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5.0 classic
Agalloch The Mantle
Ahab Call Of The Wretched Sea
Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, B. 178
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul
At the Gates The Flames Of The End
At the Gates Purgatory Unleashed: Live At Wacken
Classic set list, great performance, enormous crowd, flawless production. ATG were in vintage form at Wacken in front of an ocean of fans and this captures it perfectly. Wanna go to an incredible show without leaving your home? Get this and play it twice for good measure.
This should have been a disaster but Su-metal totally sells it. SEE YOU IN THE MOSH PIT
Bathory Blood Fire Death
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 4 Way Street
Cynic Focus
That is some gay, gay metal, man...some gay, gay metal.
Deathspell Omega Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum
Deep Purple Machine Head
Deep Purple Deep Purple In Rock
Deep Purple Made in Japan
Emperor Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Fall of Efrafa Owsla
Gamma Ray Somewhere Out in Space
Gamma Ray Land of the Free
Gamma Ray Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome
A great representation of Gamma Ray's exciting live show, though the DVD is worth getting
over the CD version. The musicianship is top-notch as always, and Kai Hansen does a great
job of playing to the crowd. It has all the power of Skeletons in the Closet, and you won't
go wrong picking this up whether you're a fan already or not.
Giant Squid The Ichthyologist
This is exactly what we were all hoping for after Metridium Fields. Giant Squid has refined their songwriting and lyrical approach to create a seamless and epic piece of music -- integrating new instruments and new band members perfectly.rTracks like "Dean Man Slough" and "Blue Linckia" roll on over churning riffs and an atmosphere tailor-made for the lyrical concepts of swampy revenge and ocean turmoil. "Throwing a Donner Party at Sea" (a reworking of a song from Monster in the Creek) is a brilliantly executed rocker whose title is a maritime take on the Donner Party story.rThe Ichthyologist is a solid concept piece that shows a band living up to its terrific creative potential... and I can't wait to hear what they come up with next.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞
Gojira The Flesh Alive
Seems a bit redundant to release this a month after the live DVD that's part of L'enfant rSauvage...but it's going to be amazing, especially in Blu-Ray. couldn't pick a better band rto see/hear in super high quality.
Gospel The Moon Is a Dead World
Igor Stravinsky Le Sacre du Printemps
Immolation Here in After
Intronaut Prehistoricisms
Isis Oceanic
Isis Panopticon
Isis Live 6 (11/16/2007)
So Did We, In Fiction, and Holy Tears are even better here than the studio cuts. Having Maria Christopher on Weight also makes a huge difference. This and Live V are must-owns for fans of Isis and post-metal.
John Cage 4'33''
John Coltrane A Love Supreme
Judas Priest Stained Class
Judas Priest Painkiller
Kalmah They Will Return
Magma Mekanïk Destruktiw Kommandoh
The scope of this album is mind-boggling. Magma invented their own genre to tell Christian
Vander's apocalyptic story, including their own language based around the music. Blasquiz's
voice is ridiculous in range and tone, and the rhythm section (Jannick Top and Vander)
creates the funkiest, most thunderous foundation I've ever heard. If you have any interest
in experimental music, jazz, progressive rock, or outer space, get this right now.
Magma Live
Mastodon Leviathan
Mastodon Crack the Skye
The intricacy of this album took me a while to wrap my head around, but if you buy into the ideas behind the album, you'll be rewarded with a masterpiece of songwriting that marries the brutal power of Mastodon's earlier efforts with a touch of imagination and beauty.
Moonsorrow Verisakeet
Nightwish End Of An Era
Opeth In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
Live albums (and DVD's) just don't get any better than this. Frontman Akerfeldt is spot-on and the rest of the band do their thing perfectly in performing their classic album Blackwater Park, and on one of the world's greatest stages. A must-have for any fan who can tolerate seriously good music.
Paysage d'Hiver Paysage d'Hiver
Paysage d'Hiver Winterkaelte
Rainbow Rising
Rainbow Deutschland Tournee 1976
dat bass in Stargazerrbest live recording of Rainbow, which means it's one of the best live recording period. the chemistry between Dio and Blackmore here is incendiary. awesome show.
