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  • BlushfulHippocrene Is that a Hollow Knight avi? I love it.
    August 8 02:29 AM
  • NorwichScene How come you really dislike Fightstar?
    July 21 08:58 AM
  • DoofDoof she is probably the most famous folk artist of the last twenty years and Im probably as close to an authority on folk as you get on sputnik - so I respect your plan but it were never going to work in folk/indie folk
    July 16 06:58 AM
  • DoofDoof Yeah, I know Joannas stuff, Ys is amazing - have it on a 4.5 but close to a 5 and best album of 2006. Milk Eyed Mender I know less well, think I only listened to it a couple of times - is that the one you rate highest?
    July 15 09:51 PM
  • Larkinhill Yeah dude, I?m on fb. I never use this shout box or look so I?m just now seeing your message. I?m under Larkin Hill. Live in LA.
    July 10 06:25 PM
  • BlushfulHippocrene Oh man. Wouldn't have expected you to like it, to be honest, people tend to be turned off by the vocals, but I am very, very glad you dig. Surprised to see you didn't like that Dangerous Summer, but I've only listened a couple times.
    July 3 03:48 AM
  • SowingSeason Also ppl s*** on Trebor like 400% more than anyone else lol
    June 25 02:24 AM
  • SowingSeason Wasn't directing my rebuttal at you alone; I just thought it read pretty well aside from a few misguided sentences
    June 25 02:23 AM
  • DoofDoof I listened to one song in isolation last night and it made no sense in that context - but listening to the entire new album everything worked. For now I will put up a 3.5 but I need to give it two or three more listens to decide how much I like it, the glitchy style I do like though.
    May 10 08:49 AM
  • DoofDoof I am going in totally cold minded ;D
    May 9 09:28 PM
  • DoofDoof I'll wait for the morning - I have every other Friday off work so I'll be listening to a tonne of new music tomorrow. I will give one of her older albums a go too as it is quite a quiet Friday for releases.
    May 9 09:22 PM
  • OminousGargoyle Give Portishead - Dummy a few more listens (preferably when you're sad). It's one of those albums that requires more listens from some people to get really into it.
    April 6 03:10 PM
  • Observer Hearts of stone was good, but I think Blood and wine is the real gold here. So much stuff added, on top of a new leveling system. One thing I appreciate about both is that the quests in general are not just a simple redo of the base game. It's different objective wise and the enemies are more challenging. Toussaint has really beautiful environment textures that are better than the base which surprised me. And yeah Skellige was a great switch from Novigrad and Velen.
    March 25 12:13 AM
  • Observer finally beat the main game, and now onto the expansions. Pretty awesome conclusion, liked my ending.
    March 16 10:30 PM
  • Observer oh for sure, will do, though it may take a while. I take my time with games and want to get the most out of the base game before i move on to the expansions. I agree skyrim is boring, not when i first played it back 7 years ago, but it hasnt aged well since. I tried the remaster a while ago and the mechanics are so dated and still buggy. hoping cyberpunk one ups the witcher, if you have heard of that one.
    February 25 02:46 AM
  • Observer he's like, batman and solid snake from metal gear put together in a skyrim world. technically im still fairly early on i guess, still looking for ciri but im doing a ton of the side quests. Met and worked with triss, did the bloody barons plot line, just leveling up now. Ive got the expansions too since the complete edition is really cheap right now on psn.
    February 25 02:28 AM
  • Observer yeah thats a fair point, i saw some articles about that recently. But that said, im 3 books in and his s***ty persona doesnt show up in the books, so "separate art from artists" etc applies here. Great s***. Love the lore too. Geralt is the alpha male of alpha males.
    February 25 02:10 AM
  • Observer the books are great too, all the audiobooks are on youtube so worth a read/listen if you havent.
    February 25 01:54 AM
  • SandwichBubble Hey, for Ponton's opinion list thing, try: For Against - In the Marshes | | I think you'd like it.
    February 22 05:07 PM
  • TheMightyScoop Hello there
    February 18 01:28 AM
  • sixdegrees thoughts on the libtard SJWs taking over the site?
    January 15 06:39 AM
  • J() Alexander Thank you for the kind words!
    January 5 07:45 PM
  • J() Alexander Is that a compliment?
