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  • zelenichajnik'd heartily
    January 27 03:10 PM
  • normaloctagon not as much as i should tbh, there was 1 that bumped a while ago that i bookmarked with some dnb and some metal i wanted 2 check but bookmarks get lost in the bookmark sea ya feel. thx 4 the reminder
    January 27 06:12 AM
  • someone i'll have a look
    January 26 11:45 PM
  • mindleviticus yeah I hear you! I'll probably do something completely different on the next album under a new project. Don't really feel like doing another metal album at least rn.
    January 26 06:44 PM
  • mindleviticus I'll probably make some more stuff at some point but it is fairly taxing and demanding and I already get enough of that at my job ~_~
    January 26 06:30 PM
  • mindleviticus I'm not a professional either this is just a fun (but expensive) hobby to me! That and years of guitar and music experience kind of make me wanna not stop doing this stuff haha, although lately it's been too exhausting doing it all myself I've been seeing about collabs but a large chunk of my irl music friends are all too busy and don't want to commit.
    January 26 06:07 PM
  • WeepingBanana Btw I?ve been meaning to drop a list for essential 80s Italian hardcore that seems like it?ll be up your alley so keep an eye out. Could be tomorrow, could be weeks from now. First I need to add like at least 12 albums to the database tho
    January 26 04:36 PM
  • someone Young Gods it is then
    January 26 04:08 PM
  • someone but if you want to get hyped for something, i promised MiloRuggles i'll review Edan's Beauty and the Beat and i also want to make a complete discog rev-run of The Young Gods and Baxter Dury. might also make a joke review for some metal album (the rev is unfinished yet and kinda fits to a few releases at once)
    January 26 03:16 PM
  • WeepingBanana I wiped my ratings a few months ago and from then on I decided to not rate everything little thing I listen to. It?s a weirdly stressful habit that I can?t explain so now I just decide if I?m gonna rate something on ~feeling so maybe maybe not
    January 26 03:13 PM
  • someone when life stops shoving footlongs up my behind
    January 26 02:35 PM
  • someone corrected, thanks a plenty. have a pat on the head
    January 26 02:23 PM
  • normaloctagon yesss. yeah love broken beat stuff but dk much about footwork either and don't ever rly seek out, although i got a healthy dose seeing Jlin play a few years ago and have had an enthusiastic ear for it ever since
    January 25 10:45 PM
  • normaloctagon FR dude!!! what did u think of track 2 cobwebs? percussion-wise it reminded me a bit of the last rec u sent me, that sonic weaponry one
    January 25 10:22 PM
  • normaloctagon ayyyee sepalcure. gonna add this to today's playlist : )
    January 25 08:49 PM
  • normaloctagon hek yez dude, i have a feeling you will enjoy the rest of the EP too. it's a scorcher!!
    January 25 08:48 PM
  • normaloctagon CHEQUE
    January 25 08:43 PM
  • evilford Yeah I thought it was pretty interesting compositionally, especially for modern thrash
    January 25 07:46 PM
  • evilford Umm im not sure off the top of my head. Ill have to listen with that q in mind next time I jam it. I can tell u that I've heard a couple Destroyer 666 albums and honestly wasn't a huge fan, but really dug Hexecutor
    January 25 07:39 PM
  • evilford Teehee!
    January 25 07:33 PM
  • evilford This is actually dope as ****
    January 25 02:09 AM
  • evilford This is pretty sweet man
    January 25 01:55 AM
  • mindleviticus Oh and tell your friend I said thanks for the kind words!
