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Spag's List of Obscure Albums Worth Jammin'

Greetings! I have decided to compile a list of a bunch of cool bands/albums (mostly metal and weird shit) I've been digging for the past few years that may not have the right amount attention they deserve. Note: some of these could be "semi obscure" as well. Note: Some of these have been on my other lists before. (Edited, 4/12/18)
Mirror of Vibrations

Melodic Black Metal from Egypt. This is one of the most fresh sounding BM albums of the 21st century. Highly recommended.
Der freiwillige Bettler

Atmospheric Black Metal from The Netherlands. The vocalist does some intense yodeling.
On Strange Loops

Technical Death Metal from the UK. Feels like you're in outer space, but with riffs.
Mellom Skogkledde Aaser

Folk/Black Metal from Norway. Short and sweet.
5Ereb Altor

Viking/Black Metal from Sweden. Highly recommended for Enslaved and Bathory fans.
6Dark Millennium
Ashore the Celestial Burden

Progressive Death Metal from Germany. Recommended for any fans of the genre really.
7Beyond Dawn
Pity Love

Gothic Doom from Norway If you're a miserable person like myself then check this asap!
8Aberrant Vascular

Avant Garde Metal from Finland. My most recent discovery.
9Sun Caged
Sun Caged

Progressive Metal from The Netherlands. Well executed at that.
Stream From The Heavens

Funeral Doom from Finland. Not entirely obscure but, extremely good. I wish most Funeral Doom albums would do what this does for me honestly. It's beautifully terrifying in a way.

Atmospheric Progressive Rock from the US. One of my all time favorite albums at that, not to mention having met the Tipton bros in person is a major plus. Extremely cool dudes.
12Ebony Lake
In Swathes of Brooding Light

Avant Garde Black Metal from the UK. Some of the most twisted, schizophrenic sounding music I have ever heard.
In the Garden of the Unearthly Delights

Atmospheric Death Metal from Greece. Extremely solid material here. Check it out if you dig old Septic Flesh.
14In The Woods...
Heart of the Ages

Atmospheric Black Metal from Norway. This ones a bit obvious because I'm a ITW fanboy. The awesomeness can't be explained with words sadly.
Tales of the Sands

Progressive Metal from Tunisia. Cheesy but gets the damn job done.

Avant Garde Metal from Hungary. Tamas Katai from Thy Catafalque was involved in this project. More than enough of a reason to check it out.
Resplendent Grotesque

Progressive Black Metal from Norway. Pretty straight-forward and fun stuff.
18Psychotic Waltz
A Social Grace

Progressive Metal from the US. Recommended if you dig Fates Warning and Watchtower.
A New World?

Avant Garde Experimental Metal from Norway, I fucking love this album. I have mentioned it many times but yes, if you love In The Woods like me then get this now!
With Vilest of Worms to Dwell

Symphonic Death Metal from Greece. Again, check it out if you dig stuff in the same style as modern Septic Flesh.
The Habit of Fire

Experimental Progressive Metal. This is Kekal's bridge. Where their Black Metal elements started fading and their experimental side really shined. Excellent album.
22Psychotropic Transcendental
Ax Libereld...

Progressive Metal from Poland. I just added this to database because it's really awesome. Some sections remind me of Tool. Also the release date is 2001, not 2016. I fucked it up and now it won't fix for me. I need your assistance mods!
23Lamented Souls
The Origins Of Misery

Doom Metal from Norway. An old demo compilation with ICS Vortex on vocals. Apparently they eventually have a full length planned. The wait is killing me.
24Midnight Odyssey
Funerals from the Astral Sphere

Atmospheric Black Metal from Australia. Completely beautiful atmospheric black metal at that. Listen to this one on a cold night to get a good experience.
Abstract Divinity

Progressive Death Metal from Portugal. A tad similar to Cynic and in my opinion, highly more enjoyable.
Bitter ist's dem Tod zu dienen

Folk / Melodic Black Metal from Austria. It's golden.
A Tragedy's Bitter End

Funeral Doom from Norway. A personal favorite.
Kai pilnaties akis uzmerks Mirtis

Experimental Folk / Black Metal. Fucking oddball and a half but very enjoyable. If you want something confusing to listen to look no further.
29Obsidian Gate
The Nightspectral Voyage

