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  • manosg Thanks Calc, will do. zak and me cannot hide our age lol
    November 15 02:34 PM
  • zakalwe Go for it dude. I?ve stuck me details in as zakalwe. Haven?t got a clue how it operates? I see Mano has the same prob :D
    November 14 05:58 PM
  • manosg Hey Calc, yeah I actually joined a couple of Sput Discords but I have no idea how this thing works lol. The one Discord I joined was by pjorn and the other was Flugmorph's I think.
    November 14 11:00 AM
  • Evokaphile time is relative maaaaaaaaan [blunt smoke intensifies]
    November 13 04:46 PM
  • Evokaphile you are the best! best best best! Also, I think you might dig Levante's new album. I'm hellbent on giving you an exotic rec you'll enjoy hahah
    November 12 07:12 PM
  • Mort. its me ya boy
    November 11 11:05 AM
  • DoofusWainwright I'm nowhere near as cool as Sach
    November 11 10:58 AM
  • Angelboros One thing I've learned throughout my time on Sput (and Dub) is that you're less forgiving than I am. Though feel free to skip New Sunrise buddy, I can't convince you any harder if I tried.
    November 10 07:27 PM
  • Evokaphile you are a true champion of the people. i really appreciate it dude
    November 10 07:22 PM
  • Angelboros Those singles were rather poor, yeah; especially LLLD. I mean, what even...!? I did *like* the new FALILV album tho. Before I Fail, Power of Life and Death, and Accept Each Other's Sense of Marinara Sauce were all great tracks. Then again, I ain't exactly one of those guys others should take my word for stuff.
    November 10 07:17 PM
  • Evokaphile I guess we're even then!! Hahah
    November 10 07:12 PM
  • Angelboros But! Between their first three albums, which had the best opener? Sorry if I'm wasting your time
    November 10 07:09 PM
  • Angelboros OK, cool
    November 10 07:08 PM
  • Angelboros Hi, Calcium! To prepare for Pacifisticuffs which is dropping next month, I've been binging DSO's Sing Along Songs plus Pandora's Pinata, and also revisited their debut. Funtastic group btw. So, umm... you heard the new single Knucklehugs? Personally I'd say it's a good song, but below their usual standards. Remember you saying somewhere that ya weren't crazy about Jigsaw Hustle, too. Maybe I'm not recalling right
    November 10 07:05 PM
  • Evokaphile Yeah, its a real "right time and place" kinda album for sure. That 2.5 is pretty dismal though I wont lie.
    November 8 07:44 PM
  • Evokaphile I highly recomend ISA by Kodak to Graph. Classic stuff and I have no doubt youll dig it
    November 8 08:19 AM
  • Evokaphile I really wanna get to know Buck-Tick too, where should I start with them?
    November 5 03:40 PM
  • Evokaphile Not a problem at all. I listen to a lot of foreign music. My gf can understand her anyway so its all good. The production is astounding on it too so again, thanks for the flac it really does it justice
    November 5 01:10 PM
  • Evokaphile This is uhhhh quite interesting so far. I like it, but its making me wish I could understand japanese
    November 5 12:32 PM
  • Evokaphile Dude thank you so much, gonna DL right away!
    November 5 11:58 AM
  • Evokaphile hey buddy any chance you could help a homie a lossless DL of Shuoso Strip?
    November 5 11:21 AM
  • Tunaboy45 I honestly don't see why you wouldn't at least enjoy it but we'll see haha
    November 4 02:54 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I'd be lying if I said they weren't similar though, it is converge after all
    November 4 01:23 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Personally I'd say there's more variety, more sludge, a bit of post metal influence.
    November 4 01:23 PM
  • MayhemWithMercy Thanks for the rec dude, will check soon
    November 4 01:15 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Heard the new Converge yet? Not sure if you'll be the biggest fan since you're not that fussed on AWLWLB but I bloody love it.
    November 4 10:24 AM
  • Drifter I would never!
    October 31 02:39 PM
  • MayhemWithMercy Back at ya
    October 23 03:48 PM
  • DoofusWainwright I always need more 1 fodder. Please use my extensive collection of 1 ratings for more inspiration :D
    October 15 12:41 PM
  • Aberf yeah boi, I'm gonna be back when I got everything the I want it to be.