    January 25 01:13 AM
  • mindleviticus Nice yeah I tried to make the drum software sound as real as possible and I honestly have yet to hear the difference between certain settings, although I think I got down the snare drum popping effect with compression in the mix. Also if you're curious I have another project you might like it's like IDM/Ambient but it's more prolific than my metal stuff! --
    January 25 01:04 AM
  • evilford s*** I forgot to check this. Will do asap
    January 25 12:56 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts Lol I know u said so on the post that it was redundant I was just giving you s***
    January 24 06:48 PM
  • WeepingBanana Regardless I hope Walford got his ass kicked for drumming like that
    January 23 02:02 PM
  • WeepingBanana Not sure if you?ve seen but the Breadcrumb Trail Slint doc has a lot of great Louisville punk history
    January 23 01:59 PM
  • WeepingBanana Just clicked on a random song. This drumming is so stupid it?s great
    January 23 04:44 AM
  • WeepingBanana LOL I was not expecting it to sound like this. Pretty cool
    January 23 04:42 AM
  • Hyperion1001 idk havent heard anything worth reviewin in a while
    January 23 12:40 AM
  • Hyperion1001 thumbs up
    January 22 07:02 PM
  • WeepingBanana Ah providing a much needed dweeby injection
    January 19 10:02 PM
  • WeepingBanana I?ll try and remember to listen later. Never checked Pajo?s solo stuff tbh but I?m sure it?s cool
    January 19 09:47 PM
  • WeepingBanana Sup
    January 19 08:37 PM
  • Ryus oh hell yea that second one looks awesome lol. will check thx
    January 18 09:05 PM
  • combustion07 I'll add it to the write up list! Remember checking it out awhile ago and digging it quite a bit! Gonna have fun revisiting a lot of this stuff
    January 18 04:15 AM
  • sonictheplumber thanks! yeah its fun. thank god for youtube and rym
    January 18 01:36 AM
  • JokineAugustus Check out Humanity Falls
    January 17 08:45 PM
  • Ryus u know it brah
    January 17 06:02 PM
  • conesmoke Just checked some tormentor recc'd from that list you sent me. I now know of Atilla. \\m/
    January 16 01:06 PM
  • AsleepInTheBack
    January 11 09:57 AM
  • normaloctagon whole lotta good that would do, your 4.5s are just hot air too
    January 9 09:04 AM
  • normaloctagon your 5s are just air vibrations bro
    January 9 08:57 AM
  • Casavir nice pfp nerd
    January 7 06:28 AM
  • cordwainerbird ah **** I need to register a account for that now I RLY feel like a ****ing relic kjhgbvi'll give it a shot a lil later tho, thanks!
    January 6 01:15 PM
  • cordwainerbird it's tellin me i got an invalid invite D:that is very cool tho - always wanted a music discord that wasn't just talking abt how hot David Sylvian is (which he IS, but still)
    January 6 12:57 PM
  • budgie wtf
    January 6 05:53 AM
  • budgie your 5s suck ass
    January 5 09:23 AM
  • Avagantamos thanks for reminding me I need to rate it though. last track is nutso
    January 2 04:38 AM
  • Avagantamos I have heard that one actually! found out about it from hal1ax a while ago
    January 2 04:34 AM
  • Avagantamos Thanks man that was hard AF! your recs are always appreciated
    January 1 10:36 PM
  • evilford Damn that ruled
    January 1 05:32 PM
  • DivergentThinking Dude, that?s good stuff. I like the way the metal and classical elements are combined, and I really like hearing those Anacrusis vocals with a better production than his old band
    December 31 07:59 AM
  • normaloctagon real dude, had to add flylo's july heat a while ago, literally one of the only official beat tapes/demos of his
    December 30 05:53 AM
  • normaloctagon jfc *arthur clenched fist meme*
    December 30 05:44 AM
  • normaloctagon this is super cool dude, digging ahrd
    December 30 05:39 AM
  • Mort. yo bro if i ever see you in philly im gonna throwdown, if you say s*** about my tryhard violent core band youre gonna catch these hands
    December 28 01:58 PM
  • brainmelter damn you?re quite the metal savant. immiseration is good as **** and byatis is right up my alley. Merry Christmas brother and keep the recs coming m/
    December 25 05:25 AM
  • SandwichBubble Loving this. You're a rec master, man.
    December 24 06:19 PM
  • evilford Not bad. Definitely ripping off demilich tho lol
    December 24 01:25 AM
  • Thalassic Sounds good. A bit old school Sepultura like
    December 23 09:49 AM
  • AnimalsAsSummit Thanks. Very chill so far.
    December 23 04:50 AM
  • shittyriemann s***tyPoincare is next
    December 23 03:07 AM
  • brainmelter holy hell that goes hard and it was spawned in my birth year! wows what a find. Kind of reminds me of suffo and infester. Its a compilation no? I like the first 1/3 and last 1/3 the most. quite esoteric
    December 22 07:02 PM
  • insomniac15 Hey! Thanks for the rec, I am two tracks in and it sounds cool.
    December 22 01:56 PM
  • SandwichBubble Woah, didn't know about this one. I'm not a slint historian or whatever, but I'll definitely check it. Thank you!
    December 21 08:07 PM
  • someone very good
    December 21 01:48 AM
  • Cygnatti I see, I still respect the willingness to go through that though. I try to keep a list of albums I want to look into (on rym or otherwise). So, I basically only download albums when I know that I can listen to them immediately or within the next day or two.
