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MMXIX - Grump's year end list

My most favored albums in 2019 - with genre tags and descriptions. What a great year for black metal! I had to tighten the limits for this list just for the 4.5s and 5.0s because otherwise one list wouldn't be enough to name all those massive albums I've heard. It was a great year for dungeon synth as well, not surprisingly with the second most participants here. The first 3 are all 5.0s, the rest are 4.5s.
Undir Skyggðarhaldi

Icelandic black metal.
The absolute pinnacle of the year, and the strongest debut, and the best vocal performance as well. No album grabbed me like this one before... especially the song "Hugklofnun" was a very strong experience for me. This album grabbed me in the throat, clawed inside my brain and summoned something dark from the deep unknown, and left me behind like a dried out shell. This album is like if the essence of constant suffering, insanity and pure agony would be embodied in a twisted form of music. A very-very hard listening, and not recommended for everyone.
But the overall effect is something which makes me say: this is art.
Ur sägen och hävd

Neoclassical / dungeon synth.
I have no words to describe how beautiful is this... the best composed album in this year. If Mortiis and Howard Shore would make an album together, the result would be very-very similar to what Vää created in this one. A mellow, and calming yet exciting and adventurous release, which also came out of nowhere.
Henhouse Recordings

Raw black metal.
Shortly before the infamous masters of black arts released their newest daemon, with a reissue series Peaceville Records released this vinyl-only album about the legendary rehearsal demo, which is a historical piece now. For being very raw and honest, the iconic lineup's performance, and a previously unreleased (and untitled) song which later was used by Emperor, gave me no choice just to 5.0 this beauty. Only for the hardcore fans! m/
Old Star

(Black) metal ('80s worship).
And the riff of the year goes to Darkthrone for "The Key is Inside the Wall". The veteran duo of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto is just simply unstoppable, and they are still key figures in metal. (I might be a little bit biased since Darkthrone is one of my most favourite bands of all time, haha!)
5Gaahls Wyrd
GastiR - Ghosts Invited

Progressive black metal.
For a while, it seemed Gaahl and Co. will take the crown, but... well, the first four happened, haha! It is still one of the pinnacles of the year with its unique style and atmosphere. Gaahl's vocal performance really shines in this record, and I loved his experimentations with his voice. And the whole package is also exceptionally good: the mix and production is tight and totally spot on, and I'd like to highlight how good the proggy black metal riffs and the drums are.
6Warmoon Lord
Burning Banners of the Funereal War

Melodic black metal.
The very best second wave, '90s worshipping black metal act of the year. Huge thanks to Hawks for spotlighting this for me. Everything is just right, and resembles my preferences generally in black metal: great riffing, the lo-fi(ish) production, heavy synth presence and those reverby shrieks. That magical touch of the Finnish artists on black metal is also very close to my heart - I just simply love how they forge melodies. Impressive debut, I can't wait for more.
7Dunjon Magik
Dunjon Magik

Dungeon synth / Berlin-school electronic.
Impressive and very adventurous release, I hope I can get my hands on a copy. Easily the best in Heimat Der Katastrophe's whole catalog. Magical and phenomenally composed. (And nerdy as hell, haha!)
Assorted Mushrooms of New England

Dungeon synth / Berlin-school electronic.
One of the biggest surprises in this year - I mean, who would expect such a majestic album about mushrooms??? Very old-school, and kind of cute as well. Really hard to describe, because it is SO unique in concept. The relax factor is infinite!
9Kasjchq / Siege Tower

Dungeon synth / noise electronic.
The most obscure release of the year. Unusal synth sounds and tempos, experimental composing, exceptional diversity... And the result? An exciting and oddly relaxing album. Super addictive, I have the goosebumps on every listen!
10Desolate Moon Phases

Drone ambient.
Best drone release this year. Period. Interesting, and it feels sci-fi-esque and ancient in the same time! Great textures, enourmos atmosphere... loved it.

Lo-fi black metal / ambient. [EP]
My soundoff says it all: "This is 100% my taste in lo-fi black metal: strong folk and ambient elements, minimalist riffing, distant and grim atmosphere." Bonus points for the Burzumish aesthetics. This band's full length will be legendary, I'm sure about it.
Bounds Beaten

Lo-fi black metal. [EP]
Very exciting and wild demo. Despite the lo-fi quality, this demo is a really exciting listen because it has a very wide spectrum of where did it take inspiration.
13Green Lung
Woodland Rites

Heavy stoner metal.
Sticking out of the rest, eh? One of the tastiest albums in 2019. Oh boy... this is SO much fun! The melodies, the guitar tone, the vocals... everything is spot on!! Very obvious and serious Sabbath worship.
14Owls Woods Graves
Citizenship of the Abyss

Black metal / punk.
Massive thanks to Papa Universe!! This is another extremly fun album, a perfect blend of raw black metal and punk. Infinite replay value.
15Synth Bard
Beyond the Crystal Cave

Dungeon synth / Berlin-school electronic.
Enormous album about a Dungeons & Dragons module. I think it says it all, haha!
16Black Anvil

Black metal. [EP]
One of my favourite modern black metal bands right now. I love their unique sound since their last LP (As Was) - especially their strong focus on clean vocals. It was a risky and brave change in their style, and I 100% support it. Super creative band. Keep it up Black Anvil!!
Maha Kali

Blackened death metal.
Massive thanks to Papa Universe!! Unique concept and aesthetical representation. This slaps super hard! m/
18Stellar Master Elite
Hologram Temple

Black metal / industrial.
Massive thanks to DDDeftoneDDD for bringing this to my attention!! Sick riffs, and the addition of industrial/electronic elements makes this album very unique and outstanding. And the atmosphere...!
How the Garden Grows

Neoclassical / dungeon synth.
Beautiful album, it is for ease your nerves - just lay down and enjoy the magical garden of sounds.
20The Wonders Of Atomic Mutations

"Berlin-school kosmische musik".
A wondrous and alienesque experimental synth album. (Very Tangerine Dream-ish!)
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