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  • demigod! cuz i barely sput anymore lol.
    November 5 06:33 AM
  • LordePots hello my dude
    August 6 04:09 PM
  • demigod! Suuuuuuuup!
    July 31 01:58 PM
  • Kman418 everythings the same except i like rap music now and instead of oversharing on the internet i just buy myself plants for my room and take care of my skin
    July 30 01:58 AM
  • Kman418 absolutely nothing
    July 30 01:58 AM
  • LordePots it was just ok for me tbh. disappointing for madlib, and im not really that big of a gibbs fan either. i don't dislike him at all, but i definitely think he has better stuff than pinata and even that stuff isnt anything i'll really go back to. i have it 3/5'd, its definitely a decent album but just dont move me much
    October 2 12:10 AM
  • Kman418 "Just for reference I'm also reading some post-grad college assholes script and urs is better" lmao nice. also yeah im aware my dialogue is weak (ive rly never done it formally before) im trying to minimize it as much as i can as i edit, though i do still think a lot of the mother scenes came out well. did u finish editing the whole thing??? i'd be interested in seeing what sorts of stuff you've changed since from what it sounded like you were being pretty detailed
    October 1 08:12 PM
  • Rowan5215 Hey Mama and Roses tho
    September 19 08:00 PM
  • Kman418 its ok i am here for u
    September 19 07:10 PM
  • Rowan5215 goddamn Late Registration is just straight ****ing bangers
    September 17 10:52 AM
  • NorthernSkylark hey skeames. i'm almost certain it was some track off shields but it drove me mad so i just let it go, but one day i will find out ! please tell me if u figure it out
    September 17 05:21 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah dude for sure. This show has "bitch where u when I was walkin" from King Kunta as a legitimate cue so you know its gon be gud
    September 15 05:05 AM
  • Rowan5215 Oh that's pretty solid. Free travel is always dope. I did a similar thing earlier this year, was in a play that didn't count for anything but it was a fantastic experience and I made some gr9 friends Enjoy your debating bud
    September 15 04:34 AM
  • Rowan5215 Sounds like fun. Is this part of a course or anything or just for the lols?
    September 15 04:07 AM
  • Rowan5215 So basically muricans being greedy bastards?? DAMN IMMIGANTS TRYINA STEAL OUR JOBS. But yeah it sounds like an interesting topic. Are you debating with a team?
    September 15 04:00 AM
  • Rowan5215 Will do lad. The hell is bioprospecting? Sounds exciting
    September 15 03:54 AM
  • Rowan5215 I've only heard it once in fairness, might grow. Script's really quite solid. Still in development because it's a devised thing but I really like the way it's going, espesh Chapter 1. We open in about a week which is scary
    September 15 03:49 AM
  • Rowan5215 Idk Graduation is so simple and the rapping is pretty lame. Drunk and Hot Girls rules though. Two original plays by one of the third years in my course called the Florist 1 and 2
    September 15 03:39 AM
  • Rowan5215 Oh really? I thought Graduation wasn't that well loved really. I'm lighting designer for two plays in a festival that my uni puts on so I'm just watching them get built in front of me, good times
    September 15 03:33 AM
  • Rowan5215 That's a big word and idk what it means tbh
    September 15 03:26 AM
  • Rowan5215 can't listen rn I'm in the rehearsal room but I'll check it. Late Regi is so gooood, Hey Mama is ~~~~ I really like 808s too tbh, Graduation is my least fav (haven't heard College Dropout yet)
    September 15 03:20 AM
  • Rowan5215 Been meaning to check Slum Village actually, good s***? Late Registration is my fav but Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus have their fair share of hard jams. I'M A MUTHA****AN MONSTAHH
    September 15 03:06 AM
  • Rowan5215 new Wonder Years alb, lots of Kenny Lamar and Kanye (finally found that discog), Wu-Tang and Elliott Smith. How bout u bud
    September 15 02:52 AM
  • plane jai paul best non-album of new millennium
    September 13 03:08 AM
  • LordePots nah dude that was really sweet. i found his self titled album but couldnt find the album that songs on (untitled) or whatever...