    January 5 07:19 PM
  • Nocte Maybe I?m just missing out due to time zones I don?t know. HahaLess of a resolution and more of a life plan but just want to keep looking after the family. Doing the best I can for my little ones
    January 5 12:17 PM
  • Nocte Hey bud, have you been deliberately quiet lately? Happy new year and such
    January 5 04:12 AM
  • Darius the Great nice
    January 3 08:49 AM
  • Darius the Great I actually love the game i posted that purely to see what kind of reaction i could get tbh
    January 3 07:04 AM
  • klap Just now seeing this sry dude, threw it up anyways
    December 27 08:08 AM
  • robertsona Have you heard Renata Zeiguer - ?They Are Growing?? Check it, I think you?d love it. I?m sorry I never responded to your DJ healer (was it?) rec, I?ll check it out asap
    December 11 04:40 PM
  • WoodeeX Did your mom commit suicide after she found out you were retarded?
    November 25 04:39 PM
  • WoodeeX "go eat a dick","get dunked on kid"these are your best insults towards me.... Id rather listen to your moms queefs than cringe at your insults.
    November 24 04:19 PM
  • platnum Shut up nerd
    November 2 03:42 AM
  • platnum No I said that because I knew you would be all edgy and purposely try and get a rise out of me again but hey keep that cynical distrustful mindset, itll really get you places.
    October 27 08:42 PM
  • platnum How am I supposed to be aware of you being banned? Do you think I have mind reading powers.
    October 27 08:30 PM
  • platnum Why did you get banned anyway
    October 27 08:28 PM
  • platnum Oh that thread, right. Well I was telling the truth, I don't wish anything negative upon you or anything but the way you come at me gets under my skin at times so I would rather avoid contact with you tbh
    October 27 08:27 PM
  • platnum "we're cool gyro i have nothing against you" I never said this and also I had no idea you were banned? Why are so many people on this website soooo incredibly skeptical of the motives of others and think the worst
    October 27 08:23 PM
  • platnum Copying what I said to you, you're cool. Foh cretin
    October 27 08:00 PM
  • platnum just to be clear, i still think you're annoying and i don't like you, also it would still be best if you fked off (like stay away from me), leaving this here for future reference ;)
    October 4 10:56 AM
  • SowingSeason lol welcome to the way of us OG sputnikers
    September 30 12:09 PM
  • SowingSeason honestly the record grows on and off me like a boomerang. at its worst it's still like a 4.3, but on many days it's a classic. I just keep it at a 5 because I'm close to the band members and want to help further recognition, and also because 5'ing things is fun. Bask and Birdless Cage are also the two best songs they ever wrote, jus' sayin.
    September 30 12:03 PM
  • SowingSeason so glad you love the new mwY so'll likely end up my AOTY (Ben Howard and TROW are close behind)
    September 30 10:48 AM
  • Slex Sent
    September 29 02:51 AM
  • Slex No problemo
    September 28 02:13 PM
  • SowingSeason In my opinion it is 2nd best. There's a huge bombshell of a track that I don't think many will see coming.
    September 27 02:29 AM
  • SowingSeason It's a 5 for me, so it will have a 3.6 avg on the site. Due out 10/5
    September 25 05:36 PM
  • TheManMachine Thanx man. I've written a few full reviews on the site but I'm sticking with the short stuff
    August 23 09:52 PM
  • SowingSeason I see you 1'd Pale Horses so not too sure if you'll care: Name Your Price:
    August 14 12:51 AM
  • DoofDoof new and cool and somehow reassuringly familiar too
    July 20 02:33 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup none taken =)
    July 15 03:10 AM
  • Storm In A Teacup love your soundoff
    July 14 04:01 AM
  • Slex Not gonna lie I got a hearty laugh from that Hopesfall soundoff
    July 11 04:46 PM
  • 01451384107210260324 sup
    July 3 01:16 AM
  • robertsona No worries I can wait lol. Can?t wait (wow contradiction) to hear that original ?30 hours? for the first time in so long tho
    June 7 09:53 PM
  • robertsona yeah hit this up however works:
    June 7 09:38 PM
  • robertsona hmu with that original Pablo
    June 7 07:44 PM
  • DoofusWainwright The problem is that people know us too well - our writing and our discussion style in general, not to mention our taste. So unless you want to write as a persona in the style of Compost Compote or something like that...we will get rumbled. For me I just want to leave that account at 100 reviews and job done with no pressure to write at all or care what type of review I put up (not that I cared tooo much before anyway, just a bit)
    June 4 02:04 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Ah, and there was me thinking I was being original. Two more reviews on that account then I will post reviews from an alt account, I wanted to sign off at a nice round 100. I really wish I had had pos/neg marks for some of these recent 0.5 reviews, just funny to know just how many offended folk are out there
    June 4 01:50 PM
  • DoofusWainwright I thought I was the one and only - who else has trodden this sad path?
