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What A Rip!

A lack of originality, creativity and respect should be punishable by repeat viewings of Hayden Christensen's scenes in the Star Wars prequels, not including any action scenes or NOTREALLYASPOILER! the Darth Vader scenes.
1Johnny Christ

Johnny, bassist of Avenged Sevenfold, has nothing on Danzig's first guitarist, John Christ. Nothing. All the tattoos, hair styles and poses in the world couldn't bring Johnny up to the level of no frills, bad ass, shredtastic John. Very few can handle the ego of Glenn Danzig, yet John hung around for four albums, suggesting incredible tolerance from my man. Heck, John even managed to work on a very popular variety show in Australia called "Hey Hey it's Saturday" - ultra respect to him. So Johnny can take his extra ny and stick it, because there's only room for one Mr J. Christ.
2Dr. Manhattan

Yaknow, the Watchmen film adaptation is coming out soon. As the movie gets closer and during its run, fans will start researching the film, it's characters, it's history, etc. Either via google or wikipedia, the American rock band named Dr. Manhattan will be receiving so much attention at this time, just for having the same freaking name as the character. Bloody hell, every time I re-read the graphic novel now, I have to live with the memory that some band is named after him. As if the Watchmen character wasn't iconic enough, we need another establishment feeding on the same identity.
3Gnarls Barkly

sounds awfully similar to the Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. Similar indeed. So "The Mound of Rebound" was and still is a popular figure - he was a remarkable competitor, a controversial figure and quite hilarious where ever he goes. Such a person becomes an icon and icons are unique, so when Gnarls Barkly happens to sound familiar with Charles Barkley, the suspicion that the music group may be feeding off an icon's name grates me. Thankfully though, their music compensates for my consuming anger.
4The Mr. T Experience

Oh man. This is just textbook wrong. First, the punk rock band have an iconic icon in their band name and secondly, they cap it off with "Experience". Excuse me while I snort in disgust.
5Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

If Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was an original name, I'd be impressed. It's not though, taken from the classic Marlon Brando film, "The Wild One". You've probably all seen the image of Marlon Brando, decked out in leather gear, biker cap on head, mounted on his 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 6T. Here was the original rebel. While this isn't the worst case of feeding off a popular item, the association between the unimportant band and the legendary film star's movie kills me.
6Faster Pussycat

I just discovered this band a few seconds ago and it's making me sigh heavily (sigh). Darn leeches.
7Veruca Salt

Cult, cult, cult, cult, cult. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is a cult classic. Roald Dahl's original story was a good read as a child. You can not take a cult character from a cult story and make it your band name. It is immoral, unethical and generally not cool. This all reminds me of the fish called the remora, which has a sucker-like organ that it uses to hitch a ride on larger marine animals. While it may not be damaging to the larger animal, it would be annoying to see this ugly fish using you, heck, even associating with you.
8Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, born Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, is an American blues musician. Another Taj Mahal also exists, a rapper with the group, The Senate. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan would be pissing his pants in anger at the thought that the mausoleum he built in memory of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, has a name shared with two musicians! 12 years later and 32 million rupees (equivalent to a trillion dollars today) invested, and the emperor can't even have a unique name for his mausoleum. There is no justice I tell you!

Let it be known that the rapper Scarface has no scar on his face. I think this is hugely offensive to those who have scars on their faces and yet may be bullied for copying the rapper's stage name. My memory is shaky, but something tells me that Scarface has been used in history and the media before.
10Sebastian Bach

Another google exploiter, Sebastian Bach is feeding off Baroque music legend Johann Sebastian Bach (credit to Sebastian Bach's marketing intelligence for choosing such a stage name just as google was kicking off). Google "Sebastian Bach", and you'll see that Johann Sebastian Bach comes in at the bottom of the page. Thus, if we are to look for the classical musician, we are required to add a further "Johann". Thus, Sebastian is also attempting to eliminate Johann Sebastian fans by forcing them to expend more energy.
11A Wilhelm Scream

If you're a fan of easter eggs in media, you'll no doubt know about the Wilhelm Scream. For the uninformed, the Wilhelm Scream is a commonly used sound effect (a rather goofy scream), often featured in movies, television shows and video games. Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt started the practice when he inserted it into the series as well as the Indiana Jones series. If you check out youtube, there are whole compilations and documentaries inspecting the sound. Once you find out what the Wilhelm Scream is, you instantly join the club. Whenever it pops up again, you'll think: "Hey, it's the Wilhelm Scream!".
So when another relatively unimportant punk band takes the name of one of the world's coolest easter eggs, taking a relatively unknown secret and projects it all over the place, that gets my blood boiling. Plus, there's the Star Wars and Indy connection, which means the band are leeching even further. Why don't they just call themselves "Darth Vader" already, or perhaps even "Yoda" (Oh bugger, tells me "Yoda" is the name of an artist). Now, every time I seek out Wilhelm Screams I have to deal with this leech of a band sharing the same youtube search results, or google results. Hopefully, everything will correct itself in time and the band will die a horrible death ("Aaaaa-AAAAAA-aaaah!").
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