    September 12 09:29 PM
  • demigod! yo man sup, just recovering from the long weekend how you been ? nice tkol rating btw
    September 8 10:38 AM
  • Kman418 u can go ahead
    September 8 02:48 AM
  • Kman418 thanks for the help tho. wait till you get to the last 30 pages or so 2 make final judgements thats the part im most proud of by far and a lot of the earlier stuff (espec the stuff around the very very start) is just establishing stuff and setting up ideas so i could execute that part properly. idk if you've seen requiem for a dream but i was sort of influenced by the formatting and flow of that movie
    September 8 02:38 AM
  • Kman418 oh lol i like half misread what u originally said WHOOPS wtvr
    September 8 02:32 AM
  • Kman418 i dont mean that to sound like im trying to reject your criticism or anything lol i know what ur talking about and i'll work on it on the next draft but im just trying to explain since writing in this format has different general set of rules than u would see with most other writing
    September 8 02:27 AM
  • Kman418 part of that is just for the fact that its supposed to actually be translated into film so its generally considered taboo to load a screenplay with detail you can't translate into visuals directly, plus ur usually not supposed to directly explain emotions/motives/etc with too much detail so there's actually room for actors/actresses to do their jobs u kno
    September 8 02:24 AM
  • RadicalEd
    September 4 02:51 AM
  • RadicalEd Hey man. If you like Stars of the Lid, check out that Aidan Barker Album "The Sea Swells a bit" I also rec'd. It's pretty similar to "The Tired Sounds..."
    September 4 02:51 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Funnily enough I just bought Mason
    September 3 11:17 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 It's completely surreal, like living a lucid dream. I hope you do man. And social work, awesome! My mums a social worker, and that notwithstanding, major respect to anyone called to devote twit lives to the betterment of others.
    September 3 11:13 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 One after the other really. Spent six days hiking Mt Roraima in Venezuela, a place where the paths are paved with crystals. Strange magic in the air there. Wow man, that's big news. Remind me your major? And you seem to like a lot of the books I like; got any recs you could send me way?
    September 3 07:40 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 pretty great man spent the last four months travelling around Colombia and Venezuela. Lost my iPod though which was pretty crushing. Hbu man, hows uni?
    September 2 08:51 PM
  • Kman418 lol i dont even know half these tracks tbh
    September 2 07:34 PM
  • Kman418 ok sure lol
    September 2 06:05 PM
  • Kman418 "I've already listened to that setlist from like four dif bootleg sources." jfc
    September 2 05:32 PM
  • plane Down There is amazing, always gets me a certain way
    August 30 12:02 PM
  • YakNips i mean i really haven't either, just jammed three cheers like 1 million times
    August 29 06:11 PM
  • YakNips yeah, we cool was actually pretty sweet, thought it was a significant step up from his past solo stuff, but still doesn't really touch any of his work through btmi and arrogant sons of bitches
    August 29 05:47 PM
  • YakNips yeah it needed more jeff and less of whoever that other dude was
    August 29 05:28 PM
  • JamieTwort Glad you dig it. Benoit is one of my favourite artists.
    August 29 04:43 PM
  • plane what was most surprising coming back to a real boy in like ~5 years was that it was better than ever. supreme writing on that album
    August 29 04:08 PM
  • Kman418 BUT HE'S REALLY COOL and fun to be around tbh you would probably really like him and he's actually into like a lot of the same music/film as me and checks out stuff i rec him all the time its really nice
    July 28 03:04 AM
  • Kman418 also game designs cool as s*** bro obviously it was a very different type of game but all my work with amnesia was super fun/rewarding tell me how it goes for u. ALSO idk if you remade your tumblr or if you have a fb or something or what but that would probably be better for talking about The Guy because if you know anything about me by now it should be most of my love interests end up being really bizarre and probably not good content that could be publicly viewed by members of
    July 28 03:04 AM
  • Kman418 i got like way more into idm about a year ago along with most other weirdo styles of electronic music mainly due to boc/autechre. a lot of psych rock more recently too. specifically ive been listening to like twine tame impala can battles hella and grateful dead (which is largely bc the guy i was talking about he's a deadhead don't judge me) a lot this summer
    July 28 03:01 AM