    June 4 01:41 PM
  • Jacquibim Imagine rippin' on children's cartoons when you got Yes 5'd lol
    June 4 04:55 AM
  • DoofusWainwright ArchAndroid was far more interesting, will definitely revisit, really expansive stuff. We've still got some overlap in 2018 yeah, a lot of what anatelier has rec'd me this year is great - maybe try Protus Opus 'Screaming Eagle', sort of a grab bag of electronic styles. I really enjoy the Paddy Hana album I reviewed but the vocals are a love/hate thing so more of a risky rec.
    April 30 03:43 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Not sure why I feel I have to take the bait, I probably should have refrained from putting up that review, some people enjoyed it though. At least it meant I ended up checking ArchAndroid which is an interesting album that I'll revisit. Sput has been quiet this year, I was getting close to starting to check in once a week, it's close to the point where I orchestrate my own interest/debate to liven the place up. Anything impressed you in 2018 yet?
    April 29 04:40 PM
  • brainmelter I didn't know what you were talking about but now I do.. died so many times. the fight kind of reminded of dark souls with all the rolling lol
    April 24 10:01 AM
  • brainmelter I just finished the part with the boulder ancient and my god was that hard. I think your friend is wrong as well, it's been anything but meh for me
    April 21 07:56 AM
  • brainmelter yes. Very much so. all the upgrade trees make the combat really fun. still playing on hard though so I'm working my way through it.. you enjoying the game though? where are you at?
    April 21 03:57 AM
  • polyrhythm oops lol I meant Gyro, not Doof. Got my wires crossed. Nice Goldfrapp 5 anyway
    April 20 02:38 PM
  • Slex I let my emotions get the best of me because of something completely unrelated to you and lost my cool, I was a ridiculous jackass and that's my bad. Totally cook with it bein water under the bridge
    April 20 03:47 AM
  • butcherboy not a joke, but it IS my personal rating of the album.. it's easily the worst album by a band who I already thought were absolute dogs***.. 1 seems about right..
    April 20 12:17 AM
  • Zeuzo If you can't handle them go for a walk buddy. Some song is gonna be last. I know not everybody is going to agree with me, but it's not a reason to tell me i have s***ty taste or something. I can be rude ****tard too if you want, and I like to s*** on people in arguments, but what's the point?
    April 19 01:22 PM
  • coldheaven That's fine man, I'm not gonna hold that against you.
    April 19 01:17 PM
  • coldheaven Yeah I know he did, but I didn't. I'm not going to report someone on the whim of another, he's a big boy, he can do it himself.
    April 19 01:13 PM
  • coldheaven I have no need to report you, man
    April 19 01:09 PM
  • Slex If you would like to speak to come to any kind of understanding/truce, I am open to it. My comment wasd very quickly but I was actually calmly explaining my actions. I concede that I've been going overboard. If ya just want me to **** off that's cool too
    April 14 01:34 AM
  • P0laris Was just commenting on your page because I think you got some ****in based ass opinions, and I respect that.
    April 11 02:58 AM
  • P0laris lol
    April 10 02:01 AM
  • coneren you got a fuuckin problem bud
    March 29 01:32 AM
  • coneren yeah thatll happen you old prick
    March 29 12:14 AM
  • SowingSeason Nope never too late! Just make it fun, there's no point if you don't enjoy it!
    March 25 01:58 AM
  • SowingSeason was combing through some super old threads and just realized you're the reason I started reviewing new albums and also the one who pushed me to apply for thanks!
    March 23 05:35 PM
  • Dewinged Oh yeah boy, pumped for Detroit. About remaster, I want it to be a lot of things but I have the feeling is gonna be a graphical enhancement and see ya! They are selling for what, 35$? And it's QLOC making it, not From Soft. All in all, I will play the s*** out of it. Just because nostalgia probably, like u said.
    March 17 05:18 AM
  • Dewinged About to embrace friday night here man, been a tough week. Hey you gonna get on that sweet dark souls remaster?
    March 16 09:55 AM
  • Dewinged Is this a trick question? A hidden cam? What's up Gyro?
