Thursday, August 6th

Nug release another new song 0 replies

Ukranian progressive/post metal outfit Nug release new single 'Shores / Береги'. The track will be part of their forthcoming debut record 'Alter Ego' which will be released by Willowtip Records on August 14th.

You can listen to their new single right here:

You can pre-order the record right here: &

Red Fang release new track 1 replies

Stoner rock/metal outfit Red Fang released their first new song through Relapse Records. Originally, the track "Stereo Nucleosis" was part of the 'Adult Swim Single Series'.

You can check the track here:

You can check the track on Bandcamp here:

Expander release new single 0 replies

Timezapped neuropunk outfit Expander have released another single, titled "Cryptosteal", which will be part of their forthcoming release, Neuropunk Boostergang, set to release on August 21st on Profound Lore Records.

You can listen to their new single here:

You can pre-order the record right here:

Venomous Concept share single 0 replies

Hardcore/Grind collective Venomous Concept have released "Simian Flu", another single from their forthcoming release Politics Versus The Erection, slated for an August 28th release.

You can find the single, as released by the band's label, Season of Mist, here:

You can also pre-order the record right here:

New Days Between Stations LP 3 replies

Two-man progressive rock outfit Days Between Stations, comprised of Oscar Fuentes-Bills on keyboards and Sepand Samzadeh on guitars, will be joined by Billy Sherwood, Durga McBroom Colin Moulding and Inid Abiza for the band's third release, and their first release in 7 years. Their new record, Giants, will be released on September 21th.

Guitarist Sepand Samzadeh said the following regarding their new release:

“’GIANTS’ really brings the band through areas that we have not ventured before. Billy took more of a producer role, Oscar and I lean back a bit and absorb the ride from the master… There aren't as many instrumental or atmospheric pieces in ‘GIANTS,’ yet there are a great deal more solos and faster solos, more aggressive changes, it has a live jam band vibe and sonically it is unabashed and raw. It is designed to sound as us as a band, stripped to four players.”

To see the band's full statement, as well as the aforementio ...more

Rotting Christ on PS4 12 replies

Greek black metallers Rotting Christ have announced their collaboration with the creators of the PS4 game Mortal Shell, who featured the band's music in the official trailer. The game is set for world wise release on August 18th, 2020.

Watch Mortal Shell's trailer, featuring Roting Christ's 'Χ Ξ Σ (666)', below.

Frontman Sakis comments: "Dear friends, we are proud to announce our collaboration with the PS4 video game creators of 'Mortal Shell'! Our track 'ΧΞΣ (666)' is being used in the official game trailer. In the meantime, we are working hard on new songs for the new upcoming Rotting Christ album and we are preparing our live appearance at the European Metal Festival Alliance this weekend. Stay tuned and look forward to meeting you in the real world soon. NON SERVIAM!"

It's not Rotting Christ's first encounter wi ...more

New Fish Single 3 replies

The progressive rock/art rock project Fish (a solo-project headed by ex-Marillion frontman Derek William Dick), released a new single for his up-and-coming release, ‘Weltschmerz’, an 84-minute long, double album set to release September 25, 2020. The latest single for the record, ‘Garden Of Remembrance’, was released on the 24th of July, this year. Speaking of the single, the official Fish YouTube channel offered the following statement in relation to the release of the new track and the above mentioned up-and-coming studio release:

“The new single is taken from the brand new double album Weltschmerz, marking Fish’s eleventh – and final – studio recording. It is an extraordinary piece of work that brings down the curtain on this phase of the Scotsman’s successful career.”

“But whilst Weltschmerz emits a certain air of finality and closure, it is not a depressing record. Besides bringing us Fish’s finest set of lyrics to date, Welts ...more

New Ozric Tentacles track 6 replies

Long-standing instrumental space-rock outfit Ozric Tentacles released a new track, titled 'Humboldt Currant', which will be part of their new release Space for the Earth, which will be released on October 9th. In relation to the release of their new single, Ozric Tentacles' label (Kscope) released the following statement:

"We are excited to announce the Summer Solstice release of 'Humboldt Currant', the new single from the forthcoming Ozric Tentacles album ‘Space for the Earth’. An activation portal into blissed out otherworldly dimensions, the sound of waves crashing on the shore give way to swirling synths underneath a fractal sky. Recorded while shimmering into nature, the track gently glides through percussive landscapes accented by a driving, hypnotic bass groove and uplifting guitar chords that prepare you for launch into the stratosphere."