    October 8 01:58 PM
  • Drifter Even better tbh. Album is so overrated it's dumb
    October 8 10:35 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 HAha it was an unsurprising piece of excellence. Thought kyo handled his parts well on it.
    October 8 04:19 AM
  • Drifter Hey look someone gave illmatic the correct score
    October 8 01:43 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Awesome, cheers man. I tried before (unsuccessfully) so I'll try again later
    October 7 07:16 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Is that a link for uro, my man? It looks like it's in Russian. haha
    October 6 12:49 AM
  • HieronymusBosch Hah, at least Japanese music lovers are usually very passionate about it, so that kind of makes up for the lacking numbers :)
    September 19 02:13 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Ooooh summer school, I know the feeling, I've basically been at school or internships full time for three years (**** engineering lol), good s*** on the Dir stuff, I actually gave Urobouros a listen recently and liked a little more than I remembered
    September 17 10:36 PM
  • RunOfTheMill What's up dude? Been listening/watching/up to anything good recently?
    September 17 02:08 PM
  • HieronymusBosch Ooh thank you, will look it up! Glad to see there are more fans of the band on the site, Japanese music in general seems quite neglected on here
    September 11 04:30 AM
  • HieronymusBosch If the whole thing is as good as that Elizabeth Addict live that's on youtube, it might well be a 5 :) First have to get my hands on it somehow haha
    September 9 07:58 AM
  • superluminals this isn't an alt account tho, it's a main account
    August 25 10:28 PM
  • Drifter I KNEW IT
    August 25 05:01 PM
  • Drifter s***'s dummy lit
    August 21 10:08 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I've got the album on preorder anyway so truth be told I'm just going to wait until Friday, don't judge :') results on Thursday too so I'm on edge
    August 15 07:19 AM
  • Demon of the Fall I don't have that no, whatever it is... It doesn't matter, don't want to use up your time as I found out a mate of mine is good with this kind of thing, might be easier for him to 'show me' rather than you painstakingly relaying info via a messaging service. It was a very kind offer though, thanks!
    August 15 02:58 AM
  • Demon of the Fall That would be really cool man, thanks for the offer... if there was a good written guide (that you think is accurate/easy to understand) that'd be helpful
    August 14 09:07 AM
  • Angelboros To say I've been quiet is an understatement. Calling me babe is the antithesis. But dun worry; I'll come back to dub... eventually.... soon-ish... whenever the fish jumps. You get the idea :p
    July 30 05:45 PM
  • kingdedethefifth Good job on your milestone achievement bro :)
    July 6 02:21 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 is that where you got it? Dunno what it is with these types of albums, but they're so hard to find streams for. lol
    July 3 09:11 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 I cant find a bloody stream haha and that link Evo sent us didnt work : (
    July 2 03:30 AM
  • Angelboros ****ing hell, a new album!? SPOOOOOON!
    June 27 01:58 PM
  • Stargazer777 Mind your own ****ing business you ****ing worthless bigot.
    June 25 03:31 PM
  • Evokaphile Ive always thought of Realms as a dm album but either way it shreds dick like few others.
    May 26 05:27 PM
  • Evokaphile Nice Thanatos rating btw. Band rules(d)
    May 26 04:10 PM
  • Evokaphile Haha cheers bud. You got stellar stacks too. We'd prolly be friends irl tbh
    May 26 04:09 PM
  • manosg oh man I got bamboozled by the cover art and the epic metal tag but my revenge was swift and fair hahaha
    May 20 12:57 PM
  • Tunaboy45 okay man thanks
    May 20 11:41 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Didn't even realise there was a new discord haha, hadn't checked for a day
    May 20 11:13 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 What's your subject?
    May 19 03:07 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Awh, mate : ( final exams? Soon be over bud. Yeah going good man, just been working and playing gigs. Haven't had much time to be on here lately!
    May 19 02:45 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Thanks man! How's it going?
    May 19 02:27 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Me band's second new track if ya wanna check it Calc? Let us know what ya think if you do man.
    May 19 12:19 PM
  • RunOfTheMill My bandwidth took a hit this month, but the limit renews on the 19th so I will def download it then :]
    May 14 09:19 AM
  • Tunaboy45 That's cool! I love a good concert blu ray especially when it's a band like Dir En or rammstein
    May 11 05:50 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Thanks man, hopefully it's a good show :) hope Dir En your soon too so you can see 'em!