  • Rowan5215 it's been a darker place without you around for sure. Most of my fave users have left and slash or we've (d)evolved to chatting on facebook so sputnik is basically dry right now. IT'S CALLING YOURS TOOOOOOOOO
    July 28 12:18 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yes, I'm Changing is my song of the year probably. Well since we last chatted I got into uni and have been here for a solid five months now and loving it. Been in two plays with an audience of about 100 and done some other sweet stuff, life is good. Great to hear from you bro
    July 27 10:48 PM
  • Rowan5215 DUDE what is up nig
    July 27 10:16 PM
  • Kman418 lifes been good i finished my mod i got really into film im working on a screenplay which i should hopefully film this year (maybe) ive been drawing a lot im going into senior year which is weird i kind of fell in love with a guy on accident (it wont go anywhere its a weird situation) i can drive now ummmmmmmm im trying to think of anything else but thats all i can think of yeah thats whats happened to me in the last 1.5 years what have u been up to
    July 27 09:39 PM
  • Kman418 hi i thought u were dead probably
    July 27 09:21 PM
  • Lakes. Hi there
    July 27 11:47 AM
  • skeames1214 Man using this site on mobile is a pain
    July 27 11:37 AM
  • Rowan5215 come back tbh
    June 23 03:57 AM
  • YakNips is there some place i can contact you so you can guide me through my life
    October 12 12:56 PM
  • ethos he's not coming back skEAAAA$$$$MESSSSS is on TRACK
    September 3 04:39 AM
  • Lakes. baby come back
    August 29 01:46 PM
  • ethos
    May 29 06:24 AM
  • ethos you're welcome! for some reason or another (sputnik coding/formatting issues i guess?) ...fuk 2's entry on max levine ensemble got cut off. had a shoutout to you and everything in there along with some other fun stuff ;~; no worries though, it looks to me like you definitely got the idea of what the band's all about X) - how've you been?
    May 27 05:34 PM
  • Kman418 its thekman418
    May 14 02:10 AM
  • Kman418 also i don't use fb/twitter ever but if you wanna add me on skype im there a lot
    May 14 01:41 AM
  • Kman418 yea ive been trying to distance myself from the whole "IM TRASH WAHH BEING SAD IS COOL" s*** i feel u. good luck with whatever you're going through tho
    May 14 01:40 AM
  • Kman418 lol damn was it just to much of a distraction or something cause i know people who have left cause of that
    May 14 12:36 AM
  • Kman418 bro where u go on tumblr tho damn
    May 14 12:31 AM
  • demigod! cool song dude reminds me of andrew jackson jihad a bit. I've been writing some folky stuff too, it's super relaxing and cathartic.
    May 13 04:01 PM
  • demigod! noice. I need a mic too actually, all i record on now is either my cell phone (lol rough demos) or a goddamn turtle beach headset mic
    May 13 01:47 PM
  • demigod! not yet but i've been working on a bunch of projects recently. got some stuff recorded and written down, just gotta put it together. it's like a big puzzle lol. i'll let you know when i get my soundcloud (thats what ppl use right?) up and runnin'. you got any of your stuff on the interwebs?
    May 13 01:32 PM
  • demigod! hell yeah freeeedommmm!, awesome we'll have to plug or something dawg, when youre liberated from the bane of education
    May 13 01:29 PM
  • demigod! i miss your socialist whore ass [2]
    May 13 01:21 PM
  • FourthReich i miss your socialist whore ass been a while hope you're in good health and tappin some choice tang
    May 1 08:37 AM
  • Kman418 mmm this is good but i feel like ive already heard this exact band like 4 other times tbh
    May 1 02:55 AM
  • FourthReich whore
    April 26 09:51 PM
  • ethos to a lot of people it's ****ed and i could go on and on about weighing the benefits and the negatives, but it's all been said and done before. bottom line is just do what makes you feel secure and happy about your life/don't become too comfortable with yourself in the process. can't go wrong that way, the rest will follow suit.
    April 16 03:03 PM
  • ethos do what you have to do. i'm not in college atm/once was (obviously) and my life is 50x better because of it, time feels so much more worthwhile doing the things i actually enjoy. i know that feeling you're going through right now and have went through the same whirlpool cycle with my parents/family of "security/safety-net" but tbh there's not much i even want anymore. outside of the things music brings to me and what it can potentially bring to others
    April 16 03:01 PM
  • ethos you'll get it down, i have full faith in that. this summer is gonna be the start of some serious growth between both of us, i feel it. just stick with that sincerity, the rest will come in time. regarding drawing ideas/inspiration from music, read the list and see if anything appeals or just throw me a mood or genre and i'll be more than happy to recommend something. get em, sKE$AAAAAAMESSSSSSSSSS!
