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  • Dolving999 Yo torts! How are you doing? I remember you being one of the few here on sputnik who was interested in my music, and just for that I thank you immensely! I finally got around to releasing my latest album, so if you are into weird stuff, please consider checking it out. Here's the link (check the list I made for Spotify/YT):
    December 18 12:25 PM
  • sixdegrees lol **** off danielito ****
    November 26 08:17 PM
  • alienobserver kidding come back
    October 2 03:45 PM
  • alienobserver there's a god after all
    October 2 03:44 PM
  • alienobserver are you banned
    September 26 01:54 AM
  • danielito19 you really see no redeeming features in a song like Slip off Amber?
    September 25 08:25 PM
  • danielito19 why did you 1 three autechre albums... you didn't even listen to their difficult stuff. what autechre fan are you beefing with and trying to troll?
    September 22 10:51 PM
  • YakNips i didn't dig the vocals at first either yea. ur usually right about stuff but TA just bore me.. is the new PTV worth checking
    September 19 03:27 AM
  • YakNips cause i like dick!! break it down mother****er!!
    September 18 08:03 PM
  • Mort. lemme set you up with a little crust link
    September 15 01:42 PM
  • tcat84
    September 13 06:23 AM
  • Mystletainn Everyone is still posers I just don't speak it out into the open xD jk. Tbh I was dealing with a lot of personal and emotional problems last year, I really wasn't myself. I also got tired of being a dick to people because I think it made me feel worse. I shouldn't have gotten mad at you for petty s***, my bad.
    September 9 06:02 PM
  • OmegaTestament8937 Yeah, you are derping, pussies and folks who ride the short bus usually derp 24/7
    September 8 03:04 AM
  • OmegaTestament8937 there are so many things wrong with you torts, i think i just had a stroke lolololol
    September 7 02:55 AM
  • ShinjiIkari Thanks! It's fine, hopefully I'll be unbanned eventually.
    September 7 02:41 AM
  • ShinjiIkari Torts bud! It's me, ALA! I'm glad your back on sput! Great interviews by the way.
    September 7 02:32 AM
  • iloveyouall coc best skramz yah agreed
    September 6 12:08 AM
  • iloveyouall they are worst skramz yeah agreed
    September 5 09:51 PM
  • iloveyouall can you de lete me?
    September 5 02:02 PM
  • Sinternet you that ****ing regina 1 rn dumbass
    September 4 01:06 AM
  • KriegdemKriege Hey buddy, do you remember me? I shared some music with you last fall. I just released my new solo album and I thought you might like to check it out. It was properly recorded with a full band this time and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Hope all is well with you! Here's a link:
    August 31 07:58 PM
  • Mort. I missed you boy
    August 30 11:54 AM
  • LotusFlower yeah but where did you go tho?
    August 29 07:43 PM
  • sixdegrees sorry for saying f** I meant lame-o
    August 29 12:46 AM
  • sixdegrees thank you for not deleting your comments like a fag
    August 29 12:20 AM
  • iloveyouall miss you son. hopefully time will treat us both well. ?(????)?
    August 21 01:00 AM
  • YakNips a little late but hope there's no hard feelings and hope we both grow up
    July 30 01:25 PM
  • zaruyache "-torts" ~torts
    July 28 05:14 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath Did you end up going to Warped Tour over the weekend?
    July 28 04:00 PM
  • onionbubs best of luck torts! will miss you
    July 28 03:44 PM
  • Hurricanslash Hey torts, we may have had our differences from time to time, but you were an awesome dude, and I wish you all the best in your life from now on. Have a good one.^^
    July 28 03:40 PM
  • Mort. I will fam godbless
    July 28 01:33 PM
  • Mort. Goodbye my sweet torts i will never forget you
    July 28 09:09 AM
  • SitruK6 Sad to see you going man :(.Gl with all of the real life s*** and i hope it all works out for ya.
    July 28 07:24 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Ya. People are pretty stupid to think "cause it's posted on the internet he must just be suicidal from the internet". That's just dumb. I don't enjoy real life mostly either but you gotta keep going man! Wish the best of luck for you and thanks!
