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5.0 classic
Agalloch The Mantle
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Amenra Mass V
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Boris Flood
Burial Untrue
Chill Bump The Loop
Clever Girl No Drum And Bass in the Jazz Room
Converge Jane Doe
Defeater Lost Ground
Deftones White Pony
DJ Shadow Endtroducing.....
Fall of Efrafa Elil
Fall of Efrafa Tharn
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Gospel The Moon Is a Dead World
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Portishead Dummy
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
Refused The Shape of Punk to Come
Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians
Suis La Lune Heir
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity
William Basinski The Disintegration Loops II
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss EP

4.5 superb
Anna von Hausswolff Dead Magic
Fabulous album mixing a variety of influences, even bordering on ambient and drone at times. Eerie, tribal, epic in alternation.
Arvo Part Spiegel im Spiegel
Delicate and breathtaking. Like much of Satie's work, wonderful musical food for thought.
Celer I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This
Some of the best sounding 'generic' ambient I've heard. Maybe I am overreacting due to being in the perfect mood for it. Very different from Para, whose charm came from original sounds and textures - nothing surprising here, but masterfully executed. Will have to re-listen. Oh and title is certainly not the record's strongest point. 4.3
Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas Mariner
Absolutely massive and enthralling. One of the best uses of female vocals in metal. Julie Christmas input notwithstanding this is already a fantastic CoL record with brutal riffs, excellent song constructions, and vocals amongst the best. Julie is a incredibly clever addition to their sound and brings a touch of madness, making the record sound like a lunatic witch ritual with powerful imagery a la Dead Magic by Anna vH. This freshness and originality is amazing from these masters of the genre, and this may very well become the CoL classic album I've been looking for. I have to say the second half did not feel quite as good on first listen, and 'The Wreck of S.S. Needle' is a bit of a weak point, but hell yeah this rocks. 4.6
Daughters Hell Songs
Liked this a lot more than YWGWYW. TDEP without metal and a touch noisier. Very accurately titled. 4.3
Deafheaven Demo
Deafheaven's sound is already there, but the black metal influences are more predominant, still with the characteristic post-rock interludes they are known for and have come to use increasingly along the years. This early output is excellent, although less ambitious and grand than their full-length work.
Death The Sound of Perseverance
IT COMESrFROM THE DEPTHSrOF A PLACErUNKNOWN TO THEEEErKEEPEEEEEEERrOF DREAMSrThis has some of Death's best banger tracks, but I have to say it got farther from a 5.0 for me. Transitions between songs are not always on point, and the Judas Priest cover is bad taste. Still incredibly solid though. 4.7
Death Human
I like a lot of death metal, but coming back to this always makes me feel like this is the absolute best death metal record out there, with the only real contenders being the three Death albums that followed it. Massive, innovative and never monotonous - the genre is masterfully executed. Especially after the remaster, this is a little bit like Pink Floyd in that you can tell it was made decades ago, but at the same time it does not sound old or outdated at all and is just as good today - if not better. Potential classic. 4.6
Erik Satie Gnossiennes
From reading online I gather only Gnossienne 1-3 were named as such by Satie, 4-7 having
been lumped in there posthumously. So I'm only talking about 1-3 here.rAbsolutely
stunning piano works with a unique, uneasy yet elegant feeling. No. 2 is my least
favourite, but 1 and 3 are absolute masterpieces. I sometimes prefer these to the
extremely overused Gymnopedies - depends on the mood really. They are drastically
different pieces of about equal quality. 4.4
Evilfeast Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest
This is fantastic and extremely atmospheric black metal. It remotely evokes a 2000's version of
90's Burzum. This is how dungeon synth truly shines, used either occasionally in conjunction with
bm or for short ambient interludes. Despite what I consider minor formal mistakes - fade out song
ends, abrupt changes in production that sound quite odd especially between the first two tracks
-, the record is excellent at crafting a wizardy, foresty, mountainy and mysterious feel, and has
enough unique traits to be quite memorable. Re-listen warranted. 4.4
Flourishing The Sum of All Fossils
Begins as a death metal album but progressively mixes a tonne of influences along the way, which makes it a very interesting piece of music that blurs the boundaries of the genre.
Francisco Tarrega Capricho árabe
Spanish guitar at its best. Soothing and relaxing.
Georgie Sweet Stories
Nujabes meets 90's soul? Add in a touch of XXYYXX on the second track, sprinkle with Hiatus
Kaiyote vibes and you get this little gem. This is only a two-tracker but it is splendid.
Cannot wait to hear more from her/these guys (not sure if this is a multi-person band or
not). Soulful, groovy and relaxing all at the same time.
Gnaw Their Tongues L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante
Orchestral noisy dark ambient/black metal. Don't have to say much more: this record is
f*cking terrifying and will chill your spine like day old pee in Siberia. The musical
embodiment of a cold, devastated hell. Glorious. 4.3
Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
This sounds like reading a book wrapped up in a warm blanket at home on a cold winter night. Superb acoustic guitar-based ambient with indie-like vocals. It is a bit on the long side and does not vary much, but because it has such a unique feel and texture, balancing between haunting and reassuring, in the right conditions it just works. Amazing album.
Grouper Ruins
Absolutely superb. My favourite from Grouper with Draggin a Dead Deer Up a Hill.
Absolutely worth a re-listen. Far heavier on the keys than DaDDUaH (what a strange
acronym), but that yields more than interesting textures. A lot of the album sounds like
Agnes Obel in terminal phase of depression, lost during a snow storm in some mental
hospital in the mountains. Magically dreadful. The last track is phenomenal and perhaps
the best of the album - instrumental ambient synth work that reminds of GYBE or
Agalloch's ambient moments. 4.3
Edit: listened again, agree with everything I said but bumped down to a 4.3 from a 4.4
Mastodon Remission
Probably the rawest Mastodon LP out there. Much less proggy than their later output, this record is massive and brutal yet in very intelligent and creative ways. It is 00's metal at it's finest. The album also knows when to get calmer and has a very dynamically evolving atmosphere - unlike many albums out there it is not a constant barrage of riffs with no story behind it*. I love the progressive elements they added later, especially on Crack the Skye, but this is also phenomenal and just as much of a potential classic. 4.4, for now.r*That can be ok too, but for this album it would have been a mistake especially since it is quite long
Meshuggah I
Mind-bending tortuous brutality. In my view, the peak of their work. Immensely complex and massive sound.
Neurosis Times of Grace
Absolutely bleak and ferociously dark. A dive into the depth of hell. Even though the music is in the end relatively simple, the evoked emotional response is extremely powerful. One of their best and sludgiest records. I wouldn't be surprised if it were Amenra's favourite. 4.3
Nuvolascura Nuvolascura
Phenomenal screamo with crazy drumming and relentless gut-wrenching energy. Amazing debut, a band to watch. 4.3
Oxbow The Narcotic Story
Sigur Ros Agætis byrjun
To me this has been 'almost a 5.0' for at least five years now. The beginning and the end are absolutely beautiful, but there is just a phase in the middle of the album where it struggles to match the quality of the rest, with a few sub par tracks that make me hesitant to make it a five. Still a strong contender though. 4.6
SUMAC What One Becomes
Holy f*ck this record is massive as f*ck. Crass, bleak post-metal with heaps of low end and fantastic guttural grows. I don't understand why this is rated so low on here. The compositions are maybe a touch simpler than say Isis' or CoL's, but they sure are efficient. Mad headbangs - Locust Star as an album. The record also has some calm phases (e.g. the end of 'Blackout' whose melody sounds exactly like Perth by Bon Iver) and lots of dynamics. Last track is probably the weakest and it's still great. 4.3
The Body No One Deserves Happiness
Exceptionally bleak and abrasive. A unique album with a peculiar horror-esque feel.
The Prodigy The Fat of the Land
Has been one listen away from a 5.0 for years now. It is such an exquisite bunch of songs absolutely packed with complete electro-punk goodness and incredible energy. One day maybe.
Tim Hecker Radio Amor
Tim Hecker is a dominant artist when it comes to drone ambient, and that has been the case for a long time as he shows us with this brilliant record. Hard to pick favourites in his discog but this one is certainly up there, varying between melodic and noisy tracks, uplifting and dark moments - some sections even reminding of Thomas Koner. Stellar and always a good re-listen. 4.4
Toby Driver They Are the Shield
Somewhere between 4.0 and 4.5. Violin/piano based prog, which in itself makes this worth a listen. Some really cool tracks (1,3,4) but the record is slightly on the lengthy side considering its overall tone scarcely changes.
Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
This is on the verge of getting to a 5.0, but I still need more listens to fully digest it and make my mind. Despite its lengthy runtime almost every single song is catchy and memorable. The album is masterfully constructed and keeps the listener entertained throughout the record. So many jams. 4.9
Unwound New Plastic Ideas
Always has been my favourite Unwound album after LTIY. Much more readily classifiable and accessible than the latter, it is an impactful, creative noise rock/post-hardcore album that packs a shorter, less grand but almost just as efficient punch as its little swansong brother. Always a jam. 4.3

4.0 excellent
*shels Laurentian's Atoll
Diverse record packing some great post-rock, post-metal and interesting interludes in a not-so-short amount of time. Could stand its own as a full length really.