Rorcal Heliogabalus
Sigur Ros Heima (DVD)
The Great Old Ones Tekeli-Li
The way black metal should be done, with awesome songwriting and creepy fucking atmosphere.
The Ocean Fluxion (Remaster)
The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed
Ulcerate The Destroyers of All
Ulver Nattens Madrigal
Weakling Dead as Dreams
Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters

4.5 superb
Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit
Ahab The Giant
Best replay value of any doom album this side of The Dreadful Hours.
Alaskan Despair, Erosion, Loss
Avantasia The Metal Opera Pt. II
if you haven't heard The Seven Angels, do yourself a favor and change that.
Bereft (USA-CA) Leichenhaus
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell
Caladan Brood Echoes Of Battle
Captain Beyond Captain Beyond
Cloudkicker Beacons
Converge Jane Doe
Cynic Traced in Air
Darkenhold Castellum
Death Symbolic
Deathspell Omega Paracletus
Deep Purple Fireball
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dragonland Starfall
Dragonland Under the Grey Banner
Edguy Burning Down the Opera
Electric Wizard Dopethrone
Emperor Live Inferno
Fall of Efrafa Inle
Fen Winter
Fleetwood Mac Rumours
Gamma Ray No World Order
Gamma Ray Majestic
Gamma Ray Power Plant
Gamma Ray Skeletons in the Closet
Gazpacho Demon
Giant Squid Cenotes
In the grand scheme of things, 4.5 is more appropriate. But with regards to my taste, I absolutely love this, so it gets a 5.
Godflesh Streetcleaner
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞ [Vinyl]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor John Peel Sessions
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
Gojira From Mars to Sirius
Gorguts Colored Sands
Gris Il Etait une Foret...
Gris À l’Âme Enflammée, l’Äme Constellée…
Halestorm Live in Philly 2010
Halestorm's real appeal, as solid as their debut album was, is in their energetic live show.
Drummer Arejay, in particuar, is fun to watch and excellent througout the show. This is a
band to bank on.
Helloween Walls of Jericho
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
Iced Earth Burnt Offerings
Immolation Close to a World Below
In The Woods... Omnio
Intronaut Valley of Smoke
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Isis Clearing the Eye (DVD)
Isis Wavering Radiant
Isis Live 5
It's Oceanic with more oomph. Isis speed things up a bit and there aren't any female vox, so it's a bit different. Of course, that just means you have to hear it because it's brilliant in a slightly different way than the original. Oh, and that damn WHACK WHACK snare drum is fixed...yeah I'm looking at you, Matt Bayles.
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith
Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny
Judas Priest Unleashed in the East
Judas Priest Rising in the East
Kalmah Swamplord
Kylesa Static Tensions
Light Bearer Lapsus
Lord Mantis Death Mask
Magma Köhntarkösz
Mastodon Remission
Mastodon The Workhorse Chronicles [DVD]
Mastodon Blood Mountain
Meshuggah I
Meshuggah Nothing (Re-release)
Metallica Ride the Lightning
Moonsorrow V: Havitetty
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I
Ne Obliviscaris Citadel
Near Death Condition Evolving Towards Extinction
Great DM a la Immolation. Riffs rule, decent diversity. The drums aren't programmed. but they appear to have been cleaned up in the studio.
Nightwish Once
Opeth Blackwater Park
Opeth Ghost Reveries
Ornette Coleman The Shape of Jazz to Come
Paysage d'Hiver Kristall und Isa
Paysage d'Hiver Das Tor
Pelican Australasia
Pig Destroyer Prowler in the Yard
Rainbow Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
Revocation Existence Is Futile
Revocation Teratogenesis
Revocation Deathless
Riot Thundersteel
Rorcal Vilagvege
Rorcal/Kehlvin Ascension
The three-part structure of this does wonders to make a 28-minute song stay interesting. From a hardcore/sludge beginning to its beautiful middle section and doomy outro, this is really a fascinating EP and well worth checking out for fans of sludge and post-metal.