    May 11 05:45 PM
  • Tunaboy45 They're pretty different albums so you never know haha, seeing steven wilson again so can't wait for that.
    May 11 05:38 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I found it pretty hard to watch, plus that cameo was cringeworthy. New ATDI is sweet by the way.
    May 11 04:35 PM
  • Tunaboy45 The whole "britishing" segment in Crash's latest quickie is the most cringe inducing thing I've seen in a long time.
    May 11 12:28 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist send me a discord link nigga
    May 6 08:58 PM
  • Drifter Trueeeee
    April 30 08:20 PM
  • Drifter My obj went down to 83 lol
    April 30 06:28 PM
  • Drifter Hai o/
    April 30 06:08 PM
    April 30 02:32 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Discord isn't working for me I keep getting stuck on this blank screen
    April 29 06:07 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Extremely and it's one of the reasons that path scares me so much :[
    April 29 01:49 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Go where you want and everything else can wait. Don't give up your future for someone else's.
    April 29 01:07 PM
  • Tunaboy45 He just seemed miserable, unhappy, in a job he hated with a 28 year old son still living at home leeching off him. You could tell he was kind of beaten down by the situation he was in. I'm literally just about to get some food haha I'll go on in a bit.
    April 29 01:06 PM
  • Tunaboy45 "Don't go to that great uni, go to this sh*tty uni with me that I ended up in because I failed my a-levels after wasting too much time on a failed relationship at the time. If you really loved me you'd sacrifice that for me and our future". You're with like-minded people at uni and I truly do think you'll find someone :)
    April 29 01:04 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Last girl I was with when I decided to cut it off after she told me to crash my car and she hopes I'm a loner at uni because I didn't want to go to the same sh*tty one as her- "look at my parents they've been together since they were 19 and they're so happy now". Her dad was a miserable git.
    April 29 12:46 PM
  • Tunaboy45 The idea of being 45 and stuck in a loveless marriage is my worst nightmare, thinking you've wasted your life when you could've done something else instead. Girls are so obsessed with having children I don't get it.
    April 29 12:45 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Sometimes I look at other people in relationships and think "you're happy now but one day you'll have a mortgage, a child and the only reason you'll be staying together once the relationship is dead is because of that child". Safe to say I'm cynical. That last girl I was with talked about the future all the time, 2 kids, a house, a little dog, and it sounded f*ucking terrifying. I don't like the idea of being tied down. While getting your PHD you could meet someone like you, you never know.
    April 29 12:35 PM
  • Tunaboy45 That's the problem man :/ I honestly don't know how I'm going to meet another person, I'm sort of counting on meeting someone nice at uni but I doubt it's as easy as that. Depending on what society I join maybe there'll be someone there but I'm not going to be actively looking since I'm really not that worried right now. Whatever you do don't rush into something because you feel like you have to be in a relationship. I'd feel bad about writing all that crap out too.
    April 29 12:16 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Studied this in sociology, the marketisation of human relationships haha. I would rather not do it but who knows maybe further down the line I will. Best thing you can do is make clear your interests and your personality, that you're no just some plebbish 'lad' who wants to watch football, go on lads weekends to newcastle and sleep with as many women as possible. Embrace your uniqueness.
    April 29 12:08 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I knew I couldn't keep it up as exams got closer so I did what I thought was right at the time and boy am I glad I did. There isn't as much as a stigma with dating sites like there used to be and I think it'd be a great way of meeting people so who knows maybe you'll find someone nice on there. The last person I was with was someone I knew vaguely from school and I got talking to her on facebook, which isn't exactly the best way to meet someone.
    April 29 11:47 AM
  • Tunaboy45 I made myself a promise in January not to even think about another relationship until my exams are over, this particular person I was with was very needy and I basically had to text her 24/7 or she'd accuse me of 'losing interest' or 'cheating', and it only got worse from there. It's okay to have an academic mind, just find something else you enjoy and do that, hopefully you meet new people on the way.
    April 29 10:51 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Well no one's first relationship ever really goes well, I broke up with my first in January after 4 1/2 months and she turned out to be a manipulative and dangerous psycho who was willing to go to ridiculous lengths to control me and, when I told her enough was enough and left, humiliate me. She failed at that but still it shook me up a bit. I suppose bad experiences are important because they give you more of an idea of what you want.