    April 16 02:34 AM
  • ethos also, i'm so glad you're happy after those issues you had today and thanks so much for the consideration/thought of the package (regardless of whether or not you find the time to send it). love you, dude. we'd definitely be best friends, you rule.
    April 16 02:26 AM
  • ethos but that does make sense and i'm honored to hear that come from someone like you. i don't consider my writing to have huge words/decriptive vocab. bank cause i'm not that knowledgeable on type of stuff in life (yet). but what i do and always have admired in reviews/writing in general are the relationships or feeling involved, and im glad i've sparked up that same interest when you read that stuff. similar to music, i feel as though that's where the real worth lies
    April 16 02:23 AM
  • ethos and i feel fraudulent with my writing because i don't feel as though im doing anything other than relaying a message that's apparent and felt w/ time. music hits me so naturally and heavily that i feel as though i can't keep quiet about it, it's become an insane obsession but im going to attempt to make it a positive. i'm tired of not having something of my own to share, there's a thin line between enjoyment and straight masturbation and i feel as though i've slightly fallen in that hole.
    April 16 02:14 AM
  • ethos as far as the music thing goes, like i said it's been very slow trying to start up but i finally did recently/everything's been perfect. it may take time, but there's no turning back. i'm not sure how well what i write will be or if i'll even have an innate talent for composing.. but i'm sure as hell going to try my hardest. music's nearly all i think about. may sound lame, but i want to see something come game-changing come out of sputnik. there's too many beautiful people here for it not to.
    April 16 02:09 AM
  • ethos lol, i just logged back on. dude.. no worries about the blowing up shoutbox thing, i do it to everyone all the time and feel the same way but i love logging in to find a conversation. in response to the rest, i seriously appreciate all the love and your friendship. like, the fact that you sat there and wrote that out to me in a response was worth writing the list alone. at first i felt very anxious trying to start, but it's because of people like you that allowed me to continue. thank you.
    April 16 02:04 AM
  • ethos :') omg check out max levine ensemble too, specifically OK SMARTYPANTS?? here ya go - ! ! !
    April 12 11:29 AM
  • Rowan5215 That's fair enough dude I took a break myself recently to focus on my studies for exams but now I'm in my holiday period which means I'll be on here pretty much all the time, having nothing better to do.
    April 11 01:00 AM
  • Rowan5215 I've missed you buddy don't leave me again pls
    April 11 12:39 AM
    April 10 04:12 AM
  • ethos nice ;)
    April 8 05:53 AM
  • ethos lmao higher than world of echo??? wowwww that's great dude no problem im glad you're enjoying it. hmm for a more stripped style of writing that's pre-dated to our time i also wanna suggest vasthi bunyan's - another diamond day and the zombies - odesssey and oracle/i've also been fairly into daniel johnston's 1990 but lol idk not immensely or anything, just kinda has a offbeat minimal nature lol
    April 8 05:33 AM
  • DrMaximus Sweet, sounds good :]
    April 8 12:49 AM
  • ethos wooOOOOooOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!
    April 7 01:48 PM
  • DrMaximus Dude, come back :(
    April 3 11:56 PM
  • ethos tolerance balloons is gooood too, wow - have you heard of spoonboy/max levine ensemble/wingnut dishwasher's or pat the bunny??? kinda reminds me of their vibe - check out max levine's OK smartypants and pat's burn the earth, leave it behind - spoonboy's s/t, etc i think you'd draw a lot of inspiration/love em, especially at what you're working on right now
    April 3 03:16 PM
  • ethos oh man that king of carrot flower demo was more interesting to me than the original lmao, probably cause of how it was recorded/violin/random people talking awesome stuff, im digging it a ton!!
