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Bests of 2022 with garas

List in three sections. Top20: Best LPs. 21-24: Best other formats. 25-29: Most listened non-2022 releases.

France | avant-garde atmospheric black / death metal

In the end, nothing could top the French genius' second album in this year. Saopth's is a bizarre yet fascinating record with a truly unique mysterious atmosphere and the expected complexity.

My review:
2Old Sorcery
Dragon Citadel Elegies

Finland | epic dungeon synth

Old Sorcery is still one of the best dungeon synth acts on the globe. Dragon Citadel Elegies is one truly magical release, which is a perfect choice for relaxing and day-dreaming. This is the most epic piece so far in their discography, and I'm a huge fan of this style.

My review:
3Sakis Tolis
Among the Fires of Hell

Greece | gothic / melodic black metal

Everything Sakis Tolis touches turns into gold. His first solo release resurrects Rotting Christ's gothic-era, but also fuses it with the band's modern (quite epic) sound. Very catchy, very melody-centric, and I daresay: this contains some of his best riffs ever written.

manosg's review:
Onryo II: Her Spirit Eternal

USA | melodic black metal / punk

In my opinion, the "meloblack-crown" was taken by this duo. Incredible record, with insane amount of great riffs within. As I've said in my review's summary: 'Black metal which is so punk, so epic, and so "feel good" at once.' Indeed, this was a riff-heavy, punkish energy bomb with a quite "uplifting" atmosphere.

My review:
Með hamri

Iceland | black metal

I believe it's amazing to witness the uprise of the Icelandic scene in the past few years, and one of the most prominent band of that scene is unarguably Misþyrming. I clicked with Með hamri quite instantly, since they managed to deilver a very agressive black metal album, spiced with some melodies, dissonance, "martial" rhythmicity and cold synth drones and melodies. Monstrous and evil.

Sunnyvale's review:
6Satanic Warmaster

Finland | melodic black metal

It was worth waiting for. After circa 8 years, Satanic Warmaster is back with another awesome black metal assault. Riffs cold as ice, the typical Finnish melody-oriented songwriting, and a very fitting old-school-ish (not raw!) production: Oh yes, it's coming together! This time, you can hear certain guests on the record, for example, Trollhorn on synths (from Moonsorrow) - and this definitely had a very positive impact on the record.

Not reviewed yet.
Vermilion Apparitions Frozen in Chimera Twilight

USA | raw (melodic) black metal

"Half of Saidan" (Hunter Valentine) was enough for deservig a spot in the top10 on my list. Best raw black metal (from the melodic branch of the genre) album of the year. "Nothing extra" in terms of novelty, but this is a perfectly executed release, and sometimes that's all I need. Sharp and ripper!

My review:
8The Betrayed Kingdom
On the Land of Myth

Hungary | death / doom metal

An outstanding band, and an outstadning record from Hungary. This kind of melancholic death/doom is definitely among my favourites - it's really takes us back to Paradise Lost's Draconian Times-era. Not to
mention, "Deer in the sun" is probably wins the SOTY-award from me.

Not reivewed yet.
Isle of Wisdom

Sweden | progressive rock

Literally every single release of theirs is a gem, and that's quite impressive for a band following such "retro" legacy. Virtuose, adventurous, playful and charming, the "most progressive" Hällas record to date, which is highly recommended for those who like iconic bands like Genesis.

My review:

USA | post-metal

Most pleasant surprise from January, which was a strong contender for taking the crown this year, but in the end due to its very short runtime (Man, I can't have enough from this! Unfair!), it has fallen back to the 10th place. It's one of those post-metal records which can deliver that emotional feel, with a quite diverse sound (bits of doom, sludge and even shoegaze here and there).

My review:
Consecration of the Spiritus Flesh

France | avant-garde death / black metal

The ferocious one. Savage, punchy avant-garde death metal. Two LPs, one EP and one single within the same year?!
"Its safe to assume Asthâghul [the sole member of the band] has his own hyperbolic time chamber."
- Elynna

Gnocchi's review:
Evidence of Immortality

UK | doom / sludge (="battle doom")

Huge, stomping, fuzz-fueled doom riff mountains. Conan never disappoints!
And it was BNM too, ha!

My review:
13Blut Aus Nord
Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses

France | disharmonic black metal

Fever-dreamish, Lovecraftian horror-soundscapes. I should feel uncomfort, but actually it's a very addictiong experience. Spiralling, evil, agonizing riffs and deep drones... ah fuck yes.
(This should be the official soundtrack for the board game: Eldritch Horror.)

TheNotrap's review:
14Dream Unending
Song of Salvation

USA/Canada | death / doom metal

Death/doom soaked in psychedelia... I love it! And this was my fiancée's favourite record of the year too. A bit too short.

Sunnyvale's review:

Germany | viking metal (Bathory-core) / black metal

It's like this record felt "more Bathory" than Bathory itself! Following Quorthon's legacy in his viking metal, Anywynn was the black horse of 2022, as I caught myself returning to it far more often than I thought. The epic and adventurous atmoshpere of this record, along with absolute Bathory-alike riffs (and vocals), plus the dungeon synth-ish intros and interludes are very-very addicting! "Taech Duinn" is probably the most epic song this year.

Not reviewed yet.

UK | atmospheric folk black metal

I want "The Ancient Ones" played on my wedding. (I actually like this lot more than I did Forgotten Paths.)

Gnocchi's review:
Promethean Pathology

USA | avant-garde / industrial / black metal

Once upon a time, some members from Stormkeep, Blood Incantation és a Wayfarer decided to write an avant-garde album... Haunting and slapper riffs, odd time signatures, weird additional rhythmical
elements which often include hard techno and industrial synth sequences, vibrating noises and whatsoever...

Not reviewed yet.

Singapore | grindcore

Incredible what Wormrot means to grindcore. Amazing record, and an important reminder: we should care more about the extreme music of Asia.

Reviewed by Koris:
19Fen Walker / Scrying Glass
Behold! Visions From the Scrying Pool!

USA | dungeon synth / Berlin-school electronics / neo-classical

Split of the year, a brilliant fantasy-inspired record with an immersive atmosphere and gorgeous synth sounds and pleasing production. Anything with Fen Walker involved is an instant 4.0, at least.

Not reviewed yet.
20King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Omnium Gatherum

Australia | I gave up summarizing what genres are they playing.

Five fucking LPs within a single year... it's insane. Omnium Gatherum is the Aussie chameleons' most diverse album so far, since there are no two songs in the same style after each other. Sometimes you can hear funky jams, sometimes their signature crazy garage-prog rock comes next, but in other times the album contains trip-hop(?) / weird '60s-'70s spirited psychedelic pop / (latin) jazz / rusty stoner-thrash metal songs too. Hell yeah, make more albums like this, please.

SublimeSound's review:
21Thy Catafalque
Mezolit - Live at Fekete Zaj

Best live album of the year.
22Rotting Christ
The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. I + Vol. II

Best compiliation of the year. (Rarities.)
23Dimmu Borgir
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Remixed...)

Best remix/remaster of the year.
24Napalm Death
Resentment is Always Seismic...

Best EP of the year.
Let The Devil In

I. most listened non-2022 album.
26Rotting Christ
A Dead Poem

II. most listened non-2022 album.
27Rotting Christ
The Heretics

III. most listened non-2022 album.

IV. most listened non-2022 album.
29The Obsessed
The Obsessed

V. most listened non-2022 album.
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