Friday, February 16th

High on Fire Are Burning Down 21 replies

Stoner metal veterans High on Fire have formally announced their follow-up to 2018's Electric Messiah, titled Cometh the Storm and have brought a new single "Burning Down" alongside the album announcement. The record arrives April 19th on MNRK Heavy and was produced by Kurt Ballou. Also featured on the album is the performance of new drummer Coady Willis, of Big Business and the Melvins fame.

"Burning Down"

Cometh the Storm tracklist:

01. Lambsbread (5:44)
02. Burning Down (6:12)
03. Trismegistus (5:36)
04. Cometh the Storm (6:11)
05. Karanlık Yol (instrumental) (3:46)
06. Sol’s Golden Curse (4:51)
07. The Beating (2:28)
08. Tough Guy (3:43)
09. Lighting Beard (3:33)
10. Hunting Shadows (5:40)
11. Darker Fleece (9:58)

Bandcam ...more

Sarcastic Obedience stream debut LP 8 replies

Hellenic death/thrash metal outfit Sarcastic Obedience, is streaming its debut album at the official Bandcamp location of compatriot label, Chaos and Hell Productions.

Titled Fading Faith, the long player was officially released on February 15.

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Microstoria 2xLP repress 2 replies

The German glitch duo Microstoria has remastered and re-released their first two albums Init Ding (1995) and _snd (1996) as a double LP. Made up of Markus Popp (Oval) and Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars), the group has collaborated with engineer Rashad Becker for the remaster, and produced new artwork for the two albums.

You can order the vinyl or stream the albums digitally on Popp's Bandcamp page:

Thursday, February 15th

Glassing Defaced 14 replies

Austin, TX Post-Metal/Blackened Hardcore outfit Glassing have released the pummeling first taste of their upcoming record From the Other Side of the Mirror, out April 26th on Pelagic Records, newly signed to the label as of last year.


From the Other Side of the Mirror tracklist:

01. Anything You Want (3:54)
02. Nothing Touches You (5:39)
03. Defacer (3:13)
04. Sallow (3:05)
05. Nominal Will (4:40)
06. Ritualist (5:29)
07. As My Heart Rots (2:52)
08. Circle Down (3:57)
09. The Kestrel Goes (5:37)
10. Wake (3:20)

Bandcamp pre-orders:

2024 Tour Info:

Wednesday, February 14th

Get Entwined with Metz 8 replies

Canadian noise rock outfit Metz have released two new singles ahead of their upcoming fifth LP, Up On Gravity Hill, out April 12 on Sup Pop Records. "99" is a take on the modern assault that is advertising and Entwined is a throwback to the punk bands of old.



Tuesday, February 13th

Pearl Jam and dark matter 36 replies

Pearl Jam are back with Dark Matter, due out on April 19. It was produced by Andrew Watt at Rick Rubin's Shangri-La studio in Malibu. The eponymous first single was released together with the LP announcement.

Regarding Dark Matter's sound, guitarist Mike McCready mentioned: "It's a lot heavier than you'd expect. There's the melody and energy of the first couple of records. Andrew pushed us to play as hard and melodic and thoughtful as we've done in a long time. I feel like Matt Cameron's drumming has elements of what he did in SOUNDGARDEN."

Listen to "Dark Matter" below:

A world tour was announced as well for this year. All the dates can be found here:

1. Sacred Of Fear
2. React, Respond
3. Wreckage
4. Dark Matter
5. Won’t T ...more

Monday, February 12th

R.I.P. Damo Suzuki (1950-2024) 28 replies

Japanese krautrock legend Damo Suzuki has passed away at the age of 74, following an extensive battle with colon cancer.

Suzuki was best known for his stint with Can, with whom he recorded three albums: Tago Mago (1971), Ege Bamyasi (1972), and Future Days (1973). These records are widely recognized as pioneering the krautrock genre, as well as being highly influential to future experimental rock acts. As the band’s frontman, Suzuki adopted a loose, often improvisational approach to his vocals and lyrics – fitting nicely with the other band members’ jazz and avant-garde backgrounds. The group’s music was incredibly eclectic, encompassing elements of funk, jazz, psychedelia, space rock, musique concrète, and much more.

