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FEBRUARY of g l // t c チ (REC ME)

Hello it is February, my *LEAST FAVOURITE* month of the year and also the shortest. This means a new daily jam list! I was unsure what to go with for this one, so I came up with a load of great ideas and reserved them all for months to come: none of them are going to be wasted on this small small month, and tbqh I just want to be fucking indulged. Recommend me GLITCH records (see first comment for elab) - I like glitch and sometimes hate it and often really love it. I want to hear what YOU think good glitch is and either to have my horizons, my preferences catered to, or just to be given a good chance to brick on your recs. Last month (ambient) was a w e s o m e and I loved the shit y'all brought to the table, so excited to hear what this ~nebulously defined~ brief turns into

Feb 1st
Rec'd by: Ars

As per the comments, I've been through this a couple of times before but never let it stick around - first impression is that I wish that hadn't been the place! Baths' blend of indietronica/glitch-hop/R&B/pop etc. strings together v cleanly and there's a lot to love here, especially early on! Aminals and the opener esp are shoe-ins for all my active playlists of good indietronica vibes, and Lovely Bloodflow has a *really* neat vocal hook that sticks like glue. The flipside is that the vocal work across the rest of the album isn't nearly as infectious or imaginative (Hall especially feels boilerplate from the moment the vox appears) and I found the overtones of OBLIQUE HIPSTER SPARSENESS increasingly hard to ignore towards the backend (some of which I can see growing (Rafting Starlit Everglades), but get that Indoorsy bullshit out of here). Few hits, few misses but overall a solid record - can generally fw what he does with this palette. Good clean start to the month.


Feb 2nd
Rec'd by: dedex + granite

...but this, though, not so keen at all. Not a fan of the sombre orientation here at all; Baths' vocals don't command nearly the kind of emotional gravity I feel this is going for and the relatively unextravagant prod (compared to Cerulean anyhow) ain't filling in the gaps for me. Worsening and No Eyes are fab, and I can roll with Miasma Sky and Earth Death, but this is more hits than misses and mostly a whole lotta *eh*. Is it really a glitch album? Is it just sadboi indietronica? Is death real or am I just sad and horny? This shit sounds like Perfume Genius and Caribou playing rock-paper-scissors over who goes in which position; maybe this whole record would never have happened if Baths had just Rule 34'd that shit.


Feb 3rd
Rec'd by: sona

hmmmmhm this was interesting and often exciting and made me believe on numerous occasions that I was going to like it! this is basically a messy bedroom lofi album cut up and scrambled in a way that should probably make its ongoing m e s s savvy and innocuous, but mainly serves to foreground that there ain't much of anything substantive on offer apart from an underventilated atmosphere that makes my feet cold. the guitar recordings remind me of my own in the worst possible way. it does have an edge for sure, and it teases recurrently that some exciting corner will be turned and something even more exciting laid down! does this ever happen? uh.

94 Diskont

Feb 4th
Rec'd by: Sniff

This, I guess, is precisely what I signed up for: there is ambience, there is glitch, there is nothing else. All the time (24 mins of Do While? OKAY!!!) and space in the world to focus on those tiny lovely discontinuous humming and whirrings. Gosh it's so good, like being perfectly at peace and endlessly fidgeting at the same time. Given it a few listens today and it just gets more and more engrossing. A younger, naive version of me thought this might be what I'd get from Amber or Tri Repetae - no thank you fuck that noise. Maybe this is home.

5Pola (JPN)
Pola Meets Lyrica

Feb 5th
Rec'd by: izakaya

YES oh my goodness awesome. I've had a ball with this for the last 48 hours or so - the reason I'm a little late with the update is that it kept growing and growing and I didn't want it to stop. L o v e how there isn't a scrap of melody in sight here but the whole thing still comes off as cute and approachable. Love the subtle differences in identity between pieces - the whole thing is a little homogenous in approach for me to rate it any higher, but the way every track brings its own take on the formula rhythmically sparks huge joy. Love Fatal in particular - will be spinning about half these tracks within various playlists. Excellent rec, hell of a power combo with 94 Diskont


Feb 6th
Rec'd by: DadKungFu

Mmmmhm! I was somewhat apprehensive about this one, given that my past experience 2-3 years ago with Endless Summer was extremely rocky and bordered on visceral dislike. The g o r g e o u s opener on this swept me away so quickly that I expected to chalk up Endless Summergate to the fact that, excepting stuff like Dntel and Tujiko Noriko/Aoki Takamasa, most of the glitch I was jamming was embedded in a fairly conventional songwriting framework.