    April 29 10:44 AM
  • Tunaboy45 You make a very good point about the aftermath, sometimes the anxiety can be too much and I'm not the type to go out every weekend and forget about it so I tend to dwell on things. What terrifies me is coming out of an exam thinking I've failed. Was that when you were planning to meet up with that girl you met online?
    April 29 10:32 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Hope it goes well! Best feeling in the world when you pass.
    April 29 06:57 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Ah how so man? :/ (if you don't mind me asking)
    April 29 06:53 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Thanks man, you too with yours. There's just a lot riding on it.
    April 29 06:47 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Appreciated :) first exam on 8th June, feeling the pressure
    April 29 06:39 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Thanks man I'll probably be on later, just getting some work done right now
    April 29 06:29 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 haha cheers man. exams?
    April 29 06:19 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Haha I'll get in there to balance things out just as soon as I get the link for it
    April 29 06:17 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 My band's new song is out today if you wanna check it out buddy. Let us know what ya think.
    April 26 06:15 AM
  • AcmeApathyAmok I liked how the Sugizo version included Kaoru's "solo" before the final chorus though...and how Sugizo's part was better than the one live at Lunatic Fest. Though, yeah the original was already perfect to begin with. The Revelation remix I thought was great for what it is...which isn't saying much actually cause the only remix I thought was really amazing was the Eternal Slumber Mix of Rinkaku. I just want a new single really, and hopefully it'd be miles better than Utafumi.
    April 19 06:40 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok Utafumi was so average, I thought the B-sides were the best thing about the single actually, hahaha.
    April 19 05:47 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok The lowest I've ever rated DEG so far is a 3 for Macabre (and Utafumi too) but the good songs barely outweighed everything I didn't like (namely the production and the songs Berry and audrey) on that album otherwise I would've rated it 2.5 or 2 myself. Kisou fared much better w/me in the studio but live ofc I thought was even better. TBH, Gauze was the only album out of their earliest works I thought was consistently awesome both live and in the studio.
    April 19 12:32 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok IDK about 5 Ugly Kingdom as I haven't seen much of it, but I've seen Blitz 5 Days and yeah it's great especially since it's really the only release so far that has a good chunk of the Macabre album live and I think it's a better album live than in the studio.
    April 19 12:00 PM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 05:36 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 05:36 AM
  • AcmeApathyAmok Vulgar was my second favorite and that one was a lot of fun to watch also considering how loud the crowd was in the mix. I think the fact that Kisou was one of my least favorite albums and to see how much better it is live is partly a reason why it was my favorite. Vulgar on the other hand I already liked a lot to begin with.
    April 17 02:00 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok Oh yeah I knew if I was gonna get down w/watching the "Mode of" series I'd do it all in one spree though I already watched Mode of Gauze a few months ago but haven't given it a rating yet. Personally I thought Mode Of Kisou was my favorite of the three.
    April 17 01:50 PM
  • Tunaboy45 okay man thanks, after that might go for Noise or Flood
    April 17 08:38 AM
  • Tunaboy45 thinking of checking out Boris but no idea where to start since their discography is huge and most of their albums have a good avg rating, any suggestions?
    April 17 08:07 AM
  • Dewinged All of them Calc! All of them!!! ;)
    April 17 05:57 AM
  • Tunaboy45 I feel exactly the same way about Rammstein, they've probably got a decade left at best and I need to see them before they call it quits. American Idiot is pretty much their best album, I still jam it now and it's held up really well. Just gotta bite the bullet and go, it'll be worth it!
    April 11 03:29 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Haha yeah that might be a better idea, makes more sense getting it there on the night. They're not the type of band to do a full UK tour so I'm guessing it'll be at the SSE in London or something?
    April 11 03:07 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Yeah it was great! Green Day were the first band I got into and I bought every single thing they ever put out so it's gonna be a fun series. But that ear piercing stuff has to stop, I'll have it on in the background and have to turn it down because my eardrums feel like they're going to burst, it genuinely annoys the hell out of me and I'm glad you've noticed it too.
