions for albums that are very similar, but as far as rating it I'll give it a 3.75
Cult of Luna Cult of Luna
For a debut this is a brilliant power move. Their most Neurosis-y album - gave me lots of Amenra vibes too. Track 1 and 2 are amazing and made me think their s/t is to CoL what Remission is to Mastodon, with a rawer sounds and riffs out of this world. The album also has a lot of low points however, with entire sections sounding almost amateur (e.g. the last track around the 3 minutes mark??). You can tell it was their debut. Track 6 is also a jam though, and the album is well worth a spin if anything for that rawer side of their sound. 3.8
Cult of Luna Eternal Kingdom
This one is a lot earthier, less proggy and far less post-rocky than its two predecessors. It evokes mountains, dirt and rocks. Track 3 is a top-tier CoL track, but the rest of the album's first half is on par if not very slightly above their s/t debut i.e. 3.9 material. The second half from track 6 onwards brings it up a notch though and is pretty much all faves. Overall this album is excellent and should be commanded for having its own feel and taking the band in a different direction. I do subjectively prefer the two preceding albums though - maybe in perfect listening conditions I'd dig that new direction even more? 4.1
Cult of Luna Vertikal
The coldest CoL album. The first two tracks and a half and the last four are fantastic and evoke cold, snowy rocky mountains and polar black peaks. Like a winter version of EK. Even the mixing of the vocals calls to that. I don't click at all with the middle tracks though. The electronic bits feel completely out of place, although I see where they were coming from and maybe it is my snowy nature read of the album that does not fit with it? Still felt kinda bored for those few tracks, among my least favourite sections in the whole of CoL 's catalog. Album is still a 4.0 overall
Cult of Luna A Dawn to Fear
Might be a grower. Super solid CoL record. Love the proggy organic sounds they're adding,
although they're mostly subtle and only truly shine in a few select places (1,7). The post-
rocky guitars are nice too and just in the right amount. 6 is the only weaker track and
feels like a misplaced dragged out album outro, although the bells towards the end of it
are absolutely gorgeous. Basically every other track has jammy sections, and they're pretty
much all jams except perhaps 3 which slows down a bit too much. 5 and its slow, enormous
buildup is going to be a huge jam live. However, 4 and the second half of 1 are on first
listen the only two real classic-worthy moments, and the rest has a lot of nice jammy
sections but that don't quite cut it to that ultimate level, bathing in nice CoL material.
I feel like the record is missing some clean vocals too - Julie's or not. Still a solid and
tentative 4.15
Edit: bumped a bit, this is super solid. 5 grew on me and is the album's second peak after
1, 7-8 being the last peak. The album is fantastic but goes up and down in intensity a bit
too much imo. 4.2
Cult of Luna Cult of Luna (EP)
Holy effing shite. The absolute bleakest and darkest CoL record ever. First two CoL albums + Amenra pre Mass V + crass prod. The EP is very impressive for a first release, the intro already sounds pretty much like their later records, the riffs are soul-crushing, vocals are excellent albeit quite lost in the mix, and they even already use touches of organ (I think?) on the first track, and a didgeridoo (?) on the second one. First track was my fave but honestly both are jams. The only less mature bit is the occasional bleep bloopy electronic sounds here and there on the first track, but other than that it sound like a full blown record really. If you enjoy CoL's rawer, earlier sound, or if you like stuff like Amenra, do not sleep on this!.3.8
Cuzco Sketchbook
This is really pretty math-rock. In every way the direct follow-up to their first EP: Clever Girly production and instrumentation, chill vibes, no guitar neck wanking for the sake of it, but beautiful melodies instead. There is something nostalgic and soothing about it - what math-rock from your childhood would sound like. For some reason evoked math-rock EitS to me. Needs a re-listen. 3.8
Cuzco A Medicine For Melancholy
Brilliant math-rock, the closest we'll ever get to Clever Girl most likely. Track 2 is the only one that is not quite a jam. Otherwise, nice bits and melodies all over the place, sweet tones, and even some pretty ambient sections. Not as good as CG, but spotless. 4.1
Dante Mars Ajeto! Celebrating Digital Artefacts
Really really fun vaporwave album that flows naturally almost the entire time bar the intro on 3 and doesn't feel long at all. Will stay in my library. The tracks that worked best for me were the bouncier, groovier ones - and hell, some really do got some good bounce in em. 7 is a really bouncy jam, 15 is a jam that would fit right in a house set, and 18 offers sort of an ambient bounce. There are few weak tracks and excessively quirky bits. I mean sure, the opener sounds like it is from the OST of some documentary on African fauna, 3 is a bit abrupt in its transition, and 12 is the kind of bizarre I was worried about (but quite short). A few tracks are also half cool and bouncy but just have a little too much weirdness or a sample that doesn't quite work, eg 6, 13, or 19. Other cool tracks 4, 9, 14 (chill and groovy, kinda jammy), and the closer which is a nice ambient-ish piece. Surprised I liked this so much tbh. Thanks rellik! 4.05
Daughters Canada Songs
Hey why is this rated so low on here? This is one of the most fun grind albums I've come
across. It is quite unique too. The Hell Songs sound is already present and the record is
incredibly (too) short, leaving absolutely zero time to get bored. 3.8
Daughters Daughters
Really did not like the first track so I was a bit skeptical going into it, but tracks 2-5 bang so hard they completely changed my mind. If punk had been invented in the 2010s by people who were abducted by aliens in their teenage years and carried extraterrestrial eggs in their brains that's what it would sound like. 4.2
Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
Disturbing feel throughout the album. Very interesting listen although I did find the album somewhat linear and not as extreme in its concept as it could have been.
Deafheaven New Bermuda
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Excellent death metal, but in my opinion really far from the (near?) perfect record Human was, despite having a very similar style. I would have thought Human was the later of the two, but not. Much simpler collection of songs whereas Human is a real story and has more soul. Some fantastic tracks on this one too though, such as Desitiny and Trapped in a Corner (I think, the third or fourth track). 4.1
Death Scream Bloody Gore
This is obviously well below Death's later, more technical, progressive and complex albums. SBG's songs are very similar to one another, and far less catchy and memorable. The riffs and songwriting are efficient but straightforward, simplistic even at times. But hell, this sounds incredibly good considering it came out in friggin' 87. Ten years later, many other bands could not still match that. It sounds dated now, but its quality has to be praised. 3.9
Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism
A strong album, but clearly no longer a 5.0 contender for me. The opener is a bit naive sounding but that's fine because it is followed by a series of simple yet catchy and captivating tunes 2-4. 5 is a bit naive and feels more like upper 4.0 material but still a fun track. 6 is more relaxed which is quite welcome, but the issue is that afterwards the record hardly picks back up at all. 7 starts as a second ballad which already feels like it wasn't the right choice, and the end track gets really boring. 8 has a sweet intro I guess. By 9 I already knew this wasn't a 5. 10 brings some nice electronica variety, but the album closer is boring and brings this down yet another point. 4.05
Deathspell Omega Mass Grave Aesthetics
Should've checked their EP's a long time ago. This is great and reminded me of the 'burning in hell' feel of Incantation's Onward to Golgotha's opener. This EP sounds a lot like death metal, but with black metal textures, and despite its 20min runtime it brings a lot of variety, with different atmospheres. orchestral elements sprinkled in etc. Re-listen warranted. 4.15
Deathspell Omega Kenose
I don't really know to label this - sludgy blackened death metal? It sure is diverse and very dense, thereby warranting a re-listen. Track 1 is really cool, track 2 is phenomenal, track 3 really fell behind and felt bland and generic. God that fadeout outro. 4.1 for the first two tracks, 3.9 overall.
Demolition Hammer Necrology (Demo)
Bloody amazing demo. Makes me want to go on a death thrash binge. Some scarce solos and vocal sections feel a bit wankery especially compared to their previous demo, but every single track is a jam and a real headbang brutal riffage fest. Lovely and audible bass, good drumming. Will re-listen. 4.1
Demolition Hammer Epidemic of Violence
Yes now this is what I was hoping to hear after the demos. The opener scared me a little bit with its wankery bits and fade out ending, but after that it is jam after jam. Prod is far less muffled down and inoffensive than on Tortured Existence, resulting in a much more aggressive and fun record overall. I need to re-listen to it to pinpoint the jams and because this record is super cool, but for now I'd say 2,3,4,5,8,9. 4.2
Denzel Curry Nostalgic 64
Very strong debut record, well constructed for a rap album with nice fluidity between song - e.g. the transition between 7 and 8. 2 (despite the silly brrrrrah vocals in the background), 4 especially its bleak second half, and 8 are the clearest jams here. 5-7 are all very nice Denzel material too. 9 brings nice variation although the execution does not quite cut it. 3, 10, and 11 are the weakest tracks, with clich triplet rap and cheesy choruses. 12 has a great prod but remains only nice as a track, and the album closer is an odd track but that functions very well as album closer. Overall, lots of tracks I'll come back to and a solid 3.9
Denzel Curry TA13OO
Much proggier and kendrickesque than I expected. The opener is a gorgeous jam. A lot of tracks have multiple sections, and generally they start off annoying to meh with excessive vocals then morph into something super cool, for instance on 3, 12, 13. Loads of other jammy tracks on 2, 6-8. 9 is probably the weakest track. 4 marks an odd style shift that does not really work in the context of the album imo, but the track is cool despite a feeling of caricature. Overall a solid album I'll go back to with lots of creativity put in it. 4.0
Desert Medicine Desert Medicine
Stunning dreamy indie folk with gorgeous, delicate and fragile vocals. First song was my fave, but really they're all graceful and beautiful. A band to watch for sure, nice find budgie. 3.9
Discipline. To Shatter All Accord
By a mile their best album. It's not a fav album of mine, it won't grow much further I don't think, but it is sweet enjoyable prog. 1 felt like their best track so far, but after hearing the whole album I don't know if that holds true or if it's another track on this one. The run from 2's messy ending to the second third of 4 is quite weak and somewhat dull Discipline material (sounding a bit outdated in places too), but the record picks it back up with strings around min 8 on 4 that are one of he bands' best sections, then 5 with a lovely intro, nice track overall, and sweet album ending. 3.75
Downfall of Nur Umbras de Barbagia
Very interesting bm that I'd say any bm-appreciator ought to check out. The sparse use of
'traditional' folk instruments is very intelligently done here and gives ancient mysterious vibes
to the music, as if it were a lost beacon from an extinct civilization. The shrieking vocals are
a tough pill to swallow at times - although I did not really dislike them -, and the album does
loose a bit of its freshness and songwriting quality over time, the album closer being the worst
track. Absolutely worth a listen nonetheless. 4.0
Drudkh Forgotten Legends
Incredible debut. The Drudkh sound is already there, minus maybe some stronger folk influences, and the tracks are all good to excellent. This is a great record to get into BM, with extremely scarce vocals and relatively clean production. Not their best, but a truly solid album. 4.0
Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia
Tchoo tchoo hype train this is good mannnn, watch this space 3.95
Dvne Asheran
This is really cool. The instrumentals are phenomenal and remind of Mastodon at times, but with a myriad of additional influences ranging from psychedelic to black metal. These make the album quite unique and really a worthy listen - and re-listen. The one problem I had with this was the singing. There are two types of vocals on this album: the not so bad harsh ones, and the annoying ones. Clean vocals sound amateur and to me they just ruin the instrumental epicness going on in the background. Still, they seem to be less used in the second half of the album, and they are not too invasive even in the first half. 3.9
ee Ramadan
A collection of sweet sweet vaguely pygmy lushesque indie rock tunes that I just wish went a step further and got a touch more intense here and there, but still is of very consistent quality overall. Not a single bad track and a myriad of jams. 1 just passes and feels fairly inoffensive, but don't be fooled the record has much rocker (5,7) or catchier moments (2 and the closer which stands out quite abruptly from the rest with its funky riff but in an actually nice way to conclude the album in a fun manner). I don't know if I am tainted by hearing this on Feb 14th, but this feels like indie summer tunes to jam in a pick up truck with your gf in the midwest. The only exceptions being 8 which gives me a Christmassy vibe for some reason, and 9 which feels like a romantic ballad and whose weak end is perhaps the lowest point of the record while being still fine. Solid record, worth a check and probably will stick in my library. 3.85
Elder (USA-MA) Reflections of a Floating World
Awesome psychedlic/prog/stoner metal album. Very often feels like the logical continuity of 70's rock music except with modern day sound and heaviness. Even Pink Floyd-esque at times which is amazing. Some sections do feel excessively long and there is a tendency to sometimes go into random riffing and solos without much musical sense. Still, a brilliant record that manages to be both super cool and musically interesting. A definite re-listen. 4.2
Elder (USA-MA) Lore
Good lord this record is FUN. Groovy proggy Mastodon-y rock'n'roll goodness. The first two tracks are absolute bangers and I preferred them to RoaFW. Title track is probably the weakest, the last two are quite equivalent to RoaFW with a preference for the album closer. 4.2
Elliott False Cathedrals
This is top-notch emo/post-hardcore, especially for someone who like me does not enjoy
pop punk elements too much. The instrumentations are fantastic and production is unusual
but interesting, with very prominent and clear bass. The album starts mellow and heavy on
keys, emphasizing its emo sides, but evolves throughout the record and in the second half
often sounds like Tool morphed into an emo band. There are a few tracks that are subpar,
true, - the closing track for instance really does not do the album justice - but overall
this is definitely worth picking up. 4.2
Emmanuel All Killer No Filler
Excellent techno exploring a lot of textures in a short amount of time, from strong house influences on the opening track to more atmospheric ambient-dub techno towards the end, with a more industrial sounding middle track. Interesting sounds, especially on the last track. Very solid EP.
Emuul Crawling Across The Rafters
Great ambient record, with more instrument-based textures and fewer synth/noise/field recording sounds than commonly found in the genre - at least that's what it feels like. The first track is phenomenal, and 'Haunting with M' is really good too - the rest is ok. Worth a re-listen and props for having a black metal logo without doing black metal at all - although the ambiences created here remind of ambient black metal. 3.9
Enemies Valuables
Adorable poppy post-rocky vaguely mathy indie rock. From the first few seconds of the opening track you can tell this is going to be good. The female vocals on track 3 are a wonderful addition. Just a really pleasant album with nice dynamics and a good closer that calls back to the opener. Will happily re-listen. 4.0
Envy The Definition of Impossibility
Side A is sweet but generic post-rocky Envy material. Kinda between 3.7 and 3.8.
Serendipitous finding, the intro sounds super cool played at 33 rpm. Side B is the real
banger here, sounding like TDEP crossed with Envy. A very heavy and riffy track that also
boasts some delicate and intricate melodies, a delight. Side B is worth a 4.3 imo, so
overall this is a 4.1
Edit: Side B is a gem and effing brutal yet delicate, I stand by my 4.1
Erika de Casier Essentials
Super fun, sexy and cozy album that would be perfect for a night car ride back home. The
run from 1-7 is pretty much flawless with every track being successful. The record
navigates many genres and influences (trip-hop, RnB, female The Weekend, Sade) and often
calls back to 90's and 00's music without it being gimmicky. The clearest jam and perhaps
most interesting track is the opener, but really all the other tracks are really sweet -
just wish 7 didn't sample that iPhone screenshot sound though. 8 is the first weak track
with a somewhat silly beginning and not much else to it. 9 and 10 are nice in a vacuum but
fail to bring you back into the album. Makes you wish the album was a shorter EP and brings
it down a point. Thankfully 11 picks it up in the home stretch and closes the album nicely.
The remix doesn't really count but actually fits surprisingly well as a soft jungle take on
5, could very well be an original track. Overall 4.0
Edit: a bit underserved by lyrics in places, but still lovely and night time sensual.
Jammest jams are 1, 4-7, 11 sorta. Still 4.0
Evigt Morker 1
1 is stunning isn't it. 4 is really atmospheric too, 2-3 are a bit subpar. A record that's been with me for years and that will stay for many more. 4.0
Ex Eye Ex Eye
I really liked this - and I am surprised that I did because John Zorn-esque experimental saxophone sounds usually start to annoy me very quickly. Here the integration with vaguely blackened post-metal is brilliantly done and works well. I was worried that this would get too repetitive and annoying after the first two tracks though, and this is where the album is very well constructed as it throws at you a phenomenal ambient noisy track with no or little saxophone to relax your ears. The last track was the only one I disliked, but a couple minutes in I realized it actually was a bonus track and ditched it. Needs a re-listen. 4.1
Exhorder Slaughter in the Vatican
Now this is what I was looking for in my thrash binge. Nice brootal, riffy thrash metal. The vox is quite nice, but it feels like the dude has too many words to spit out at times (especially in the first track). The mixing of the drums is quite weird, the snare sounds lovely but the kick not so much. In general the prod is passable, but not the best either. To be honest every track has nice brutal riffs, super groovy at times (middle of 5, end of 9), and some nice but not as good sections, so I kinda lost count of which tracks are jams and which aren't. 3 didn't seem as well constructed and nice as 1 or 2. 4 almost sounds like angry Maiden with nice fat riffs. 5 introduces a welcome break in the onslaught. 9's intro is a bit weird, but thereafter it's a banger although the very album closing is also really weird. This isn't revolutionary but goddamn it's good thrash, I'll definitely come jam it again. 4.1
Fazerdaze Morningside
Deceptively simple yet powerfully atmospheric summer bubbles dream pop. All-round a flawless record that keeps its track intelligently short to not bore, since the instrumentation is often quite bare bones. 7 is maybe the track that works the least due to its more melancholic tone, the rest is all nice. 1 is a super fun track that's quite representative of the album as a whole, but the synth turn at the end isn't the best. 2 is maybe naive in places but is super catchy and made me tap mah foot, therefore it's a jam. 4 screams summer and is perhaps the strongest jam here. 5 is more laid back, less upbeat and catchy, but splendid and yet another jam. 8 is awesome becomes it brings welcome variety with a much more aggressive rock chorus that is very well integrated with the rest, and the track makes up for the point lost by 7. Another jam I guess, before 10 which is perhaps the most interesting track here, I kinda wish it evolved into something a bit more upbeat but it is still super cool and the final jam on this little gem of a record. 4.0
FKA Twigs Magdalene
As always, strong album from FKA Twigs, with few jams but consistent quality overall. I
preferred the first half, as the second half often feels a bit like a musical more than an
album - especially on 6 and 8. 7 is nice though, and the closer is a gorgeous emotional
lo-fi-ish jam that bumps the album a point a point on its own. 1 and 4 are also kinda jammy
in spite of Future's contribution, 5 is also a lovely track and 2-3 are ok. Solid. 3.95
Frail Body AT PEACE
This is super short yes, but I can't believe it only has a 3.4 average. Quality skramz with a nice atmosphere, I dig the somewhat amateur prod, not revolutionary but definitely worth checking out if you have a spare 5 minutes. 3.8
Georgie Sweet Here
LP hyyyyyype!! Silk smooth and groovy as it gets. Great live performance too. Need that LP
Georgie! 4.2
Ghost Park 物の怪 (Mononoke)
I don't know who tagged this but this not post-rock by any means. Admittedly it is hard to tag. Lots of influences and instrumentations with field recordings, some brass, acoustic guitar, etc. Lots and lots of interesting textures and ideas make the record unique in its own right with good storytelling potential. Brilliant experimental ambient album which I will need to re-listen to - the opener is particularly good but so are a lot of the tracks. 4.1
Gospel Lived
This sounds like absolute shit prod-wise but the songwriting is so good it still makes you want
to tap ya foot and hear the whole thing. Man I wish I had been there. 4.0
Grouper Grouper
Wonderful droney, noisy Grouper record with far less folk and fewer vocals than in her later releases. I'm hesitant to 4.5 it just now but it's right there between a 4 and a 4.5. Need to re-listen more closely. Hard to breakdown by tracks, it just works really well as a whole with a couple odd transitions in places but spectacular textures everywhere. 4.24
Grouper Cover the Windows and the Walls
Wonderful record and chronologically the first of hers that truly marked me after her s/t. 1-3 are jams and a 4.2, potential 4.5 territory. 1 is a very organic and acoustic flavour of Grouper, much closer to DaDDuaH than her previous records. 2 is more like Wider, with vocals again being long choir-esque drones. Very melancholic and lovely, kinda jam. 3 pushes it further and is even dronier, noisier and less folk/dream pop than 1, like drowning slowly but in peace. The transitions between these three tracks (and those that follow) are flawless and the storytelling potential is compelling. 3 is a slow decaying jam a la Flood 4. This is an intense record that calls for perfect and attentive listening conditions. 4-7 are very nice tracks too, but don't quite have that extra edge that makes me want to 4.5 the first half of the record. 4 is probably a jam, quite a cinematic track that recalls the organic textures of 1. 5 is the same but less jammy. Before the record starts feeling stagnant, Grouper masterfully brings welcome variation with tasty loud, noisy drone textures in 6. 7 is nice and decays slowly to end the record. Memorable and very solid album. 4.1
Grouper A I A: Alien Observer
I still don't get if this is a two part albums or two separate albums - going for the
latter this time round for my disco run. Wonderful and solid vocal ambient from grouper,
moving further away from the organic folkiness of DaDDUaH. 1-4 are all jams in the same
vein, and the first and only real disruption are welcome dissonant bells at the beginning
of track 5. The track then proceeds to go back to the same brand of vocal ambient up till
the end of the album, and at this point the record starts feeling lengthy. Up to mid track
5 it is a 4.15, but especially after the last track it drops down. Clearly can see how it
feels like it drags on forever when listened to as the second half of AIA instead of as an
album of its own. In isolation I'd still say it is a 4.05
Grouper A I A: Dream Loss
This one is noisier and grittier than Alien Observer which I love. It has more dynamics, a perfect example being 6, but also some blanks which break the mood and rhythm a bit. Slightly superior to its counterpart because of its diversity an occasionally more aggressive textures, but not as much as when listening to both as a same album. Pretty much all jams. The closing track does not quite feel like an album end though, understandably so. 4.1
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 10 in F sharp [Unfinished]
I don't know how to rate it since it is unfinished, but this is glorious Mahler material. Jammed Bernstein's take. 1 is a lovely first track, pretty much spotless. 2 brings in a lot of twisted and dark notes. 4 has a lovely, 'hook' section in the middle. 5 was my favourite here, it dies out slowly, I don't even know if it was planned, but it is so wonderfuly melancholic in a way, symbolising Mahler's departure from this world. Big jam for that. Overall this is absolutely worth checking out and I'd say 4.2
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 9
Jammed Abbado's take. Movement 1 is sublime from the first few seconds, has surprisingly dark turns, is incredibly cinematic, and holds the distance perfectly despite being 25min long. Some fav Mahler material. The rest of the symphony does not feel as much like top tier Mahler material though. 2 is the weakest, 3 is a lot better. I love and hate 4, its beginning is lovely and sad, and I love how it lets the music die out properly instead of having a generic grand finale, but the bulk of the first half felt quite meh. Overall 4.1
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 4 in G major
Jammed Szell's remastered take. Very nice symphony. One of my favourites so far, yet it feels like a 4.1-ish. I probably rated the rest of his stuff a point too high, because I am still missing the hooks and memorable melodies people like Stravinsky exhibit to rate this in 4.5 range. 1st movement reminded me of the enchantment I found with his first symphony, with incredible storytelling potential. The second movement is my favourite here and a jam with its sweet darker tones. The third movement is more mellow and bland in its first half, but the second half turns much more dynamic and as always retains fantastic storytelling potential. Fourth movement has one of the best Mahler vocal sections I've heard and is nice. Overall if I am consistent with my past ratings for him this should be a 4.2 or so, but in reality I should drop my old ratings a point because this is a 4.15
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 in D major, "Titan"
I jammed the 1893 version with 5 movements. Not the most memorable symphony ever, yet I was
amazed by its incredible storytelling capacity. You see some Disney cartoon or 60-70's
heroic movie play before your eyes without having to think about it at all. This is
especially true of the Allegro Comodo movement (1st), and the Allegro Furioso (5th) has
fantastic moments too. Very romantic (style wise) symphonies, and very cinematic too.
Excited for the rest of his stuff. Have to re-listen with more attention and in the final
1899 version without the Blumine movement. 4.1
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 2 in C minor, "Resurrection"
Jammed Bernstein's version. This one feels more epic and heroic than the 1st, and has some vocals towards the end. Great storytelling again. Least favourite movements were III and IV. Favourite was probably the 1st? Have to re-listen, this is a long and dense piece with lots going on, but at least on first listen the average quality was excellent but there weren't any super memorable 4.5+ moments. 4.25
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 3 in D minor
Jammed Horenstein's take. Movement I is captivating and I love its darkness. Has a bit of a military tone to it. Movement III offers a nice contrast. IV and V kinda lost me, adding in voice parts that don't really fit imo, and even sounding like at Christmas song in a couple sections. VI picks it up again and is great. I-III are 4.3 material, but overall this is a 4.2r
Gustav Mahler Symphony No.7
Once again, a superb symphony with incredibly cinematic storytelling capabilities. I and II evoke classic Mahler material, but told from the bad guy's point of view, with more dissonances and evil sounding melodic lines. Lovely. III and IV see Mahler go a little bit more 'experimental', and these movements especially the two Nachtmuzik are probably my fav on the record as they show a side to Mahler's music that I have not seen much before. I didn't fall in love with V however, and it brings the symphony down a point or two for me - the grand romantic finale feels a touch grotesque after the insidious subtlety of the prior two movements. 4.1
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 6 in A minor, "Tragic"
Jammed Bernstein's Wiener take. This is a lovely symphony as always, but I feel like the last half hour with vocals is too long and again, not Mahler's strong suit. Movement I and III struck me the most, with III being some of the most emotional Mahler material yet, and both being jams. Also feel like I'm going to saturate my high ratings with Mahler's symphonies here darn it. First part is 4.25 and this is definitely one of his pieces I might come back to, but overall it's a 4.1
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 8 in E Flat Major
Jammed Solti's take. The first part (1-6) is fantastic, contender for fav Mahler material, and a solid 4.4 at least. Vocals that I for once really dig, sublime evilness, dissonance here and there. This is much more marking and memorable than the rest of his symphonies so far, no matter their quality. 5 is the only place where it works a bit less, but the finale on 6 is superb. Will definitely jam that first part again. The second part is a huge disappoint in comparison, loosing its energy, coming back to classic Mahler material (and honestly quite a bland flavour of it). Lost my interest especially in comparison to the innovative and interesting first part. Vox less prominent, but far less well executed - e.g. the male opera solo in German on 8 or Christmas carol-evoking vox on 10. The finale is especially zzz and way too long. So overall this is merely a 4.15
Hajduk Свобода
The most straightforward Hajduk EP, with only a couple vocal samples and a very nice 'classical' album intro to break away from the relatively raw bm that constitutes most of the record. Both tracks are of similar quality ie really good, and despite being quite long hold the distance well - although 2 does better than 1. The outro of 1 feels a bit eh, it has a nice tone but it's just overstretching it. This is sweet and cold af bm, not groundbreaking, but still nice when in need of a short fix of softened PdH. 3.8
Hajduk Природа
From the first seconds of the first track with that folk instrument I can't identify I knew
I'd love this. The bulk of the track is raw bm that sounds like the random demos I used to
jam back in the days, but much better, and thankfully the folk comes back right at the end.
2 is my fav track here as a rich, tasty folkey droney post-blackey interlude track with
some fantastic textures - superb jam. 3 is also a droney but more on the distorted guitar
side of things, it's cool but not as good. The end (from min 5 onwards) is fantastic, but I
feel like the first half is a bit subpar and brings the record down a point. 4.0
Haron Wandelaar
Nice piano ambient. Nothing mindblowing, but nothing bad either, some nice tracks especially 1 and 5, some odd but interesting tracks (2-4). Might rejam. 3.8
Haru Nemuri Haru to Shura
Great distorted (noise) J-pop J-rock which could have been annoying but really is quite the opposite. A lot of catchy moments, scarce weak moments, and cool ideas all over the place. The end is where the album falters. The three remixes are quite boring to annoying except the third one's second half, but I don't count them here. 10 is catchy but also has meh bits. 11 is the softest sounding (albeit still upbeat) bit of the album, which is a welcome break, but the track doesn't build up too well. 12 feels like an unnecessary track and the first real flaw in the album, 13 has cool math-rock bounce inthe beginning and a male guest voice which is fine I guess, but it gets a bit much and end up being annoying. And that's a shame because it is the album finale, since 14 is a silent track. Before that the album is bouncy track after catchy track, with varying levels of noise rock heaviness, sweet basslines, synthy goodness, and vox that really work. The only weaker points are the zzz interludes I'd say. Hard to pinpoint jams, but 2 and 4 would be a first pick - her screams on 2 got me really going. Overall 4.0
Heaven In Her Arms White Halo
This is good, but all over the place. Added to the base of proggier less screamo heavy Abyssal-era Envy we find a bunch of somewhat random influences from black metal to wankery bedroom shreddy 'djent'. While this may sound interesting these influences are baked in quite poorly, resulting in the record feeling erratic rather than a cohesive multi-faceted piece of music. It still has beautiful sections and is well worth a spin, but it is a shame those sections are drowned by the lack of artistic direction. 3.8
Holy Fawn Death Spells
Excellent shoegaze album with lots of great influences. Alcest-y guitars, touches of Sigur Ros ambient interludes, Deafheaven harsh parts, and a couple other good things. Does not quite transcend as the aforementioned influences may suggest, but still great. 4.0
Horseback The Invisible Mountain
This album increases very steadily in quality through its course. After the first track, a boring, tasteless, screamy stoner rock song that vaguely reminds of Om, I was going to rate it 2.9 quite honestly. But every track improves on the previous one, to end on an album finale that is frankly quite gorgeous, more hypnotic, more psychedelic, and just overall miles better (4.2-4.3 material) than the rest of the album - reminding of TEoES Neurosis with Boris' Flood's beautiful hypnotic repetition. Re-listen warranted. 3.8
I Hate Models Midnight Cults
For IHM this is pretty soft techno, but he pulled it off well. This is very cinematic and evocative, a perfect soundtrack for daydreams of industrial landscapes and raves in obscure neon-lit basements. It also has some weird phases too and the EP's quality fluctuates a fair bit, but overall it is a good listen. 3.9
I Hate Models The Lost Tapes
One of his top EPs. He could make a 5.0 album honestly if you compiled all of his best tracks and moments, and 1 would be the perfect intro to that album with a rich, ominous and layered ambient/drone buildup of textures. After that, the next three tracks progressively increase in quality. 2 is very fat, but feels like it could have exploded much better, and instead feels like protracted buildup that never quite resolves. It is still nicely industrial, dark and fat, and the vox make it still quite nice, but it ends up feeling like half baked potential. 3 is fatter and more consistent, and 4 is a huge gritty IHM jam, less synthy than the tracks I usually dig from him, just visceral, hard pounding basement techno that will turn your guts inside out. A top tier IHM track really, although it isn't quite perfectly constructed. And to top it all off, I love the art. Get on this people. 4.05
Immortal Onion Ocelot of Salvation
Great jazz record. Reminds quite a lot of Gogo Penguin at times (which is to be expected
given the instruments are exactly the same), however this has also freshness and
diversity, creating very different vibes throughout the record. The opener for example
starts with what could be piano work by Joe Hisaishi, but the eponymous track brings in a
completely different atmosphere with funky groovy bass lines and a much quieter piano in
the background. This constant shift in style and mood makes the record interesting and a
much enjoyable listen, with the band managing to craft their unique sound quite
indigo la End Nagisanite
How is this sitting at a 3.3? Criminally underrated. Super fun and chill Japanese math/indie rock. From the first notes of 1 you know this is going to be fun. Catchy and groovy melodies for the week. 2 is a jam, 3 is a bizarre interlude but that I like in this context. The guitar on 4 is super chill, and the track conclusion is fantastic.after another interlude on 5, 6 is yet another chill track which is sadly a bit protracted maybe, bringing the record down a point, but still cool. Evoked Radiohead in places for some reason. This will sta in my library for sure. Check this out people? 3.8
Internazionale Elegy for the Victors
Absolutely lovely drone. Tasty mix of organic textures (pianos, mostly) and gritty, decaying stuff in the background. The kind of drone that makes you all contemplative and introspective. All jams apart from the last track - will re-listen. 4.2
Internazionale Seek and Create
One of his best pieces with some of his hardest jams, but also quite uneven in quality. 1 is a jam with a lovely uneasy texture layered with for once well incorporated vocal samples. 2-3 are nice but not as good, on the upper end of standard Internazionale material. 4 (I think? Around min 10-11 of the record) is the hardest and most interesting jam here, first with its gorgeous despaired textures, but then with the surprise element of a distant techno beat creeping its way in. The track ends up being an absolutely lovely mix of drone and dub techno. 5 begins with a sweet agressive drone tone la Deathprod, but the second half of the track is quite dull and disappoints massively. Album ending is relatively nice though. 3.75
James Carr You Got My Mind Messed Up
It has been a long time since I last jammed a classic 60's soul/RnB record, so perhaps part of my enjoyment of this is partly stemming from simply missing the genre. This is quite unknown, and I had never heard any of the tracks before, yet they almost all felt like they could be classic songs. So this may grow on me even more as I get familiar with each and every track. I didn't really take notes too much, but some highlights that popped up were 1-3, 5 with its simple but fun bass that drags a bit too long, 9 and 11. I gotta give this another spin. 4.1
Jorja Smith Project 11
How does this have a 3.1 average? Sure, track 2 is a bit of a boring Adele style ballad that I really wish had gone in a complete direction, but apart from that the EP is really cool. 1 is a lovely bouncy neosoul jam and a great opener, 3 is a ballad too but one that I actually enjoyed, and 5 shows a more hip hop side even with some rapped delivery and ends on a lovely lush conclusion. Her voice is a bit, I don't know, nasally in places especially on 1, but it's still greatly delivered on a promising EP. 3.75
Julia Brown to be close to you
Short but very rich. Feels like a hidden gem demo from the 90's that precursed a lot of things, except it's from 2013. The lo-fi production, occasional vox/white noise sample, and violin evoke GYBE vibes very vividly, as a hypothetical indie folk precursor of theirs would sound like. 1-4 is all very strong and in the same vein, but 5 offers a lusher and more psych interlude which frankly feels a bit weird here, while 6 goes to sadder folk first, then offers a GYBE-esque interlude with lush string pads and bells. 7 goes back to the style of the early record with semi happy lo-fi dreamy emo vocals indie folk and is perhaps the best summary of the album despite a weird transition again at the end. The whole album is great but 8 feels like the clearest cut jam here, especially its intro which would fit in a movie perfectly. If this had come out 20 years earlier, it'd be a classic. 3.8
Really nice collection of little lo-fi beats that hits harder and harder as the record goes. 1 makes you go ow yeah this is gonna be s o f t. 2's a bit cliche and perhaps the weakest track on the record, I mean it's fine but it feels the most generic. 3 is very nice and qutie inspiring although I didn't dig the second half. Now 4 and 5 hit HARD, and 4 especially is a jam, before 6 shows us how the cool the record could be with some vox over the instrumental with a lovely track. Shame a few of the tracks end on a fadeout but oh well. I'll be hearing more of this guy for sure. Available for free/NYP at 3.8
Kayo Dot Hubardo
Glorious album by a glorious band. Despite its 90+ minutes runtime it is absolutely never boring, constantly switching both genres - from experimental metal to jazz, prog rock, post-rock/ambient - and instrumentation - guitar based, brass, keys, you name it. A crazy idea brilliantly executed. No bad tracks, but Thief, Zilda Caosgi, The First Matter, The Second Operation, Passing the River and the albumrcloser are highlights for me. 4.2
Kurt Travis Everything Is Beautiful
Great poppy album with lots and lots of interesting sounds. Rarely found poppy stuff this interesting. The first half is brilliant, with only a few annoying vocals here and there. Second half falls behind with some tracks that are entirely annoying and a lot more of his cringy vocals, but it still has some good tracks and melodies. Inspiring e.g. the intro of It's All Over. Album has quite a few flows but it was a positive jam still. Will probably re-listen. 3.8
Lillet Blanc Lillet Blanc
Really sweet dream pop on the dreamier less poppy side of the spectrum given relatively quiet and discrete drums. The first track feels like it was recorded on a different day or something, the prod on some of the guitars feels really subpar compared to the lushness of other instruments and of Emily's angelic voice which is nicely not overprocessed. It's still a catchy track, but it feels a bit amateur in places, which is an issue the two other tracks do not suffer from. 2 is a superb lush jam, and 3 while not as jammy perhaps is still a sweet song and perhaps the catchiest of the EP. This goes directly into my library. NYP at 3.9
Loure Smooth Talk
Really cool and groovy house EP with diverse sounds and textures. Nothing revolutionary, but a darn good listen nonetheless. Not a single bad track - in fact my least favourite is the only one that is a remix. 4.0
Mastodon Leviathan
Very solid Mastodon record, especially the second half. The first half of the record feels like it is undecided between the proggy feel of their later output and harsher, sludgier post-metal sounds. The resulting mix is not as convincing as either of those. However in the second half of the album Mastodon succeeds much better at combining those sounds and at magnifying them through contrast between massive post-metal riffs and softer parts. The result is a phenomenal last couple of tracks which bring this on the verge of being a 4.5.
Matt Kivel Double Exposure
This EP/short album starts off as pretty but somewhat generic indie folk. As it goes however it does bring a lot of surprises and interesting ideas, with shifts in style on 'Kes' or 'Tetra' for example, and the album as a whole does not at all feel generic. This unexpected depth for what I thought would be straight up generic indie folk makes me want to re-listen to it. 3.9
Matthew Tavares and Leland Whitty Visions
A jazz epic like the greats, with incredible variety and storytelling abilities. This is one big jazz fresca with guitar, piano, sax, you name it, and I don't think it is the kind of album that warrants a track by track description. The outro to 2 is fantastic, the intro to 5 is fantastic and displays the variety of atmospheres found here, which the guitar-led (but a bit overextended) 4, the playful 9 or the piano piece on 6 all exemplify quite nicely. Go home Kamasi (c). Might grow, but for now 4.2
Memoryhouse The Years
Sometimes all you need is pretty tunes, enormous amounts of reverb, and sweet vox. Lovely dream pop, that fluctuates between the inoffensive and the gorgeous on track 5 particularly, but also 2, both of which are nice dreamy jams. 5 alone bumps this to a 3.75
Mirrorring Foreign Body
Wonderful little Grouper-y folk record. Most of it feels like putting your head
underwater in a warm bath with extremely soothing folk washed out in a sea of Grouper
reverb. If it weren't for tracks 2 and 5 it would be just that, in a perfect way. Track
2 is more standard folk with more generic vocals, and is nice but not a jam. Track 5 is
meh and a surprise after such the nice run 1-4, the only dysfunctional track on the album
imo. It has a weird instrumental and generic vocals.I do like its noisy ending tho. The
closer is nice but does not feel as good as 1-4. Track 1 and 4 are my faves and wonderful
jams, so soothing. I love this, but it's not the strongest record ever. 3.9
Edit: after a few listens, 3.8
Misthyrming Söngvar elds og óreiðu
Great bm that somehow feels like dm in a lot of places without ever sounding like dm. Maybe
owing to the low ended, deep guttural vox a bit. The album feels hellish in a lot of
places, and my fav tracks were the most hell-sounding ones (3, a jam which somehow gave me
strong LOTR vibes, 6). The record is well constructed, with nice ups and downs of
intensity, crystallised by a great dark ambient interlude on 4 picked right up by solid
riffage on 5, and a dark ambient album outro on 9 that wasn't as good. The run from 1-6 is
stellar, although it took me a couple tracks to get accustomed to the band, but the end of
the record 7-9 felt weaker, especially 7 which felt more generic and kind of like the Not
Unlike the Waves of this album. 8 does have a nice intro. I deleted my notes accidentally
but based on memory this feels like a 3.95
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness
Look this is really cool death metal, and the remastered version on bandcamp helps with its age. It is quite impressive that this came out in 1989 and still sounds good and brutal. The vocals and instrument tones are great (except the snare drum here which I'm allergic to). However it does not feel as groovy and well-constructed as other death metal records out there that came out around the same time (*cough cough* Death *cough cough*). The album is lacking dynamics and a musical storyline so to speak, the tracks just come one after the other without any real variation of atmosphere. There are also some gimmicky solos or sound samples at times. It's a good record however and I'd re-listen to it gladly. This is a classic album, but definitely not a 5.0 for me. 4.0
Nepal (FR) 444 Nuits
First half is sublime and felt like potentially 4.5 range material. Aerial, supremely chill instrumentals and (mostly) excellent delivery. Didn't pay much attention to the lyrics but they are never strikingly bad (which is rare), and often feels well thought out despite the cheesy excessive verlan at times. Unlike a lot of fr rap records, this blue half displays consistent quality, a true identity and flow as an EP, and very few distasteful bits (a rare example would be the MGS sample but we'll let that slide). 1 is a jam (I wish it didn't have this many vocal samples though), 2 is a fcking jam and honestly a fav fr rap track, 5 is a jam, and the other tracks are all really good. 6 is a great finale for the blue half except it fades out. Really wish the blue half was a standalone record, because after that the EP falls back in the traps of fr rap, with annoying backing vocals on 8 (shame because the verses are nice) and 9, a slightly cheeky sample that doesn't feel like it belongs in a rap song on 10, and less nice delivery from him in places (7,10). 7, 10-12 are still cool tracks. I almost wish he rapped on the outro actually. This second half brings the record down a bit, but it still stands out as a very strong gem of French rap. RIP man. 4.15
Nepal (FR) 445ème Nuit
This one feels more consistent than 444, but also its high points felt like they didn't
reach the same heights, explaining my low ratings. Not the best conditions either but don't
think it affected me too much. The best part is the middle of the album, followed by its
last third, as the album goes back to the same brand of soft, cloudy, hazy, nocturnal rap
that was so enjoyable on 444's blue half. 3 is the first track of that kind, but didn't
quite amaze me because his delivery often sounds like he's just talking to you. 4 and 5 are
jams, the latter having the most successful feat of the two. 6 has a lovely deconstructed
lo-fi hip-hop instrumental with a sweet sax sample, and I wish the track focused on that
more than on his vocals which feel like they're mixed too prominently. Really didn't like 7
because the flow is exactly the same as Bodak Yellow's and it might be a funny reference or
something but hearing Cardi B from a male soft-spoken rapper in French just doesn't sit
right with me. Thankfully, 8 closes the album quite nicely without being a jam. 1 and 2
were in a different style and I enjoyed them less. Kinda feel out of place, like the pink
half on 444 a bit. Overall this is solid, but I much prefer 444 for all the jams it had.
Ness Heads Numb
This is Drake/The Weeknd/Post Malone etc in female version and actually good. Surprised this isn't more popular - give it some time. 1 is an effing hard-hitting jam in that style, 2 is more cloudy and emotional but a very nice track too. 3 starts a bit cheesy with some acoustic guitar but intelligently drops it mid track, making it welcome variety and not just cheesiness. The track unfolds with a lot more complexity and variety than I expected with some heavily processed vox and a shift to a more electronica style. The guitar comes back on 4 although the beat drops quickly into the track, but it just unfolds into something much weaker and the first actual downer of this otherwise lovely debut EP. Same goes for 5, which is fine but packs nowhere the punch of the early record, and those two tracks bring this down a couple points to a 4.0
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood
This is a great album for sure, but I found the buildups often too long for climaxes that
are not as impactful as they could be, with notable exceptions in the massive 'Locust
Star' or 'Aeon'. The second half of the closing track offers some of the most psychotic-
sounding Neurosis out there, and the opener is the perfect background for the Germans
marching on Poland to start off WWII (oddly specific yes). Apart from that, ToG does it
better. 4.2
Noname Telefone
I really enjoyed this record. This is the hip-hop form of a marshmallow. It is soft, comfy and mellow. Strong abstract and soul influences. Both the vocals and instrumentals feel fresh and innovative. I'm rating it quite high (4.1) for now, but it may evolve either way - become a grower, or on the contrary drop in rating after the surprise effect fades. A re-listen is definitely on the cards.