    July 28 07:14 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Are you overexaggerating with the suicide thing or ... ??? And is it sput or something irl???Either way wishing you the best man!
    July 28 06:40 AM
  • Futures lol no but really i'll jam whatever you want me to lol
    July 23 04:46 AM
  • Futures dude jam static prevails and clarity pls you would dig
    July 23 04:36 AM
  • Futures ****ing lol
    July 23 04:31 AM
  • Futures what in the **** lmao sounds gay. pitchfork fest lol. prob so many man bun beard hipsters
    July 23 04:28 AM
  • Futures jam as blood runs black
    July 23 04:23 AM
  • Futures you are the best user on this site
    July 22 09:20 PM
  • Futures Yeezus sucks balls, torts. It's the only album of his I made a point to listen to a few times all the way through because I hadn't give the guy a real chance. The lyrics are terrible and the production was pretty try-hard and sterile at the same time, imo.
    July 22 03:11 PM
  • Futures did you ever realize people who use the super dead -torts meme are the worst users ever?
    July 21 06:36 PM
  • Futures oh sweet dude. you don't dig minneapolis at all? haha such a beautiful and nice city
    July 15 12:37 AM
  • Futures haha man i loved it when i visited minneapolis. how close are you to there?
    July 15 12:33 AM
  • Futures dude ur from minnesota? that's sick
    July 14 06:48 PM
  • owen it's melt-banana, u memer
    July 13 10:51 PM
  • Futures jam power metal and have a kickass ale
    July 12 01:27 AM
  • budgie enedwaith, and its ok it was my fault not yours
    July 12 01:26 AM
  • Futures hanglide into mt kilimanjaro
    July 10 06:02 PM
  • sixdegrees My ranking (no less than 1 min interludes):1. Eternal2. Serenity3. Redeemed4. Glow5. It Descends6. The Great Escape7. Frost Depth8. The Desolate House9. Skyscraper Underground10. Glitch Memories11. The Motivation12. Radioactive Storm13. Sunlight14. Neon ToxicityI don't know too much about this type of music, but I really enjoy this album. I'm
    July 8 02:36 AM
  • sixdegrees snide d*leting any comments that arent sucking his dick I see
    July 8 12:52 AM
  • Futures you've never heard periphery? smh lol
    July 7 03:17 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Lol we can be co-bosses.
    June 30 06:40 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Okay, welcome to my gang.
    June 30 05:45 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Well me you and onionbubs are the youngest users(I just turned 16) lol.
    June 30 01:22 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist You're 16? I thought you were 17?
    June 29 07:25 PM
  • lazyeye He made Paul McCartney and Beck famous too so who knows who I was talking about?
    June 29 06:49 PM
  • lazyeye sm0k
    June 29 06:43 PM
  • TheMrAlexK Rip OG torts account-torts
    June 28 07:10 PM
  • lazyeye are you a living meme now
    June 22 08:53 PM
  • lazyeye how are u doing man
    June 22 08:45 PM
  • lazyeye hi son you forgot to wish me happy fathers day but i forgive u
    June 22 06:22 PM
  • SitruK6 Grotesque 5/5 and your 666 rating h0ly sh*t
    June 20 08:39 AM
  • Spec these wounds they will not heal
    June 19 06:45 PM
  • Havey surprise
    June 19 10:50 AM
  • iloveyouall sorry bruh, I can't lie. nails suck ass.
    June 16 10:24 PM
  • TVC15 Did you get anything sweet for your birthday?
    June 13 12:19 AM
  • Mort. happy birthday mandem
    June 12 07:21 PM
  • SitruK6 also damn you're 17 that's such a surprise haha
    June 12 05:28 PM
  • SitruK6 i know we don't communicate much (if at all) but i just wanted to wish you a happy bday and keep on being the idiot that you are!
    June 12 05:23 PM
  • TVC15 I know we don't necessarily get along but I'm not one to hold grudges for extended periods of time. Happy bday dude
    June 12 03:35 PM
  • zakalwe Jesus ****ing Christ. You need a degree in linguistics to interpret this nonsense in your shoutbox. You're my boy.