It wasn't quite so straightforward though. The 'ascendent' kitsch of the chord progression on Chateau Rouge reminded me exactly of what I hated so much on Endless Summer and City of Light sounded (in the words of my girlfriend) "like a washing machine" in a way I did not much care for. Laguna's guitar showstopper feels liken a blunder too - I caught the atmosphere straight away, but the drab performance overstayed its welcome. The less I say about The Stone of Impermanence, the better - coda is lovely, but the rest feels v much a product of its time re. overreliance of heavily distorted, solemnly strummed guitar chords as a compositional crutch.

I'm being harsh here, and this is mainly because the opener + middle section convinced me I was going to love this record and take it as character development or whatever bullshit. Circassian thru The Point of It All is a great run, largely built around exactly the kind of ambient glitch I'm loving more and more every day, and I died (good!) at the surprise David Sylvian feature on Transit. Baby steps baybee. I'm curious to see if this opens up to it and am definitely interested to reappraise Endless Summer and other adjacent snoozers (particularly October Language) give how much I did enjoy this, but I'm gonna maintain some heavy reservations on Fennesz for now

Opener + middle 3rd = solid 4
Everything else = 2.5

let's call it a 3.4 and round up
7Talkshow Boy
Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy

Feb 7th
Rec'd by: sloth

indietronica reminiscent of Figurine except that it's helmed by a motormouthed hyperactive boydisaster who skips their adorable nerd so-bad-it's-good factor and lands somewhere in the ballpark of Shut Up. contains too many songs and not enough good songs. 33% very infectious 66% insufferable. not a glitch record. jarring af going into this off the back of 4 consecutive actual glitch records.

Living Vicariously Through Burnt Bread

Feb 8th
Rec'd by: Hyperion

"レーベル: Mille Plateaux – MP 121"

I know how this game works now! similar tier gud_glitch to Pola (though a little less distinct when it comes to personality imo). this might be the worst mille plateaux record i've checked, and what a damn compliment that is to the label. benchmark stuff, in mostly the good senses, bopping to "kiu_kiu" as I type

Ultimate Care II

Feb 9th
Rec'd by: granite

Hmmmmyeah 5/5 for concept, 2.5 for ending up as a pretty unexciting version of That IDM Album You Forgot About. Loved this for the "LOL where did they get that sound from" factor more than the music.

10Eight Frozen Modules
The Abduction Of Barry

Feb 10th
Rec'd by: WRYN

Pretty cool glitchy breakcore record - don't have many specific thoughts for it unfortunately, but it's a solid rec, good par-for-the-course material

11Your Infamous Harp
Prah Suomafni Ruoy

Feb 11th
Rec'd by: Kompys

INTERESTING this is a quaint quirky qlitch-hop duo thing that seems to have narrowly missed the boat on cult classic status (and ended up in the cult cult classic pile) where it might have evolved into some kinda Sweet Trip-esque e-fandom thing, and instead the duo now make + score video games? COOL thank you Komp, excellent internet moment.

Most of the ideas on offer here are solid and the palette is hugely in my wheelhouse, but the production + *sound* never quite clicked - v much felt like it was showcasing cutefantasy places rather than actively transporting me to them. Someone on rym criticised it for sounding unmastered and I'm going to choose to believe this is why.

I did enjoy this enough to make up for the 18-min ambient noise wall doze, but overall imma file it alongside Satanicpornocult shop in the realm of random kookyshit cute(????) crossover(!!???) glitch that doesn't quite hold up outside of novelty.

Don't Sweat the Technics

Feb 12th
Rec'd by: VlacDrac

70 fucking minutes of noisy digital hardcore and noisy IDM whirrs and noisy noise let's fucking go. This is probably what people who have never heard electronic music imagine it sounds like and, uh, I can understand their reticence a little better now. Gosh this is long. The title track bangs like a fish and does not stop. I don't understand what to do with this - is too disjointed to be rave music, not background-viable enough for reading/gaming music, not exciting enough to be active-weirdo-IDM music etc..Does that have to determine its value? Probably not. It is loud. That is value. With value comes FUCKING DANGER this thing borderline ruined my Valentine's lasagna chef extravaganza and I am mad. This is my fault for only just playing catchup (heard up to #11 on the intended day, but haven't been listening to really any new music lately). I am glad to have heard this record did I enjoy it yeah it's okay.


