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Build-an-Album II, R12(P3): Just One of Those—

The last elimination round! Buckle up, buckos!
1Jon Brion
Synecdoche, New York OST

Welcome to the penultimate round! Wow. What a thrill, what a time, set off the fireworks and so on and so on. Congratulations on making it to this point! Just one away from the ending. Anyways, on our previous round, the genre was CLASSIC, the theme was CINEMATIC SCOPE, and an hour-long duration ceiling was put in place. Contestants could use as many as 15 tracks within that span, all the while keeping in mind a “dumb rule” that stipulated that only purely instrumental songs could be used. Plenty of creativity was offered in this round; who was able to capitalize on it? And what *is* a Beethoven? Is it a dog? Find out the answers to these amazing questions below!
2The Classic Crime
The Silver Cord

Tyman's album: This was another concept that was more general in its nature, allowing the songs to take care of the bulk of the legwork. It felt like this relied heavily on pianos, and it added to the somber atmosphere that would often encroach upon proceedings. Similarly to Sinternet, it was easy to feel the narrative that was in play as it rose and fell, adopting an ominous and dark tone for when fighting was at hand or receding to let atmosphere conquer the scene. Perhaps the only knock on this was its brevity, as it felt as though it didn’t fully explore its potential. However, it managed to be very consistent, concise, and enjoyable all the way through. 4.2
3The Classic Crime

Steak's album: In accordance to the heavy usage of video game music, Steak's album felt like a soundtrack to a sort of RPG with fierce combat and abilities at play. In a reflection of this, there was a vague sort of whimsy to this, especially the first few tracks as the main character and his pal train and gather resources. The true gut punch comes at the end as it's revealed how much has been lost for essentially nothing, which is beautifully embodied by the concluding songs. It was very engaging and it direction was incredibly focused, making every single tune feel impactful and meaningful in their own ways. Excellent stuff! 4.25
4The Classic Crime
How to Be Human

Johnny's album: This had… no concept. Deadline came and went without something to go off of, which unfortunately meant this was a dud from the drop. Not much else to add except it’s an unfortunate miss. DISQUALIFIED.
5The Classic Crime
Patterns in the Static

Sinternet's album: Sinternet’s concept was more of a general guideline, with the included songs being used to fill in the blanks. The variety of the music included was impressive, and each tune conveyed a unique mood that resonating as a chapter in a sprawling fantasy tale, juggling moments of eerie strings and more uplifting tones that colored in the theme. I appreciated how the ebb and flow of the album was much like the journey of a novel, rising and falling as the action fluctuated. It was very easy to get lost in this album, and I really felt like it had an impeccable flow from one song to the next. Excellent, for sure. 4.4
6The Classic Crime

Sloth's album: This concept was… something. It seemed kinda straightforward until the random masturbation sequence, which is a sentence I never foresaw myself typing. This did have a nice movie-esque feel to it, however, and I appreciated how well each track fit the individual scene described, altering from whimsical to foreboding to match the tale. There was overall a very lighthearted, fun tone to the record that made it an enjoyable experience. Having so much of the tracks revolve around Christmas assisted that mood and made it a rollicking good time! Felt this was very consistent too and the tunes all matched to each other well and the scenes they were portraying. Well done stuff! 4.0
7Jon Brion
Synecdoche, New York OST

Thus endeth the classical-eth. Thou hath completed-eth the round. With only five competitors remaining, placements have become a matter of “don’t score last” to avoid elimination. So let’s check in and see. Who survived and moved on, and who is left in the dust?
FIRST PLACE: Sinternet (4.4)
SECOND PLACE: Steak (4.25)
THIRD PLACE: Tyman (4.2)
FOURTH PLACE: Sloth (4.0)
FIFTH PLACE: Johnny (DQ'd)
Therefore, JOHNNY is ELIMINATED. Thank you for your participation and well done making it this far! However, the missing concept made this inevitable. Cee est la vee or something.
8Such Gold
The New Sidewalk

That means we have only four people left. FOUR. This will be the final elimination round; those that pass will be landing in the prize pool, while everyone else has the luxury of continuing their regular lives and freeing themselves from this neverending cycle of construction misery. Or maybe it's fun. Are we masochists? The next genre should clear that question up!
9Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

We now move to our next genre! A spin, a twist, a little to the left, a little to the right, and we land on… uh… NU-METAL…



10Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

… so anyways, let’s go do this! Woo! Album-building! In terms of theme, we are going to be looking at BASS. It is going to be all about the bass, but not the kind that makes you want to reconsider why music exists (although this round being nu-metal already puts us in this territory of crisis). The thicker the bass, the better. Bring the swagger, bring the heaviness, bring the dirtiest songs that can be gathered. And please, if applicable, make sure you pick songs that are genuinely good. Please.

As for length, we will be shooting for something quick and ugly, so it can all be over with and everyone involved can forget about it. A 40-minute ceiling is being place as a duration length. Any number of tracks can be used, but the end goal must be below 40 minutes. Additionally, make sure the album is not less than 30 minutes—that would be considered too short, because I feel like doing that. Rules! Restrictions! It’s beautiful.
11Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

I’d argue the “dumb rule” is listening to nu-metal to begin with, but the torture has to be equal across the board from me to y’all; might as well just dive into the shenanigans further. Instead of an embargo on any artist, I am *forcing* contestants to include an artist no matter what. Every submission must have Limp Bizkit on it. Under no circumstances can Fred Durst be denied. Fred is eternal, and it is at his altar that we pray. Amen. In observation of this, you must also end every comment in the thread by giving praise to The Fred. I’m very serious about this.
12Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Genre = Nu-Metal
Theme = B A S S
Requirement = no track limit; album longer than 30min., less than 40min.
“dumb rule” = Fred Durst is God
“point of no return” = no repeat songs; can only use an artist once for your album; submitted albums are permanently locked in
13Modest Mouse
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank


Steak | Sint | Sloth | Tyman
14Icarus the Owl
Icarus the Owl


1. Steak
2. Tyman
3. Sint
4. Sloth

Sint's album:
1. Kittie - What I Always Wanted
2. Nothingface - Can't Wait for Violence
3. Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit
4. Snot - Deadfall
5. Ill Nino - If You Still Hate Me
6. lkd-sj - Celeb Hunter
7. MAXIMUM THE HORMONE - Bu-ikikaesu!!
8. Tallah - L.E.D.
9. Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
16Limp Bizkit
Three Dollar Bill Y'all

Tyman's album:
1. Limp Bizkit - Nobody Loves Me
2. Korn - CHi
3. American Head Charge - Americunt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage
4. Nonpoint - Hive
5. Incubus - New Skin
6. System Of A Down - DDevil
7. Nothingface - Blue Skin
8. Snot - Unplugged
9. Mudvayne - Severed
17System of a Down
System of a Down

Steak's album:
1. System of a Down - Suite-Pee
2. Slipknot - People = Shit
3. Snot - Snot
4. Static-X - Get to the Gone
5. Linkin Park - Faint
6. Limp Bizkit - Pollution
7. Skindred - Nobody
8. Mudvayne - Internal Primates Forever
9. Tallah - Dicker's Done
18Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

Sloth's album:
1. Incubus - Vitamin
2. Snot - Stoopid
3. (Hed) P.E. - Swan Dive
4. Mudvayne - Dig
5. Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn't Rise
6. Nothingface- Murder is Masturbation
7. Slipknot - (sic)
8. Limp Bizkit feat Jonathan Davis & Scott Weiland - Nobody Like You
9. Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)
10. Korn - Good God
11. Soulfly feat Fred Durst - Bleed

Run time: 39:14
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