    April 11 03:06 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Sh*t that's cool, you'll be able to get a pic with them and everything, bring a CD for them to sign too I'm sure they'll be more than happy to sign it if you've already paid for the VIP
    April 11 03:01 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Haha yeah Crash's series is great, especially having experienced the awfulness of Raditude beforehand it was like group therapy. Rivers is super into Japanese culture and he's almost fluent in it now since his wife is Japanese and everything (the original is better than that version btw).
    April 11 03:00 PM
  • Tunaboy45 not sure if you've heard California Kids by Weezer but you might like this
    April 11 02:47 PM
  • Tunaboy45 It'll be my first time seeing them but they look really good, even after 20 years and a ton of success Rivers still gets stage fright so he spends almost the entire show stood in one spot. Adds to the charm. So what do you get with this VIP package?
    April 11 02:46 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Haha I suppose I'm used to paying less, especially when I'm trying to save money. Damn that sounds good, I'm seeing Weezer in October and that's it right now but hoping to see Mastodon and COF when they announce some dates.
    April 11 02:26 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Still quite a bit for an album but better than most places online. Got any gigs lined up or anything?
    April 11 02:02 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Whoah just realised you recently rated PH too, what a coincidence. I also want to pick up This Is A Long Drive but I'll have to order that one. Dir En Grey albums are so expensive, that's the only thing.
    April 11 12:52 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Haha it flopped hard but it's like a 6/10 imo, not THAT bad. Well I'm going into college tomorrow to revise and then thought I might as well head into town, get some fresh air haha. I've been listening to a lot of Lorde so I was thinking of picking Pure Heroine up, as well as Sorceress and maybe Arche if it's still there.
    April 11 12:15 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Also not sure if you saw the new Ghost In The Shell but it was decent, and I've even ordered the manga because I heard it was good (literally never read a manga before)
    April 11 09:32 AM
  • Tunaboy45 As long as you've got music and you enjoyed your holiday, you're good. I've got 2 weeks off now too, need to revise hard for these exams. I'll probably pick some new stuff up too, might even head down to HMV because I'm old school.
    April 11 09:31 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Haha thanks man I just wanted to poke some fun :') how's things?
    April 11 09:19 AM
  • AcmeApathyAmok Oh finally! It'll definitely take me time to download them all, but I'm gonna watch them ASAP starting with Mode of VULGAR.
    April 4 10:51 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 DSS was really great.
    April 4 06:06 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Yayyy. Cheers man, gonna smash these out with a coffee now I think.
    April 4 02:15 AM
  • Angelboros LOL I already saw Mode of Kisou before you gave me the link to it *and* made that recent comment in the album thread. Don't think I ain't lurking about. Absolutely phenomenal tho, plus it was also cool to see the band perform stuff off their Six Ugly EP; that's my least favorite release they've ever done, but there's a soft spot reserved for "Umbrella" and "Mr. Newsman" - *especially* the latter. Thanks for the links anyway, Calcium!
    April 3 06:07 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Ya if they ever end up touring outside of Japan lol, whenever that happens
    April 3 11:07 AM
  • RunOfTheMill also did you see this setlist: what a ****ing tragedy
    April 3 09:59 AM
  • RunOfTheMill I was thinking for a moment that the We Are X soundtrack was the "new album"... Regardless, that tentative tracklist on the forum wouldn't surprise me in the bit lol
    April 3 09:57 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist aawwww shut up! lol
    March 29 02:24 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist I like you : ]
    March 29 02:20 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Not among the weeb community, no.
    March 29 02:12 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Your ratings are s*** bb
    March 29 01:34 PM
  • RunOfTheMill sweet, will check when I get home
    March 27 11:37 AM
  • Flugmorph Damn crippling depression affecting my sentences hard rn lol. But you got it anyway
    March 20 02:23 PM
  • Flugmorph you haventd your mal list recently right? lol the stalk is real
    March 20 01:09 PM
  • Angelboros After what barely feels like months slight taunting and tracksuits, I finally saw the show and (what a surprise there) it ruled face. Kinda wanna thank you for getting me into lives period. Speaking of shows, I've decided that I'll save DSSNB for last. Already mentioned in the Macabre thread that I watched the first part of Blitz 5 Days and I'll get on the rest of that real soon, then Code of Vulgarism, afterwards Modes, and.... umm, still more left, man! Jeez.
    March 17 08:01 PM
  • SitruK6 Dude you've got to check out Kreator's Pleasure To Kill. I totally wasn't expecting it to be as heavy and aggressive as it is.