    April 3 03:11 PM
  • ethos same as you my dude, moved out of my house and i'm grinding keyboard/guitar every day nonstop i suck s*** but not for long and i will definitely check these out - glad to hear things are perfect. btw im releasing ...fuk 2 either today or tomorrow, stay tuned
    April 3 02:17 AM
  • ethos how r u irl
    April 2 02:34 PM
  • ethos everything's perfect atm don't even need to type how are you though PLEASE log-on a bit more often PLEASE im begging u omfg
    April 2 02:34 PM
  • ethos pzl ****ing comz back just for a bit PLEAAASE
    April 1 12:00 AM
    February 20 02:33 PM
  • Kman418 the only main other users on here that i know would be rev whos url is and gwyn whos also there's iwasnvrurbf (idk if you know him he doesn't post much) whos also mines if you wanna follow
    January 28 03:52 AM
  • Kman418 (he actually does make hella bank i don't rlly talk about it a whole lot cause i don't want to seem like some s***ty privileged rich kid or anything but yeah)
    January 21 09:56 PM
  • Kman418 damn thats raw as hell
    January 21 09:55 PM
  • Rowan5215 Haha damn, you're too kind! It's our last show because it costs too much/the station is cheap and poor as ****/we all have work and school commitments.
    January 5 01:32 AM
  • Rowan5215 What, my accent? Haha dude you should hear people with strong Australian accents goddamn mine is mild in comparison
    January 5 01:27 AM
  • demigod! i actually did write it, when i turn 30 there will be time machines and yeah i used mine to go back in time and record that album. don't tell anyone though or i'll cease to exi
    January 3 11:56 AM
  • demigod! hey man. if you want more death metal similar to Gorement (only with a darker, more earthen atmosphere rather than a cold and bitter one) you should check out Demigod's debut album. really good stuff, hard riffs, great atmosphere, all that jazz.
    January 3 11:52 AM
  • Rowan5215 Bro here's the recording of my radio show, I played your request of course
    January 1 07:49 AM
  • ethos wayyy ambient/atmospheric for a video game soundtrack though, pretty impressive - nocni jazz is the jam
    December 25 02:07 PM
  • ethos it's decent, i mean i like it but i feel as though i would enjoy it a ton more if i were playing the game that's supposed to be accompanied with it. it's more visual music, from what i'm hearing. lots of little blurbs / random recordings from a crazy amount of places - i might check the game out after hearing this though so thanksssssss
    December 25 01:27 PM
  • ethos will for sure
    December 23 09:20 AM
  • Rowan5215 I won't, don't worry
    December 22 12:08 AM
  • Rowan5215 You're meant to post the reply in my shoutbox, silly! haha change of plans we're gonna record it hopefully and I'll send it to you after
    December 21 11:45 PM
  • Rowan5215 Yo nig are you gonna be able to listen to my show today?
    December 21 10:47 PM
  • demigod! :D
    December 21 09:14 PM
  • demigod!
    December 21 09:07 PM
  • ethos ugh why am i up i gtg to work in like 3 hours : / randomly woke up too, must have been destiny to talk to skeames - but i need to head off for now, let's catch up again later.. let's say... two weeks? *grizzly bear song starts up*
    December 14 04:46 AM
  • ethos i haven't recorded anything dude :" ( dont worry i will though, plz send me your stuff whenever you get the chance/time i love hearing people's work from here
    December 14 04:43 AM
  • ethos OHHH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKEAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!!!! (i've been SUPER into trespasser's guide to nowhere lately as well, i remember you checking that out a while back but man it grew on me insaaaanely like perm. 5 grew on me) that's about it with my life - other than pretty much 50,000 other things but i think this is good.. yeah SO MANY AMAZING THINGS TO DO
    December 14 04:30 AM
  • ethos luv bombin' ur wall n_____________n
    December 14 04:22 AM
  • ethos i have this chuck e cheese job so this is getting pretty hard core idk can i HANDLE it man cause i really wanna get the **** out of this ****ing **** **** **** **** ********* of a **** *** place, you feel me? just grab a guitar/keyboard with a few friends who live in the same house and jam whenever we get the time idk i might go back to SCHOOL too maybe cause my eyes have been opened to the lord but only if the professors sm0k the weeeeeed hehehe
    December 14 04:20 AM
  • ethos LOL that guy's album name was hi, how are you? but yeah, i was actually interested in how you've been since we last talked. that all sounds sweet, enjoy your time off! i'm working like CRAZY, s*** went down at my uncle's business and he lost a lot a lot a lot (basically went from living in 500K home to parent's house single room) with a family, so im helping him by working at a cleaners/trying to build business back up so he has someone he can trust
    December 14 04:18 AM
  • ethos i'm so glad you sent me that, i've been meaning to check out that guy's stuff for over two years now and for some reason or another each time i have 1990 or hi, how are you? downloaded it never gets transferred over to my itunes lol. thanks (: and i miss you too xoxoxo but it's only been two weeks ya' fruity bitchhhh
    December 14 03:45 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 yo man wanna jam?
