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Build-an-Album II, R13(P3): The Final Cut

And down to three! Here we go...
1Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

THIS IS IT. The final. The last one. The ultimate stage. One more elimination must occur, after which it is a straight-up deathmatch between the remaining contestants. On our last episode of “the fun that never ends” (going to patent that), the genre was NU-METAL, the theme was B A S S, and albums had to be shorter than 40 minutes and longer than 30 minutes. Any numbers of tracks could be used as long as the time requirements were met. Despite being a much-maligned genre, competitors needed to bring their top-level construction skills in order to survive the ending cut. Who was able to scrape by, and who missed the boat? All will be revealed… now!

Sint’s album: The variety on here was a big bonus! Plenty of delicious bass riffs could be uncovered—the first track set the tone brilliant, and the slappin’ rhythm of track 7 was awesome. Electronics and industrial motifs were merged to create something aggressive, cold and precise. The diversity was also reflected in dynamic vocal performances that ran from the energetic, playful showing on track 7 and the pure violence of track 8. Overall, it flowed like a dream and smacked hard with a menacing low end. Hard to ask for more. 4.2
3Limp Bizkit
Three Dollar Bill Y'all

Tyman’s album: Liked how consistent and cohesive this was! It managed to flow excellently while also delivering a handful of peaks, such as the absolute menace that was track 4 or the positively dirty bass of track 5. It offered a lot of tasty grooves and could induce a fit of headbanging relatively easily. I felt like it lost momentum towards the latter half of the album, but not to where it was too much of an issue. Lot to enjoy here for the most part! 3.8
4System of a Down
System of a Down

Steak’s album: I forgot that Slipknot used to be the angriest band on the planet. Man, they really lost that aggression. This record, however, had no shortage of it; there was a palpable rage that coursed through each track, inserting subtle electronics to add depth and a healthy dose of reverberating bass grooves. Track 2, track 4, and the closer were perhaps the top of the pack in terms of pure violence, raging against the speakers with vicious harsh vocals and razor-sharp, tuned-down-to-hell guitars. A wonderful thrill ride, this was! 4.0
5Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

Sloth's album: Another reminder that Slipknot used to be a good band. That was a long time ago! Anyways, this album felt very much like a strong showcase of nu-metal's basic strengths: pounding bass, unrelenting rhythms, and a healthy dose of swagger over top of low-tuned riffage. This nailed the core tenets pretty well, such as the sheer intensity of track 6 and track 4 or the more complex compositions of track 1. Perhaps the only thing holding it back was how very much by-the-numbers it could feel in comparison to peers; it took less risks, outside of the final track, whose ending rap feature was included rather clumsily. A valiant effort for sure, but one that stuck to its guns too closely, which led to tracks that were good but not particularly great. 3.6
6Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

There is where the results stand. That signals the end of nu-metal and the last elimination for the competition. How did it all shake out? Read, cheer, weep, stomp your feet, clap your hands count to ten, I dunno, here is where the results fall!

FIRST PLACE: Sint (4.2)
SECOND PLACE: Steak (4.0)
THIRD PLACE: Tyman (3.8)
FOURTH PLACE: Sloth (3.6)

That means that SLOTH is ELIMINATED! Thank you for your participation and for making it this far. It sucks to have to make a cut, especially when everyone has played so well, but the field must be trimmed. Life is a cruel, cruel mistress on cocaine.
7Such Gold
The New Sidewalk

Here we are! The final three have been decided. Congratulations to STEAK, SINTERNET, and TYMAN!

There’s no real bad news at this point; each of you are officially in the prize pool. The worst that can happen is your prize isn’t worth *as* much, but you’re a winner regardless! As a reminder, here is the outlook for the prize pool:

1ST: $60 cash prize or merch equivalent
2ND: $40 cash prize or merch equivalent
3RD: $25 cash prize or merch equivalent

It increased again! Work bonus checks are a hell of a drug. And since we are basically 100% in holiday mode, I felt it would be appropriate. You’ve been in a lot of hard work and time into this too, so I want to reward that.
8Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