Saor Roots
Saor Aura
Scarred Gaia - Medea
Seal Seal
Secrets of the Sky To Sail Black Waters
Septicflesh The Great Mass
Shade Empire Omega Arcane
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
Sleep Dopesmoker
Sting The Soul Cages
Sylosis Conclusion of an Age
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out
The Ocean Precambrian
The Ocean Pelagial
An emphatic return to form for The Ocean, who ditch the philosophical posturing and return rto what they're best at - creating massive soundscapes in a great conceptual framework.
The Ocean Collective Oblivion
The Red Paintings Walls
The Visit Between Worlds
Thou Heathen
Ulcerate Everything Is Fire
Ulcerate Vermis
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler
Venom Welcome to Hell
Windir Likferd
Wolves in the Throne Room Live at Roadburn 2008
Wormrot Dirge
Yes Relayer

4.0 excellent
3 Inches of Blood Advance and Vanquish
Agalloch Pale Folklore
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Agalloch Faustian Echoes
Agnes Vein Soulship
Agrimonia Rites of Separation
Ahab The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
Alaskan Adversity; Woe
Anaal Nathrakh Desideratum
Animals As Leaders The Joy of Motion
As Oceans Willows
Checks all the right boxes of Meshuggah worship, but the real treat here is the pacing and assembly. Frequent ambient breaks and suspenseful dropouts make for a much more engaging experience than typical pounding chaos. At half an hour, the album is also short enough to keep its momentum all the way through. Very good overall listen.
At the Gates Terminal Spirit Disease
Atheist Jupiter
BABYMETAL Live Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse
While I can't speak for the others, the first concert here ("I") is astoundingly good.
Suzuka is clearly the leader and has a stupendous voice and all three show great energy and
crowd-play, while the backing band kicks ass all show. Considering the spectrum of how good
or bad this whole Babymetal thing could have been, this is about perfect. Set aside
pretension and just have fun with this.
Baroness Blue Record
Battlecross Pursuit of Honor
Behemoth Demigod
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
Billy Joel River Of Dreams
Born of Osiris The Discovery
Burzum Hvis lyset tar oss
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain
Carcass Heartwork
Carcass Surgical Steel
Cave In White Silence
Cerna Restoring Life
Cicada the Burrower Despoina
Cinderella Night Songs
Cinderella Long Cold Winter
Cloudkicker Live with Intronaut
Cormorant Dwellings
Cult of Luna Salvation
Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy
Deafheaven Sunbather
Death The Sound of Perseverance
Death Live in L.A.: Death & Raw
Deathspell Omega Si Monvmentvm Reqvires Circvmspice
Deathspell Omega Drought
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple Burn
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers Live
Great performance by Purple, questionable production. Still a must-see (or must-hear, as it were) for fans.
Defeater Travels
Demilich Nespithe
Dethklok Dethalbum II
Diamond Head Lightning to the Nations
DragonForce Valley of the Damned
DragonForce Sonic Firestorm
Dragonland Astronomy
Echoes of Eon Immensity
Edguy Theater of Salvation
Edguy Mandrake
Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini
EPISTASIS Light Through Dead Glass
Exhumed Necrocracy
Fall of Efrafa Elil
Fallujah The Flesh Prevails
Fleetwood Mac Tusk
Fleshworld Like we're all equal again
Foreigner 4
Forest Like a Blaze Above the Ashes
Gabriel Graves The Hermit
I'm not sure what I was expecting out of this, but it wasn't what I got. I'm hearing
everything from Pink Floyd and Queen to Bon Jovi and REM. You have a great voice for the
low-key singing and the understated drumming is spot-on. I'm really enjoying this.
Garden of Shadows Oracle Moon
Ghost (SWE) Infestissumam
Ghost Brigade Until Fear No Longer Defines Us
Giant Squid Metridium Fields
Giant Squid Monster in the Creek
Working on a review for this now. Should be done soon. Not typical Giant Squid but still a cool album, the first two tracks are terrific.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Beautifully orchestrated, and the opening song is about as emotive as music gets, though it does drag around end of the first disc. Godspeed have a formula that works, despite the fact that it is sounding more and more like a formula.
