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Bedex's 2019 Retrospective

Amidst all the EOTY/EOTD lists, here is an out-of-place glimpse of what my musical taste looked like in 2019. This isn’t a list of 2019 albums, just a list of what I enjoyed and discovered this year. The goal is to post a similar list every year to better keep track of my musical evolution. I am leaving out albums that I heard once and rated highly but then never went back to, the idea is to picture what I actually jammed and enjoyed on a consistent basis. Volume wise, 2019 was much better than 2018, but still far from some of my past heights. ~500 soundoffs is not huge but not too bad I guess. The year saw me change the way I listen to music a fair bit, starting to almost exclusively do discog runs instead of sporadic albums starting in the mid-year, and pushing to explore specific genres in-depth with my binge lists. Thus this year I listened to little music I already knew, and to a lot of music I didn’t like, but that’s part of the discovery process hey. Rating on sputnik again was a good motivator to try and discover new stuff. Genre wise, I’ve reinforced my taste for gritty drone a fair bit, and have explored more pop-related things than before, especially in the last third of the year. Less jazz and hip-hop than usual but not because of shifting taste – I really want to get back to those genres. The genre that did fall massively for me this year was math-rock, similarly to how my daily post-rock intake dropped significantly after a couple years back in the days. Still jam some from time to time obviously. As always, recs are welcome my sputbros
60Unknown Error
The Yearning / Midnight Special

I really don’t listen to enough electronica these days, but this is a banger. Superb DnB, just jam it will ya
59I Hate Models
Midnight Cults

Not a discovery but properly explored this guy’s discog beyond Warehouse Memories EP this year, and honestly I can’t say I’m incredibly impressed – but this one is pretty effing cool
All Killer No Filler

Yup few electronica albums made the cut, but this is varied and really fun
The Invisible Mountain

This year’s award of album that once again proved that you should not give up on an album based on the first couple tracks is this bad boy with its absolutely gorgeous closer but somewhat disappointing first half
56Chippr Jones
Tropics / COSM

Pretty much my only notable math-rock discovery this year, everything else I jammed felt pretty forgettable but this is really cool. LP when?
55Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 5 in C sharp minor

I am really behind on my classical homework (I’ll probably say something like this for every single genre), but this was my classical discog run of the year. Took me a good while hey. Tahnks to my potato friend 50il for all his good advice on navigating Mahler
54The Newfound Interest in Connecticut
Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home

Completely random find initially from a track on youtube, but glad I looked into it further. Lovely post-rocky emo that I rejam quite often when walking about
53Patrick Watson
Je Te Laisserai Des Mots

Welcome to the Sowingcore section of this list. For starters, a sublime track that I jammed a lot this year and that is irritatingly not on any of his full lengths as far as I can tell
52The Jezabels

Oh yes this is sublime, bound to become one of my top tier bands I think
Hollow Ponds

Really sweet too, albeit not as marking as the above two
The Years

Budgie’s ubiquitous memoryhouse spam finally paid off with me, and I’m glad it did because this is really nice dream pop
49Old Sorcery
Realms of Magickal Sorrow

Partly owing to my good pal garas’ impulse, I have given dungeon synth a closer ear this year, and this is one of my favourites. Don’t crucify me garas, I know there’s loads more to discover
Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest

Smooth transition from the dungeon synth section of this list to the bm section, and honestly one of my fav bm jams this year.
Undir Skyggðarhaldi

Also an absolute dig with this super brutal, riff-heavy brand of bm. I didn’t really click with the vocals but this was incredibly sweet nonetheless
46Downfall of Nur
Umbras de Barbagia

Please give this more attention people? Really cool bm with ear-piercing shrieks and sparse use of ‘traditional' folk instruments that gives ancient mysterious vibes to the music, as if it were a lost beacon from an extinct civilization.
45Gnaw Their Tongues
L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante

Knew this by name for years but first time I gave it a proper listen I think? Bleakest album I discovered this year, hands down
44Paysage d'Hiver
Paysage d'Hiver

Not a discovery but went through his discog, and this time I completely clicked. Winterkaelte is my fav album, but Welt Aus Eis is now such an emblematic track in my bm repertoire that the self-titled feels like a more appropriate choice.
Spiritual Instinct

I guess this belongs in the black metal section? Revisited their discog and dug their last one – Alcest needed a spot on this list.
Leaves Turn Inside You

Have known this for years, but this is the album that felt closest to a 5 this year and it felt like it belongs on the list. I have to say the competition isn’t super fair since I am doing this whole 5 review thing
41Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas

Also a good old fav band of mine, but this year I caught up on their discography including Mariner (switfly reached absolute top tier in my book), as well as more obscure side EPs and splits, saw them live again and obviously heard their latest album, so they’ve been an important part of my year.
40Cult of Luna
Cult of Luna (EP)

I know it’s kind of cheating but technically this is a different db artist. This is just to tell people to check this out if they’re into earlier The Beyond-era CoL
39Breag Naofa
Breag Naofa

It’s been a post-metal heavy year for me, and this is one of my favourite somewhat niche discoveries. Cooking up a review for this because it is really not getting the attention it deserves
What One Becomes

The other massive post-metal discovery this year. Finally jammed those guys and I dug this brutal crass headbang of an album like crazy. Feels underrated a bit?
37Brutus (BE)

Don’t really know where to put those guys, but since they happened to be the opening act for CoL (amazing!) I guess they belong in this area of the list. Female singer/drummer fronted post-hardcore-ish band from my homeland? I dig.
36Demolition Hammer
Necrology (Demo)

Made me want to start my thrash binge, and my binge lists in general. So effing cool. The thrash binge hasn’t been super fruitful so far, but I am still attached to this album for starting it all off.
Slaughter in the Vatican