    March 16 09:46 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Will give it a go, cheers
    March 15 01:44 PM
  • Nocte You?re welcs
    March 15 01:36 PM
  • Nocte
    March 15 01:25 PM
  • Atari haha no worries on the delay. hopefully you dig it, just seems similar to some other songwriter's we've agreed on :] song isn't quite on the level of Richard, but it's damn close imo
    March 13 11:45 PM
  • Frippertronics It's Tim Buckley doe
    March 13 02:38 PM
  • Frippertronics dude check Starsailor
    March 9 07:49 AM
  • DoofusWainwright You're 100% in the right in that thread, the band's comments/stance is either dumb or obnoxious depending on their intent. Music is awful too lol
    March 5 07:49 PM
  • Bloon yes?
    March 5 03:45 AM
  • Atari Lol whoah my comment was completely cut off. Full disclosure: I have not heard a band called Ether. I was trying to recommend the track Ether and Wood by Alela Diane based on the fact that u enjoyed Nadia Reid and Aimee Mann
    March 4 06:31 PM
  • Atari check Ether
    February 27 06:06 PM
  • Frippertronics y e s
    February 19 09:25 PM
  • Frippertronics thanks dude, the prefabs getting major rep now
    February 2 02:17 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Yeah, it really impressed me and this year was one of the stronger recent years for movies too
    January 20 08:22 AM
  • DivergentThinking For sure. The problem was that when I applied for staff last time, it didn't happen and they said I would have made contrib if I tried that instead. So I'm kinda torn on whether I want to apply for contrib and be patient or just be ballsy and go straight for staff
    January 16 05:23 PM
  • DivergentThinking I think I might just go for straight-up staff
    January 15 10:21 PM
  • DivergentThinking Hey man, thanks for the comment earlier. I've been debating whether to apply for contrib or staff during this cycle, but we'll see what happens
    January 15 10:21 PM
  • Papa Universe and how old are you?
    December 22 06:01 PM
  • Papa Universe I'll give you directions to all the other 40 users: Aiwaz, Dewinged, teamster. Go ask them.
    December 22 05:44 PM
  • Xenophanes U no which games I mean
    December 18 11:41 PM
  • theBoneyKing Haha you're fine man, you're entitled to your opinion as indefensible as I think it is (for reference, Lucinda Williams is one of my top 5 artists and Car Wheels On a Gravel Road possibly my favorite album of all time)
    December 18 06:05 PM
  • Atari Thought it might be cool and look like the video game console logo that way, but some things definitely sound better in theory :] It stood out like a sore thumb haha. Glad to hear I made the right decision to change it back
    December 17 08:47 PM
  • Atari Lol not sure if you're giving me a hard time for changing it back or if it stlll shows as ATARI for u but yeah...decided I hated it
    December 17 07:35 PM
  • Atari god bless you
    December 15 04:51 PM
  • Atari Dude check Nadia Reid. I think you'd dig her based on your rating for Aimee Mann. Richard is my SOTY and it only has 11 votes :/
    December 15 04:17 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Nice Cigarettes rating you settled on
    December 14 02:05 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Cleaned up the comments from the AOTY list, classic sach
    December 11 03:46 PM
  • SowingIsACunt damn! can u?
    December 11 10:21 AM
  • SowingIsACunt cheers bruh, playing into my hands t b h
    December 11 10:03 AM
  • Hovse I love you ??
    December 10 05:44 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Album really grows too as the songs stand out all the more. Stoked you dig it.
    December 8 03:24 PM
  • Frippertronics Here's the first two Prefab singles before Swoon. I added the 1984 reissue which brought both of them together to the database, because I wanted to AND to give you and Doof an extra option
    December 5 10:02 AM
  • DoofusWainwright I was going to choose one I haven't even tried yet so go for it, you pick first and I'll choose one of the remaining ones
    December 4 07:35 AM
  • Frippertronics Same as I told doof, take any of them. I have one for Protest Songs that I plan on posting in the next hour or so. I'd say the next best option would be Langley Park or Crimson/Red
    December 4 05:16 AM
  • Frippertronics I plan on covering Protest and Paddy's solo record at some point. This month's guide will be on them as well. I'm trying to get Doof to review one of their albums since I don't want to be the only one reviewing these guys. I prefer to see some different views on the stuff I like, after all.
    December 4 01:14 AM
  • Frippertronics The Prefab renaissance starts now!
    December 4 01:10 AM
  • Frippertronics yo, check jordan: the comeback, the best prefab sprout album tbh
    December 3 11:53 PM
  • unclereich My favorite show is young sheldon on cbs at 7 central time
    December 2 11:42 PM
  • DoofusWainwright I was agreeing with you, don't get his thing at all
    November 30 08:10 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Lol, take that Thundercat discog, good work tbh
    November 30 05:57 PM
  • StrizzMatik Bahaha
    November 30 05:16 PM
  • Deathconscious chodez
    November 28 05:18 AM
  • Deathconscious well that says a lot about you, but like i said, have fun!