Gojira The Way of All Flesh
Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage
Like when Mastodon pulled back the throttle on Crack the Skye, Gojira spend a lot of time impressing with mid-paced creative forays, but not really thrilling you. If that comparison proves accurate, however, it will be a big time grower.
Graviton Massless
Writing a review for this now. In a time where almost nothing is "unique", Sacha and company have created an extremely well-crafted piece of music that is both alien and accessible, a combination that is sure to open many new fans to the world of progressive metal.
Halestorm The Strange Case Of...
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
Helloween Master of the Rings
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy World Tour
Helloween Gambling With The Devil
Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors
High on Fire De Vermis Mysteriis
Ifing Against This Weald
Immolation Majesty and Decay
In Flames The Jester Race
Inter Arma The Cavern
Intronaut Void
Intronaut Habitual Levitations
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind
Isis Celestial
Isis In the Absence of Truth
Judas Priest Angel of Retribution
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest Priest...Live!
Judas Priest Epitaph
Better set list than Rising in the East but Halford doesn't quite have it anymore. Still, Faulker is a great addition and makes this a very worthwhile listen/watch.
Kalmah Swampsong
Kalmah 12 Gauge
Kalmah Seventh Swamphony
KEN mode Entrench
Killswitch Engage The End of Heartache
Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies
Kylesa Spiral Shadow
Lamb of God Killadelphia
Leprous Coal
Light Bearer Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God
Light Bearer Live in Sedel
Light Bearer Silver Tongue
"almost nothing happens throughout the whole album, it's just one predictable build to ranother predictable build"rThat's like analyzing the sentence structure of Moby-Dick and concluding that it's just a rbunch of descriptions that build to more descriptions with way too many commas in between. rLight Bearer are a medium for a story and ideology, and without that framework it is indeed rjust a bunch of build ups and riffs like any other post-metal album. An opinion is just rthat, but I think this album demands a more holistic view than most.
Mastodon Call of the Mastodon
Battle At Sea alone makes this worthy of a 4. Hail to Fire and Call of the Mastodon seal the deal.
Mastodon Live at Brixton
Matisyahu Live At Stubb's
Mendel Subliminal Colors
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah Chaosphere
Metallica Master of Puppets
Morbid Angel Covenant
Mother of Mercy IV: Symptoms of Existence
Mother of Mercy III

MoM is pissed off so you don't have to be. What.
Musk Ox Woodfall
National Sunday Law La Storia Di Cannibali
National Sunday Law Festival of the Horned God
Nothing Guilty of Everything
Obsequiae Suspended In The Brume Of Eos
Opeth Damnation
Paramnesia Paramnesia
Paula Cole This Fire
Paysage d'Hiver Kerker
Paysage d'Hiver Steineiche
Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Pyramaze Melancholy Beast
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication
Revocation Chaos of Forms
Revocation Revocation
Rorcal Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa
Rorcal La Femme sans Tete
Sannhet Known Flood
Savatage The Wake Of Magellan
Seal Seal II
Septicflesh Communion
Sigur Ros Kveikur
Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed
Slayer South of Heaven
Soreption Engineering The Void
stellastarr* Harmonies for the Haunted
Sting Ten Summoner's Tales
Sting Brand New Day
Svart Crown Witnessing The Fall
Drumming is beast, riffs are usually great. Vox aren't special but do the trick. Sets a great mood. Working on a review for this.
t.A.T.u. 200 km/H In The Wrong Lane
t.A.T.u. Waste Management
Terra Tenebrosa The Purging
The Afterglow Cadence The Fight
The Fight is a fine collection of pop rock songs based around classic singer-songwriter
arrangements. Standout song "Pressure" flirts with jazz harmonies and builds steadily
over shuffling percussion and careful vocal harmonies. "Life's Not So Bad" has some great
acoustic guitar work, with a chorus that threatens to lead into Green Day's smash hit
"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)." Towards the end of the album, "Just Say the Word"
overcomes some shaky moments via a strong crunchy REM-esque guitar riff, while
"Jackknife" and closer "Pictures" ride clever chord progressions that hint at Brian
Donarski and Ian Steur's comfort with the theory behind what makes them beautiful.
