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  • SandwichBubble Will check it, thanks.
    October 27 03:18 AM
  • rellik009 thank you bedex! I'll check those whenever possible
    October 23 06:02 AM
  • rellik009 btw I highly recommend you to listen to Moanin' by the Mingus Big Band. Fat banger. And yes this is a completely random shoutbox rec.
    October 20 05:19 PM
  • rellik009 got some j a z z?
    October 20 05:17 PM
  • GamamJ Idk how familiar you are with Tech-death, but for an album to give you an overview of the subgenre, The Dreamer?s Will by Brought by Pain is awesome. It is very derivative and a bit repetitive, but by being just that gets actoss mostly what the genre is about.
    October 14 09:56 PM
  • Trifolium Bedex it's incredibly smooth and delicious and generous and sweet and I love it. It makes me happy.
    October 14 03:57 PM
  • Trifolium I've never seen her move before, she's totally even more awesome than her voice already made me think. I'm talking about Georgie of course.
    October 14 08:11 AM
  • GamamJ Okay, checked Birdland, and my god! This is some PEAK ****ing Coltrane! The drumming is actually out of this world! Production has such mad dynamics too! Fat-ass bass. Wish one could hear the piano better though. solid rec!
    October 14 03:11 AM
  • Minushuman24 bloppadoo
    October 13 06:45 PM
  • Pikazilla Never mind
    October 13 03:40 PM
  • Pikazilla You got the link to sput discord, bedexbro?
    October 13 03:20 PM
  • Trifolium Yes there's a similar vibe on the album, with some more energetic ones here and there as well. Really enjoyed it!
    October 12 06:14 PM
  • Trifolium Really like this track: Don't know if it's your thing, but who knows! This NL dude recorded approx. 200 tracks between 1997 and 1999, but never released them. They finally surfaced on Soundcloud in 2018, after which he was approached by a label who are know releasing all of his stuff. Super cool!
    October 12 02:54 PM
  • alamo loved itttt its so chill
    October 11 09:34 PM
  • alamo those question marks were supposed to be hearts
    October 11 12:10 AM
  • alamo sounds cool man thanks gonna jam it right now ?????
    October 10 11:36 PM
  • GamamJ Oof. Think I might have to migrate to RYM. The servers on this site (and layout) are so bad. I'm only here for the user-base.
    October 7 04:26 AM
  • GamamJ Hey dude, you have been going theough Coltrane?s discog. Right? The more I listen to his later albums, the more I believe Tyner might legit be the highlight of them. For example his solos on Ascension and Love Supreme are just marvelous. Thoughts?
    October 4 09:40 PM
  • Zig Hey, dex! No, I do not know the composer. Will surely check. Thanks!
    October 3 10:45 AM
  • Aberf try this one
    October 3 05:59 AM
  • Aberf I think you need to visit 0% live album to fully appreciate 0. I would suggest doing that after qp tho.
    October 2 11:15 PM
  • Aberf 0 as your least favorite Ichiko's album is the weirdest take I've seen in music so far.
    October 2 09:34 PM
  • Minushuman24 lol no idea, I feel like I don't talk to too many people on this site really tho
    October 2 12:47 AM
  • Minushuman24 allo
    October 2 12:36 AM
  • Aberf That album is an essential Dream Pop album. more leaning to be dreamy but enough amount of gaze to amp the dreaminess.
    October 1 08:48 PM
  • Aberf
    October 1 07:07 PM
  • Trifolium Oh man I haaaate iTunes yes eew. But I get it too, it's super annoying to move everything somewhere else and get used to that new environment. Hope you like them!
    October 1 06:30 PM
  • Trifolium Maybe Roland Tings - Up Close ; maybe Eluize - Eolian ; or George FitzGerald - Full Circle
    October 1 12:21 PM
  • Trifolium For sure! I've tried some other music players over the years but this one is still the best.