Ojne Prima Che Tutto Bruci
This is good screamo in European fashion - with heavy touches of post-rock -, but it feels
somewhat overhyped. Great melodies, vocals a la Envy but with a bit poorer rawer production and
in Italia, which I enjoyed. This is a great album but also nothing too crazy - feels like your
typically brilliant screamo record. 3.9
Old Sorcery Realms of Magickal Sorrow
This is some of the best dungeon synth I've heard. Yet I still would have a hard time rating anything above 4.0 in this genre. This record has an amazing opener and almost as good a closer. On their own I might rate these two tracks a 4.0, but the middle of the album - albeit short - drops a lot in quality and exemplifies the genre's shortcomings: it sounds almost funny, or like the vintage soundtrack of some old pc medieval game. There is a fine line there. 3.8
Omega Dawkins alpha
A weird one. Has really tasty, noisy drone textures - especially on 2 which is a definitive jam. The record feels like it does not quite know where it is going, boasting random samples, abrupt transitions, ventures into other genres such as techno on 7 or lo-fi hip hop on 6 (jammy), and while there is definite quality in a lot of the tracks, this erratic nature disrupts the immersion for me. 3.8
On The Might of Princes Sirens
Ozean Ozean
Superb shoegaze on the soft and mellow side of things, I don't understand why it has such a
low average here. Sure, it is quite short, and all three songs end on a fadeout with no
conclusion which takes the record down a point, but it still has lovely vox, tasty shoegaze
instrumentation, and some sweet bass lines. All jams, 2 being probably my favourite. Yes,
you should check it out. 3.95
Paysage d'Hiver Paysage d'Hiver
Need to re-listen because I was not paying enough attention. This is the first album where Pd'H
successfully alternates ambiences and genres without it resulting in an odd record like on his
first two outputs, which shows progress. The albums starts as a stark opposite to its direct
predecessor, with a wall of bleak Pd'H bm with piss poor production that I used to hate but now
kinda enjoy. The record does have dynamics later on and has multiple ambient-ish sections and
additions of more acoustic instruments. A great record that I need to revisit. 4.1
Edit: re-jammed, opener is f*cking balls, 4.3 material. The first half of track 2 is a bit more
dull and does not pack as much of a punch, but it evolves in the second half and brings in more
textures, becomes more epic in the middle, and more evil towards the end whcih sounds fantastic.
Track 3 continues the evil vibe in its first half, but slowly becomes dreamier and aetheral with
more ambient textures over the bm noise wall. Sounds good but actually brings the track down. It
eventually slowly fades down into ambient bm-ey drone in the last few minutes. Overall, does not
reach the 4.5 range yet, but clear bump to 4.2
Paysage d'Hiver Kristall und Isa
Great Pd'H record with a very bleak start and a bleak ending. In between the record alternates
between calm ambient phases and bm sections. Nothing that stood out as amazing, but all good too.
Even though it's one of the shortest Pd'H records, it still feels too long. Tracks 2,3,4, and
maybe the closer are jams. The opener is ok too, but the record overall feels like it drags on a
lot and does not have a lot of crazy high points. It's just nice, nothing that stood out as
amazing, but all good too. 3.8
Paysage d'Hiver Das Tor
Another bm fave from Pd'H. Sounds like the evil continuation of Winterkalte with more cinematic voice textures and also soft but more lo-fi prod. Idk what those two albums in the middle were all about. The middle of the record (track 2 and the first half of track 3) is stellar and top tier Pd'H material. Track 1 and 4 are jams too. Closer perfectly sums up Pd'H's discog with bm decaying into synthy ambient then wind recordings (otherwise dropped from the album). It does have low points, especially the second half of track 3, but album is a definite re-listen and a solid 4.15
Pestilence Consuming Impulse
Not sure if I prefer this to their first - the high points were higher, but there weren't
that many of them. Tracks 1-3 are absolute jams and made me think this would be a 4.4.
Track 2 in particular is an immense jam with wonderful riffage, and track 3 is basically
cool dm with some horror choir-esque sounds. 4 is cool too but not a jam. The meh slow
bits it brings continue on 5 and make the track weak. Plus urgh that fade out ending.
Track 6 does the slow bits right and the first half is kinda jammy, but the latter half
is merf. 7 is nice in the middle and the horror sounds from track 3 come back. 8 and 10
are kinda ok but not jams and have many wankery bits. 9 is merf. Idk I guess in the
numbers this is superior to their debut lp, but with such a strong beginning and weak
rest of the record it feels like a disappointment and I feel I liked it less. 4.0
Pestilence Malleus Maleficarum
Gotta love the Latin title. Fantastic debut lp that starts off very poorly. Track 1 and 2 are
quite meh and the vocals sound terrible like the guy can barely sing through diseased lungs and
has again too many words to spit out. 3.0 range. Track 3 is a massive turning point and is a
grand thrashy deathy crazy jam with incredible diversity for its 4 minutes. Despite a few flaws
and wankery solos here and there, tracks 4-8 are also all jams or at least have many jammy
sections. And then the album ends like it started with two meh tracks, although the closer has
some nice riffs. What the hell are those last 5s lol. Overall still a solid and brutal thrashy
album that I'll re-listen to. 4.05
Pi Ja Ma Radio Girl
An adorable little indie pop EP that sits on a cloud and tickles the Trifolium fibres in my musical taste. 1 is nice but I felt like the vox was mixed way too loud. It is twinkly and glittery cute pop, the kind of track I'd be happy to hear on the radio. Catchy, but not quite a jam you know. 2 is even cuddlier and feels like music that would work for kids just as much as it works for us nerds out here. 3 has more of a folk style still with this happy fairy vibe to it, and 4 is a repeat of the track in a demo version that I honestly could not tell was a demo version. The track is so sweet I didn't mind it being repeated at all. The soundtrack to paradise. I am so pumped to hear the LP! 3.75
Pi Ja Ma Nice To Meet U
Really fun cutepop. I'm not sure why but the early four tracks got me worried and felt inferior to the rest, but from 5 onwards this was all kinda jammy or full on jammy. 1 is sweet, 2 feels a bit 'gnangnan' (don't know how to translate that), 3 is nicer, 4 is music that my ma would like, but really overall it didn't feel as memorable as the EP tracks. Those actually come back in the LP as 5 and 6, both feeling like jams. I thought it was maybe because I was familiar with those two tracks, but now, they only sparked a streak of jaminess. 7 is also a jam and is quite a rich track, 8 transitions to something funky and upbeat and is a real fun jam, 9 is more ethereal and almost grew into a jam before ending on a fadeout, 10 is a nice and catchy kinda jam, and 11 is perhaps one of the most interesting tracks on the record with a whole lot of psychedelic influences infused into Pi's sweet pop style. Perhaps not a classic album, but certainly a lovely enjoyable one. 3.9
Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
This is a fantastic debut, especially its first half which showcases good PF traits already, with 1,2 and 4 being my jams here. However, it didn't age nearly as well as their 70's mastodons (tracks like 8 or 11 are examples of this), and I find its interest more historical than anything else. Songs end on fade-outs or silences so we're missing the perfection of PF's album construction. There aren't too many experimental weird bits, they're mostly on 5 midtrack,6 which is the only annoying track,7 and the end of 11. 7 is a pivot point and sees the album shift style a bit to more traditional-evoking English songs and less PF goodness, and the second half of the album feels a bit blander. Overall 3.9
Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets
Perhaps less grand than Piper, and hints less at their later wonders, but this time round the album felt like psych-Barrett era Pink Floyd done better than on the debut. Had to pause just before 6 so this isn't completely fair but hey. The first third is best nad incredibly P S Y C H. 1 has weird panning, but 2 and 3 are jams - 2 feels like hippie times and 3 sounds like Om almost 40yrs before Om. 4 takes a more psych rock approach, and is cool at first but gets a bit weaker and annoying, evokes the worst of Piper. 5 literally has a dungeon synth intro and is weird Floyd done right this time, echoing Piper's transition track only better. 6 is part super jammy and part boring, back to the P S Y C H of the first third. 7 is just ok, and the album 'pre-conclusion' feels a bit weird, definitely preventing this from being above 4.0
Prurient Frozen Niagara Falls
Incredible album. Very dense and bizarre. Absolutely needs a re-listen. A noise record
over 90 minutes long sounds like a terrible idea, but it is so diverse and navigates so
many genres that it ends up being never boring and always surprising. From straight up
noise/ hnw on multiple interlude tracks, to Mass Effect synth sountrack overlaid with
noise in the opener and 'A Sorrow With A Braid', to dungeon synth almost on Jester Agony,
to glitchy noise that I hated on the track before last, ending up on an ambient track
that Agalloch could have made for the album finale, the whole thing being sprinkled with
vocals going from whispers to distorted spoken word, to growls and to screams evoking
black metal. Stunning. Jams on 1,4,5,12 and the album conclusion is perfect too; dip in
energy on 6, 10 and 15. 4.2
Pygmy Lush Mount Hope
This has really good tunes, a bit as if Unwound were a folk band
Rachel Chinouriri Mama's Boy
If you like Lianne La Havas, you HAVE to jam this. This is why you should always check out first acts folks. A collection of tightly crafted, catchy neo-soul infused tunes. The prod under serves them a bit and feels somewhat hollow. They'd maybe need to sound fuller to achieve banger status, but every track is excellent nonetheless. 1 is very Liannesque and quite a jammy banger track, 2 is more intimate and subtle with a super chill beat again, 3 is funky and groovy as hell and is again a jam, 4 is more dubsteppy and a bit Ratatat-esque I'd say. 5 is an acoustic version of 3, but I think it concludes the EP extremely well, especially because 4 while a good track would not have offered the best conclusion. Sweet, sweet debut EP. Check this out people! 4.1
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Yeah I don't know how this ever felt like a possible 5.0 to me, but it is still a gorgeous Radiohead album. I really enjoy the lush, ambient, deconstructed keys style of a good part of the album, but it doesn't always quite strike home. For starters I don't understand 1 as the opener, it stands out completely and either of the two following tracks (both jams) would have been much nicer and fitting openers imo. Still an ok fun track though. 4 is the first track that falls kinda flat but is well constructed, breaking the lushness of 2 and 3 with some acoustic guitar then slowly easing its way back into the keys. 5 is more electronic and hard hitting, which again shakes things up nicely and demonstrates their mastery of album craft, but only the second half is jammy. 6 is a sublimely delicate winter jam that demonstrates the style of AMSP perfectly executed. 7 is a bit more in classic Radiohead 'rock' style but remains merely ok, and 8 despite some lovely sounds also feels like it doesn't quite work. 9 is a jam and shows a lovely mix of their prior sound with the new twist taken on this record. Very nice. 10 is nice but just passes by before the godtier jam that is 11, a top tier Radiohead track that I think is solely responsible for making me think this could ever be a 5.0. Gorgeously hopeless and sad, with beautifully fragile vocal delivery and impactfully simple instrumental. Glorious. So yeah the album has huge jams but just alternates too many merely nice tracks in between to claim even the possibility of a 5. 4.15
Raum The Event of Your Leaving
Once again, Liz is incredibly consistent. Lovely ambient/drone album, with a slowly increasing prevalence of Liz's vocals. The record seems like it slowly transitions from cold and gritty textures, to comfortable warmth reminding of Mirrorring - that second half feeling a bit superior on first listen. 2 is the grittiest track but also my least favourite. 3 and 4 are jams, 1 and 5 being really nice too. 3.85
Rebekah My Heart Bleeds Black
A fantastic set of crass, pounding industrial techno tracks to morcellate your brains out. 1-4 is excellent in that style and would form a very strong EP. 2 is a jam which represents what I like to imagine Berghain sounds like, and 4 is a jam too. Unfortunately the run from 5-6 is much much weaker, starting with the annoying 808 (or whatever they are) snares on 5. At the end of it I thought the album would be too long and that it should have been a shorter EP, but I was wrong as the enormous jam 7 comes in zith its gritty and noisy textures to bring the interest right back up - despite a middelkerk conclusion to the track that is a rare instance of the album not flowing well. 8 starts by a simple pound that's just fine, but at min 2 or thereabouts it morphs into a vast, ominous track that could have been a fantastic closer. However there is still 9, which flows well from 8 and is quite atmospheric too, wrapping up the album nicely - although perhaps not as well as 8 would have. This is good man, will stay in my library. 3.85
Sadus Swallowed in Black
Yes yes yes. This is practically death metal at this point, and the wankery solos or bad vocals are now extremely scarce. Ergo, I like this album. Riffz and riffz for days, and I was mildly headbangin' the whole time. I'll come back to this, one listen is not enough. 3.95
Saor Forgotten Paths
This is a brilliant record that mixes black metal with elements of folk and out-of-the-ordinary instruments like violin or flute. The songs are very dynamic and there aren't five minutes in the album that are the same This will require multiple listens to definitely make my mind on it, but it is definitely a cool ride. 4.1
Sea of Shit Sea Of Shit
Look I don't know much powerviolence and co. at all, but I know that this is fun as hell, full of good riffz, and nicely headbangy. Hell I'd love this live. The prod is a bit tamer and hollower than on their 7 inch which is a shame, but it still sounds fine. Again everything flows quite nicely although the breaks between tracks are more noticeable heare and there. They slow down the pace here and there with some doomier riffs, on 9 for example, or 13, or the closer - where I feel they don't fit as well but eh. In fact I'm not sure the album conclusion is the greatest. But before that this is super fun. There's no point listening to isolated tracks really, but highlights were 2,3,6 (those riffz would be so fun live), and 11. 3.85
Sea Oleena Sleeplessness
This is wonderful, delicate and lovely acoustic guitar-based dream pop/indie folk. Its simplicity
does not take anything away from its sheer quality. Reminds of Grouper but much less ambient and
a lot happier with tonnes less reverb. Will have to re-listen, but immediate crush on this. 4.2
Sea Oleena Sea Oleena
This is great dreamy Groupery acoustic dream pop in the vein of their (her?) Sleeplessness EP. It did not strike me quite as much as the latter, but it still is a lovely record. It has some good ideas and explores things, which at select times sounded just a touch odd. Nothing too bad and I thoroughly enjoyed the record - will have to re-listen. 3.8
Sea Oleena Shallow
Very nice debut album of sweet less droney and more organic Grouper-like music, quality on par with the EP's. The first few tracks did not quite convince me I have to say, 3.5 range material. But starting from track 4, the quality goes way up with some phenomenal tracks, particularly track 4 and 6, making the album a definite re-listen. The great second half bumps the album to a grand total of 3.9
Sed Non Satiata Le Ciel De Notre Enfance
Instrumental are goddarn good at times, and simply sublime at others. Vocals are not the best screamo has seen however. Nothing too bad, just not the best. 4.2
Seizures Reverie of the Revolving Diamond
This reminds me of The Contortionist's Intrinsic, not in terms of the actual music, but in
terms of how I absolutely love the proggy soft parts, and wish the harsh parts were
different. Goddamn I want that reverb tone so bad. Don't take me wrong, the metalcore parts
are fine - I just feel like they don't live up to the potential of the soft bits, and also
don't mix too well with them, except on a few tracks like 3, 7 and 9. Oddly enough the
purely non-harsh tracks feel weaker than the bits sprinkled in the midst of all the
metalcore. There aren't any jam tracks really, but this record is absolutely stocked with
jammy sections all over it - the end of the closer is a gorgeous example. It's an
interesting sound for sure and an album I'll re-listen to. Absolutely love the title, band
name and art combo too. 3.8
Sewer Election Wreck
This confirms two things. First, I like (?harsh) noise. Second, I am entirely illiterate when it comes to noise. For beyond saying that it is quite diverse with different flavours of noise from distorted stuff to walls of white noise, and also that it is quite intelligently made with some pauses and alternation of aggressive and less aggressive phases, I'd be hard pressed to explain why I enjoyed this. But hell I did. What makes a good noise album as opposed to a bad mishmash of random, well, noises? I don't have a clue. 3.8
Smile To The Wind Illusions
Great screamo record that stands out because of its very fast tempo and brutality. It gets right at your face and reminded me somewhat of Beau Navire.
Snarls Burst
Sweet sweet dreamy indie rock record, generally very lighthearted and lovely (3 and 4, jams of sorts, or 6 which I love too) but gets a bit slower, rocker and I'd say eerier on tracks like 5. 8's a ballad that unfolds nicely and brings welcome variety, and the record as a whole is just very nice. I'll come back to it for sure. 3.8
Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline
First disk could be 4.5 material on its own, but unfortunately they dragged it for too long again. The album is still much more successful at keeping you entertained and varying the textures than its predecessor, and feels so much vastly superior that I wonder if I wasn't in poor listening conditions for Tired Sounds compared to this. Disk 1 is pretty much all jams, 1-4 being classic SoL sound, 5 bringing welcome variation with darker undertones, 6 bringing more changes including bells stuff, 7 being the only a bit weaker track here feeling a touch bleep bloopey and boasting a long awks silence at the end, although the piano+vox in the intro is nice. 8 is less lush at first, then reintroduces the lushness beautifully, 9 is more material like 1-4, and 10 is probably one of the strongest jams here with more of a post-rocky drone supplemented by lovely keys. I'm telling ya, disk 1 is 4.5 material. Then comes disk 2. 11 is nice and bleak albeit lush, but 12 feels excessively long and kinda lost me. 13 changes it up with cello or something but it didn't convince me, by 14 the album had lost me a fair bit and just felt too long, and no longer like 4.5 range material. 15 brings the interest back though with a nice keys based track, not sure if jam or not, and 16 being kinda jammy with sweet, WWII-evoking textures. 17 would have been a cool outro to the album, but sadly they felt like they needed to add 17 more minutes of generic SotL material which is nice in a vacuum but here feels unnecessary and dragging forever. Overall this still scores a 4.1
State Faults Resonate/Desperate
Every album of theirs improve on its predecessor. Superb post-rocky screamo again, yet I seem to struggle to fall in love with this band. Prod has improved a tonne and sounds nice and round with lovely prominent drums. Still not a fan of the vocals but they did improve. This one sounds a lot more -core at times e.g. on track 2, and has some wankery bits e.g. on 4 or at the end of the album before the piano melody (which is 'convenue', but nice). Some gorgeous Suis La Lune-esque melodies again e.g. on track 6. The songs transition incredibly well into each other and the album's flow is top-notch, which makes it a bit hard to pinpoint jams - it really is a cohesive record. I don't quite like when the record goes happy almost and a bit more poppy while retaining the screamo vocals and sound, like on tracks 10-11. Sounded a bit odd to me. It maybe occurs earlier in the record too but it took me a while to put my finger on it. Still a strong 3.9
Suffocation Human Waste
The relatively raw production of this early Suffocation record brings color to a classic death metal sound. Absolutely massive and brutal record, but short enough to not lose its freshness in its course. 4.1
Sundrugs Low
Where the prior album started off strong but overextended, this one starts with merely ok
tracks to finish on a perfect run of three strong jams. Second half is highly recommended
drone. 1 is sweet but a bit forgettable, then the record goes a bit all over the place with
a spacey 2, a sci-fi cavernous 3, and an interesting track on 4 with sort of psychedelic
downtempo sprinkled in with some Lustre and DS (can tell that you liked this garasbro).
From then on the record picks it up, with 5 being a lovely synthy repetitive track that is
way too short and would otherwise be a jam, 6 being nicely cinematic like drifiting in the
ocean or space, and 7 being sweetly gritty. The last three tracks bump this up hugely
though, as they're all jams. 8 displays nice piano laid atop some lovely dronebient, to
later turn into drone and lead to a fantastic conclusion. Title's very fitting. 9 is an
aquatic soundscape, I mean it's short and not really a jam but it fits, and 10 is the
behemoth track here with a 21 min runtime. It starts dark and mysterious, menacing almost,
and later brings the gritty subtlety I loved so much on the debut. It feels desolate and
alone, and my rating went up by the minute. Perfect for contemplating my Oregon trip
pictures. The last third is softer and perhaps not as jammy but still very nice, and the
hopeful conclusion is very well delivered. This will stay in my library for sure. 3.9
sway (CA) The Millia Pink and Green
Some of the lushest and softest shoegaze I've heard in recent memory. Listened to this in the wrong order thanks to Spotify but I will rejam it anyway because this a sweet, continuous stream of reverberated softness that felt like a 4.1 from start to finish. 3 (the real one, Sullust, not Spotify's 3) feels perhaps a little dronier, 4 more ambient, 1-2 vaguely more classically shoegaze with their guitar tones, and 5 is the most melodically hooking track of all thereby making it a great album conclusion, but the record just feels like one continuous stream of soft dreaminess you want to wrap yourself in and sleep on. The vox evoke soft Neige and are often mixed quietly e.g. on 5 which reinforces their softness, and there is hardly any distortion let alone fuzz here, maybe on 2 a bit. Get on this people. 4.1
Swing Marabout
Consider this a joint -dex recommendation of some sweet, chill Belgian-hop. Instrumentals are often complex, multi-layered and evolving, far from being a mere loop over a drum line. This is displayed from the get go and all throughout, but my favourite example are the added percussive sounds coming at min 2 on 2. His delivery is also excellent and varies from hard hitting to more fun and laid back a la Hippocampe Fou minus the parody aspect. It's nicely displayed on 8 for example. Every track is sweet but 2 and 7 are hard hitting jams. The exception being 6, which is outright horrible and completely out of place - prevents the album from being a 4.2 for me. I love the very inspiring intro texture on 9, but the track doesn't unfold into more than a merely ok track. 5 is the only track where I really wish he didn't rap, I feel like it would have worked better without it. All in all this is a nice example of everything that French-language rap does well, and only scarcely shows what it does wrong. 4.15
Tame Impala Lonerism
This one bridges the gap between the EP and the first LP. It is more modern than the former, but far more 60's psych than the latter. It has also a lot fewer tunes than LP1, but to be honest I listened to LP1 a lot more and it defines the Tame Impala sound to me so it's not exactly fair. This one still boasts some tunes, 7 of course, 6 to a lesser degree, and the fantastic 9 which manages to mix the catchiness and the psych vibes incredibly well. The outro to 11 is also super jammy but only lasts a few seconds and ends on a fadeout. Album is incredibly constructed. The opener already states the record as being firmly different from its predecessor, and the two open in very different ways but both very well. The closer tracks stands out being in a very different style, vibe, and instrumentation, and is a class example of how you do that properly. Fantastically well done, before it I was going to give this a 4.15, but it brings it to a solid 4.2
Tame Impala Tame Impala
This is the best 60s record that was recorded in 2008. It is interesting how the first track which is on Innerspeaker feels like a normal Tame Impala track whereas every single other track sounds like it is straight out of the 60s. Is the track truly different at its core, or is it just that knowing its cleaner LP version takes away the feeling of outdatedness that comes from the crasser prod here? Anyway there is no reason to ever jam 1 here since the prod doesn't serve it and it is again on the LP, but in a vacuum it is of course a great track. 2 is a huge jam and it is fun how much it sounds like the music that inspired him. 5 is also on the more psychedelic side and maybe a jam as well. 3 on the other hand is on the more rock side of things, and while still nice it definitely feels like the weakest track here. 4's more fun than 3. This is a very interesting way to start a discog because with this EP Tame Impala just sounded like a 60s psych rock revival band, and transformed itself for the first LP. 3.8
Tame Impala Currents
After Lonerism's 60's-evoking psychedelic ventures, this one takes a decidedly more electronic turn while retaining the psychedelia. I can't help but feel it is compositionally complacent on certain tracks (4 especially, 5 a bit too). The synthy tones and prod are so good that the tracks can afford to become simpler, but in places TI went a little overboard imo. This is especially true of the slower-paced, less catchy tracks, although 2,3 and 8 do it quite well. Now this does boast some solid jams, for instance 1, 7, and 13, and the conclusion 11-12 is also very strong, bumping this a point. But the record lost me a bit midway on this listen. 4.0
Tertia May Kind of Purple
Very rich debut (?) EP. She'll be a fantastic first act for Erika de Casier. 1-3 are great
neo-soul tracks, 1 being chill and simple, 2 being Erika-esque and nocturnal, 3 being a
little simple and seemingly immature at first, but then unfolding in multiple ways with a
nice verse allowing her to display fantastic vocals. 4 is more in the style of classic
soul, but is very fun and enjoyable with the backing vocals and the blues guitar offering
welcome variety. This is just solid really. 3.9
The Dillinger Escape Plan Miss Machine
The closest we'll ever get to Calculating Infinity for a full-length record. Feels less raw, and already marks a shift towards their later sound. This brings a lot of fresh ideas and the music has many high points, even though some tracks do fall a bit behind. Excellent and a must listen when looking for that early TDEP sound, but with a touch more melody and a touch less brutality.r4.2
The Great Yawn Botanica
Superb folk on the slight indie pop side of things, with sublime vocals. The record has some gorgeous tracks, and does not hesitate to venture in jazzier, poppier, or ballad territory on 5, 4 and 11 as respective examples. The first half felt stronger, especially with 1 and 3 which are lovely jams, and the second half of 4 which is gorgeous too. 7 is the first track that didn't grab my attention as much, everything before that is really sweet, but after it the album didn't feel like it held the distance too well, loosing my attention a little bit. 8 with its backing vocals giving Obel vibes is kinda jammy though, and 11 and 12 are gorgeous too. Overall 3.9
The Jezabels She's So Hard
Superb. I am really excited for their even more praised records now. Art pop infused indie rock, but with incredibly diverse instrumentation and loads of creative ideas. Not all jams, but I respect every single track. 1 is a gorgeous jam with a top notch intro. Like all songs on here it is quite dense, and tbh not all parts are favourites, but overall a very solid track. 2 is less my cuppa but the ending is cool. 3 is in the same vein. 4 and 5 take it up a notch again, each with superb bridges - especially 5's piano bridge -, although the vox is a bit much occasionally in both tracks. This isn't an all time favourite album but I really love this band and how creative they get. 4.0
The Jezabels Dark Storm
Scratch my first impression, it was due to poor listening conditions. This is superb, especially the first two tracks which are both jams. The vocals work even better here and feel catchier and (nicely) poppier than before. This doesn't take away any intensity to the music, which feels extremely intense despite not being extreme - an achievement to be praised. 3 and 4 are more of the same without quite reaching the same level but remaining sublime. 5 is the weakest track here, it's not bad but being the album closer and in contrast to the rest it brings the album down a point. The post-rocky touches on 1 and 3 are a bit clich but still sweet and a noticeable new addition. Also love the artwork. 4.1
The Jezabels Prisoner
This is a band that knows what they're doing. The record isn't just their EPs in a longer format - it is masterfully and carefully constructed, and bears a feeling of grandeur as a record the shorter EPs didn't quite have. The album retains the post-rock influences seen on Dark Storm, but in a much subtler and more integrated way which is delightful to hear. The opener is sublime and quite literally one of my favourite album openers, period. The following track is also an incredible jam, and both are godtier tracks with huge intensity and voluminous instrumentation. 3 retains that intensity but is perhaps not quite as strong a track, then the record gradually descends in intensity which is welcome - 14 tracks of that would have been too much. The record is very dense and quite long (without being too long) and I'd be hard pressed to pinpoint all the jams and weaker tracks. The descent gets to its calmest on 11, with a lovely keys-based ambient interlude (jam), then picks it right up with 13 which is also a jam. 14 is a questionable closer in my opinion, in fact the bonus track felt like a better closer. Throughout my listen I was hesitant between 4.2 and 4.3, but the closer tips it down. This is really dense and I can't commit to a 4.5 range rating just yet. Still reaches a solid upper 4.2
The Newfound Interest in Connecticut Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home
Really lovely post-rock/emo with tasty prominent and aggressive drumming contrasting with the relatively soft, raw and lo-fi instrumentals and vocals. Some of the best post-rock I've heard in the last few months, and the emo bits are mostly really nice too. The record is very consistent and pretty much all jammy, but the tracks that struck me most were 1,3,4 and 6. Not going to be a classic, but a thoroughly enjoyable record nonetheless. 4.15
The Oh Hellos Through The Deep, Dark Valley
Usually with this kind of music (happy indie folk) I think this is nice but quite generic. Here however there is so much variety - for example in the vocals, going from solo male to female to group chant to and fro - that it did not feel at all generic or simplistic. It is a nice, feel good late spring record that I will happily re-listen to. 4.1
The Oh Hellos Dear Wormwood
This really sounds like a rural hipster village had an hour long jam session where everybody showed their talent. Indie folk with touches of country. This is fun and cute quality music, even though it is not my favourite genre. Some tracks are great (e.g. 'Caesar') and the record is definitely worth a spin. I maybe preferred their first opus ever so slightly though. 3.9
The Oh Hellos The Oh Hellos' Family Christmas Album
Forgot to rate this yesterdayrSurprised by how much I liked this. My favourite was
probably track 1 and my appreciation went down after that, but good Oh Hellos material
still. A bit weird to be recognizing Christmas song melodies though. Will re-listen. 4.1
The Weeknd After Hours
First half is a solid 4.2, but second half falters a bit despite a fun synthpop twist, and overextends a tiny bit too. Still feels like his magnum opus so far where he magnifies his style, and the album is a nice summary of his musical 2010's decade as a way to open the 2020's. Opener's very nice, then 2 is a big jam with its bouncy, burialesque almost prod. 3 follows with a dnb prod, 4 feeling more like regular The Weeknd and the first weaker/gnangnan track. But already we see the variety on display here. 5 is a kinda jam with nice bounce, and I love the ambient-esque prod on 6. The intro is jammy but the track feels a touch too long. 7 is a harder hitting trap track (but still with his vox), and it is another hard jam. The record then takes a turn and moves into its weaker 2nd act. 8 feels a bit much. 9-11 then take us on a synthpop trip, and while they're all nice, especially the overall better 10 with its fantastic, sax-led conclusion, they fail to bring the record back up imo. 12 ends the synthpop phase and brings back the eerier electronica style of the early record, but minus a lot of the energy it had. Does help with the album length though, because at this point it is starting to feel long indeed. 13 brings the energy back and is really nice, but it was about time the album ended, and while 14 is niec it feels outright unnecessary. Well done man. 4.0
Tigers on Trains Grandfather
This is cute and quality indie-folk. Sounds like summer in the American northwestern states. Some great jams, but none that marked me incredibly. Will have to re-listen. 4.0
Too Young To Go Steady Dropout
To me this is indie pop that feels like post-rock - in places it's even post-rock with vocals that actually fit it. This is particularly true of 1 and 4, both really nice and 4 being the jammiest track on here. There are feels of epic Rocky Mountains summers infused in there. 2 is a bit more pop and made me bob ma head, it is nicely catchy. 3 is weaker and feels more generic compositionally speaking. I'm not sure I'd call this dream pop for the most part, but 5 would be the track for it with its dreamy lushness. 6 is quite catchy and, while perhaps not my fave track, summarises the album pretty well - really sweet post-pop, to speak in gross neologisms. Very nice and worth a check, this goes in my library. 3.95
Touche Amore Stage Four
I have to say I am somewhat biased because I have always slightly preferred TA's rawer, more hardcore side, but this is a more than solid album for a band that is yet to ever disappoint with the records they put out. This album brings the hardcore influences ever so slightly down, and brings in more pop punk, emo and post-rock more than ever before in a TA album. I still found it missing the catchy hooks and melodies that were plentiful in their previous records, perhaps due to the change of style but also to my listening conditions. The last track takes a very interesting musical direction, and it is almost a shame that the album ends right after that. Will have to re-listen to it for sure. 3.8
Ulver Messe I.X-VI.X
Darn it there really isn't anything Ulver can't do. Ambient/Dark ambient bordering on orchestral, WWII documentary soundtrack. The album is phenomenal and works very well in creating a dark, chilling atmosphere. The opening track is gorgeous, and the only low point point I found was 'Son of Man', or the singer's input in general. A solid 4.2
Ulver The Assassination of Julius Caesar
Good god is there any genre these guys can't do. Amazing post-punky pop. Consistent
quality throughout the record, lots of head-bobbing moments, some questionable vocals.
Overall a very successful album. All tracks are faves although the closer is what bumped
the album from a 3.9-4.0 to a firm 4.1.
Unknown Error The Yearning / Midnight Special
One of the most solid DnB/Jungle records I've heard. Sweet beats throughout without falling into the trap of an endless accelerated Amen break, sweet melodic lines, rich textures - both tracks are chill and pounding at the same time. Prefer track 2 slightly, the complete lack of EP intro is regrettable, and tbh it does not have much stature to it, but this is quite a jam and could grow on me. 4.1
Ved Buens Ende Written In Waters
The instrumentals are really cool, proggy and inventive, mostly not bm I'd say but at times it
does go bm-ey. Really interesting instrumentals that are the sole reason why I want to re-listen
to this because the vocals whether clean or harsh are godawful. The clean ones sounds like they
are impersonating a ghost to scare kids on Halloween, and the harsh ones sound like a baby
burping. Track 7 is a perfect example of a cool track being ruined by Casper vocals. Thankfully
the album does not have a lot of vocals, which thanks to the creative instrumentals keeps it at a
safe 3.8
Venenum Trance of Death
Great, brutal and inventive death metal. Re-listen needed. I was not so convinced by the first 3-4 tracks. A bit gimmicky and erratic at times if you ask me. 3.7-3.8 range. But the ending trilogy, especially part II, definitely bumped these above that range to a comfortable 3.9
Very very sweet and catchy little dream pop EP with some nicely memorable melodies. I recalled 2 just from hearing it once when budgie linked it so hey well done band. 1-2 are very nice, but 3 and 4 really bring it up a notch with two lovely upbeat, catchy jams, 3 being the lusher one and 4 being the one you can dance to. I wish the EP ended on this fun track and not on 5, which while nice is certainly not as good, bringing it down a point. 3.75
Viva Belgrado Flores, Carne
Very nice post-rock with skramz explosions. Tracks 1-4 are quite jammy and could be a very solid EP on their own. The record bores a bit when it dwells too long on post-rock interludes like on track 5. 6 is probably the best jam here and delves even into post-metal riffage at times. 8 has really cool riffs but doesn't use them well. Still kinda jammy. Towards the end the record feels less memorable (although I had to pause at track 8 so not super fair). It feels a bit like a sine wave with constant alternation of calm post-rock and skramzey explosions with almost clock-like precision, with solid average quality but few moments that truly shine. 3.85
Viva Belgrado Ulises
Clearly superior to anything else they've put out. I am a sucker for prominent drums and they sure are impressive and more prominent here. The first half of the album is incredible, but from track 7 onwards it does seem to have more trouble. Not bad by any means, but it does struggle a bit to keep your attention for the last few tracks which brings it down a point or two. The end of 10 is jammy, and the beginning of 7 is interesting and jammywith an indie-rock sounding riff but with skramz prod and drums. The closer is a bit convenu, I like the noisier bit at its riffing peak but you can tell they were going for a grand finale and it is a bit convenu. 1-2 are jams, pbtt meets Spanish Envy. 3 is a jam too and interesting, it has kind of a rap feel to it with La Dispute vibes? 4-6 are nice. 5 shows that the drums make the record feel a lot more brutal than their other output. 4.1
Windrikje Frostland
This is a simple album, didn't feel that special to me or anything, and yet for some reason I really dug it. Maybe because it is DS (or I guess winter synth hey garas) without sounding like a game soundtrack at all? 2 is probably the weakest track here. 1 is nice and has a heavy desolate atmosphere to it. 2 is a bit weaker, 3 is a lovely sounding jam, 4 is nice but a bit forgettable - although I love the drony very intro and outro -, 5 is kinda cool even though not the most atmospheric track on the record, epic and ominous sounding with its distant drums, and finally 6 wraps it up nicely with a slightly japanese sounding track. The record is short and sweet, and I'll revisit it. 3.9
worms as blind as dirt worms as blind as dirt
I really can't articulate thoughts when it comes to noise. This is a lovely hnw tape made
of two different walls of noise. It feels a bit like Paysage d'Hiver cranked the bad prod
to its absolute peak and disintegrated the audio. I like the prod, it is aggressive but
not too much and preserves the relaxing features of white noise while also being quite
destructive. This one hit home harder than other noise projects I've found so I'll bump
it a point. 3.9
Y La Bamba Mujeres
Wonderful album that starts off as good albeit generic dream pop, but brings much more to the table later on. The record navigates an array of styles impressively well whilst staying cohesive. Some songs sound like they would belong to a 50's black and white Mexican movie, some are sad, some are upbeat. The only track I did not like was the one before last, and maybe the bonus track which I did not care for anyway. Will re-listen to it. 4.1
Yeule Serotonin II
Great debut LP leveraging her early discog but also adding new things. The clearest example of that is this seemingly odd mix of synthpop on a fat house-ish beat that was never in her prior EPs. It is best executed on 2 and 7 where it is quite fun, and it is also on 5 after a lengthy intro but not done so well. 3 shows a nice flavour of psychedelic dream pop with some Culprate vibes to it. 9 feels a bit like vaporwave and is quite cool. There is also a lot of ambient on this, starting with the very sweet intro track and constituting most of the interludes. 8 also starts off and ends that way in lovely fashion, but the bulk of the track is less soft. At 10-11 the album takes an angelic turn with two superb and delicate ambient tracks, to then end on the most experimental track of hers yet, a glitchy ambient thingy that ends on a wash of noise - which I love and bumps this up a point. Very well constructed, quite original, bring on the next LP! 3.85
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
Not revolutionary but very enjoyable post-rock with some emo parts sprinkled in.
Zao The Well-Intentioned Virus
This may be me getting used to the band and the vocals, but my taste for this grew quite steadily throughout the album. I had trouble with the first couple tracks, but the middle of the album is fantastic and the end is not too bad either. Really interesting, proggy metalcore/hardcore reminiscent of a lot of amazing bands out there. A re-listen is needed, the album may become a grower. 3.8

3.5 great
070 Shake Modus Vivendi
Neon 80s sci-fi space version of The Weekend using near-ubiquitous autotune and vast
amounts of synths, some of which sound quite vintage and even Pink Floydy here and there.
Nice and full of ideas if you can tolerate autotune, but overstretched for a tad too
long. By 8 it starts feeling a bit lengthy, and you're just about halfway. 8 and the
following songs aren't bad though which keeps this at a reasonable rating. The early
record could get a 3.8-3.9 with a superb vox based Rnbesque intro track, the cool 2, the
jammy 3, the more industrial sounding 4 which I don't think I'd like in an album but
works here, and the deliciously 80's + 2020 cloud rap 5. 6 is a bit weaker and 7 is
anecdotal being only 17 seconds long. 9 is pretty and picks up the interest a little bit
with some intelligent acoustic guitar lines to freshen the sound a bit, while 10 and 11
get simpler and more bare bones to relieve a bit from all the synthyness, which shows the
album is intelligently constructed. 12 is the only bad track but thankfully it is short.
By 13 it is really about time the album ends, and it is a good thing because 14 gives a
good conclusion to an album that, while not flawless, is interesting, promising, and
deserves a fair bit more than the avg rating it has. 3.55
36 Music for Isolation
Very pretty piano loop-based ambient EP. Nothing groundbreaking, but just sweet lovely tracks. 1 and 3 feel clearly like the top tracks, with 4 not so far behind and evoking Hisaishi to me in its melody somehow? 2 doesn't change the formula, yet feels clearly inferior which is interesting. Might give this a shot for a review. Once again a good garas find! 3.5
36 and Zake Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel1.
Thanks garas for the rec! This is an album to be listened in the background. On dedicated listen, it would feel way too long and too samey. I don't think it would hold its own. But if you are looking for a continuous wall of lovely, lush, Stars of the Lid-esque ambient continuously well executed, there you have it. My favourite part was the first act, 1-3, but that's probably just because my attention went away a bit after that. I had to skip most of the last act because my battery died, but I feel like this is the kind of album where it does not really matter as there are no surprises to be expected. A genre consistently well executed, but without any extra edge to tip it into the top tier arena - this is the perfect definition of a 3.5
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Scribble Mural Comic Journal
This is dense and I'm honestly quite baffled by it. My rating is temporary because this needs a re-listen. This record is bizarre and defies tagging for most of its course. The vocal ambient/droney intro track flows into sort of dub techno, and after that into a series of experimental sort of dreamy sort of noisy tracks that I'd be hard pressed to describe, but globally felt quite difficult to get into although they have good moments. It is like the record is lethargic and had too much drugs, or like what you hear and remember when you are semi conscious about to fall asleep you know. It sometimes sounds deranged, like on 4. 6 is kinda cool and noisy. Slowly, the record wakes up from its bad trip or dream; it becomes more digestable, more genre-defined, easier to interpret. 9 is the first track that felt like that with some nice dreaminess. 10 is a cool electronic buildup with a great bass-led outro. 11-12 are dreamy shoegaze of sorts, and I suppose prelude their later sound. I feel like this would be best describe as having a Mulholland Drive kind of vibe? 3.5
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Sea When Absent
Continues the more straightforward style they started on AA, but executed better. It doesn't work on every track, but it works more often than on AA. Prod's always been a bit bizarre with this band, but while it complemented the more experimental LP1 and LP2 nicely, here I feel like the album would benefit from being cleaner. 1 is a great quirky opener, I would't want the whole album to be like that but it works nicely to kick it off. 2 intelligently becomes less weird and is kinda jammy, although some weird parts don't quite work - the syncopated vox early on or the break at 3:35 for instance. 3-4 felt a bit unremarkable and just pass nicely. 5 feels like a deranged Tame Impala a bit and is more impactful. 6 takes a chiller flavour but is nice. 7 is unremarkable again and 8's just an interlude. The end of the album is stronger, with 9 being a nice catchy synthy jam with a cool intro, 10 continuing in the same vein of catchier more straightforward songs and is kinda jammy itself, while 11 goes a more psychedelic route again and works in places but not everywhere. 3.6
A Winged Victory for the Sullen Atomos
This one is a lot more 'acoustic'/instrument based as opposed to the electronic sounds of the s/t. It's quite sad in vibe overall and actually reminded me more of the Mono/WEG joint album in places than of their own s/t. The opener is the only real jam here and is quite gorgeous and cinematic. After that, the album has sporadic jammy tracks or sections (2,4,8,10), but past the end of 5 (VI) it looses your attention and feels like it is missing hooking textures that the first few tracks offered. 9 is nice in that it brings some grittier textures, but it's not a jam and it comes way too late in the album to save it from being a bit bland. 3.3
Agent Fresco Destrier
The instrumentals are phenomenal, will the band delightfully mixing in a lot of proggy elements, notably heavy use of keys in their overall alt rock/ post-hardcore sound. However to me this is sometimes ruined by vocals that are way too much on the whinier/lyrical side of things. It is just a matter of taste anyway and album is a great listen nonetheless.