Donarski's bass work is a high point on all tracks, and the whole band seems to be
thoroughly enjoying themselves. You probably will too.
The Dresden Dolls Yes, Virginia...
The Great Old Ones Al Azif
The Ocean Fogdiver
The Ocean Heliocentric
The last two songs make up for the lack of creative punch on the rest of the album in a massive way. Firmament has some great moments too. Worth checking out if you're into progressive metal.
The Ocean Anthropocentric
This is the sound The Ocean was trying for when they shook things up after Precambrian - much wider dynamic range, bigger climaxes, more poignant spacial areas, and for the first time, this band really grooves during sections. A big step forward.
The Visit Offering
The Wounded Kings Consolamentum
Thou Peasant
Thy Light No Morrow Shall Dawn
Trvth Black Horse Plague
Trvth Trvth Be Told
It's like a long, meandering hike into unknown woods in the best way. The record Agalloch
wishes they'd made.
Vallendusk Black Clouds Gathering
Venom Black Metal
Warren of Ohms The Wolf and The Fox
Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun
White Empress Rise of the Empress
Within Temptation The Unforgiving
Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem of 12 Stars
Wolves in the Throne Room Black Cascade
Wolves in the Throne Room Celestial Lineage
Wormed Exodromos
Worms in Women and Cattle Sick Road

3.5 great
3 Inches of Blood Fire Up The Blades
A Storm Of Light As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us...
Agalloch The Serpent and the Sphere
Alexandre Desplat Godzilla
Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
Anette Olzon Shine
Arch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
At the Gates With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness
At the Gates At War with Reality
A lot more mid-paced stuff here like on With Fear. Pleasantly surprised by this, definitely not Slaughter 2.0
Avenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen
Baroness Red Album
Baroness Yellow and Green
Barrowlands Thane
Bathory Hammerheart
Billy Joel The Bridge
Bonedust When you die and your bones are rotting...
Bullet For My Valentine The Poison
Cave In Jupiter
Cloudkicker Let Yourself Be Huge
Complete Freedom Inner Thoughts
Every instrument here seems to have a mind of its own, but somehow they all end up on the
same path by the end. There are little timing issues scattered about, and that bass is
sometimes overpowering, but the foundation is all there for a great and eclectic
collection of songs. Trvth is well in-tune with the notion that on the best albums, no
two songs sound the same, and runs with it. Highlights include "Fire Inside," with its
slow-burning build, "Aura," and "V," the album's very worthwhile payoff.
Converge Axe to Fall
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River
Cynic Re-Traced
Deep Purple Rapture of the Deep
Deep Purple The House of Blue Light
Deep Purple Purpendicular
Deep Purple Shades of Deep Purple
Deep Purple Bananas
Dethklok The Dethalbum
Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli
DragonForce Inhuman Rampage
DragonForce Twilight Dementia
The production leaves a lot to be desired and ZP spends way too much time swearing for no
apparent reason, but the guitarists and Mackintosh sure bring it. If nothing else, it shows
that Dragonforce aren't nearly the punch-line that people have made them out to be.
DragonForce The Power Within
I already miss ZP and his potty mouth. Dragonforce continues to lose the plot even further. rThe smart money says this is gonna suck.rUpdate: it's actually not bad.
Emphatic Damage
Enabler La Fin Absolue Du Monde
Eternal Closure Ad Primum
The ingredients are familiar, but EC have quality chops and assemble some very solid songs, particularly the closer, "Enthalpy". The low-end is a little overwhelming, so the guitars get drowned a little, but overall it's a tight EP. There were some ballsy riffs that reminded me of For the Revolution-era Kalmah, which is always a good thing. A full album of this would be excellent.
Feist/Mastodon Feistodon
Flickerstick Welcoming Home the Astronauts
Gamma Ray Sigh No More
Gamma Ray Heading for Tomorrow
Gamma Ray Land of the Free II
Gamma Ray Skeletons & Majesties Live
While some of the rare cuts are welcome additions (see "Dethrone Tyranny" and "Wings of Destiny"), there isn't much to get excited about compared to the last live album. Also, Kiske looks like a douche with his black beanie.
Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead
Giant Squid Minoans
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress'
Gojira The Link
Gojira Terra Incognita
Halestorm Halestorm
As far as debut albums go, this is really quite good. There aren't many major flaws...maybe some generic moments, but I consider those neutral rather than negative. Song like "Innocence" and "Familiar Taste of Poison", while nothing groundbreaking, are excellently performed and Lzzy's vocals are powerful and always in tune. This is a great place to work from for the band going forward. Exciting to think what they're capable of in the future.
Halestorm ReAnimate: The CoVeRs
HammerFall Threshold
Helloween The Dark Ride
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy
Helloween 7 Sinners
Howl Full of Hell
Howl Bloodlines
Iron Maiden Killers
Isis The Red Sea
Isis Mosquito Control
Isis SGNL>05
Isis Temporal
Judas Priest British Steel
Judas Priest Sin After Sin
Judas Priest Ram It Down
Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls
Kalmah The Black Waltz
Kalmah For The Revolution
Katy Perry Teenage Dream
Katy Perry MTV Unplugged
Katy Perry Prism
Killswitch Engage Alive or Just Breathing
Magma Udu Wudu
Mastodon Live at the Aragon
Thank goodness they mixed the vocals way down. Mastodon plays everything like -- or better than -- the album, sometimes a bit faster...basically it rocks. The unorthodox song choices from Blood Mountain (Circle of Cysquatch) and Leviathan (Aqua Dementia) at first seem odd, but in concert sound terrific. They also get big points for deciding before the show that everything that happened on stage would be on the record: no overdubs, no re-takes. This is their show, warts and all...and it is awesome.
Mastodon Once More 'Round the Sun
Sweet Jesus, Brent threw pieces of Hearts Alive, Bladecatcher, All the Heavy Lifting, and Elephant Man into Ember City's solo. That was crazy cool.
Meshuggah Nothing
Meshuggah obZen
Meshuggah Koloss
Metallica Metallica
Mindset Evolution Prelude
Concise, energetic debut that makes a strong impression both lyrically and musically. A combination of fresh songwriting, in-your-face hardcore philosophy and fan-oriented approach sets ME apart from the crowd.
Moonlit Sailor We Come from Exploding Stars
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja
My Dying Bride The Angel and the Dark River
Myrkur Myrkur
National Sunday Law The Fifth Ape
Nelly Furtado Folklore
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood
Paysage d'Hiver Nacht
Paysage d'Hiver Schattengang
Moloch is a strange track, with electronic bursts and rock riffs and drums in parts, but it's kinda cool. Die Zief is more like classic Paysage and it's bitchin', especially with that wolf kill sample. Good overall album, but not on par with Paysage's best.
Primal Fear Black Sun
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rainbow Straight Between the Eyes
Revocation Empire of the Obscene
Rorcal The Way We Are, The Way We Were, The Way...
Seal Seal IV
Seal Human Being
Sorxe Surrounded by Shadows
Sting Mercury Falling
Sun Worship Elder Giants
Sunn O))) Monoliths and Dimensions
Sunn O))) and Ulver Terrestrials
Svart Crown Ages Of Decay
Swans To Be Kind
Sylosis Edge of the Earth
t.A.T.u. Dangerous and Moving
t.A.T.u. Happy Smiles
Taurus (USA-OR) No/Thing
The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis
The Guilt Of... Isolation Room
Shades of Godflesh throughout this creepy hardcore album.
The Ocean Aeolian
Thou Tyrant
Trenches The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
Ulcerate Of Fracture and Failure
Unisonic Light of Dawn
Usher Confessions
Viking Skull Born in Hell
White Lies To Lose My Life
Within Temptation Enter

3.0 good
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil
BABYMETAL BABYMETAL - Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!