    October 1 06:15 AM
  • 50iL Not at all! I'll jam soon and let you know about my thoughts though, thank you for the nod :)
    October 1 04:57 AM
  • kevbogz wanna 5 it but how do u 5 a dark ambient album
    October 1 01:32 AM
  • GamamJ Also, based on your rating of Absolution I think you?ll enjoy Maze
    September 30 10:46 PM
  • GamamJ Oh for sure. Tech-death is incredibly hit or miss due to many bands literally just abusing their instrumental peowess to make pseudomusic. When it is good tgough, especially for a lover of sensible wank (for which I have a much more liberal definition of than most), technicality and genre-hopping it is darn good.
    September 30 10:45 PM
  • Trifolium I'll do my best Bedex!! Sieve through the old Winamp the best thing in the world.
    September 30 06:18 PM
  • Trifolium Hmmmm, not right now from the top of my head no. I'll think about it, there must be an album or two at least! Although I must say this isn't a subgenre I'm super knowledgable in or something.
    September 30 03:56 PM
  • GamamJ My lord you really despise Gorod, huh? I am guessing you mist tgink Necrophagist are some of the worst music on earth?
    September 30 05:53 AM
  • GamamJ That Process of a New Decline rating has gotten me sad.
    September 29 07:56 PM
  • SandwichBubble Yeah, that was me. And you're welcome. Might check that album out.
    September 29 07:05 PM
  • dedex bitch i should've kept it removed
    September 29 11:44 AM
  • dedex ye ok maybe but I really didn't see what you posted
    September 29 11:30 AM
  • dedex accidentally removed your shoutbox bro, pls resend
    September 29 10:59 AM
  • garas Great! That 3.8 (4.0) pleases me.
    September 29 08:57 AM
  • GamamJ You absolutely have to check this dude Tigran Hamasyan. My favourite contemporary jazz player, if I can even call him that. He basically plays djenty fusion on a piano with armenian folk influences. Check his newest for example.
    September 29 06:31 AM
  • budgie did you just call me a ****in cabbage
    September 28 10:40 PM
  • budgie boff je me suis trompee
    September 28 10:33 PM
  • budgie video unavailable ???i always thought les pays bas was all of benelux pretty much woops
    September 28 10:29 PM
  • budgie i thought it was les pays bas
    September 28 10:07 PM
  • budgie you fall flat
    September 28 09:50 PM
  • GamamJ I saw it hahah. No worries. Imteresting read. I actually emjoyed Leading Visions less than most too. Thought they got a bit lost sometimes. Their second to last record, something about a maze is my fav, try that. A 3 is not that bad, I 3.5?d it.
    September 28 02:26 AM
  • Aberf You're tha best
    September 28 02:12 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Not being able to remember anything from the Utabiko backend is relatable content :[ 1, 3 and 5 are aight tho
    September 27 01:27 PM
  • Trifolium OOOooh yeeaaahh! Happy those are allowed at least ~~~~~~~~~
    September 26 10:15 PM
  • Trifolium (There were hearts behind that statement but Sput doesn't like them in shout boxes...)
    September 26 06:42 PM
  • Trifolium Hihihihi you too bro
    September 26 06:41 PM
  • Trifolium Ah thanks for reminding me Bedexipie! I'm going to bed now but I'll put them on my list yessss. Goodnight.
    September 25 10:49 PM
  • JesperL i gladly accept that nickname haha, thank you!!
    September 25 03:42 PM
  • dedex now ya gotta review more dude m/
    September 25 01:45 PM
  • GamamJ Yeh, their next one is their best. Gets quite jazzy. They do certainly have flaws though all-around.
    September 24 03:23 AM
  • dedex Eh fieu t?as compris
    September 23 10:53 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Good answers, can't wait to see what 5s remain. Yeah don't let Blood Cultures slip by, I'd classify then more as indietronica then dream pop.
    September 23 09:56 PM
  • GamamJ Hahahah, lovw the Gorod soundoff. I?m a huge fan. Totally agree that the debut suffers hard from its length. Same hahh. I used to rate ?objectively? and give classic status albums 5?s etc. regardless of my opinions, so I?m doing the same hahah. My taste has changed a lot too. Can see myself zaving like 5 5?s left over at the end lol.