Akua Naru The Journey Aflame
If CYNE were one woman instead of a bunch of dudes. Cool instrumentals, groovy vocal deliveries. The album drags on a bit and feel a little flat at times, but the mix of influences and spotless execution are to be appreciated. Not the album of the century but a worthwhile listen for sure, if anything for the cool style this record has. 3.7
Alcest Shelter
I don't mind the shift to post-rock in itself. I do mind that the resulting album sounds quite generic throughout its course (if it weren't for Neige's vocals and some vaguely different instrumentations like on the album closer). it is not a bad album, but it just does not cut it for me. Only a couple memorable high points - mostly track 1 and 2, maybe 3. In a vacuum this would still be meh, irrespective of the rest of their discog. 3.3
Alcest Souvenirs D'Un Autre Monde
This is a lovely debut that already shaped their song with a lovely mix of softness and
black metal, but not their best effort either. 5 is the track that tips it down a point,
with relatively annoying vocals and a weak riff. Generally speaking, this record is
strongest during instrumental or vocalised parts, whereas when Neige sings, the riffs go
simpler and the overall music is less entertaining - although his performance as a singer
is not at fault. 3 is the main jam here, with an enchanting intro and atmosphere. Literally
the artwork in musical form. 4 is kinda jammy too but not as much, and 6 is really cute. 1-
2 are worth a listen as well, esp the guitar around 2.5min on 1, but because of the verse
parts they aren't jams really. The fade out album ending is a bit of a shame. Still a solid
Alex Reece Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill
Sweet, straight to the point old school DnB. 1 boasts a super nice and round bass, and is proper DnB in the literal sense: sweet drums, some samples here and there, b a s s, and nothing more. It is maybe a minute too long to my taste, but a very nice relaxing slow-tempoed track nonetheless. 2 features a really bouncy beat that varies a fair bit, but I didn't like those high pitched hats in the intro too much. thankfully the track changes leads a fair bit at the 1:40 mark and becomes very fun. Loveably vintage and a sweet track as well. 3.65
Altar of Plagues Mammal
Altar of Plagues White Tomb
Didn't like this as much as I recalled. The first two tracks are good especially the opener intro, but the last two go into into doomier black metal that I find a bit meh, while dropping a lot of the post- and more experimental elements. Prod is somewhat weird at times but it is rarely bothersome. There are lots of better albums that I'd jam instead of this. 3.3
Anacrusis Screams and Whispers
Clearly their best album for me, yet still not one I feel like I want to go back to. 1 starts off great, vocals aren't the best but the track is nice. I like it, they almost sound like a different band here. I'm not a fan of 2 but you can tell this is going to be a much better album. 3 goes really wankery though, with the strings, squeals etc., particularly in the end. At that point my hopes of this being an album I'll be back to went down, and never went back up really. 5 is an interesting track, 8 is kinda cool and 9 offers nice drumming. For the rest, this is mosty ok thrash, with the occasional good idea (prominent bass on 3), and the occasional squeal or annoying solo. Erf. 3.4
Apex By The Way/The Yearning VIP
Apex once again shows his quality as DnB producer. The first track is quite straight up
DnB that could pass for a Liquicity track, it has some lovely moments and ideas but feels
like it overextends quite a bit, especially to end on a fade out like that. Track 2 is
pretty much identical to its Unknown Error version except there are a few added piano
sounds here and there and a slightly more articulated intro I guess (I think, this is all
based on memory). Which version of the track I prefer I am not sure, but I definitely
prefer The Yearning/ Midnight Special to this EP given again the overextended and
somewhat weaker first track. 3.6
April + Vista You are Here
On paper, this sounds really phenomenal - female Anderson.Paak vocals layered on abstract hip-hop/FlyLo type beats. The first track + prelude got me really excited about the EP, but after that the record never really takes off and falls kind of flat. It is lacking stand-out tracks or melodies. These guys would be a perfect opening act for Flying Lotus or something, but they don't yet have the stature to be a full main act of their own in my opinion. Hopefully they improve and also find a better name. Will still listen to their other stuff. 3.3
Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman
Hard to rate this objectively because it is blasted on the radio/in stores etc. all the time so of course lots of tracks feel recognizable. Following her discog I can tell why this got so much hype when it came out. Huge improvement from her two first albums. This one manages to vary genres without it feeling random, the record feels well constructed and very strong on that front especially for such mainstream pop. Tracks 1-8 are 3.7-3.9 and are p much all jams except 6. Then it goes to crap again. 9 is supremely annoying, 1.1-1.2, and track 10 is meh as f*ck. The closer is ok but I wish the record stopped at 7 or 8 instead. Still a jam and re-listen album, overall 3.6
Astronauts End Codes
This was sweet, but not as noteworthy as their first, as they stuck more to the simple sweet indie folk without much variation, whereas their first record ventured into more distant territories. All nice to very nice tracks, with the exception of 2 and 3 which gave me Flight of the Conchords vibes - which when you are trying to make serious music is not a good thing -. 1 and 7 marked me the most as very nice lovely tracks, but honestly I couldn't pinpoint the jams as the songs really resemble one another and blend into each other. 9 also grabbed my attention owing to its nice, faster pace, which frankly in a record with so little variation is enough for you to notice. 3.6
Aussitot Mort Nagykanizsa
Post-rocky screamo-ish stuff. The first track is a jam, second track is the worst, the rest is
good. Will re-listen to it, it has too much depth for me to leave it at that one listen. 3.7
オオハシ (Ohashi) sankaku ni narande / 2​.​45GHz
Fun little math-rock two tracker. Track 1 is math-rock with well-done female Japanese vocals, track is an instrumental, slightly noisier grittier version of math-rock. Both pack a good punch and record is a solid 3.6
Banks Fall Over
An exciting EP to start with. Track 2 is a definite jam. Track 1 is kinda nice too although I'm not the biggest fan of the instrumental. Didn't care much for the two remixes - they're both kinda cool, but their strongest points are her vocals anyway. Plus I don't like havnig remixes on studio albums. 3.5 without the two remixes, with them I guess 3.3
Banks The Altar
Big jump in quality from Goddess imo. The Altar sees Banks explore many different directions, not always successfully, but generally interestingly. Not that many clear jams (1 and the fka twiggy 2, maybe 10), but apart form 4 and 5 which are really by far the worst tracks, especially the mainstreamy radio poppy 5, most tracks are ok to nice. 11 and 13 are kinda cool, and 12 is an example of Banks succesfully doing a mellow track. Not earth-shattering, but a fine album. 3.35
Belong Common Era
This oscillates between shoegazy drone and droney shoegaze. The end of the album (7-9) is frankly a bit boring and brought it down a couple points. 1 has an odd intro but thereafter it's a nice track. 2 and 3 are really nice droney shoegaze tracks, and 5 is a jam of sweet shoegazy drone reminding of a male vox version of Grouper. 4 is the only weak track in that first half and is frankly quite boring, but overall that first half is still between 3.7 and 3.8. Saddly the boring second half brings the record down to a mere 3.5
Ben Buitendijk Transcended Being
How was this not in the db? T/t is
a superb dub techno jam. It is simple, but it just works so well in giving you a sensation
of falling into a comfortable spiral. Delicate ambient pad, massive low ended but smooth
kick, lots of little hats and high pitched noises to populate those upper frequencies,
can't ask for much more. 2 is a little more bare bones with less of a pad layer and just a
nice relaxed beat, and 3 is even more minimalistic and sleepier. It's fine for a while but
3 especially feels like it lasts for too long. Brings the record down a point to a 3.4
Ben Buitendijk Venomous
Doesn't have a single track as marking as the t/t on transcended being, but much more consistent overall. This one is dark, broody, and pounding. Much more basement club-oriented than Transcended Being. 1 feels like it'd be a perfect intro to a live set of that kind although it isn't hugely memorable in a vacuum. 2 is even bouncier but less catchy. Some welcome variation comes in at min 3, and the track is nice overall. 3 is also dark industrial yet...soft? Probably due to his prod choices. Sounds a bit muffled you know. It's interesting at least. Perfect techno to work with in the background, not so much for dedicated listen. At min 4 it does bounce really hard though with those extra hi-hats coming in. The locked groove is what it is, just a little beat for less than a minute. I mean yeah sure it's fin but it's too short to really matter. Nice EP. 3.5
Ben Chatwin Drone Signals
Huge improvement, and it's nice to see. On its own I would maybe have made this a 3.1 or .2 but in the context of his discog this feels exciting, here have a 3.5 man. The album no longer feels like a series of intros. When tracks do buildup, they feel like they buildup for their own sake, e.g. on 2. He does display some pretty nice drone/ambient too e.g. on 1, 4, and the noisy 7. Now let's not get carried away, this isn't superb dronebient either. There is too much movement, too much going on, there is no room for the textures to breathe and no space for the notes to decay. This is best heard on 5. I might write a review on this, because it is interesting in showing how a collage of pretty sounds doesn't always make a nice ambient track. Makes me want to follow his future stuff. 3.3
Billy Woods, Kenny Segal Hiding Places
This is cool and worthy of praise, but as a whole it failed to fully convince me - especially the
second half. Love the explorations, the work on the beats, and the delivery in general function
wells with them. I like the destructive tape loop feel of the prod in places, it's quite faint
but may be a cool thing to explore. 8 is a good example, although delivery is a bit odd at times
there. 1-5 are jams especially the latter 3. 4 especially is extremely 2010 beats tape sounding,
which is super cool. 5 explores a different direction which is nice, although it does not succeed
as well with the delivery. 6 is bleh but at the end there is a mini trip hoppy track that adds
variety and is much welcome. After that every track is bleh to ok, nothing fully bad but few
sections where it all works. Prod is really great in places, some sections of 11 for instance,
but I also hated it in other sections of the same songs. The monotonous delivery starts to get
annoying towards the end, and 12 is a bit poussive. Good, but not amazing imo. 3.5
Black Midi Schlagenheim
Sweet experimental post-punk ish record, but didn't impress me too crazily. Tbf I was
interrupted in the middle and I was expecting something harsher so I will have to give it a
second chance anyway. Lots of peeps seem to have an issue with the vox but I found them
nice and fitting. The middle of the record was best, with 4's cool explosion, 5 being a jam
with a bouncy midtrack and the record's general experimental approach paying off the most,
and 6 boasting a cool post-punk atmosphere with electronic bits and lost of jammy bits,
especially the second half - although it's a shame it ends on a fadeout. The rest of the
record after that is cool rock-ish post-punk with a lot of bounce. 8 goes aggressively
crazy in a The Body sort of way, but the end of 9 is less successful at the craziness and
the bulk of the track doesn't work too well either despite the fun bounce initially. The
early record reminded me more of 90s bands like Slint and Unwound, and 1-3 are all quite
cool and boast fun experimentation. But overall I'm still only half convinced by this 3.6
Black Thread Embers
I liked this tape a lot, really nice and distorted. Unlike a lot of his other tapes, there aren't really abrupt transitions into different textures which makes for a much more coherent record. However as always it seems with Black Thread, it never really surpasses the status of 'nice'. 3.4
Black Thread flaming sprig
More cascading fragments, this time with some nice, abrasive destructed loops evocative of some Hainbach. I enjoy the noisiness and grittiness of it all, and some of the textures are really tasty. This will clearly be an artist I look further into. I have seen this style better executed elsewhere though, the loops aren't quite as trippy as they could be, and the destruction doesn't progress much within each track. The guy knows how to end a track though. 3.4
Black Thread Effulgent Angel Piss
This is a strong tape. Parts 1 evokes Scars of the Shattered Sky and I'd say is a jam, with
some distant melodies washed out by prominent hiss noise and warble. Part 2 is a bit less
marking, but still nice, fluctuating between wind-recording-esque textures and grittier
things. Think ths one will stay in my library. 3.7
Black Thread Drifting Snow
Pretty warbly piano tapes. The second half of part A is especially nice. 3.4
Blood Incantation Interdimensional Extinction
First of all, superb album art - wish they did away with the cheesy skulls but I still love it. Prod is quite off here, and for example the bass is compositionally lovely but sounds weird here imo just because of the mixing and whatnot. This is a band showing great promise without being quite mature yet. 1 starts kind of awkward not sure I like it, but from min 2 on it starts hitting hard. 2 starts nicer but still has awkward grooves here and there. But this is where the band's potential really shows its nose. At 1:35 the track takes a nice pysch turn, into fat riffage, into a crazy acceleration. Love it. 3 shows potential too, and especially the first third onwards is quite funky. Massive sound. 4 might be my fave track here though, with fantastic aerial melodies laid atop a deep dm foundation, ending on a cool conclusion. If they only got better from here, that's great news. 3.55
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Ages
Pretty disappointing bm album given it's rating. There are great tasty riffs in multiple places in tracks 1-4, but aside from that the record feels erratic and "poussif" with not so great drumming and vocals. That first half is still worth the listen, but tracks 5-7 are really forgettable. Kudos for mixing an audible, clean and groovy bass. 3.3
Borvlt The Light Shines Through
Nice sput made droney ambient with some sweet textures. Prod makes it not fill the ears as much as I'd like, but still a good jam. 3.6
Breag Naofa II
Yeah this is clearly inferior to their debut. Sounds like it would be their debut in fact. Slower, sudgier, and less hardcore than their first and their EP - going against the progression between those two -, it also feels more dull and less diverse. Track 4 (XII) stands out as a clear re-listen, the other tracks are pretty forgettable. Closer stands out because of the weird French sample that does not really work imo. 3.7
Britney Spears Circus
Hell yeah. Hands down her best album so far, and I foresee it being my fav album of hers period. This LP confirms two things: she is a very consistent album maker (only two actually weak tracks here, the gimmicky 5 especially in vox in places, and the kinda annoying 10 that still boats nice RnB vibes here and there), and she also has very few hidden gems, as pretty much every single jam she produces is already famous - although I had forgotten a lot of the ones on this particular album. 1-2 are fun although I know the Dirty Loops cover of Circus too much to fully enjoy the track. 3 is a nice, aerial sadgirl song. 4 has a cool intro, starts off quite badass, and also has a cool chorus. A top britney track although not really a jam. 6 is a huge infectious jam and a top tier track as well. 7 is another aerial sadgirl track, and 8 maintains that style but in a not sad way. Cool track too. 9 is super catchy as well and also a jam tbh. 11 isnt a jam but is nice with cool bass. I wish the ballady 12 wasnt there and it brings the album down a point (I mean it's alright but feels out of place), but the closer (already heard on Blackout what?) is kinda cool and brings this up half a point. 3.55
Calibre Condition
This album sounds like two EPs mushed together. For the first four tracks (which, on their own, would be a 4.2 EP) and a couple of the last tracks, Calibre does what he does best: subtle and smooth liquid dnb. But between those, he switches genres, from more aggressive dnb to dub ventures. Variation was not a bad idea given the record's length, but it still hurts the album. Calibre is not as proficient in those other genres, and I personally enjoy them less. It is still an excellent album that I may re-listen to, and has some of Calibre's finest tracks, but it falls short of its potential because of the artist's persistence in making excessively long albums - although he gets away with it quite skillfully. 3.7
Captain, We're Sinking The Future Is Cancelled
Probably the pop punky post-hardcore album I've liked the most so far. Touches of emo at
times. I liked the first few tracks the most and the last few tracks the least, with some
annoying parts towards the end. Had a fun time picturing Michael Scott jamming this
though. 3.7
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion
Miles and miles above her prior material - she finally feels like an accomplished pop
artist and not some teenager music maker - yet I can't help but feel that it doesn't bang
as hard as it could have, and that over time the vox do still feel too naive. By 9 I was
starting to feel like the album was too long (despite it actually being short), and tracks
like 12 could be jammy in a vacuum but felt just like overstretching it. 10 is kinda bouncy
again despite some questionable sound choices, but otherwise 8-12 was a bit of a bore.
Stylistically this remains summer/springbreak pop at its core, but somehow manages to make
it not annoying and kinda rich and cool on most tracks - none are really annoying at all,
and most are nice. The album does explore multiple directions, most noticeably 80's music,
but also Anastacia vibes on 6 - interesting but not jam -, or vox that remind of a happy
Banks on 2 - kinda jammy synthy pop - and 4. 1's intro sounds like it comes out of Zelda
TP, and the track shows right away that the album is going to be better and more
interesting. 5 (edit: think I meant 6, Boy Problems) is a huge bouncy jam and the only real
banger here, which puts the record above the level of mere consistency, but below banger
goldmines such as Ari's or Banks'. 3.3
Carly Rae Jepsen Dedicated
Continuing the explorations seen on Emotions Side B, the early record is full of ideas but consistently seems to fall flat and often fails to feel either catchy, bouncy, sexy, or whatever else pop can be. She is obviously having fun, experimenting and maturing from the naive teenager pop to blend in more of a personality which is nice to see, but execution isn't always perfect. The songs are all very short, which is good on poor tracks but also makes the good tracks feel like they just slip by. The opener overextends a bit but is a nice track. 3 is a nice champagne pool party track and is kinda jammy tbh. 6 really shows what I mean by the record struggling to resonate with me. 8 has nice RnB track but the chorus is a bit eh. 9 has a lovely piano loop but I felt it'd be better used on a different kind of album - it works though. By 10 my rating was going to be something like 2.9, but 11-15 really take it up a notch. Carly goes back to more straightforward synthy summer pop, but without fully abandoning the ideas of the first two thirds of the record, and it just works better. 11-12 and 14 are very cool, and 13 is a kinda basic summer jam. 15 does fall a bit flat like the early record, but works well as an end of the movie/credits type of album closer and warrants this the last point it needed. Will have to re-listen to see if I prefer this or Emotion. 3.3
Celer Engaged Touches
For most of its course this record is quality but somewhat generic ambient that Stars of
the Lid were doing better many years prior. In its scarce best points it reminds of Para
with similar textures, but at its worst it evokes Arte documentary background soundtracks
and nothing more. Not unique enough to my taste. 3.4
Celer Close Proximity And The Unhindered Care-All
Not his best work. First track is fantastic
and has some amazing sections that evoke
similar feelings as f#a#8 does. Mildly
depressing. It is oddly constructed however
and has a lot of weird mini blanks that sound
like poor track separations but aren't even
that. Track 2 is almost boring, and track 3 is
ok especially the latter half. I'd probably
only re-listen to track 1. Eeeh who am I
kidding I'll rejam the whole album anyway. 3.5
Celer Shima
Nice record from Celer. The second track is very similar to the first one. Both are good individually - with my preference going to the first one owing to its seemingly richer textures -, but the record as a whole feels like it drags on for too long without offering much that is memorable. Still a good relaxing record with a wonderful first track that I'll re-listen to many times. 3.7
Chaos in the CBD Accidental Meetings
Elegant piano house with a vintage feel. The first track is one of the best constructed
house tracks I know, with a good slow jazzy buildup, vocals that are just right, and a
dynamic structure instead of a repeating loop. However the actual melodic line is not
that memorable. The second track is actually pretty interesting especially in the
beginning, with some unique tribal sounding drum patterns. It feels a bit out of place
though. The third track is pretty forgettable and the last track is similar to the first
one, except the melodic line is a touch catchier but the track construction is less good.
An ok house EP that has the merit of having a unique mood to it, but falls a bit short in
execution. 3.6
Chico Buarque Chico Buarque de Hollanda - Volume 3
Good album, but not as great as his prior works that I've tried so far. 1 and 3 are jams, 2,9 and 10 are nice too. The rest varies from ok-kinda nice to boring or meh. The man has to be commended for the diversity of atmosphere brought by the record in spite of its short 36min runtime, with e.g. an ok movie ballad on track 8. Same remarks as usual regarding the vocals. 3.55
Chico Buarque Chico Buarque
Merf. His most 'fun' ay la bamba album. Not my fave, but not bad either. The end of the album is best. 7-8 are nice, 9 is a jam, the closer is a jam despite the funny sound, and only 10 is meh. 3 is the only other true jam, a beautiful ballad that stands out from his other jams. I appreciate the occasional changes to female vocals e.g. on track 4. Track 1 is the only truly unpleasant track, and the rest is meh to ok with fun sounds. 3.3
Chippr Jones Two Rooms
Fun little math-rock record with lots of tapping sections and synth interludes. Nothing too crazy but definitely an enjoyable listen.
clipping. Splendor and Misery
Again this has some really good bits, but they struggle to keep their full-length efforts consistent. Some of the tracks show clipping. displaying a wonderful dark, industrial and oppressive flavour of their style when it's well executed. 3, 12 and especially 8 are jams that display that. On the other hand, some of the tracks here are just completely out of place - 2 feels like a stylistic exercise more than an actual song, and what on earth is even 13. Other tracks that are could would be 5 which is going to be a huge banger live, and the last third on 10 that is quite fat despite a boring early track. For the rest, it's either interludes or tracks that don't really work - 14 for example, which brings the noise textures back but isn't all that marking. Hoping the latest LP will be the one. 3.3
clipping. dba118
Well this is essentially noise-hop so it perfectly fits my getting into noise. Track 2 felt weaker with a lot of bleep bloopey sections, and 3 felt the strongest as the track where the blend of noisy stuff and rapping is the most fluid. Strong, short, sweet. 3.65
clipping. CLPPNG
Much more accessible than their prior output, and mixing in a lot more elements from more conventional or even mainstream hip-hop - see the autotuned anthemic chorus on 6. This works well in places like 2, 5 or the quite bouncy 10, but also not on other tracks. 3 is a bit annoying, 8 is very annoying, and 12 is boring. The album outro resembles the experimenting of their early stuff the best. This is good, but it didn't captivate me, and it feels to me like a band still seeking its direction. 3.4
clipping. Something They Don't Know/Mouth
clipping's most socially acceptable piece at this point in their discog. Yet they don't entirely give up the experimentation and the abrasive sounds, for example the tastily dissonant piano sample in 1, but it is clearly more accessible and less aggressive, with no walls of noise etc. The first track has a tasty intro and cool fun vocal delivery thereafter, reminding of fun rappers a la Chill Bump or Hippocame Fou (first that came to mind fight me). The only bit that doesn't work is transition into the last third of the sum with the vinyl scratches, but thankfully it is quite short. 2 is cool again and would be a nice track to show clipping to someone without scaring them away too much. 3.65
clipping. Wriggle
Beats the prior EP as their most 'showable' record yet, as this one not only is quite easily palatable and catchy for the band, but also is so without abandoning much of the experimental style that demarcates them from conventional 2010s hip-hop. 1 is a great intro and shows what I mean here by finishing on an abrupt but short wall of noise to melt your face off. 2 is quite catchy, and 3 is aggressive but also kinda showable to people. The t/t on 4 is quite fun but a bit weirder and less socially acceptable. The acid techno line at 2:30 is a fun addition to see in their sound. 5 is has a lot of stuff going on and is quite fun but also isn't a great track. 6 on the other hand is the first real jam I find in their discog (I think), blending superbly accessible elements (female guest vox for instance) to a weird and noisy instrumental. If you want to show your friends the concept of experimental noisy hip-hop, this might be the track. 3.65
Coeur de Pirate Blonde
This is better than I expected. The vocals are lovely and most of the instrumentals are actually very nice albeit often naive sounding. I tried not to pay attention to the lyrics because were this in English I would not care for them. The issue with this record is that the songs are all very short, and although they flow relatively well into each other, none have time to give a lasting impression - which is also a good thing because practically none get the chance to become annoying. A sweet pop album. 3.6
Cult of Luna Bodies / Recluse
Not sure why this wasn't in the db, can't believe I added a CoL record to sput. Prod is different to their contemporary stuff and sounds much sludgier. Track 1 is the main point of interest here, with one of the fastet paced CoL songs and a brutal one at that. It does not quite evolve into too strong a track past the first couple minutes though, and ends abruptly. Track 2 is much slower and resembles much more full on sludge metal. It's a bit less interesting tbh. This is a cool EP, but only worth if you really dig CoL and want to hear what they experimented with. 3.3
Cult of Luna/The Old Wind Råångest
This is some of the sludgiest and darkest CoL out there. Apart from maybe the vocals and the
poorer prod it is hard to tell it is a 2016 split and not an early CoL demo. I like it and will
re-listen to it, but I'm also not too crazy about it - does not have much to it except massive
riffage. 3.7
Cursive Vitriola
I am diced with this one. Overall this is great emo, and some tracks (e.g. 'Ouroboros')
do stand out, with dark atmospheres and interesting melodic lines. Other tracks feel
pretty generic, and in general I am not the biggest fan of the vocals on this. Solid
album overall nonetheless. 3.7-3.8
Cuzco/Catholics Split
This is a cute math-rock EP. The cuzco track is nice and diverse with good sections. 3.7 material. The catholics track is odd but interesting, with some unusual sounds for math-rocks, strings etc. Overall this is a pretty inconsequential record and I don't like the concept of splits in general, but this was a worthy and sweet little listen. 3.4
Danny Ocean 54+1
My expectations were very, very low - was expecting a bad reggaeton album with the one guilty
pleasure song, Me Rehuso. The album is actually pretty solid and consistent, with diverse
instrumentation and smooth mood shifts - it does not have just radio banger wannabees. Some track
have kind of a vintage feel - 2 or 4 for instance. Does not have too much autotune and whatnot,
although you gotta get past the 'niais' feel of most vocals here. No bad out of place guest feats
either. Opener is sexy but kinda fragile, 1-4 and 10 are jams. 7-9 are kinda nice. 6,11, and 13
are merf, either too niaises or too generic. 5 and 12 are the only unpleasant tracks here, which
was a surprise. Idk man my rating is probably biased because I was expecting an annoying record,
but it's actually pretty good. 3.55
Daughters Daughters
Interesting grindcore. The noisy interlude on track 2 was probably my favourite. Even for grind stuff this is way, way too short and has no time at all to tell a story, but the music itself is good. Vocals subpar and uninteresting compared to their other stuff. 3.5
Deafheaven/Bosse-de-Nage Split
To my surprise I actually prefered B-d-N's track. The bulk of it is quite generic albeit nicely bleak blackgaze/bm, but its first third is gorgeous with a sublime intro that is probably the best GYBE material GYBE hasn't made, and a sweet first explosion with unusual rhythm to it. Deafheaven's side, while boasting stronger vocals, pales in comparison. The first explosion feels generic and too doomey, but the calm interlude part before it is really nice. The end explosion feels clumsily done and not well produced. Thankfuly the middle part displays a nice mix of post-rock and bm. Overall this is worth checking out but not mindblowing. 3.6
Default Genders main pop girl 2019
Quite a hallucinating trip. Mixture of a bunch of more or less popular electronic music genres including some drum and bass parts, with overlaid odd yet interesting vocals. Perhaps not my favourite thing in the world, but definitely original and worth a listen. 3.6
Demolition Hammer Skull Fracturing Nightmare [Demo]
Fun demo, I actually liked the bad prod. Track 2 was the most wankery, 1 and 4 are total jams though. Nice thrashy dm that makes me look forward to their full length discog. 3.7
Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence
Man the prod waters this down so much compared to the demos. It feels a lot more wankery too, especially the vocals, because you don't have the brutality behind it to compensate. 1 and 5 are still jams but sounded better in their rawer form. I think I'd jam Necropsy over this any day. This is still quality thrash and the riffage is there, even though the sound serves it less. 3.74
Denzel Curry 13
Strong EP, with 1 and 2 both being jams with interesting prod - although 1 is superior. 3 is nice and hits hard, and 5 is a cool track. 4 feels like it comes out of nowhere to ruin the record, compiling all the bad traits of Imperial in one track and bringing the record down a couple points. Still a 3.75
Denzel Curry Zuu
His most straightforward album - standard Denzel track after standard Denzel track. The middle of the album especially 4-6 is the strongest part, with 5 being a jam and the other two being not far behind with their horror feel. The rest did not impress me as much - some tracks or vocals are cool, but there is always an element (sample or vocal guest) disrupting the track. 3.4
Desolate (DE) Heroic Death
The first track is a jam and quite exciting for the rest of his discog. Simple, works well, and while evoking Burial it does not sound like one of his many copycats. The rest of this was a bit of a disappoint, with 2 being a tad too long and weaker, feeling indeed like aforementioned copycats, and 3, while full of potential and pretty ideas including a nice strings-based intro never feels like it quite starts and instead feels like a protracted interlude. Still looking forward to his discog, but this is a 3.3
Desolate (DE) Celestial Light Beings
Strong, cinematic first half, but the second half falters. After a nice, very Burialesque opener featuring some lovely piano, Desolate shows us why he chose that artist name. The music evokes a feeling of being lost in a vast, desolate city in the moonlight. It boasts a lot of strings atop the electronica and Burial-ish vocal samples. 2 is quite sublime, and 5 showcases the cinematic powers of this record. Apart from 3 which is a little bit too much of a copy of Teardrop apart from a sweet conclusion, the run from 1-5 is excellent and maybe 3.8 material. 6 breaks that with a questionable beat resembling slowed down Djrum, followed by 7 which is kinda weird, while 9 and 10 are pretty but fall flat - especially the former. 8 saves the day with some nice sax samples and some steeldrum giving it less of an ominous vibe as seen on the first half and more of a mystery Divine Moments of Truth feel almost, but the second half overall still brings this down to a 3.6
Desolate (DE) Exceptionalism
Quite an significant style shift here, with Desolate abandoning mots of the night- time, lonely urban vibes of his prior discog for happier, beachier, relaxing undertones - except on the sweet album opener. This newfound style truly shines in the middle of this where it is most nuanced with some remainders of his Burial touches of old. 6 is a jam and feels like 50% Tycho 50% Burial's NYC. 7 is the best jam here with a lovely piano piece that transforms itself with sublime vox. I kinda wish a beat kicked in at some point almost though. 8 is very nice too with some sax and lush reveberated chill vibes, and demonstrates that the record has finally found its sound there. Kinda jam too. After that the record looses its precious balance, with 9 being some slowed down Burial and 10 just falling flat (he isn't great at album conclusions). The early record bar 1 is straight up a bore though, just feels like some nice but tasteless Tycho-esque material. 5 and 2 are maybe the best in this part. I do prefer nocturnal Desolate to paradise Desolate, but this feels on par with the previous record which keeps a slight edge because it was more interesting. NB I messed up the discography order so 'previous record' refers here to Celestial Light Beings. 3.55
Desolate (DE) Lunar Glyphs
Bridges the prior album and the next while displaying more hip-hop influences than anywhere else in his discog, but quite forgettable. The kind of album you don't regret listening to but know you won't ever come back to. Hints of Tycho can be heard on 2 (interestingly with the mood of CLB though) or 12, while the hip-hop influences are clearest on 8 which is kinda nice, 10 where it is clearest, and 12 which really feels like it needs a voice to be complete. 7 calls back to the cinematic nature of CLB but is hindered by excessive bleep bloopiness, and the preceding track after a very nice intro of deconstructed piano is hurt by patchworking of far too many genres (hip-hop, house, Tycho, ambient). The best track here are the Farewell interludes, 5 being a sweet granular piano jam, and 2-4, 8 , and the sad 9 are nice too, while 11 almost sounds amateur. 3.4
Desolate Moon Phases Heathenstones
Nice synthy droney dark ambient. Tracks 1-3 and the closer are jams. The opener is wonderfully
ominous with choir vocals drowned in reverb and overlaid atop droney goodness. 2 and 3 drop the
choir textures and offer great desolate synthy dronebient. However the whole run from track 4-8
drops significantly in quality (5 is quite ok). The background synths start to bore ya after a
while, and the additional textures are more and more clumsily integrated, making the track pieces
feel like they don't fit together. The closer picks it up again and drops the unnecessary
textures for a more consistent, nice and desolate synthy ambient drone track. 3.65
Destruction Release from Agony
Enormous improvement on their prior sound. Finally it actually sounds fat. The prod is fuller and darker, the riffs are thicker and more prevalent, it feels brutal. The record even evokes early Death at times, no wonder I like it more. Now this is still not fantastic. There are still wankery solos all over the place - although some are occasionally good -, the vox still often feel outdated or like little girl squeals, and some tracks are just not on par with the rest. But lord is it better, and you can tell from the first few seconds of 2 after the very nice intro track on 1, beginning with a riff that in itself hits harder than anything they've released before. 2 is one of the best Destruction tracks I've heard tbh. 3 is a bit early Deathy. 4 has the kind of intro that also makes this record superior with actual track construction, displays how much their riffage has improved, and has parts that are honestly jammy. 5 is quite fat and perhaps the most consistent track here. The end of album falters a bit (tbf I had to pause), 6 reminding more of the prior album, 7 having a nice fast aggressive first half but a terrible solo covering the second, and 8 having a cool riff at min 2 followed immediately by the worst solo on the record and a weird conclusion. So yeah this won't stay in my library, but at least it had the potential to. 3.35
Dirge (FR) Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas
This album was a bold, bold choice. Doing a 2hrs album without being Swans is quite a bet. The first couple tracks are fantastic post-metal and are well worth a listen. However the record loses its focus over time, delving into prolonged noisy experimental-ish ambient tracks that don't have much to offer, and with the exception of a great album closer, the latter two thirds of the album are quite boring for a very, very long time. Still an ok listen overall, but that does not make me want to check out their other albums. 3.3
Dis Fig Purge
Deliciously bizarre record with a mishmash of noises, screams, weird vocals, and weird sounds. While I usually don't enjoy such collage albums very much, here it manages to craft a deranged, crazy bad dream atmosphere that I really enjoyed. 2 is just a touch too long, but 3 perfectly illustrates that deranged bad dream atmosphere. 4 was my least favourite track, going away from the mentally deranged to the slightly annoying side of weirdcore. Thankfully it was follow by my fave track, 5, a mentally insane jam that makes me want to see her play live. From 6 onwards the record structures itself a little bit more, which shifts the atmosphere slightly but also shows variety and good construction. 6-8 are calmer, closer to ambient, and 8 is especially chill with a minimal mix of simple ambient and reverberated vocals that aren't crazily distorted and whatnot like they were in the early record. The closer is a textbook drone track but a quite nice one at that. Worth a check, and definitely worth checking her future output. 3.65
Discipline. Push & Profit
This is ok prog, but I wasn't mesmerized. There are fantastic sections sprinkled here and there. The album intro on 1 is lovely, 3 has a lovely section towards it sixth minute but is otherwise a meh track, 6 has a lovely piano section in its middle, 7 boasts the best section of the record in its ending, a Pink Floydesque jam. Why they ended the record with a fadeout on 8 instead of that I'll never understand. The vox on 1 got me worried, and frankly most tracks on this are quite meh, apart maybe from 2 which is a nice instrumental and 8 which is quite an ok track despite its bad end - bar of course the sections I highlighted. 3.4
Discipline. Unfolded Like Staircase
This does feel better than their first (less lyrically grand and all), but I'm still not convinced. Everything feels like a blur, the tracks are long and lack dynamics or standout section to really stick with ya. The album intro and outro are both weird and I daresay badly done. 1 starts with a lovely bass+vocals only groove, and has occasional brass too which is cool. 2 around min 8 is one of the best sections by the band, and 5 might be their best track yet. For the rest this is mostly fine but just not really marking. 3.5
DjRum Mountains
Track 1 is interesting and dubby but not quite a jam. 2 and 3 are the same smoky, pounding, vaguely burial-esque I daresay techno track. 2 is a jam but 3 drags a bit. The closer has more of a techno vibe, but again with this smoky, London at night prod. Three interesting takes on a same nice atmosphere, but nothing that really sticks with me. 3.6
Dodheimsgard Satanic Art
I should re-listen to this because I didn't pay enough attention. Short and sweet raw-ish black metal with a nice piano intro and outro. The riffs are good, I enjoy the bad prod, and the vocals are great too. The record boasts quite a few random sound bits and samples (pianos, strings, little girls screaming), which sometimes are great but sometimes don't quite fit and break the atmosphere for me. Still makes me want to check out some of their other records. 3.6
Emmanuel Diamonds & Ashes
Neat little two-track techno EP. 'Diamonds' is a banger with an intriguing, industrially eerie vibe. 'Ashes' is very similar but did not quite click with me as much, although it does build up a nice atmosphere towards the end of the track.
Exhorder The Law
I really enjoy Exhorder's merciless, straight to the point, riff barrage style of thrash metal. A fav thrash band. This one has very high points, but is overall not executed as well as its predecessor. The prod is a bit less aggressive, and the vocals feel a bit less good. Tracks like 1, 5, and 7 (except its last third which is jammy as hell) feel like they don't quite work. 2, 4, and the intro of 8 are jams. 4 in particular is interesting, really technical sounding, with lovely slap bass but a slightly annoying funky guitar riff which is the only thing bringing the track down. Amidst the constant and excellent riffing, this one also has more wankery bits - eg the rest of 8, 9 which even has a sorta breakdown to it, or the wankery mosh machine that is 6. Overall still a 3.7
Explosions in the Sky How Strange, Innocence
This one feels like it is for the history books. Like much of its descent it is an agreeable listen, but it also lacks the impact of their later output and is a bit rough around the edges, which means there isn't much reason to come back to it other than its relative historical importance. The production is a bit off, some guitar tones aren't too good - for example the fuzz tone appearing midtrack on 3 -, and some moments feel a bit amateur e.g. the climax at the end of 4 or the end of 6. More importantly, there are few actually hooking memorable moments. The album intro is very nice and reminds of 90s indie - after all, this one came out in 2000 -, and it feels less fluffy and more abrasive than TEinaCDP. That fluffy sound is already prefaced here too though, early on in 4 being the clearest example. The middle of 3 has also cool drums. But all in all, this feels far less personal, emotional and overall enjoyable than other similar albums, and it feels more like a full-length quality demo than it feels like a mature album. It's still impressive, a nice listen, and its age warrants respect as it came way before the wave of crescendocore we saw later on, so I feel like its avg rating is well deserved. 3.7
Fazerdaze Fazerdaze EP
Cute dream pop EP, but that feels pretty uneventful. The first track is a happy and cool
jam, the kinda track you can show to your non-nerd friends. Unfortunately it is the only
jam here. 2 is perhaps more interesting with its quirky and childish sounds, but isn't
quite a jam. 3 reminds of 1 but with a touch more shoegaze, and 4 shifts styles a bit with
a catchy bass-led track that reminds of the 90's a bit. 5 and 6 are quite subpar though and
kinda boring, contributing to the EP leaving little impression besides being a nice listen.
Fennesz Venice
This is ok ambient-drone, but it does not quite cut it for me. Some tracks are cool - 'The Other Face', the opener and closer - with nice interesting textures, but others e.g. track 2 are more a glitchier gimmicker version of ambient that I like a lot less. At the very least I think these tracks are not well integrated and break the drone mood created by the others, instead of changing it. Still a nice jam. 3.6
Flares Levitation
Shows a whole big lot of potential, but quite rough over the edges. This isn't mere crescendocore - I mean it is, but it is of the inventive kind. Prod is lo-fi but it has its charm versus the usual crystal clear post-rock sound. Drumming is often syncopated for lack of a better word, and it feels like their drummer wanted to be in a math rock band instead at times. The first track starts on a sweet kinda inspiring melody which could go into other directions than just post-rock. The transition at 3:30 into something more upbeat, the crescendo that follows is nice, and honestly the track on the whole is the best executed one here and is kinda jammy. 4 is mostly ok interlude material, but the crescendo at the end is massive and possibly the best on the record. 2 and 3 on the other hand feel very amateur at times, especially the synth work on 2, and the bridge at min 4 on 3, thankfully followed by a dark and riffy climax. So yeah I guess I might jam other things by these guys, but even if it is inventive, it remains the tried and tested ol' crescendo post rock as we know it. 3.45
Floating Points Anasickmodular
Really cool I don't really know how to tag it so I'll just go with Wolfe's tag i.e. tech
house. Track 1 has a nice beat to it but I'm puzzled about the leads - I do enjoy how
psychedelic they feel though. Track 2 is outstanding and a psychedelic late night rave
trip, pounding and prog at the same time with lots of variations and buildups within the
track. Track 3 brings the record down a bit, by the end it is quite nice, but its beginning
feels really bare and empty compared to the richness of track 2. 3.65
Flyingpool Flyingpool Demo
Sweet dream pop from Belgium? Thanks budgie for the rec. 1 is the strongest track here, a dense jam that starts off as lush dream pop and shows great promise with complex vocal layering, some synths, a post-rocky guitar here and there, and a keys-led finale. Makes them feel like a band to follow. 2 displays trip-hoppy vocals on a similar dream pop instrumentation, but the track works less well and is less ambitious. 3 is the most trip-hoppy and synth driven track here, it's quite nice but the grand vocals over the toned down music take some getting used to. 4 is the most post-rocky track here and the second strongest one, boasting a lovely intro that builds up very nicely into a climax that doesn't quite get the conclusion it deserves. The vox is nice but tbh I feel like on a full length they'd need more vocal variations, such as seen on 1. Overall this is sweet and I'll watch their future releases. 3.6
Folamour Shakkei
Really cool little jazzy house EP. There is not a single bad track, unlike many other records like it. It is nice, it grooves, it feels good, and that's all we ask from it. Not the album of the century, but definitely an EP that I'll jam again. 3.7
Frail Body A Brief Memoriam
Relatively nice skramz that reminds of Beau Navire with its highly distorted vocals. At times it is lovely controlled chaos, but at other times it feels like a mess and can be a bit much. 1 and 3 were my fav tracks, the latter in particular being kinda jammy, with lots of headbanging potential, but again with the vox being a bit much at times. For the rest, there are occasional sweet melodies but also annoying bits and it didn't mark me much overall. 3.4
Freeze Corleone Projet Blue Beam
I really enjoyed the middle/second third of the album, a quite dark brand of French rap.