    March 14 08:09 AM
  • AcmeApathyAmok I would imagine Sukekiyo would be a better band live considering how I feel the same about DEG even with their weakest material. And for me personally, that'll include most of Macabre, parts of Marrow and even Utafumi.
    March 12 04:08 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok Actually, no I haven't watched much of the Sukekiyo live stuff...I've listened to the music mostly though not as often as DEG. Anima might be my favorite Sukekiyo song actually.
    March 12 03:32 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok Yeah, I'm gonna have to rip it from TheNinjaPanda for now cause prices to import it overseas is just way too expensive (I live in the US). I did it w/the deluxe editions of Arche, Arche at Budokan and the Utafumi single and told myself after Utafumi came out that I wouldn't get more DEG stuff unless it's a new single or the new album, haha.
    March 11 12:33 PM
  • AcmeApathyAmok I haven't rated Dum Spiro Spero at Budokan because it's the only one I haven't seen in full yet. I've seen parts of it on YouTube though, and based on setlist alone I'd say it's one of their best.
    March 11 12:10 PM
  • Tunaboy45 haha it's rare I see sputnik mentioned outside of sputnik or the review section of an album on wiki
    March 7 03:05 PM
  • You' re BlackwaterRose, didnt know that lolI will buy some B-T stuff this month, so I'm afraid I will have no money for a while :(
    March 6 01:19 AM
  • talktothehead your profile 8===========================D-----------
    March 4 05:25 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Just looking at Sukekiyo's discog and I'm surprised to see there's new music from them. I'm confused how a 9 track project is classed as an EP on Sputnik though.
    March 4 04:42 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Cheers for the offer though, dude. Nice to see you think of me from time to time. haha
    March 4 04:36 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Tempting, but I'm broke at the minute man. Haha
    March 4 04:27 PM
  • Angelboros Yeah, don't have the money for it, sorry. Speaking of lives, I *do* plan to get on Persuasio and MUTANS at some point, and then there's mode of Vulgar and Kisou that I've been anticipating on the Diru side among... other ones in their discography. Again, 2manylives4me. Gonna keep bitching until somebody throws me a Hetap.
    March 4 10:10 AM
  • RunOfTheMill ohhhh it's so lush
    March 3 10:03 AM
  • RunOfTheMill perfect, thanks man
    March 2 01:31 PM
  • RunOfTheMill *anything*
    March 2 11:25 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Hey matey I'm feeling adventurous, rec me something
    March 2 09:43 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 You bought any of the recent dir live dvds? Nah, not really. It's been even a pretty poor year for music so far haha some good records, but a lot of poor or average ones. I'm hoping the new mastodon and john 5 albums deliver.
    February 27 05:00 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Haha I can't do that kind of metal anymore, so derivative. How ya doing? What you been jamming lately?
    February 27 04:21 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Thank you, my friend!
    February 27 01:45 PM
  • manosg Thanks dude, I really appreciate it!
    February 27 12:33 PM
  • Aberf 'xactly lol
    February 24 02:26 PM
  • RunOfTheMill it's unholy
    February 24 10:25 AM
  • RunOfTheMill the laugh wasn't worth it though ;[
    February 24 10:07 AM
  • RunOfTheMill for what it's worth I can't stop giggling at night crawler
    February 24 10:05 AM
  • RunOfTheMill my ears just got raped man
    February 24 09:55 AM
  • Jasdevi087 damn i gotta do more profile stalking then
    February 24 04:24 AM
  • Jasdevi087 how long has The Mortal been on your favourite bands list?
    February 24 02:39 AM
  • Aberf Look at what I've stumbled upon
    February 24 01:26 AM
  • Jasdevi087 lol Rush you big cheeseball. have you heard 2112?
    February 23 10:30 PM
  • Aberf So, how accurate was my description? We should make a discord server for sputnik btw.
    February 13 03:00 PM
  • Aberf Try that Reiko Ike, you'll understand what I said.
    February 13 02:41 PM
  • xiLeadFeather Thanks Infinity! I appreciate the link. Sorry I'm just saw the plug for all the Diru albums.
    February 10 02:29 PM
  • 50iL Haha have fun man
    February 10 01:46 PM
  • necropig You're the dude
    February 10 01:35 PM
  • 50iL Yeh bro! It's theguybehindyou123 just as written. Idk if I'll have time to watch Climax but I will need help finding some of them live links. Thanks so much!
