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DDD's 2023 picks

Hi everyone! I don't expect you to understand my top 5 XD. This is what I loved and liked for 2023. Personaly 2024 will bring a second little ddd girl. Yall enjoy what you don't know yet. It's always worthwhile.
The Coral Tombs

Funeral Doom

Not about a storm anymore. Its about being, mourning and living deep underwater. 20 000 leagues under the sea themed album that totally accomplishes the goal and some more.

Progressive BM

Nuanced and intricate. With tons of special places to explore. This sounds to me as if mastodon went bm in some tracks, but this has much more - from meshuggary to opeth and still leaves space for several 70s prog takes.
The Ballad of Darren


I don't know whats more impressive with sput. The 3.2 avg or the under 80 rates on this. Luckily its one my most listened records from 2023 and every track is sweet as hell, with ridiculous replay value.
Gótico Português

Post Punk, Psychedelic

Yeah, a portuguese band I added to db. I challenge anyone here to give it a go and give some toughts. Very very good gazey post punk record.
The Rime of Memory

Atmospheric BM

As epic and beautiful as crushing and punishing. Still growing with every listen.
Ontological Mysterium

Progressive Death Metal

Horrendous having fun(?) and still slay (!)

Progressive BDM

This already amazing band decided to incorporate more bm to their already winning filthy dm formula. As if this wasn't enough they put it in two huge ebby and flowy tracks, resulting in one amazing 40 minute venture.
8Tomb Mold
The Enduring Spirit


And suddenly all of my favorite OSDM bands started going prog and venturing themselves. Its kinda awesome, but go blame Blood Incantation.

Death Metal

Behind the heavy and groovy wall of sound there is an actual metal compendium. Be tuned but beware, you may get crushed.
10Lunar Chamber
Shambhallic Vibrations

Progressive Death Metal

Impressive prog esoteric metal with audible af bass. Riffs as a mf once you dive in. Oof, definitelly my kind of jam.
11Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
Rejecting Obliteration

Progressive BDM

They are succeding on the album title on my book XD
12Foo Fighters
But Here We Are

Grunge, Alt Rock

I almost 4.5 it (and still may). Amazing Foo Fighters record, with an actual emotional and fantastic 10 minute track. Are the Foo going post&prog? I'm on board!

Sludge Metal, Progressive Metal

Glad they quit with the colours and added some heavy stones and cool production for a change.
Black Medium Current

Black Metal, Experimental

This brilliant band has gonne floydy. I think its brilliant but also feel it still has much to grow on me. See you soon Dod!
15Blood Ceremony
The Old Ways Remain

Ocvlt Doom

This is so fun! Really solid riffs with Jethro Tull whorship thrown seamlessly. Sabbath meets Jethro. It doesn't sound 2023.
16Dream Unending/Worm

Progressive DM, Doom Metal, BM

These 2 Death Doom bands decided to venture with progressive metal and black metal. They've done it quite unique and successfully, special Worm. As a massive fan of Foreverglade's heavy Death Doom, I would never see this subtle take coming.
Lacerating Pattern

Death Metal (osdm)

They do have the art of keeping it simple, in order to keep it flowy. Also they switch to doom and bm pretty seemlessly. Pretty dang cool. The cover is also cool af.
18Dying Fetus
Make Them Beg for Death

Death Metal

Compulsive headbangery with this one m/ as with most for them. Big fan on the last 2 albums and this has this vintage look and sound.
19Crusty Old Toad
King Cryptid

Toady BMHM

A toad gotta do what a toad gotta do. Simply put this is the best BM HM (slightly post yet on the trve bm side) album a toad has ever done. Seriously, listen to this one. Damn good guitar player's one man project - Toaderus Crusticus - Solo practitioner.
Warlocks Grim and Withered Hags

Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

Another one man project that hits the nail with the formula. Fun as hell and never too cheesy.
21Bell Witch
Future's Shadow I: The Clandestine Gate

Funeral Doom

Maybe not a 5 has Longing, or not a botherline 5 as Mirror Reaper, still overall a magical record.

Drone, Doom black metal

Still on a winning streak. Watch how they manage to uniquely brand their their drone black metal sludgy doom.
Drudge To The Thicket

Death Metal

As many said: "gud album", "riffs", "m/". I say "it gud". It just brings the techy gorguts in me.

Stoner, Doom, Psychedelic

Awesome album! I'm a sucker for the band since Chaotic Divine, which has a little more dub vibe. They are really good. So cool how they keep it so chill and so heavy at the same time.
25Church of Misery
Born Under A Mad Sign

Stoner Doom, Sludge

Everyone nees a sludgy bad ass one, serial killer themed now and then
26Mutoid Man

Stoner Metal

They still have it, such as Brodsky. Another fun one for the band. Don't mind the ugly cover.
27Depeche Mode
Memento Mori

Synthpop (?) New Wave (?) Gothic (?)

aaaaight, speaking of ugly covers...I still struggle tih it. The record though is surprisingly good.
28Jessie Ware
That! Feels Good!