    September 23 09:19 PM
  • SlothcoreSam 2 Quick questions, why don't you have soundoffs for your 5s? And why haven't you rated Blood Cultures?
    September 23 09:16 PM
  • GamamJ I see you getting on that KC! Let's go! 100% check out Larks and Lizard, you'll love them! Dude yes! Once you're a music-god you're a music god. So much good stuff. Btw love the life you're breathing into this site, keep it up! Lastly feel I have to mention that I am way more objective than most people on here seem to be, so my 3's mean I really enjoyed something while to most people it seems 3 is average (that's 2.5 for me).
    September 23 07:00 PM
  • GamamJ Oh, hahah, did not catch the sarcasm. It really was quite fun! I kept thinking to myself «how am I actually enjoying this so much?». Davis and Coltrane really are masters.
    September 23 05:39 PM
  • GamamJ I didn't downrate. Gave it a solid 3. It was really fun, might deserve a 3.5. It's just very simplistic you know. Surprisingly enjoyable listen. I'll give it another go soon.
    September 23 12:50 AM
  • Colton ah makes sense, in that case welcome back
    September 22 11:15 PM
  • Colton lol yep, you're a bit late. was like 3 weeks ago
    September 22 08:39 PM
  • alamo heyyyy i'll be sure to check it! thanks for the rec =]
    September 21 11:03 PM
  • Josh D. yeah I saw, still haven't looked into it yet. didn't realize this would be a debut until it was announced
    September 21 10:26 PM
  • someone im trying. but the burnout syndrome got the better of me. been that way for a while now. im regaining my interest, but its slow. soon enough a rev will come. thanks a plenty for your concern, kindly gentleman
    September 21 09:04 PM
  • Trifolium Oooooooooh!!!!!! Finally!!!! That makes me a very happy Trif!!!
    September 19 10:33 PM
  • Josh D. it's pretty cool, but not something for me (even without price in mind)
    September 19 06:15 PM
  • Josh D. it's fine I suppose, I don't use stereo because the last pedal in my chain isn't. ALl my fave pedal makers keep doing like V2s and effects I already have, so I've been disappointed all year. Need a new EQD toy.
    September 18 09:08 PM
  • dedex aw sweet
    September 15 03:05 PM
  • dedex me when I play bass
    September 15 11:30 AM
  • SlothcoreSam
    September 9 04:49 PM
  • someone thanks a plenty
    September 2 07:06 PM
  • someone hi, so i finally got to the computer and the discord invite is expired. could you please resend?
    September 1 10:22 PM
  • someone But it doesn't let me join from phone, so I'll join sometime monday probably
    August 28 10:38 PM
  • someone I'll join, thanks
    August 28 07:43 PM
  • GamamJ Thanks hahah. Is his version any different or exactly the same?
    August 24 05:53 PM
  • GamamJ ****ing great soundoff on Coltrane Time. Perfect description of the music as well as a very interesting and relevant fun-fact.
    August 24 01:47 PM
  • bloodshy Totally makes sense. Thanks for humoring me when you didn't need to!
    August 20 11:18 PM
  • bloodshy Hello, friend. Impressive shout list. I'm curious as to why you only shout your non-fives?
    August 20 06:06 AM
  • Dewinged oh shieeeet didn't know she had a new one, tx for the heads up!
    August 13 07:20 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD actually was on the queue on my music app lol will check
    August 11 04:26 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD yap. luckily was in the cool side of screamo! TKS a lot. Sweet mathy riffs.
    August 11 04:08 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD going for Nuvolascura rn
    August 11 02:25 PM
  • Whats between you and Dedex? Ah...anyway...great tracks fs on sigur. Are the other albums in the same vein or there s some twist? I m ni big on skramz except early Envy and Cara Neir. I do that one and you do Cara Neir. Hug
    August 9 10:58 AM
  • neekafat Bags is like one of my favorite songs but that one is very good too!! c:
    August 9 09:16 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Felt a bit dated radioheadish meh/mellow version. Yet some songs were like insta remembering, so a pleasant listen anyway.