Symphonic Black Metal from Germany. These guys can write melodies is all I can say. This is a perfect example of how to do Symphonic Black Metal.
30Thy Catafalque
Roka Hasa Radio

Avant Garde Metal from Hungary. I'd say this a fine starting point for their discography, really unique stuff.
Immense, Intense, Suspense

Avant Garde Death Metal. One of the most incredible albums of the 90's. Try this if you like music in general.
How the World Came To An End

Experimental/Trip-Hop from Norway. Manes going further from metal as the years went on, the output is even better than expected.

Technical Doom Metal from the US. A highly fresh doom album from the 90's. Warning: Vocals can be a turn off depending on who you are.
34The 3rd and the Mortal
Painting on Glass

Avant Garde Rock from Norway. Not sure what to say on this one but it's fantastic.
35Limbonic Art
In Abhorrence Dementia

Symphonic Black Metal from Norway. Extremely ridiculous and insane, sounds like one big cheesy nightmare and I mean in that in a good way.
36Zero Hour
The Towers of Avarice

Progressive Metal from the US. Extremely dark and well written, one of my absolute favorites.
37Solstice (UK)
New Dark Age

Epic Doom from the UK. Lovely stuff for the Candlemassers.
38Void Of Silence
Human Antithesis

Funeral Doom from Italy. This is what I needed as of recent, I just want more Funeral Doom that doesn't bore me to bits.
39Lux Occulta
The Mother and the Enemy

Experimental Metal from Poland. A bit of a clusterfuck, first half is more extreme metal as the second half is more experimental.
The Epical Trilogy of Vorlaufen I: Night Master

Progressive Atmospheric Black Metal from China. Heavy on Arcturus influence here this is. Which is a damn good thing.
41Power of Omens
Eyes of the Oracle

Progressive Metal from the US. Extremely technical and emotional.
Plaintive Scenes

Atmospheric Doom Metal from Finland. Worth a solid listen.

Progressive Black Metal from Israel. One of my favorites from last year.
Scent of a Dream

Atmospheric Black/Death Metal. Has a intense atmosphere and solid songwriting on top of it, definitely check this if you dig Borknagar.
Das Schachbrett des Trommelbuben Zacharias

Avant Garde from Austria. Fancy sounding stuff.

Black Metal from Germany. The man behind The Ruins of Beverast is their drummer. All that needs to be said.

Atmospheric Post Metal from Sweden. Something to scratch my outer space itch.
The Xun Protectorate

Industrial Progressive Metal from Norway. Another favorite from last year. Funny how I like this more than Keep of Kalessin.
The Cube

Progressive Death Metal from France. Varied and experimental.
To Dimension Logic

Progressive Metal from Australia. See; Psychotic Waltz description.
51The Ruins Of Beverast

Black Metal from Germany. Self explanatory, decent amount of folks know of this project but I feel the need to post it regardless!

Death Metal from Sweden. Twisted and puzzling death metal,
53Hidden In The Fog

Progressive Black Metal from Germany. Sounding quite a bit like Emperor at times.
In Absentia Christi

Gothic Rock from Italy. Or rather Gothic Doom, fits in somewhat with stuff like that Beyond Dawn album.
55Carnival in Coal

Avant Garde Death Metal from France. One word, Degeneracy.

Folk Gothic Black Metal from Germany. Sorrow is the best way I can describe it. Songs themselves reminds me of the miserable material My Dying Bride release.
Will Of The Gods Is Great Power

Epic Doom Metal from Russia. This has become my favorite Doom album. I love it even more than Warning's Watching from a Distance now which says something.
58Green Carnation
Journey To The End Of The Night

Progressive Doom from Norway. Their best album in my opinion. Super underrated.
Wisdom Floats

Finnish Gothic Metal that is very very lush when it comes to atmosphere.

Progressive Metal from Norway. Like a Leprous knock off, but a damn fine one.
Dictius Te Necare

Depressive Black / Doom from Germany. Better than Silencer.
62Dark Suns

Progressive Metal from Germany. A exhausting but rewarding listen.