    December 9 02:41 AM
  • demigod! omg i love this!
    December 5 03:17 AM
  • demigod! jammin lost and safe nig
    December 5 02:50 AM
  • ethos ^____^
    December 4 11:12 AM
  • ethos Ignition Remix Ignition Remix Ignition Remix Ignition Remix Ignition Remix Ignition Remix, oh and im still gonna read that book bro i've just been real busy with my job X(
    December 2 10:28 AM
  • ethos yo im jamming the s*** out of chocolate factory right now on first listen lmao nice 5 my dude
    December 2 09:42 AM
  • ethos HMMPHHH ahh HMPPPHHHHH ahhhh lmao that was actually pretty funny and i'm not even usually remotely interested in stand up
    November 16 08:00 PM
  • Lakes. my nigga, check out my album if you have the time?
    November 13 10:19 AM
  • ethos THIS DA HARDEST BEAT lmao yes dude i remember watching that when it had like 5,000 views so glad it blew up
    November 11 01:20 PM
  • ethos skeames is sputnik's early santa
    November 11 12:44 PM
    November 11 12:25 PM
  • ethos finally someone who UNDERSTANDS!!! FINALLYYYYYY "um, why is your e-mail have rape in it??" AHHHHHHHHHHHH
    November 11 12:23 PM
    November 11 12:22 PM
  • demigod! just get urself a bottle and say I DONT DO ANYTHIIIIING ANYMOOOOOORE [2]
    November 9 05:08 AM
  • Kman418 just get urself a bottle and say I DONT DO ANYTHIIIIING ANYMOOOOOORE
    November 9 02:39 AM
  • Kman418 its such a grower too like i thought it was super average at first but its my favorite by them now
    November 9 02:22 AM
  • ethos ethixx I LOVE YOUFebruary 19 03:44 PM
    November 7 02:33 AM
  • ethos you rule
    November 7 02:32 AM
  • ethos wait, HOLY ajsdiofadsijof LMAOOOO i just noticed what you posted - one sec lemme read it all what the fuuucKKKk LOOOL
    November 7 02:10 AM
  • ethos it's probably like the strongest three on my ratings though, along with yankee hotel foxtrot - i love em both a lot, they just don't ever fit my mood/personality!
    November 7 02:08 AM
  • ethos neutral is a hard 3, i loved it loved it loved it when i first heard it like four years ago but it's lost a lot of appeal to me now - i'm stoked to see that joana newsom 5 though, one of my friends got into her recently and he's been on her s*** like wild saying sh'es tooooo good, can't wait to hear her.. kinda have been holding off lol
    November 7 02:03 AM
  • ethos life is beautiful is beautiful :" ) haven't seen space odyssey or 8 1/2 but they've both been queued for like half a year lol which one should i get around to first?
    November 6 02:24 AM
  • ethos lmao start it anyways, and for sure man - gian recently rec'd me bara no soretsu and it probably was one of the strongest films i've seen in like a year; too many sick people on this site, we gotta spread around more than just music!
    November 6 02:10 AM
  • ethos DONE
    November 6 02:05 AM
  • ethos i've never even heard of it lol, i'll definitely check it out especially since it's coming from THE scheming skeames - i'm hyped
    November 6 01:53 AM
  • ethos dude, sick i actually was reading crime and punishment a few months back but I LOST THE BOOK :" ( definitely gonna finish it sometime though, actually forgot about it lol you reminded me sweet
    November 6 01:48 AM
  • ethos yeah, im gonna major in business (for financial security it's always been a side passion thing of mine since i was young) and probably something related to music on the side as a minor - not too sure on that yet. or i may just not do music at all and check out my area/start up stuff on my own. i'm not the kinda kid who sits and class and listens to others talk to me about music, i have too much to say - gotta get conversation going - or just play X)
    November 6 01:45 AM
  • ethos i am reading this one book on the side called the hot zone though and it's pretttyyyy heavy/fantastic - check it out if you have the time
    November 6 01:43 AM
  • ethos LOL alright this is gonna sound pretty funny but i'm actually reading a lot of like kid books that i used to check out back when i was little during junior high/high school it triggers a lot of memories/nostalgia and it's real cool remembering how my frame of mind was back then and how cloudy i used to picture things but somehow always connect to it all, stuff like the giver, ender's game, a wrinkle in time, the last book in the universe, percy jackson, catch 22, a light in the attic, etc.