The album only scarcely annoys, which is impressive, and is well constructed with a nicely
defined atmosphere, rare enough in hip-hop to deserve praise. His delivery is excellent
most of the time, but it occasionally stumbles and feels amateur which is quite weird. This
is shown on 5 and particularly on 9, both jams, the latter exemplifying some of his best
lines with some of his worst deliveries. 6 and 7 are also jams. 8 has an annoying intro
with a hook repeated over and over (which also faults 4, one of the weaker tracks), but
after that it is quite a nice heavy track too. 10 is dark but chill, but is a minute or two
too long with a vocal sample just listing stuff? 11 is an ok track but I wish the album had
a better conclusion - would've bumped it a point. 1 feels a bit silly and simplistic with
its Harry Potter sample, and 3 is the only annoying track tbh. 2 is cool and chill. Overall
a solid, well-constructed album with a bunch of jams, but I'm hesitant to put it in 4.0
territory yet. Ekip (you gotta stop saying that every line dude). 3.7
Freeze Corleone Vieilles Merdes Vol. II
Surprisingly good and much more colourful than this LP's relatively flat successor. This one toys a lot more with autotune and quite often evokes Booba quite vivdly. Completely different from his 2019 LP but honestly pretty much just as strong because more consisten. 1 is a super cool autotuned opener. 2 is nicely deconstructed and def but he does his classic bad protracted conclusion here. 3 is super cool, very US rap sounding. 4 is fatter and nice, but gets a bit much by the midtrack. 5 has really cool distorted vox in the intro and is quite fat thereafter. 6 is the first (only?) weak track because it is super gimmicky. 7's instrumental reminds of Chill Bump a lot and obviously I gotta love that. 8-9 are cool boobaesque tracks, while 10 evokes the LP that would come after this one. is nice and fat, 12-13 continue that boobaesque style again. By 14 it starts feeling a bit long, but the female guest vox that come in are really good and help by bringing some welcome freshness, although the track remains a bit eh. 15 is kinda cool despite meh vox, and it gets a bit too much. Thankfully, it is the lats track. Man, this makes me wonder if I should dig up his even earlier stuff? 3.55
Gallery Six Gentle Scars
Standard stuff from Gallery Six. Lovely droney ambient field recording, but quite generic from him - nothing to make it stand out in a good or in a bad way. Still a good jam. 3.6
Giant Swan Whities 016
Very cool experimental techno (?) EP. 1 especially is super fun despite being bizarre, the intro particularly. It's just a fun aggressive track you should listen to really and I'm hesitant to make it a jam. 2 is much weaker although it flows well from 1 and just goes too weird to my taste. 3 sits a bit between the two in terms of weirdness and quality. It starts off (after a bit) as a cool and twisted track in the vein of 1, but afterwards it goes to a more straightforward style of techno and fluctuates between weird stuff I find boring and quite hard and fat techno I enjoy. Check track 1 basically. 3.4
Glaskin Debris Disk
This EP is quite disappointing because it starts off great, the first track 'groundwork' is a massive ravey-industrial techno banger, and the second track really has a lot of punch too. But then it all goes downhill. The third track is average at best, and the remix on the last track is completely forgettable. A promising debut still, if they evolve in the right direction. 3.6
Glass Beach The First Glass Beach Album
Lovely diverse and creative debut with lots and lots of high points and good ideas, but that hardly ever manages to sustain them for more than three minutes without something coming up to ruin the party. The vox often sounds naive and can be annoying. The record mixes a lot of stuff whilst remaining somewhat cohesive which is good to see, but I won't attempt to really describe it. 1 is kinda cute once the drums kick in but eh, 3 is a lovely interlude, 5 is a cool indie rock jam, 6 is kinda bouncy and Speed of Sound in Seawater-esque, 7 is a cool glitchy interlude, on 8 they go more aggressive which is cool at first but quickly gets annoying, 10's first half is kind of a jam with a lovely tone but the track goes to crap in its second part, 11 is sweet, 12's intro is a jam with a bouncy bass bu the vox ruins the bulk of the track. 14 is bouncy and cute, and would have been a better finale than 15 - although I commend the intent to have a proper finale. I'd love to see this played live. I'll come back to bits of this, but the album can't reach the ranks of favourite. 3.65
glowing domes sow
Another nice tape from Cascading Fragments. This one fluctuated between 3.7 and 3.8. First track is at the very noisiest end of the drone spectrum, as some shatters of melody can be heard here and there but are utterly destroyed by a wash of noise. I enjoyed the latter end of it even more. The second track is half pure noise and is quite nice at that, and half hainbachesque music that isn't all too well executed and brought the tape down a good bit. 3.65
Grouper The Man Who Died in His Boat
First half is a very mild and bland version of DaDDuaH. 3.3 range, not much more. Track 7 is a turning point and the most marking jam on the record, disrupting the general Agnes Obely guitar-based ambient folk style for something much dronier and more experimental sounding. After that the record proceeds in the same ambient folky style, but better, with 8, 9 and 11 being jams - not quite at the level of DaDDuaH though. 3.7
Grouper A I A
The first half of this album is amazing and exactly why I love Grouper. A very unique brand of vocal ambient, bordering on noise and drone. Stunning. The second half however drops in quality in my opinion and goes more into a sad minimialistic pop direction which I enjoy a lot less. 3.6
Grouper Hold / Sick
Short Grouper records usually give me trouble because they frustrate me building up gorgeous atmosphere and then just suddenly stopping with no room to develop. Did not quite feel this here although I can't explain why. Wonderful short Grouper fix, more in the droney vein of her later records than of the folky DaDDuaH and the lp before that. 3.6
Grouper Way Their Crept
Not as good as her first at all imo. Grouper usually makes her music very memorable and hooking despite it being soft and texture-based, but here most of it is lacking that genius touch. The first half of the record feels ok but bland and forgettable, quite atypical of her. Second half is stronger with 5, 7 and 9 being good jams, but overall this is still a 3.5
Grouper Wide
This one is really accurately titled. The vocals are mostly long, grand, choir-esque drones instead of the usual whispered lyrics and intimate singing, giving the whole piece a sense of grandeur and desolate wide spaces. The record feels almost post-rocky at times, like some experimental droney section of it - track 3 is an example. Track 4 is more typical Grouper with keys etc. 2 and 6 are jams, with 6 almost belonging to some sick cowboy movie, and 5 is kinda jammy too. The tracks are varied but don't flow amazingly well into each other - 7 being an example of a nice mellow interlude... that completely breaks the mood built by the track before it. 8 and 9 are quite unpleasant tracks and I have to say some of the weakest Grouper I've heard so far. Other tracks are nice to ok. 3.65
Grouper Violet Replacement
Certainly her droniest and least Groupery album yet. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The first half of Rolling Gate frankly bored me and was far from the best drone I've heard. The second half much improved and was really nice. Sleep is a very solid drone piece with lots of evocative power, and despite its long run time it keeps the listener entertained by very slowly rolling in field recording elements and varying background textures. I did find the latter third with field recordings a little less inspired than the rest of the track though. Overall this is mostly very good drone but it feels a bit flat, I need to re-listen to it because I perhaps was not in the best of conditions. 3.45
Grouper/Inca Ore Split
My first encounter with Inca Ore and it makes me want to check the rest of her stuff. First
of all, for a split this flows incredibly well. You can hardly tell the artist changed;
rather, it feels like a two act story of a character fine at first, then slowly descending
into mental insanity and paranoia in the second act (IO's). Surprisingly to me I liked that
2nd act better. The opening song is a superb Grouper jam with percussive keys, but 2 is
weird and feels too fast tempoed for a Grouper song, while 3-4 are nice meditative vocal
ambient but really not that marking. Then comes Inca Ore with some very nice oppressive The
Lighthouse-evoking pounding sounds on 5, then a series of track evoking a deranged version
of Grouper. 5-8 is all jams and in that vein. Brings the record up a lot, but unfortunately
it falters well before its conclusion. 9 is a weaker track already, 10 is a weirdly loud
(on spotify at least) straightforward drone track without much to it, and 11 is an outro
that just passes. Together these three bring the record back down below the 4.0 bar, but
it'll still stay in my library for 1 and 5-8 which are just wonderful. 3.6
Harm Done Abuse / Abused
Very fun hxc/powerviolence, but I do feel like the last few tracks by slowing down a bit dip in both quality and energy, bringing this down a bit. 3.65
Hatchie Keepsake
Kinda nice dreamy pop. I liked the catchier tunes, 1, 4 and 9 being solid jams. The rest was nice
but forgettable. No really poor track and no annoying moment. It's a nice debut but nothing mind
blowing. 3.3
HeklAa Pieces Of You
Beautiful and diverse piano works. For some reason it sounds like it would fit very well in the middle of a metal album or at the end of a hardcore record as a contrasted finale.
HellHammer Death Fiend
Crass, very raw, punk-ish thrash metal with occasional doom touches. I dig the prod, but it
does induce a bit of record fatigue and come 9 you're pretty happy that it is the last
track. The record is best when it is fast-paced and brutal, 1 being a surprise jam here,
and 8 probably the second best track. 2 is nice too but a bit gimmicky. The record is
weakest when it slows down and goes doom (with the tone even the fast parts evoke doom
though) like the record's middle. 4 does go fast in midtrack and is a good summary of the
record as a whole. 6 after its outdated intro and 7 are kinda bouncy and could be cool if
it weren't for record fatigue. Overall, not great, but surprisingly I think I'll come back
to bits of this. 3.4
Holding Absence Holding Absence
First track is a fantastic jam, but after that the vocals grow rapidly annoying as f*ck when they
go all lyrical and grand. In that regard reminded me a lot of Tesseract. Album is full of good
ideas, but in nearly each song there is also an equal amount of annoying sh*te. Track 7 for
example has a nice verse but an annoying chorus. Album is quite diverse, super melodic
metalcore/post-hardcore with post-rocky guitars at times, lots of ambient textures in the
background, and a nice piano interlude on track 10. But naive and urgh tracks like 5 and 6 bring
it down a lot, so it's a shame. Too much vocalising. Overall 3.4
Hypnosia Violent Intensity
Beast of an EP, I'm pumped for their LP now. Sometimes all that's needed is sweet riffage, no BS and no wankeriness, which this record is almost devoid of. It's not too ambitious or grand, but it's sweet and I bobbed ma head all along. 3.65
I Hate Models Totsuka no Tsurugi
Great and unique techno ep that mixes almost psychedelic melodic lines with banger rave beats. This is acid in a non acid way. I am not a huge fan of distorted kicks, so my appreciation decreased somewhat steadily with every tracks as these are used more and more. However this is a greatly imaginative and creative piece of music that deserves to be listened to. More melody than in most of IHM's work. 3.6
Immortal Bird Empress​/​Abscess
This was nice. Interesting blend of genres - blackened chaotic hardcore? Also good female vocals. The record lacks dynamics and feels a bit flat, but most of the individual songs are good - although there are low point in the middle of the record e.g. track 4. My favourite part was the drone outro, and the bookends maybe. 3.6
Incantation Onward to Golgotha
This is cool but not really my type of dm. Still impressively brutal and abrasive after all these years. If you want to know what being burnt alive sounds like, jam the first track. 3.6
indigo la End Ano Machi Rekodo
More J-Rock for the ages, I'm not sure what this is doing on my dream pop list honestly at this point. On this one the transitions struck me as being really bad in places. There is an awkward near-silent break between 3 and 4, 4's conclusion is not great to say the least, and 5 starts on a silent pause again. 7, although it offers sweet bell songs feels way too long as an interlude. It's a shame because in terms of the tracks themselves, album construction is impeccable. We start on a kinda jammy upbeat slightly cheesy J-Rock opener, and the two following tracks remain at the same energy level. But 2 gets a bit annoying in places, although the bass break into the last third is really nice, and 3 gets a bit much but some passages are super fun. The vox is quite loud on this record I have to say. Then 4 is a nice, calmer ballad that feels in the right place, followed by 5 which starts off the J-rock again but more gently as an easy way back in. 6 is more J-Rock but feels a bit much at this point. The interlude 7 goes into the superb intro of 8, which unfolds into a nice track to wrap up the album well. So yeah well constructed but not the strongest tracks in the world and formal mistakes on transitions here and there. 3.3
indigo la End Sayonara, subarashi sekai
Fun record with good lighthearted moments, but that isn't as successful in the abrasive parts. 1 is a huge fun j-rock jam and certainly a track I'll come back to. Made me think this was underrated. 2 is a bit more abrasive and thus weaker, 3 sitting somewhere between the two - at first. The tracks are quite long and unfold into a multitude of melodies, so the midtrack on 3 is actually super jammy, and the ensuing melody also is. In the last third it comes back to its own intro though which isn't the best. 4 evokes chill math-rock but doesn't unfold too well (feels a bit low in energy), until the second half which is more post-rock-ish and actually quite nice. 5 is fine and atmospheric, but 6 is abrasive and annoying. After a brief piano interlude which is quite welcome, the conclusion track is quite nice. 3.3
indigo la End yoru ni mahou wo kakerarete
Again, feels a bit underrated. But this is a great example of an album where, while individual songs are great, construction hurts the record as a whole. The mood changes are too abrupt and too short. We go from a fun upbeat math-rock/j-rock opener with a fun intro but ok unfolding, to a very chill Toe-esque acoustic ballad almost - very pretty sunny morning music -, to a sudden dark noise rock almost turn on 3, followed by a noisy interlude, followed by a very nice chill sunny morning math-rock track. The changes are just too abrupt and too erratic, and while 3 could be a cool song in a vacuum, here it hurts the album. 6 has fantastic drum breaks here and there but is an overall weaker song. 7 is nice, then all of a sudden we are offered the band's version of a Marche Funebre on a dark, sad piano. Excess consistency is the enemy of variety, but here there is just not enough cohesiveness. 9 is a pretty song with a super cool intro and tone, and 10 brings the energy up with a really cool punchy intro. 11 displays more of the fun, upbeat drums and is really nice, and 12 brings back the prettiness. All in all solid with some great tracks, but their magnum opus for sure. 3.6
Infant Island Infant Island
Very solid debut record with a great blend of post-rock/screamo (heavy on the post-rock side). The album misses some differentiating elements but has an excellent base. I'll be looking forward to their future output and will enjoy re-listening to this!
Internazionale Vigilance
One of his (their?) better works, with some tracks/sections on par with EftV. 1-2 are jams. Lovely buildup on 1, and 2 reminds of Our Fortress is Burning III. 3 is cool and interesting, surprisingly featuring a slow, pounding kick drum from the middle of the track onwards. Nice. 4 is lovely with cool use of aquatic sounds. After that, the record loses a bit of steam in its second half. 7 is probably the nicest track here, with lost city under the sea vibes. 8 is the weakest and reminds of his hollower works, but at least the album ending is very well done with a nice buildup of gritty, decaying textures. 3.6
Internazionale Armour of Stars
This feels more like a long collection of sketches rather than a full blown album. Most tracks lack coherence and sound more like sound collages than composed tracks. That being said I like the noisiness of it, and had it lasted only a disk or two it could have been a lot sweeter. A couple tracks I retained were disk 1 track 2, 2-4 and 4-1. 3.3
Internazionale Brothers Of The Baltic Pearl
The first half of track 1 and track 2 are pretty forgettable droney ambient stuff, particularly the former, but the second half of 1 (from~8min onwards) is a lovely slightly noisy jam and the first time Internazionale vaguely matches Elegy for the Victors in all I've jammed so far (except of course EftV). 3.35
Joanna Teters Back to Brooklyn
Great neo-sould EP with some remote hip hop influences. Groovy and amazing vocals. The first track is particularly good, the rest has its up and downs. Pleasant music that I will re-listen to - and I'll make sure to check out her other records too. 3.5
Jorja Smith Lost & Found
3.3 seems like a severe average, but the album does have a striking downward curve in energy and I daresay quality. It works best on punchier, bouncier tracks, and less on ballad-type songs which make up most of the latter half of the record. Her voice fits very well the high energy beats, but feels like it lacks fullness when laid atop bare ballad piano. The first half is great though. The album opening is fantastic, and 1 is a really nice bouncy neo-soul ish track. 2 is also lovely and I love the little lo-fi piano sample that comes here and there. It was already present on 2, but 3 really shows how the prod can under-serve her voice by making it a bit more nasally and moany than it needs to be. Her vocal abilities are fantastic still, and she displays it more on this LP than on the EP that preceded it. 4 is a more relaxed, elegant track. 5 continues in the same vein but starts to feel weaker, and 6 is the first weak track here being the first ballad too. 7 is more of the same, tuning down the soul/hip-hop vibes for more generic pop vibes that don't quite work. 8 catches up nicely though with a very sweet and bouncy track, and 9 is nice too with more hip-hop vibes present especially in the vocal delivery. 10-12 are boring ballads (except perhaps when the drums kick in on 11, and 10 being the best executed of those on the LP) and bring this down a couple points and definitely below 4.0 range. 3.6
Julia Brown An Abundance of Strawberries
Nice weird lo-fi indie pop stuff. Most of it sees the band go in a much more electronic direction than before before going back to the folkier, violin layered sounds of their first opus - just with better prod - on 12 bar its weird outro. They do find here a happy middle ground between the dirty prod of LP1 and the overclean prod of the 2013 EP. Apart from that track and the outro bit, all tracks are more in the electronica style. The record is rather erratically constructed, and the fact that most songs fade in and fade out make it feel a bit unstructured and more like a compilation which is a shame. 2 is nice and smokey, 3 is very sweet with the chimes in the background, 4 has lovely distorted vintage tones and 5 is quite catchy, but if there is one jam on here it is the lush 10, a much longer and more complex track than anything before it that feels like it could have been a brilliant album closer. I kind of lost track during the mid record, but 7 shows them going really abstract electronica on this. Nice, but I feel like I prefer their debut. 3.65
Knut Untitled EP
This sounds like Neurosis and Converge had a baby. It works really well as an EP. It is good music, but none of the tracks were incredibly memorable for me. Will re-listen for sure. 3.7
Kou Machida Dotera Iyatsura
Bizarre, but a good kind of bizarre. I'm not sure how to describe this - chaotic Japanese noise rock? An epileptic album that navigates from idea to idea incessantly (see min 4) but makes for a good fun listen anyway. There are only scarce places where it doesn't work; min 15-16, or min 32 (must be the track before last I reckon). From the first minute you get that it is going to be a funky but weird listen. Min 8-9 is super funky, 11 is deliciously weird, 18 is incredibly fun, 25 is mentally messed up in a fun way, 29 is cool too, and in between those nice phases the material doesn't feel like it is filler or anything. A deconstructed collage of fun stuff that I see as a 3.6
La Dispute Rooms of the House
This is a good La Dispute album. It does not stand out as a highlight of their discography, but it certainly isn't bad at all either. In this album I particularly enjoyed the calmer songs including 'Woman (in mirror)' or the closing track 'Objects in Space'. Solid record. 3.7
Lala &ce Le Son D'Apres
Starts off very nicely, and has a specific atmosphere to it which is great, but falters a bit over time and feels a bit flat towards the end. Still shows great promise and I'll be following her stuff - checked this because I liked her feat on Freeze's Vol.2 album. I like the opener and its tired delivery, and I dig 2 too in its female Booba style of sorts? Kinda jammy. 3 is fine and has more of a soft club vibe to it owing to its reggaeton-esque rhythm. 4 takes a bit more of an emotive style and has some cool bits but feels a bit much. 5 and 6 feel more skippable, 5 being on the abrasive side, and 6 just feeling plain awkward. As you can tell this marks my rating dipping a bit, as the albums struggles to bring it back up thereafter. 7 is cool with the nocturnal style of the early album but with a male guest vox, and it turns super cool once Lala comes in. 8 has a club vibe again but less subdued and is kinda cool. 9-11 feel 'alright' you know, although I dig the cloudiness of 11. 12 is fatter and a bit meh tbh. I was hesitant between a 3.2 and 3.3, and the closer made me decide 3.2, but re-listening to the early record while writing I now feel like a 3.25
Les Abysses Reveal the deep
Sweet synthy stuff with lots of atmosphere to it. Strongest track is 5 which is sort of dungeon synth but with a peculiar twist to it that I can't quite put my finger on, a jam. 2 made me think of JM Jarre a bit with its new agey synths and bits of drums here and there, kinda jammy too. 4 has some noise textures in the background which I like, and the other tracks had nice synthy sounds but didn't feel as strong compositionally. Sweet and solid. 3.5
Loma Loma
Nice, quite original - interesting blend of somewhat downtempoed indie folk-pop with tribal and psychedelic touches, but not crazy good. 1-3 are nice, especially 1, and 3 makes the band sound like a nice first at a gig - same goes for 6. 4 is Erased Tapes sound + aerial vocals and is one of the two kinda jams on the record, before the record goes into more industrial and electronic directions, which is nicely done but doesn't produce the best tracks, before going back to softened psychedelia towards the end of the record. 9 is the other jam, 10 has a nice instrumental but doesn't get too good until its second half. 7 sounds like a folky post rock interlude, it's pretty sweet but I wish they made it evolve further. This could have been a lot better as the band manages to craft very delicate and subtle sounds, but it feels like it lacks ambition a bit. 3.6
Lunar Womb The Sleeping Green
Fantastic dungeon synth that feels like a staple of the genre, yet I have a hard time seeing it in 4.0 territory. My notes got a bit mixed up between 2-4 so don't quote me on the track numbers. 3 is super peaceful, and 4 is just an all round great DS track, and they both feel like they could be jams. 1 is incredibly dreamy too, while 2 is cute and evokes a cartoon or RPG. 5 is nice but feels unwarranted, especially to conclude the album on a fade out. Very nice. 3.7
Mgla Exercises in Futility
Very high quality black metal, especially the second half. It is nothing more than that though, and it feels like it lacks some personality that would make it recognizable and memorable.
Mihai Edrisch Un Jour Sans Lendemain
Good screamo with annoying vocals. With all due respect he sounds like he's pushing through a voice loss, not like he's screaming or singing, and since the vocals are almost ubiquitous here they are quite detrimental to the record. The middle of the album is the strongest, with 5 and 8 being jams, and the first half is not far behind. Tight drumming, beautiful melodies, a couple headbanging grooves and sporadic piano samples. The last few tracks past 8 are much weaker and bring the record down a couple points, but the outro track is cool. 3.5
milareva Search For The Light
Fun little soul EP. Great drums, the rest is pretty generic, but quality. The bridge section in 'Appreciate' was probably the highlight. 3.4
Minilogue Blomma
A sweet album that works well as nice soundtrack when you're busy on something else, but that would feel a tad too long when focused on it. To be fair, maintaining interest for most of the behemoth runtime even on unfocused listen is an achievement. The only track I skipped to the end to was the 45min one, which starts quite nicely as synthy ambient but without that vintage touch Steve Roach would have, but then gets bleep bloopey and lost me about midway. In contrast, 7 has a jazzy feel and is quite nice, while 8 is also ambient but much shorter, making for a great conclusion. The album flow is bizarre as it sometimes almost comes to a full stop (which, on an album this long often makes you think it is finally the end) - an example being the transition between 5 and 6. 1,2, and 4 are kinda cool and perhaps more upbeat. The sounds around min8 on 3 are really a terrible choice and the only time the album is unpleasant, not sure what happened there. This is a sweet listen. Perhaps not worth 146 minutes of your dedicated attention, but well worth it as a soundtrack to whatever you want. Thanks Trrif! 3.25
Modjo Modjo
I was expecting this to be a one track album with 'Lady' and nothing else memorable, but I was
pleasantly surprised. 3 is obviously the major jam here, but all the other tracks with the
exception of the album closer - which sounds like a bad cover - are really fun, have some zing to
them and aren't bad tracks at all. It's rare to have an album in this genre that is this
consistent. 1-4, 7 and 9 are faves, 6, 9 and 10 are meh but fun, and no bad track except maybe 12
- if that. 3.7
Monosymbiosis 1
On the one hand, this does sound like a dude spending a fun evening with his synths and nothing grander (and I thought this before reading the description). On the other hand, it is nonetheless powerfully evocative drone, despite its simplicity. The soundtrack of a grave floating in cold space. Awesome and not too ambitious. 3.45
Murphy Radio S/T
Very nice math-rock twinkle, that feels relatively generic (albeit well executed) and less personal/recognisable than the EP for the most part, but that stills shows signs of greatness especially in the second half, making for a band to watch. Like on the EP, the prod can get nicely crispy and punchy especially on the snare, making for much more impactful songs than the rest of the regular math-rock doodle noodling. The opener is nice and punchy, and the drum intro on 4 is really fun too, but the track evolves into generic CHON stuff. 2 is an example of less punchy track which becomes far less interesting. 3 is the first of a few additions to their sound with scarce vocals, but the generic math-rock behind it makes the track still feel a bit unmemorable. The LP has two acoustic ballads on 5 and 8, but neither are as good or welcome as the one on the LP - but they're alright. 6 marks the transition into the much stronger second half, with a nice addition of strings giving an ominous feeling, breaking into a bass solo and cool punchiness - one of the best tracks since 1. 7 is also a punchy track then adds brass. 9 continues in this style minus the brass, with very nice melodies and grooves in the bridge, and ends with an addition of an electronica beat. 10 is a fun punchy closer, and despite the overall absence of highlight jams this high note second half brings the LP back up to a 3.6
Murphy Radio Naftalena
Indonesian math-rock that doesn't fall into the trap of mindless noodliness and offers nice crispy prod, relaxing jazzy bits, and punchy CHON-esque bits does the job for me. Will be checking their other things. 3.5
Musk Ox Woodfall
Haven't listened to any neo-folk in a long time, but this was a good ride. It has a lot of low points, and few truly memorable melodies, but overall it is a nice record that would perfectly fit the atmosphere of a cabin lost in summer woods as sunlight peeks through the leaves. Might re-listen. 3.5
Natalia Lafourcade Musas Vol. 2
Some excellent tracks mixed among a few bland songs that make the album good but not exceptional. Still a worthy listen with a few favourites mixed in there.
This is his most consistent EP with not a single weak track really, but it is also the least marking, and the most generic sounding - I just enjoy the style here less. The run from 4-8 is particularly uneventful, albeit of good quality. The feat on 6 is kinda nice, and 8 provides a quiet and soft album outro which echoes the album itself, leaving almost unnoticed. There isn't really a clear cut jam here but the first half is more interesting, especially 2 which mixes a cloudy atmosphere with trap, and 4 which has a nice, darker atmosphere as opposed to the lushness of his Blue Half thingy. 3 has a lovely instrumental but feels again a touch generic, and 1 has a not so good instrumental and was perhaps one of the weakest tracks. Overall don't think I'll come back to this bar a couple tracks, but it's not bad by any means. 3.5
Night Flowers Night Flowers EP
This was a great soundtrack to read the 'songs of the dedexcade' list to, because it evokes the good old days time and time again with its delicate undertone of melancholy. Idk what it is but the prod feels a touch off, but it is still fine. 1 sounds the most nostalgic and dreamy, and already proves the band has a multi-layered and rich sound. It is chill and mildly sad, like a longing for the old days, whereas Fazerdaze is a soundtrack to the old days themselves. 2 and 3, like Fazerdaze, feel more like the latter, by stripping away the dream pop influences a bit and feeling more post-hardcore ish. 3 is perhaps my fave on the record. 4 takes away the sad melancholy and honestly I don't think it works all that well for them. Weakest track on the record, bringing this down to a 3.65
Night Flowers Wild Notion
I think I owe this a second listen to decide if it is upper 3.5 or lower 4.0. It is an album that takes a specific mood, and I found that mood more readily during the second half, so I perhaps underestimated the first half. The record walks the line between mildly annoying naivety and fun catchiness quite well, but not always perfectly. 1-2 are nice and catchy, but 3-5 felt quite naive. Oddly 5 evokes French songs from the 80s to me? After that the record brought it up a solid notch (but as I said maybe it was just me getting used to its atmosphere), as 6 has a very solid and jammy intro, 7 shows how the naive side can work by alternating the cute vox with rock vibes, 8 is beautiful in the right mood, and 9 is catchy too. The record does end on a lower note though, with 9 overextending a bit and 10 feeling merely ok. Gotta re-listen. 3.7
Nivhek After Its own Death/ Walking in a Spiral
Had to pause for hours in the middle of this so will have to re-listen.rSides A&B are a rnoisier, grittier version of Grouper. Unbelievably good (4.3 or something?). Sides C&D rare instrumental percussive ambient without vocals that vaguely reminds of the water gong rworks by Klaus Wiese. I liked these tracks too but not as much. Overall still an rundecided 4.0-4.1, re-jam warranted though.rRe-jammed, Side B is my fave by far with a fantastic intro, noisy stuff in the middle. Side A thrilled me less, and overall the record felt far less good with overused gong sounds in way too long sections. The melodies keep coming back it feels. Maybe I missed that on first listen because of the pause? Have to re-relisten. 3.4
Nthng Shine
Ok dub techno/ ambient. Track 1 2 3 are nice and varied, but nothnig really noteworthy.
Track 4 is a good idea but ends up being boring and way too long, bumping this down to the
2.5 tier. Second track is probably best, followed by the opener. 2.7rEdit: Idk what the
hell I was on about after that first listen. Sure, 3 is a weak track, with incessant bleep
bloops ruining an otherwise fine dub techno foundation. But 1 is lovely albeit not hugely
original aquatic ambient with lost keys droning over the reverb, 2 is superb dub techno a
la Purl with a high pitched pad and tasty crepitating noises, and 4 is a fantastic outro
that gives a sense of grandeur to the EP and would fit perfectly at the end of a nthng LP.
It has a sort of downtempo hip hop beat, nothing to do with dub techno really, yet it fits.
Great stuff. 3.55
Nthng Untitled [LT029.5 Sampler]
I know this was a sampler for the then-upcoming nthng debut LP, but it was released on
vinyl long before the LP was so I think it counts as a semi-EP . Track 1 is a costco
version of Human from Remember Us. It is good, but only insofar as it reminds you of
Human. In itself it doesn't have much added value, and I don't think I'd ever jam this
part II over the original. In a vacuum though it is still nice . 2 is a short and sweet
interlude. 3 is a massive, gorgeous dub techno jam and my favourite track of the LP,
which as I recollect it was quite a disappoint (I should rejam it though to be fair). So
this EP is pretty much a concentrate of some of his best tracks, but it just lacks the
identity and panache Remember Us has. The third track is special though, 5.0 dub techno
material. 3.3
Nthng Microdose
Nice dub techno, but not hugely memorable. Track 1 is a slow but steady buildup starting off nice and low ended but with some of these typical nthng synths coming in nicely after a few minutes. It is perhaps not as jammy as some of his more recognisable tracks but it is certainly up there in the high tiers of dub techno. 2 offers a clearer hook and explores it on the ravier end of dub techno. It's the kind of dub techno you'd love to hear in a club you know to loose your mind to. After a while it starts to feel like it lacks substance especially with some awkward hi-hats coming in. But variation ends up coming to save the day. This isn't a top tier jam but it would have been nice material on the EP for example. 3 is hindered by just a weird beat that lasts the whole track which otherwise boasts some kinda cool sounds. The conclusion is nice though. Good nthng material, good MORK material, but the best of neither. 3.25
Nthng Turn to Gaia
Not the best album intro in the world again, but it's alright. 1 starts off as funky techno, and once again when these nthng dub synths kick in they instantly turn it into a different track don't they. Much lovelier, but still not hugely marking or an amazing track, and quite a skippable one. 3 is in somewhat the same vein, but from the first few seconds with the syncopated synths you know it's going to be a bouncy one. And indeed it is a bouncy one, even reinforced at 4:40 by some lovely shakers. It is a better track than 3 and certainly a more memorable one (I still remembered it from first listen), but still not a jam. Now the real reason you should jam this EP as I recollected well is the sublime centerpiece A Souls Search, an incredibly lush ambient track with a myriad of pads and a nice rond bass behind it. It is an ambient track that you can tell was made by a techno artist because it retains some of the bounce and some of those sounds without being techno itself ever at all. And for that alone, it is interesting. Jam jam jam, and single-handedly brings this to a 3.3
Nubya Garcia When We Are
This is an interesting take on modern jazz with prominent and aggressive drums. Very likable sound although the EP itself feels like it is just the of two singles instead of a consistent record with a beginning and an end. I have not checked out her full length yet but this made me want to. Did not care much for the two remixes although they are not bad by any means. 3.7
Oathbreaker Eros|Anteros
I have to say I did not listen to this in the best conditions (had to pause a lot) so
this is not super fair to them. The first half is more hardcore-heavy and reminiscent of
what these guys sound like live. Not mind-blowing but quite cool with good
instrumentations and vocals. The middle track 'The Abyss Looks Into Me' is brilliant and
I thought this was an excellent album closer. Except it actually carries on for nearly
another half hour of their doomier side, and I did not find it quite as good. Tracks 1-5
would have been a 4.0, but this is more like a 3.6 overall
Obliteration Black Death Horizon
The beginning of this dm album is really shreddy and gimmicky at times - not my type at all. Come on guys this came out in 2013, not 1993. In the second half this improves a lot however and leaves room for not incredible but certainly tasteful dm, with clear blackened death influences here and there. The closing track as well as tracks 3,5 and 6 were my faves. 3.4
Odd Person The flowers of arcadia
Lots of weird sounds, lots of echoes, lots of reverb - a nice fun tape! Nice find garas 3.3
Old Sorcery Strange and Eternal
Lovely DS again from Old Sorcery, but I didn't feel it was quite as good as the first LP. 1 is lovely DS with many different vibes that nicely transition into each other. Literally the album cover in music. 2 I'm not as much a fan of, feels more gimmicky. 3 is my fav here and a solid DS jam, with a lovely mysterious forest atmosphere. Really tasty textures. 4 sounds a bit like a glorified snes soundtrack which isn't my cuppa, and 5 is ok but not fantastic. The vocals didn't convince me much but by the 11th minute they had grown on me and I ended up digging em, nice complement to the music. I dig the synthy track ending, and the addition of a distinct album ending is nice too. 3.7
Ouroboros Glorification Of A Myth
Despite it being really, really wankery melodeath (kinda), I actually like this record a lot.
Part of that is nostalgia, but the torrent of highly technical, Oriental-sounding riffs this
record throws at you single-handedly makes it a worthy listen despite meh vocals and a lack of
structure or storytelling. 3.6
Paysage d'Hiver Steineiche
Not really convinced by this. The first track is great, bleak, svper trve bm as you'd expect from
Pd'H. Vocals sometimes sound like an evil baby crying but great 3.9 track overall, worthy of a
re-listen. Track 2 is bizarre and brings in some more guttural growls over some weird erratic
instrumentation that sounds a bit like doom metal with bm tones. Not amazing but interesting at
least. Track 3, the longest, is quite boring and mixes dull ambient/dark ambient, vague bits of
dungeon synth, and low spoken word in German from what sounds like an evil old dude in a
Overall this is quite meh. 3.4
Paysage d'Hiver Schattengang
Also a bizarre album, but liked it more than the debut. Track 2 especially is a gorgeous, bleak
and merciless bm Pd'H jam - definite re-listen. Track 3 is synthy ambient. Kinda nice but nothing
too crazy. The opening track is probably the oddest, with lots of random sounds and textures, and
very deep, guttural vocals - not the best here but I like it. Love the intro too, and I find the
artwork wonderfully fitting and somehow gorgeous albeit cartoony. Overall a solid
Paysage d'Hiver Einsamkeit
Almost entirely ambient album with this one. I quite dig it. Each track was good and felt more interesting than the previous one. Track 1 is good field recording/synth ambient. Track 2 has more interesting textures with more aggressive synth textures. Track 3 brings bm touches for the first time and is even more aggressive. Might grow on me, have to re-listen. 3.4
Pestilence Dysentery
Far superior to their other demo, it's not even close. The vocals and song constructions are a
tonne better, and the wankeriness is way down. I have to say sometimes it sounds like there are
too many words and the dude is struggling to articulate them out so fast. My fave was track 1 but
probably just because I was paying a touch more attention at the beginning of the record, all the
tracks are equivalent and pretty good. Nothing earth-shattering here though, this is a demo after
all and is fairly generic. 3.5
Pink Floyd Ummagumma
I vibe with Disk 1 a good bunch (just makes you want to see them in the 60s yknow), but Disk 2 is just a long protracted series of tracks at various degrees of unnecessaryness. 1-4 are acid jams, although by the midtrack of 4 it starts to feel a bit lengthy. Egyptian-sounding organs and synths, edoteric drums, tasty bass, scarce vocals, yum. 2 when it explodes with crazy screams sounds like delicious prog rock. On disk 2, 1 sounds like a Zelda OST, and 2 sounds like Nils Frahm on its first third and La Monte Young in the rest. Album is crazy good so far (maybe 3.8), but it all goes downhill after that. 3 is the first track I didn't fak with, and 4 sounds like an OST in a bad way. 5 is a pretty Nick Drakey ballad, 7 is super pretty, sadly 6 is a horrible track. The rest is just nice or boring, until the annoyingly experimental 11 and the pretty but short conclusion on 12. Eh not the most marking PF album, but the first 6 tracks are worth checking out. 3.35
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother
AHM is a turning point and sees the birth of legendary rock Meddle,Pompeii era Floyd, away from psych era Floyd, but it still remains at the infancy stage and won't quite make it to the same heights just yet. The t/t is the first instance of a long, complex, build up intro that we'll later see in SoYCD and similar tracks, and by min 7 you hear how much grander they're becoming. Min 11 with its guitar parts is the aforementioned rock Floyd being born. Unfortunately the track never quite unfolds, keeping it out of their pantheon, and by min 16 although you see their taste for backing vocals a couple minutes before that, the track definitely turns back into their earlier flaws and weirdness. The track feels like it lost its course and coherence along the way. The conclusion from min 21 on shows us their grand rock leanings again, but not as good. One side B, 2 and 4 and both peaceful folk jams, and 3 is a jazzy? pop? bop. So far the album is very well constructed and feels like it could end at a 3.7-3.8, except the last track overextends for way too long and has too few ideas bar a cool last couple minutes, bring the album down to a 3.5
Plini Other Things
Dedex's got it. This evokes bedroom AAL with nice additions of keys etc., instead of a
teenager making youtube djent videos in the hope of attracting the female kind for the
first time by riffing as fast as they possibly can. 3.7
Porches. Summer of Ten
At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this. It is quite bizarre and difficult to describe. Keys-based indie weirdcore pop with vaguely dissonant male vox? It is interesting and I grew to quite like it as each track went by. 5 is perhaps the most digestable, being closer to regular psych pop, and 4 is quite bouncy. A cool alien record that makes me excited for the rest of their discog. 3.45
Porches. Pool
Feels like the first time they make their style work since 2011's Summer of Ten EP. They tone down the moany annoying vox and the weirdness, especially in the early record. 1-2 are bouncy jams, vaguely evoking Depeche pop. 3 has jammy sounds but vox that don't work as well, which will be a recurring theme as the album goes on. 4 is ok but I did not even notice the track changed. 5 shows again good sounds but less good over worsening vocals. The auto-tune use is generally good but is sometimes excessive and sounds like a parody, especially on 7 and on 12 which concludes the album quite flatly. 7 is still a cool track with a nice synthy bridge in the midtrack. On 9 the singer gets quite moany but the instrumental is cool and the conclusion well crafted. 10 is cool, and 11 is a boring track in the vein of their earlier stuff. This started off as a 3.8, but overall it feels more like a 3.55
Prince Of Denmark To The Fifty Engineers
Much, much better than Soulfood. It does have some oddities and doesn't sound too amazing, but it is a very interesting EP with lots of sweet textures and ideas. Unlike Soulfood, I'll come back to it. 3 and 4 are of particular appeal to me with their drone ambient textures laid atop the delicate dub techno beat a la nthng. 2 proves that this guy knows what he's doing and can handle a 9min hypnotic minimalistic track without it feeling too long (again, improving compared to Soulfood). The track is subtle at first but gets quite dissonant and is the third jam on this EP. 1 is not so much a jam, but still boasts an interesting synth groove. Very solid. 3.65
Protector Misanthropy
Fairly generic but cool and fast thrash metal with vocals I don't like but don't really hate and nice riffage at times with sweet brutality to it. No jams, track 3-4 are the coolest, but bits of wankeriness here and there on track 6 for instance, and 1 is weird with horrendous vocals. A record I will happily forget, but wasn't unhappy jamming. 3.4
Rayana Jay Morning After
A bit of a disappoint. The soulful groovy goodness of the first track or two rapidly fades and is overpowered by the poppy R&B elements the opener baked in so delightfully. The record sounds less and less mature as it goes. The end sounds quite basic and typical college freshmen material, which is a shame. Beginning still really good. 3.4
Rihanna ANTI
Complete surprise after the prior album, as this one has a real identity - doesn't sound
like it is the same Rihanna in a lot of places actually-, is well constructed, and is never
annoying. Fantastic turn for Rihanna and makes me excited to hear what she comes up with
next. The whole thing could be a top tie mainstream album a la Dangerous Woman, if only it
weren't for the run from 10-13 which is full of ok but dull ballads, 10 being folky, 11
soul-ish, 12 showing Rihanna overstretching her voice, and 13 at least offering a nice
album ending. Before that, the album was easily in 3.5-3.6 range. 1 is a kinda jammy hip-
hop infused track, 2 is a lovely interlude with remote FlyLo/Thundercat vibes, 3 (and lots
of other bits) remind of Banks' flavour of RnB - not a jam but I enjoyed how atmospheric it
is compared to her prior records -, 4 is maybe 20s too long but I like it - feels a bit
like a modern take on her early hits but with a more intimate, sexy, laid back direction.
Drake's contrib is a bit eh but does not ruin the track at all. 5-7 are ok to boring. 8 and
9 are the album's peak, both jams. 8 is an incredibly sexy track. 9 starts off weird in
contrast - the transition is not so great, but the track is the biggest surprise on here,
being a long track full of depth and with sweeet dream pop DNA (yes). Strongest track on
the record probably. If only she stopped there. I'll re-listen to this, but maybe stopping
at 9. Bonus tracks uninteresting. 3.35
Roly Porter Life Cycle Of A Massive Star
A bit more consistent, and helped by its short length, but still not quite there yet. Track 1-2 are very consistent, but after that the album looses track of itself and goes back to the bleepbloopiness that hurt its predecessor. Volume is also weird on here, and some tasty textures go amiss because they were just too quiet compared to the rest - had to play with my volume knob more than I would expect. This is particularly true on 4 which has tasty dronebient textures that are just very, very quiet. 5 feels the most bleep bloopey, even with its noise layers added in the second half, whereas in 3 it's not as bad - the blank at the end of the track is unfortunate though. 1-2 on the other hand are fantastic and sound like what it's like to be on a broken lost spaceship, trying to survive and repair it before the black hole sucks you in too deep - and I'm not saying that just because of the title/artwork. The midtrack on 2 is particularly lonely and lovely. That can't save the record from its own inconsistency though, 3.3
Roly Porter Third Law
This feels like his best so far, and confirms that I want to follow his future output if any. He has lots of potential, but the album falters again and is still quite weak for most of it. He manages to make drone that is pounding, crazy, and aggressive instead of ambient-ish, which I love and which I hope he does more of, like on 1-2 and the first half of 3. After that, the record becomes quite boring (except the cool end of 4) and usual RP bleep bloop stuff, until the second half fo 7 and the whole of 8 which is a clear jam, both are grand, epic tracks and explore a lot of flavours of drone/synth etc - 7 reminds of a less noisy Prurient. 3.7
Ronin Arkestra First Meeting
Ok modern jazz. Some hip-hop beats/rhythms in scarce places. Fairly generic and not super memorable. 3.6
Sadus Death to Posers
This is an exciting demo and tells me Sadus may be one of the few thrash bands I dig a lot. The riffz are plentiful, diverse, fast, slow, heavy, punky, and the record is super fun in that regard. Just listen to the first half of 3 for instance. This is quite aggressive, especially for 86. Now, they do fall in the usual traps of thrash, with wankery solos for example on the second halves of 1,4 or 5, shrieky vocals that often get annoying (but also kind of have a cool bmey vibe to them in places), things like that. But it is never completely awful like I've seen with other bands, and is usually quite short lived. If they drop those elements in their later discog, they might be a top tier thrash band in my book. 3.6
Sadus Illusions
If I like their future albums I might re-listen to this, I'm not sure I was in the right setting. This confirms what I thought of their demo: the highs are very high, this has the potential to be thrash I love, but it also still features wankery solos here and there (not too many) and speedy zzz tracks (4,5) or slower tracks with an odd groove (6 I think it was) which don't do much for me. Vox have improved, don't really get annoyingly shrieky anymore and isntead evoke bm in places. Riffz are still fat and diverse (see 2 or 9 for instance). Idk this is great but I need to listen to it more closely. 3.6
Saif Streets Ain't Saif
Nice South African trap/rap, but nothing majorly fantastic. Delivery wise she reminds of an r-rolling non annoying Cardi B, especially on track 4 which could fit right into Cardi's discog but just is better. Kinda cool but not a jam. 5 is quite boring after that. 1 has ethereal prod and I wouldn't have expected it to work with Saif's delivery but it actually does, the track is nice. I love the ambient prod on 2, quite inspiring, but there the vox doesn't work at all and feels out of context. I do dig the chorus though. 3 is cloudier and dreamier, nice but not fantastic. 3.4
Saint Pepsi Hit Vibes
I absolutely loved the beginning, deliciously fun future funk/dico, but the mid album really dipped in energy and the latter third never caught up. To be fair I was kind of expecting this to be 100% high energy jolly diso style so maybe there was just a mismatch there and I owe this a re-listen. 1-2 are incredibly fun, but 3 is my main jam on the album here with its fantastic bounce and strong disco vibes. I wish it didn't end on a fadeout though. 4 (still nice) and especially 5 dip in energy a lot. 6 starts like it'll bring back up again, but it actually keeps at a slower pace. 7's finally does bring the energy up with an elegant vibe, it gets a bit excessively glitchy in the midtrack but only briefly so that's fine. 8's an elegant interlude, and 9 is nicely chill which is surprising for the genre. 10 brings the bounce again finally, but by then it's been 6 tracks and it feels too little too late. The track is cute and quirky, but a bit too quirky which prevents it from being a real jam. 11 has some nice bounce and the second half is jammy, while the outro track is anecdotal. 3.65
Scary Larry Scary Larry
The black metal bits are ok but I did not care much for them. The ambient bits on the other hand are very nice and make me want to re-listen to this, especially track 2. The prod is a bit odd during the bm bits (bass and some drums mixed way too high/clear, trebles a bit absent) which undermines them a bunch, but on the ambient sections it is good. 3.6
Sea of Shit Sea of Shit 7"
Super fun little EP of aggressive stuff. I dig the vocals and prod, and this is a band I feel like I'd really dig live. Unlike a lot of grindcore, the tracks here flow seamlessly into each other and aren't really properly one minute long songs, but rather they just split one long song in a bunch of little slices. The closing track is theonly one that's a bit longer and it was quite fun, including in the feedback noisy conclusion, so it bumps this up a point. 3.6
Sea of Shit 2nd EP
When it hits, it still hits hard, but I feel like on this one there are too many slower, doomier tracks that pack less energy for the record's benefit, whereas on the 10 inch they offered nice pauses. Starting and closing the album on that style with two of the three longest tracks on the EP breaks its energy a lot. The middle still rips and 2 gives of great Cursed vibes, and 5 is a fun Sea of Shit jam. 3.5
Shakira Fijacion Oral Vol. 1
This album is kind of what I expected Ladrones to be and it is weird that it comes after
Laundry Service and not before. No real banger here, but a really nice and consistent album
with heavier use of acoustic guitar, more of a relaxed latin vibe, and occasional synth
arrangements like on the closer. No bad track really. 1 is gorgeous and the major jam here;
4,5 and 9 are the other jams I noted. The acoustic takes at the end are anecdotal but
they're alright. 3.4
Sleep Dopesmoker
I don't really get what all the fuss is about. Yes this is really cool stoner
rock/metal(?), it definitely has tasty riffs and textures and is quite hypnotic. It's
good, but I did not find it transcendental or deserving a 4.0+ average. I have better
memories of Om for instance - have to rejam their albums for a fair comparison though.