Amber Navran Speak Up
Cool neo-soul EP with excellent grooves. Was rbobbing my head to the music all along. Some rsections are a little less tasteful than rothers with sounds that feel out of place or rgrooves that are somewhat lost at times, but rdespite this imperfect execution this is a rsolid EP that I will listen to again and ragain. 3.8
American Football American Football (LP3)
This is a great album by American Football. Not diverging much from their previous two albums but I like the use of keys on this as well as some of the guest vocals. Very relaxing and soothing with beautiful melodies, but nothing quite as catchy and memorable as their first LP. Will still re-listen to this for sure, but the first thing I did after finishing it was jamming Never Meant. 4.1
Anna von Hausswolff The Miraculous
This is underrated. Grand organ-based ambient ceremonial stuff that has some vocals reminding of Lana del Rey but miles, miles better. Album quality decreases ever so slightly through its course, but still a great jam. 3.9
Black Matter Device Modern Frenetics
Brilliant mathcore album, and a few tracks in I already knew I would need to re-listen to
it before making my mind on a final rating - it is a lot to process. The record is
extremely dynamic, jumping from sheer chaotic hardcore brutality to calm guitars in a
matter of seconds. The album mixes various influences and there are even some noise
sections sprinkled in. The recorded reminded me somewhat of a slightly less raw, 2010's
version of TDEP's Calculating Infinity. This is my rating for now, but I sense that this
may be a grower. 4.1
Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God
This album is unique, and for a straight up black metal record released in 2004 with no added elements from other genres, that in itself is laudable. The music has a strong horror feel to it and makes one's skin crawl minutes into the r ecord. However the record lasts long enough for the freshness and excitement of the first few tracks to slightly fade without renewing it with other atmospheres or ideas. A solid 4.1
Brutus (BE) Burst
Everyone is hyped over the new album but hey this jams. Somehow it sounds like it was recorded live, the production and vocals are a touch amateur. But when in general this can be a bad thing, here it gives the album a unique vibe. It feels like your teenage girlfriend's rock band except a lot better, and with tonnes of post-hardcore/even post-rock influences. There is a certain tenderness felt towards the music because of that. Idk it's weird. Also yeepee they're Belgian! 4.1
Brutus (BE) Nest
I was not quite convinced at first, and the first half of the album is a 3.8 reiteration of their first album that just charmed me far less. However, starting from 'War', the record lines up fantastic track after fantastic track, with lots of great ideas, cool riffs and drumming, and more post-rock influences. Second half is a 4.2, for an overall 4.0
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club
It is difficult enough to get music like this on a solid album format for me to
appreciate that fact alone. The album is sure good at setting a mood, and it will project
Cuban vibes anywhere you play it. It has a subtlety to it too, with a sense of melancholy
and longing for the old days - it is far, far from being just background chill music,
which I've seen it being used as a lot. However, the first half of the album (with the
notable exception of opener 'Chan Chan') pales in comparison to the amazing second half.
Overall still a solid jam. 3.9
Cacartu Habitat
Damn, that Melbourne soul scene man. This is a really consistent record without a single bad track and with quite a few high points ('Orion's Belt' or 'Cyclone' to name a couple). It is also more guitar-centered than a lot of the genre which gives it a remote bluesy vibe at times. Groovy, relaxing, smooth, and a definite re-listen. 4.0
Cacartu Cacartu
This neo-soul EP felt just a touch better than their full length, with more variety in a shorter runtime (including an instrumental track 'Jeff the Chef' that bangs). Again, not a single bad track and overall a very enjoyable record. I did listen to it in better conditions though so not a super fair comparison with the LP, probably need a re-listen. 4.1
Cara Neir Part III / Part IV
This record is incredibly diverse instrumentally, ranging from furiously chaotic hardcore drumming to almost trip-hop/hip-hop beats - worthy of note, 'Choke' was recorded four years before the rest of the album and has a very distinctive style, yet it blends quite well with the rest of the album.rThe album's main strength - its diversity - is also its weakness, with a couple lower points and harsh vocals that very subjectively I am not a fan of. As I was listening my intended rating bounced back and forth between 3.7 and 4.1. Regardless of the rating, this rules and is definitely worth a listen.
Celer Panoramic Dreams Bathed In Seldomness
Again, fantastic ambient-drone from Celer. Track 1 and 2 are not particularly great, they have brilliant textures but those are deserved by a choppy and erratic structure which struggles to establish a mood. Track 3 is much more linear which allows the atmosphere to set in, and the result is a fantastic track. Track 4 brings it up a notch and is the genre perfectly executed. Maybe not as surprising as Para, but very good. 4.15
Celer Para
Excellent ambient/dark ambient drone with rich, diverse and mildly surprising textures. Not quite interesting enough to loop over 50+ minutes, but very near that top tier. Will re-listen. 4.2
Chippr Jones Tropics / COSM
A low ambition two track (plus interludes) math-rock EP that ends up being full of rsurprises. 'Tropics' is especially impressive in how many styles of math-rock and rambiences it fits in under five minutes. This will never grow past a 4.2-4.3 for me rbecause it is so short and lacks identity as an album, but if you have a dozen minutes to rspare this is worth a shot. A lot of head-nodding high points and makes you want to rlisten to a full length by them.
Claude Debussy Deux arabesques, L. 66
Arabesque no. 1's opening and closing melody is some of the most gorgeous piano music I have ever heard. The middle is beautiful too albeit not at that same incredible level and the whole Arabesque is a solid 4.4. Arabesque no. 2 breaks the mood for me a little however, with its more classical, less impressionist style that I would almost call quirky at times, bringing the collection down for me. 4.0
Coalesce 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening
This is an excellent metalcore album.It is far from being a disruptive musical monument like its contemporaries (TDEP's CI and Jane Doe) which I see it often compared to - questionably if you ask me. It does not have anywhere near as much of a unique personality as these classics, but it sure is well ahead of its time and sounds better than a lot of the metalcore from 2005 and up. 4.0
Controlled Bleeding Distress Signals
Listening to this while reading the 'treatment' chapters in A Clockwork Orange was absolutely perfect. This the first powernoise/hnw album I thoroughly liked. It fit the scenes of torture, horror and medical abuse so goddamn well. It is also quite diverse in a way, with vocals in the opening track or a melodic mid-third track. Do I like powernoise now? 3.9
Cult of Luna The Silent Man
This bangs. The first half of the track especially the middle of the record was good, slightly post-rocky classic CoL. Not a lot of surprises but nice execution. The second half brings it up two notches however, with the addition of keys and organ, turning the whole thing into an incredible spatial, Gospel-esque/AvH-like experience - for two minutes. Really looking forward to their next full-length after this. 4.1
Cuzco Sketchbook
This is really pretty math-rock. In every way the direct follow-up to their first EP: Clever Girly production and instrumentation, chill vibes, no guitar neck wanking for the sake of it, but beautiful melodies instead. There is something nostalgic and soothing about it - what math-rock from your childhood would sound like. For some reason evoked math-rock EitS to me. Needs a re-listen. 3.8
Daughters Canada Songs
Hey why is this rated so low on here? This is one of the most fun grind albums I've come
across. It is quite unique too. The Hell Songs sound is already present and the record is
incredibly (too) short, leaving absolutely zero time to get bored. 3.8
Daughters Daughters
Really did not like the first track so I was a bit skeptical going into it, but tracks 2-5 bang so hard they completely changed my mind. If punk had been invented in the 2010s by people who were abducted by aliens in their teenage years and carried extraterrestrial eggs in their brains that's what it would sound like. 4.2
Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
Disturbing feel throughout the album. Very interesting listen although I did find the album somewhat linear and not as extreme in its concept as it could have been.
Deafheaven New Bermuda
Death Scream Bloody Gore
This is obviously well below Death's later, more technical, progressive and complex albums. SBG's songs are very similar to one another, and far less catchy and memorable. The riffs and songwriting are efficient but straightforward, simplistic even at times. But hell, this sounds incredibly good considering it came out in friggin' 87. Ten years later, many other bands could not still match that. It sounds dated now, but its quality has to be praised. 3.9
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Excellent death metal, but in my opinion really far from the (near?) perfect record Human was, despite having a very similar style. I would have thought Human was the later of the two, but not. Much simpler collection of songs whereas Human is a real story and has more soul. Some fantastic tracks on this one too though, such as Desitiny and Trapped in a Corner (I think, the third or fourth track). 4.1
Deathspell Omega Kenose
I don't really know to label this - sludgy blackened death metal? It sure is diverse and very dense, thereby warranting a re-listen. Track 1 is really cool, track 2 is phenomenal, track 3 really fell behind and felt bland and generic. God that fadeout outro. 4.1 for the first two tracks, 3.9 overall.