Billy Joel Storm Front
Black Sabbath Born Again
Black Sabbath Seventh Star
Britney Spears In the Zone
Circle of Animals Destroy the Light
Converge Deathwish Live Series 02: Minneapolis
Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are
Deep Purple Come Taste the Band
Deep Purple Stormbringer
Deep Purple Slaves and Masters
Deep Purple This Time Around: Live in Tokyo
DragonForce Maximum Overload
I miss ZP and his potty mouth. I miss long songs with like five harmonized solo sections. I miss guitar delay-ridden epic intros. I miss the things that made Dragonforce...Dragonforce. Repetitive and ridiculous, but different than any other band out there. And that was worth coming back for every now and then.
Edguy Kingdom of Madness
Edguy Rocket Ride
Edguy King of Fools EP
Gamma Ray Insanity and Genius
Gamma Ray Master of Confusion
Gojira Possessed
Good Riddance My Republic
HammerFall Glory to the Brave
Helloween Better Than Raw
Helloween The Time of the Oath
Helloween Straight Out of Hell
Iced Earth Framing Armageddon
Indian From All Purity
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier
Isis Oceanic: Remixes and Reinterpretations
Isis Live 2
Isis/Melvins Isis/Melvins Split
Judas Priest Hell Bent for Leather
Judas Priest Jugulator
Judas Priest Turbo
Judas Priest Point of Entry
Judas Priest '98 Live Meltdown
Judas Priest Live in London
Judas Priest Nostradamus
Katy Perry One of the Boys
Kylesa Ultraviolet
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
Linkin Park Meteora
Malefice Entities
Mastodon Lifesblood
Mastodon 9 Song Demo
Mastodon Oblivion EP
Mastodon Jonah Hex: Revenge Gets Ugly EP
This is what happens when a band writes something for free and then has to re-do it, again for free, because the first one was too heavy. The band sounds accordingly bored, but the Alternate Takes have a bit of typical Mastodon muscle.
Mastodon The Hunter
Meshuggah Contradictions Collapse
Nightwish Dark Passion Play
Old Man Gloom Seminar III: Zozobra
Opeth Watershed
Opeth Heritage
Opeth The Devil's Orchard - Live at Rock Hard Festival
Paysage d'Hiver Einsamkeit
Primal Fear New Religion
Primal Fear 16.6: (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Rainbow Down To Earth
Rings of Saturn Lugal Ki En
This has some crazy shit going on and it's a lot of fun, but listening all the way through is exhausting.
Rorcal Monochrome
Rosetta A Determinism of Morality
Saosin Saosin
Seal System
Slayer God Hates Us All
Swans The Seer
Tarja Turunen Colours in the Dark
Taylor Swift Speak Now
The All-American Rejects Move Along
The Great Kat Beethoven On Speed
The Ocean Islands/Tides
The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang
U2 Songs of Innocence
Volumes Via
Whitechapel A New Era of Corruption
Within Temptation Mother Earth
Wolves in the Throne Room Malevolent Grain
Wolves in the Throne Room Celestite

2.5 average
3 Inches of Blood Here Waits Thy Doom
Fierce defender kicks SO much ass, but there are some pretty dull moments throughout this.
A Faylene Sky Define Alive
Abysmal Dawn Leveling the Plane of Existence
Arch Enemy Khaos Legions
Attila Rage
Avenged Sevenfold Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Britney Spears Britney
Bullet For My Valentine Fever
Chelsea Grin Chelsea Grin
Cough Ritual Abuse
Creed Human Clay
Creed Weathered
D.R.U.G.S. D.R.U.G.S.
Deep Purple The Battle Rages On...
Deep Purple The Book of Taliesyn
Deep Purple Abandon
DragonForce Ultra Beatdown
I really wanted to like this album. I bought and listened to the whole thing, tedious as it may have been. We all know DragonForce plays variations on the same very fast, very technical song over and over and over...which worked for a while because it was also a very good song. But four albums into their career, it's beginning to sound stale. These guys have the chops to create good music, as is apparent in bits and pieces here. It's time to put that ability to better use.
Edguy Tinnitus Sanctus
For Today Immortal
Gamma Ray To the Metal!
It's not a showpiece, but To the Metal has enough good material to make it worth picking up.