    August 8 07:09 PM
  • Pangea i might give it a watch then. i do enjoy some looney tunes
    August 8 06:18 PM
  • Pangea i see. i don't think i have watched that show
    August 8 06:14 PM
  • Pangea i wish i was bedex, coolest creature ever. are you daffy duck?
    August 8 06:07 PM
  • Trifolium That's true. If I like the EPs I'm going to check the LP again as well. Who knows what happened in the mean time? And this East Sea breeze is so much cooler than our North Sea one omg you can't even imagine! It's lovely!
    August 8 03:11 PM
  • Trifolium Ah nice! Something to look forward to. Although these cool sea breezes that come by pretty often here are something I'm going to m i s s s s s s ! ! ! I've checked her full length debut a while ago and wasn't too enthusiastic about it. Are the EPs better? Did you hear her LP?
    August 8 02:45 PM
  • SandwichBubble No problem. They really should put it up on their bandcamp so people can find it.
    August 8 02:02 PM
  • SandwichBubble
    August 8 01:50 PM
  • StarlessCore weird alb but a classic, if u want more of their 'normal' dream poppy sound it would be this
    August 7 03:01 PM
  • StarlessCore
    August 5 09:42 PM
  • budgie that's the one. clever, evil plot
    August 4 02:03 AM
  • budgie extracurricular
    August 4 01:58 AM
  • evilford Osdm revival isn't for everyone. I get it being tired for some people. Its my jam tho
    August 4 01:54 AM
  • evilford Its all good man, ain't gonna fault u for ur taste in music lol. I just like riffs and sick vox and obliteration delivers le goods for me
    August 4 01:46 AM
  • alamo easy 5 man, thanks for rec'ing =]
    August 4 01:46 AM
  • evilford ur nekropsalms sound off makes me sad bruh. Thats one of me faves.
    August 4 01:34 AM
  • parksungjoon it would be kind of strange for it to end on any other kind of point
    July 31 03:37 PM
  • parksungjoon is the conclusion necessarily more important than the journey (i.e. the reasoning process used)?
    July 31 03:32 PM
  • parksungjoon i actually think this is a pretty interesting topic to entertain but i think most others dont
    July 31 02:06 PM
  • parksungjoon what if 2.5 isnt average then :P
    July 31 01:34 PM
  • parksungjoon "3.0 is lukewarm good" where does it say that?
    July 31 01:12 PM
  • parksungjoon i didnt have them rated before ! also 3 is good !
    July 30 11:01 AM
  • parksungjoon
    July 30 09:53 AM
  • Assemblage Sure thing! I'll put some together but you got an excellent start so far!!
    July 28 11:27 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell i think neek pestered me into listening to them at one point lol
    July 28 10:15 PM
  • garas Name a few! (I bet I wouldn't know the half of them.)
    July 28 07:56 PM
  • garas You should extend your soundoff on "Folklore" into a shorter review, my friend. I'd pos the hell out of it.
    July 28 07:44 PM
  • Aberf Cheers
    July 28 07:40 PM
  • evilford Nice! Obliteration is one of my faves
    July 27 04:55 PM
  • evilford How's the dm binge going?
    July 27 04:25 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts **** that broken artwork is so discouraging tho
    July 27 02:01 AM
  • parksungjoon cosmic experience was my fav iirc
    July 23 08:43 PM
  • Josh D. no...I know they're popular for that reason, but I got into different effects over time, so I always tried individual things and never gave time to multi-stuff. There are some good multis that are for more specific things, like delay, reverb, and modulation. The Boss 200 series, for example, but if you need all of that plus drive/boost, distortion, compression, etc. I don't think there are many options other than Zoom
    July 23 02:05 AM
  • parksungjoon while i was going through a bunch of old industrial s*** no less
    July 22 07:01 PM
  • parksungjoon
    July 22 06:07 PM
  • blou52 Glad you liked it! Old (early 60s) stereo recordings are often super annoying to me, but mono records straight up can't have mixing problems like the one in Giant Steps, so it all works out.