You can listen to the aforementioned single here:

Solstafir premiere 'Akkeri' 6 replies

At 3pm (GMT) Iceland post rock outfit Sólstafir will be premiering the brand new track 'Akkeri', taken from their upcoming album Twilight of Codependent Love, scheduled to be released on November 6th, via Season of Mist. The album was recorded at the Sundlaugin Studio (Iceland) by producer Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Rós, Alcest, Damien Rice).

Stream 'Akkeri' below. Vocalist Aðalbjörn Tryggvason will be present in the chat to answer any questions.

Video by Aimed and Framed

Cover artwork by Johann Baptist Zwecker (The Lady of the Mountain, 1864).
Painted in watercolor by Johann Baptist Zwecker in 1864, The Lady of the Mountain is the female personification of Iceland. It was first published in a book of Icelandic folk tales but was never shown in public. A black and white woodblock replica by the artist is what Icelanders have k ...more

Gojira Release New Single 27 replies

French modern progressive-metal band Gojira releases their first new material in roughly four years. The outfit had already hinted on Instagram and during several interviews that they were in the process of creating and releasing new material and with the release of this new single that moment has finally come.

See the music video for their new track 'Another World' here:

New Bunny The Bear Song/Album 7 replies

Buffalo electronicore act The Bunny The Bear have released a new song "Futures" on newly formed indie label Ghost Killer Entertainment. While it has yet to be commented on through the band or their label's social media pages, a new album titled Afterglow is currently available for pre-order and is set for release on October 9th.

You can listen to "Futures" below:

Gorgatron release 'Pathogenic Automation' 0 replies

North Dakota's death metal/grind unit Gorgatron has unveiled a new lyric video for 'Pathogenic Automation', the title track off the band's imminent new full-length, out August 28th with worldwide digital distribution by Blood Blast, a new service powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Music.

Stream 'Pathogenic Automation' lyric video below.

Vocalist Karl Schmidt comments: "Whenever I write lyrics, I focus on the rhythmic aspect first and then try to fit a theme into what I'm doing. 'Pathogenic Automation' is no exception. There are usually multiple meanings to the words that end up being lyrics. The title track is about a disease that spreads quickly from host to host that turns biological beings into fully mechanized robots with a desire to slaughter. I also threw in a story about a mad scientist who starts all of this. This would make a terr ...more

Tuesday, August 4th

Dead To Fall are Coming To Help 3 replies

Illinois based metalcore band Dead To Fall are aiding the '00s metalcore revival by dropping their first new song in 12 years called "No One Is Coming To Help". The song and more information can be found below.

Cult of Lilith drop 'Purple Tide' 3 replies

Icelandic extreme metallers Cult of Lilith dropped the video for 'Purple Tide', the second single from their upcoming debut album Mara, scheduled to be released on September 4th, via Metal Blade Records.

Stream 'Purple Tide' official video below.

Director: Dániel Puskás - Valhallartworks

Band comments: "Purple Tide is a hymn to justice. One that brings balance to our kind, gives rest to the afflicted, empowers them and beheads the tyrants. When justice fails, hope fades away in our hearts and leaves nothing but a thirst for vengeance. May all rapists meet the same fate as the wretched sailors in this video"

Mara tracklist:

1. Cosmic Maelstrom
2. Purple Tide
3. Enter the Mancubus
4. Atlas
5. Comatose
6. Profeta Paloma
7. Zángano
8. Le soupir d ...more

Primitive Man unveil 'Entity' 20 replies

Denver's extreme metallers Primitive Man are streaming the video for 'Entity', the third new track taken from their upcoming album Immersion, out August 14th via Relapse Records. The album was recorded by Ben Romsdahl aka Juggernaut Audio, mixed & Mastered by Arthur Rizk.

Stream 'Entity' official music video below.

Directed by Neil C. Barrett

Featuring Zoei Huntsman, George Trujillo
Makeup and Practical FX: Rolando Rodriguez
Director of Photography: Brandon Blair
Concept and Story by Ethan McCarthy
Produced by Relapse Records and Show & Tell Media


01. The Lifer
02. Entity
03. Menacing
04. ∞
05. Foul
06. Consumption

Pre-order Immersion here:

Anaal Nathrakh share new track 23 replies

British extreme metallers Anaal Nathrakh are sharing the title track of their upcoming eleventh album Endarkenment, scheduled to be released on October 2nd, via Metal Blade Records.

Stream the new track on the band's Bandcamp:

At 5 pm (GMT) the video will also be available on Metal Blade's YouTube channel. You can stream it below.