Sleep Talk Growing Pains
This is the term 'post-hardcore' taken almost literally, with enormous post-rock influences laid
atop a good ol' hardcore basis. The instrumentals are really good and the genre mix is
interestingly done - with even some Suis La Lune vibes at times. Production is a bit odd with
very hard hitting hardcore drums onto a mostly mellow background, but I quite like it. The vocals
however are quite annoying and generic metalcore-ish most of the time. The sparse clean vocals
are on the naive side but they still sound miles better than the harsh vocals. Overall a good
listen that makes me want to watch them and listen to their other stuff - there is a good idea in
almost every track. 3.5
Socially Retarded / Sea of Shit Split
This is super short too, but because of the band's crass and more unique sound it felt stronger. A fun little tape, but really too short to have claims at anything higher. 3.4
Spectral Voice Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
First of all, these guys have crazy good taste in artwork. Now this is deathened (?) doom with the occasional dm section. And these occasional bits are crazy good, pounding and hellish. The guitar tones are just so so deep, and the guttural voice is incredible. The band is at its best when it lays out massively reverberated walls of fat guitar tones and growl. These sections are sometimes followed by dark ambient which works really well in the context of the album. And in fact the record works least when they go riffy riff and play your generic doom really. 1 is great, but 2 already sticks to the same riff for too long. At 10:45 shows how the way they let walls of low ended reverb fill the space after each riff is so tasty. 3 has a great intro and a nice dark ambient outro but it doesn't unfold too well. 4 offers nice atmosphere, but 5 is definitely weaker (apart on the dm bits) and too much of that aforementioned generic doom style, bringing the album down definitely below the 4.0 bar into a (surprised I enjoyed a doom-ish album so much) 3.7
Stars of the Lid The Ballasted Orchestra
For the most part this is just ok ambient/drone, with appreciable variety (vital for an 80min record), but nothing mindblowing. 1-2 are nice but not amazing dark ambient, 3 breaking those into much sweeter and softer ambient textures, resulting in 4 which isn't all that noteworthy really. 5 gets a bit interesting in the middle but mildly still. Feels a bit like a sleep piece from R Rich. 6 is to my recollection the first prequel in their discog of the sound they'll eventualyl display in the last two albums. A nice and peaceful track, like hearing the waves while falling asleep on the beach. 7 morphs the track (as its second part) into something similar to the album opener, which at this point feels a bit boring. The album closer is definitely the high point here, also prequelling their later sound, but this time done a lot better, and thence becomes the first real jam in their discog, bumping the album up a point. Overall this is mostly too long and not too interesting, but it has some sweet bits. 3.3
Stars of the Lid Avec Laudenum
Yeah I really don't think SoL discography is really all that good before the last two albums. This record is strongest when it evokes (or outright displays) their later sound, on 2 and 5 especially. The latter is really nice, and the first half of the former is probably the album's strongest point with delicate sweeping waves of ambient lushness - quite a jam. Unfortunately the second half of the track looses its focus a bit. This is crystallised in 3 which is the weakest track here. 4 might also be a jam but in a different way as it is very droney and not lush at all, quite Kner-esque. 1 is pretty bland SoL material that could have come from any of their prior efforts. This is vaguely starting to get nice but really it's mostly ok ambient and only reaches 3.5 territory because of 2 and 5's sounding exactly like they could be in their last two albums - in 1999 though, which is impressive. 3.3
Stars of the Lid The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
I'm sorry, this has great material, but it really does not have the stature to last two hours. By the end of the first disk it already feels kinda long. It feels more like a sleep concert piece than an actual album, but even then it's not particularly amazing imo. The album does mark an evolution from their prior discog though, and you understand that from the first few seconds, but I just wish they didn't make it a slow mammoth like that. 4 is sweet, the run from 6-8 is lovely and 8 is a tasty sleepy jam. On the second disk 4 is kinda jammy and a strong, varied track, 8 is a peaceful jam, and 9 is basically just a drone but it's quite nice. The closer is incredibly soft and really makes it feel like the album is meant to be slept to. As for the rest of the tracks well they're ok, but generally failed to grab my attention. Condense this and it'd be in upper 4.0 range, but as is I can't give it more than a 3.4
State Faults Head in the Clouds
Nice screamo, but nothing that quite amazed me and I'm not really a fan of the vocals. They're not unpleasant but they're not my favorite. The clean vocals on the closer are annoying though. Nice instrumentations otherwise. 3.3
State Faults Desolate Peaks
Superb post-rocky screamo, but undermined by vocals that I seem to be mildly allergic to and prod somewhat lacking substance and low end. I paid a little less attention during the first half so can't point out the jams, but the record sure is full of them. Track 7 and 10 are jams with gorgeous melodies a bit a la Suis la Lune, and 9 is a nice example of the band's more brutal side. This makes me look forward to the rest of their discog, but its actual sound limits it to a 3.7
Submotion Orchestra Colour Theory
I was expecting to be disappointed by this, but I wasn't. Yes it abandons a LOT of the
jazz/soul elements of their earlier records, emphasizing a whole lot more on electronica
sounds. This almost sounds like a Four Tet/ Culprate record at times, and at other times
like some festival house EP. But is that necessarily a bad thing? There are a lot of
tracks on there I thoroughly enjoyed (Red Dress, In Gold, a couple others) and none that
I really disliked. I might re-listen to this. 3.6
SUMAC Love In Shadow
Did not like this one nearly as much as WOB. It's interesting that they have pretty much the same avg rating because they felt very different. This one is quite erratic, and although individual sections are quite cool - I liked for instance the funeral doom-influenced heaviness of some riffs in track 1 - they are just arranged really oddly, even within tracks. Chaos and bizarreness can be interesting and amazing, but they weren't here here. The last track is the one exception, with a very coherent transition from noisy ambient to classic SUMAC material and a great track overall. Singlehandedly bumped this from a 3.4-3.5 to my final 3.7
Sundrugs Hidden Scenes
First half is great and probably around 3.8-9, but the record overextends a lot and the end is kind of a drag. The prod is weird at times, feels like a tape a bit with sound lacking fullness a bit. Takes a while to get used to but it some places it is nice. The record is a near continuous stream of reverberated lushness with very slight gritty textures now and then, only interrupted by an odd interlude on 4 and a fade out followed by a blank at the end of 7. The subtlety of the sound and ever so slight noisiness is fantastic and the main highlight of the record. 2 is a nice oceanic jam, and bar 4 the run from 1-6 would be a 4.0 range EP. Unfortunately the rest drags for way too long without variation, and feels a bit too fx-based drone with the sound lacking fullness. The subtle grittiness is lost, 7 falls flat and the album conclusion falls flat too again on a fadeout. This is feels like an immature album by a very talented artist I'm excited to look into further. 3.65
Sundrugs Endless Reverie
Boasts some nice tracks in a variety of ambient styles, but just a bit uneventful and lacking high points to pull it up. 1 is vocal based Ottbient that is extremely peaceful and sort of jammy, a nice track to introduce someone to ambient music. 2 is a nice post-rockbient intro, but fails because it builds up to nothing - it is inspiring though. 3 starts in tychocore and evolves into really nice kinda jammy ambient pads. 4 is very similar to 3, and 5 is the first weak track here, sounds ominous but boring and morphs into not much at all. It is nice to see that each track has a nice development to it and isn't just a loop or a pad repeated over three minutes. The second half has both stronger and weaker tracks, with 6 being much darker and more interesting, 7 being nice genericbient despite the bleep bloops early on in the track. 8 is dark ambient plus field recording, sadly the two layers feel completely discordant with each other and out of place. 9 is a nice disruption with very noisy field recording textures, but has a bit too much going on to be a top tier noise track. 10 is maybe the best track here with nice and eerie dark ambient quickly turning into deathprodesque drone sprinkled with Tim Hecker, very nice. The closer is nice in a vacuum with simple but nice droney stuff, but it doesn't work as an album conclusion, falling flat on a fade out. This is ok, but it's really not a grand album. 3.45
Svarte Greiner Penpals Forever
Quality drone, but not one for the history books. This one is much more bare bones than the previous album, consisting for the most part in a dark ambient texture and scarce random sounds that are rare enough to create an atmosphere without ruining it. Because it is simpler, this one is maybe less interesting than Knive, but it just succeeds better at what it does. It is very nicely done drone that I enjoyed listening to, but it's really never hooking, mesmerising or mindblowing and felt like a solid upper average 3.6 or something for most of it. 1 is a dark and intriguing album intro, a simple and jammy track that feels like it is just the right length. 2 is a bit softer and I like it but is even less marking, but the rain sample towards the end creates a nice build up. 3 is the soundtrack to dying in your sleep and brings the quality back up with a nice, slow descent in an increasingly low ended bass abyss of sounds. It hits more than track 2, not because there are more textures, but because they feel denser and richer, more nuanced, more evocative, more evolving and shifting. 4 continues this intensity into a nice buildup, bumping this temporarily to a nice 3.7, before coming back down. Track 5 (side B-3) really is the mistake here that brings the album down a severe notch. The track feels a flatter and in excess, it is mostly just wind and lacks the depth and richness of 3-4's textures. I wish the album had ended on the build up of 4 and not let a protracted downward curve let its energy go quietly. I do like the noise washout ending though, but that just was not the place to have it. 3.45
Svarte Greiner Man Bird Dress
Nice sound/noise collage over dark ambient, but the second track brings it down a fair bit. I usually don't dig this genre too muc, but 1 executes it very nicely. 2 not so much and feels like a drag. Thankfully 3 is nice especially at the end, and is quite shorter, so this still remains in 3.5 territory. But it's just nice, never mindblowingly good at any point, so 3.3
Svarte Greiner Twin
This is nice, ominous, textbook drone. For once he doesn't play with too many textures going all over the place, and as a result the record is very atmospheric and nicely consistent. It is simple, not hugely memorable, but well executed. 1 is a bit religious sounding which is cool, and decays out nicely at the end of the track. Could be an EP of its own really, and I was worried 2 would feel too long. But it is sufficiently different and grabbing for it to not be the case. The midtrack is especially nice. The second half does feel a bit less interesting and too long, but the actual conclusion is very nice and brings right back up to a textbook 3.5
Svarte Greiner Black Tie
The first track failed to have much of an impact on me. It starts off with distant, ominous percussive sounds and organic strings-based dark ambient. It gets more abrasive come min 4 and in other places, in the middle of the second half eg, and these bits are really cool. Unfortunately between them not much is happening and I didn't find the atmosphere very impactful at all - the way the track dies in just vaguely tense ambient with not much to it is a good example. Track 2 on the other hand is a fantastic, slowly rising dark ambient jam that is just nicely executed. Overall 3.45
Svarte Greiner Depardieu
I haven't quite followed the chronological order here but funnily enough this is one of the pieces enjoyed most in his whole discog. A two tracker made of sound collages of some random percussions, field recordings and noises that works surprisingly well for its style. 1 is very tasty and crispy with a lot of compressed noises. 2 works a bit less imo but continues in the same style, and I appreciate hydrophone textures always. I also really dug the very last few seconds that go quite noisy, so 3.4
Svarte Greiner Raggsokk
Again, he succeeds better in the shorter EPs. 1 reminds a lot of the vibes on Knife, which makes sense since this is a B side of it or whatever. The track is nice but I wish it were longer. It feels a bit pointless being this short. 2 is very similar but adds some weird La Monte Young-esque vocals that I really liked here, but again it feels a bit short. Quality wise this is great, but because it is 5 minutes long it's not much of an EP really. 3.5
Svarte Greiner Drunk, Road, Tree
One of the best instances of him executing his general style of minimalistic drone + a bit of gritty samples here and there. 1 is really just regular SG material but really works nicely and is sweetly aggressive. 2 is fantastic at crafting an oppressive and suffocative atmosphere, kinda jammy really. 3 is more deranged and noisy, it feels perhaps not as nice and a bit too messy but it's still cool. This feels like my favourite record in his discog and the only one I'm likely to come back to in its entirety. 3.5
sway (CA) Winter Heart
Track 1 got me really pumped and proves that he is able to make jams while shifting his style a bit. For here the vox are much more prominent and highly mixed, and the vibe is generally less ambient and more dream poppy. So yeah 1 is a jam, but after that the more distorted 2 and the erratic 3 feel like they really don't work as much. 2 has an awful electronica midtrack which just is not successful, don't know what happened there. 4 is fine but it is too short. In fact all three last tracks are too short, breaking the little atmosphere they managed to create. But given that 1 is a jam this still gets a 3.3
The Brwry The BRWRY LP
Nice sput made idk, blackened crust punk? Very solid comps with lots and lots of dynamics. Prod is mostly good but has issues in places which breaks the deal a bit for me. Vocals are not my style quite but it's not a matter of technique - just taste. Lots of jammy sections. Great variety of influences with bits of black metal, deathcore somewhat, stuff like that. I had fun spinning this! 3.45
The Crinn Shadowbreather
Great instrumentals - albeit with some wanker solo bits - ruined by a constant barrage of bad vocals. They never stop and are just generic metalcore. If you look at bands like Death, Converge, TDEP etc, the vocals are impactful because of the voice but also because they pause, have dynamics etc. They don't just scream constantly, whereas here at least twice per song the singer(s?) go AAAAAAAAAAA and absolutely never shut up. Opener is a great jam though, and the second track has some tasty sludgey riffs too. 3.3
The Day Midnight Parade
Again an excellent start of the album, but they seem to struggle to keep the interest up for the whole length. 6 and 7 display a light, jolly kind of instrumentation which could be nice, but the tracks just feel like they mass remarkably despite 7's sweet guitars and choruses here and there. 9 is a sweet but long ambienty track that didn't really mark me much at all, and pretty much every other track in the album's second half is either an interlude or not super grasping. But the first half is fantastic. 1 is super pretty (could have used being a linute or two shorter though), 2 is nice generic dream pop for the road etc, 3 is a bit synth poppier and is quite fun. 4's an itnerlude, and 5 shows that this is definitely poppier and synthier than their debut, and is quite a sweet fun jam (nice bass, nice catchy chorus, sweet textures). 3.7
The Day Strangers With Familiar Faces
Post-rock infused indie pop which starts incredibly pretty but goes more generic along the way. 1 is lovely, and 2 is a stellar jam with a gorgeous emotional track. After that, 3-6 pack nowhere near the same punch, going back to more conventional emotional pop songs, to a point where 6 is a simple acoustic guitar ballad. But man 2 is beautiful. 3.6
The Dillinger Escape Plan Under the Running Board
This is super cool and announces the monumental Calculating Infinity. Must have been
considered an extremely promising EP at the time. It is very short though, which does not
leave it enough time for buildups or changes of tone, and feels a little bit random - but
not in a good way. Still very solid songs when looking for the earlier TDEP sound. 3.7
The Haxan Cloak The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water
Man I thought this was going to be great, but the middle part really let me down. The intro is gorgeous, vocal ambient drone that very slowly builds up until a nice drum patterns kicks in at a surprise. That first part belongs in 4.0 territory really. The album outro, a lush, reverb-drenched synthy descent is absolutely superb too and could well make it to that level as well - although the very finale was really not the place to have that noisy texture there. The middle of the album however, from the moment the choral drone starts being sidechained to the drums right until that synthy outro is really disappointing Haxan Cloak material, not unlike his first LP, that just really brings the record down a solid bunch. I'll re-listen to parts of this, but it only reaches an overall 3.5
The Jesus and Mary Chain Darklands
Nice post-punky vaguely shoegazy alt rock stuff. Impressive for 1987. I didn't dig the more atmospheric, slow paced tracks as much - although the closer is very nice -, and all my favourite are the more upbeat and catchy ones, namely 3,6, and 8 mainly. Very nice. 3.7
The Jezabels The Brink
With 1-2 I was confused as to why this has such a lower rating. They are both sublime
Jezabels jams. After that though, the record seems to loose its focus, hesitantly various
directions and not quite succeeding. The record has a more pop direction overall which I
enjoy. They go on 80's pop in places, definitely use more synths, and loose the post-rock
grandeur of their past material. It has a couple sublime bridges and bits n pieces but
overall the bulk of the album is pretty bland. The last two tracks pick it up though, but
nowhere near the level of 1-2. Can't say anything more precise bcs I deleted my notes like
an idiot, but this is definitely the first dip in quality in their discog. 3.7
The Jezabels Synthia
Yeah this one didn't click too much either. Again much poppier, with as the same suggests lots of synth pop bits. 1 has a lovely album intro but the bulk of the track feels a bit lackluster. 2 also has a cool intro and is a stronger track overall, with better integrated vocals and touches of baroque. 3 is also good and shows post-rocky touches, showing how diverse the album gets. 4's full on synth pop but I find the vocals don't really match it and the track is kinda eh. 5-6 are the album peak, two gorgeous tracks, and the latter taking a darker turn and showing the best instance of the synth pop turn the band took whilst retaining scarce post-rock touches. 7 has a cool bass but feels amateur for most of it, like a first act you'd see at a gig, and 8-9 kinda lost me tbh. 10 is a sweet ballad (which normally I wouldn't like so that's an achievement), but it is overstretched a little bit and feels excessively lengthy. Overall this is a good album, but it's not consistently living to the potential of 'synth pop Jezabels'. 3.6
The Jezabels The Man Is Dead
Nice dream pop/art pop that's quite nostalgic/National-esque at times.. Amazing that this was their debut given how nicely produced it is and how compositionally creative it can get. Impressively mature. 2-4 are a bit too art pop for me, they're not quite my cuppa, but I respect them, they're good tracks. The end of 3 is really nice. 5 is a jam, nice drumming and all, and 1 is not far behind it - don't know if it is a happy song or a sad song and I like that. 3.6
Toby Driver In the L..L..Library Loft
A really odd album. Toby Driver whining on some experimental-ish ambient-ish rock. Really liked the first track, tracks 2-3 are really forgettable, track 4 was ok. Meh - better jam some Kayo Dot, or another album of his. 3.4
Touche Amore Is Survived By
Your classic TA album. Also one of their weakest. It sounds a bit like they were not sure which direction to go with this, drumming-wise especially. The first track is just weird, and the album end (past track 8 one of the high points) is full of good ideas but does not execute them quite right. Still a great jam that I'll probably re-listen to. 3.7
Trespassers William Having
By far their best imo. They mostly (but far from completely) abandon the boringpop ballad style, and when the vocals agree to fit the style they work best. You end up with very nice, lush, post-rocky stuff with vocals that sounds great. 4-6 are in that style, followed by a ballad track but that works here because it brings variation instead of the whole album being like that. 8 continues that for a touch too long but then become a really nice track with beautiful desperation in the second half of the track, and the song displays the two sides of the coin I'm talking about here. Unfortunately the album end reverts back to their style I don't dig much for 9, 10, and the first half of the long closer, bringing the LP down a couple points for sure. The second half of 11 is full on ambient without vocals and it is very nice. I wish they had done the same for 2, where the intro sounds like a knob demo and is instrumentally very nice, but where I wish the vox weren't there. Still a nice track. 1 is one of their best, with lovely intro textures and nice processing of vocals which gives them some flavour. 3 is a typical track that should have no vox because they clearly are out of place. All in all I'm still not a fan of the band, but this is a much stronger album. 3.6
True Widow As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center
Stoner rock + shoegaze = double stoner. Great record to blaze with friends in a campervan in the desert somewhere. Not revolutionary but good rock songs to chill to. 3.7
Two People First Body
Good dream poppy melancholic album. The opener is an absolute jam and the first half of the record had me hooked, but the second half really drops in quality and I was frankly bored come the album closer. First half alone makes it worth a spin though. 3.6
Ulthar Cosmovore
Checked this out solely based on the awesome album art, but it was good. Great ideas with a cool mix of death, black metal, and some scarce psychedelic elements, but I found them poorly executed. The transitions are not seamless to say the least - you can see them thinking 'and now let's do a super bm-ey section' instead of having an organic transition. First two tracks are best with some good riffage, after that I kinda lost interest but still was a nice listen. 3.3
Vali Forlatt
This is nice neofolk, with strings (cello?) and sparse use of flutes that give it a nice 70's prog rock touch at times. It does have some great sections that charmed me more than these instrumental acoustic guitar neofolk albums usually do, but a lot of the album felt pretty bland too. Amusingly I got some hispanic/cuban vibes from some of the tracks including the opener. 3.5
Ved Buens Ende Those who Caress the Pale
Nice record that sits between a demo and an EP in terms of quality. Black metal background with different vocals and lots of prog touches. Props for having a nicely audible bass. Fave track is 5 by far - the proggiest and main instrumental one, a solid jam. Some of the clean vocals sound odd but they are varied and not overwhelming so it is fine. Looking forward to the LP. 3.4
VIM Waiting
This one emphasises more on lush, dreamy ambiences, and makes less catchy songs. While this works for some bands, here I find that their relatively simple compositional style was better suited to the style of their first EP. 2 is in this vein and is one of the strongest tracks. For the rest, the tracks feel all nice but just a bit flat you know? 3 is a clear example of that. This is with the exception of the last track, which makes this dreamier style work much better by adding darker flavours to the music. It overextends a little bit, but I'd say it is the other strong track on the EP. 3.6
Viva Belgrado Demo 2012
Really cool demo. Sadly the last two tracks bring it down a notch, and I am not a huge fan of the clean emo vocals in Spanish. The harsh vocals I quite liked. Post-rocky screamo, nothing super new but nicely down with simple and efficient melodies. Track 1-3 are jams of decreasing jamminess - 3 being just nice post rock. Looking forward to their full discog. 3.6
Viva Belgrado El Invierno
Solid EP too. With this one they sound like Spanish Envy. Harsh vocals have improved and the meh clean vocals are practically gone. The bookends are both jams, especially track 1. The other tracks drop significantly in quality especially track 3 which has a few blurps and relatively poor sections in it. Still a solip EP that packs a punch despite relatively simple riffage at times. 3.7
Wax Doctor The Spectrum / The Step
Heard the 2015 remaster, which makes this sound really crispy and sweet - not sure what the original is like. First track is really cool old school jungle/dnb with solid atmosphere and lots of variations. Excellent 3.9-4.0 track really. Second track is a bit weaker and more bare bones, focused on the drums and not much else, and while it works well it certainly isn't as compelling as the first track, bring this down a couple points. 3.7
Why Bonnie Nightgown
Lovely EP that shows a lot of promise. The breadth of genres displayed on such a short 5-tracker is impressive, and they're all well executed. The opener is a lovely sad kinda dreamy indie rock track, 2 is a super catchy dream pop track (much catchier than anything from their first EP), 3 is their most shoegazy track yet and is nicely peaceful, 4 takes an unexpected electronica turn that I love especially the processing of vox, and 5 is a cool sad album closer that sounds like it comes from an old magnetic tape that has seen a few too many winters. Lovely and I'll be watching their future output. 3.65
Windows Lost For Love
Really good little house EP but that fails in the last track. The first two are super fun and bouncy, and would have earned around a 3.75 probably. But the last track slows it down, takes away a bit of the fun for a different atmosphere, and I don't think it really works especially on a track this long. Were it three or four minutes it'd be a different story, but here this brings the EP down. 3.6
Windows Life Knocked Me
The highs are less high, but the lows are less low. I don't count the two remixes here. First track is the strongest with its nice house vibes over an interesting beat, yielding something Tycho would have liked to make. The early second track slows things down a bit and dips in energy at an imo inappropriate time. But at 3:30 it transitions very nicely into a different vibe entirely, very elegant and aerial, and I dug that a bunch too. 3.6
Winterfylleth The Threnody of Triumph
This is a good black metal album with lots of variations and nuances in atmospheres. The beginning in particular has more of an epic battle feeling than most modern BM records, although the feeling of winter, cold and bleak winds is still very much present. There are some really good ideas and elements with some folk instrumentations, a touch of male choir, etc. However the album is long and loses some of its energy and freshness along the way. An overall great but far from perfect record. 3.7
worms as blind as dirt worms as blind as dirt (2)
More cascading fragments goodness. 1 is a lovely jam made out of harsh noise muffled to an extensive degree, making it almost sound like a wind field recording before it dies out nicely into a wash of white noise. 2 is much more abrasive and I like that, but I feel like it doesn't work as well as the harsh noise tracks on the first s/t. Oh btw this is a second s/t album, the (2) is just there because sputnik wouldn't let me upload two albums with the same name 3.45
Y La Bamba Entre Los Dos
This isn't mind blowing, but it is short, sweet, and interesting, and people shouldn't sleep on it. 1 is a lovely, weird bouncy jam, quite unique and mixes sort of mariachi vintage and modern dreamy pop. 2 is also really nice, also weird, more on the folk side of things. Not quite a jam though. 3 is a bit less nice but at least offers interesting vox - that I'm not quite a fan of. 4 is a relatively forgettable Hispanic (don't know her exact origin so won't call out a specific country) folk, but it's short so fine. 5 is the second jam of the album, super bouncy and weird. 6 and 7 are a bit annoying. 7 less so but ending the album on a fade out is bad taste. Overall a fun record with jams I'll come back to. 3.45
Yeule Yeule
Dream pop vocals over weirdtronica. Quite nicely done and exciting start to her discog, but in a vacuum not an incredibly strong EP or anything. 1-2 are cool, 5 is the weakest. 3.3
Yeule pathos
Extremely pretty electronic softness that often reminds of a better version of Tycho (especially on the closer) and features a tonne of echoes and delays of a myriad of pretty little sounds highlighted by a sweet prod. Best example of that prod is on 4 with those sweet crispy plucked noises. 1 is a sweet fairy intro to the album and reflects its tone pretty well, and both 3 and the closer are lovely as well. 2 convinced me perhaps a touch less because it strays a little away from the overall feel of warmth and lushness the EP has to offer. Very sweet, man this is going to be a good discog. 3.65
Yndi Halda Under Summer
Even though I 5'd EEB I don't dislike the different direction these guys took. 'Helena' (especially the intro) and the opening track sound great. Track 2 and 4 not so much though, pretty forgettable. Overall this style fits them well too and the shift is not too stark, but this just does not match the quality of EEB. Seeing songs from the two albums live is night and day. They can do better. 3.7

3.0 good
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Autumn, Again
This one is a much more straightforward listen. It is shorter, the mix of genres is much simpler and most songs are dream pop, even the vox feel less processed and distantly reverberated. It also left often feels like one continuous stream and more like a compilation of separate, relatively generic songs. The goal is clearly to make you tap ya foot - the art says 'pop songs' quite fittingly' - and ventures less into psychedelia. This works on some songs, but not enough of them are jammy to compensate for the lost of the sheer 'interesting' factor. From 2 already you can tell this is a more straightforward album. 4 sounds like dream pop heard from a distance but is weak wth sounds way too aggressive for the record. 5 feels a bit like Porches with that weirdness that doesn't flow right and similar vox. The second half is much stronger, with 6 instantly claiming itself a poppier fun song even before the drums kick in, and when they do boy is it a jam. 7 feels Depeche Mode infuse and again shows the increased immediacy of this LP, 9 is a catchy song again albeit not as jammy as 6, but 11 often less energic a conclusion than this deserved. Overall a good effort but they did not quite manage the change of direction on all the tracks. 3.1
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life is Loss
As always with this band this is a fluctuating blend of various different genres and influences, but here the mix rarely works. 1 is interesting being constructed as a properly pop track with a semi anthemic chorus and all whilst remaining quite noisy, 3 is nicely weird starting off as dissonant rock and going off a tangent with a wall of organs etc, worth a check, 4 is nicely dreamingly psychedelic and 5 is the peak of the EP with a lovely dreamy jam with incredible surf vibes that makes you want to light it up. So this might stay in my library just for that, but after that 6 is meh, 7 is actually annoying, 8 starts off quite meh but takes a cool electronica turn around the 2:30 mark, and 9 is only relatively nice noise pop. Oh and 2 was weak too. So overall 2.75
A Swarm of the Sun Zenith
This is better than Zenith - which is surprising because it came beforehand. It is also a pretty generic post-rock release. The first half is a lot more interesting and diverse, whilst the second half really drops dramatically in quality and becomes frankly dull. I feared the end of 'I Fear the End' would never come. Still, this album has quite a few ok moments and some that are actually good. 3.2
Anacrusis Reason
This makes me hopeful for the rest of their discog. The annoying squeals and stupid vocals are generally far more scarce (except on track 1 which is just godawful), and there were tracks that genuinely caught my ear (3, 5-7's first half). This is good thrash but just with too many bad elements and too annoying an opener to be a favourite of mine. If I really like their next albums I might re-listen to this to give it a fair chance, but for now it's a 3.1
Anacrusis Manic Impressions
This one feels superior to Reason only owing to the last four tracks. The rest was honestly a disappoint, and did not feel to me like an improvement over Reason - almost less good actually. The 'progressive' elements don't really make the music any better for me - quite the opposite. Even when nice thrash riffing does pop up, it's always ruined by wankery guitars or annoying squeals, an example being 3. Honestly by track 6 I was going to rate this sub 3. Track 7 and the first half of 8 are however quite nice, and show signs of the massive improvement 9 and 10 will be (bar a few questionable vocals on 10), those two being the first Anacrusis track I genuinely kinda liked, especially 10. Not quite jams though. The very closing of the album is kinda weird. 3.2
Arias Estrellas de Madera
Ok math-rock with lots of electronica sounds in it, but not much more. The electronic sounds are a touch original but are not often well utilized, for instance in track 4 where they don't really work. Tracks 1-3 are nice and 8 is a jam at least in part. 6 is not too great but is kinda interesting with a middle section sounding like a mix of math-rock and downtempo vaguely abstract hip hop stuff. Overall an ok album that I will not remember all that much. 2.9
Armistice Armistice
The 5.0 review and mariachi-esque instrumental on track 1 got me excited about this, on top of Beatrice Martin's voice. But in the end the godawful naive 'gnangnan' feel this album oozes completely overshadows its qualities. The duo vocal style is particularly cheesy. The instrumentals remain quite interesting through the EP though which still makes this worth a spin. 3.0
Ataraxie Slow Transcending Agony
Great vocals, but I really was not convinced by the instrumentals. Granted funeral doom isn't particularly my thing, but this felt gimmicky and simplistic in a lot of places - although there were a few tasty riffs here and there. Not much I'll remember except DUUUUM DUUUUM BADUUUM UUUUUURHHHH. Meh, 3.0
Banks Goddess
This just barely makes it to 3.0 range because it stays consistently ok despite a relatively long runtime. The only true jam is Waiting Game, but some other tracks (7,8,10) are kinda fun and jammy. The opener is also nice. For the most part, the rest of the album is ok but just plain unmemorable - however, there are few tracks that are actually annoying or bad (2,4,9). This does not have much interest beyond the jammy tracks that were on the EPs, but it's not terrible by any means. 2.8
Bedroom (TN) Grow
Nice little indie/lo-fi record on the depressed slowcore side of things. Nothing too crazy.
Belong Colorloss Record
Nice drone. Not as noisy as the debut. This one relies a whole lot on vocal samples, which form a near constant layer underneath the drone/ambient textures. It's not particularly well done tbh, Grouper was doing it much better at the time tbh. I think the fact that the vocals hardly ever stop doesn't help. Te first three tracks aren't really noteworthy but the closer is kinda nice and bumps it into 3.0 territory. The short length feels surprisingly ok. 2.8
Black Thread the earth is a failed illusion
This is two very nice noisy drone textures. But clocking a grand total of what 7 minutes of music heard elsewhere, I can't decently call this a great EP really. 2.9
Black Thread Seeping Pitch
Side A is one of his best and very evocative, was going to put this in 3.5 territory, but side B is one of his weakest although it does improve near the end, and brings this way down to a 2.9
Black Thread Rippling peacock ashes
Two sets of Amulets-y distorted tape textures. Simple, but works quite nicely. Side A feels
like it's a tad better than B. 3.2
Black Thread Pinkfire
This is a series of four, maybe five different tape textures with varying degree of grittiness (the last ones having more wobble, grittiness and tape destruction than the lusher first couple). There isn't much continuity at all, and none of the textures are particularly marking, although they're all nice in their own right. A sweet background drone record, but not a strong album per se. 3.15
Black Thread Meadowlark (Premonition)
So this one was a weird listen. For the most part, I thought this was overrated and I was feeling a bit disappointed. This is a single pad of ambient that evolves over 30min, and while it is very nice, lush and comforting, there is other stuff like this that I like more. Yet, come the end, I didn't really wanted it to end. It puts you in a certain headspace, and I wanted to stay there. So I guess this deserves a second listen, but for now I found it a bit flat and it gets a 3.2
Bomba Estereo Elegancia Tropical
The first half of this album is really cool, refreshing and fun. Beachy poppy noodly latino rock with a vast array of influences and electronic sounds - I would not know what to call the genre really. 'El Alma y El Cuerpo' is such a jam. Unfortunately past the fourth track the album has a stroke it seems and throws a series of dull or annoying tracks at you, drowning the good sections sprinkled here and there into a sea of disappointment. May re-listen to double checks which tracks to jam. 3.1
Britney Spears In the Zone
She keeps improving and delivers a solid album with a much more defined style. Said style is essentially a semi-sensual 00's RnB vibe built over a hook made out of an organic instrument - a guitar, strings, some sort of wind instrument. That describes most of the album, except the end which does falter a bit and contain the only two cheesy tracks of the whole thing: 10, which is fine really, and 12, which is a ballad but fits better here as an album closer than it did breaking the rhythm on her former LPs. 11 is an actually fun summer pool party music with a bit of rapping in places, simple but dancey. The album peaks on the huge 6 which is a huge jam of course, and is followed by 7 which is a nice urban 50cents-vibed track that is fun and dancey, which means that 8 and 9, while nice, feel like a downward curve. 8 is kinda synthy like 4, with some nice bits here and tehre and a China-evoking strings sample, while 9 has a bit of a slow reggaeton beat to it? 1-5 on the other hand are all very consistent albeit almost never jammy, and demonstrate the aforementioned style without exception. 1's a fun track but I feel like hte melody is recycled from a Madonna track at times. 2 evokes Madonna too. 3 is almost jammy and is packed with cool ideas, 4's mildly fun and catchy, and 5 varying up the organic textures a bit with some wind instrument. A solid pop record and one I feel might end up being my favourite Britney LP. 3.2
Burial Claustro/State Forest
Meeeeh. Track 1 is in classic Burial style and got me hopeful for the first 10 seconds, except it
is done poorly and never reaches the subtlety of the Untrue days primarily owing to overwhelming
and annoying vocals repeated way too many times. 2.2 range. Track 2 on the other hand is a
wonderful electronic ambient track that I'll definitely re-listen to in the 4 rating range. So
overall I guess this is a 3.2
Calibre Shelflife Vol. 2
This seems quite overhyped here. It is good Calibre-style DnB for sure, and the fact that is not a boring listen despite its mammoth runtime and low variability shows its quality. However none but a couple of the tracks (e.g. 'Life') truly stand out, and this is more of a background album than anything really memorable. 3.0
Callisto Secret Youth
Cool prog/post-metal instrumentations with somewhat dark atmospheres. Unfortunately the over-prominent clean vocals bring the album in a direction that I do not like (a la Tesseract for instance, a bit too lyrical and singer-focused). Harsh vocals are quite great, but really sparse. There is a lot better out there. 3.1
Celer Canopy
Not sure what to think of this. It is very, very minimalistic dark ambient - to a point where it is probably boring. Yet despite having barely any...sound at all, it does create a strong atmosphere. What it would feel like to live in a basement at night for months. Surely not his best release, but an interesting one that I want to re-listen to. 3.2
Celer Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy
Very mild Celer record, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - but here it does not work because of the constant mood shifts and disruptions from odd choices in field recordings. The first two tracks are a very sleepy, sleeping concert type of ambient. Then the record disrupts that mood with a sample of people shouting, which wasn't the best decision if you ask me. Track 5 is a creepier, grand and slightly para-esque track, 6 is regular reverby ambient with field recordings, and at that point you feel like the record is more of a Celer sampler than a standalone full-on record. Track 8 brings back the para tones and felt strangely familiar - not sure if it is because it perhaps borrows from track 5 or other Celer records, there is a strong possibility I jammed this before and forgot to rate it lol. I guess at least that means the track is memorable. The bookends are jams, but the rest is pretty unmemorable, and since the album is also poorly constructed it only gets a 2.8
Chico Buarque Construção
I certainly do not get how this is his most revered album on here. I may have been tilted by the first track which I found frankly horrendous, but most of this album is ok zzz. The second track is also annoying, but more mildly. 4 is a good summary of the album, beginning as an interesting and fun track - Brazilian James Bond soundtrack - but turning annoying after a few minutes. Some of the tracks (3,7) are kinda nice but were ruined for me because they have funny sounds that I associate to Les 12 Travaux d'Asterix. It has some jams (the last two tracks and 5), but it's really not his best as most songs are merely ok to boringly fine. 3.1
clipping. Midcity
Bad listening conditions and got interrupted but essentially this feels a lot like their first EP where a lot of the sections are a super cool blend of noise and rapping, a lot are borderline bore, and very few are bad. I love the album intro continuing the style of the EP but just better. 8 would be quite fat at a gig, and 12 works really well. On 13 they show their most accessible track yet, and honestly I missed the experimentation. It's not their strongest track. On 4 I didn't like the guest vox (but I did on 6), and 5-6 are examples of tracks that don't really work. At the risk of sounding like a complete pretensious arse I actually liked most of the closer track, reminded me of the early works by Steve Reich. 3.2
clipping. Chain/Jump
Track 3 is a jam and one of my favourite clipping tracks so far in this discog run. It is perhaps more immediate and less experimental but not entirely give up the noise textures. Track 1 has some cool parts but is a bit more erratic, and the a cappella versions break the rhythm and just feel pointless. I'll come back to track 3 but that's it. 2.8
Cloakroom Infinity
This has pretty cool instrumentals. It starts off sounding like it will be yet another post-rockish emo type of sound, but quickly into the album stoner rock guitars kick in, adding much welcome flavour to the music and making the album quite unique, interesting and worthwile. That stoner sound is most obvious on the last track. However mixing genres in innovative ways does not do everything, and some instrumental parts are weaker than others. The weakest element of the album end up being the vocals in my opinion. They sometimes sound like a sad cartoon bear complaining about being hungryr3.2
Converge Beautiful Ruin
These are the kind of Converge songs I love hearing live but will never listen to otherwise. 3.2
Crypt Master Reign of Decay
Nice creepy drone find garas! Some lovely textures on there, especially on 1, 3 and 6. I
wish the trebles were used a little more, some noisy textures would be lovely over the
horror inducing, low ended synthy chilling pads. 3.15
Current 93 All the Pretty Little Horses
This is great when it sounds like music. Swans gone folk, or Mantle Agalloch gone so depressed they lost the energy to make metal. The problem is, this record often sounds like a guy narrating over background music instead of performing vocals for the music. This ruined the record for me, as I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack to some wicked Disney movie instead of the awesome neo-folk album this should have been. 3.1
Defeater Defeater
First half is frankly boring. I don't know if it is due to the odd prod and mixing on the vocals
or if he genuinely does not sing as passionately but singer almost sounds bored himself. The
second half is a lot better and has all the tracks that grabbed my attention (All Roads,
Dealer/Debtor, No Guilt, No Man Born Evil). I might re-listen to those once or twice but that's
about it. 3.1 @dedex wheeee that track selection
Denzel Curry Imperial
This one got me really pumped in the beginning, but failed to convince me. The opener is merciless, and the verse is super jammy, but the chorus kinda sucks in comparison - an omen for what will follow. Track 2 is also a jam with an interesting prod, and again a chorus that kinda sucks. The run from 3-7 goes from ok to annoying (6 is kinda cool though). The prods are often good, but ruined by annoying choruses or back vocals, and Denzel's delivery instead of saving it all sometimes adds to the mess. Then the record calms down and 8-10 are much more relaxed and sort of jammy I guess? Get the record a couple extra points up to a 3.05
Departures Green Turns To Red, Then Turns To Gold
It's a good two-tracker that makes we want to listen to their full-lengths. On its own though it really is just two quite cool screamo/ post-hardcore songs in a complete vacuum, nothing too memorable. 2.8
Departures When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted
At times this sounds like Defeater and Pianos Become the Teeth had a baby that was about two thirds as good as it sounds. At other times this sounds like the -core stuff I was listening to ages 14-15, but a bit better. Overall this is an enjoyable hardcore record, but not much more. 3.2
Desired Timeless
A fun little future funk (?) record that has some good bounce but tends to push its own concept a little too far. A lot of the tracks just have a little too many quirky samples or just abuse the 'fun Japanese samples bouncy tracks sidechain kick snare' envelope - the closing track being an example of that, or also the Sonic samples on 5. By 6-7 the record starts to sound a little bit like a parody of itself. But when it knows to remain relatively subtle (if the word applies here), hell is it fun. 1 and 3 are jams in that vein, 2 is a bit weaker but is super fun too. 8 is quite disco and funky, and one of the strongest tracks too, along with 10 which again shows how good this can be if it knows to not go over the top. 11 is a simple but fun party track relying on heavy sidechain, too bad it extends for a little too long. Nice but I feel like there gotta be better records in the genre? 3.0
Desolate (DE) The Invisible Insurrection
Sweet but a bit forgettable. This has roots in ambient, lounge, downtempo etc, with touches of Burial and Djrum but not in the same style as them. He uses organic instruments like strings and piano a fair bit too. 5 is a very pretty and relaxed jam, and 10 is the jam from the Heroic Death EP - the only track he took from that EP so good taste there. 1 is kinda cool and has a different vibe to the rest of the album with some dark, creepy undertones, but transitions well into the much lusher 2 - still nice. The rest is pretty, but also not super marking. 3.2
Destruction Bestial Invasion of Hell
Look this is perhaps not much I'll come back to, but it is a cool demo that makes me think this is going to be a fun thrash discog. Only a few wankery bits here and there, and most tracks are catchy and moshy as fk. 3 is a bit weaker and slower in the intro, but catches up alright. 2 and 4 are probably my fav tracks. The production is not the worst I've seen and makes it all nice and crunchy, and vox aren't too wankery, tbh I grew to quite dig them from 2 onwards. There are some really meh bits like the conclusions of 4-5, and 6 is a bit on the wankerier side of things, but hey this is a demo I'll forgive that. Don't disappoint me on your LPs guys please. 3.0
Destruction Infernal Overkill
Not awfully bad, but man I still can't get into thrash metal classics. Nearly every track bar the instrumental 6 (mindless but with some cool sections) has a wankery solo in it, which is a shame. Thankfully they're generally not too long. Vocals are generally quite good. The good riffage is quite scarce and the songs feel more speedy than they feel brutal really. 5 despite a meh intro is the strongest track here and could be a jam if it weren't for the midtrack solo which warrants the record a point. The prod gets quite bad in places eg on 2, and overall this record just feels like it is hesitant to be a more brutal and aggressive early death metal album but doesn't quite manage to be a fun thrash metal either, the songs except 5 just feel like they like fluff and substance. Far, far from being the worst thrash I've heard though - there is hope. 2.8
Destruction Eternal Devastation
The highs on this go higher than on the debut, and it feels generally stronger, yet I can't bring myself to rate it any higher. This just isn't a good album and I won't come back to it. The prod is not incredibly polished, and while it isn't a great surprise at first, it gives some guitars a bm-ey quality which can be quite nice. 1-2 gave me a lot of hope. The riffage is nice, the solo on 1 actually works well (2's is wankery), 1 especially feels darker and just thrasher than their debut. But the vox kinda break it with intermittent little girl squeals or just annoying vox, and this will apply to the record as a whole. Still those first two tracks are fine, but then 3 comes with a godawful intro followed by two minutes of what can only be summarised as a clumsy track. The middle third is a bit better, and the last third is quite catchy but still overall eh. 4 temporarily pounds nicely midtrack but the bad vox, terrible intro and headachy end just ruin the track, 5 is simply boring, 6 offers some actually nice speedy thrash after a boring intro, and 7 starts with an odd standout interlude that could have been a nice album conclusion but instead precedes a mildly boring track. Meh. 2.8
Destruction Cracked Brain
1-3 got me pumped, nice thrash with good riffage and very few annoying bits. Thought they had evolved from their prior flaws, but unfortunately not quite. Each ensuing track displays either annoying vocals, boring riffs, or wankery solos which ruin it. On 8 the speedy bits are kinda fun, and some riffage can still be found e.g. at the album conclusion, but yeah I'm still not a Destruction fan by any means. Soz park 2.8
Devastation Signs of Life
This improves enormously on their debut - it sounds like a different band -, but it still isn't a super strong album. The singer woke up, and the prod is much better but far from perfect, with the bass still being a touch weird and the overall sound feeling quite muddy in places. 1 is nice and brutal, probably partly owing to the surprise effect compared to the previous album. The run from 2-5 progressively lost me, the good riffing being too occasional compared to other bands. The album lacks dynamics and feels like a constant stream of the same riff over relentless kick drum pounding. The breakdown mid 5 brings a welcome pause but really isn't all that great. 6-8 improves massively, 6 being a jam, with much better riffage and super cool sections. 8 is a rollercoaster of quality and has some of the album best bits but also boring sections. 9 is meh again, and the album has no finale at all - it just abruptly stops. Eh, may come back to a couple tracks but that's all. 3.15
Devictus This Is Not Forever
Nice soft and mellow sput-made ambient. I liked the intro with the voice sample and field recordings, but I did feel like the voice samples in the middle of the record broke the rhythm and atmosphere a little bit. A caveat is I did not listen do this on my usual headphones so can't really speak fairly about the prod, but it sounded good to me except perhaps a slightly mushy lower half of the spectrum at times - again maybe was just my headphones. Wish the transitions were a little more seamless to create one coherent cozy atmosphere, but the individual tracks sound great. 3.0
Drake So Far Gone EP
Up to the last two tracks I thought this was overrated. The tracks are very erratic and patchworky with multiple vocalists and vocal styles - 3 being a good example. The record feels best when Drake doesn't really on guests and raps himself tbh. 1 is a cheesy but nicely cloudy track that reminds of Craig David a bit. With 2 you can see the potential of ethereal RnB + bits of rap atop but it just doesn't quite work here. The end of 3 is cool, and when Drake raps it's not too bad either, but the rest is a bit messy. The track sounds very 2000's in places funnily enough. 4 is dumb and annoying, the worst track here, owing to Lil Wayne and Bun Ba fair lot. 5 is pretty bad too, but when Drake raps its ok. Thankfully 6 and 7 are really cool, the former being kinda jamy and the latter a full jam. On 6 Drake displays his mature style already over a sweet subtle ambient prod. Shame that the track lacks variety very badly and feels way too long and overstretched. 7 has a REALLY cool prod, which at first doesn't feel like it matches Drake's style too well and could have been better even instrumentally, but has a cool chorus and quickly felt like a jam. Nice. Overall still a 2.9
Driftwood (BE) Only Fighters Left Behind
A perfect example of an album where one little element brings the whole thing down. To me here, it is the male vocals. There is just something about their whispery, falsely sensual delivery that I just dislike and that ruins every track they're in for me. The female vocals are sublime, so when there's both it's kind of ok. Instrumentally the album is sweet trip-hop flavoured indie pop with the occasional neoclassical strings or strings and piano based interlude. 2 and 7 are of the latter kind, both sweet pieces, and the closer is a nice ambient wintery track. 1 already shows what I don't like about the male vox, and I don't even get what it is doing there before the 'Prologue' track. Another example is 9 which gets ruined after a sweet intro. 3 on the other hand is a lovely piece with just the female vocals, and 5 shows the trip-hop flavours this album can display. Full of potential but I can't bring myself to rate this higher than 3.15
Dua Lipa Dua Lipa
The first half on this was honestly in 3.4 territory. If I had to get pumped on a road trip with people who can't stand anything else than mainstream pop it'd be a possible pick. No standout track really but no bad egg either, can all be jams in their own right. Then the second half from track 7 brings it all down with a series of mellow, romantic tracks that were really zzzzzzzz, with the clear and odd exception of track 10. Should've swapped 10 and 7 and ended the record there. 2.9
Dwig Big Tales
Inconsequential but nice downtempo house-ish stuff. First track is the nicest and has some interesting dark vibes to it; the rest is nice, but just nice. 3.1
Entro Senestre Rosegold
Fine but forgettable house/dub techno. First track is best and the reason why I checked this out, not a jam but close. Quite relaxing but also deep with some nostalgic chords repeated all over. 2 is the glitchy kind of dub techno I don't really like, but still chill. 3 is weird, vaguely Burial-esque but with an odd syncopated beat that does not quite work. 4 is the second best track here, reminding of Djrum's mountains, but again with a weird syncopation to the rhythm that breaks the atmosphere a bit. Won't come back to this except for 1 maybe. 2.9
Erik Satie Pièces Froides
Not his best piano works. Great ideas in almost every track, but almost none on par with the magic of some of his other pieces. The first act, 'Airs faire fuir' sounds almost classical at times. The second act is better in that perspective, but also slightly less emotion-inducing I found. Favourites were probably 'Modestement', 'Passer' and 'Encore'. 3.2
Fetid Steeping Corporeal Mess
Cute death metal album. Vocals are good, guttural and deep without being gimmicky, but the instrumentals feel a bit outdated and dorky. Nothing too bad but also not an evolution from 90's dm - of which there were better albums, you know, in the 90's. Intro to the closer stands out, with nice electronic synth textures that are a pleasant surprise before going back to dm as in the rest of the album. Closer is the best track in fact. 3.2
Frail Body those that left those that remain
OK skramz, but less impressive than IN PEACE. 1 is a bouncy groovy jam though. The rest of the album feels more generic. 2 is post-rocky and atmospheric, but the explosion is super convenue, and 3 and 4 are just generic (but ok) skamz. Eh. 3.1
Freeze Corleone F.D.T.