Following his departure from Can in 1973, Suzuki became a Jehovah’s Witness and stopped making music altogether. However, he eventually left the denomination and returned to music in 1983 under the name “Damo Suzuki’s Network ...more

Sunday, February 11th

Yurei present the Oslo Hollender 3 replies

Featuring Norwegian native Bjeima (of Virus fame) on all instruments, avant-garde/blackened progressive rock/metal outfit Yurei, is streaming a new album at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Oslo Hollender, the band's fourth full-length to date is an independent publication since February 7.

You can listen to the entire release right below:

Saturday, February 10th

Coffin Storm hover over frozen moors 8 replies

Featuring members from Aura Noir and Darkthrone, Norwegian classic heavy/doom/thrash metal outfit Coffin Storm, has posted a brand new track at the official YouTube channel of Peaceville Records.

Titled "Over Frozen Moors", the track is part of the band's impending debut album Arcana Rising, due out in March 29.

You can listen to the track right below:

Etoile Filante is Poseidon 3 replies

The French cosmic black metal band Etoile Filante has recently released a new song "Fragments of Poseidonis", from their upcoming Mare Tranquillitatis record.

The album is set to be released on March 1st, 2024 by Northern Silence Productions.

My Dying Bride tease upcoming album 20 replies

English doom/death metal long runners My Dying Bride, have posted a new song at their official YouTube channel.

Titled "Thornwyck Hymn", the track is part of the band's new album A Mortal Binding, due out on April 19 through Nuclear Blast Records.

You can listen to the single right below:

Ulver's city in the skies 24 replies

Ulver released a second new single, called "A City in the Skies". No further information was announced yet regarding an upcoming album.
Listen to the song below:

Friday, February 9th

Act of Denial release new song 5 replies

International melodeath supergroup Act of Denial, have officially released a new song, entitled "Unbury the Hatchet." The song comes from the band's upcoming, and currently unnamed, 2nd studio album and is the newest song the group has written since their debut album Negative back in 2021. The song also features Fleshgod Apocalypse member Eugene Ryabchenko on the drums.

No new info has been posted on the upcoming album as of yet.

Listen here:

Thursday, February 8th

Kacey Musgraves' Deeper Well 12 replies

Kacey Musgraves has released the title track for "Deeper Well" ahead of its March 15th release date.

Full tracklist:

"Deeper Well"
"Too Good to be True"
"Moving Out"
"Giver / Taker"
"Dinner With Friends"
"Heart of the Woods"
"Jade Green"
"The Architect"
"Lonely Millionaire"
"Heaven Is"
"Anime Eyes"
"Nothing to Be Scared Of"

Wednesday, February 7th

Suldusk are crystalline 10 replies

Australian Neo/dark folk black metal band Suldusk have released their 2nd single for their upcoming album Anthesis which releases March 1st after signing to Napalm r-Records. The band is also opening for fellow label friends Katatonia at their Melbourne show.

Kanye Talks Once Again 52 replies

Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign have released a video for "Talking/Once Again" featuring North West ahead of their supposed February 9th release date for Vultures Vol. 1

Toby Keith dead at 62 150 replies

Country music star Toby Keith has passed away at the age of 62 following a battle with stomach cancer. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2021. Keith released nineteen studio albums and was known for hits such as "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue", "Should've Been a Cowboy" and "Red Solo Cup."

Tuesday, February 6th

Necrot are back 18 replies

Oakland death metal troupe Necrot have returned, announcing their third studio album Lifeless Birth, due out on April 12.

Stream the first track, “Cut the Cord”, on Bandcamp now:

Monday, February 5th

Kerry King has no idle hands 54 replies

Of Slayer fame, Los Angeles native Kerry King, has posted a new song at his official YouTube channel.

Titled "Idle Hands", the track is part of his upcoming solo album From Hell I Rise, due out on May 17 through Reigning Phoenix Music.

The lineup of King's solo project is comprised of drummer Paul Bostaph, bassist Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah), guitarist Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head), and vocalist Mark Osegueda, of Death Angel Fame.

You can listen to the single, right below.

New Taylor Swift Album 115 replies

Taylor Swift used her latest Grammy win as an opportunity to announce her new album/government agency, The Tortured Poets Department, coming April 19th.

Saturday, February 3rd

Night Fever (DK) stream Dead End 0 replies

Danish punk/hardcore outfit Night Fever, is streaming a new album at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Dead End, the band's first full-length in ten years, was officially released on February 2, through Svart Records.