Directed and Edited : David Brodsky for MyGoodEye

Multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney comments: "There has been, and continues to be, increasingly widespread rejection of Enlightenment-style values such as rationalism, skepticism, the rejection of faith in favour of judgements dependent on empirically verifiable phenomena and so on. There are local versions in many places, but in our native UK, this was summed up by politician/sinister ...more

Monday, August 3rd

Incantation unleash 3rd single 4 replies

Death metal legends Incantation are streaming the official music video for 'Entrails of the Hag Queen', the third single taken from their upcoming album Sect of Vile Divinities, out August 21st via Relapse Records.

Stream 'Entrails of the Hag Queen' official music video below.

Directed by Nader Sadek

Sect of Vile Divinities tracklist:

1. Ritual Impurity (Seven of the Sky is One)
2. Propitiation
3. Entrails of the Hag Queen
4. Guardians from the Primeval
5. Black Fathom’s Fire
6. Ignis Fatuus
7. Chant of Formless Dread
8. Shadow-Blade Masters of Tempest and Maelstrom
9. Scribes of the Stygian
10. Unborn Ambrosia
11. Fury’s Manifesto
12. Siege Hive

Dig ...more

Iranian metal band arrested 69 replies

According to Metal Injection, Iranian death metal band Arsames was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly being a satanic band, which goes against the ideology of the Islamic government.

Metal Injection learned that after being arrested the band members paid bail and are now free pending trial.

Read the full article below.

You can follow the band through:

You can also stream the title track of their 2010 album Immortal Identity below.

Sunday, August 2nd

New Album from Court Order 3 replies

Brooklyn based metal/hardcore hybrid Court Order will release their anticipated self-titled release on August 7th, 2020. Ace, drummer for band had this to say of the album "this release is a culmination of our time together as a band. We finally had the chance to get all of us in a room for three days to develop the ideas we'd spent a year crafting on the road and in the practice space, and it definitely shows in the finished product."

The band released the first single "Future Machine" in April and a music video for their second single "Poor Excuse" in July. The album is available in multiple formats including limited edition cd/cassette, and 12" colored vinyl.

Saturday, August 1st

Exitium Sui tease new EP 0 replies

Just a few months after the release of Nuclear Sundown EP, German post/doom/black metal outfit Exitium Sui has aired a brand new track at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled "Into The Molten Jaws Of Death", the track is part of the band's upcoming EP The Sinister Business Of Selling Hope, which will be an independent release, effective on August 15.

You can check the new track right below:

Friday, July 31st

New Warganization Video 0 replies

Following previous two singles "Romera" & "Mazda 3," both of which were hip-hop-tinged, grimier affairs for the group, Warganization return to more electronic leanings with new single (& third from upcoming album Mazda Music) "Like a Nightmare", which premiered today on the group's YouTube channel.

Along with the video, the group announced plans to release an accompanying 4-track EP for the single, available in early August via the links in the video's description.

Pain of Salvation share 2nd single 13 replies

Swedish progressive rock/metal band Pain of Salvation are streaming 'Restless Boy', the second single from their forthcoming album Panther, out August 28th, 2020. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Daniel Gildenlöw with Daniel Bergstrand.

Stream 'Restless Boy' official video below.

Script and directing: Lars Ardarve and Daniel Gildenlöw | Filming and editing: Lars Ardarve

Daniel Gildenlöw comments: "We are happy and proud to present to you our newest video, for the song 'Restless Boy', our second single from the upcoming album Panther. Once again, we have worked together with the wonderful and skilful Lars Ardarve, and we had a great time, as always. It's so rewarding to work together with someone who you know so well since way back and with whom you share a similar mindset and creative drive, and we are all so happy wit ...more

Lik unleash 'Decay' 2 replies

Swedish death metallers Lik unleashed 'Decay', the first single from their upcoming third album Misanthropic Breed, out September 25th, via Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded in March/April 2020 in Stockholm and Uppsala. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lawrence Mackrory.

Stream 'Decay' official video below.

Video by Mathias Blom

Vocalist/guitarist Tomas Åkvik comments: "The title of the record is Misanthropic Breed, because it describes the world today and the generations that are emerging. In a way it's more applicable than ever with the quote 'It's every man for himself' being so suitable, and it's also a 'hidden' homage to both Dismember and Entombed."