    July 20 10:45 PM
  • Trifolium Aaah, yeah, that has to happen of course. Sometimes you have to pick life over Sputnik I guess huuuu! And I LOVE post haircut-life! Feeling the wind in my face again when riding the bike hmmmm! And showering/swimming is also much better now. Please do keep me posted on Giorgia! I'll tell you what I think when I check the EP, probably tomorrow.
    July 19 07:54 PM
  • Trifolium Yeah I will, looking forward to it. I'd love some more of this. How have you been Bedex? We haven't spoken in a while!
    July 19 05:58 PM
  • Trifolium Oh my Bedex this is goooood. Love it!
    July 19 03:17 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Ummm yeah only one user at a time can have those, so you'll have to kill budgie and then maybe inherit his
    July 18 04:13 AM
  • Josh D. I always recommend getting phaser with a slow setting, it's just a really nice texture and subtle movement to give some character. If you want specific recs or ideas in the way of gear, ask any time. This is my only hobby, so I'm fairly obsessive
    July 15 09:12 PM
  • Josh D. I get individual pedals over multi-effects units because I like specific feature sets and tweaking things. EQD does "regular" effects really well, but they also just have a lot of unique things like the Afterneath, or all the expression control options on the Avalanche Run, or the combo of different filter modes and harmonic tremolo. If you want a simple ____, there are tons of everything. But no one has what EQD has with most of their non-overdrive stuff.
    July 15 08:34 PM
  • Josh D. Yeah, I fell in love with EQD really fast when I started exploring pedals. The Julia is cool because of the DCV knob, which blends dry signal with chorus up until noon, then past noon it blends chorus and vibrato. It's a unique feature that allows more possibilities. I guess the crux of my sound comes from single coils. My guitars have Seymour Duncans with a coil split, Lollar Blondes, Kiesel Lithium, and Fender noiseless. I think you get what you pay for with pickups, which ARE a guitar's sound
    July 15 07:14 PM
  • Josh D. I suppose you could also sift through my YouTube channel, I have videos for all kinds of things, ranging from how I specificall use certain pedals, composition and theory of my songs, loop building, performances, etc. Just look up spieglass and it's the only channel that should come up
    July 15 06:43 PM
  • Josh D. the only thing I can say about getting sound is, sometimes people say you don't need expensive gear for good tone. That can be true, but there are levels and it depends on what you want. If you just need crunch, a cheap Fender and a dirt pedal are fine. But for crystal tones like what I do, you're gonna need to invest in some things. Here's a link to my current board (flow is top R to L, then bottom R to L) Jul 15, 1 35 12 PM.jpg?dl=0
    July 15 06:40 PM
  • Josh D. I actually really want to do my own rig rundown, but only verified accounts (ie channels with 100K subs) can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. But there isn't much to my guitar tone, they're all pretty much stock guitars going through my pedalboard direct in to a Focusrite Scarlett. THe only tone shaping I do is my clean boost has a 3 band EQ and then I do EQ and noise reduction in post for single coil hum. There's nothing special, and I don't record my amp.
    July 15 06:21 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD like a mofo...awesome album...the HXC is my kind of early Comeback Kid HXC from back then add the post atmosphere, the beauty angst, an almost acoustic tone, the cello...BOOM a 4.5
    July 15 02:05 PM
  • someone Oh, yea sure
    July 15 12:16 AM
  • someone Imk means "I might know" ? Cause well see
    July 14 11:52 PM
  • someone Thanks a plenty. I've heard a bulk of Celer's work, but mostly in playlist format, so really can't tell you what exact records I've spun. Will check Chihei tho
    July 14 01:43 PM
  • parksungjoon
    July 13 07:19 PM
  • blou52 Hey, you should check out the mono version of Giant Steps by Coltrane. The terrible mixing isn't a thing on the mono version, and it's on Spotify if you look it up
    July 13 04:16 PM
  • parksungjoon
    July 11 06:14 PM
  • dedex
    July 10 09:19 AM
  • parksungjoon did you ever listen to electric universe whom i featured on my 2016 list of many genres
    July 9 04:36 PM
  • parksungjoon shpongle gets lumped in with them a lot, but their music is appreciably more chill from what i remember. infected mushroom might be worth a look as well
    July 9 04:26 PM
  • parksungjoon astral projection's 90s stuff. also 1200 micrograms
    July 9 03:18 AM
  • someone always very welcome
    July 8 11:19 PM
  • someone this genre isn't really my thing, but here are some that i know of
    July 8 11:15 PM
  • someone
    July 8 11:15 PM
  • someone
    July 8 11:15 PM
  • someone this thing:
    July 8 11:13 PM
  • someone psytrance? sure, one moment please
    July 8 11:11 PM
  • garas Yeah, I thunk you got the point: limitation breeds creativity. That's why I love '90s black metal and dungeon synth soooooo much~ Probs my fav. era.