    June 10 11:06 PM
  • alienobserver nice venom rating album is stale ass
    June 9 03:01 PM
  • Mort. ad hominem is so pointless to bring up like yeah he insulted you bro saying that dont mak you look any smarter lol, keep on putting those plebs in their place torts i love it when you rile up the drones and boring users
    June 9 12:44 PM
  • iloveyouall hello son :)
    June 5 01:08 AM
  • Mort. Magicuba for insufferable fool of the year ayyy he started getting lippy to me in an unwound thread once what a prat
    June 4 05:13 PM
  • Muppelope I liked GDP and Bones quite a bit, but they're kinda same-y tbh. They just have a bit of that copy/paste sadboy hiphop style that I'm a bit tired of. Thanks for the recs tho, at least I got a few free Bones albums off soundcloud.
    May 31 09:29 PM
  • SowingSeason it's boring at times and the lyrics are a step down...3.4 is still good tho
    May 31 06:08 PM
  • SowingSeason Let's talk about it
    May 31 05:14 PM
  • owen Boring name it is then
    May 30 09:14 AM
  • Slex for me the lyrics are so bad and the songwriting just isn't there like on their other 2. I'll give it another try tho. I'm close to 5ing their new one tho
    May 29 02:20 PM
  • owen truly a name to regret on your 27th birthday
    May 29 02:09 PM
  • owen thanks m8, but it's p s*** tbh
    May 29 02:06 PM
  • owen some weirdo once called me owantjaaaa and I regrettably used itMy username change request was denied sadly
    May 29 01:54 PM
  • Muppelope lol ill check it out later. thanks again.
    May 29 12:45 AM
  • parksungjoon i guess if you're on the grotesque hype train, try this:
    May 29 12:35 AM
  • Muppelope is yung lean a sadboi
    May 29 12:31 AM
  • Idleness well thats very nice of you! =]
    May 29 12:24 AM
  • parksungjoon what genre
    May 29 12:19 AM
  • Muppelope Love Clipping, dig what I've heard of Lil Ugly Mane, will check GDP. Thanks man.
    May 29 12:11 AM
  • Muppelope Hey man I dig your taste in the hippity hop, care to give me some recs?
    May 28 11:45 PM
  • Spec hol up hol up
    May 25 12:37 AM
  • YakNips why the 1 for teens of denial lmao
    May 23 01:31 AM
  • iloveyouall imma 5 the front bottoms s/t because i luv you
    May 21 12:58 AM
  • Kman418 no cuz ur honestly a fine person ur probably just a little reclusive and sad which is ok cause a lot of 16 year olds are but go do something that is not interacting with people on the internet and it will improve your life drastically believe me
    May 19 03:35 AM
  • Kman418 also im trying to be nice to you even though youre generally very obnoxious cause you remind me of myself from when i was 2 or 3 years younger and i feel bad for being mean to u now
    May 19 03:13 AM
  • Kman418 idk ask your parents for one for your birthday or get a hella cheap used one or something u have options or just do whatever the hell u want the point is i would highly recommend doing something productive that you enjoy thats not being overly bitter over music you dont like on
    May 19 03:12 AM
  • Kman418 everyone is when they start u gotta work at it just pick something ur interested in and you'll have fun even when u suck. find a guitar and come up with poopy emo pop punk riffs
    May 19 02:59 AM
  • Kman418 pick up an art
    May 19 01:24 AM
  • Kman418 ok but like why would you listen to every single anco album after hearing 1 or 2 and deciding you hate them and seek out every thread about them to talk about how s***ty they are. i mean if i hear something i think is awful i might make a one off comment about it or say some dumb s*** about it if a thread pops up or if it comes up in convo but thats about it
    May 19 01:09 AM
  • Kman418 genuine question why do u spend so much energy on things you don't like
    May 18 11:13 PM
  • PlasticRadioBand For instance, I don't really like country but I really like Johnny Cash's At San Quentin album. Right now I wouldn't rate it higher than a 4 but I can easily see why it's a masterpiece in the genre
    May 17 05:37 PM
  • PlasticRadioBand I feel ya, but I mean depending on to you define alternative music, you do seem to have a lot of those kind of albums rated... Also I would personally label The Holy Bible as more punk/hard rock than just alternative. But I do understand where you're coming from
    May 17 05:33 PM
  • Sevengill if you think bumping the vox would help I can still do that.