Deathspell Omega Mass Grave Aesthetics
Should've checked their EP's a long time ago. This is great and reminded me of the 'burning in hell' feel of Incantation's Onward to Golgotha's opener. This EP sounds a lot like death metal, but with black metal textures, and despite its 20min runtime it brings a lot of variety, with different atmospheres. orchestral elements sprinkled in etc. Re-listen warranted. 4.15
Downfall of Nur Umbras de Barbagia
Very interesting bm that I'd say any bm-appreciator ought to check out. The sparse use of
'traditional' folk instruments is very intelligently done here and gives ancient mysterious vibes
to the music, as if it were a lost beacon from an extinct civilization. The shrieking vocals are
a tough pill to swallow at times - although I did not really dislike them -, and the album does
loose a bit of its freshness and songwriting quality over time, the album closer being the worst
track. Absolutely worth a listen nonetheless. 4.0
Drudkh Forgotten Legends
Incredible debut. The Drudkh sound is already there, minus maybe some stronger folk influences, and the tracks are all good to excellent. This is a great record to get into BM, with extremely scarce vocals and relatively clean production. Not their best, but a truly solid album. 4.0
Dvne Asheran
This is really cool. The instrumentals are phenomenal and remind of Mastodon at times, but with a myriad of additional influences ranging from psychedelic to black metal. These make the album quite unique and really a worthy listen - and re-listen. The one problem I had with this was the singing. There are two types of vocals on this album: the not so bad harsh ones, and the annoying ones. Clean vocals sound amateur and to me they just ruin the instrumental epicness going on in the background. Still, they seem to be less used in the second half of the album, and they are not too invasive even in the first half. 3.9
Elder (USA-MA) Lore
Good lord this record is FUN. Groovy proggy Mastodon-y rock'n'roll goodness. The first two tracks are absolute bangers and I preferred them to RoaFW. Title track is probably the weakest, the last two are quite equivalent to RoaFW with a preference for the album closer. 4.2
Elder (USA-MA) Reflections of a Floating World
Awesome psychedlic/prog/stoner metal album. Very often feels like the logical continuity of 70's rock music except with modern day sound and heaviness. Even Pink Floyd-esque at times which is amazing. Some sections do feel excessively long and there is a tendency to sometimes go into random riffing and solos without much musical sense. Still, a brilliant record that manages to be both super cool and musically interesting. A definite re-listen. 4.2
Elliott False Cathedrals
This is top-notch emo/post-hardcore, especially for someone who like me does not enjoy
pop punk elements too much. The instrumentations are fantastic and production is unusual
but interesting, with very prominent and clear bass. The album starts mellow and heavy on
keys, emphasizing its emo sides, but evolves throughout the record and in the second half
often sounds like Tool morphed into an emo band. There are a few tracks that are subpar,
true, - the closing track for instance really does not do the album justice - but overall
this is definitely worth picking up. 4.2
Emmanuel All Killer No Filler
Excellent techno exploring a lot of textures in a short amount of time, from strong house influences on the opening track to more atmospheric ambient-dub techno towards the end, with a more industrial sounding middle track. Interesting sounds, especially on the last track. Very solid EP.
Emuul Crawling Across The Rafters
Great ambient record, with more instrument-based textures and fewer synth/noise/field recording sounds than commonly found in the genre - at least that's what it feels like. The first track is phenomenal, and 'Haunting with M' is really good too - the rest is ok. Worth a re-listen and props for having a black metal logo without doing black metal at all - although the ambiences created here remind of ambient black metal. 3.9
Enemies Valuables
Adorable poppy post-rocky vaguely mathy indie rock. From the first few seconds of the opening track you can tell this is going to be good. The female vocals on track 3 are a wonderful addition. Just a really pleasant album with nice dynamics and a good closer that calls back to the opener. Will happily re-listen. 4.0
Ex Eye Ex Eye
I really liked this - and I am surprised that I did because John Zorn-esque experimental saxophone sounds usually start to annoy me very quickly. Here the integration with vaguely blackened post-metal is brilliantly done and works well. I was worried that this would get too repetitive and annoying after the first two tracks though, and this is where the album is very well constructed as it throws at you a phenomenal ambient noisy track with no or little saxophone to relax your ears. The last track was the only one I disliked, but a couple minutes in I realized it actually was a bonus track and ditched it. Needs a re-listen. 4.1
Ghost Park 物の怪 (Mononoke)
I don't know who tagged this but this not post-rock by any means. Admittedly it is hard to tag. Lots of influences and instrumentations with field recordings, some brass, acoustic guitar, etc. Lots and lots of interesting textures and ideas make the record unique in its own right with good storytelling potential. Brilliant experimental ambient album which I will need to re-listen to - the opener is particularly good but so are a lot of the tracks. 4.1
Heaven In Her Arms White Halo
This is good, but all over the place. Added to the base of proggier less screamo heavy Abyssal-era Envy we find a bunch of somewhat random influences from black metal to wankery bedroom shreddy 'djent'. While this may sound interesting these influences are baked in quite poorly, resulting in the record feeling erratic rather than a cohesive multi-faceted piece of music. It still has beautiful sections and is well worth a spin, but it is a shame those sections are drowned by the lack of artistic direction. 3.8
Holy Fawn Death Spells
Excellent shoegaze album with lots of great influences. Alcest-y guitars, touches of Sigur Ros ambient interludes, Deafheaven harsh parts, and a couple other good things. Does not quite transcend as the aforementioned influences may suggest, but still great. 4.0
Horseback The Invisible Mountain
This album increases very steadily in quality through its course. After the first track, a boring, tasteless, screamy stoner rock song that vaguely reminds of Om, I was going to rate it 2.9 quite honestly. But every track improves on the previous one, to end on an album finale that is frankly quite gorgeous, more hypnotic, more psychedelic, and just overall miles better (4.2-4.3 material) than the rest of the album - reminding of TEoES Neurosis with Boris' Flood's beautiful hypnotic repetition. Re-listen warranted. 3.8
I Hate Models Midnight Cults
For IHM this is pretty soft techno, but he pulled it off well. This is very cinematic and evocative, a perfect soundtrack for daydreams of industrial landscapes and raves in obscure neon-lit basements. It also has some weird phases too and the EP's quality fluctuates a fair bit, but overall it is a good listen. 3.9
Immortal Onion Ocelot of Salvation
Great jazz record. Reminds quite a lot of Gogo Penguin at times (which is to be expected
given the instruments are exactly the same), however this has also freshness and
diversity, creating very different vibes throughout the record. The opener for example
starts with what could be piano work by Joe Hisaishi, but the eponymous track brings in a
completely different atmosphere with funky groovy bass lines and a much quieter piano in
the background. This constant shift in style and mood makes the record interesting and a
much enjoyable listen, with the band managing to craft their unique sound quite
Kayo Dot Hubardo
Glorious album by a glorious band. Despite its 90+ minutes runtime it is absolutely never boring, constantly switching both genres - from experimental metal to jazz, prog rock, post-rock/ambient - and instrumentation - guitar based, brass, keys, you name it. A crazy idea brilliantly executed. No bad tracks, but Thief, Zilda Caosgi, The First Matter, The Second Operation, Passing the River and the albumrcloser are highlights for me. 4.2
Kurt Travis Everything Is Beautiful
Great poppy album with lots and lots of interesting sounds. Rarely found poppy stuff this interesting. The first half is brilliant, with only a few annoying vocals here and there. Second half falls behind with some tracks that are entirely annoying and a lot more of his cringy vocals, but it still has some good tracks and melodies. Inspiring e.g. the intro of It's All Over. Album has quite a few flows but it was a positive jam still. Will probably re-listen. 3.8
Loure Smooth Talk
Really cool and groovy house EP with diverse sounds and textures. Nothing revolutionary, but a darn good listen nonetheless. Not a single bad track - in fact my least favourite is the only one that is a remix. 4.0
Mastodon Leviathan
Very solid Mastodon record, especially the second half. The first half of the record feels like it is undecided between the proggy feel of their later output and harsher, sludgier post-metal sounds. The resulting mix is not as convincing as either of those. However in the second half of the album Mastodon succeeds much better at combining those sounds and at magnifying them through contrast between massive post-metal riffs and softer parts. The result is a phenomenal last couple of tracks which bring this on the verge of being a 4.5.
Matt Kivel Double Exposure
This EP/short album starts off as pretty but somewhat generic indie folk. As it goes however it does bring a lot of surprises and interesting ideas, with shifts in style on 'Kes' or 'Tetra' for example, and the album as a whole does not at all feel generic. This unexpected depth for what I thought would be straight up generic indie folk makes me want to re-listen to it. 3.9
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness
Look this is really cool death metal, and the remastered version on bandcamp helps with its age. It is quite impressive that this came out in 1989 and still sounds good and brutal. The vocals and instrument tones are great (except the snare drum here which I'm allergic to). However it does not feel as groovy and well-constructed as other death metal records out there that came out around the same time (*cough cough* Death *cough cough*). The album is lacking dynamics and a musical storyline so to speak, the tracks just come one after the other without any real variation of atmosphere. There are also some gimmicky solos or sound samples at times. It's a good record however and I'd re-listen to it gladly. This is a classic album, but definitely not a 5.0 for me. 4.0
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood
This is a great album for sure, but I found the buildups often too long for climaxes that
are not as impactful as they could be, with notable exceptions in the massive 'Locust
Star' or 'Aeon'. The second half of the closing track offers some of the most psychotic-
sounding Neurosis out there, and the opener is the perfect background for the Germans
marching on Poland to start off WWII (oddly specific yes). Apart from that, ToG does it
better. 4.2
Nivhek After Its own Death/ Walking in a Spiral
Had to pause for hours in the middle of this so will have to re-listen.rSides A&B are a
noisier, grittier version of Grouper. Unbelievably good (4.3 or something?). Sides C&D
are instrumental percussive ambient without vocals that vaguely reminds of the water gong
works by Klaus Wiese. I liked these tracks too but not as much. Overall still an
undecided 4.0-4.1, re-jam warranted though.