    November 6 01:42 AM
  • ethos how is school going for you??? tell me more about that aspect of your life lol, i'm actually going back next year (majoring in business) i used to be super academic tryhard ethics but then i turned into ethixx and finally my body became ethos and well... yeah the school story from that starting point to now hasn't been too positive lol
    November 6 01:33 AM
  • ethos haha double shifts sound nasty, i'm actually considering working two jobs at the moment :x talk me out of it!!
    November 6 01:30 AM
  • ethos yeah, i heard about that man i was definitely hoping you recovered quickly/well (: glad you have and uhhh i have been up to a lot lately, exercising, working, listening to/playing a lot of music, reading, watching films, normal ethos stuff just amplified x20 - trying to make the most out of my TIIIIMEEEE cause i wanna move out/get my own place with this chick maybe a friend sooooon
    November 6 01:29 AM
  • ethos sup dude how have you been
    November 6 01:23 AM
  • Kman418 question did you ever check out vacation by btmi cause i think theres potential for that to be a 5 for you (its a lot lot lot more indie rock influenced)
    November 3 11:36 PM
  • ethos working on moving out of my house first my nigga you feel me lmao, and nah move to houston it's chill as ****kk i can't leave my friends mannnnn but yes on the band definitelyyyy yes on the band
    October 31 11:02 AM
  • ethos move to tx plz
    October 31 03:15 AM
  • demigod! :3
    October 23 04:29 AM
  • demigod! but but we're jamming right this moment 5 strong
    October 16 04:34 AM
  • demigod! yo man we're pluggin if you wanna join
    October 16 04:06 AM
  • demigod!
    October 14 09:36 PM
  • demigod! btw it's time :D
    October 14 09:29 PM
  • demigod! yeah actually i checked that a bit ago, sweet stuff indeed. need to listen more but it's def good. title track is amazing.
    October 14 09:26 PM
  • ethos wow man wow man wow man wow just wow wow just, just
    October 12 03:18 AM
  • ethos probably going to head into that one early tomorrow
    October 12 02:10 AM
  • ethos first two songs on the lemon of pink had me grinning hard the whole way through, rest of the album stuns as well but gotta dig deeper.. kinda has a samey vibe throughout (which is one of the huge flaws in the album) but i've only jammed it three times so far - kinda reminds me of a real nice mixture of night shift's trespassers guide and sweet trip's velocity: design:
    October 12 01:50 AM
  • ethos let me just tell you this: i (kinda) skipped work to listen to it again
    October 11 02:17 PM
  • ethos lmao i will tell you tomorrow my friend :d NIGHT NIGHT
    October 11 04:43 AM
  • ethos omg yes and ugh i gtg to sleep i have work in 3ish hours but man dude keep on jamming anco never stop also check out hollinndagain if you haven't yet CAUSE IT'S RAW as my asshole
    October 11 04:40 AM
  • ethos hahaha yep, dude wait until you hear the breezeblock one avey POPS OFFFFFFFFF
    October 11 04:32 AM
  • ethos oh.. cool! lol i forgot it was in that set, i love it in that one but the breezeblock session play is where they really strike everything the way it was exactly intended, t-t-t-t-t-t-t----t-t-t--t---ime---- gooooooooesssss FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTTTTTTTTTT
    October 11 04:29 AM
  • ethos and yeah, i have. it's perfect. covered in frogs is also an amazing song by them that's unreleased, you can find it in their breezeblock session they did in '04
    October 11 04:25 AM
  • ethos haha for sure man, i'll send you a bunch of them tomorrow (if i'm not too busy/remember) and YES i totally agree/know/understand the lengths or sacrifices you would take to see them because i would as well ; ) - some of the greatest innovators of music from '00 to '10 every single day i learn something from them such incredible musicians. please enjoy yourself in two weeks!!
    October 11 04:24 AM
  • ethos yeah, i think either that live set of them or the one they did in denton, tx a around a decade or so back were their best two oh also the remix of essplode/fireworks on their gargoyle set around three years ago is VERY very very good - you should look those two up as well! or i can just link you LOL - i have like 21 sets of theirs on my ipod if you ever want any i'll drop em off!