Feb 13th
Rec'd by: Avagant

Damn okay, this is easily the most Autechre-esque computershit blip blipbloop record on the list so far, and while the first two tracks did have me thinking it might end up in the same stale airspace as the Rob/Sean/Sean/Rob -works, I ended up getting into the diversity of these pieces more than I expected. Dug the groove on Pan_IC and the melodic stuffs on Cinco in particular - don't think this is a sound I will ever especially care for, but I do like this record's take on it a fair bit. Gonna rate on principle and give this +0.1 on whatever I gave Tri Repetae, so:

3.4 (which unfortunately will be an archival 3.3)
14Vladislav Delay

Feb 14th
Rec'd by: AAS

Oh man, feelings m i x e d. For context, this is a 40-min live reworking of the original, hour-long Anima, which is one of my favourite pieces of electronic/ambient/glitch/anything and the kinda masterpiece that still has me scavenging around for a superior alternative to (hence this list tbh)

The elements this retains from the original are as sublime as ever (e.g. mix of live instrumentation and computershit, peerless rhythmic subtlety, the fuckin sound design on those glitches), but it loses the two things that made it so special - mesmeric repetition (achieved by repetition) and liminal sense of unreality (achieved as simply as by juxtaposing a bookending vocal sample against the instrumental that dominates the track). The vocal samples here are an absolute immersion breaker and are frustratingly prominent (in the mix as well as in quantity) throughout the track, doubly frustrating for how they recycle one of the best Luomo hooks in a setting that doesn't work remotely as well. No thank you. This is still technically impressive, but I cannot think of a single situation in which I'd pick this over the original

Will remain unrated out of respect or some shit
15Neat Beats
Cosmic Surgery

Feb 15th
Rec'd by: con

Cute glitch-hop record! The kind of thing you could throw on as background downtempo, and is honestly probably better heard that way. The opening run here is a lot of fun and cute and perky, but as this goes on it loses shape and sounds increasingly... hmmm, elementary? Melodically simplistic? Uninspired? I'm not sure what it is, but the spark disappears somewhere around the 1/3rd mark and the remainder is p much interchangeable with Ye Olde Bandcamp Bedroom Electronic conveyor algorithm. Is this harsh? Idk, it's a project called Neat Beats yet, in and of themselves, the actual beats are far from a highlight. Definitely a few playlist-worthy cuts here, but overall this is to be filed alongside Pause-era Four Tet and Your Infamous Harp for forgettable cutethings. V similar story structurally/critically to Cerulean, which ig is also cute.

Crying Over Pros For No Reason

Feb 16th
Rec'd by: kevbev

Oh y e s, this was a real shot in the arm after about a week straight of records I haven't quite clicked with - got into this one's space-out straight away, equal parts mope and tension and always, always always engaging. I don't think the glitches themselves pull punches, but this is so melodically inviting and structurally unchallenging - similar to Neat Beats, it kinda works in a patch adjacent to downtempo, but the production here is several cuts above. Great stuff all the way through. Could see it on rotation next to The Flashbulb, Dolphin, Dntel, maybe Stendeck etcetc, but more than that, it's one of the few things from this list that I can imagine being able to throw on at a whole range of good moments (including around people) and would happily rec to just about anyone. Awesome album.

17Alva Noto

Feb 17th
Rec'd by: Sniff

Some of this was intriguing, some was exciting, some of it lost me, some was frustrating, and pretty much all of it was impressive without getting under my skin. Cool sound design and 100% points for uh glitching and glitching and glitching. Cold album.


Feb 18th
Rec'd by: sona

"Actually maybe listen to milkmilkmilkmilkmilkmilk by YYU. timetimetime is more glitch-y just figure you might like milk more."

thus spoke robertsona and, um, yeah tbh bullseye! This is a weird bedroom folktronica record and not really a glitch record and I enjoy it more than the TIME album by a fair margin! Hats off, sir. It's still indistinct and I don't necessarily love it, but I *shall* award it a righteous 3 and drop the other one for the sake of balance mmmmhm

19Nobukazu Takemura

Feb 19th
Rec'd by: ghandhi

Hm mm m this is like a bunch of lil pure_glitch stem cells came together and decided to hang out until they developed into a full new-possibility-of-glitch organism with a centre of gravity and actual organs and all that, and even though it ultimately didn't work out they had such a cute biology frolic that it was all kinda okay?

The music is um, hit or miss but charming? This record has one of the least interesting 20-minute openers I have heard in my life and I will still somehow forgive it this? "Kepler" and "Icefall" are both exciting, fun pieces, and even if "Taw" is basically a 10 minute glitch doodle, bordering on outright trollishness at points, it has such an endearing/explorative feel that I'll let it off. File under glad I heard this, horizons were broadened, probably never again.