Noname Telefone
I really enjoyed this record. This is the hip-hop form of a marshmallow. It is soft, comfy and mellow. Strong abstract and soul influences. Both the vocals and instrumentals feel fresh and innovative. I'm rating it quite high (4.1) for now, but it may evolve either way - become a grower, or on the contrary drop in rating after the surprise effect fades. A re-listen is definitely on the cards.
Old Sorcery Realms of Magickal Sorrow
This is some of the best dungeon synth I've heard. Yet I still would have a hard time rating anything above 4.0 in this genre. This record has an amazing opener and almost as good a closer. On their own I might rate these two tracks a 4.0, but the middle of the album - albeit short - drops a lot in quality and exemplifies the genre's shortcomings: it sounds almost funny, or like the vintage soundtrack of some old pc medieval game. There is a fine line there. 3.8
On The Might of Princes Sirens
Prurient Frozen Niagara Falls
Incredible album. Very dense and bizarre. Absolutely needs a re-listen. A noise record
over 90 minutes long sounds like a terrible idea, but it is so diverse and navigates so
many genres that it ends up being never boring and always surprising. From straight up
noise/ hnw on multiple interlude tracks, to Mass Effect synth sountrack overlaid with
noise in the opener and 'A Sorrow With A Braid', to dungeon synth almost on Jester Agony,
to glitchy noise that I hated on the track before last, ending up on an ambient track
that Agalloch could have made for the album finale, the whole thing being sprinkled with
vocals going from whispers to distorted spoken word, to growls and to screams evoking
black metal. Stunning. 4.2
Pygmy Lush Mount Hope
This has really good tunes, a bit as if Unwound were a folk band
Saor Forgotten Paths
This is a brilliant record that mixes black metal with elements of folk and out-of-the-ordinary instruments like violin or flute. The songs are very dynamic and there aren't five minutes in the album that are the same This will require multiple listens to definitely make my mind on it, but it is definitely a cool ride. 4.1
Sea Oleena Sleeplessness
This is wonderful, delicate and lovely acoustic guitar-based dream pop/indie folk. Its simplicity
does not take anything away from its sheer quality. Reminds of Grouper but much less ambient and
a lot happier with tonnes less reverb. Will have to re-listen, but immediate crush on this. 4.2
Sea Oleena Sea Oleena
This is great dreamy Groupery acoustic dream pop in the vein of their (her?) Sleeplessness EP. It did not strike me quite as much as the latter, but it still is a lovely record. It has some good ideas and explores things, which at select times sounded just a touch odd. Nothing too bad and I thoroughly enjoyed the record - will have to re-listen. 3.8
Sed Non Satiata Le Ciel De Notre Enfance
Instrumental are goddarn good at times, and simply sublime at others. Vocals are not the best screamo has seen however. Nothing too bad, just not the best. 4.2
Smile To The Wind Illusions
Great screamo record that stands out because of its very fast tempo and brutality. It gets right at your face and reminded me somewhat of Beau Navire.
Suffocation Human Waste
The relatively raw production of this early Suffocation record brings color to a classic death metal sound. Absolutely massive and brutal record, but short enough to not lose its freshness in its course. 4.1
The Dillinger Escape Plan Miss Machine
The closest we'll ever get to Calculating Infinity for a full-length record. Feels less raw, and already marks a shift towards their later sound. This brings a lot of fresh ideas and the music has many high points, even though some tracks do fall a bit behind. Excellent and a must listen when looking for that early TDEP sound, but with a touch more melody and a touch less brutality.r4.2
The Oh Hellos Through The Deep, Dark Valley
Usually with this kind of music (happy indie folk) I think this is nice but quite generic. Here however there is so much variety - for example in the vocals, going from solo male to female to group chant to and fro - that it did not feel at all generic or simplistic. It is a nice, feel good late spring record that I will happily re-listen to. 4.1
Tigers on Trains Grandfather
This is cute and quality indie-folk. Sounds like summer in the American northwestern states. Some great jams, but none that marked me incredibly. Will have to re-listen. 4.0
Touche Amore Stage Four
I have to say I am somewhat biased because I have always slightly preferred TA's rawer, more hardcore side, but this is a more than solid album for a band that is yet to ever disappoint with the records they put out. This album brings the hardcore influences ever so slightly down, and brings in more pop punk, emo and post-rock more than ever before in a TA album. I still found it missing the catchy hooks and melodies that were plentiful in their previous records, perhaps due to the change of style but also to my listening conditions. The last track takes a very interesting musical direction, and it is almost a shame that the album ends right after that. Will have to re-listen to it for sure. 3.8
Ulver Messe I.X-VI.X
Darn it there really isn't anything Ulver can't do. Ambient/Dark ambient bordering on orchestral, WWII documentary soundtrack. The album is phenomenal and works very well in creating a dark, chilling atmosphere. The opening track is gorgeous, and the only low point point I found was 'Son of Man', or the singer's input in general. A solid 4.2
Ulver The Assassination of Julius Caesar
Good god is there any genre these guys can't do. Amazing post-punky pop. Consistent
quality throughout the record, lots of head-bobbing moments, some questionable vocals.
Overall a very successful album. All tracks are faves although the closer is what bumped
the album from a 3.9-4.0 to a firm 4.1.
Y La Bamba Mujeres
Wonderful album that starts off as good albeit generic dream pop, but brings much more to the table later on. The record navigates an array of styles impressively well whilst staying cohesive. Some songs sound like they would belong to a 50's black and white Mexican movie, some are sad, some are upbeat. The only track I did not like was the one before last, and maybe the bonus track which I did not care for anyway. Will re-listen to it. 4.1
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
Not revolutionary but very enjoyable post-rock with some emo parts sprinkled in.
Zao The Well-Intentioned Virus
This may be me getting used to the band and the vocals, but my taste for this grew quite steadily throughout the album. I had trouble with the first couple tracks, but the middle of the album is fantastic and the end is not too bad either. Really interesting, proggy metalcore/hardcore reminiscent of a lot of amazing bands out there. A re-listen is needed, the album may become a grower. 3.8

3.5 great
Agent Fresco Destrier
The instrumentals are phenomenal, will the band delightfully mixing in a lot of proggy elements, notably heavy use of keys in their overall alt rock/ post-hardcore sound. However to me this is sometimes ruined by vocals that are way too much on the whinier/lyrical side of things. It is just a matter of taste anyway and album is a great listen nonetheless.
Akua Naru The Journey Aflame
If CYNE were one woman instead of a bunch of dudes. Cool instrumentals, groovy vocal deliveries. The album drags on a bit and feel a little flat at times, but the mix of influences and spotless execution are to be appreciated. Not the album of the century but a worthwhile listen for sure, if anything for the cool style this record has. 3.7
Altar of Plagues White Tomb
Didn't like this as much as I recalled. The first two tracks are good especially the opener intro, but the last two go into into doomier black metal that I find a bit meh, while dropping a lot of the post- and more experimental elements. Prod is somewhat weird at times but it is rarely bothersome. There are lots of better albums that I'd jam instead of this. 3.3
Altar of Plagues Mammal
April + Vista You are Here
On paper, this sounds really phenomenal - female Anderson.Paak vocals layered on abstract hip-hop/FlyLo type beats. The first track + prelude got me really excited about the EP, but after that the record never really takes off and falls kind of flat. It is lacking stand-out tracks or melodies. These guys would be a perfect opening act for Flying Lotus or something, but they don't yet have the stature to be a full main act of their own in my opinion. Hopefully they improve and also find a better name. Will still listen to their other stuff. 3.3
Aussitot Mort Nagykanizsa
Post-rocky screamo-ish stuff. The first track is a jam, second track is the worst, the rest is
good. Will re-listen to it, it has too much depth for me to leave it at that one listen. 3.7
オオハシ (Ohashi) sankaku ni narande / 2​.​45GHz
Fun little math-rock two tracker. Track 1 is math-rock with well-done female Japanese vocals, track is an instrumental, slightly noisier grittier version of math-rock. Both pack a good punch and record is a solid 3.6
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Ages
Pretty disappointing bm album given it's rating. There are great tasty riffs in multiple places in tracks 1-4, but aside from that the record feels erratic and "poussif" with not so great drumming and vocals. That first half is still worth the listen, but tracks 5-7 are really forgettable. Kudos for mixing an audible, clean and groovy bass. 3.3
Calibre Condition
This album sounds like two EPs mushed together. For the first four tracks (which, on their own, would be a 4.2 EP) and a couple of the last tracks, Calibre does what he does best: subtle and smooth liquid dnb. But between those, he switches genres, from more aggressive dnb to dub ventures. Variation was not a bad idea given the record's length, but it still hurts the album. Calibre is not as proficient in those other genres, and I personally enjoy them less. It is still an excellent album that I may re-listen to, and has some of Calibre's finest tracks, but it falls short of its potential because of the artist's persistence in making excessively long albums - although he gets away with it quite skillfully. 3.7
Captain, We're Sinking The Future Is Cancelled
Probably the pop punky post-hardcore album I've liked the most so far. Touches of emo at
times. I liked the first few tracks the most and the last few tracks the least, with some
annoying parts towards the end. Had a fun time picturing Michael Scott jamming this
though. 3.7
Celer Engaged Touches
For most of its course this record is quality but somewhat generic ambient that Stars of
the Lid were doing better many years prior. In its scarce best points it reminds of Para
with similar textures, but at its worst it evokes Arte documentary background soundtracks
and nothing more. Not unique enough to my taste. 3.4
Chaos in the CBD Accidental Meetings
Elegant piano house with a vintage feel. The first track is one of the best constructed
house tracks I know, with a good slow jazzy buildup, vocals that are just right, and a
dynamic structure instead of a repeating loop. However the actual melodic line is not
that memorable. The second track is actually pretty interesting especially in the
beginning, with some unique tribal sounding drum patterns. It feels a bit out of place
though. The third track is pretty forgettable and the last track is similar to the first
one, except the melodic line is a touch catchier but the track construction is less good.