Misanthropic Breed tracklist:

1. The Weird
2. Decay
3. Funeral Anthem
4. Corrosive Survival
5. Female Fatal t ...more

Motorpsycho announce new 2LP 7 replies

Norwegian progressive/psychedelic rock act, Motorpsycho will release a brand new double album entitled The All Is One on August 28 through Rune Grammofon/Stickman Records. The material was taken from two recording sessions that took place last year in France at Black Box Studios (with frequent collaborator, Reine Fiske participating as well) and Ocean Sound Studio, Norway in November (with Ola Kvernberg and Lars Horntveth). The cover art was done by Håkon Gullvåg, especially for the group this time.

Regarding the tracks, the band mentioned: "At the center of this album is a long 5 part piece featuring some of the most radical stuff we’ve done on record in a while, but if the prospect of a 42minute piece for ballet inspired by paintings, alchemy and the tarot seems too daunting, there is also a handful of losely related shorter songs to get into. For us this is obviously just different views and tangents of the one thing, but you will all make of it what you wil ...more

Mastodon share new track 40 replies

Atlanta metallers Mastodon are streaming the brand new track 'Fallen Torches' from their upcoming compilation Medium Rarities, out September 11th, 2020. The song features a guest appearance by Neurosis' Scott Kelly.

Stream 'Fallen Torches' below.

Band comments: "This classic MASTODON track was recorded in Atlanta in 2019, originally planned to be released in support of a European tour. The track was delayed so the band could focus on the release of 'Stairway To Nick John', a tribute to [MASTODON's] late, long time manager Nick John, with proceeds going to the Hirshberg Foundation for Pacreatic Cancer Research in his honor."

Medium Rarities tracklist:

01. Fallen Torches
02. A Commotion (FEIST cover)
03. Asleep In The Deep (instrumental)
04. Capillarian Crest (live)
05. A Spoon ...more

Raven release new song 1 replies

New wave of British heavy metal icons Raven are streaming 'Top Of The Mountain', the first single taken from their upcoming fourteenth album Metal City, out out September 18th, 2020, via Steamhammer. The full length was recorded at production Michael Wagener's studio in Nashville.

Stream 'Top Of The Mountain' official lyric video below.

Video created by Ingo Spörl | Live footage provided by Hardline Media


1. The Power 3:55
2. Top of the Mountain 3:36
3. Human Race 3:59
4. Metal City 3:27
5. Battlescarred 4:45
6. Cybertron 3:24
7. Motorheadin’ 2:42
8. Not So Easy 3:09
9. Break 3:39
10. When Worlds Collide 6:15


Thursday, July 30th

Four Stroke Baron announce LP 1 replies

Four Stroke Baron, described by Prosthetic Records as "new-wave" and "heavy progressive rock" (and self-described as a "pop band") have revealed two new covers, both with accompanying music videos.

The first, released on April 23rd, is a re-imagining of "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider, a Canadian rock band popular in the 80s.

The second, released on June 26th, puts a spin on Tones on Tail's "Burning Skies". Tones on Tail was a post-punk band active from 1982-1984.

Four Stroke Baron's upcoming album Monoqueen, which features "Lunatic Fringe" and "Burning Skies", will be "a collection of cover songs and re-recordings from their album, King Radi ...more

Moon Tooth play the Six of Swords 4 replies

Long Island proggers, Moon Tooth, have dropped the second single off their upcoming acoustic EP, Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections. The song is titled "Six of Swords" and is a new track that will join four acoustic renditions of songs from their sophomore album, Crux.

Violent Grief is set to drop on July 31st, 2020, and can be pre-ordered here:

Violent Grief: Acoustic Sessions tracklist:
1. Trust (Acoustic)
2. Awe At All Angles (Acoustic)
3. Six of Swords
4. Motionless in Sky (Acoustic)
5. Through Ash (Acoustic)

Obsidian Kingdom debut 'Meat Star' 4 replies

Barcelonian post-metal/experimental rockers Obsidian Kingdom are now premiering 'Meat Star', the first music video from their upcoming new album Meat Machine. Directed by Ferran Ureña (Vivir Rodando) and Eric Morales (Universal Music Group).

Meat Machine is scheduled to be released on September 25th via Season of Mist.

Stream 'Meat Star' official video below.

Band comments: "Reminiscent of the magical works of Alejandro Jodorowsky or Kenneth Anger, 'Meat Star' is a bizarre dream-like odyssey where symbols old and new walk hand in hand to convey a powerful message: the meaning of your existence will eventually find you, and the price will be some kind of death. 'Meat Star' is a song about accepting hardship and pain as a means of discovering your true purpose, and the transformation and sacrifices you must undergo once you've ...more


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