    December 21 12:07 AM
  • Cygnatti ty friend :] incredibly based and forward-thinking bnad. also, i envy your ability to listen to entire discogs btw, I could never!
    December 20 11:13 PM
  • Voivod Can I find their discography on Spotify?
    December 20 03:50 PM
  • CaliggyJack Was there a point to the link you posted in myd list? Not trying to start an argument or anything just asking.
    December 20 03:16 AM
  • evilford Whoa this sounds pretty rad
    December 20 12:59 AM
  • evilford Yes father
    December 20 12:16 AM
  • DePlazz Yeah Anatomy of I is pretty good, Dirk Verbeuren on drums ftw. Tx!
    December 18 11:42 AM
  • Ryus oh yeaa carl craig! i ****ing love that release haha. just realized i dont have it rated tho
    December 17 10:59 PM
  • DePlazz Love Revocation except for their latest stuff, name rings a bell, will check it out TX
    December 17 09:51 PM
  • DePlazz Good call, fun listen! Thanks dude. Still jamming Exocosm btw, s***'s cool. What's also not bad is this: (Finnish as well)
    December 17 08:57 PM
  • SandwichBubble Super crusty quality, but I thought it was pretty good. Last song goes on for way too long, but the rest is great.
    December 17 03:40 AM
  • someone oh cool. i love Nanook of the North the film
    December 17 01:19 AM
  • Senetrix666 check botch
    December 16 11:14 PM
  • SandwichBubble We're all in on the rebellion apparently. Truly heartwarming to see.
    December 15 10:50 PM
  • SandwichBubble That's probably the case, but on the off-chance someone goes and tells a mod, they'd probably just d'lete it then and there. Electronic and punk have way too many artists that only release singles for that rule to be useful, but that's just how it is. Thankfully, no one on sput seems to care about old punk singles, cause I don't think anyone's reported the ones I've added yet. The underground wins again.
    December 15 10:37 PM
  • SandwichBubble Yeah, that b-side's nice. Don't want to add/rate too many singles (I already added and 5.0'd that Blast single you recommended despite it being very much against the site rules), but I'll check their full-lengths out. | Sudden Death was also awesome, by the way!
    December 15 10:05 PM
  • Bedex headphones broken atm but will czech when I can :[
    December 15 08:15 PM
  • hal1ax this is sick my dude! thank youuu. what you been jamming lately ?
    December 15 06:41 AM
  • Ryus wait i just realized that was the drexciya guy no wonder its so good. i havent even heard of that before
    December 15 02:41 AM
  • Ryus ya that was epic. i love electro s*** like that. great find
    December 15 02:40 AM
  • evilford Cool will check tonight
    December 15 12:36 AM
  • SandwichBubble Woah, this is awesome. Sucks that it's their only release (looking at discogs). | Planning on checking Sudden Death today/tomorrow by the way.
    December 14 08:59 PM
  • Ryus that looks ****in dope. gonna check
    December 14 07:12 PM
  • Hyperion1001 sputnik is severely lacking in the funk so they have yet to discover that drexciya is the best band ever.
    December 14 07:07 PM
  • Hyperion1001 absolute banger. cluben in guyana and dimensional glide are two of my favorite stinson tracks. check out the ep too it has this which rules:
    December 14 07:00 PM
  • Nuchoking Thanks for the Yashira recommendation on my end of list, jamming it now... right up my street!
    December 14 12:05 PM
  • Thalassic Haven't heard much of their other records; heard the last one sucks
    December 14 10:34 AM
  • Thalassic I listened to Excursion Demise some time ago; that one's good
    December 14 10:11 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell ooo s*** yea!!
    December 14 09:42 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell hot damn
    December 14 09:26 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell what in the hell are you planning you ****ing revolutionary bitchface
    December 14 09:24 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell hek maybe
    December 14 09:23 AM
  • necropig Not much, been barely on the site this year, wbu?
    December 13 10:40 PM
  • necropig The new one rips
    December 13 09:01 PM
  • CugnoBrasso I don't know, you made it sound like you were dying or something. Are you ill?
    December 13 08:16 PM
  • CugnoBrasso Hey Park, regarding that list that you posted a couple of days ago, are you feeling all right?
    December 13 08:10 PM
  • Sevengill oo this looks cool, thanks
    December 13 10:16 AM
  • nylonhair Why?
    December 12 11:44 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Loool how da **** do you bump those bottom of chest lists? Ahah
    December 12 10:28 PM
  • MarsKid I gotcha covered mate. My AotY candidates are not like the others.