    July 7 06:38 PM
  • garas True that. But nowadays it is way more easier to make a proper DS album. Back then recording layers after layers of synths plus(!) aiming for such a brilliant synth sound is a real accomplishment, imo. '90s DS is pure golden - and don't think I don't like modern albums, haha!
    July 7 06:05 PM
  • garas Nice soundoff, you didn't miss any details! And sadly: I don't think so :| One of those DS projects which suddenly disappeared after a few demos back in the '90s.
    July 7 11:26 AM
  • 50iL Ah, that really depends on what you're after, I suppose. If you want a more general and structured approach, I'd organize it in terms of styles in chronological order. RYM should help you; it doesn't get that hairy until the modern era, when a bunch of subgenres appeared. You can check per subgenre as desired. However, if you want to be a bit less organized and more explorative, there's nothing wrong with jumping from composer to composer. Whatever motivates you more!
    June 20 01:17 AM
  • davezillaMP3 thanks Bedex! It does pale in comparison with your numbers and percentage though! I am working on getting it to 100% though
    June 19 04:15 AM
  • 50iL Sounds great! Lmk whenever you publish it, I'd be thrilled to contribute!
    June 18 03:25 PM
  • 50iL Sure, no problem! If you ever need any more recs, feel free to hmu. Classical was very intimidating for me to get into, and requiered a lot of researching. I'd be more than glad to give you some good stuff I've found along the way. Best of luck!
    June 17 10:55 PM
  • dedex fichtre
    June 17 03:10 PM
  • dedex Alle un 5 classique ca serait pemele. Par contre tu peux up ton rating de Blue Train
    June 17 03:06 PM
  • Zig Leonard Bernstein?s 1958 recording with New York Philharmonic is my all time favorite, simply epic and breathtaking. Others like Pierre Boulez with Cleveland Orchestra, or Seiji Ozawa with Boston Symphony Orchestra, are among the best versions. Just avoid the Dorati or Karajan ones.
    June 17 01:57 PM
  • dedex oyo ce 4.75
    June 17 11:32 AM
  • 50iL Oh, btw, if you dig the Rite of Spring, make sure to check Bartok's Miraculous Mandarin! 'Tis one of my absolute favorites. Bartok as a whole is just fantastic tbh.
    June 17 07:18 AM
  • 50iL Hey my man! Yes, Ozawa is my fav by far because it feels the most nuanced. However, I also love Stravinsky's for more emphasis on the harmonies, Bernstein's because it feels unhinged as hell, and the Dorati version because it's fast af. Boulez is also good, if you feel like exploring further. Hope that helps!
    June 17 04:47 AM
  • someone okay, thanks a plenty
    June 9 07:42 PM
  • someone hi, look, is there some proofreading spot on this site?
    June 9 07:29 PM
  • Yotimi I do indeed
    June 4 03:45 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD If you are looking for a 5 its Red, from KC. See you!
    June 3 04:42 PM
  • FR33L0RD Oups! Désolé pour le mismatch de nom. Kataklysm est un groupe prolifique de Metal Extreme.Pour un artiste similaire a Brel, je recommande le RIP Felix Leclerc. Au plaisir. Salutation.