The binge hasn’t been super fruitful yes, but this is the one good find beside Demolition Hammer. Riffsriffsriffs
34Denzel Curry

For various reasons I listened to a whole lot less hip-hop this year compared to any time before – both with old friends (which I am taking a break from for my 5’s review) and new discoveries. Denzel’s one of the few English language artists to have made the cut with a discog run. Although I knew several of his track from before, there’s a lot I was missing out on. Lots of digs, but I am waiting for his magnum opus still.
33Billy Woods, Kenny Segal
Hiding Places

Despite my not so high rating I come back to this a lot, probably more than to Denzel actually. Really like how bleak it is. Glad to see hip-hop evolving and not stagnating

Probably the last English-language hip-hop related discovery on this list already. I don’t come back to it often but I dug it a fair bit.
31Alpha Wann
Une Main Lave l'Autre

Partly owing to my dexbro’s input I’ve tried to vaguely catch-up on French rap which feels like it exploded in the 2010’s. This is a sweet one
30Nepal (FR)
444 Nuits

The first half of this is sublime, and probably one of my best French rap records period. Shame that the second half is there to spoil the perfection, but at least it doesn’t ruin the party either.
29Freeze Corleone
Projet Blue Beam

Fairly inconsistent, and you’d probably be better off jamming the two albums above if you want to discover FR rap, but this marked my end of November/early December for some reason.

Obviously not a discovery and to be fair I actually haven’t listened to a single one of his albums in whole this year, but I just jammed some of his tracks fairly often. Suited the US mood hey.
Temps Mort

Same as Drake, literally here just for Ma Définition and Lunatic’s Pas de Temps Pour les Regrets which I jammed a tonne this year for some reason.

This was a good year for skramz [1]
25State Faults

This was a good year for skramz [2]
24Viva Belgrado

This was a good year for skramz [3]
Well it’s from 2016 but you should check it out
23Immortal Onion
Ocelot of Salvation

As I said, also listened to a whole lot less jazz than I would’ve liked, and practically just modern day stuff. This is one of the few that made the cut, basically Gogo Penguin but from Poland
22Ghost Park
物の怪 (Mononoke)

No clue how to tag this but it was a really fun jam

Jammed this a bunch while working for some reason, the one reggae discovery of the year I guess (don’t worry folks, there’s a reggae binge list that will shortly fix my illiteracy in the genre)
20Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

While she obviously isn’t a 2019 discovery, her discog run started off my mainstream binge list, and I jammed her songs a surprising amount this year. Really glad she made me go back to more pop music.
Laundry Service

The list wouldn’t feel right without some Shakira given how much I’ve been jamming a select few of her tracks. Can’t say I found any of her albums amazing but I’m glad I was able to discover or rediscover those few tracks. Rihanna’s Anti was kinda good too but I don’t think I’ll be going back to it as much as I do with this
18Ximena Sarinana
Donde Bailaran las Ninas

I didn’t really dig the album, but I jammed Que Tiene all the time this year and the list just wouldn’t feel complete without it. Marks the continuation of my 2018 move towards a lot of latino music, but I can’t put Natalia Lafourcade on here because I genuinely listened to her the exact same amount as in 2018.
17Anderson .Paak

Not a discovery at all, still have to catch up on his discog, but like the above the list just wouldn’t feel right without it because I jammed Malibu so much
16Stan Getz

Same comment as above but with a different album title
15Danny Ocean

Continuing the latino theme, I was genuinely surprised at how consistent an album this was. Didn’t expect reggaeton as a genre to deliver something like this – I stand corrected
14Holding Absence
Holding Absence

Yet another album that’s not that solid, but I jammed Perish about a million times (for inspiration)
October Language

Ah here it is, the inevitable drone/noise section of any good Bedex list. This is sublime and probably my favourite finding from my drone binge so far.
Elegy for the Victors

Sublime [2]

Sublime [3]
False Horizon

Not quite sublime but gritty and aggressive in a way my ears love to be tickled in.
9Controlled Bleeding
Distress Signals

Kind of jammed this randomly while reading A Clockwork Orange, and it suddenly became the first pure harsh noise album that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have to say I’m still baffled at that fact.
Frozen Niagara Falls

Another name I’ve known for years but only checked out recently, to continue on the noisy theme. Unbelievably entertaining and not annoying for an album this noisy and this long
Hell Songs

One of my first discog runs early in the year, and while I still need to revisit the latest one which I didn’t click with hugely, Hell Songs was a fantastic TDEP craziness fix. Gutted I haven't seen them live yet
6Erika de Casier

Yet another part of my going into softer, poppier music this year. Sublime dreamy RnB that I only recently discovered but am pretty sure I’ll jam a lot in the future.
5Sea Oleena

Discovered around the same time as Grouper, vaguely similar but in a less droney, folkier fashion, good stuff
4Georgie Sweet

My favourite random Bandcamp discovery this year, and one I jammed all the time. Incredibly pumped to see if she can deliver material this solid on a full-length next year.
3Y La Bamba

My second favourite random Bandcamp discovery, and one sort of continuing the theme of latino/Hispanic music a bit. Just a bizarre but lovely and diverse album that you should jam.

I absolutely love Bank’s evolution along the years, and I’m glad I have been following her outputs. Although I did not find the album that solid overall, I have a crush on its artistic direction and I am really hoping her next LP will be the magnum opus I know she can deliver. Jammed the first few tracks on this to no end
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

Undoubtedly my most marking discovery of the year. Grouper has very rapidly become a favourite artist of mine, and this album started it all. I absolutely love almost everything Liz has put out, including her numerous side projects, and of my 2019 discoveries she probably is the one I come back to most often.
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