    November 28 02:22 AM
  • Deathconscious have fun with it i guess.
    November 28 02:17 AM
  • Frippertronics cheers
    November 27 08:29 AM
  • Frippertronics To make it easy, here's Islands:
    November 27 05:23 AM
  • Frippertronics word
    November 27 01:40 AM
  • Frippertronics the 3.7 for both that and Bio is wack, although it makes more sense for Utopia. I'd say Bio merits a solid 4 avg honestly, ****ing stellar album
    November 26 11:51 PM
  • Frippertronics will say Crystalline is one of mama bork's best songs post-Vespertine although I really do like Medulla
    November 26 11:48 PM
  • Slex Boom roasted
    November 25 07:01 PM
  • DoofusWainwright I just didn?t enjoy a single song on Volta I guess, maybe more a 1.5. I?ll bump it to a 2.5 if I listen to a weaker one from her lol. Bio was ok though, I will return to that and hopefully bump it?s score up.
    November 24 08:54 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Thanks, will check those two
    November 21 05:23 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Hope it grows to a 4 , there?s definitely the potential for that. I?ll be trying two more of her albums before the new one, which I?ll try on Friday. Expecting very little from it gotta say.
    November 21 03:29 PM
  • DoofusWainwright It?s the one Bjork album I?ll actually pick up a copy of - so I?ll be returning to it and will change the soundoff accordingly. I?ll try the songs you mention a few times over the next week and see if there?s a 5/5 among them.
    November 21 03:14 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck fountain? you mean deadly? I recently changed my name yeah haha
    November 14 06:57 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck Gyro bud got a rec contest goin, you interested? You got fairly good taste bud, you'd probs do well
    November 14 06:32 PM
  • DoofusWainwright I still enjoy ( ) a lot, was my first Sigur Ros, but Takk is a monster and one on my 4.5s closest to a 5 bump
    November 11 10:21 AM
  • DoofusWainwright First thing that screamed out at me ;D
    November 3 07:09 PM
  • neekafat ...okay yeah you're cool. But that Drake rating is whack.
    October 30 04:59 PM
  • neekafat "you literally have the gayest opinions ever and not good gay" [2]
    October 30 04:56 AM
  • Sinternet you literally have the gayest opinions ever and not good gay
    October 16 02:50 AM
  • theBoneyKing Haha no problem man I was just kidding, some people definitely had similar reactions back when those threads were originally posted
    October 14 06:35 PM
  • theBoneyKing Did you just find one of the Sput yearbook threads or something?
    October 14 06:11 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa My Uncle works at Blizzard and I'm gonna have him ban you
    October 13 11:36 PM
  • pjorn who is gyromania on sputnik
    October 12 07:20 PM
  • Frippertronics for your reading pleasure
    October 10 09:39 AM
  • Jacquibim having fun?
    October 3 11:49 AM
  • nocuffin yeah not a problem man. i try my best to keep it interesting. my opinions may be s*** and my writing painfully inadequate, but I try my best. and if that's enough to get a few smiles and laughs out of people, that's enough for me to keep the roll going. thanks.
    October 3 11:36 AM
  • Feather No worries man, I ended up finding a random guy on facebook to give it to
    September 25 03:06 PM
  • Feather ahhhhhh sad. I just hate letting a good ticket go to waste
    September 24 09:15 PM
  • Feather If you're serious and wanna come email me and I can give you my phone number to get you in. The shows at concord
    September 24 08:58 PM
  • Fugue Yeah, should have been obvious from the start, what with that Cynic review :P I kinda missed this site you know.
    September 20 08:42 PM
  • DoofusWainwright New list up, your chance to rec me actually good music
    September 20 07:55 PM
  • Bakugon Such a slut
    September 19 09:49 PM
  • Fugue You're known as the resident contrarian s*** talker now? Took them long enough!
    September 19 07:40 PM
  • Xenophanes Hoping you're wrong with the new GYBE but seeing as how I respect your musical opinion, as well as not liking the last album of theirs as well, I suspect you won't be
    September 15 02:00 AM
  • macman76 Friendly neighborhood macman
    August 18 03:25 AM
  • skeames1214 gyro i cant believe ur so high on the new arcade fire
    July 28 06:35 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Some seasons of Walking Dead are stronger than the first season of American Gods yeah. I liked the book but it never blew me away either, Shadow is just a mobile plank of a leading character in both and the concept never totally satisfies. The style of the show is amazing that's for sure, and McShane is good as usual. The quality of individual episodes was quite erratic, sort of 5/10 up to 9/10.