Progressive Darkwave from the US. This is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard.
64Ephel Duath

Experimental Post Black Metal from Italy. Recommended for Arcturus, Unexpect fans, all those weird bands.

Progressive Experimental Rock from Germany. Synth heavy and very enjoyable.
In Harmonia Universali

Avant Garde Metal from Norway. Top notch Avant Garde.
67Virgin Black
Sombre Romantic

Gothic Doom from Austria. Something I dig more than I thought I would honestly.
Einblick In Den Qualenfall

Atmospheric Black Metal from Germany. Has that ritualistic vibe with a la Urfaust and The Ruins of Beverast.
69Shadow Gallery
Digital Ghosts

Progressive Metal from the US. Great stuff.
A Mass of Despair

Black / Doom from France. One solid album and nothing more.
71Forgotten Silence

Progressive Death Metal from Czech Republic. With some eastern influence as well.
72Vediog Svaor
In The Distance

Psychedelic Black Metal from France. Strange strange strange stuff.
73ICS Vortex
Storm Seeker

Progressive Rock from Norway. Not something that gets much attention as a solo effort. I fucking love it however, highly enjoyable and completely honest for what it is. (If that makes sense.)

Progressive Metal from Poland. Often compared to Riverside for good reason.
The Contagion in Nine Steps

Experimental Doom, one of my contenders for AOTY.
76Xerxes (CH)
Beyond My Imagination

Progressive Rock from Switzerland. Worth a look if you like progressive rock in general.
Grey Universe

Doom from Spain, absolutely top tier stuff. Drenched with emotion and power.
Burn the Sun

Progressive Rock from Norway. So can Jorn Lande sing or what?
Cosmic Genesis

Folk / Black Metal from Sweden. Mr. V's well established solo career.

Progressive Metal from Norway. Roy Khan's old band basically if you want something besides Kamelot.
81Abnormal Thought Patterns
Altered States of Consciousness

Instrumental from the US. Another Tipton bros project, only recommended if you're into bands like Animals as Leaders and whatnot.
Prominence and Demise

Avant Garde Metal from Norway. Despite some muddy production the album is crafted well for the genre. Also having Hellhammer on drums is a major plus.
83Traumatic Voyage

Gothic Death Metal from Germany. Album sounds like complete hell.
Seediq Bale

Melodic Black Metal from Taiwan. One of my favorites of all time, not exactly obscure I feel they deserve any praise they get.
85Nightly Gale
Illusion of Evil

Weird, nearly terrifying Experimental Funeral Doom.
Anywhere But Home

Progressive Rock from Italy. A nice lighthearted release for those into the genre.
The Key

A Death Metal classic.
88Universe 217

Experimental female fronted Doom from Greece.
Complete Discography

Tech Death from the US, only had 6 proper songs before disbanding sadly. DM heads know who these guys are, but I figured they deserved a spot on here.

Tech Death from Germany. Heavily bass driven.

Progressive Metal from the US. They have that Psychotic Waltz and Watchtower vibe going on here if that style appeals to you.
92Mar De Grises
Streams Inwards

Death/Doom from Chile, pretty rad stuff for what it is. Need to hear their whole discography.
93While Heaven Wept
Sorrow of the Angels

American Classic Doom, nearly as good (and depressing) as Warning.
94Poema Arcanvs

Gothic Doom Metal from Chile. A recent discovery of mine.
I En Tidlos Host

Black Metal from Norway. One of the better depressive bm releases for sure.
96Lemur Voice

Progressive Metal from the US. One of the best bands of the 90's.
97Tyrant (JPN)
Under The Dark Mystic Sky

Symphonic Black Metal from Japan. Scratches my Emperor itch if anything.

Classic influenced Doom from Malta.
99Visceral Evisceration
Incessant Desire for Palatable Flesh

Gothic Death Doom from Austria, highly highly recommended. Don't be discouraged by the BDM-esque album cover.
A Wintersunset

Another classic, Symphonic Folk/Black Metal in this case.
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