Cool and quite consistent, but feels all too samey and spreads its ideas too thin. Had it been 20min shorter it could be a banger. Almost every single song is in a minimalistic, dark style of rap/trap, but they get so similar that by 7-8 you're really wanting some more variety. He still does his usual gimmicks - ekip, petasse, reusing the same word 5 or 6 times as an end of line rhyme, etc etc - but it is generally alright. I dug 1, 3 is a jam with delivery evoking Orel, although the conclusion isn't too great, 4 is nicely hard hitting, 5 is quite boring but I like the slowed down, deconstructed conclusion. 6 is nice, and 7 is quite fat but overextends a bit. 8 is a nice destroyed drugged track, and 9 brings welcome variation with a nice bouncy instrumental making for a cool track. 10-12 stars to drag and really bring the album down, but the closer is quite nice. 3.2
Freeze Corleone X TheHashClique THC
Starts off strong, and has a few jams sprinkled all over, but has severe dips in quality on most tracks thereafter. Freeze experiments a bit with autotuned or even cloud rap here, and he does so very successfully. 3 is a fat jam, and 7 is a cloudy jam which sticks a bit out in the general dark, nocturnal urban vibe the album gives off. Tracks delivered in his usual style can also be quite strong, and the opener is solid, while 2 experiments with a sort of lo-fi prod on the vox which is nice for an intro but feels like it should stop at some point in the track yet doesn't. The closer is also a cool track, and the bulk of 9 is nice and fat, but the intro and outro are cringe. For the rest, every track suffers from a different subset of a lot of recurring flows: annoying repetitive hooks as intro and outro, excessively long outros, poor conclusions, gimmicky lyrics, bizarre vox processing in places, and instrumentals that often sound like they come from some beatmaking channel on youtube. Rarely annoying, but not great. But the jams still pull this up to a 3.15
Frohvahr Dungeon Ghosts
Very nicely produced sput-made dungeon synth. Great tones. The record feels like one long track and does not have a lot of variety to it - which impacted my rating a fair bit -, but it does create a strong, mysterious atmosphere while avoiding the video game OST/funny effect that would have been easy to fall into. Props man. 3.15
Gallery Six Bud Flush
I like pretty much everything this guy does - this however is not his best output.rIt is somewhat moving away from field recording and sounds a lot more like 'regular' ambient - and to me this makes it lose its flavour, because there just is better 'regular' ambient out there. The experimentation and addition of noisy bits especially on the closing track are laudable.
Gesaffelstein Conspiracy PT. II
This is what would play in the background of a generic underground nightclub bad drug trip scene in some TV show. It's ok, but not incredible - it sounds pretty quirky and gimmcky. Track 2 > 1 >> 3. 3.2
Giant Swan High Waisted
Pounding techno with lots and lots of distorted sonuds which is cool, but also lots of bleeps and bloops and generally weak leads. Some sections are jammy but don't last too long. It is generally foot tap-inducing material, but just not a great listen imo - although not unpleasant. It's sort of danceable but that's it. 3 is clearly the strongest track yet not a jam with a nice pounding hook, and 4 is the weakest with just a wall of bleeps and bloops. 2.9
Gramm Personal Rock
Impressive that this is (sort of) dub techno from 99 given the production value, but I found it quite bland overall and devoid of groove whilst also failing to be truly ambient. It's fine, but I don't think I'd come back to it. 1 starts off nice especially once the pads kick in at min 2. On those first two tracks it is especially noticeable that the high frequencies are very prominent and aggressive which hurts the lushness imo. The hats and the bleeps stand out way too much. The dub techno aspects on 2 are cool, but the pointless bleeps and bloops will be a recurring theme in the album. 3 is more of the same although the midtrack is quite nice bassy funky ambient in the vein of Turn to Gaia. 4 is simple but sweet and it first half doesn't have bleep bloops which is welcome, sadly they do come in in the second half which is much weaker. On 5 at 1:30 again there are really sweet synths, and a 2:35 the groove is quite fun, signs of greatness, but the record just lurks on the edge of its potential without really ever fully going into it and quickly defaults back to bleep bloops. I do like how subtle and muffle it is though, but it doesn't focus on that enough for it to work. 6-8 is just boring, and 8 especially feels unnecessary - 7 was an ok end. The ghost track is funky though, but yeah this is a 2.9
Grouper Grid of Points
Like Ruins, heavily keys-based. Same frustration as with most of her short EPs - this is too short, and the mood barely has time to settle that it already ends. More so than the length of the record, it's the length of the individual tracks that hurts. The material is nice but not grasping enough to make up for that. 2.9
Grouper Water People
These are two very pretty songs. The problem is that the reason why I enjoy Grouper's music so much - because it sets moods and ambiances so powerfully- does not function well in a 10 minute two-tracker format. I wanted the record to continue and be the beginning of an album, instead of being an isolated island of music with no context and no conclusion. Still great sounding music, though.
Grouper He Knows He Knows He Knows
This is ok - middle track is the most interesting one with cool textures - but again Grouper does not work well on short formats and this feels more like a practice draft than a formal record. 2.8
Grouper and Roy Montgomery Split
This is ok, but really not all that great. Montgomery's side is nice an interesting, but reminds more of the opening act for some cool gig (like GYBE) than a strong enough headliner act. Grouper's side is really not her best material, although I do appreciate the scarce noisy touches, and the best thing about this split is how well it works as a single album as opposed to two sides that clearly sound like they come from different records, and how seamless the transition is. 3.0
Gustav Mahler Das Lied von der Erde
1-2 have to be commended for making me like an opera for solo male voice in German. 1 is quite bleak although it gets romantic by the end, and bar a few weird notes it's really nice. 2 is also really nice. 3 goes all naive and 'champetre', goes a bit Disney-esque almost, and although it is cute by the end I was a bit bored. The rest of the piece mostly oscillates between those naive zzz bits and some nicer, darker bits that often don't last very long. The mammoth 31min last movement puts the last nail in the coffin and, although never truly bad (only track 4 is actually annoying in places), it just lost me completely and brings the piece down a point. Sorry Gustav. 3.2
Hainbach Songs for Coco
I've got tonnes of respect for Hainbach's content, both musical and video. For the most part this
record feels like ok but quite bleep bloopey ambient drone. I don't quite like the 100% L/R
panning on a lot of the tracks, feels like the stereo space should have been explored less
simplistically. Although it sounds good, its bloopiness puts a dent in the atmosphere it creates,
and it mostly lies in 2.8-3.0 territory. Two stand out tracks and jams however in 4 and 6,
especially 4, where the music beautifully breaks up to creat noisy, gritty textures that I love,
bring it up a notch or two. Impressive stylistic exercise considering this is all made with the
Cocoquantus. 3.15
Hajduk Кръв
Good bm but nothing mindblowing [2]rI like the raw prod but the EP really sounds like what I was jamming based on random Metal Archives pages back in the days where I hardly knew what black metal was and had only heard stuff like Lustre and Mirkwood. Track 2 is kinda nice though with sweet riffage a la Drudkh, and I can see their potential. 3.0
Hana Hana
This isn't jaw-dropping, but it's a sweet promising debut that makes me want to check out her subsequent LP. Her vox is really nice and is the overarching element of the album, the background music changing exploring different electronica directions - varying lever of poppiness. 1 is quite light summery dream pop, and I kinda wish it either went full way summer pop, or remained darker and more subtle, instead of remaining in a grey zone. 2's a bit dull, weakest track here. 3 is nice but had potential it didn't live up to, still with nice vox of course. 4 and 5 are quite cool and interesting (4 being some sort of dub house track I guess), and would be the reason why I'd ever come back to this. 3.2
Harm Done Hammer Tape '15
First track sounds a bit bmey mixed with upbeat and fast riff changes from hxc which is cool, the rest is fine but this is just too short to rate much higher than a 3.0
Harm Done Harm Done
Some tracks are cool (first half of 3, 7), but they're all so short and the album (EP?) itself is so short that it literally never has tome to make a lasting impression, especially since their sound, while cool and fun, is not hugely recognisable vs. other hxc thingies. 3.1
Harrison BDP ARS001
1 is a really chill, bass led, nearly voxless house track and is quite atmospheric and nice. 2 strips away more of the house elements and drags for a bit too long, with some gimmicky elements like the wobble around min 5. Brought this down a few points. Remix doesn't count in my rating but it's merely alright at first then unfolds weirdly. 3.15
Hatchie Sugar and Spice
I liked the first track a fair bit, nice Aussie dreamy pop. However every track after that gets
less and less good, turning more into pop of the annoying kind while retaining fewer dream pop
elements. I'm not that excited about her LP now. The closer is a frank 2.6 and the overall album
is a 3.1
Also that album cover is so cringy
Helen The Original Faces
The first third sounds like dream pop that would fit right in at the end of a Black Mirror episode, the second third sounds like slightly noisier shoegaze, and the last third sounds like an amateur band tried to replicate the latter two in a garage. Not bad, but really not memorable at all for me and no jam to retain. 3.0
HLLW Bølge
This isn't particularly groundbreaking or memorable, but it reaffirms MORK as a dub techno label you should keep an eye out for. Quality little EP that never sounds quite amazing, but is also consistently good. 2-3 are a little bouncier than the dreamy 1, and 3 feels slightly superior and a bit like a jam. Unfortunately, 4 is a bit weaker with an awkward beat and general lack of energy, thankfully it is the shortest track here but it takes the record down the couple points 3 had earned it. 3.0
I Hate Models Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown
Failed potential, especially on track 1 and 2, but worth checking out. The songs are too long, poorly constructed, and often have gimmicky bits that break them. Album intro is pounding and would be nice in club but isn't so nice to listen to. At min 3 we get some touches of the epic synths that made Warehouse Memories EP so glorious, and the track honestly had the potential to match that EP in quality as it displays sublime moments if it weren't for the excessive length and gimmicky bits. 2 again is kinda cool and pounding, but the gimmicky vocals and 808's break it again. I wish he stuck to his darker style, could've been a hell of a track. Wanted it to end by min 7. 3 is more subtle and atmospheric, the most consistent track here. It looses its quality around min 4, but at min 6 we get a nice synthy transition into more psychedelic dub techno that makes for a nice finale, and the track brings the album up a couple points. I don't take the vinyl only track into account for my rating here, and thank goodness because it is annoying as fuck. 3.2
Internazionale The Opaline Dancer
I like the title, but yeah I can't find anything as interesting as EftV in this guy's discog so far. This one almost sounds like dungeon synth at times, like on track 1 or 2 and in the middle of the album, but it's not the best I've seen and apart from that it struggles to set a mood. 3.0
Internazionale Sisters Of Ambrosia
This is ok drone, but I find it a bit flat without entertaining enough textures to maintain full interest all the way through. Mostly noisy textures with very few smooth or organic elements. I don't think it would stand its own on focused listen, but on background listen it's ok. 3.1
Internazionale Protection Glass
Mah, this is fine but nothing to retain really. End of track 1 is the best bit, track 2 is cool, first track of track 1 warrants the same comments as Armour of Stars. Sweet drone but not quite memorable. 3.0
Internazionale The Pale and the Colourful
4 is a nice track and quite a jammy one for the matter, but apart from that this is eh
ambient/drone/synth stuff. It is too bleep bloopey to my taste to really set an atmosphere,
yet not melodic enough to entertain without a texture focus. It is quite synthy in parts,
e.g. on the closer, and often sounds like B-sides of the Stranger Things OST, in a bad way.
It's fine but eh. 2.9
jofi Lafcádio
Sput-made ambient with an increasingly organic instrumental sound and decreasing electronicness to it. Album has nice textures throughout, but the second half feels more complete due to richer composition and shift in instrumentation than the first one. So track 3, 4, 5 are faves here. 3.1
Julia Brown Library B/W I wanna be a witch
This is really short and I kind of wonder why it exists tbh. It sounds like songs taken from LP1 but with much, much cleaner prod, which takes away a lot of the charm imo. On 1-2 the vocals stand out far too much, and it shows that they're not all that good. Sounded much better when buried deep inside a wall of bad prod. On 3 it those work though, as the song is much lusher and boasts a backing vocalist which makes the scarce vox sound a lot better. Kinda jammy but it is very short sadly. This is nice but feels kinda pointless. 2.9
Jun Fukamachi Starview HCT-5808
I absolutely loved the quirky and cute album intro on this, but after that it felt like a long series of good synthy jazz fusion-ish stuff sprinkled over a sea of just weird bleeps and bloops which I wasn't a fan of. Min 7 feels like the album finally starting with cool drumming, a synth build up and an actual melody. It sounds a bit like a futurustic Sci-fi Mario Partyesque version of Tigran Hamasyan there for a minute. Min 9 has some fun Pink Floydesque vintage synthy stuff. Min 18 is fun. See how sparse it is? This is full of cool ideas but they just last for a minute or two and then it goes back to semi-uneventful stuff. Min 22 has a lovely droney sound. 24 boasts some nice, simple piano, and 27 is a beautiful passage too . The distorted synths at min 36 are cool. Thankfully, the last 10 minutes of the album are consistently good and take us from a successful mix of synth and pianos to a fun guitar solo, to a bouncy funky groove etc etc. Wish the whole album was like that conclusion, which bumps it a point. 3.1
KAS:ST Cosmic Walkers
Good dark and industrial techno atmosphere, but really not much that is memorable to get this higher than a 3.0. It does have some good ideas and textures to bring it above the 2.5 bar, but probably won't re-listen to this.
keepsakes Puerile Politics
Gritty techno with good ideas but poor execution. 1 is ok but has a questionable beat and leads that aren't good enough to quite make up for it. It improves around 2:30 and I dig the The Prodigy vibe there; after that, the track pounds much harder, but the beat is still questionable in places. 2 is worse and just a weak track overall. 3 is quite good and funky but the execution is messy. Some tracks are jammy but the track feels like it doesn't quite know which direction to go into and thus changes all the time. Some section are still dancey and bouncy, bring the record up a solid notch, and I think at a club or something I might find it jammy. The remix on 4 is boring but I don't factor it into the rating. 3.05
Kelela Hallucinogen
Nice and pleasant R&B - but only nice and pleasant. People are complaining about her similarity rto FKA Twigs, but this record has a lot less weirdness and personality to it in my opinion, which rmakes it safe but also less interesting. 1-3 are a straight up 3.0, very nice but nothing rmemorable enough to be a jam. 4 is a touch more memorable, and 5-6 take it up another notch with ra touch more experimental sounds - 6 being a potential jam. This slightly better second half rbumps the record to a 3.1
Koffee Rapture
What one would imagine reggae in 2019 would sound like. Vague trap influences, very clean production. Track 1 is a jam, track 2 and 5 are ok, 4 is meh and 3 is just annoying. She has potential but the songwriting isn't quite there yet. At least it has cool vibes. 3.2
Les Discrets/Alcest Split
This is a pretty weird record, mostly made of tracks from other albums. Track 3 is probably the stupidest with a demo version of a previously released LD track. Breaks the cohesiveness of the record that was already tenuous owing to its split nature given the poor demo production of the track. Track 1 is as always for me with LD gorgeous instrumentally but yaawn vocally. Track 2 is actually my favourite from LD. Percees De Lumiere stands out and completely eclipses the rest of the record by miles and miles. Sole reason with track 2 why this is not less than a 2.0. Last track is ok but so cliche. A weird, completely incoherent record that I don't think should exist. 2.8
Lillet Blanc Casco Bay
Not super convinced by this one. The songs feel messy, heteroclite and inconsistent with a little bit too much going on at once and not enough stability to either build up an atmosphere or create hooking melodies. I also don't like the vox here as much, they fit mush better on the lush atmosphere of the s/t. 1 is still a jam with a lovely blend of surf rock and dream pop, which we find again on 5 but in a less good version. 6 is quite groovy but also dreamy, more in the vein of the s/t. 2 is lusher, 3 has a nice use of abrasive guitars but that just doesn't fit with the rest, and 4 features keys that sound really odd. All three tracks but especially the latter two show what I mean by the record being 'messy'. The first track is the only one I'd come back to, otherwise I'll take the s/t over this any day. 3.2
Loure Avenues
This is a nice jazzy house EP. The production is good but still sounds a little bit amateur in some places - you can almost see the loop running on FL studio with some piano sampler if you've had experience with that. Probably wouldn't be able to tell listening to this where it is meant to be listened to: on a beach, in the car, at a pool party. This is a feel good record and it does feel groovy and relaxing - that's all we ask from it. Last track stands a bit above the pack, third track is the weakest in my taste. 3.2
Lyna Lemon Haze
Sweet and diverse Belgian pop EP that shows promise but also lots of room for improvement. A recurring problem is that she seems to not put enough power or aggressiveness in her vox, resulting in it feeling a bit like she's trying too hard to be badass. This is mostly felt on some rapping sections, but also in sung sections on the closer. 1 is a cute, bouncy and bubbly pop track, probs the best here. Sounds a bit Ariana-esque, but it's not a copy by any means. It's way too short though. 2 creates a bad and awkward transition into annoying urban vibes with an annoying hook and vox that struggle to match the aggressive tone, although the second half is a touch better. 3 would have been a much nicer transition, also with urban vibes but with much more restraint and sweetness in the vox - remind me of Koffee. Kinda cool tbh, but again too short. 4 has a sweet intro, but once it kicks all in it's really not my cuppa. Once she sings and stops rapping it's actually kinda cool. 5 mixes 2000's RnB with some glitchy undertones and is an interesting kinda cool track. 6 is a slightly Banks-flavoured RnB, not bad, but not crazy good. Overall 2.9
Mamiffer Statu Nascendi
Meh. I really, really liked the first track, and the second track was ok too albeit nowhere near as good. I was still hopeful, but track 3 and 4 crushed those hopes in boredom. I don't know how to describe this: droney ambient post-rocky folk with female witchy vocals? Had lots of potential, but only fulfilled in the first track. 3.1
Marco Fusinato Spectral Arrows: Singapore
First track is great harsh noise, but towards the end you feel the traps it will fal into in the second track, as the wall of noise stops abruptly in I daresay a completely non musical way. Just sounds like your Internet connection is having trouble? And while in the first track it only occurs a couple times towards the end, the second track is almost entirely constructed around that. Plus there are a couple sections where the noise wall just isn't nice. Still a good listen for the most part though. 3.0
Marrasmieli Between Land And Sky
Cool bm with some slaying riffz, but also with some protracted material. Unlike some of the others here I find the folk/synth additions very fitting, as they make the otherwise quite hollow and pale prod feel a tad fuller and more powerful. In fact I find the album works best when those elements are mixed to the bm, whereas when they're not like on 3 the tracks feel weaker. 4 does make it work though thanks to fuller tones and textures, and quite fat midtrack riffage. 2 has some fun riffs too. In 6 the synthy elements do feel a bit contrived I agree, but the riff at min 7 slays hard. Sadly it is quite short, and the lengthy outro brought this right back down to a (sorry DDD) 3.2
Memoryhouse The Slideshow Effect
More folky pop, less dream. This can be especially noticed on 6, which despite the melody being nearly the same feels like a completely different track to the version on The Years. Right after that 7 is a jam and probably the dreamiest song on the record, 1 being kinda nice too. But apart from that this is pretty mild and bland I gotta say. 2.8
Memoryhouse Soft Hate
Nicer than their previous LP, but really not mindblowing. Feels more like poppy pop in lieu of folky indie dream pop at times. 3 and 7 are kinda jams, but the record often feels a little naive and innocent, like on 8 (although the end of the track is nice). It'd be quite nice to jam in the car with non musical friends maybe, but not much beyond that. 3.1
Mental Architects Celebrations
This little math-rock EP has some cool bouncy groovy moments. At other times it sounds very much like ASIWYFA, which isn't bad at all. The rest, most of the album, is simply 'ok'. Nothing incredible here but a nice listen still. 2.9
Misthyrming Algleymi
I quite disliked two thirds of this, but the last third is cool. I had a hard time with the vox, but that's not the only problem. 1-3 have cool intros, but the tracks develop into things I don't like too much, with gimmicky bits and solos, and by the end of 3 I was already bored. The album almost feels like (but doesn't sound like) power metal in places. 4 has a nice ambient feel, but then evolves melodically into boring power metal territory before ending on a fade out. 5 transitions awfully and 5-6 are just boring, although nicely hell-sounding. 6-8 are much better than the rest and show that the band can be successful with this style. The midtrack on 7 feels like cool black'n'roll. 8 is nice and melodic, quite rich, and has a cool album outro. If it were instrumental, it might be a jam. Overall this is maybe a 3.0
Moonchild Be Free
It has cool moments, but this is really not as groovy and cool as it could have been - probably owing to the somewhat slow tempos throughout the whole album. The album has dynamics, but those aren't all that great - 'Turn It Up' for example feels completely out of place and disrupts the album rather than bringing welcome variation in it. Vibes and energy are quickly lost and the album ends up being a pleasant but not that memorable background soul record. Has potential though, as some sections are really great and the vocals are of high quality. 3.2r
Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick
Not a fair comparison since I jammed them weeks and weeks apart, but did not impress me nearly as much as Altars did. Sounds gimmickier and more outdated. The middle of the album has some good old school death metal tracks, but the first few and last few tracks especially are kinda meh and really wankery at times. The notable exceptions are the two instrumentals, with 'Desolate Ways' being my fav track of the album. 3.0r
Night Flowers Glow in the Dark
Always nice, never marking, super short, and 2 feels a bit gnangnan. 3.15
Night Flowers Hey Love
1 is a pretty kinda jammy track, but 2-3 felt quite naive and not in a good way, although 3 does show some nice rock influences. By the looks of it 1 is the only one that made it to the LP so that's good I guess? Also means there isn't a reason for me to come back to this really unless the LP ends up being terrible. 3.05
Noname Room 25
This will require a re-listen before becoming a definitive statement, but the album fails to create as strong an atmosphere and mood as Telefone did. It is in the same style, there is an attempt for sure, but it just does not work. In a vacuum though this is still a pleasant little hip-hop EP with interesting instrumentals and vocal deliveries. 3.2
Nothing Tired of Tomorrow
I really like Nothing's sound. Pretty much any generic song by them sounds great to me, and that is exactly what happened on this album. It does have some scarce good moments, especially in the beginning, but after the first couple tracks it never caught my attention at any point even though it all sounds great. There are no catchy melodies, riffs, or vocals that stand out and make you want to stop for a second to listen closely. There are no bad moments either, and in general it is a very pleasant album, but for me it was quite a big step down from their previous opus. 3.4
Nthng 1996
First track is excellent - man at that point nthng was such a hot artist with that following Remember Us. It starts off with a darker, industrial, Henning Baer-esque beat, which is odd from nthng. But quickly, the dub synths come in place and somehow fit perfectly that darker beat. The first couple minutes are full of surprises in fact, with excellent additional hats added and vocal samples. The track unfolds well and is a cool jam. The third track has a cool groovy drum beat, but is far simpler and feels a bit bland and forgettable in comparison. The second track takes everything 1 and 3 do well, and does it badly. It attempts a groovy beat that just doesn't work and that characterises the kind of techno I usually skip; the additional drums sound completely out of place and the vocal samples do nothing to help. A poor track despite the usual dub synths. Definitely do jam the t/t on this, the rest isn't really worth it though imo. 3.2
Oiseaux-Tempete Oiseaux-Tempête
Feels like off-brand GY!BE at times. Not bad by any means, but didn't have very many high points for me. Good, not great.
Old Tower The Rise of the Specter
This is cute dungeon synth, but really nothing all that great. Maybe dungeon synth just isn't my thing. Might re-listen. 3.1
Oneohtrix Point Never Zones Without People
I mean this is cute but I have a hard time seeing beyond the dorky videogame OST textures, except maybe on the first track which I enjoyed a fair amount. There are no transitions whatsoever between tracks, and these complete blanks ruin the little album structure there even was in the first place. This sounds more like a compilation of synth improvs someone made in their bedroom than a real meaningful album. 3.1
Pallbearer Sorrow And Extinction
Yawn. Doom metal with a vague sludgy tone and vocals from the 80's. Mostly ok, but often gimmicky - especially the second half of the last track urgh. Best track was the 3rd one I guess, or maybe the first half of the last track, but even those I'm not really interested in re-listening. Did not get psychedelic vibes from this really. 3.0
Paysage d'Hiver Die Festung
Pretty inconsequential Pd'H synth ambient record with no bm whatsoever. Track 1 is the best and
probably 3.9 material as it creates a great atmosphere. Definite re-listen. The other tracks are
all a little bit quirky and bleep bloopey. They aren't bad but just really mwerf. Not memorable.
Not bad, but not good either except one track: a textbook 3.0
Paysage d'Hiver Kerker
Bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. The mix changes the one band frequency it lets through (yes) and shifts towards a muffled low end compared to the crisp aggressive treble-intense mix of previous records, particularly the direct predecessor to Kerker - the s/t. Vocals also shift down and move from piercing shrieks to guttural almost dm growls, which fit the mix better. The result of this is on the one hand, interesting dark ambient with a vague bm/dm undertone that expresses despair, darkness and isolation of industrial life, as opposed to the wide open white spaces of blizzardy winter the previous records evoked, and on the other hand, sounds like what a Pd'H gig would sound like if you were standing outside the venue down the street and could hear the basses from the gig from far away a little bit. Overall bit of a meh from me, but appreciable meh. 3.0
Pestilence The Penance
I like the intro track, but the three 'real' tracks were quite meh. 3 was my favourite beside the intro track because it has the most good riffage, but throughout the record the good riffs are lost between wankery sections and questionable transitions, and the vocals are quite meh. It's a good demo, but no one that would have gotten me super hyped as it lacks any real non-generic high point. 3.0
Pestilence Spheres
Pestilence go much softer on this one, both in prod and actual music played. They also go much more prog, and one effect is to make the synthy videogamey interludes work here. They sound crazy and prog a la TDEP or Refused, not out of place like on their previous lp where the contrast with brutal thrashened death metal was just bizarre. Tracks 4 and 7 are good example. This is true too for the main tracks, although most of the time those synthy and electronic sounds are poorly used and do sound out of the place like on track 5, sometimes they work really well. It creates a sort of weird crazy sound again a bit a la TDEP - I wouldn't be surprised if they liked this album - and track 3 for example is kind of a crazy weird jam. The middle section on 6 is a real prog jam too. However the album as a whole failed to convince me, as it has few true jams, and many many quirky dorky sections or sound that don't work, but I clearly prefer it over to TotA. 3.1
Pianos Become the Teeth Keep You
This album has a much more pop feeling to it than their other records, beyond the obvious post-rock/emo. Album feels quite flat, and more like a collection of songs than a real album with structure and evolution. The songs work very well in a vacuum, but as part of the overall album they just blend together due to the lack of dynamics. This makes most of the songs pretty forgettable - even though the album has really excellent tracks too. A lot of songs also feel like they end when really they should have started exploding. A lot of climatic moments are missing, which contributes to the album feeling bland.
Pianos Become the Teeth Wait For Love
Very similar to its predecessor, but in my opinion a little bit better. The band seems more
comfortable with their new softer sound and experiments with it a little bit more, offering
a fresher and less bland album. However the quality drops somewhat towards the end of the
record, and overall it still only is worth a 3.2-3.3
Pillorian Obsidian Arc
The first track is quite cool and made me hopeful this would be good - like Agalloch gone even blacker than on MotS. Except the rest of the album was a passable 'not bad, but not great'. Really not that exciting black metal, and it is quite disappointing to hear Haugm's vocals on such unimaginative music given his past output. 'The Sentient Arcanum' is a cool noise track. 3.1
Pink Floyd More
Tbf to them this isn't really a canon album, but more like a quickly made side OST project. Had it stopped at 9 it could have been 3.2-3.3 material, but the last tracks are really a letdown. 11 is a prime example, being clearly an OST filler track and nothing else. 12 is funny at least, and 13 is nice but sound like an interlude. Before that, the album has better tracks but it still woefully constructed with repeated dramatic changes in mood and style. 1 is a nice intro track, and 2 is PF going hard rock which is kinda cool although it gets gimmicky. 3 is gorgeous. 4 is weird,5 is a nice happy folk song, 7 has cool tribal-ish drums, 8 is kinda cute and atmospheric and is a jam, 9 goes back to rock and is a fairy average track that ends on a fadeout but the bass is quite bouncy. See what I meant about album construction? 3.05
Pocahaunted Gold Miner's Daughters
Weird tribal ambient/soundtrack material. First track is the best (3.8-3.9). The rest is mostly dull, with scarce great sections - for instance a droney country depressed ambient section on the second track that reminds of GYBE - that do not make up for the overall feeling of meh. 3.2
Pool Kids Music to Practice Safe Sex To
This has great instrumentations, but to me the vocals are often out of place. They are sometimes really great and complement the music nicely, but oftentimes they sound amateur and bring the record down a level in my opinion. Cool indie/math-rock nonetheless.
Porches. Water
Nice, but doesn't work superbly well. It is simpler and more bare bones than the same tracks on Pool, resulting in a safer, less annoying, but ultimately less interesting record. 1 is kinda bouncy but what the hell was the ending of it. 3 is kinda catchy, 4 is nicely summery and pop but the vox are a bit much and boring, and that applies to a lot of the rest of the record in fact. 5 is a weak track, 6 starts off very smooth and could have been a sort of jam if it weren't for the cringy vocals it unfolds into. 7 is kinda cool and shows the album feeling very 80s like on Pool, but again the vox fails. 8 is a folktronica outro which could have been weird but actually works quite nicely to wrap up the album. Still can't shake that feeling of meh though. 3.0
Porches. The House
Much more electronica based than their prior output, this one hits perhaps harder when it does, but it very often fails due to a combination of annoying moany or autotuned vocals, excessively minimalistic instrumentals, or erratic bleep bloops. The very album intro is good but quickly you feel like ok stop the moans now. The outro track is quite nice and wraps the album well into a sort of vox led ambient thingy. 2 is one of their most fun tracks, displaying the electronic style on this record done well, and is kind of a jam. 4 shows the most dream pop they've ever been in the intro but doesn't unfold incredibly well. 5 despite being moany sort of works I guess. 6 shows them going RnBey - experimenting nicely - but is too bleep bloopey to work. 8 is another bouncy electronica track but the vox ruin it, and they ruin 9 even more. Even without that the track feels weak, but interestingly it made me wonder if I'd have this much trouble with female vocals. 10 is the other kinda jam here, it takes a while to kick in but when it does it does nicely. 12 shows autotune used quite well in daft punk fashion, but the track doesn't work because of the weird instrumental. 13 is cooper fx generation loss guitar + annoying vox. So yeah an erratic record quite like their prior stuff, but showing a definite change in direction which can work quite well in places. 3.1
Prince Of Denmark 8
Behemoth of a techno album clocking at nearly 3 hours. Yet its huge runtime did not bore me, and I didn't have to push myself to finish the album. That in itself is an achievement. The album is generally consistent and strong, with tracks flowing well into each other, but I found it drastically missing hooks and memorable tracks. It all flows from one mild flavour of minimalist techno to another without ever being very marking. Exceptions are 7, kinda jammy with a tasty lead, 10, a kinda jammy dub techno track that takes it time to kick in, and 16 which is the clearest cut jam here and made me go THAT'S IT, finally a memorable hook. By 15 (1hr40 in!) the album had started to feel a bit draggy, so it comes at just the right time too. For the rest, most tracks are nice but forgettable, often have bleep bloops or questionable sounds that ruin them, and the record especially lost me after 20. 21-22 are hypnotic and pounding but frankly boring, and no longer flow well with each other - the second half of 21 is nice though. 23 is a good ominous album closer, showing again that the album construction is its strength. For the rest, not much I'll remember - I'll save my notes somewhere because there are so many tracks there isn't enough space here. 3.2
Protector Leviathan's Desire
Clearly their best and most brutal record. The vocals have a lot to do with my liking this - they're not great, but imo the best of all their records I jammed. This feels like they regressed for the following two LPs, but still a turning point in their career. The middle of the record is best and easily 3.5 range material. The rest has more weak bits, whether it be out of place slow sections, boring drumming, or some soloing sections - although these work better than they ever have for Protector. It's still ok material though, probably at the level of their lps. If I'm ever to jam Protector again this would be the record I'd spin no doubt. 3.2
Protector 2 Track Demo Tape
The intro of track 1 is kinda cool, a bit dungeon synth-y, but after that it goes to somewhat wankery thrash metal. Not a big fan of the vocals. Track 2 improves on that and is nice thrash, but the demo is not all that memorable. 3.0
Rebekah Murder in Birmingham
This is very much a live set at its core, and not quite a constructed EP. That is its strength, as the sections you perhaps like less never last more than a couple dozens of seconds. The whole thing feels consistent, and hardly does it ever not sound good. Hard, visceral, aggressive techno in the vein of her live sets. That live feel is also the EP's greatest weakness. None of the tracks truly focus on a particular melody or motif. They could be divided up very differently and the EP would feel exactly the same, which is to say a 15min set made of a collage of segments of different songs. Because of this, the EP isn't really memorable like a say IHM EP can be because none of the tracks commit long enough to a melody for it to ever stick. But it also never falters. If you need a soundtrack to keep doing work in the middle of night when all you want is to go to sleep, this is it. 3.1
Rihanna Music of the Sun
Honestly I am impressed with this debut. Like Shakira's it benefits from its cute outdatedness - this screams early 2000's all over the place, but especially on 1-3 and 6-7. It is also quite diverse too, boasting diverse beats stemming from reggae/dub on 2 and 4, to rhythmic changes on 6, to other interesting things like on 3 (I lost track after that). With the exception of the album closer which is frankly long and annoying and brings the record down a point, 5, and maybe 10 where the guest is a bit annoying, this does not have any bad track really. 4 is the first track to not entertain actually. 9 is really fun and may even be a jam. Other high points are 3,6 and 8. Not much else I'll come back to, but a much richer, nicer and less annoying record than I anticipated. 2.8
Rihanna Loud
Listened to this on 8/11 but forgot to upload here. Probably her strongest album so far. Only three annoying tracks on 3, 8 and 9. 5 is the truest jam of her discog so far, a super bouncy and dancy track. 4,6 and 11 see Rihanna finally succeeding at making emotional/ballad-type songs. 11 is a great album finale with Eminem's feat coming as a neat 'surprise'. 7 brings back the dub influences a bit which is nice to see, and 1-2 are nice modern era Rihanna track although they have not-so-good moments too. Overall a somewhat solid pop album (wish there were more jams though), topped by Rihanna's best album artwork imo. 3.0
Roly Porter Aftertime
Drone/noise that had great potential - the high points are amazing, albeit scarce - but that failed at execution. The records feel erratic, hesitating constantly between ambient, lush synth stuff, bleeps and bloops, and straight up noise, the whole of it feeling mostly boring. 1-2 got me hyped up as very noisy tracks that I found to be jams - thought this would be like Controlled Bleeding again. At the end of 2, the energy falls down to somewhat boring ambient, and the record never manages to reach that intensity again after that point. 5 would be cool as some kind of metal interlude with its nice wind instrument, but on a low energy album such as this one it felt too soft. It does grow well as a track though. 7 brings back the noisiness, and is a sublime jam as string come atop the noise mid-track. Apart from that, nothing noteworthy. I'm excited for his discog because he's capable of beautiful things, but this can't be more than a 3.1
Sadus A Vision of Misery
This one is kind of weird in that it feels like they went backwards in their evolution. The wankeriness is way up, and the record feels erratic in construction, incessantly switching grooves, genres and tempos, breaking a lot of tracks which would otherwise be individually nice. By 6 they had lost me really. 1 feels like an 80's record, which is another layer to the overall feel of backwards evolution. 2 is kind of bm-ish and nice but is short. 3 is nice, fun and technical, but the second half is wankery although it unfolds in a nice riffy conclusion. 4 has fun bits here and there but by then you really feel how erratic and wankerier the record is. Like 5 ends on a slow paced doom riff? It just doesn't work. Thankfully, 8 and 9 bring the quality way up, 8 being nice and aggressive, and 9 bringing pleasant proggy bass here and there. The album conclusion on an ominous mysterious melody is extremely nice and a very good choice. Not my fancy in terms of thrash records, but these last two tracks bump this back up to a 3.2
Sean C. Johnson CIRCA 1993
This record alternates between soul and rap/hip-hop quite freely. It ended up not being as good as I expected from the first track. It is not bad by any means but there just is something that does not work - perhaps the discrepancy in mood between almost romantic soul sung by a dude versus hip-hop vibes? Some tracks are cool though and I particularly liked the first and last one. 2.9
Secret Stairways Enchantment of the Ring
It's a fun little dungeon synth album. Really not an unpleasant listen, although quite naive-sounding at times. I liked the opener the most because it somehow reminded me of LOTR's OST. 3.2
Shakira Laundry Service
Yeah I'm a normie and prefer this over any of her prior ones, probably a touch owing to nostalgia (dear mama had a CD of this). There are a few more true jams (1,3, and of course the closer which is recycled from ladrones, 6 is kinda jammy too tbh), and the record is super fun. It's also less consistent than ladrones, with a lot of tracks being borderline bad (4-5 are good examples). The versions in different languages are odd but also an interesting case study. Some songs clearly work better in Spanish (Ojos Asi, and the opener), but some frankly sound better in English, e.g. 3. At this point of her discog I'm excited because she's starting to boast some really solid and fun tracks amongst the okay stuff. 3.1
Shakira Magia
Honestly glad I jammed this, the second half falls behind but this record is super fun. It's wonderfully outdated and very funny/cute because of that, I like it more than a lot of pop star debuts out there. 1-3 are funny jams and sound like they're straight out of some cheesy daytime Spanish language TV soap opera from the 80's. 2 makes you feel like you're at a party in 80's rural Colombia, and 3 is so precious with its English rap sample. Just plain fun. 4 is a bit boring though, and 6 is quite annoying with Shakira venturing into wankery rock territory. 5, 7 and 8 are mild versions of 1-3, nice and fun but not as good. 9 is super fun. Because of the number of poor tracks I can't rank this higher than lowest 3.0 territory - honestly the first 3 tracks may be upper 3.0 to lower 3.5 - but this is so fun it gets a 2.8
Shakira ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?