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Friday, February 2nd

The Return of Hamferd 3 replies

Faroese Death/Doom metal band Hamferd have just released Ábær, the lead single from their upcoming album ‘Men Guðs Hond Er Sterk’ due for release on March 22nd this year.

This is their first album in just over 6 years. Lyrically the album deals with a local whaling disaster where 14 men died while driving whales to the shore at the village of Sandvik in 1915, which was witnessed by the locals at the seaside.
The new track can be heard below

Dealer's New Order of Mind 10 replies

Dealer, the Australian kings of so called nu-metalcore or 'pisscore' (thanks Reddit) have returned to the fray with a new track titled "Red Teeth", released as the first single for the upcoming debut LP New Order of Mind, coming May 10th.

This follows several years of controversy surrounding vocalist Aidan Holmes, former vocalist of Alpha Wolf. Holmes was kicked out in 2018 following allegations of abuse, while all members of Dealer sans Holmes left the band in 2020 citing similar reasons.

Music video link:

Thursday, February 1st

Erra long for a Cure 47 replies

Erra have released the title track off their upcoming album, Cure, releasing April 5th. Their previously released single, "Pale Iris", will also appear on the album.

Wednesday, January 31st

Oceans Ate Alaska are Hollow 34 replies

Oceans Ate Alaska have returned with their first offering since 2022's Disparity. The band has also announced they have once again parted ways with vocalist James Harrison, who rejoined the band in 2020 after leaving in 2016 as well as the departure of their lead guitarist Adam Zytkiewicz. Replacing Harrison on vocals is Joel Heywood, vocalist of UK Metalcore band Spitting Teeth.

James Harrison has also released a lengthy statement on Instagram, stating "Rejoining Oceans Ate Alaska was a mistake" and alleged that the band had a toxic culture of in-groups, homophobia, sexism and immature behavior. These claims were backed in the comments by other former vocalist for OAA Jake Noakes.

OAA did not comment on these allegations directly but stated "Despite what some people may think, we have nothing but love for James and Adam! We wish them both happiness, health and good luck in their future endeavours. We will always appreciate all of the hard w ...more

Pet Shop Boys talk loneliness 4 replies

English electro/pop veterans Pet Shop Boys have posted a video for a new song at their official YouTube channel.

Titled "Loneliness", the track is part of the duo's upcoming album Nonetheless, due out on April 26 through Pet Shop Boys' own x2 imprint, and Parlophone Records.

You can check the video right below:

Tuesday, January 30th

Mammal to fill your piggy bank 3 replies

Australia's own funk-infused punk band Mammal have returned after a 10 year absence.

Their new 12-track album The Penny Drop will drop March 6th.

Track listing:
1. Moscow
2. The Penny Drop
3. Keanu Reeves
4. Slings and Arrows
5. Hit Me
6. Doubt
7. Agree to Disagree
8. Bottom End (feat. Fresh Violet)
9. Live, Bold and Dangerous
10. Maybe
11. Make It Count
12. Five Days

Stream the title track below:

Sunday, January 28th

Reign tread on foul territory 2 replies

Chicago IL tech groove/thrash metal outfit Reign, is streaming a new EP at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled Foul Territory, the outfit's most recent handful of songs, was independently released on January 21.

You can listen to the entire release, right below:

Saturday, January 27th

Castle Rat tease first album 2 replies

Brooklyn NY doom rock outfit Castle Rat, is streaming two songs at its official Bandcamp location.

Titled "Dagger Dagger" and "Feed the Dream", both cuts are part of the band's upcoming album Into the Realm, due out on April 12 through Wise Blood Records.

Both cuts are available, right below:
Dagger Dagger -

Feed the Dream -

M.U.T.T. get dirty 1 replies

After laying down the hard-rock, Iggy Pop-tinged-punk groundwork in 2022 with their debut album Bad to the Bone, San Francisco punkers M.U.T.T. are set to return to the fold in February with a brand new EP, titled Dirty Deeds. This 5-track EP sees the band returning to the foundation of their previous labours, but Dirty Deeds is guaranteed to deliver a much more expansive, eclectic, and well-rounded sound that is sure to broaden the band's horizons in the future.

Dirty Deeds is set for release 23rd February.

You can listen to the latest single, "SF is Killin Me", below:

You can digitally pre-order or pre-save the EP here:


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