Gamma Ray Alright! 20 Years Of Universe
Gamma Ray Lust for Live
Gamma Ray The Karaoke Album
Helloween Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Helloween Metal Jukebox
Iron Maiden The X Factor
Iron Savior Megatropolis
Isis Live 3
Isis Live 1
Job for a Cowboy Ruination
Judas Priest Hero, Hero
Judas Priest Rocka Rolla
Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight
Mastodon Slick Leg
Metallica Death Magnetic
Nickelback All the Right Reasons
Rainbow Difficult to Cure
Sting Sacred Love
The Great Kat Worship Me or Die!
Whitechapel This Is Exile

2.0 poor
3OH!3 Want
Attila Outlawed
Avenged Sevenfold Welcome to the Family
Avenged Sevenfold Hail to the King
B.o.B The Adventures of Bobby Ray
Beyonce I Am... Sasha Fierce
Brain Drill Quantum Catastrophe
Burzum Daudi Baldrs
Creedence Clearwater Revival Mardi Gras
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young American Dream
Deep Purple Powerhouse
Gamma Ray Skeletons & Majesties
Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait
Godspeed You! Black Emperor aMAZEzine!
Helloween Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Helloween Chameleon
Icona Pop Icona Pop
Iron Maiden Virtual XI
Isis Sawblade
Isis Live 4
Judas Priest Demolition
Katy Perry Katy Hudson
Kesha Animal
Like Moths to Flames When We Don't Exist
Linkin Park A Thousand Suns
Mayday Parade Anywhere But Here
Nickelback Silver Side Up
Nickelback The Long Road
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
Nightwish Made In Hong Kong
Opeth Burden
Rainbow Bent Out of Shape
Snoop Lion Reincarnated
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

1.5 very poor
3OH!3 Streets of Gold
Attila Soundtrack to a Party
B.o.B Strange Clouds
Black Veil Brides Set the World on Fire
Bullet For My Valentine Temper Temper
Creed Full Circle
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Live It Up
Deep Purple When We Rock, We Rock & When We Roll, We Roll
Deep Purple Universal Masters Collection
Just stop. We don't need anymore of these compilations.
Helloween Unarmed
For all the talk about how tongue-in-cheek Helloween has always been, it should still be their top priority to give their fans quality power metal albums. Rehashing old material is okay if it's an improvement, but it sounds a lot like Helloween are making fun of themselves and it's not particularly funny this time.
One would think that "Chameleon" should have taught this band to stick to what they do best...and to leave this type of experiment to the bands that aren't able to forge great music the way Helloween always has.
Jessie J Who You Are
Judas Priest The Best of Judas Priest
Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz Kings of Crunk
Metallica St. Anger
Metro Station Metro Station
Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus
Nickelback Dark Horse
Nickelback Here and Now
Nicki Minaj Beam Me Up Scotty
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis Satyriasis And Nymphomania
Queensryche Frequency Unknown
Rainbow Jealous Lover
Robin Thicke Blurred Lines
T-Pain Thr33 Ringz
Vengaboys The Platinum Album
William Control Hate Culture

1.0 awful
Attila Fallacy
Bathory Octagon
brokeNCYDE I'm Not a Fan, but the Kids Like It!
brokeNCYDE Will Never Die
brokeNCYDE The Best of BrokeNCYDE
Cobra Starship Hot Mess
Cobra Starship Night Shades
Coprophagia Shitty Life
Crazy Frog Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits
DoomThrone Skeleton Veiled in Flesh
Eamon I Don't Want You Back
Exoskeleton Plutonian Herd
Grumblecunt I Piss Shit
Hello Kitty Suicide Club ^_^
Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band Hulk Rules
Hurricane Chris Unleashed
Millionaires Bling Bling Bling!
Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus - The Remixes
Nickelback The Best of Nickelback Volume 1
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Paris Hilton Paris
Pussycat Dolls PCD
Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination
Queensryche Dedicated to Chaos
Robin Thicke Paula
Scene Kidz Fuq-N-Es-Kay
Spermswamp Extreme Cream
T-Pain Revolver
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Lonely Road
Torsofuck Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy
Unleashing My Demons Tran​(ce​)​scen(e​)dance
they get half a point for the sometimes-competent drummingredit: just kidding, never mind

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