Pop, Disco

"Sexy tiiiime" Borat.
29The Ocean

Progressive Post Metal

They are exploring different (electronic) terrains with this one. Evolution right? eheh
30Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
Obsession Destruction

Doom Sludge

Every track is a bit of a punishment as any proper doom sludge should. The Chalice is a meaner! Its a less subtle listen than pears in sound Thou but it really goes for me. That's what you'd expect when a band names itself after a Thou track.
Leprous Daylight

Death Doom

And the prize for the filthiest release of 2023 goes to...
Threads of Unknowing

Death Metal

Cosmic Death Metal with the perfect runtime and a real slapper.

Progressive BDM

A little busier than Helionomicon, still Ulthar out of the park.
Vertumnus Caesar

Black Metal, Heavy Metal

Real vintage BM, always diving in heavy metal. A little more digestible than it's previous one (Krupinské Ohne). Also de 70's prog bits are delicious.
In But Not Of

Progressive Death Metal

Four Dimensional Flesh was such a banger it took some gymnastics to appreciate this one. It still goes and ventures.
36Slow J
Afro Fado

Hip Hop

In a sudden twist of events I enjoyed a native hiphop record. This one as a cool mix of both Afro sounds and Fado (guitars).
37Conjunto Corona

Hip Hop

In a sudden twist of events I enjoyed a second native hiphop record. This one is more in satire mode and talks about witchcraft and tuning enthusiasts.
38Code Orange
The Above


Gud album. Gotta love that 2.7
39Downfall of Gaia
Silhouettes Of Disgust

Pos BM

The little switch to the fem vocals on Eyes to Burning Skies are very welcome and imo from that song onwards they show how creatively free they can be, the album goes a little more postish, I really like those little twists a little away from their black punk gaze formula, which is already awesome. Not to mention the closer's ending - pure bliss for me.
A Feast On Sorrow

Welcome to Post Thrash
41Thy Catafalque

Progressive, Folky and Experimental Metal
42Creeping Death
Boundless Domain

Death Metal, Hardcore

Yall bagadicks can t handle dis bagariffs!
43Outer Heaven
Infinite Psychic Depths

Death Metal, Hardcore

Another ripper fs
Black Royal Spiritism - I - O Sino da Ig

Black Metal

Triumphant Black Metal supremacy from the former Mayhem guitarist/ Vltimas founder, Blasphemer.

Prog BDM

Turns out this clicked with me on headphones. Unexpected grooves in the back half.
Porous Resonance Abyss

Experimental BM

Krallice goes instrumental. Yeah...still got one more to listen from them in 2023.
War Remains

Crossover Thrash

War remains every 2 years with Enforced m/ m/ m/
48 Sangre de Muerdago
O Vento que Lambe as mi​ñ​as Feridas

Galician Forest Folk

I love it just about the same as Xuntas. This is the most pleasant band to drive in the mountains.
Second Death

Doom Metal, Post Rock

This was pretty cool! Love the indie vibe and the pair of vocals. Male singer has this iggy pop kinda vibe (eheh) she gives that witchery wolfe vibe (ahah). Sweet but thick doom.
50Tribunal (CAN)
The Weight Of Remembrance

Doom Metal

Really Heavy doom with distinguished breathed growls.
Storming The Walls

Thrash Metal, Power Metal

Okay guys. I've just killed a dragon. Greek band!

Prog/ Experimental BDM

For the likes of Deathspell Omega, Altarage, Ulcerate, Blut Aus Nord, Dodecahedron.
53Rotor (GER)

Stoner Rock, Metal

Yap. Its a jam! I normally don t do instrumental albums but I loved this, specially how thick and dynamic (and heavy) their sound is. Also, for an instrumental piece, is full of character.

Post Punk Experimental
Enjoy this little fucked up EP while we wait for what I bet it will be a massive LP.

Glam Gothic BM
ooooh...Tribulation covering Blue Oyster Cult's Vengeance...
Where the Cold Wind Blows

Doom Metal

ooooh...Khemmis covering Nirvana....what? so in the Pines is a folk song? aaaight
57Blood Incantation
Luminescent Bridge

The Sin of Human Frailty

59Sulphur Aeon
Seven Crowns and Seven Seals

60King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of...

Prog Rock, Psychedelic

This is definitely not trve metal, but the main reason consists in that it rocks XD
61Portrayal of Guilt
Devil Music

Sludge HXC Experimental

Sick sick sick! A 4 main album that adds a full on chords replica that holds up.
62Full of Hell and Nothing
When No Birds Sang

Experimental Blackened Doomgaze

FoH tryin to be cute. The world is lost. On the other end they made Nothing less boring. Closer speaks deftonish!
63Blut Aus Nord
Disharmonium – Nahab

Atmospheric BM

Finally got around this beast. While I agree first Disharmonium is huge this goes pretty deep. Very good and kinda frightening stuff.
Mass Cathexis 2 - The Kinetic Infinite

Obsidian Refractions

Último Ancestral Comum

American Gothic

68Serpent of Old
Ensemble Under The Dark Sun

69Expresso Transatlantico
Ressaca Bailada

Instrumental, Experimental, Indie Folk, Psychedelic

Check when fado's roots are mixed with afrobeat, western.in a dancing mood!
70Men Eater
Men Eater

Sludge Metal, Post Metal

Awesome album. Good riffs and vibe. They sure know what they re doing. Remnant f.e. goes full on Chelsea Wolfe vibe. Thick heavy sludge.
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