Certainly the strongest and most mature of her non-Americanised period. She does have a lot
of annoying vocals because she just does too much whining and whispering and such, which
kinda kills some otherwise nice tracks such as 7. 3 and 4 are kinda jammy, but the real jam
here is the album closer - super fun jam and defo my favourite Shakira track so far into
her discog. Other than that most tracks are okay-nice and less outdated than on her
previous records, but not much to point out. She goes quite heavy into rock on 5, but the
vocals kill it, 9 is yawn and bland, and 6 is bland too but hints towards her following
records. Was maybe overhyped by the 4.0 average. 3.1
Shakira Oral Fixation Vol. 2
Very similar to the previous one in that it is quite bland, has even fewer jams, but is also quite consistent. It does feel less good, in parts owing to the Americanization of the music which she does not negotiate as well (and as a non latino looses some of its original flavour). The closing track brings it down a couple points, and the only relative jam I noted was 6 - 10 being just a poorer English version of the opener on Vol. 1. Even Hips Don't Lie (which wasn't on the original release) isn't all that jammy compared to some of her prior tracks. Merf. 2.9
Space Frog Welcome All Species
Yeah this is fine, but if you condensed its best moments and developed the potential of certain songs it'd be a huge banger album whereas here it has a lot of ups, downs, and flats. A lot of tracks have relatively uneventful first halves and build up for too long but have great dancey second halves: 5, 7 (has cool ideas but doesn't unfold too well) 10, 12 (starts off as boring slavcore from 3:00 onwards gets nicely ravey), and arguably 9 which is the central jam of the album and the reason why I'm checking it in the first place. 6 is kinda psych and reminds of Hallucinogen a bit, another track I'll come back to. 3's more ambientish, it is fine but not really my vibe. 8's boring until the eurodance synths kick in and even then it's not all that great. 11 is a diverse track, starting with trance on a sort of dnb beat, getting annoying a bit, then some slavcore, symptomatic of the lack of construction put into this album. Yeah so some bits I'll come back to but as a whole not the strongest album in the world. 3.05
standards standards
Maybe it is because I've jammed it a couple times before, but I like this a lot more than 'Friends'. Still generic noodly tappy math-rock, but at least some riffs are memorable. 3.2
Stars of the Lid Gravitational Pull vs the Desire for an Aquatic Li
This one's a bit better, still not great, but quite impressive for its time. Just very soft droney dark ambient. I like the closer, bits of 2 and the last third of 4 maybe, the rest is mostly ok, but I don't think I'll ever come back to this album. 3.0
Stars of the Lid Per Aspera Ad Astra
Fairly unmemorable SotL record, but not a bad one. Divided into two parts, the first
reminding of their earlier material with occasionally nice textures but too much variation
to grab your attention for a long time, perhaps with the exception of 3 which is a nice
track. The second half reminds more of their later sound, most notably with the prominent
use of acoustic strings on 4, and 6 that reminded me of the synth textures they'll come to
use later on - including with AWVFTS. Kinda nice track at times. It's cool to see the
evolution and the record does feel like a turning point in their discog, but beyond that
there really isn't much to retain. 2.9
Sundrugs Abstract Forms
This is just a collection of drone/noise sketches, and it isn't pretending to be a grand album at all or to have much coherence. 1 is noisier and more experimental than the rest of his stuff, it starts off nice but soon enough becomes too bleep bloopey for me. 2 again starts very nicely with an ominous intro, but shows even worse bleep bloops immediately afterwards. 3 is the best track here with broken reverberated noises that struggle to exist, evoking the end of a Disintegration Loops track, but I wish the track was an intro that went somewhere instead of just ending after a couple minutes. 3 is a nice idea but there isn't much else to retain here. 2.8
Svarte Greiner Knive
Interesting drone that rarely succeeds in execution but remains of interest. The bulk of
the album consists of sound collages usually laid atop a layer of strings of some sort,
sometimes pizzicato which I'm not a fan of here especially on 5, and with the occasional
vocal layer added to it. The bookends are best by far here, both jams, with 1 demonstrating
the concept outlined above done just right, and 9 being an unexpected but powerful vocally-
led ominous jam. 4 is also nice in an ominous style, 6 works very well in places with some
noisy bits but isn't jammy on the whole, and 8 works well but not as much as 1. For the
rest, this has good sounds and ideas here and there but it just all feels too bleep
bloopey. But man the opener is really superb. 3.2
Svarte Greiner Kappe
The first track, although starting with relatively hollow prod, rapidly gets fuller and unveils into a wash of very noisy and gritty drone, a solid jam and my fav tracks of the last couple albums of his I jammed. The random sounds from bells and chimes over the dark ambient give a very horror feel to the track and it's just fantastic. 2-3 after that feel vastly emptier, with some nice textures here and there but just too sparsely distributed in bleeps bloops of drones surrounded with near silence. 3 does improve during the midtrack but onlyy for a couple minutes. 4 is nicer with fuller layers and feels like it should have been the outro to 1 while 2-3 should not have been there at all. 1 single-handedly brings this up a couple points to a low 2.8
Svarte Greiner Til Seters
First track is generic SG material that frankly isn't all that interesting. 2 starts off as a very sweet ambient jam, doesn't quite unfold too well but goes progressively darker and ever so slightly dronier as time goes. Very nice track. 3 is also nice as gritty and noisy ambient drone with some vocal samples coming in at min 5. It does feel a bit gimmicky with the obvious vinyl hiss and crackles for a e s t h e t i c s, but it's still a fine track. 3.05
sway (CA) This Was Tomorrow
It's interesting how I have heard three records from this dude and they could have come from three entirely different bands. That alone warrants respect. This one explores a more electronica direction on nearly every track, boasting a lot of Cynic-esque autotuned vocals and synth works. I like the intent, but I don't think it quite works, especially in the mid record. 3 sounds like a weird house remix of itself, and on 4 the mix of shoegaze + electronica + 070 Shakes vox really doesn't feel coherent. 5 feels skippable. Thankfully the later record improves a lot. 6 is less electronica more in the vein of his prior work and simply works better. 7 is a sweet interlude abruptly transitioning into 8 but thankfully 8 quickly calms down into a cool track with a nice conclusion. 9 shows a bit of an abrasive side here with some riffage and is frankly cool, but again the overprocessed vox feel out of place. 10 is nice and has cool moments like the bridge at min 3. The very early two tracks kind of make the electronic sound work too, 1 being an interesting opener with a very cool intro and more of a post-rock vibe to it - still retaining solid shoegaze lushness, and 2 boasting some nice prominent drums but again with the vox not quite fitting. This record feels like a somewhat failed but commendable experiment. 3.0
Tallies Tallies
This is dream pop tone (both instrumentally and in vox) that lingers on the border of straight up pop, pop rock, and surf rock in places (see 10). Some tracks are really nice and fun (3, 4 which is cool and kinda feels like the theme for a 90's cartoon, 8), but most feel a bit bland. The vox pales in places for example on 5, and a lot of the songs fail to be catchy, or dreamy, or mood setting without ever being unpleasant but also rarely above merely 'nice'. 3.1
Tertia May Not From Concentrate
Sweet, but not as nice as KoP. The opener is great, boasting a pounding, bass heavy trip-hop beat that she likes with some nice Amy Winehousey vox before the male guests kick in and bring hip-hop vibes. Very nice. 2-3 is a bit odd, with the vox feeling unbalanced and too aggressive for the lush instrumentals they're covering. Especially true of 2, 3 is still nice and Sade-ish. 4 is a sad piano-led ballad, and while I don't usually dig that kind of stuff here I quite liked it. Excellent delivery. 5 confirms that the bookends are best here with a very cool soft and mellow, Noname-esque track that finds a much better balance between vox and instrumental than 2-3 did. Still well below KoP in terms of consistency and quality, but a bit more diverse which shows promise for a future LP. 3.2
The Gloaming The Gloaming
This is some pleasant folk-ish music. It starts off great with a very peculiar mood, and
music that adds many layers to a strong base of soft Irish folk. However this initial
freshness quickly wears off after the first couple of tracks, and most of the album
sounds either like a cheesy sad pop song sung in Irish, or some good but forgettable
movie soundtrack. The last song comes back to the goodness of the first few tracks, and
the album is worth a listen for those. Note that the album is sung in Irish, not in
English, which is cool and rare enough to point out. 3.1
The Oh Hellos The Oh Hellos
Meh. Cute indie folk, but not their best work. Track 1 is a jam, but track 2 and 3 I found quite annoying and generic. Track 4 isn't super great either but at least it is a bit interesting - although I did not like the outro. 3.0
The Physics House Band Mercury Fountain
This experimental math-rock ish album has some really cool head-bobbing moments with compulsive foot tapping going on, and some others where really it is just weird sounds that aren't all that interesting. A very uneven ride but some sections are worth it
TotorRo Come to Mexico
Cool energetic math-rock EP with some good tunes. However I thought this had fewer nice head-bobbing melodic parts and more annoying noisy parts than its predecessor. If I wanted to re-listen this I would probably listen to Home Alone instead - based on my distant memory of Home Alone that is. Come to Mexico does have some sparse moments where cool ideas are included and renew the music - some brass, and vocals. 3.2
Trespassers William The Natural Order of Things
Again, a nice soft EP that doesn't feel very memorable. 2 is pretty, the album outro is pretty, the rest is nice but just passes really. 3.05
Trespassers William Noble House
Quite flat EP of soft folk. 1 and 2 have nice beginnings but don't unfold too well. 3 is a bit boring, and 4 is fine. My fave tracks are 5 and 6, 5 being sort of field recordy ambient drone, and 6 morphing it back into some folk and having a very different feel compared to 1-4 because of that. Not mindblowing, but quite nice, and certainly giving a lot more flavour to the EP. 2.95
Trist (GER) Willenskraft
This is the concept of ambient black metal taken to the T. Pretty mild and unmemorable overall. Best track is closer, followed by track 2. The buildups are very long which I have no issue with per se, but the explosions are fairly inoffensive too, resulting in a fairly flat album. The extensive field recordings are also no the best out there, a la Pd'H when half of the album is wind noises. 3.0
Turnover Peripheral Vision
This is a nice relaxed emo-ish/indie record. It is probably worth more than the 3.0 I am giving it, but it just did not impress me that much. I found its tone quite naive and a bit too 'happy summer' to my taste. I just am not a fan of the genre, but within the genre it is quite a good album to grab.
Two Sided Agency Bonjour Tristesse
1-2 are alright sort of atmospheric acid techno (which in its concept is interesting), 3 is a banger jam and made me listen to this in the first place, 4 is weak in its first half but imporves in the second half. Nice, but not much to fuss about except track 3. 3.0
Unknown Error Heaven & Hell EP
Not really a fan of this one. Mostly generic Noisia-esque DnB - I was missing completely the feeling of uniqueness I found with The Yearning/Midnight Special. Track 3 is probably the best instance of that style, with its prominent use of cinematic strings - some of which I feel are a sample from the I, Robot OST? I'm not quite sure -. Track 4 continues that use of strings in its intro, but does not quite live up to it afterwards. Track 2 is second nicest, and track 1 is third. The record is organized a bit oddly because 2 and 4 are calmer while 1 and 3 are more aggressive. I might come back to 3 and maybe 1/2 when in need for nice aggressive DnB, but not for much else. 3.0
UVB The Power of Saying No
Crushing ravey techno, but quite poorly executed. IHM does it miles better. There are good hooks in this and the drums are generally good, harsh and bouncy, but there is always a sound or two that just sounds odd or out of place and ruins the dark mood of the track. Ok, but not great. 2.9
Weyes Blood Titanic Rising
This is nice and pretty pop. What Lana Del Rey could have been. Still did not really resonate with me though. 3.1
Why Bonnie In Water
Sweet debut, but nothing majorly incredible. 1 is a fun start in dreamy road trip rock style and is probably my fav here, but it's not quite a jam. 2-3 felt weaker. 2 has a 'classic' rock and dream pop vibe to it that was already here on 1 but is just stronger, and 3 especially feels amateur in places with some vox and guitar tones. 4 is better again though, even though the vocals get a bit much. 3.1
William Basinski Watermusic
Not the best Basinski piece. It essentially is Watermusic II but not as good, with fewer textures for most of its runtime. Why then would one ever jam Watermusic I then, even if in a vacuum it is not bad per se? 3.0
William Basinski On Time Out of Time
Jamming to see if I want to see this played live, and I might but not if it's a huge hassle. The central piece is nice bare bones soft drone texturation with just enough variability to not bore yet without being bleep bloopey - Willy knows what he's doing. The track is quite nice and evolving, and often evokes a dronier, less analogue synth Steve Roach. By 20 minutes though, I felt like it was time to either stop or bring more variation. Variety does come in at min 24 but without quite working. Thereafter the track is still sweet in a vacuum but just feels protracted for way too long, and it was never that jammy anyway just merely nice. It gets really Steve Roachy near the end before ending on a slow, protracted fade out - really meh there. I was kinda going to rate this low after that, but thankfully the second track is much nicer with very nice aquatic textures, and has the intelligence to keep it short, thereby bumping this a little. 3.1
Wye Oak Civilian
I really liked the first track on this, and a couple other ones. It does have its high points and is a cool indie rock with interesting instrumentations, perfect for a psychedelic listen on a road trip. I will probably re-listen to it, even though it failed to grab my attention during most of the album. 3.2
Yeule Coma
Has a lot more vocals and feels a lot more generic tycho-esque than the previous EP whilst struggling to create as ethereal an ambience. It is still sweet, soft and comfy music though. 3 was my favourite track (it is the most ambient one after all) and 4 was quite nice too, while 2 or 5 demonstrate that Tycho vibe I get quite well. 3.05
Yndi Halda A Sun​-​Coloured Shaker
This was going to be a 2.2, but the last two minutes and a half of eerie keys-based noisy ambient are simply gorgeous and bump this to a 3.0. The rest is an even less inspired version of Under Summer and unlike the latter is frankly quite boring.
Yvette Young Piano EP
This is nice and sweet. Good concept, and her proficiency on the instrument is commendable. All things considered though this is far from being a transcendental record, and although it sure is pretty it is not super memorable. 'Math piano' has a lot of potential left to explore (isn't this just some subgenre of jazz though?). 3.1

2.5 average
070 Shake Glitter
Autotune rap that isn't entirely devoid of ideas but consistently fails at exploring them. The intro of 1 lasts too long (over half the track) but once it kicks in it becomes the strongest cut on here and shows her potential with something jazzier and simpler. For the rest of the album the instrumentals are very nocturnal and dreamy, quite nice, but the songs probably owing to the vox never feel like they quite work. For instance on 2 she audibly tries to force her voice to sound lower than it is like pre-puberty boys, and it is a shame because the beat is quite nice. It jsut works better with the guest vox. 3 has good ideas that are hardly explored, but the second half is nice, Mario Galaxy rap of sorts. 4 displays perfectly the nocturnal dreamy atmosphere I mentioned but is quite meh. I sense some Ott in it which makes it interesting. 5 is just meh and drops this a couple points. Hey this isn't fantastic but at least it doesn't follow a recipe and makes it worth listening to her following output. 2.7
999999999 000000005
Pretty ravey techno that ends up being more of a headache generator than a banger. This may be sound great at a rave for a couple minutes but as a standalone EP it does not work very well and lacks diversity. 2.7
A Sunny Day in Glasgow New Christmas Classics
Bit weird this, and not really worth a check, but not properly bad either. 1 is an xmas song. It has cute sounds, it has that vibe, but it is naive. Eh. 2 is just weird and felt very skippable, plus the intro with relatively aggressive sounds feels like it disrupts the semi-existent flow of the EP. There are some nice bits though so I hope they focused on that in their later discog and not on those weirdcore bits. 3 is a kinda weird nearly a capella track that would work well as an interlude on some albums but not here. 4 is kinda catchy and fun and christmassy without being naive like 1. It's the strongest track here, but it still miles away from being a jam. Don't bother with this unless you're a fan. 2.5
A Swarm of the Sun The Rifts
Woefully uninspired. Not an unpleasant listen by any means, but the record just lines up one deja-vu post-rock/post-metal riff after the other with nothing fresh for the ear to catch on. Practically no memorable melodies at all, let alone unique musical features that would differentiate the album from the swarm of post-rocky records out there. The last two tracks however are actually not that bad, and a few head-nodding moments throughout the album save it from being a 2.0.
Alkerdeel Morinde
Great vocals, but instrumentation is simplistic and feels amateur at times. The sludge feel baked into a black metal base isn't enough to compensate for that or to make the album not forgettable. There are good ideas though and this isn't a terrible album by any means.
Anacrusis Suffering Hour
This is mostly fine, with some good riffing eg on 8, but the singer's constant squeals kinda ruin the deal for me. I do appreciate that it is not too wankery, but it's really not all that memorable a thrash record and if you add the squeals into the mix it really becomes one I won't come back to. 2.65
Annihilator Never, Neverland
A bit less annoying than its predecessor it feels like, probably because it is trying less to be thrash metal and embraces its heavy metal/power/speed leanings. Still a thoroughly wankery, caricaturesque, quirky record that bored me most of the time. The only kinda cool bits were 7 because it is instrumental and short (unlike most songs which feel like they take forever), and 4 has some nice acoustic guitar parts but a boring chorus. We lose the sweet bass tone and the riffs, but somehow the album feels more consistent than the debut - still barely reaches a 2.3
Ariana Grande Sweetener
Here too some songs are biased because they're famous. Big step down from DW. Reminds of her
second album, but instead of festival summer pop we have here mild pop with various amounts of
trap/rap, which rarely works with Ari's style but is sometimes kinda cool albeit puzzling, as in
5 one of the album highlights with 2 and 9 (3.7-3.9). Most of the tracks are really meh, some are
frankly annoying like 3 or the chorus on 6. 7 is kinda fun but reminds of some Wii soundtrack
lol. 10 I half love and half hate. Overall a little bit better than her second just for the
attempts at enriching her sound, despite their relative lack of success. Best Ari artwork though.
ASAP Ferg Trap Lord
Yeah I don't think I really want to listen to his other outputs if this is rated the best. It's alright, but it is way way too gimmicky to my taste and there are very few tracks I'd actually come back to. Some ideas are nice though, especially when teh record gives a sort of mysterious, ethnic, ancient Egypt vibe to it sort of? For example 1's intro and general sounds give off a bit of that, but the track itself is a bit awkward and doesn't work. 5 offers a nice, nocturnal take on this atmosphere. 3 has kinda cool instrumentation and a really good outro to it, but the vox in the track bulk are quite bad. 4 is the first actually strong track, really cool and chill. 6 is alright too in that chill vibe. 7 is just funny because of the lyrics. 8 is back to more regular trap, but hte beat has a youtuber-made beat quality to it which isn't good (so does 2). The rest is pretty unnoticeable to be honest, but the record is hardly annoying so it's fine. 2.3
Banks London
Track 1 is a very solid jam and the reason why I followed BANKS in the first place. Track 2 is ok-ish but at least it's memorable. Track 3 and 4 are quite meh actually and the EP is more underwhelming than I remember. Track 1 is the shortest and does not save it from being a 2.7
Ben Chatwin Staccato Signals
Indubitably better, as Ben feels like he finally is losing his constant propention to build up tracks without letting them breathe and be tracks of their own, which makes this feel like an intro sketchbook than its predecessors. Still not great though, as the record just did not grab my attention. 3 is kinda nice, 4 has sweet textures, 9 is pretty, 10 is meh and has pretty moments, and the album intro is a jam because the guy sure can make an intro. Still just maybe a 2.5
Ben McElroy Bird-Stone
Cello-based ambient. Sounds a bit like a GY!BE or a Sigur Ros interlude. I really liked the first track or two, but then the album really does not evolve and after some time there are no more surprises or excitement, rendering the album quite dull. Also vocals on 'Bernie's Army' should have been dropped entirely, not so great. However this is good at setting a certain atmosphere, and despite the low rating I mat very well re-listen to this - especially for the first couple tracks. 2.4
Black Thread Autumn Flowers
Side A has two nice, but utterly disconnected textures. The second, heavily distorted one is especially nice. Side B is not that interesting really, although I like the hissy album outro. 2.5
Black Thread leaves falling
Excessive use of tape stoppages here break the ambience a fair bit. Track 1, by far the longest, is symptomatic of this, as an otherwise very nice piano-led tape piece is ruin by constant interruptions in the sound that take you out of it and make you think something is wrong with your audio system, especially when the background hiss stops too. Seems a bit gimmicky, and breaks the track for me. 3 makes this work a lot better and is very nice with lots of distortion onto the piano tape. But it suffers from excessive stoppages too. 2 is just forgettable, and 4 isn't much better. I might come back to 3 but that's it. 2.7
Blood Spore Fungal Warfare Upon All Life
This has some good riffs here and there but come on guys it isn't all that great. Even though the bm vocals are good the instrumentals feel clunky and clumsy. It sounds like a demo with the production but not the compositional qualities of a full release. 2.7
Britney Spears Blackout
Ok so for some reason this is one of the first albums I had on my first ever ipod and here it plays against the album because this sounds incredibly outdated and quirky to me now. So my rating is anecdotal really - I remembered much more than I was anticipating though. The LP is very synthy and has a distinct style compared to her prior output. Some tracks evoke Madonna a fair bit - 5, which has a dream pop feel to it without having a dream pop sound and is kinda jammy ngl, and 7 which is kinda fun and clubby. The end record is stronger and brings it up a point, 10 being a fun track, 11 are strong Britney sexy rnb track, and 12 being an alright closer I guess. But before that, 9 is one of the weakest tracks and the only annoying one in the bunch really. The opener is not her strongest really, and the two following tracks are kinda zzz too. 4 has a nice verse but an awkward chorus. 6 is cool and has a nice halloween vibe to it? 8 is kind of alright and kind of annoying. So yeah I can't judge this fairly, but it does have strong tracks and is scarcely annoying, as I've come to find most her albums were so far. 2.6
Britney Spears ...Baby One More Time
Not terrible, never properly annoying, but also has few tracks that actually work. 1 is the best track here and honestly a very strong way of starting off a pop discog given how cult it is. Just from the cult factor it is incredibly fun, don't lie. But come 2 which is far less popular, you realise that it all sounds quite outdated. It's a sort of fun track but the chorus is boring. 4 is funny in a bad way, it sounds like a compilation of island music cliches made for a Scooby Doo OST. To be fair there is a lot going on which is cool, but the chorus is just childish. 5 is a nice pop track, but just nice. 7 is a kinda fun 00's track for kids. 9 is actually a fun track with an ok chorus, kinda jammy. For the rest of it, this is populated by bland pop songs at various degrees of outdatedness and cheesiness, and even blander romantic prom ballad songs that never quite work, especially 8 with the male guest vox making it incredibly cheesy. 11 is perhaps the one that works the best in that style. 12 is just a weird conclusion. This stays in 2.5 territory thanks to 1 and the hints of good stuff present here and there. 2.3
Britney Spears Oops!...I Did It Again
Again, her material is almost never annoying, but is also very often skippable. The tracks that are worth it here are the all famous opener, which has some nice bounce to it but not as much as her debut's opener, and 11 which is actually a nice sort of RnB track. For the rest, all the bouncy tracks feel like variations on the opener - the grooves feel like they're the same, with a different chorus, cf 6 or 7 for instance. It's generic but it's alright. Now there is also some truly laughable stuff here: the ends of 3,6 and 11 have some skits in them which just cracked me up, and 4 is one of the worst ideas of all time with a cover of Satisfaction. Of course, the ballads are boring. So yeah, this is never annoying, but this is hardly a hair above a perfect mid rating thanks to the two tracks that stood above the crowd. 2.55
Britney Spears Britney
Britney displays here hints of a style that is more original in an album that feels more diverse than her prior two efforts. She brings up the OO's RnB influences and bounce from the get go, with a first track I am not sure I like but that brings welcome variety to her discog. 2 has a nice bounce and I feel like if it were more famous it could be a bit jammy. 3 on the other hand reminds of her earlier material, and 4 is yet another boring ballad. These first four tracks pretty much show the breadth of styles you'll find the album. 5 has a fun verse but a meh justin timberlakey chorus. 6 is quite funky and really proves that, albeit still hardly above a straight 2.5, this album is clearly superior to her first two. 7 is a silly cover like she already did on her prior LP. 8 contrary to 5 has a fun chorus but a not so great verse. 9 is boring and 10 again has a nice chorus but a boring verse. 11 is interesting as a ballad but with a bouncy beat which makes it a lot more palatable, sadly it ends on a fadeout. 12 just passes really. She's still struggling to come up with a single real jam that I didn't already know really. 2.7
Britney Spears Britney and Kevin: Chaotic
Not bad, has a couple scarce ideas (the synth bits on 2 I think it was? and the string samples on 3) here and there, but as bland as it gets. Never unpleasant either though, so 2.5
By The End Of Tonight A Tribute To Tigers
Random math rock-y with pretty poor production for the genre. Tracks 3 and 4 save this from being a 2.1, but in the end this is still pretty annoying and erratic. There are some tasty riffs here and there, but it scarcely sounds good and never sounds amazing. 2.4
Carly Rae Jepsen Tug of War
Is it bad? No. Is it annoying? No not really. Will I come back to it? Probably not. It's a nice debut, but it feels very generic. 1-2 and 6 completely feel like happy kids music from the 2000's, and 2 makes me feel nostalgic for a life that wasn't mine, that of a young girl kid growing up in California in the 2000's. Songs feel like they belong to the school era of your life. 5 for example is completely a slow prom song. Some songs like 3 feel like generic Christian pop, the kind of stuff the hot girl in the school will sing at the high school talent show whatever in some movie. The last third is best, with 7 and 8 having a touch of an interesting twist, especially with vaaaguely soul vox, and 10 reminding of a female-led, profusely pop, distortion-less Teenage Dirtbag. Honestly it's not bad, and probably my fav track here. 9 interrupts that third with more generic core and feels a bit much and 4 is weaker too. Thankfully both the album and the songs are short, so this isn't too bad and about a 2.3
Carly Rae Jepsen Curiosity
As generic and inoffensive as pop gets, but not a properly bad record either. 2 is the weakest track here and gets quite annoying and boring, while 3 is extremely plain too but not quite annoying. 1 screams later 00's even if this was released later, and I'd be lying if I said it isn't bouncy and catchy. I also feels very very naive - far more so than Ari's bops for example -, but tbh it's kind of a jam and the best track here, fight me. 4-6 are not too bad either, 4 is nicely summery but still generic, 5 is the second best track and one I'd honestly be ok catching on the radio for example, and 6 is not far behind. They're all still generic and bland though. Just slightly above completely average at 2.6
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion: Side B
For the most part, this is still bland naive, far more so than Emotion LP, but the EP also displays some hints of greatness to come. This is especially true of 2 with its 80's/Depeche Mode vibe in the instrumental which surprisingly work quite well with her bouncy vocals and summer verse. A surprise jam and quite honestly one of her best tracks so far. 6 shows an interesting chorus and an ok verse, but the instrumental is a bit lackluster. 7 is quite an ok romantic track but with a dumb verse. So yeah, she's showing promise, but for the rest, pretty much every track is super naive. Not much that is unpleasant though, except maybe 3 - the kind of track that just gets stuck in your head and drives you nuts. 1 sounds like a parody almost, but I guess it'd be nice in a club or something, and 8 while naive as ever has some cool sounds. If anything this made me excited for her next LP. 2.7
Celer Merkin
This is the weakest Celer record I've heard yet. Not much going on, no interesting textures
really, just plain stripped down sine wave synth tones with some reverb. Nothing unpleasant, it
is just really boring and not memorable. It's good music to fall asleep to I guess though. The
last 10 min are vaguely better than the rest but merh. 2.3
clipping. The Deep
Pretty inconsequential EP. I really really dug the midtrack on 1 starting at 2:35, unfortunately it lasts like 15 seconds. The rest of the track is pretty beep bloopey and frankly boring to me. 2 is kinda fun I guess. 3 is more in usual clipping style and is kinda nice but really not enough to make me rate this much higher. 2.6
Controlled Bleeding Knees and Bones
Brutal power noise/hnw. Did I like this? I don't have an effing clue. I did not hate it, which is an achievement. Some sections actually sounded great. Most were just meh, some were actually funny. Am utterly confused by this. 2.4
Covet effloresce
Might be just me but this sounds like a demo for their earlier material rather than a newer full-length. Far fewer high points than their s/t.
death's dynamic shroud.wmv I'll Try Living Like This
This one didn't really work for me. The bulk of the album is what I don't quite enjoy in vaporwave: a lot of glitchiness, a lot of weird vocals, apparently random song structures which as my dexbro said sometimes sound like two different peolpe are making separate bits of a same track instead of working together. There are some nice bits, for example 2 changes completely after the 1:40 mark and becomes quite nice and chill and psych, but reverts to glitches later on. I also don't really enjoy the excessive videogame/anime samples etc in places like on 3. To be fair the album is never unpleasant except the closer, but it's almost never my cuppa. I did dig the middle a lot more. 4 starts nicely but has an awful conclusion, which is relieved by the cheesy sitcomcore 5. It morphs into more chilled and relaxed vibes, which continue during 6 and 7 and are the peak of the album imo. The intro to 7 is nice and intriguing but the bulk doesn't quite live up to it. 8 is a fun track and is definitely a fave in some sections. After that 9 displays some trappy vibes but just feels alright, and 10-11 are a big nope. The abrupt dropoff in quality at the end after a nice mid album brings this down to a 2.4
Desolate (DE) Actaeon
The first minute or so has really nice grainey droney textures, beyond that this is just a bore. Vaguely dubby in places, but idk it just went right over my head. 2.4
Destruction Sentence of Death
This is a relatively fun but quite wankery EP and not much more. The riffage is existent but scarce - this is all about playing a lot of notes very fast. And while I'm not a fan of that, it works loads better than on other records I've seen. Some of the solos actually sound good, for instance the first part of the main solo on 1. The album intro is laughable and awkward, but once the track kicks off it is kinda cool. But like every track it has loads of wankery bits. 2 starts in a dragonforcesque note orgy but is vaguely fun afterwards, and 3 is cool at first but also turns into a wank quite quickly. 5 is just plain bad and an unhappy mess, especially on the intro which sounds like the band is playing in slo-mo. I'm less excited than I was with the demo now. 2.4
Drake Thank Me Later
Severely lacking jams to pull it upwards, but not annoying enough to be sub-2.5. 1 is clearly the hardest jam here, and kind of the only one. I was worried about the feats, but I have to say they're really successful and sometimes even the strongest part of the track. The two ends of the album, 1-3 and 10-13 (14 is pretty meh) are the strongest by far, especially 10 and 11. 13 is catchy but it feels like it's a cover I can't put my finger on. In its middle the album feels a bit like Drake hasn't gotten over the 2000's yet, and a lot of instrumentals or choruses are very questionable, most tracks are pretty annoying or boring and there isn't a lot to retain rally. 4 does have a cool instrumental, but there's just too much that doesn't work to retain much else really. This drags the album down a whole lot to a 2.6
Evigt Morker Krona
I had no clue he had released a debut LP, but sadly it is quite a disappoint. He abandons the ethereal style of ambient/dub techno he displayed so gracefully on some of the EPs and swaps it for an odd mixed of quite dark, industrial bounce with a mellow dub techno-esque prod and some extra bells and whistles that don't do much at all. 8 is the only track that isn't in this style as an ambient precursor to the final track, but it's not all that striking. You could also count 5 which is an ambient interlude. Some tracks do pound pretty nicely, namely 3 and frankly the closer, but on the whole the album fails to be dancy, dark enough, or really atmospheric at all, although it isn't an unpleasant listen either. He has better things in him. Art is cool though 2.5
Giant Swan Giant Swan
A disappoint imo. The record really struggles to find the balance between being weird and being interesting. Whereas the Whities 016 EP was intriguingly bizarre, this one just sounds random and experimental just for the sake of being experimental for the bulk of the record. In a word it lacks atmosphere. 1 is a fun opening which would maybe not be a great track in a vacuum but that I appreciate as an opener , and 2 is kinda cool dark techno that works very well in places but also a lots of random sampled bits that I didn't quite enjoy. Most of it is solid though. 3 is sort of ok with a detuned hungover kinda vibe to it, but 4-6 is just boring weirdness. 7 tries to go back to something more straightforward with some techno again, but the boring 808 sounds just feel lazy and it really isn't a good track either. 8 is sort of weird ambient but just passes, and 9 saves this from 2.0 range with a passable pounding techno track that HATE could have published, that is really not all that fantastic with some meh bits but that has at least some fun moments and isn't aggressively boring. Eh. 2.25
Grouper Paradise Valley
These songs are incredibly soothing and beautiful. This is excellent music for sure. Why a 2.5 then? Because this is awfully and frustratingly short. Grouper's music works infinitely better on longer formats. I am actually outright upset because I wanted this to continue - it is so beautiful, but it ends out of nowhere. Maybe listening to all her EP's as if they were one single album I'd give that a 4.0-4.5
I found this pretty boring really. It's not annoying so not really bad, but often times I just feels hollow and lacking substance. You can see what they were trying to do but it just doesn't work. For example 2 is an attempt to make poppy RnB but just feels super dull. The record is best when it experiments, eg at the end of 4 which is quite Dead Can Dance-esque, 5 and 6. 9 is also a kinda sweet 2019 pop track. Apart from that the record boasts over-minimalistic instrumentals over a mix of pop and various flavours of electronica, but it's just boring most of the time. 11 is the most generic and sounds like a random romantic ballad from some movie. 10 is a nice ambient interlude but at this point I was out of the album. Probs won't come back to this. 2.6
Henning Baer Drop Out
I feel attached to 1 as one of the first techno tracks I ever found and enjoyed, well before nthng or IHM. Very dark and unsettling techno jam. That snare is special man. 2-3 have okay sounds but don't work really much at all as tracks. It feels like they're hesitant between being dancy and being as dark as the first track, and as a result they have an awkward beat and no real focus. On 4 the beat is simplistic but works at least, but the leads just don't work and the track just isn't worth your time. Can tell this came early on in his discog. 2.6
Hypnosia Extreme Hatred
Meh, a disappoint. Far wankerier and far less straight to the point than their prior EP led
me to hope it would be. Second half is a bit better, with 6 and bits of thhe closer being
nice tracks, and 7 bringing welcome (but too late) freshness with a short interludey bit,
but overall there is almost always something that comes to ruin the riffs, of which there
are already fewer solid ones, and the nice bare riffage sections sprinkled here and there
can't save the record for me. 2.5
Invalids Fulfillment EP
Incredibly wankery record. Playing as fast as you possibly can does not automatically mean your
music will be any good. The vocals are also quite cringy at times, although far from the worst I
have seen. Would be a 1.9 if it weren't for the last two tracks that have far more nice bits than
the rest - the only two tracks where the pretty sections aren't drowned under furious guitar neck
masturbation. 2.3
Kelela Take Me Apart
Again, very mild and bland record, but nice and never unpleasant. Because there are very few sections I dislike it does not deserve to be below 2.5 range, but it really is near the bottom of it. Most tracks are ok but just forgettable. 2 is the only one that kinda struck my interest, it is a cool song. Other tracks try (8,11,13), but fail to ever be near jam-level. 13 is a particularly bad idea. This record feels outdated and like a copycat of other thnigs (stripped-down Submotion Orchestra without jazz elements or prominent drums?), but again I did not really dislike it per se. 2.35
Le Grand Plastic Jazz
I thought I was not going to like this, but actually the first track and a half are quite jammy and groovy. After that it all goes downhill, more wankery, more gimmicky, more annoying, and less catchy, down to the last two tracks which sound half the time like some obnoxious guitar cover of a Super Mario Bros track, and half the time like bad Chon with uninspired tone. Meh. Would be in the 2 range if it weren't for the opener. 2.4
Minilogue Animals
Quite unimpressed by this. It is essentially a protracted (85 min) series of bleeps and bloops over a background of sort of housey ambient techno. While it hardly ever sounds bad, it's also boring for most of the time. The
middle of 8 away strips away the techno foundation to leave just bleeps and is the worst section of the entire record. I do like the intro track a lot, and the closer is nice and hypnotic with a sweet conclusion. 5 is also
cool, and 10 is nice in place. Apart from that, quite boring. 2.4
MSDMNR Emergency
Yeah no, pretty meh techno EP that boasts some good ideas but doesn't quite work. I checked this out because of 3, a nice, dark noisy and gritty track that doesn't unfold into much but is still cool. 4 isn't great but had an idea there with the reverberated key at min 5, and 5 albeit a bit much is nicely pounding. 1 and 2 were weaker and felt way too bleep boopey and random to work. 2.6
Night Flowers Fortune Teller
Really boring in my opinion. The songs are simple, but never catchy, or never dreamy. The only moment the album grabbed me a bit was on 5, perhaps bits of 6. And I guess the closing track was better, and the bass on the opener - a simple song that sounds like it is from a different decade - was yum. But really, there isn't much here that would ever make me want to go back to this. 2.55
Nthng The Traveller
Nthng tries what I could only ignorantly describe as acid dub techno with touches of trance here and there. And he isn't unsuccessful at that, managing a nice consistent blend of the genres that actually works throughout the EP. The issue is that this ends up feeling more like a protracted stylistic exercise than an actual memorable EP that's worth your time - unless you're deep into those genres or this guy's discog. It's never bad, it's just long and all samey. If anything the first track is quite nice, has cool moments, and uses the same kind of fantastic ominous nthng synths we've seen better used elsewhere. The other two tracks bear little interest and just bring the record down because of their excessive length coupled to a lesser sense of identity and interest. 2.7
Nthng Are You Here
Some good ideas, but just falls flat almost all throughout. 1 has a cool deconstructed
groove to it, but it isn't dancy or ravey or atmospheric much at all. I wish the beat
were simpler over the deconstructed groove to make it bouncy instead of being
deconstructed itself too, making the track not really work. 2 is more straightforward
than 1 especially in the beat, and simply works better. The lead is nice and dark, but
not enough to make make the track a banger. At some point we see some pad dub synths come
in which is a welcome addition (they were entirely absent on 1) that gives the track an
added flavour on top of being quite bouncy, but despite this second track being nicer I
still couldn't shake the feeling that it all flet kinda bland. 2.7
Paysage d'Hiver Nacht
This record is a big step down from Winterkalte. It is really boring most of the time and my
least favourite Pd'H by far (compared to its predecessors). It only takes the few parts of
Winterkalte I don't like (slow, repetitive riffy bm dragging on forever), dims the production to
make it all sounds inoffensive, and drowns it into 50% of field recording of wind. I like
ambient/ field recording but there's better stuff out there than that. There are some 3.5-3.7
sections (beginning of tracks 2 and 4), but most of the album you're just waiting for something
to happen. 2.6
Pestilence Testimony of the Ancients
Really did not dig this. It is not unpleasant and the first track is a jam with interesting sounds so it doesn't warrant a 2.0 range rating or less, but that's about all there is to it. Track 7 is kinda cool classic dm. There is one other cool heavy metal section in the middle of the closer. For the rest, the album progressively lost my interest. It has lots of weird interludes, out-of-place sounds that feel like they come out of some video game or parody horror movie, it has a plethora of wankery solos and bits and most of the riffs that should make up for it simply don't work. Pestilence definitely aren't good at doing slow music in my opinion, and they demonstrate that in track 3. 2.4
Plini Handmade Cities
Not bad and has good ideas, but the music feels gimmicky and soul-less. Virtuoso riffage
and complex layering of instruments do not necessarily give it depth.