    October 11 04:14 AM
  • ethos
    October 11 04:01 AM
  • Kman418 dont rlly listen to a whole lotta hip hop so nah, need to get into more tho so i'll check him
    October 11 02:12 AM
  • Kman418 oh and u should check baths - cerulean btw you would dig
    October 11 02:08 AM
  • Kman418 yo lets hug
    October 11 02:01 AM
  • ethos alright, cool. thanks a lot man i'm excited to dig into them cause i usually love the stuff you enjoy : )
    October 11 12:52 AM
  • ethos lol, it's all good - what are your two favorites by them? i'll check them out after jamming this new friendzone (which is gorgeous from what i've heard so far)
    October 11 12:39 AM
  • ethos probably gonna check them out tonight, i have such a huge neverending list of stuff to get around to.. just depends on my mood for the night/day
    October 11 12:06 AM
  • ethos see through is SUCH a great track, the way his voice soars real high then echos out after the cello introduces itself at like 1:35 is yayy, it's the kinda song you wish could just go on forever
    October 10 04:16 PM
  • ethos the template idea you have regarding music is something i've been trying to express for a while now and you hit it right on, awesome. that's exactly how arthur russell presents his music to me when i listen.
    October 10 02:12 PM
  • ethos yay, someone to talk to about arthur russell! love your thoughts on it, man. agree with like all of it, the album's more than special. keep listening! it becomes so insanely addicting
    October 10 01:27 PM
    October 10 04:46 AM
  • ethos the last few songs are some of the best, the name of the next song i think is my second or third favorite song on the entire thing but it may take some time for it to grow because of it's repetition, but i feel as if you pay keen attention to the minor changes he commits to in the song it makes all the difference, the pitch in the noise sections switching and how the reverb floats behind near the end is straight bliss
    October 10 04:46 AM
  • ethos EXACTLY!!! that was a great description, he has such an incredibly well understood and grasp on sparsity in his compositions and just every single little thing he does works together and flows/ebbs in and out perfectly. the vocals are undoubtedly the highlight for me, but the comforting/soft mood of the album also drew me in a ton at first. yeah, dude no problem i didnt really do anything im just so glad that someone appreciates it because i swear it's near perfect as far as im concerned
    October 10 04:43 AM
  • ethos i troll around a lot with people i know who enjoy music about him, just repeating arthur russell over and over again acting like i worship him cause it's seriously became an obsession like i took a break from the album for maybe a week and then i just listen to it and it's like WHAT THE **** boom just like the first time i came to terms with it, you should read the review i wrote on it that's the best way i can describe it arthur russell is my hero man im just so happy you enjoy him :" )
    October 10 04:38 AM
  • ethos yeah man it's crazy idk what to even say but wow his music, huh?? at least he left us with that, what an inspiring individual asdoifadsipofjklg i swear i almost cried listening to being it today that s*** is just way too good i dont care how gay it may sound i havent cried in years, cant even remember the last time but world of echo is pretty much the equivalent of everything i love in music (almost) i cant even begin to describe every note is perfect everything is so direct and wow man ****
    October 10 04:35 AM
  • ethos :" ) im so happy!!!!
    October 10 04:17 AM
    October 10 04:05 AM
  • ethos dude thanks man i worked real hard on it
    October 10 03:30 AM
  • GiaNXGX Oh, you certainly sound like a nice person
    October 10 02:58 AM
  • ethos i'm getting into them, already have some of their albums - headphones broke yesterday though so i'm going out today to get some new ones. probably will check them out today
    October 7 05:05 AM
  • demigod! actually havent heard it yet, will try to remember to tomorrow. thanks for the reminder!
    October 7 12:55 AM
  • sacamano Yeah I love that record! It's a shame it's so underrated, one of the best emo albums I've ever heard.
    October 5 11:24 PM
  • Kman418 oh sweet are you going chronologically? cause they just got better and better as they went along
    September 23 11:44 PM
  • ethos and i'll check your stuff out
    September 18 05:53 PM
  • ethos i'm 19 too and i play guitar, but i'm learning. i picked it about about a year ago and didn't get serious with it until like around two months ago. i'm learning keyboard as well :D yay for both of us
    September 18 05:52 PM

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