An ok house EP that has the merit of having a unique mood to it, but falls a bit short in
execution. 3.6
Chippr Jones Two Rooms
Fun little math-rock record with lots of tapping sections and synth interludes. Nothing too crazy but definitely an enjoyable listen.
Coeur de Pirate Blonde
This is better than I expected. The vocals are lovely and most of the instrumentals are actually very nice albeit often naive sounding. I tried not to pay attention to the lyrics because were this in English I would not care for them. The issue with this record is that the songs are all very short, and although they flow relatively well into each other, none have time to give a lasting impression - which is also a good thing because practically none get the chance to become annoying. A sweet pop album. 3.6
Cursive Vitriola
I am diced with this one. Overall this is great emo, and some tracks (e.g. 'Ouroboros')
do stand out, with dark atmospheres and interesting melodic lines. Other tracks feel
pretty generic, and in general I am not the biggest fan of the vocals on this. Solid
album overall nonetheless. 3.7-3.8
Daughters Daughters
Interesting grindcore. The noisy interlude on track 2 was probably my favourite. Even for grind stuff this is way, way too short and has no time at all to tell a story, but the music itself is good. Vocals subpar and uninteresting compared to their other stuff. 3.5
Default Genders main pop girl 2019
Quite a hallucinating trip. Mixture of a bunch of more or less popular electronic music genres including some drum and bass parts, with overlaid odd yet interesting vocals. Perhaps not my favourite thing in the world, but definitely original and worth a listen. 3.6
Dirge (FR) Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas
This album was a bold, bold choice. Doing a 2hrs album without being Swans is quite a bet. The first couple tracks are fantastic post-metal and are well worth a listen. However the record loses its focus over time, delving into prolonged noisy experimental-ish ambient tracks that don't have much to offer, and with the exception of a great album closer, the latter two thirds of the album are quite boring for a very, very long time. Still an ok listen overall, but that does not make me want to check out their other albums. 3.3
Emmanuel Diamonds & Ashes
Neat little two-track techno EP. 'Diamonds' is a banger with an intriguing, industrially eerie vibe. 'Ashes' is very similar but did not quite click with me as much, although it does build up a nice atmosphere towards the end of the track.
Fennesz Venice
This is ok ambient-drone, but it does not quite cut it for me. Some tracks are cool - 'The Other Face', the opener and closer - with nice interesting textures, but others e.g. track 2 are more a glitchier gimmicker version of ambient that I like a lot less. At the very least I think these tracks are not well integrated and break the drone mood created by the others, instead of changing it. Still a nice jam. 3.6
Folamour Shakkei
Really cool little jazzy house EP. There is not a single bad track, unlike many other records like it. It is nice, it grooves, it feels good, and that's all we ask from it. Not the album of the century, but definitely an EP that I'll jam again. 3.7
Glaskin Debris Disk
This EP is quite disappointing because it starts off great, the first track 'groundwork' is a massive ravey-industrial techno banger, and the second track really has a lot of punch too. But then it all goes downhill. The third track is average at best, and the remix on the last track is completely forgettable. A promising debut still, if they evolve in the right direction. 3.6
Grouper A I A
The first half of this album is amazing and exactly why I love Grouper. A very unique brand of vocal ambient, bordering on noise and drone. Stunning. The second half however drops in quality in my opinion and goes more into a sad minimialistic pop direction which I enjoy a lot less. 3.6
HeklAa Pieces Of You
Beautiful and diverse piano works. For some reason it sounds like it would fit very well in the middle of a metal album or at the end of a hardcore record as a contrasted finale.
I Hate Models Totsuka no Tsurugi
Great and unique techno ep that mixes almost psychedelic melodic lines with banger rave beats. This is acid in a non acid way. I am not a huge fan of distorted kicks, so my appreciation decreased somewhat steadily with every tracks as these are used more and more. However this is a greatly imaginative and creative piece of music that deserves to be listened to. More melody than in most of IHM's work. 3.6
Incantation Onward to Golgotha
This is cool but not really my type of dm. Still impressively brutal and abrasive after all these years. If you want to know what being burnt alive sounds like, jam the first track. 3.6
Infant Island Infant Island
Very solid debut record with a great blend of post-rock/screamo (heavy on the post-rock side). The album misses some differentiating elements but has an excellent base. I'll be looking forward to their future output and will enjoy re-listening to this!
Joanna Teters Back to Brooklyn
Great neo-sould EP with some remote hip hop influences. Groovy and amazing vocals. The first track is particularly good, the rest has its up and downs. Pleasant music that I will re-listen to - and I'll make sure to check out her other records too. 3.5
Knut Untitled EP
This sounds like Neurosis and Converge had a baby. It works really well as an EP. It is good music, but none of the tracks were incredibly memorable for me. Will re-listen for sure. 3.7
La Dispute Rooms of the House
This is a good La Dispute album. It does not stand out as a highlight of their discography, but it certainly isn't bad at all either. In this album I particularly enjoyed the calmer songs including 'Woman (in mirror)' or the closing track 'Objects in Space'. Solid record. 3.7
Mgla Exercises in Futility
Very high quality black metal, especially the second half. It is nothing more than that though, and it feels like it lacks some personality that would make it recognizable and memorable.
milareva Search For The Light
Fun little soul EP. Great drums, the rest is pretty generic, but quality. The bridge section in 'Appreciate' was probably the highlight. 3.4
Musk Ox Woodfall
Haven't listened to any neo-folk in a long time, but this was a good ride. It has a lot of low points, and few truly memorable melodies, but overall it is a nice record that would perfectly fit the atmosphere of a cabin lost in summer woods as sunlight peeks through the leaves. Might re-listen. 3.5
Natalia Lafourcade Musas Vol. 2
Some excellent tracks mixed among a few bland songs that make the album good but not exceptional. Still a worthy listen with a few favourites mixed in there.
Nubya Garcia When We Are
This is an interesting take on modern jazz with prominent and aggressive drums. Very likable sound although the EP itself feels like it is just the of two singles instead of a consistent record with a beginning and an end. I have not checked out her full length yet but this made me want to. Did not care much for the two remixes although they are not bad by any means. 3.7
Oathbreaker Eros|Anteros
I have to say I did not listen to this in the best conditions (had to pause a lot) so
this is not super fair to them. The first half is more hardcore-heavy and reminiscent of
what these guys sound like live. Not mind-blowing but quite cool with good
instrumentations and vocals. The middle track 'The Abyss Looks Into Me' is brilliant and
I thought this was an excellent album closer. Except it actually carries on for nearly
another half hour of their doomier side, and I did not find it quite as good. Tracks 1-5
would have been a 4.0, but this is more like a 3.6 overall
Obliteration Black Death Horizon
The beginning of this dm album is really shreddy and gimmicky at times - not my type at all. Come on guys this came out in 2013, not 1993. In the second half this improves a lot however and leaves room for not incredible but certainly tasteful dm, with clear blackened death influences here and there. The closing track as well as tracks 3,5 and 6 were my faves. 3.4
Ouroboros Glorification Of A Myth
Despite it being really, really wankery melodeath (kinda), I actually like this record a lot.