Prince Of Denmark Soulfood
An EP that excites me for the rest of PoD's stuff, but that doesn't work very well on its own. 1 is a great albeit slow opener that I'd see nicely starting a much longer set than this EP. Thankfully it is continuous with 2 which is the highlight here, nice dub techno once it kicks in but that doesn't quite reach the level of jam and feels not ambitious enough with too few sounds and synths. 3 is a mistake and breaks both the continuity and the mood with a boring, overlong generic track. 4 is also overlong with a meh intro and a semi-annoying last minute or two, but the bulk of the track is sweet and bouncy with a lovely round bass, but again not a jam. Record is very nicely produced and shows potential, but it's only a 2.7 really.
Protector The Heritage
Clearly their best lp imo. Far fewer wankery solos, far fewer annoying vocals. Still not convinced by this band though and I won't push their discog to the post-hiatus stuff. Most tracks are mostly ok with some good bits and some annoying bits, but none are truly unpleasant all the way through except the outro track which is weird and unnecessary. Could bring the album a point down on its own. Again, the best parts are some track intros, on 2 and especially 4 and 7. 4's intro feels like a breath of fresh proggy opethy air - clearly the best track of the first half -, and 7 is kinda jammy with Daughters/TDPey instrumentation but bad vocals. Would have considered 3.0 range without the outro track, but this is a 2.7
Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad
Meh. Very mild album, most tracks are ok but kinda boring, especially past track 3. If you get past Jay Z's annoying contribution, 1 is kinda bouncy and a fun track - although not quite a jam. 3 is a funny throwback and honestly a fun listen. 9 is kinda interesting and wakes you up after a long run of bland songs. 10 is a nice relaxed track. Apart from that, not much to retain. 2, 4 and to a lesser extent 5 are some of the most annoying Rihanna material yet. I'm just going to forget about this. 2.4
Sabbra The Sun​,​The Moon​,​The Stars
This is interesting and makes me want to follow their future output. Nice riffage and textures. For the moment though, this is so short it does not have much value as an album. It is barely long enough to be a single song, so there is no time to set a real atmosphere or a personality. Will follow what they come up with next. 2.6
Secret Band Secret Band EP (Remastered)
This is a rollercoaster of things I love and things I hate. Instrumentals are fantastic on track 2 and 3, with groovy bass lines and an especially nice bass tone. The opener is cool too. I absolutely hated the vocals throughout the record - too much of them, too low quality, too annoying. Track 4 I disliked altogether. Meh. 2.3
Sewer Election Malign
Yeah this one didn't strike home at all. It's mostly made of experimental bore collage kind of stuff without much to it, and certainly isn't a noise album like Wreck. 3-5 was quite nice though, with 3 being harsher noise stuff, 4 sounding like an old tape warping in a cool way, and 5 having perhaps a weaker first half but a cool second half. 8 goes drone but isn't successful at it, 9 sounds like distorded DS but is quite eh, and for the rest this is pretty much just boring random sounds I found.2.3
Shakira Shakira.
Her most American album yet bar a couple Spanish versions. It often does not quite feel
like a Shakira album, but honestly it is not badly done. Lots of influences are explored,
and only a few tracks are truly unpleasant (like 8). The kind of album that would be fine
on the radio or as background music, but that I wouldn't really come back to otherwise.
Feels like teenage music that came out too late for me to enjoy any nostalgia from it. Fav
tracks 3, 10 and 12. 2.6
Shakira Pies Descalzos
Quite mwerf album. Loses the outdated charm of the first two without quite making up for it. 1 still sounds outdated but from the 90s now. Her voice is now much more recognisable and shaping up her style. There are no real track transitions but the flow is still ok. 2, 4 and 10 are all ok-nice beats with her annoying vocals atop, although 10 does have fun backing vocals. 3 is a quirky but fun reggae/dub Shakira track. 7 is kind of a laid back summery sexy track and is quite nice, and 9 is a vaguely interesting interlude. For the rest, the record is either boring romantic stuff, or just plain but ok vaguely rock pop, but not much I'll remember. 2.3
Sianvar Stay Lost
At its best this sounds like HRVRD. The calmer phases are especially enjoyable. At its worth this sounds like a complete cacophony with gimmicky guitar riffs overpowering the flavorful elements of the music. Climaxes and explosions in this are not fantastic, and even sometimes irritating. There are many records out there that are similar to this, but just better, including other works by the members of this band.
Spectral Voice Necrotic Doom
For a demo, production is stellar (far better than the first Blood Incantation EP), and the deep guttural vox is fantastic. But instrumentally this is generic doom chug and not much else, despite the tasty fat tones these guys employ. Some riff are nice but they just last a second, and there are awkward grooves too. The early track on 2 is nicer, and accelerations are nice like on the fourth minute on 3. And to be fair this never annoying. But I sure won't come back to it. 2.6
standards Friends
Quality, but really generic tappy noodly math-rock. Not much I'll remember. 2.6
Stars of the Lid Music For Nitrous Oxide
Frankly quite boring drone/dark ambient with really odd volume changes (at least on Spotify). 3 is kind of a dark ambient jam tbh, 8 has nice hiss/scratch noise textures, but beyond that I won't retain anything. 4's beginning is a bit annoying and dissonant in a bad way, and 6 is all annoying too. The rest is fine I guess. 2.6
Stars of the Lid Maneuvering The Nocturnal Hum (E.P.)+
Note: only jammed the EP part, not the live track. First 5 mins are nice watermusic-esque
ambient but not super noteworthy, the last 5 minutes are slightly less nice watermusic-
esque ambient still not super noteworthy, and in between this has more interesting textures
but still not super noteworthy. Best is min 13-17, 5-12 is frankly not that great. Overall
this is a 2.7
Sundrugs Desert Underground
Soundoff from yesterday. On this one Sundrugs decide to eplore tribal drums and ambiences, which is nice, but not wonderfully well executed here. 1 start of with nice eerie and scary textures before the tribal drums kick in, and ends on a synthy groove at the end. Very nice track and the most successful one by far. 2 is even more clearly tribal from the get go but just isn't a good track. 3 starts of on very creepy and interesting drone textures that get a bit broken by adding tribal drums yet again. That one could have really worked if it weren't for those drums. The last 30 seconds are outright annoying. Kudos for experimenting, but this is not his best at all. 2.6
Sundrugs Light Paints a Way
This album gives a perfect example of why having too much going on at once can break ambient-related music by not allowing atmosphere to set in. This is my comment for the bulk of the record, some sections are nice, some sounds are really cool, but structurally the tracks just feel febrile and too eager to move on to the next sound. So it doesn't work. The opener starts off nice and gritty to morph into some kinda psychedelic synth stuff, and it is pretty nice. 2 has nice synths again, but starts the record's aforementioned main problem. 3 and a lot of the ensuing tracks feel a lot like some kind of OST that would be nice in a movie but not so much on its own. 9 is more focused but is a bit forgettable. The three piano pieces are quite nice, not so much the first but the second and especially the third (10) with its degrading reverberations in the background - the best track on the record, kinda jammy. The closer relies on a lot of field recording and is a nice way to wrap up the album, it is simpler, more bare bones, and works well because of that. There is just a lot more exciting stuff in this guy's discog. 2.7
Sungazer Sungazer Vol. I
This is an interesting mix of genres for sure: from math-rock bass lines to chiptune and vocal sampling that sounds like it could be on Liquicity tracks, to cool odd synth work,... The list is long, which is impressive for such a short EP.rHowever it also makes it sound like a mess, and the record is a bit difficult to grasp as a piece of music. The meme vibe is strong with this one. Track 2 and 3 are great but I'm sure Adam can do better. 2.6
Svalbard One Day All This Will End
Not a huge fan of this. I see what they were trying to do and the mix of genres (post-rock, hardcore, Oathbreaker) is great, but it just did not work well for me. A bit too formulaic and having trouble with most of the vocals - although they are sometimes great like at the end of 'The Vanishing Point', reminding of 90's screamo vocals, or on the closing track. The intro melody in the first few seconds of the first track is gorgeous. 2.6
Svarte Greiner Moss Garden
Yup, this one's a bore. First track is a long minimalistic dark ambient drone with not much to it, and second track starts off well in the first few minutes but then goes back to more of the same. At the 16:20 mark some cool sounds reappear, but that's almost the end of the record anyway so that hardly bumps it up. 2.55
Teik Aro Acid Resurrection
It does what it says on the tin: it's acid techno. It worked for the purpose I gave it
(late night work), and it isn't bad by any means, but it is really the recipe applied to
the T and that's pretty much it. The tracks are of decreasing quality, but 1 is kinda nice
actually. I don't know much acid techno but I'm sure there's better stuff out there - some
bits are cool and would spice up a set nicely though I guess. 2.6
Teik Aro Acid Resurrection 8 & 9
There is an evolution, but it's not huge. 1 is very formulaic, but 2 introduces a much denser and better track that isnt just the recipe applied. I was excited, but the last two minutes went rapidly downhill in quality and brought this back under the 2.5 bar. Second track is still super fun and evokes Belgian New Beat from the 90s in modern techno form. Might come back to that track? 2.7
The Contortionist Our Bones
1 sounds like the one non-annoying and therefore best song of some annoying djent band with a few actually nice Contortionist sections sprinkled in there. 2 is best and I kinda like it, 3.5 range track. 3 is a nice interlude but guys this a 10min EP you don't need to be doing outros and interludes and stuff, it's forgettable. 4 is a cover so yes it is cool but it's cool because it reminds you of the original, and it does not diverge enough stylistically to be interesting as a cover. This is not a bad record but I don't care for it at all - feels like it has no structure and no point - hence my rating. Hope they won't pursue the direction they took in track 1 any further. 2.5
The Haxan Cloak Observatory
Meh. Nice vaguely ambient synthy stuff, but really nothing I'll come back to. 2.5
The Love Experiment The Love Experiment
This is a very uneven neo-soul record. It is FULL of good ideas, but the execution often just does not cut it and a lot of tracks often fall short of their potential, owing to odd compositional choices and sounds. 'School Girl' is kinda cool, 'Friends' is nice, and the Prelude is outright gorgeous: completely different from the rest of the record, it is essentially a piano piece that reminds a lot of Kashiwa Daisuke in his less electronic moments. The album outro is similar although a lot cheesier and less interesting. 2.7
Trespassers William Different Stars
Still unimpressed by these guys, I'm really surprised this clocks a 4.3 average. This is basically the first album again but with correct vocals, which makes it never unpleasant, but also isn't enough to make it interesting to me. It is still the same type of kinda ballady mellow song time and time again, which bar the occasional nice moment and dreamy guitar bears little interest in my book. 2 is one of the nicest songs with a tasty guitar tone and lovely but occasional high notes from the vox. 4 another strong song with a very sweet kinda despaired track that ends into a nice explosion of sorts. 9's a nice example of the inoffensive type songs, and 11 is a nice conclusion - the intro is inspiring and could make a nice beat, and the midtrack is beautiful. Apart from that, meh. 2.7
TTNG Disappointment Island
I will avoid the world of unfunny title-based puns these guys were asking for when they named their album and just say this isn't super good. Some tracks are ok and bouncy (I actually liked 'consoling ghosts'), and it is all still technically extremely impressive, but the spark just isn't there and this really is not TTNG's best effort. 2.7
Vehemence (FRA) Par le sang versé
A whole lot better than their first. Unlike the latter, it almost never sounds like a caricature.
The first half of the album is still majorly annoying to me though, with its dorky powered black
metal - just done better than on their first oput. I was hopeful because there is a section on
the first track where I actually like that, but the rest disappointed. Track 5 exemplifies how
annoying this can get. Album is saved by its instrumental interludes on tracks 3,6 and bits of
others. Nice guitar noodling with medieval textures in addition. Those sections become more
prevalent in the second half, which is miles better. Still dislike the album overall, but it is
not bad per se like its older brother. 2.3
Ximena Sarinana Mediocre
This is kind of ok pop sung in Spanish. The first two tracks are jams and got me excited, made me think I found an underrated album. But after that the record looses your interest very quickly. Track 3 is ok, track 4 is meh with failed ventures into electronic sounds, and then most of the rest is ok but super generic inoffensive pop, with the occasional unpleasant track in 9 and 11. I like her vocie, but her singing is kind of flat and does not vary much, so over the course of an album it starts to get pretty boring I have to say. Will remember the first two-three tracks but that's it. 2.6
Ximena Sarinana Donde Bailaran las Ninas
Sorry Xi but after this and 'Mediocre' I can't get myself to jam the rest of yar discog. This is also mild, inoffensive and generic pop, but on the latin side of pop. Track 1 is a jam and made me want to spin her music in the first place. Track 3 is inoffensive latin stuff but kind of a beach jam? Track 2 is representative of the rest of the album and is ok but so inoffensive, background chill pop. The rest is also boringly ok, with a couple urgh track (4,9,10). Her voice is more artificially produced and generic, but still sounds flat across tracks. Track 9 and 10 attempt to diversify the sound with some mellow piano but it's just failed. 2.25
Zeus! Opera
Yeah I had hopes during the first half that this would be in 3-3.5 territory, but the second half failed me. This sounds like The Bulletproof Tiger ran everything through shitty $20 Behringer fuzz pedals for a e s t h e t i c s and got themselves a part time black metal singer. That is to say, a lot of it is experimentation that must be fun to play but isn't all that fun to listen to and just sounds like an unhappy mess. I do enjoy the occasional Halloween synths on 1 (fav track I guess), 5 or 9, the sporadic mathcore touches (e.g. on 4 but all over the place really), and the heaviness of some tracks (e.g. 9, the other strong track of the record, maybe with 5's cool ending), but I didn't enjoy moments when the band sounds like grindcore made on a snes. Don't think I'll come back to this, the run from 6-11 just became more and more boring and lost me. 2.7

2.0 poor
Annihilator Alice in Hell
On the plus side, this album has a lovely bass tone, the intro is a lovely jam that feels like it preludes to a prog rock album, and nearly every track has the odd thrash metal riff moment that is kinda cool. The intro to 3 and 9 are quite nice. Apart from that, this is an extremely wankery record, fluctuating between thrash metal and speed/power metal (not my cuppa), with never great but sometimes ludicrous vocals that make you feel like you're being toldna fairy tale over some metal background, and the instrumentation feels generic, wankery and boring most of the time - bar the aforementioned odd nice riff. Nothing I'll come back to. 2.2
Ariana Grande Yours Truly
The first few tracks are kinda nice, roaming 2.5-3.5. The opener is actually a good song. Then it all goes downhill - the last two tracks are particularly obnoxious, but there is plenty of 1-1.5 material in there. I did have to stop in the middle for a good while, and I am a bit biased due to not knowing any of these songs prior, but yeah the only track I might rejam is the opener. 1.9
Ariana Grande My Everything
Better than her debut because of sheer coherence. Tracks 1-9 are all the same kind of really
summery happy summer festivaley pop that would fit in as party/beach music in some young teen
movie - a perfect example is track 3. The individual tracks aren't any better than on her debut,
but at least they are cohesive. The feats are generally ok and better introduced. Then from track
10 on it all goes to crap with again random romantic ballads and a complete destructuration of
the record. I almost thought I was jamming a bonus track compil, but no. All in all, not great a
record, but a bit better. Track 1,3 and 5 are kinda nice. After that I lost interest I have to
say. 2.1
Ariana Grande Thank U, Next
Her most consistent album, in that there are almost no truly bad tracks, but also very few tracks I dig. 4 and 12 are probably the only kinda jams, with 7 being nice too, while 3 is probably the most annoying track. Ari keeps the trap/rap influences from Sweetener, but watered down with more pop - which isn't in itself a bad idea. The famous tracks are meh too. Her most forgettable album since her debut? 2.2
Ben Chatwin The Sleeper Awakes
Aggressively boring. Sounds like a collection of pretty post-rock intros or interludes. Sure it has good ideas and it sounds nice, but the tracks always have a sense of build up that never leads to anything. As ambient music, as standalone music, it doesn't work. At best though this sounds like Nils Frahm B sides like 3 (a jam I guess?) and 6, the latter being mixed with GYBE interlude vibes. 5 is a typical example of a track that doesn't work. Might come back to this for inspiration, but as an album it completely failed to excite me for the rest of his discog. Not terrible though. 2.1
Ben Chatwin Heat & Entropy
More of the same, except with even less pretty parts and more boredom. 1 is cool and works because it actually is an intro. It is quite inspiring and could go into a lot of directions - could make a rap beat out of it I'm p sure. 5, 8 and the very end of 2 are the only bits that actually kinda work without feeling like glorified intros/interludes, but 5's just ok really. 8 is pretty and maybe the best track here. 6 is synthy and vaguely nice. Besides that, zzzzzzzzz. 1.9
Can Bardd The Last Rain
Bleh. The medieval-sounding instrumentals are actually cool which is unexpected for me
(usually it sounds a bit funny to me), but at some point it just is too much especially
with the vocals. I don't like the harsh vocals either. Thus I either feel like I am at
the Renaissance fair or listening to cool bm with bad vocals. Either way, not so great.
Cardi B Invasion Of Privacy
This wasn't completely awful, which is better than I had expected. Sorry Cardi but the moments I prefer are the ones where feats take over. I really can't manage to like her delivery, it just feels flat and hollow to me. The lyrics are often so in your face that it is difficult to ignore them. Tracks like 4 or 7 could be jams if it weren't for her vocals - especially on 4's second half. Same goes for 8, which is probably one of the most solid tracks of the album owing to the prominence of guest vocals over hers atop a nice instrumental. Her vocals fit best on 10, which is kinda jammy, thanks to the held back nocturnal non-twerky atmosphere. Vocals that I would normally dislike - Bad Bunny's or SZA's autotune, Chance the Rapper's vox on 6 - actually feel welcome and refreshing because they bring life to the record. 1 is kinda nice too, 5 is m'ok, and then the rest is just bad - same level as Shakira's Eldorado I guess. 1.8
City of the Lost Birds Of Tartary
Super dull post-rock - who said this was post-metal? Don't understand how they can label themselves as 'progressive post-rock' when this is about as generic as it gets. Sounds like a fun band to listen to in the morning at Dunk! festival while waiting for the afternoon headliners, that's about it. Two last tracks are a wee bit better, but overall this is still a 2.1
Converge Endless Arrow
I like Converge and I like ambient drone. And this comes from good intentions I think so I'd like to rate this high. But, while for five minutes it is quite nice, this is so drenched in reverb and delays and fx in general that it lacks definition, structure and texture really. It feels digital, hollow, and all too samey without having much to hook you. 10 minutes in I already wanted to skip to the end. Skipping ahead indeed, the end seems grittier which earns this a point, but it's still not great. The start is a fade in, the end is a reverberated fade out, symptomatic of the bulk of the track really. 2.1
Dark Angel Leave Scars
This one felt better because it was less one dimensional, but it was still weak with a lot of boring tracks. At least the squeals are very scarce and the vox are mostly ok. 1 is nice especially the intro, but still got me worried that this would be mindless speedy thrash like the previous album -which thankfully it wasn't. The end of 2 and the first 5 min of 3 gave me hope as pretty bouncy thrash tracks, but only 6 and the intro on 8 managed to carry the flame. The rest of the album just felt boring with excessively long songs overstretching relatively weak motifs. While I appreciate the attempt at variety, the two instrumental tracks on 4 and 7 just felt dull, and 5 has annoying vocals. Meh. 2.2
Dark Angel Time Does Not Heal
Two tracks in I thought this would be the one DA album that isn't bad. Track 1 is actually cool, it is far proggier, more instrumental, has no annoying vox, it's riffy but also melodic in place, it's almost a jam really. Sounds like a different band. The first half of 2, although the vox isn't the best, feels quite cool and dark too. Then starting from the middle of the track, things go downhill. The goodness of 1 is never seen again, and DA return to their speedy boring thrash style, with vox that at that point feel completely out of date and seem sometimes like they will never stop, and riffs that are only occasionally catchy, eg on 4 and 9, but can also feel contrived eg on 5, or just don't mark you at all which is most of the record. 6-8 is so annoying I started skipping it. I guess because of 1 this is the best Dark Angel album, but it's still a 2.0
Dark Angel We Have Arrived
Doesn't really excite me for the rest of their discog - pretty annoying thrash really. The instrumental part is mostly ok, but is ruined primarily by horrible vox with random high pitches and just generally of an annoying nature, and secondarily by occasional but excessively long wankery solos. These two together break every single track. The prod is also quite bad (and uneven track to track), most noticeably on 1. 2 has a sweet bass intro and a really cool buildup that's quite brutal for the time. Then it goes to crap. 3 is one of the best tracks because he pretty much doesn't sing for most of the track. 6 starts with an actually cool interlude followed by an ok riff, then it goes to crap. 7 has a cool intro riff, then it goes to crap. I hope dearly that their style changed later on. 2.1
Dark Angel Darkness Descends
This is not as annoying as its predecessor as the vocals have massively improved and are only occasionally ridiculous, but it is just thoroughly boring. Prod seemed a bit weird. The good riffs are very scarce, and instead are drowned in a sea of a lot of notes played very fast. Apart from the sweet bass intro on 4, this was just mindnumbing rapidy rapidy thrash that I won't come back to. 2.0
Dua Lipa The Only EP
Track 1 and 3 are very very festivaley pop. Not top-notch by any means but I appreciate her voice and the touches of reggaeton beats here and there (for lack of a better analogy). Other tracks are meh to mildly annoying so nothing all that great here. Still looking forward to jamming her lp. 2.0
Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias
Incredibly outdated, cliche and cheesy. The first two songs made me actually laugh and warrant this a couple points just for that. They're just so hilarious and outdated it's got to a take a smile out of ya. By 3 the funny is fading down and getting replaced by boredom. 4 sounds amateur in places, and by 5 he starts getting moany and the album starts just bouncing back and forth between annoyance and zzzzz with my rating going downhill all along. 9 wakes you up near the end with some nicer sounds and a vaguely catchier track similar to 1-2, but his singing is still borderline insufferable, and 10 goes back to a boring cheesy annoying ballad, thus the hope is only short lived. Don't think I'll ever come back to any of this. 1.8
Exhorder Mourn the Southern Skies
Erh this is in a very different style to their other two albums, and I do not like it at
all. 1 is probably the most palatable (except perhaps the closer) on the whole thing. It is
quite bouncy, and the vocals don't get too wankery. However, with every new track, boredom
and annoyance start to settle. This is very much beer metal with not much substance to it,
just some riffs and words to shout in the crowd with a fist in the air and a beer in the
other hand. It's beer metal of the ok kind but I really don't care for it. A lot of tracks
like 6 have a sweet intro riff, but after that they all reach various levels of dull. The
closing track stands out of the rest, with a much slower pace to it, and an actual intro
and outro. It's not as bad, but the bulk of the song is still quite boring - the end is
quite nice prog with wankery vocals though. That last tracks bumps it in a bit safer
territory at 1.8
Four Year Strong Enemy of the World
Dexbro will kill me on this one (cc) but I can't seem to get into this album at all. There's something about the aggressive guitars, the ubiquitous singing with a lot of different voices and the general prod that just doesn't sit right with me. When it is fun, it's lacking the nostalgia factor to be more than merely 'fun'. The last two tracks are examples of tracks that I enjoyed with nice anthemic sections and not much annoyance to them, bumping the record a couple points up. 7 was also kinda cool as music for poolside beer and tank tops. The intro of 5 and 1 were the other kinda cool bits. I feel like I preferred the more straightforward mostly pop punk bits, and didn't enjoy the mix of heavier parts in the other tracks. I mean for instance the breakdown on 6 with all those voices and all just doesn't work for me. It just feels like the aggressive tone here and there doesn't work for the fun vibe they're trying to convey. 4 or 9 are examples of tracks I really didn't like, mostly because of the vox. Anyway I'll stop blabbering on, fight me dedex. 2.2
HellHammer Triumph Of Death
I don't understand why anyone would check this boring, overstretched pile of semi-raw badly produced blackened Motorhead when its only interesting tracks are also on the previous, shorter and better demo. The only exception is 12 which is kinda bouncy and not on the previous demo. 14 has an ok intro but is fantastically boring, as an example. Won't come back to this for sure. 1.8
HellHammer Satanic Rites
Doesn't sound as bad as Triumph, but still quite boring. Prod is better although less raw and the vox are less interesting. It does reduce the annoyance factor though. They reuse songs a lot which I'm not a fan of. The run from 5-8 is mostly ok, but the album is just too long and too boring. 2 and 11 are kinda bouncy I guess. 2.0
HellHammer Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.
1 is ok I guess, and 2 is kinda bouncy (maybe 3.0 material), but 3-4 are absolute bore. They even noticeably lose their sync at one point, come on guys do another take. The acceleration at the end of 4 is way too late to wake your interest up. At least it isn't aggressively annoying and remains quite short. 1.9
HellHammer Apocalyptic Raids
Their most passable record (the punkish goodness of Death Fiend notwithstanding) but still a bore. The prod improved which helps, but now feels very soft that wants itself to be brutal. The guitar tone on 1 is nice for example but overall they sound quite mellow. The other major problem here is tempo. The songs are just too slow to make such simple riffs work, and the record sometimes feels like you're playing it on x0.75 speed or something, best heard on 4. The last two tracks are far more digestable because they speed up (funny that they should speed up on Revelations of D o o m of all titles). 3 is just ludicrous and sounds like a bad Black Sabbath parody. Yup, won't come back to Hellhammer any time soon. 2.1
Internazionale Avatar in Life
Nice attempt at varying styles, but honestly it doesn't work. The first four tracks - and to a lesser extent, the whole of the record - are so incoherent and have so many random sound samples and out of place textures - really odd ones in places - that I genuinely looked to see if I didn't have a tab playing some sound in the background over the music. But no I didn't, the music is just like that. Track 8 is a nice example of trying to overlay drone/ambient stuff over a beat and failing at it. While the concept sounds great, the execution does not live up to it at all. The closing track is quite nice ambient, but that's about the only thing I kinda dug on this. 2.2
Metal Zone Magic Kingdom
Kinda weird, glitchy electronica vaguely droney stuff from members of Gospel. Not what I expected, and honestly apart from track 3 and maybe track 6 this is too glitchy to my taste, but nice to see the experimentation, and although it doesn't hold up well as an album imo, some individual sections are really nice. 2.1
Old Silver Key Tales of Wanderings
I really wanted this to be good. How could Drudkh + Neige produce something this poor? I thought sputnik was wrong, but it wasn't. This album disappointed me big time, mostly because of uninspired instrumentals (which is surprising from the Drudkh guys) and vocals from Neige that often sound out of place and do not feel like he put his heart into them the way he does for Alcest records. This just sounds like an early Alcest demo they want everyone to forget about, instead of the incredible supergroup album this should have been. It is not unpleasant to hear, but it is frankly very dull. 2.1
Overkill Power In Black
Guys stop fanboying, this isn't a record I'd recommend anyone to listen to. Like yeah it has occasional nice bits, but it gets progressively more annoying the longer it goes, and the prod sounds like what you hear at a gig when you're in the corridor just outside the actual venue to take a breath. I'm mildly excited to hear their actual stuff, but this is not something I'll ever come back to. 1.8
Pestilence Resurrection Macabre
Pestilence go thrashened deathcore after a long hiatus, and it is quite terrible. So much that I will stop their discog there, I didn't sign up for a bad deathcore discog. The first track or two are quite ok, despite the deathcorey vocals, a wankery breakdown or two, and annoying mindless soloing, the brutal riffage makes up for it to some extent. After that, track after track it feels like the record drops the good riffs, ups the wankeriness and the bad or boring melodies, and does not know what to do except being br00tal whenever possible. First track or two could have been 3.5 range, but because towards the end you just want it to stop and you're bored out of your mind this has to get a 2.0
Porches. Je T'aime
Meh. Weird pop/indie folk with vocals mixed way too prominently that doesn't quite work. 4 reminded me of the folk bits on early Floyd but gets a bit boring. 4 becomes sort of cool once it crescendoes. Not much else I'll retain, but it's not horrible at all. 2.2
Porches. Slow Dance in the Cosmos
Big meh on this. Weirdcore indie rock/folk/pop. Again his vox are too prominent and get to yar nerves quite quickly. 1 is cool though, and 3 is nicer with scarce vocals and big fat electro indie rock riffage. The album then goes more folk on 4, more psych on 5, etc. It's a bit erratic but that is fine. 7 is really annoying, and I have mixed feelings about 10. The vox really breaks the deal for me and there isn't enough in the instrumentals to compensate. 2.2
Prince Of Denmark The Body
Weak album imo. PoD goes clubbier and darker than anything I know from him, and that's all
good and well, but every single track bar 4 (sweet groove, nice dynamics), 8 (last third
pounds nicely) and the closer has some kind of odd dissonant or arrythmic element that just
breaks it. And without that element they still wouldn't be incredible tracks for most of
it. The closer is kinda jammy and notable as a drone track with synths coming in the second
half which wraps the album up nicely and brings it up a point, but this is still something
I woun't come back to. 2.1
Protector A Shedding of Skin
I can see how this is their best, but their music still does not resonate with me at all. The run from 4-7 had me hopeful this could bump into high 2.5 to 3.0 territory, with some sweet riffage and cool intros, and lots of instrumental sections. Unfortunately, the multi-voice vocals and the overall wankeriness of the record ruin about everything else. The opener is awful and announces how the whole record is going to feel like. 8, 11,12 are also awful. The opening bit of track 2 is a good bit and reminds of bands like Ouroboros or Nile ahead of its time, but I'm really scraping the barrel here. Can't bring myself to rate this any higher than a 2.2
Protector Urm the Mad
Really poor, but not awful. The tones on this are really questionable. The vocals remind me of my ol' teacher's -core band lol. I don't hate it the way I hated their previous album, but I still don't like it all. There a few cool sections like on 4,6,7, but they last 30 seconds at best. Track 4 has the first memorable riff of the record, come on. There are odd choices here like that looped section towards the end of 2 or 3, what on Earth is that. This feels amateur to me and they can't seem to make a consistent song that's good all the way. I dig the art though. 1.9
Rihanna Unapologetic
Supremely incoherent album, especially the run from 1-7 which goes all over the place, with stark contrast of genres and abrupt changes of atmosphere from one track to the next with no transition whatsoever. It often feels like a compilation of random songs, and it also often feels that they were trying to follow and ride on every ongoing trend at the time. Only the run from maybe 6-8 feels a bit coherent, remaining in the realm of dance/dubstep/electronica. 6 has quite a nice verse but a terrible chorus, and 8 is actually a cool emotional dubstep track but with an annoying end. 7 feels outdated but would actually be kind of nice maybe in a taxi ride at 3am from one party to the other to pump you up . The run from 9-14 (long album yeah) is thoroughly uninteresting (although it goes from RnB to dub, dubstep, a ballad etc.) apart from 10, a nice bouncy house track that's kinda jammy. The second half did feel superior to the first half of the album, where the only highlight was 4 which is a jam of female rap, really cool but a bit shortand lacking a conclusion. 3 is nice and interesting with a sorta ethnic atmosphere, but has unfortunate drums, odd sound samples, and an out-of-place contrib from Eminem. 2 is famous but not that good of a track really. Overall this is a bad album wit scarce good tracks, but not a terrible one. 1.95
Rihanna A Girl Like Me
This doesn't feel as cutely outdated as her debut, which hurts it, except maybe on 4 and 10. Lots of dub-inspired track on 2,5, 8 and 9. The former two are quite meh, 8 is probably the best, and 9 is the most interesting with more of a stoner vibe and some brass, but her vox kinda breaks it. Her albums definitely prove to be diverse but weirdly constructed - notice how the dub tracks are spread all over the place. This one has also more of the boring romantic ballads, on 2 and 12 for instance, but 6 is the first time she's actually successful at it. No jam, although 7 is fun but is also hurt by Sean Paul (quite funny though). 1 is mildly famous too (but quite eh), and I'm surprised to already be recognising tracks in her second album. Overall this just feels much weaker than her first one to me. 2.0
Rihanna Rated R
First half really boring, second half mostly ok, giving a fairly forgettable album that is surely not as fun as her debut without quite making up for it in emotion or atmosphere. I have to say the album flows well, has a genuinely cool albeit outdated dubstep-ish intro (yes yes), and a proper finale although quite lame given its title is 'Last Song' and the lyrics talk about how it is... the last song. Well done on that. She's shaping her her sound more towards the Rihanna I know, with more rap/hip hop influences here and there (and some rogue dubstep bits too), and almost no dub/reggae touches left. Most tracks are annoying to mildly ok. 2 is kinda badass and interesting at least, 6 is kinda cool but not a jam, 8 is also kinda badass and bouncy, and generally the run from 8-12 isn't all that bad, but there isn't really a jammy track on the whole record. Eh. 2.1
Rihanna Talk That Talk
The first half of this made me think it was unfairly underrated because of its club/EDM inclinations. 1 is ok, 2 has a silly intro but is dancy and I kinda dig it before its latter third which is silly again, and 3 albeit the simplest track imaginable with two notes and a kick snare pattern is saved by nice catchy vox, and I would be lying if I said I don't find it fun. 4 is for once, a successful feat, with the rest being an ok track. So far so good, 2.5-3.0 range stuff. Then 5 and 6 are some of the worst Rihanna tracks yet, 7 is a short ok relief before 8 annoys us again on top of semi-plagiarizing the XX. 9 and 10 really aren't all that bad but by that point the album starts to get on your nerves, and is only bumped a point up thanks to an ok-ish emotional closer. An excessively long downhill ride. 1.8
Shadowland (RUS) A
Pretty inconsequential synth ambient EP. Remote ambient bm vibes, but reminds me more of the soundtrack of some old snes rpg to be honest. Nothing unpleasant, but nothing I'll remember. 2.0
Shakira Peligro
Weaker than her first. It is longer, and that starts to hurt from track 7-8 onwards. There are also fewer jam tracks/moments that are spread thinner. 4 is funny and fun, 5 has Pan flute which is cool, and 6 is a jam. Beyond that, the only noteworthy track is 10, which first sees Shakira use tribal sounds - for lack of a better term -, which is interesting but not all that good, and then sees the track shift to something with a cuban, jazzy fun mood which I dig and is super jammy. Other tracks are mostly boring, with some scarce nice and scarce unpleasant sections, 7 and 9 being the most annoying tracks. 2.0
Shakira El Dorado
Seeing that this was on bandcamp (yes) I had to listen to it for the lolz. And it was just as bad as I had expected. I'll admit some tracks are maybe 2.5's-3.0's - summer beach feels are not inherently wrong -, but the overall album is a disaster. It tries so hard to be a new summer hit but is hilariously confused as to how to go about it. We get everything, from piano based lamentations to reggaeton, to mellow supposedly romantic songs, in no order and without any logic or structure at all. Even language-wise this is an erratic record, going clumsily from English to Spanish, and even to French with Black M's feat (yes). It's actually a funny listen, but don't expect anything good let alone great. At least it is not unbearable. 1.3rEdit: I was too harsh with this. It is annoying at times, but far from her worst. It is her most reggaetony yet, following trends really, which is a bit of a shame - her unique style is long gone by now. 1 and 3 are jams, 5 is fine, 7 is annoying but also sexy at times, and frankly I kinda dig 8's instrumental even though the vocals are appalling. 1.9
Shakira Sale El Sol
Much better than She Wolf in that it is not unpleasant per se, but still a weak album. 10 is an interesting track, and 2, 6 I think and 7 are kinda nice. The rest is just bland and not memorable, but nothing too annoying. 2.0
Shanti Celeste PARTY001 - Untitled
Pretty dull house EP that starts well with 'Loop One' mixing a lot of elements into a house frame, with drums reminding the listener of a happy version of Burial. Quickly enough the transitions become lackluster and the track ends up being a messy patchwork rather than a cohesive whole with various influences. The second track 'Selector' is not very interesting and did not even succeed at being an enjoyable house track for me.
Submotion Orchestra III
Meh. Nothing really bad, the first track even sounds quite nice, but absolutely nothing memorable. 2.2
The Haxan Cloak The Haxan Cloak
This may be partly my bad for expecting regular ambient/drone from the tags etc., but this felt more like an exercise on sound designing creepy atmosphere than an actual musical record. It does have some interesting bits - 1 evokes Schoenberg a bit, a lot of the tracks end on nice actual drone textures like 3 particularly, 4 or the closer; and the end of 6, although thoroughly unpleasant, introduces us to the concept of electronic grindcore. But beyond that I didn't enjoy this much at all, rather the opposite in fact. 2.0
The Haxan Cloak Excavation
I don't click with this guy's style at all (sorry dude). Beyond the occasional good texture (end of 2, middle of 9), this was not my thing. 2.0
Vehemence (FRA) Assiégé
Urgh. Artwork is the best part of this album. This often sounds like some youtuber's parody song
on a 'how to make black metal' video. Some sections are heavily power metal-flavoured, reinforced
by the medieval sound bits here and there, and vocals are horrendous - vaguely remind of Le Pre
Ou Je Suis Mort but just bad and out of place. Could be 1.5 range but the last track - some
inoffensive acoustic guitar noodling - pushed me to give this a 1.8
Zeal and Ardor Stranger Fruit
Blerf. The mix of genres (rock, gospel-ish backup vocals, vaguely black metal-ish noisy
parts) sounds interesting, but its execution is poor. I don't think there is a single
track I thoroughly enjoyed, with the exception of 'Solve' maybe. Some sections are cool,
yes, but they are almost systematically followed by annoying parts. I'll re-listen to
this in better conditions because it is quite unique, but I don't expect to like it. 2.1

1.5 very poor
Astronoid Stargazer
I hated this - to a point where I should probably re-listen to it because I maybe just was not in the right mood. This sounds like these guys have heard the 'recipe' for post-black metal and executed it to the T without adding any personal or original touch whatsoever. No memorable tracks at all. 1.7
Carly Rae Jepsen Kiss
With this album Carly completely moves away from the acoustic guitar ballad, Christian pop style of her debut LP to fully go into kick snare sidechain synth generic American summer pop, and it hardly, hardly ever works. The only exception is 9 which keeps the ballad style she displayed previously, but is nauseatingly naive. In fact, the album as a whole feels nauseatingly naive to varying degrees, with simplistic instrumentals, generic as it gets compositions, and cringy lyrics that are so clich you can often predict them. The tracks also almost all feel repetitive in a bad way. By 6 I had disconnected from the album completely, and the second half almost pushed this down to 1.0 range, with 7-11 being unbearable, especially 10-11 which are just horrible. Thankfully the closer is vaguely ok and at least bareable. 1-2 is also very annoying despite the presence of 'slap bass' on 1, and a tbh catchy chorus on 2. As we know from Curiosity 3 is a jam and the only track I'd ever come back to here (saving it all from 1.0 range). Feels like 2 but so much better and catchier. 4 starts ok but boasts an awful chorus, and 5 has horrible guest vox that make the track even worse than it was. Just a hair above 1.0 range really. 1.3
Demolition Hammer Time Bomb
At first I thought this got a bad rep because its style diverges a lot from the rest of their stuff. The first couple tracks have cool riffs and felt like they wouldn't warrant a 2.7 average. But after nearly a dozen tracks of the same, with meh vocals over incredibly similar riffs I had a headache and had understood why people loathe this album. The record tries so hard to make you headbang but it becomes annoying very quickly and doesn't work. The songs feel like they're all the same and despite a few nice groovy riffs, after a while you just want it to stop. 1.6
Devastation Violent Termination
This album combines some of the worst prod I've ever heard with some of the worst vocals I've come across. It's not that the record sounds lo-fi - that'd be fine, and tbh the frequency spectrum is decently covered -. The bass is mixed super oddly and is the most prominent flaw here, it literally sounds like low ended farts. The toms on 3 are ridiculously loud. And idk if it is the spotify version or what, but track 9 is louder than the rest, and on min 2 of track 6 it sounds like there is a CD scratch on the record or something? The vocalist sounds like he does not want to be there, has no energy, and ruins practically every song as soon as he comes on. Some of the songs have occasionally nice riffing, but really when the sound is this bad a couple riffs aren't gonna save ya. The more he shuts up - like on 7's intro - the better. 8 is probably the most decent track here. 1 is the best track and a jam because it is a superb album intro, but I have no clue what the heck it is doing in this record. By contrast and with the surprise effect, 2 is probably the worst here. The occasional good riffs and formal nature of the record's flaw (rather than compositional, mostly) keep me hopeful for the rest of the discog, but I can't decently rate this any higher than 1.5
Devastation Idolatry
I can't believe this has a 4.2 average on here. Unbelievably annoying album. The singer's vox are nice in the first five minutes, then they get to your nerves. The good riffs are scarcer here than in their two prior records, and the wankeriness is way up. 6 and 7 are the least annoying tracks, with 7 at least having a nice brutal riff. The album finishes on a fadeout - putting some acoustic guitar after a fadeout does not make it any less of a fadeout boys. This doesn't even have the excuse of being their debut, having bad prod etc., it's just not my thing at all. 1.4
HellHammer Demon Entrails
I don't care about the historical importance of this or whatever, it sounds terrible. The prod is awful, and far from reinforcing the brutality of anything it highlights the acute compositional simplicity of every single song. I don't understand how this was sold for money as a legitimate record when they even fail to keep tempo as seen on the third track. It is not the most unbearable thing in the world but I couldn't even bring myself to finish it because it was so aggressively boring. In a vacuum though I would probably have finished it, so it is not in 1.0 range. 1.4
Khorada Salt
This was a pain to listen to. The vocals are unbearable and the instrumentation is a complete mess. I love both Agalloch and Giant Squid, and am absolutely fine with Khorada sounding different, however this really did not click with me. I just don't get this album. The last track is quite ok which saves it from being a 1.0
Orbs These People Are Animals
This is just annoying to listen to, at least for me. It's original and all, it's not rlacking ideas, it is just annoying and does not give me any emotional response beyond that.
Protector Golem
Awful convenu, speedy, wankery and poussif thrash metal. Not a single enjoyable track, let alone a jam. It does have a grand total of maybe two minutes of good riffing, but beyond that it just doesn't work at all for me, instrumentally in particular - the vocals are mostly ok to be fair. Maybe I'm hating on this a bit too much but man was I expecting better. 1.4
Shakira She Wolf
Definitely a huge downwards step from her prior discog. Does not even have the cute outdatedness of her first couple lps to save it. The opening track and its Spanish counterpart are maybe a bit cute, and there are a couple ok bits here and there. But it has no jams at all, and most of the tracks are not even enjoyable, although bar a few like 6 or 11, there aren't too many really annoying ones. This is a vastly unpleasant album that often sounds like clich RnB/pop from 2001, and certainly not one I'll ever go back to. 1.75
Svarte Greiner Apart
A paramount example of boring 'drone' music. It never is unpleasant, but a minute or two in I knew this would be a bore and wanted to skip to the end the whole time. Collages of random sounds that don't last enough to craft an atmosphere (except maybe 3, at a stretch) and just feel pointless. The last track seems a bit different and perhaps worthwhile, but by then I had entirely lost interest, which for an album this short is a bad achievement to claim. 1.5
Trespassers William Anchor
The album's first track is by far the greatest and got me excited. Sort of a soft indie rock vibe. The voice is a bit odd,but once you get used to it it is kind of nice - not always though, some notes are still a bit of a stretch for the singer. But all in all it is a sweet track. For the rest, bar the odd nice guitar or melody and the album conclusion which is quite nice builidng up a rock explosion into a downwards piano piece, the album is a huge protracted bore where I ended up skipping through tracks. It is just ballad after ballad of mellow acoustic guitar plus ambience and most importantly the bad vocals. It's not the voice, but rather the singing technique. 3's a clear example where the vocals are just not in the notes quite often. 5's a bit nicer and more upbeat, but yeah album's a drag. 1.5

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