    December 12 06:10 PM
  • AnimalsAsSummit new ep out!
    December 12 03:44 PM
  • MarsKid AotY candidate lad. I reckon you'll fancy this one.
    December 12 01:33 PM
  • Egarran plz don't, not to brag, but I have too many recs already
    December 12 01:00 PM
  • Egarran one might say you ****ed it?
    December 12 12:48 PM
  • Egarran bro where the death list go I had some awesome comments ready
    December 12 12:00 PM
  • BenThatsMyJamin the 5 will come
    December 12 11:31 AM
  • BenThatsMyJamin bro sol negro within is one of the best things I've ever heard
    December 12 11:27 AM
  • GamamJ I do indeed know all the artists you mentioned first. For the later ones I am only familiar with Methany though, so that exciting! Thanks for the recs!
    December 12 07:06 AM
  • GamamJ Suppp, a little birdie sent me your way to ask for some Fusion recs. Anyhting in the raucous Mahavishnu and krokofant realm? Also love the 2.0 Dismember streak. After hearing Killing Capacity or whatever it is called aI gave up oin them immediately lol.
    December 11 03:40 PM
  • SandwichBubble Added here: | And I'll definitely check it, listened to a song and really dug it.
    December 10 07:00 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Looks exciting, will check this weekend
    December 10 06:57 PM
  • dedex the track you linked is ****ing wild
    December 10 11:59 AM
  • dedex ok yeah that's random af
    December 10 11:48 AM
  • dedex digging so far, love that kind of slow and dark hip hop. How did you find this?
    December 10 11:26 AM
  • dedex 90s abstract hip hop with illbient linings? u know me 2 well
    December 10 11:10 AM
  • dedex the name is lolz, gonna jam soon m/
    December 9 07:58 AM
  • someone methanks
    December 9 12:05 AM
  • evilford This is super weird/cool
    December 7 10:36 PM
  • evilford This is pretty good! Is this in russian?
    December 7 10:22 PM
  • evilford Looks interesting. Will check soon thanks!
    December 7 05:05 PM
  • dedex yo that Shapoval Sextet tape was great stuff
    December 7 08:07 AM
  • Trifolium Thanks!!!! I'll save this one for next week!
    December 5 07:36 AM
  • DePlazz
    December 4 09:22 PM
  • evilford That was ****ing amazing. Holy s*** lmao. Thanks for sharing that.
    December 4 07:54 AM
  • evilford Eh idc that much lol. Just hit the last song, this is even better than the others what the ****
    December 4 07:53 AM
  • evilford Damn the reissue cover kinda sucks lol. Shame they didn't stick with the original it's sweet
    December 4 07:42 AM
  • evilford It definitely is. This is insanely good. Nice production for a demo. Vox and bass rule so hard
    December 4 07:40 AM
  • evilford Nice, yeah this is crazy good. Sounds like the vocalist from morbid saint.....
    December 4 07:29 AM
  • evilford Damn this rips. Is this the arachnid in the db?
    December 4 07:26 AM
  • Cygnatti the first minute already sounds rly good to me, ty fam
    December 4 07:24 AM
  • DePlazz Yeah good call, pretty rockin those Fins
    December 3 01:52 PM
  • DePlazz Nice, tx for the rec will check it out!
    December 3 01:15 PM
  • Trifolium Ooooh! Promising! Love the genre tags in combo with a park rec, it's bound to be good!
    December 3 12:51 PM
  • evilford Dude yeah this ****ing rules holy s***
    December 2 07:42 AM
  • evilford Yeah man this slaps
    December 2 07:35 AM
  • Cygnatti it's beautiful
    December 2 07:22 AM
  • evilford Oh s*** this band looks sick. I'll check em asap. Whole discog is on spotify, nice. It takes a major ****job on production to detract from my enjoyment of metal! Even elements is fine to me
    December 2 07:13 AM
  • rellik009 I sound as if I doubted you sorry for that
    November 28 11:14 AM
  • rellik009 yep it doesn't work still. but no worries, I just wanted to know how you were doing on there as well, basically.
    November 28 11:12 AM
  • rellik009 I know I'm a pro at ninjas cuz I always overthink everything XD
    November 28 11:07 AM
  • rellik009 idk how to define it, but it's just that I can't message you on Discord, so I figured something happened.
    November 28 11:06 AM
  • rellik009 park how are you doing?
    November 28 11:05 AM
  • evilford Sorry man. I definitely feel u
    November 25 01:42 PM
  • evilford U doin alright bro?