    February 10 01:18 PM
  • Angelboros At long last, Calcium-boy... At long last. Finally spun the mother****er after all this time.
    February 9 07:04 PM
  • Aberf It's quite accurate for mine I guess. Anyway, just give Kinoko Teikoku a time. It's a great first listen while simultaneously a grower.
    February 8 04:37 PM
  • Aberf Ah, I didn't know that. How is it broken though?
    February 8 09:04 AM
  • Aberf It's a 5 for me. Considering your pie chart, I think 3.5 is a fair score lol.
    February 7 09:37 PM
  • 50iL Awesome, thanks bro! I think I'll go Darness next but ill listen to it in like a week cuz I wanna properly dig Kurutta.
    February 7 03:03 PM
  • 50iL Yeah bro just had to give in m/
    February 7 12:27 PM
  • 50iL Haha sweet, I'll keep it in mind.
    February 7 12:25 PM
  • 50iL I already downloaded 5 from there haha. Gonna start with Kurutta.
    February 7 12:20 PM
  • 50iL Gonna start with BUCK-TICK today boiii
    February 7 12:12 PM
  • Aberf Check out this band CI. I think you would like the first two albums. The Long Goodbye EP is also good.
    February 6 07:34 PM
  • Flugmorph :3
    February 6 07:13 PM
  • Sniff Really appreciate that you took the time and gave feedback
    February 5 01:27 PM
  • Sniff \_(?)_/
    February 5 01:26 PM
  • Sniff Calc. You need to get into new releases. Check my EP.
    February 5 11:19 AM
  • 50iL Need to get into Dir En Grey TBH
    February 4 10:14 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I convinced my friend to sign up, he posted one review and hasn't used the site since except for ratings. Pleb seems like a cool guy, I'd definitely like to meet him. If you happen to be in middlesbrough or york hit me up :')
    February 4 07:20 PM
  • Tunaboy45 been talking to choccy since he goes there, looks like there'll be a sputnik meetup if I go. you're at Liverpool right, so it'll be about 2 hours away
    February 4 07:12 PM
  • Tunaboy45 got an offer from York and that's where I'm hoping to go, went to the open day last year and thought the uni and campus were just amazing.
    February 4 07:00 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I was looking at the society list for where I'm hoping to go, they have just about everything
    February 4 06:58 PM
  • Tunaboy45 funnily enough I haven't but I'll get round to it, same with Death Note. if I join a society it'll probably be film.
    February 4 06:49 PM
  • Tunaboy45 haha great, my mate is into anime so that's where I get it from. studio ghibli is about as far as I go so I'm a pleb
    February 4 06:44 PM
  • Tunaboy45 my anime knowledge is very limited but is that Girls Beyond the Wasteland?
    February 4 06:41 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I feel like it's my personal duty to champion the best users :') blush away
    February 4 06:37 PM
  • Aberf I really just like DSS better than Arche in all honesty. But, I can see in your perspective why is it a 5.
    February 4 03:16 PM
  • Aberf Not really as perfect as DSS tho. It's really close to a 5 in many regards. I've been lately thinking what is the definition of a classic (5) album for me.
    February 4 03:01 PM
  • Aberf Calculus is an amazing concept to grasp; we should make music out of calculus. Geometry was the only Math class that I got B on highschool (well it's a pre-AP class), my teacher quirks didn't suit me at all.
    February 2 11:59 AM
  • Aberf I love math too btw man, coming from an electrical engineering major. I was considering Math as my major, but engineering seems like a perfect major for me since I have an innate talent in electronics. Still tho, calculus was my hardest jam.
    February 2 11:11 AM
  • Aberf You might want to consider to be an actuary, they got paid sh*t ton of money. (This censoring shi* is so Fcking retarded.)
    February 1 09:24 PM
  • Tunaboy45 He's 54 now so I should probably get on that ASAP
    February 1 03:59 PM
  • Tunaboy45 So am I, so are most people. I know **** all about maths and science but I scraped by in school, everyone has 1 thing they're really good at and maths is yours and that's all you need. I really want to see Rammstein but I'm not sure if that'll happen now, keeping my fingers crossed for Converge though.
    February 1 03:33 PM

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