Part of that is nostalgia, but the torrent of highly technical, Oriental-sounding riffs this
record throws at you single-handedly makes it a worthy listen despite meh vocals and a lack of
structure or storytelling. 3.6
Plini Other Things
Dedex's got it. This evokes bedroom AAL with nice additions of keys etc., instead of a
teenager making youtube djent videos in the hope of attracting the female kind for the
first time by riffing as fast as they possibly can. 3.7
Rayana Jay Morning After
A bit of a disappoint. The soulful groovy goodness of the first track or two rapidly fades and is overpowered by the poppy R&B elements the opener baked in so delightfully. The record sounds less and less mature as it goes. The end sounds quite basic and typical college freshmen material, which is a shame. Beginning still really good. 3.4
Ronin Arkestra First Meeting
Ok modern jazz. Some hip-hop beats/rhythms in scarce places. Fairly generic and not super memorable. 3.6
Sleep Dopesmoker
I don't really get what all the fuss is about. Yes this is really cool stoner
rock/metal(?), it definitely has tasty riffs and textures and is quite hypnotic. It's
good, but I did not find it transcendental or deserving a 4.0+ average. I have better
memories of Om for instance - have to rejam their albums for a fair comparison though.
Submotion Orchestra Colour Theory
I was expecting to be disappointed by this, but I wasn't. Yes it abandons a LOT of the
jazz/soul elements of their earlier records, emphasizing a whole lot more on electronica
sounds. This almost sounds like a Four Tet/ Culprate record at times, and at other times
like some festival house EP. But is that necessarily a bad thing? There are a lot of
tracks on there I thoroughly enjoyed (Red Dress, In Gold, a couple others) and none that
I really disliked. I might re-listen to this. 3.6
The Crinn Shadowbreather
Great instrumentals - albeit with some wanker solo bits - ruined by a constant barrage of bad vocals. They never stop and are just generic metalcore. If you look at bands like Death, Converge, TDEP etc, the vocals are impactful because of the voice but also because they pause, have dynamics etc. They don't just scream constantly, whereas here at least twice per song the singer(s?) go AAAAAAAAAAA and absolutely never shut up. Opener is a great jam though, and the second track has some tasty sludgey riffs too. 3.3
The Dillinger Escape Plan Under the Running Board
This is super cool and announces the monumental Calculating Infinity. Must have been
considered an extremely promising EP at the time. It is very short though, which does not
leave it enough time for buildups or changes of tone, and feels a little bit random - but
not in a good way. Still very solid songs when looking for the earlier TDEP sound. 3.7
Toby Driver In the L..L..Library Loft
A really odd album. Toby Driver whining on some experimental-ish ambient-ish rock. Really liked the first track, tracks 2-3 are really forgettable, track 4 was ok. Meh - better jam some Kayo Dot, or another album of his. 3.4
Touche Amore Is Survived By
Your classic TA album. Also one of their weakest. It sounds a bit like they were not sure which direction to go with this, drumming-wise especially. The first track is just weird, and the album end (past track 8 one of the high points) is full of good ideas but does not execute them quite right. Still a great jam that I'll probably re-listen to. 3.7
True Widow As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center
Stoner rock + shoegaze = double stoner. Great record to blaze with friends in a campervan in the desert somewhere. Not revolutionary but good rock songs to chill to. 3.7
Two People First Body
Good dream poppy melancholic album. The opener is an absolute jam and the first half of the record had me hooked, but the second half really drops in quality and I was frankly bored come the album closer. First half alone makes it worth a spin though. 3.6
Vali Forlatt
This is nice neofolk, with strings (cello?) and sparse use of flutes that give it a nice 70's prog rock touch at times. It does have some great sections that charmed me more than these instrumental acoustic guitar neofolk albums usually do, but a lot of the album felt pretty bland too. Amusingly I got some hispanic/cuban vibes from some of the tracks including the opener. 3.5
Winterfylleth The Threnody of Triumph
This is a good black metal album with lots of variations and nuances in atmospheres. The beginning in particular has more of an epic battle feeling than most modern BM records, although the feeling of winter, cold and bleak winds is still very much present. There are some really good ideas and elements with some folk instrumentations, a touch of male choir, etc. However the album is long and loses some of its energy and freshness along the way. An overall great but far from perfect record. 3.7
Yndi Halda Under Summer
Even though I 5'd EEB I don't dislike the different direction these guys took. 'Helena' (especially the intro) and the opening track sound great. Track 2 and 4 not so much though, pretty forgettable. Overall this style fits them well too and the shift is not too stark, but this just does not match the quality of EEB. Seeing songs from the two albums live is night and day. They can do better. 3.7

3.0 good
A Swarm of the Sun Zenith
This is better than Zenith - which is surprising because it came beforehand. It is also a pretty generic post-rock release. The first half is a lot more interesting and diverse, whilst the second half really drops dramatically in quality and becomes frankly dull. I feared the end of 'I Fear the End' would never come. Still, this album has quite a few ok moments and some that are actually good. 3.2
Armistice Armistice
The 5.0 review and mariachi-esque instrumental on track 1 got me excited about this, on top of Beatrice Martin's voice. But in the end the godawful naive 'gnangnan' feel this album oozes completely overshadows its qualities. The duo vocal style is particularly cheesy. The instrumentals remain quite interesting through the EP though which still makes this worth a spin. 3.0
Ataraxie Slow Transcending Agony
Great vocals, but I really was not convinced by the instrumentals. Granted funeral doom isn't particularly my thing, but this felt gimmicky and simplistic in a lot of places - although there were a few tasty riffs here and there. Not much I'll remember except DUUUUM DUUUUM BADUUUM UUUUUURHHHH. Meh, 3.0
Bedroom (TN) Grow
Nice little indie/lo-fi record on the depressed slowcore side of things. Nothing too crazy.
Bomba Estereo Elegancia Tropical
The first half of this album is really cool, refreshing and fun. Beachy poppy noodly latino rock with a vast array of influences and electronic sounds - I would not know what to call the genre really. 'El Alma y El Cuerpo' is such a jam. Unfortunately past the fourth track the album has a stroke it seems and throws a series of dull or annoying tracks at you, drowning the good sections sprinkled here and there into a sea of disappointment. May re-listen to double checks which tracks to jam. 3.1
Calibre Shelflife Vol. 2
This seems quite overhyped here. It is good Calibre-style DnB for sure, and the fact that is not a boring listen despite its mammoth runtime and low variability shows its quality. However none but a couple of the tracks (e.g. 'Life') truly stand out, and this is more of a background album than anything really memorable. 3.0
Callisto Secret Youth
Cool prog/post-metal instrumentations with somewhat dark atmospheres. Unfortunately the over-prominent clean vocals bring the album in a direction that I do not like (a la Tesseract for instance, a bit too lyrical and singer-focused). Harsh vocals are quite great, but really sparse. There is a lot better out there. 3.1
Cloakroom Infinity
This has pretty cool instrumentals. It starts off sounding like it will be yet another post-rockish emo type of sound, but quickly into the album stoner rock guitars kick in, adding much welcome flavour to the music and making the album quite unique, interesting and worthwile. That stoner sound is most obvious on the last track. However mixing genres in innovative ways does not do everything, and some instrumental parts are weaker than others. The weakest element of the album end up being the vocals in my opinion. They sometimes sound like a sad cartoon bear complaining about being hungryr3.2
Converge Beautiful Ruin
These are the kind of Converge songs I love hearing live but will never listen to otherwise. 3.2
Current 93 All the Pretty Little Horses
This is great when it sounds like music. Swans gone folk, or Mantle Agalloch gone so depressed they lost the energy to make metal. The problem is, this record often sounds like a guy narrating over background music instead of performing vocals for the music. This ruined the record for me, as I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack to some wicked Disney movie instead of the awesome neo-folk album this should have been. 3.1
Defeater Defeater
First half is frankly boring. I don't know if it is due to the odd prod and mixing on the vocals
or if he genuinely does not sing as passionately but singer almost sounds bored himself. The
second half is a lot better and has all the tracks that grabbed my attention (All Roads,
Dealer/Debtor, No Guilt, No Man Born Evil). I might re-listen to those once or twice but that's
about it. 3.1 @dedex wheeee that track selection
Departures When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted
At times this sounds like Defeater and Pianos Become the Teeth had a baby that was about two thirds as good as it sounds. At other times this sounds like the -core stuff I was listening to ages 14-15, but a bit better. Overall this is an enjoyable hardcore record, but not much more. 3.2
Departures Green Turns To Red, Then Turns To Gold
It's a good two-tracker that makes we want to listen to their full-lengths. On its own though it really is just two quite cool screamo/ post-hardcore songs in a complete vacuum, nothing too memorable. 2.8
Erik Satie Pièces Froides
Not his best piano works. Great ideas in almost every track, but almost none on par with the magic of some of his other pieces. The first act, 'Airs faire fuir' sounds almost classical at times. The second act is better in that perspective, but also slightly less emotion-inducing I found. Favourites were probably 'Modestement', 'Passer' and 'Encore'. 3.2
Gallery Six Bud Flush
I like pretty much everything this guy does - this however is not his best output.rIt is somewhat moving away from field recording and sounds a lot more like 'regular' ambient - and to me this makes it lose its flavour, because there just is better 'regular' ambient out there. The experimentation and addition of noisy bits especially on the closing track are laudable.