    July 18 07:02 PM
  • verdant cheers gyro!
    July 8 07:20 AM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 11:50 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 11:45 AM
  • Chortles dude yeah, mesmerizing flick
    March 15 09:11 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup
    February 28 06:37 PM
  • Trebor. Thanks Matt
    February 18 08:40 PM
  • modpack lmao
    January 22 11:48 AM
  • Underflow Hey man, how've you been?
    December 31 05:39 AM
  • xxm I love your lists and I think you are a highly interesting figure. Take Care, Gyro.
    December 11 09:33 PM
  • owen trve, but it got a bit annoying sometimes
    November 23 09:17 PM
  • RogueNine You're welcome to do all three if you want.
    November 7 04:03 AM
  • RogueNine Here's the shoutbox per request.
    November 6 12:29 AM
  • Futures what
    November 5 11:27 PM
  • Futures no but making up facebook conversations is worrying. i hope you get some help.
    November 3 07:12 PM
  • Futures are you having a mental breakdown?
    November 3 07:11 PM
  • TalonsOfFire You been doing ok dude?
    October 16 07:13 PM
  • DoofusWainwright where's the love? Correct Daughters and Dear Hunter ratings btw
    September 25 03:21 PM
  • RoundOnEndHiInMiddle accurate akira yamaoka rating. his work on the original silent hill (especially all of the unreleased material) is among the best soundtracks to anything ever
    September 19 03:23 AM
  • Futures you think you're hard?
    September 18 05:01 AM
  • Futures Futures go the **** to sleep
    September 18 04:52 AM
  • Futures absolutely shameful
    September 18 04:27 AM
  • Futures garbage music for commoners in 2016. absolutely shameful
    September 18 02:51 AM
  • Polyethylene I genuinely think Bloodborne is the best video game of all time, yeah. A work of art. DS3 was fantastic. I've recently bought DS1 and Demon's Souls, trying to beat them before I leave for Iceland in three weeks haha. Just got to Ornstein and Smough...
    June 18 03:46 AM
  • Polyethylene Oh man, for so long I saw your avatar as some piece of fan art depicting Sauron atop the Tower of Barad-dr... didn't realise it was Solaire praising the darksign! ;]
    June 15 01:32 PM
  • Xenophanes I beat Bloodborne. It was perfect.
    June 7 01:02 PM
  • Jacquibim stop being pretentious u ****
    May 23 02:16 AM
  • ftinside This is how... You remind me
    May 16 07:29 PM
  • Arcade thanks. i honestly can't believe my arguments are being equated to transphobia. i don't think i've ever been so grossly accused of something so ridiculous like that. does my head in, man.
    May 10 02:15 PM
  • Jacquibim Goodness you're a mess
    May 9 11:33 AM
  • Arcade and fuuuuuuuck me "Obama" is such a bad song
    May 9 05:39 AM
  • Arcade keep trying to go back to it but deary me it verges on unlistenable at points
    May 9 05:38 AM
  • Xenophanes Yeah I've died a few times already but it was just from being careless or becoming overwhelmed by letting too many of the little guys on me. It's frustrating but so far I love it even more than the first souls game (the only in the series I've played).
    May 8 08:55 PM
  • Arcade i see you are also not feeling this Anohni album
    May 7 02:20 PM
  • Jacquibim did you ever try and send me those reviews you planned on posting? I never got anything in my inbox
    April 28 05:17 AM
  • Frippertronics shame not as much people appreciate deak
    April 18 07:14 AM
  • Arcade matt i am so sorry this must have been a crushing blow to your ego, if i got this high of a percent matchup with arcade id surly end it all
    April 15 10:32 PM
  • Frippertronics idk bout you man, but I think I got a deakin review a'comin
    April 10 09:54 AM
  • loveisamixtape yo dude can I get that 320 gore link? my email is
    April 6 05:59 PM
  • anarchistfish yes pls. added you on fb. don't wanna give my email over sputnik cos i believe that's how they get added to ****loads of spam lists
    April 6 09:27 AM
  • supremejelly Got it my dude. Thanks a million. Hope I can return the favor one day
    April 6 03:47 AM

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