    June 1 09:47 PM
  • garas Thanks man :] I've been through lots of rec and finally got time for that one. I'm most impressed, he was absolutely ahead of his time.
    June 1 07:07 PM
  • FR33L0RD Salut, camarade de la Belgique, je suis Montréalais, canadien français. Cela explique le Prof. Tournesol. Cool. Just popping, pour dire hello. btw, je sais que c?est peut-être cheesy, mais j?suis un fan de Jacques Brel. Ma mère m?y a initiée lorsque j?etais ado. See ya around, music lover.
    June 1 04:56 PM
  • someone okay, great to know. does this apply to other things too? like sound offs, reviews or such
    May 31 11:37 PM
  • someone okay, will do. thanks a plenty
    May 31 11:20 PM
  • someone okeydoke, you're the second person who told me that this place isn't the friendliest. I'm a little concerned, but hopefully will bring a little brightness and kindness around. thanks for the warm welcome.
    May 31 11:11 PM
  • someone great to know, thanks a plenty
    May 31 10:41 PM
  • someone perfectly perfect, thanks a plenty. and any recs or rec requests always welcome.
    May 31 10:31 PM
  • someone okay, great. that answers one of my questions already. so what's objectivity and how is it calculated? i see some users can rate albums custom numbers, is that a privilege for some specific people or a subscription of sorts? what the hell is community, that 4chan-looking thing? do i need to do or know something before posting my reviews? part of the reason I'm here is because this is an anyone-can-publish-anything place, if I'm not mistaken, so I'd be bummed if that weren't the case.
    May 31 10:24 PM
  • someone if you don't mind (also, through this post, just found out that there is apparently a time limit between allowed shouts)
    May 31 10:17 PM
  • someone listen, while I have you here, I have some questions about how the site works
    May 31 10:16 PM
  • someone Kamaal Williams is a similar midway between BBNG and Tavares/Whitty, in case you're interested
    May 31 10:13 PM
  • someone love Alice Coltrane. haven't heard her stuff in a long time either. thanks for the reminder, will do it right away
    May 31 10:11 PM
  • someone thanks a plenty. if you know of any similar quick-easy jazz delicatessen, please do share.
    May 31 10:09 PM
  • garas Ahhhh..hahahahaha! Checklisted, I'll let you know when and what did I notice :p
    May 30 07:17 PM
  • parksungjoon
    May 30 07:16 PM
  • garas Like the end of 'Axe to Fall'? The last two songs were really-really good.
    May 30 07:09 PM
  • garas You know how to sell an album to me... you said the magic word "atmospheric", haha!
    May 30 06:58 PM
  • garas I want to check it someday since that average is very tempting... but I'm not a metalcore-guy, so I don't know what to expect... And let that keep in that way, no expectations are the best in genres I don't know / not really like.
    May 30 06:51 PM
  • garas Had to check it, since it is one of DDD's favourites. Didn't make me a metalcore fan, but it was good for once!
    May 30 04:56 PM
  • parksungjoon whenever u can friend :]
    May 30 04:18 PM
  • parksungjoon ebin.
    May 30 04:08 PM
  • garas Oh, and keep it up Bedexbro! I'm also busy as heck, but I try my best to stay active on sput and listen to bunch of stuff.
    May 28 08:56 PM
  • garas Landed in my checklist! It has a very sad title, but that average convinced me.
    May 28 08:55 PM
  • garas Somy PF is always good ;] You should make a little celebration list, at least! But it is up to you~ and don't think I'm not following what are you digging ;]
    May 28 08:28 PM
  • garas Bro, you just passed 1k ratings! *champagne*
    May 28 06:51 PM
  • luci glad you dig and nice soundoff, "hejhej" is a beaut
    May 28 06:44 PM
  • Trifolium Love the Oumou rating Bedex!
    May 27 06:54 PM
  • Trifolium No I haven't! That sounds very promising, going to check for sure, thanks!
    May 27 05:48 PM
  • Relinquished I think the guest is a local Aus musician, not much known of him. she fell in love with the man's voice and asked him to feature.
    May 27 05:02 PM

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