    May 17 05:14 PM
  • Sevengill thanks! no percussion sort of evolved on its own. initially I wanted to have drums, but after listening to it for a couple months without them I grew to like the ethereal sound of letting it rest on the bass.
    May 17 05:13 PM
  • PlasticRadioBand That's a little low for The Holy Bible innit?
    May 17 04:54 PM
  • trve hug me
    May 15 03:30 PM
  • Mort. "that was probably the dumbest ****ing comment I have ever seen in the history of this site" - i know right, what a s*** ton of pseudo intellectual bulls***
    May 11 09:12 PM
  • Mort. Noice bottomless pit rating fam
    May 11 02:46 PM
  • Idleness \\m/ (-_-) \\m/ Metal Warriors Unite \\m/ (-_-) \\m/
    May 9 09:56 PM
  • alienobserver IT'S punkhoe_ hmu papi
    May 3 03:22 PM
  • lol at u turning into a sentimental quivering pussy whenever some other trash user praises your schtick, cool list bro
    May 3 03:21 PM
  • alienobserver new phone who dis
    May 3 03:19 PM
  • Treeman You also have some good ratings.
    May 2 05:00 PM
  • Treeman Thank you for your kind words. I am what you call a transient user. I am doing all-right right now, man. Right now I'm beginning to wrap my lobes around this poetic analysis I am about to write in Italian. How are you?
    May 2 04:59 PM
  • AlexMichels Hello.Next time you rate one of my reviews, please rate the way the review is written. Don't downvote it just because you have a different opinion.
    May 2 01:22 AM
  • Pheromone listen tothe wrens - meadowlands
    April 26 04:55 PM
  • sixdegrees
    April 21 02:42 AM
  • sixdegrees
    April 21 02:24 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil damn thought you were a bit older for some reason haha. which now kinda makes sense a bit more. Yeah it wasn't easy for me at first, but just sorta get a consensus on what's worth checking out, and just like. Throw it on in the background while doing schoolwork or relaxing or whatever. and as for doom recs can't go wrong with Electric Wizard
    April 18 11:35 PM
  • MyNameIsPencil To each their own, but I actually heavily suggest digging deeper within whatever genres you're currently into right now. Like some good classic rap recs are A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, really anything MF Doom has done. ect. and again, open-mindedness is key. I have to ask though how old are you man?
    April 18 07:40 PM
  • Frippertronics dog, what you gonna do once bobby shrmurda get out?
    April 18 07:15 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil yeah man, that said if you didn't like the Pixies cause of Black Francis's voice that is hella understandable lmao
    April 17 01:01 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil when saying all this, but I'm sure you may be getting sick of everyone swarming against you (assuming it even phases you tho lol). idk man consider this of me apologizing for my constant bashing I guess
    April 17 12:25 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil dude it's all good, like I know I've been harsh on you lately, but idk lately I've realized being like that to someone who's pretty much a stranger on a music website is dumb lmao. Like by all means stick to your opinions, just maybe be "clear" with them. try to avoid calling things "the worse thing ever" without giving why. trust me, I know all of this coming from someone who spends a bit too much time s***-posting on here probably doesn't mean too much, and I hope I'm not sounding like a dick
    April 17 12:22 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil Of the purpose of this site; but either doing a better job at explaining why, or even giving it a few listens. Cause several of my all time favs needed a few listens to actually appreciate (The Glow Pt. 2 and Jane Doe for good personal example). Yeah. Sorry I ranted lol
    April 16 07:49 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil Dude, 4.4 overall doesn't lie. Plus they're like 20 year records and even now they're frequently talked about. You're not "required" to like them obviously cause personal taste is a beautiful thing. But damn man. you can't deny the influence. s*** I'm pretty sure in saying that Pinkerton probably influenced Front Bottoms in a way (as Weezer has influenced a lot of modern emo bands) s*** I feel kinda bad now for h8'ing. Just idk. Don't not keep your opinions to yourself; which would defeat part
    April 16 07:47 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil I may give you alexisonfire whatever, but Blue Album and Pinkerton are actual classics boi
    April 16 02:10 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil "strongly worded opinions that you couldn't counter even if your life depended on it"well at least I don't have 7 Front Bottom albums 5'd you simpleton
    April 15 08:58 PM
  • Mystletainn You fkin tortle
    April 11 03:28 PM
  • Mystletainn N go away
    April 11 03:26 PM
  • Mystletainn Get off my profile
    April 11 03:26 PM
  • Mystletainn Lmao stalker, so now I'm not a fat greasy fk just a greasy fk? Fk you too torts
    April 11 02:08 PM
  • emester the **** you doing rating Siege a 3, melonboi
    April 6 08:02 PM
  • Trebor. yes
    April 6 05:07 PM
  • Mort. whos this salty user ****? and does jmh actually think we are the same person? lol
    March 26 02:51 AM
  • jmh886 hey mort. go i'm allowed to like my favorite band. you are too.