Gesaffelstein Conspiracy PT. II
This is what would play in the background of a generic underground nightclub bad drug trip scene in some TV show. It's ok, but not incredible - it sounds pretty quirky and gimmcky. Track 2 > 1 >> 3. 3.2
Grouper Water People
These are two very pretty songs. The problem is that the reason why I enjoy Grouper's music so much - because it sets moods and ambiances so powerfully- does not function well in a 10 minute two-tracker format. I wanted the record to continue and be the beginning of an album, instead of being an isolated island of music with no context and no conclusion. Still great sounding music, though.
Hatchie Sugar and Spice
I liked the first track a fair bit, nice Aussie dreamy pop. However every track after that gets
less and less good, turning more into pop of the annoying kind while retaining fewer dream pop
elements. I'm not that excited about her LP now. The closer is a frank 2.6 and the overall album
is a 3.1
Also that album cover is so cringy
KAS:ST Cosmic Walkers
Good dark and industrial techno atmosphere, but really not much that is memorable to get this higher than a 3.0. It does have some good ideas and textures to bring it above the 2.5 bar, but probably won't re-listen to this.
Koffee Rapture
What one would imagine reggae in 2019 would sound like. Vague trap influences, very clean production. Track 1 is a jam, track 2 and 5 are ok, 4 is meh and 3 is just annoying. She has potential but the songwriting isn't quite there yet. At least it has cool vibes. 3.2
Loure Avenues
This is a nice jazzy house EP. The production is good but still sounds a little bit amateur in some places - you can almost see the loop running on FL studio with some piano sampler if you've had experience with that. Probably wouldn't be able to tell listening to this where it is meant to be listened to: on a beach, in the car, at a pool party. This is a feel good record and it does feel groovy and relaxing - that's all we ask from it. Last track stands a bit above the pack, third track is the weakest in my taste. 3.2
Mental Architects Celebrations
This little math-rock EP has some cool bouncy groovy moments. At other times it sounds very much like ASIWYFA, which isn't bad at all. The rest, most of the album, is simply 'ok'. Nothing incredible here but a nice listen still. 2.9
Moonchild Be Free
It has cool moments, but this is really not as groovy and cool as it could have been - probably owing to the somewhat slow tempos throughout the whole album. The album has dynamics, but those aren't all that great - 'Turn It Up' for example feels completely out of place and disrupts the album rather than bringing welcome variation in it. Vibes and energy are quickly lost and the album ends up being a pleasant but not that memorable background soul record. Has potential though, as some sections are really great and the vocals are of high quality. 3.2r
Noname Room 25
This will require a re-listen before becoming a definitive statement, but the album fails to create as strong an atmosphere and mood as Telefone did. It is in the same style, there is an attempt for sure, but it just does not work. In a vacuum though this is still a pleasant little hip-hop EP with interesting instrumentals and vocal deliveries. 3.2
Nothing Tired of Tomorrow
I really like Nothing's sound. Pretty much any generic song by them sounds great to me, and that is exactly what happened on this album. It does have some scarce good moments, especially in the beginning, but after the first couple tracks it never caught my attention at any point even though it all sounds great. There are no catchy melodies, riffs, or vocals that stand out and make you want to stop for a second to listen closely. There are no bad moments either, and in general it is a very pleasant album, but for me it was quite a big step down from their previous opus. 3.4
Oiseaux-Tempete Oiseaux-Tempête
Feels like off-brand GY!BE at times. Not bad by any means, but didn't have very many high points for me. Good, not great.
Old Tower The Rise of the Specter
This is cute dungeon synth, but really nothing all that great. Maybe dungeon synth just isn't my thing. Might re-listen. 3.1
Oneohtrix Point Never Zones Without People
I mean this is cute but I have a hard time seeing beyond the dorky videogame OST textures, except maybe on the first track which I enjoyed a fair amount. There are no transitions whatsoever between tracks, and these complete blanks ruin the little album structure there even was in the first place. This sounds more like a compilation of synth improvs someone made in their bedroom than a real meaningful album. 3.1
Pallbearer Sorrow And Extinction
Yawn. Doom metal with a vague sludgy tone and vocals from the 80's. Mostly ok, but often gimmicky - especially the second half of the last track urgh. Best track was the 3rd one I guess, or maybe the first half of the last track, but even those I'm not really interested in re-listening. Did not get psychedelic vibes from this really. 3.0
Pianos Become the Teeth Keep You
This album has a much more pop feeling to it than their other records, beyond the obvious post-rock/emo. Album feels quite flat, and more like a collection of songs than a real album with structure and evolution. The songs work very well in a vacuum, but as part of the overall album they just blend together due to the lack of dynamics. This makes most of the songs pretty forgettable - even though the album has really excellent tracks too. A lot of songs also feel like they end when really they should have started exploding. A lot of climatic moments are missing, which contributes to the album feeling bland.
Pianos Become the Teeth Wait For Love
Very similar to its predecessor, but in my opinion a little bit better. The band seems more comfortable with their new softer sound and experiments with it a little bit more, offering a fresher and less bland album. However the quality drops somewhat towards the end of the record, and overall it still only is worth a 3.2-3.3 in my mind.
Pillorian Obsidian Arc
The first track is quite cool and made me hopeful this would be good - like Agalloch gone even blacker than on MotS. Except the rest of the album was a passable 'not bad, but not great'. Really not that exciting black metal, and it is quite disappointing to hear Haugm's vocals on such unimaginative music given his past output. 'The Sentient Arcanum' is a cool noise track. 3.1
Pocahaunted Gold Miner's Daughters
Weird tribal ambient/soundtrack material. First track is the best (3.8-3.9). The rest is mostly dull, with scarce great sections - for instance a droney country depressed ambient section on the second track that reminds of GYBE - that do not make up for the overall feeling of meh. 3.2
Pool Kids Music to Practice Safe Sex To
This has great instrumentations, but to me the vocals are often out of place. They are sometimes really great and complement the music nicely, but oftentimes they sound amateur and bring the record down a level in my opinion. Cool indie/math-rock nonetheless.
Sean C. Johnson CIRCA 1993
This record alternates between soul and rap/hip-hop quite freely. It ended up not being as good as I expected from the first track. It is not bad by any means but there just is something that does not work - perhaps the discrepancy in mood between almost romantic soul sung by a dude versus hip-hop vibes? Some tracks are cool though and I particularly liked the first and last one. 2.9
Secret Stairways Enchantment of the Ring
It's a fun little dungeon synth album. Really not an unpleasant listen, although quite naive-sounding at times. I liked the opener the most because it somehow reminded me of LOTR's OST. 3.2
standards standards
Maybe it is because I've jammed it a couple times before, but I like this a lot more than 'Friends'. Still generic noodly tappy math-rock, but at least some riffs are memorable. 3.2
The Gloaming The Gloaming
This is some pleasant folk-ish music. It starts off great with a very peculiar mood, and
music that adds many layers to a strong base of soft Irish folk. However this initial
freshness quickly wears off after the first couple of tracks, and most of the album
sounds either like a cheesy sad pop song sung in Irish, or some good but forgettable
movie soundtrack. The last song comes back to the goodness of the first few tracks, and
the album is worth a listen for those. Note that the album is sung in Irish, not in
English, which is cool and rare enough to point out. 3.1
The Oh Hellos The Oh Hellos
Meh. Cute indie folk, but not their best work. Track 1 is a jam, but track 2 and 3 I found quite annoying and generic. Track 4 isn't super great either but at least it is a bit interesting - although I did not like the outro. 3.0
The Physics House Band Mercury Fountain
This experimental math-rock ish album has some really cool head-bobbing moments with compulsive foot tapping going on, and some others where really it is just weird sounds that aren't all that interesting. A very uneven ride but some sections are worth it
TotorRo Come to Mexico
Cool energetic math-rock EP with some good tunes. However I thought this had fewer nice head-bobbing melodic parts and more annoying noisy parts than its predecessor. If I wanted to re-listen this I would probably listen to Home Alone instead - based on my distant memory of Home Alone that is. Come to Mexico does have some sparse moments where cool ideas are included and renew the music - some brass, and vocals. 3.2
Turnover Peripheral Vision
This is a nice relaxed emo-ish/indie record. It is probably worth more than the 3.0 I am giving it, but it just did not impress me that much. I found its tone quite naive and a bit too 'happy summer' to my taste. I just am not a fan of the genre, but within the genre it is quite a good album to grab.
Weyes Blood Titanic Rising
This is nice and pretty pop. What Lana Del Rey could have been. Still did not really resonate with me though. 3.1
William Basinski Watermusic
Not the best Basinski piece. It essentially is Watermusic II but not as good, with fewer textures for most of its runtime. Why then would one ever jam Watermusic I then, even if in a vacuum it is not bad per se? 3.0
Wye Oak Civilian
I really liked the first track on this, and a couple other ones. It does have its high points and is a cool indie rock with interesting instrumentations, perfect for a psychedelic listen on a road trip. I will probably re-listen to it, even though it failed to grab my attention during most of the album. 3.2
Yndi Halda A Sun​-​Coloured Shaker
This was going to be a 2.2, but the last two minutes and a half of eerie keys-based noisy ambient are simply gorgeous and bump this to a 3.0. The rest is an even less inspired version of Under Summer and unlike the latter is frankly quite boring.