20Prefuse 73
One Word Extinguisher

Feb 20th
Rec'd by: Wolfe

Following on from 15/16 and keeping the glitch-hop s t r o n g this month, love to hear it! Glad to dig this arm of the family a little more - and dig it I did! I was looking to forward to this one quite a bit, having already spent a decent amount of time with the follow-up Surrounded By Silence. From what I remember/the cuts I revisit, that one is a little bit more into floaty IDMshit with the occasional rap track, so it was a (pleasant) surprise to find how grounded this one is around a robust af set of beats (+ almost universally pleasing glitches, just gimme more of that "Plastic" shit please and thank you). Very cool album. It's a long hour and idk if it's *quite* even enough to be a reliable background go-to, but there's definitely a lot here that I'll be plundering for playlists.


Feb 21th
Rec'd by: dedex + granite

Adventurous, unpredictable and surprisingly frequently innocuous deconstructed curiosities/whatevers. Hmm okay. I gave this a few spins to see what stuck, partially because this on first listen was very little, but mainly because this record is hella short, though it sounds slightly longer than it actually is owing to hella idea saturation. I did enjoy bits of this a fair bit, but I think the *impression* of intrigue its various acts of deconstruction generate is far more gripping than any individual idea. Is there anything substantive behind this? Do I actually feel invested in the answer to the question? This is definitely the best thing I've heard from Arca, but mainly it confirms my ongoing suspicion that, probably, nah.


Feb 22th
Rec'd by: hyperion

This tells you everything you need to know about what glitch is and absolutely nothing about what it's good for. Didn't mind a few of the ambient sections, but this was one of the most tedious listens I've gone through lately. Glad to have heard it anyway.

Neo Wax Bloom

Feb 23th
Rec'd by: con

Hahaha so I've heard this once or twice before and chalked it up as a fun-but-never-again gimmick record on both occasions. This was a little harsh in hindsight - this thing keeps up a crazy level of energy across such a cool range of ideas that, while overwhelming, it's quite hard to get properly burnt out on it across a single listen. The levels of discontinuity here are so high that I don't even know if glitch is the right word - can something be glitch if there is no non-glitch? Hmm Will take explosive chaotic gudjank like this over Arca's wanky music-of-ideas any day.

The Secret Chords

Feb 24th
Rec'd by: WRYN

IDM but you can bop hard to it? Cool! This definitely glitches without any given glitch providing too much in the way of colour - this is basically a straightforward set of bangers and is, um, okay to that end. Production is serviceable, pacing is fine, songs are unremarkable but never offensive, not sure I love those sawtooths but hmm we move.

25Shintaro Matsuo

Feb 25th
Rec'd by: granite

granite o granite why do you always rec me albums whose premise/formalism I like much more than the itself hehe? This is vague-daze ambience with unobtrusive glitch (excepting the *nasty shit* in the final 60s, which alone warrants a few extra points), and the combination does little for me pos or neg - - - - however! I do like and admire the way it recurrently baits and trolls anyone who hypothetically would approach it as straight ambient! The discontinuity here is super unpronounced (half the time it's just a simple stop/rest, or at most a minor wobble) unless you're trying to tune in closely and/or bask out to it. So yeah, the premise here feels like it's built to attract a lazy space-out, but it then sabotages that brief at every turn without getting outwardly abrasive til the end? Lolpos good stuff

26Vladislav Delay
Demo(n) Tracks

Feb 26th
Endorsed by: AAS

So *this* is where Rakka and Isoviha came from... sort-of. This is basically a set of shorter form pieces of the ambient/glitch/dub/techno style Vladislav Delay was o w n i n g back in the early '00s, with more of a focus on percussive and abrasive elements. I generally love how Vladislav complements continuity (ambient) with discontinuity (glitch) simultaneously, and thought as such that the two are a little too polarised here to grip me the same way. These pieces demand either a little more structure or contrast than I feel they're equipped with (something that Rakka's more strident clash of tones navigated extremely well at points) but idgaf, dude's still a master of his craft and this was solid even if some pieces wore a little thin.

27Fax Gang

Feb 27th
Rec'd by: purp

Purp I love you but this shit sounds like Brackence and Porter Robinson fucked, conceived, birthed, smothered their offspring in the cheapest blanket+reverb configurations they could by and uploaded the results as innocuous whatevermusic because phwoar baby that market do be there. Heck.

28Ryoji Ikeda

Feb 28th
Rec'd by: Sniff

now this is a fucking glitch album with fucking glitches a l righj sometimes it fizzles sometimes it fucks watcha gonna do huh

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