    March 25 03:40 PM
  • Mort. **** most new users goddamn scum of the earth. Weird to think ive been here nearly 3 years now. nice Orange Mathematics rating btw, the bonus track on that album is ****ing mad
    March 25 03:16 PM
  • Mort. i know right, being a mindless fanboy who just likes his fav band, fair enough, but theres a difference between that and making a basically wrong statement calling something "punk" or unique etc when its blander than a mother****er
    March 25 03:10 PM
  • Mort. sput is a lost cause when it comes to Thrice, site has its head up the bands arse
    March 25 02:57 PM
  • Mort. "To comment on the actual song, it rocks, like real hard. Seems like a perfect progression from Major/Minor. Love the grungish sound. It's also probably the most punk rock thing they've done like ever""****ing lolllllllllllllllllllllll log the **** off you imbecile" - gobless you torts, i was gonna call him out on that awful comment but couldnt be bothered to deal with him
    March 25 02:50 PM
  • Mort. i mentioned it in the meds thread tho i didnt say i thought it was sitar
    March 21 12:22 PM
  • Mort. oh s*** son now i got even more my percentage has dropped 4% wtf hahaha
    March 21 12:17 PM
  • Mort. Got like 3 negs on my reviews today think that sitarhero prick negd them lol
    March 21 12:22 AM
  • curettes big boy zone
    March 20 04:08 AM
  • curettes hi i h8 u :)
    March 20 04:08 AM
  • trve -turds
    March 19 02:30 PM
  • alienobserver Torts, you're an asshole. Idk what else to tell ya BRO
    March 16 11:04 PM
    March 7 02:58 PM
  • Mort. did u even listen to a ****ing thing i recced u uuuuuh
    March 7 02:42 PM
  • theacademy aite dude... u asked for it... this what im listening this week: phill collins solo s***, ice cube - death certificate, persona 4 dancing all night soundtrack, dr. dre "dark side", monica rizzio - washashore cowgirl, thursday - war all the time
    March 6 12:35 AM
  • Mort. im just gonna rec you mortys essential hardcore/metalcore recs k? Johnny Truant - in the library of horrific events , Knut - challenger , q and not u - no kill no beep beep, kiss it goodbye - choke
    March 5 12:51 PM
  • Mort. im not sure i will be able to as i have just seen you have 2d my favourite album ever "the underdark" which is my av for **** sake, i mean do you want to insult me?
    March 5 12:47 PM
  • Mort. no joke i just felt like rhyming about your name?
    March 4 05:08 PM
  • Mort. torts, torts, what are your thoughts, on arabian ports? on miscellaneous forts? on blistery worts?
    March 4 01:55 PM
  • alienobserver who's been picking on u baby who do i need to flame
    March 2 10:03 PM
    March 2 10:03 PM
  • Nocturnalize i could bump 2 tht
    February 28 02:40 AM
  • Nocturnalize wbu fam
    February 28 02:33 AM
  • Nocturnalize d3athc0re 4 lyfe fam
    February 28 02:25 AM
  • Mystletainn the real reason is you want to pleasure yourself to my picture, you're a sick fk.