Yvette Young Piano EP
This is nice and sweet. Good concept, and her proficiency on the instrument is commendable. All things considered though this is far from being a transcendental record, and although it sure is pretty it is not super memorable. 'Math piano' has a lot of potential left to explore (isn't this just some subgenre of jazz though?). 3.1

2.5 average
999999999 000000005
Pretty ravey techno that ends up being more of a headache generator than a banger. This may be sound great at a rave for a couple minutes but as a standalone EP it does not work very well and lacks diversity. 2.7
A Swarm of the Sun The Rifts
Woefully uninspired. Not an unpleasant listen by any means, but the record just lines up one deja-vu post-rock/post-metal riff after the other with nothing fresh for the ear to catch on. Practically no memorable melodies at all, let alone unique musical features that would differentiate the album from the swarm of post-rocky records out there. The last two tracks however are actually not that bad, and a few head-nodding moments throughout the album save it from being a 2.0.
Alkerdeel Morinde
Great vocals, but instrumentation is simplistic and feels amateur at times. The sludge feel baked into a black metal base isn't enough to compensate for that or to make the album not forgettable. There are good ideas though and this isn't a terrible album by any means.
Ben McElroy Bird-Stone
Cello-based ambient. Sounds a bit like a GY!BE or a Sigur Ros interlude. I really liked the first track or two, but then the album really does not evolve and after some time there are no more surprises or excitement, rendering the album quite dull. Also vocals on 'Bernie's Army' should have been dropped entirely, not so great. However this is good at setting a certain atmosphere, and despite the low rating I mat very well re-listen to this - especially for the first couple tracks. 2.4
Blood Spore Fungal Warfare Upon All Life
This has some good riffs here and there but come on guys it isn't all that great. Even though the bm vocals are good the instrumentals feel clunky and clumsy. It sounds like a demo with the production but not the compositional qualities of a full release. 2.7
By The End Of Tonight A Tribute To Tigers
Random math rock-y with pretty poor production for the genre. Tracks 3 and 4 save this from being a 2.1, but in the end this is still pretty annoying and erratic. There are some tasty riffs here and there, but it scarcely sounds good and never sounds amazing. 2.4
Controlled Bleeding Knees and Bones
Brutal power noise/hnw. Did I like this? I don't have an effing clue. I did not hate it, which is an achievement. Some sections actually sounded great. Most were just meh, some were actually funny. Am utterly confused by this. 2.4
Covet effloresce
Might be just me but this sounds like a demo for their earlier material rather than a newer full-length. Far fewer high points than their s/t.
Grouper Paradise Valley
These songs are incredibly soothing and beautiful. This is excellent music for sure. Why a 2.5 then? Because this is awfully and frustratingly short. Grouper's music works infinitely better on longer formats. I am actually outright upset because I wanted this to continue - it is so beautiful, but it ends out of nowhere. Maybe listening to all her EP's as if they were one single album I'd give that a 4.0-4.5
Plini Handmade Cities
Not bad and has good ideas, but the music feels gimmicky and soul-less. Virtuoso riffage
and complex layering of instruments do not necessarily give it depth.
Secret Band Secret Band EP (Remastered)
This is a rollercoaster of things I love and things I hate. Instrumentals are fantastic on track 2 and 3, with groovy bass lines and an especially nice bass tone. The opener is cool too. I absolutely hated the vocals throughout the record - too much of them, too low quality, too annoying. Track 4 I disliked altogether. Meh. 2.3
Sianvar Stay Lost
At its best this sounds like HRVRD. The calmer phases are especially enjoyable. At its worth this sounds like a complete cacophony with gimmicky guitar riffs overpowering the flavorful elements of the music. Climaxes and explosions in this are not fantastic, and even sometimes irritating. There are many records out there that are similar to this, but just better, including other works by the members of this band.
standards Friends
Quality, but really generic tappy noodly math-rock. Not much I'll remember. 2.6
Sungazer Sungazer Vol. I
This is an interesting mix of genres for sure: from math-rock bass lines to chiptune and vocal sampling that sounds like it could be on Liquicity tracks, to cool odd synth work,... The list is long, which is impressive for such a short EP.rHowever it also makes it sound like a mess, and the record is a bit difficult to grasp as a piece of music. The meme vibe is strong with this one. Track 2 and 3 are great but I'm sure Adam can do better. 2.6
Svalbard One Day All This Will End
Not a huge fan of this. I see what they were trying to do and the mix of genres (post-rock, hardcore, Oathbreaker) is great, but it just did not work well for me. A bit too formulaic and having trouble with most of the vocals - although they are sometimes great like at the end of 'The Vanishing Point', reminding of 90's screamo vocals, or on the closing track. The intro melody in the first few seconds of the first track is gorgeous. 2.6
The Love Experiment The Love Experiment
This is a very uneven neo-soul record. It is FULL of good ideas, but the execution often just does not cut it and a lot of tracks often fall short of their potential, owing to odd compositional choices and sounds. 'School Girl' is kinda cool, 'Friends' is nice, and the Prelude is outright gorgeous: completely different from the rest of the record, it is essentially a piano piece that reminds a lot of Kashiwa Daisuke in his less electronic moments. The album outro is similar although a lot cheesier and less interesting. 2.7
TTNG Disappointment Island
I will avoid the world of unfunny title-based puns these guys were asking for when they named their album and just say this isn't super good. Some tracks are ok and bouncy (I actually liked 'consoling ghosts'), and it is all still technically extremely impressive, but the spark just isn't there and this really is not TTNG's best effort. 2.7

2.0 poor
Can Bardd The Last Rain
Bleh. The medieval-sounding instrumentals are actually cool which is unexpected for me
(usually it sounds a bit funny to me), but at some point it just is too much especially
with the vocals. I don't like the harsh vocals either. Thus I either feel like I am at
the Renaissance fair or listening to cool bm with bad vocals. Either way, not so great.
City of the Lost Birds Of Tartary
Super dull post-rock - who said this was post-metal? Don't understand how they can label themselves as 'progressive post-rock' when this is about as generic as it gets. Sounds like a fun band to listen to in the morning at Dunk! festival while waiting for the afternoon headliners, that's about it. Two last tracks are a wee bit better, but overall this is still a 2.1
Old Silver Key Tales of Wanderings
I really wanted this to be good. How could Drudkh + Neige produce something this poor? I thought sputnik was wrong, but it wasn't. This album disappointed me big time, mostly because of uninspired instrumentals (which is surprising from the Drudkh guys) and vocals from Neige that often sound out of place and do not feel like he put his heart into them the way he does for Alcest records. This just sounds like an early Alcest demo they want everyone to forget about, instead of the incredible supergroup album this should have been. It is not unpleasant to hear, but it is frankly very dull. 2.1
Shanti Celeste PARTY001 - Untitled
Pretty dull house EP that starts well with 'Loop One' mixing a lot of elements into a house frame, with drums reminding the listener of a happy version of Burial. Quickly enough the transitions become lackluster and the track ends up being a messy patchwork rather than a cohesive whole with various influences. The second track 'Selector' is not very interesting and did not even succeed at being an enjoyable house track for me.
Submotion Orchestra III
Meh. Nothing really bad, the first track even sounds quite nice, but absolutely nothing memorable. 2.2
Zeal and Ardor Stranger Fruit
Blerf. The mix of genres (rock, gospel-ish backup vocals, vaguely black metal-ish noisy
parts) sounds interesting, but its execution is poor. I don't think there is a single
track I thoroughly enjoyed, with the exception of 'Solve' maybe. Some sections are cool,
yes, but they are almost systematically followed by annoying parts. I'll re-listen to
this in better conditions because it is quite unique, but I don't expect to like it. 2.1

1.5 very poor
Astronoid Stargazer
I hated this - to a point where I should probably re-listen to it because I maybe just was not in the right mood. This sounds like these guys have heard the 'recipe' for post-black metal and executed it to the T without adding any personal or original touch whatsoever. No memorable tracks at all. 1.7
Khorada Salt
This was a pain to listen to. The vocals are unbearable and the instrumentation is a complete mess. I love both Agalloch and Giant Squid, and am absolutely fine with Khorada sounding different, however this really did not click with me. I just don't get this album. The last track is quite ok which saves it from being a 1.0
Orbs These People Are Animals
This is just annoying to listen to, at least for me. It's original and all, it's not rlacking ideas, it is just annoying and does not give me any emotional response beyond that.
Shakira El Dorado
Seeing that this was on bandcamp (yes) I had to listen to it for the lolz. And it was just as bad as I had expected. I'll admit some tracks are maybe 2.5's-3.0's - summer beach feels are not inherently wrong -, but the overall album is a disaster. It tries so hard to be a new summer hit but is hilariously confused as to how to go about it. We get everything, from piano based lamentations to reggaeton, to mellow supposedly romantic songs, in no order and without any logic or structure at all. Even language-wise this is an erratic record, going clumsily from English to Spanish, and even to French with Black M's feat (yes). It's actually a funny listen, but don't expect anything good let alone great. At least it is not unbearable. 1.3

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