So then, with that all fresh in the front of your noggins, we proceed to what the round here will demand of you. This has been five months in the making, all the way back since we initially kicked things off in July! That’s crazy, and the quality of the records have been even crazier. In honor of that, and because I think it’s a suitable finale, I’m going to break precedent here and do something pretty different… hold onto your hats!
9Black Sheep
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The wheel is OFF. That’s right, there is no spin. No randomness. That element is getting taken out of the equation. Instead, for this round and this round only, the genre will be PLAYER’S CHOICE. Any category that has not yet been used in the competition is therefore open to selection! Not two players can have the same genre, which will be factored into the dibbing round—you’ll be dibbing your genre alongside tracks. This is your opportunity to pick whatever you feel most confident in. Use that freedom to your advantage and make your case for first place!
10Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

In another throwback to the first iteration of Build-an-Album, the theme for the ultimate bout will be one that necessitates complete command over any accrued B-a-A skills. Previous battles focused on lyrics or concepts; this round will be about combining both realms! Welcome to SHOW AND TALE, where any record submitted must tell a story. You have to operate inside your chosen genre in order to ensure musical consistency, but beyond that, each included track must cooperate lyrically in order to tell a reasonably-coherent narrative that you concoct. In this regard, the more detail that can be provided, the better; make it make sense!
11Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

As for regulations and rules and whatnot, “point of no return” restrictions will remain in play. The aforementioned dibbing is also a factor in this round. In terms of time, you are able to use any number of tracks you wish, with the only stipulation being that at least 45 minutes’ worth of material must be provided. No less! Or it’s a dark, dark fate for you… kinda.

That should be wide open enough to allow some wild creativity. Run wild with it! And while you’re at it, let’s channel that energy into another pursuit that targets the artistic zones of the cranium. Since you are making a story, I want you to sell it like any good story: make a trailer poster! Yes, the “dumb rule” is making a movie-like poster. You already had to make an album cover, so this is just the next logical step. I heard that blue cat people and 3D are so hot right now.
12Black Sheep
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Genre = Player’s Choice
Theme = Show and Tale
Requirement = no track limit; must be at least 45 min. long
“dumb rule” = need to make a custom trailer poster
“point of no return” = no repeat songs; can only use an artist once for your album; submitted albums are permanently locked in
13Coheed and Cambria
From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness


1. Steak
2. Sint
3. Tyman
14Palm Reader

Steak's album

1. Palm Reader - Hold/Release
2. Dayseeker - The Burning of Bridges
3. Dream on Dreamer - Evol
4. Rolo Tomassi - Rituals
5. Novelists FR - Gravity
6. Imminence - Infectious
7. Northlane - Transcending Dimensions
8. For The Fallen Dreams - Bombay
9. Invent Animate - Half-Life
10. The Amity Affliction - Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice
11. Napoleon - Maps
12. Erra - Spirits Away
13. Thornhill - Lily & The Moon
14. August Burns Red - Beauty in Tragedy
15Sturgill Simpson
Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

tyman's album
1. Sturgill Simpson - The Promise
2. Turnpike Troubadours - Evangeline
3. Ruston Kelly - Poison
4. Koe Wetzel - Too High to Cry
5. Honey Harper - Reflections
6. Drayton Farley - Pitchin' fits
7. Lady A - Need You Now
8. Johnny Cash - Hurt
9. Colter Wall - Caroline
10. Read Southall Band - Empty Hole (Acoustic)
11. Zach Bryan - Someday (Maggie's)
12. The White Buffalo - Last Call To Heaven
13. Kacey Musgraves - Rainbow

16As Cities Burn
Come Now Sleep

Sint's album
1. As Cities Burn - Contact
2. Thrice - The Whaler
3. Balance and Composure - Kaleidoscope
4. Fugazi - Waiting Room
5. Title Fight - Leaf
6. Cap'n Jazz - Little League
7. MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS - Aoi, Koi, Daidaiiro No Hi
8. La Dispute - You and I in Unison
9. Aina - Two Questions
10. Emery - Say the Things (You Want)
11. ART-SCHOOL - foolish
12. Fear Before the March of Flames - My (Fucking) Deer Hunter
13. Self Defense Family - Self Immolation Family
14. mewithoutYou - January 1979
15. Devil Sold His Soul - The Starting
16. Senses Fail - Can't Be Saved
17. At the Drive-In - Napoleon Solo

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Movie story:
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