    February 28 02:07 AM
  • Mort. you have cryonics 3d never contact me again you puss
    February 22 01:28 AM
  • Mort. lol honestly theyve all told me who they are on sput but i honeslty dont rememeer any of it, pretty sure ive bitched about users who are part of that group in that group lol. you like post hardcore man? check Hot Cross if you havent. Pretty picture of a broken face is their best song
    February 22 01:08 AM
  • Mort. man im high as **** right now listening to Suis La Lune - bte that untipled mixatpe blah blah good song check it. yeah man im sick just at uni, going home for a week on tuesday tho which im looming forward to. are u n the futures fb chat and if so whats ur name??
    February 22 12:42 AM
  • baeutiful Alternative?
    February 18 12:32 PM
  • Gameofmetal i gotchu
    February 12 03:32 PM
  • Gameofmetal rip torts should be a mod 2k16 tho
    February 12 03:15 PM
  • Futures only a 3 for trap lord smh. god work is so good. schoolboy qs verse fuk
    January 21 07:43 PM
    January 21 02:03 AM
  • Futures i've had that song on repeat for like a week now fam haha so good
    January 20 09:06 PM
  • Futures SHABBA
    January 20 06:57 PM
  • onionbubs oh okay lol thats good to know for future reference
    January 15 02:41 AM
  • onionbubs wait, am i less bad of a user now than i was before?
    January 14 04:33 PM
  • YakNips i frequent the site during period 2 and also at night when i'm bored that's gonna have to do bud
    January 4 06:43 PM
  • no
    January 1 03:50 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal um i stole that btw
    December 24 09:58 PM
  • alienobserver Nice elite music taste where'd you get it the elite music taste store
    December 23 03:36 PM
  • KriegdemKriege Haha thanks for the support. I'm really glad you like the music; it means a lot.
    December 16 05:49 PM
  • KriegdemKriege Hey friend, I just released a short EP. It's not much, but you liked Get Bummed! so I thought I'd let you know about it. Let me know what you think if you check it out. I'm recording a proper electric full-band album in January, so there'll be more coming relatively soon as well. :]
    December 16 02:49 PM
  • alienobserver torts baby calm down
    December 12 03:34 PM
  • alienobserver lmao i just got a name change it's the same account
    December 11 02:11 PM
  • alienobserver ur not wrong
    December 11 02:11 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal BTW i am never ironic i am loving and wholesome =^} and fun and grateful to be alive!
    December 11 02:17 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal i like it but dont tell anyone ill get banned
    December 11 02:10 AM
  • Mort. basically im gonna argue she gave me a look that implied she wanted dick pics even tho there was no explicit agreement. gonna need you to pretend to be her wear a wig and pull the face i said she pulled yeah
    December 9 01:08 AM
  • Mort. dammit i need a lawyer i sent dick pics to a middle aged woman and she identified me
    December 9 12:54 AM
  • Mort. how well versed in tort law are you?
    December 9 12:48 AM
  • Mort. i quite enjoyed a band called Swarm of the lotus today. their first Lp is a cool little metalcore/mathcore album. not amazing, but as a big fan of the genre i enjoyed it a lot
    December 8 01:46 AM
  • Mort. i amm good thank you, how are you?
    December 8 01:06 AM
  • Dolving999 No, thank YOU for listening mate ;)
    December 7 06:05 PM
  • alienobserver the kids don't call u that baby
    December 6 02:46 AM
  • alienobserver G-Eazy When It's Dark Out1.0NICE
    December 6 12:54 AM
  • InFlamesWeThrash666 i know right,i must have been drunk or something
    December 1 07:07 AM
  • InFlamesWeThrash666 -torts
    November 30 08:16 PM
  • SachikoM tempting.
    November 30 12:12 AM
  • SachikoM my ratings were giving me the s***s. that, and I was sick of people complaining about them... i'm better off without them tbh.
    November 29 10:12 PM
  • SachikoM understandable tbh. there are shorter compositions (like probably 10 mins), but they don't tend to deliver the same way the long form stuff goes. at least you tried!! :3
    November 29 10:09 PM
  • SachikoM did you ever end up listening to all that classical music?
    November 29 10:00 PM

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