    November 25 07:03 AM
  • dedex wow looks hella cool nice
    November 23 01:12 PM
  • Bedex looks sweet will czech
    November 22 05:58 PM
  • Bedex Ya
    November 21 01:23 AM
  • Bedex
    November 20 11:50 PM
  • rellik009 it's funny cuz i thought that too haha. glad you liked it :)
    November 20 08:30 PM
  • rellik009 yo czech this out:
    November 20 07:28 PM
  • DePlazz That Exult album is a cool listen, thanks for the rec! Vox
    November 20 09:17 AM
  • DePlazz Thanks, looks like some weird stuff, I'll check it out :)
    November 19 07:11 PM
  • Voivod Thanks for the rec, will investigate!
    November 19 03:54 PM
  • garas Hey! Thanks, will check. At first I thought it's from the same band from this year.
    November 17 09:51 AM
  • Trifolium Totally get that. These come in phases for me too.
    November 15 07:47 AM
  • SandwichBubble I'll try it, thanks!
    November 15 04:25 AM
  • evilford Yeah they are it seems. Totally forgot about that release lol
    November 14 04:10 PM
  • Bedex love Lucy but I didn't know that track cheers! Beautiful People is one of the first tracks that got me into techno at the time
    November 14 03:23 PM
  • Trifolium Thanks park! A park gift is always a good thing.
    November 14 07:28 AM
  • Bedex mmh
    November 12 09:31 PM
  • Bedex am loving that Bennie Maupin record dude, ima do a semi-complete discog run and then I'll hop on to that other rec
    November 12 09:07 PM
  • Bedex you're a darl will check
    November 8 04:46 PM
  • Bedex then some niche jazz pls
    November 8 04:43 PM
  • Bedex ambientey/droney folk pls
    November 8 04:40 PM
  • Bedex :[
    November 8 04:35 PM
  • Bedex bcs u dont know como estas
    November 8 04:30 PM
  • Bedex :[
    November 8 04:01 PM
  • Bedex All good como estas, nice carcass soundoff
    November 8 02:29 PM
  • Bedex Slow Migration to New Rating System Kanada
    November 8 01:01 AM
  • therollingstoned Bitch I?ve been on Sputnik since 2008, ever hear of an alt you ****
    November 6 02:44 PM
  • GamamJ It's funny you say that, cuz I went back and listened to heartwork after Despicable and found it to be a 3 while I used to have it at 5 and 4.5 for a year...
    October 31 11:49 PM
  • GamamJ Perfect soundoff on the new CarcASS
    October 31 09:08 PM
  • AsleepInTheBack i accept, gracelessly
    October 31 10:53 AM
  • AsleepInTheBack what is this
    October 30 01:53 PM
  • SandwichBubble I'd disown my granny if she was listening to any form of prog metal, but I'll keep an open mind just this once.
    October 30 12:13 AM
  • SandwichBubble Punk-y thrash sounds good! Dunno about prog metal though, might skip the "sequel" band.
    October 30 12:05 AM
  • SandwichBubble Guess whoever added it to RYM couldn't decide where mini-albums go. Will check it and their other stuff if I can find it.
    October 29 11:55 PM
  • SandwichBubble Of course! If you've got something, hit me.
    October 29 11:44 PM
  • budgie i know what you did
    October 29 11:38 PM
  • Hyperion1001 that underworld review has me intrigued ive honestly never tried to get into them.
    October 27 11:25 PM
  • Hyperion1001 lol very much same. but somehow it all comes back.
    October 27 03:15 AM
  • Hyperion1001 hello friend. how's it going?
    October 26 10:21 PM
  • Pikazilla No.
    October 26 12:05 AM
  • AnimalsAsSummit i like the moments of jungle but tbh 1.5 or a light 2 out of 5. just not an atmosphere i could grip onto.
    October 19 03:53 AM
  • Ryus groovy. i liked the dnb breakdowns like the man below me :D
    October 17 11:19 PM
  • Avagantamos nice! that was pretty trippy. was not expecting it to turn into a dnb tune
    October 17 02:36 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell feedin bak hold up
    October 15 11:20 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell big if tru
    October 15 10:19 AM
  • Trifolium cool stuuufffffff!
    October 12 01:36 PM
  • SandwichBubble Added two bands. The similar bands that were already there seemed fine to me though (I'm assuming they were your additions).
    October 12 02:04 AM
  • dedex thrash metal?! bleh
    October 9 10:08 AM
  • dedex now idk what to do :[
    October 9 09:52 AM

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