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Silent hill games ranked

Pretty controversial picks so if you disagree argue like an human being and not like a doublebag. Let me know your opinion
10Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill Sounds Box

This playable trailer made every silent hill fan sad, imagine Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on a first person Silent Hill with Junji Ito at the creature design. Fuck Konami. 30 Minutes of pure horror with smart jumpscares and twisted atmosphere with a potentially iconic villain like Lisa. (that fetus too)
9Daniel Licht
Silent Hill: Book of Memories

So apparently someone woke up thinking that silent hill could turn into a dungeon crawler. Does it even count as part of the saga?
8Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill Origins

Being the first post-team silent game should not be easy. The game isn't bad by any mean, just a little above average. There's no innovation in terms of gameplay aside from the mirror world, the graphics aged pretty bad. While Travis storyline is pretty interesting the one about Alessa feel rushed and add some continuity mistakes to the original plot and the original characters are just.... Not the original characters. There's some creature recycled from previous games while others are pretty damn great such as the Caliban, the Ariel and the parents (Ito is Delightful as always). The final boss looks like a cheap monster from some bad cartoon. Good potential, average results.
7Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill Homecoming

There are obvious issues here: The combat system is annoying as Fuck, the bunker level might work in other games but not in a subtle psychological horror like SH (fighting against cult members felt pretty wrong too) and most of all I despised the cheap fan service Pyramid head clone. That said they fucking nailed the creatures, they are gross, disturbing and meaningful, in particular the 4 bosses are beautifully unnerving, twisted and sick. The otherworld is great too, it makes you feel soiled. The good characters are pretty bland though while the story is fine even if predictable.
6Daniel Licht
Silent Hill: Downpour Original Soundtrack

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Aside from some framerate issues, many bland creature designs and that fucking annoying void chasing you in the otherworld(that looks like a twisted alice in wonderland area) i think this game gets too much hate. The environment and the stories behind the places feels like a great silent hill, the side quest are interesting. Murphy is a good character (interesting choice to choose a convict), all characters are memorable. The main story is interesting such as the endings and the symbolism works (the bogeyman concept is great aside for the design). Wheelman is creepy.
5Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

From psychological horror to psychological thriller. A reimagination of the original story, for most of the game you will be pretty confused but then the endings will tear you apart. The psychiatric sessions are pure genius, so is the creatures: the raw shocks, anthropomorphic monsters that will change appearance depending on player's choices and playstyle. It's also the first SH where you can't fight back and just run away. Maybe a little short and completely different from the other games but worth playing for the originality alone
4Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill

Pretty controversial to see the original at 4th place right? I feel like the graphics aged a bit, some parts feels a bit ingenuos and some creatures are just fine but far from the ones in the later games. That said it's still an iconic magnificent work of art. Yamaoka'industrial soundtrack still gives the goosebumps as like the terrific environment. Surviving inside a sort of living nightmare with creatures created by a little girl subconscious was a concept way ahead of it's time. The first encounter with the otherworld (that siren that plays a sort of Pavlov terror and the grey children) is still one of the darkest moments in the whole saga. A milestone of videogames world.
3Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 3

The direct sequel of SH1. Maybe the one with the best Gameplay. Heather is such a good character. While the plot isn't deep as the previous game its still interesting and provoking. The main theme of the game and creatures is maternity so they are definitely distressing. There are lots of memorable moments such as the mirror room, the phone call and the infamous merry go round boss fight. Not to mention that whole "God" stuff. The apex is the otherworld, one of the most uncomfortable depictions of a living hell ever portrayed on a videogame. The only major flaw I found in this work of art are the endings, pretty watered down compared to most SH games.
2Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 4: The Room

Controversial isn't it? While it has some flaws such as backtracking, this game remained inside me long after I played it. It perfectly nailed the dream atmosphere making you feel like you're in a Lynch movie. The large amount of weirdness (goofy dubbing, absurd characters, burping disfigured women) contributes to that feeling along with a perfect depiction of Isolation.
The idea of your safe area (the room) being haunted and corrupted is downright disturbing, you're never safe in this game. Walter Sullivan is one of the best villains in any horror game, you'll hate him, fear him and even empathize with him. There are lots of uncomfortable stuff such as the voyeurism imagery (the peephole and the giant face), the descending staircase portraying a downward spiral and the goddammit twin victims.
Also lots of cinematic references such as Jasper being identical to Spud from trainspotting and Hitchcock'Rear window house in front of your apartment.
Underrated gem
1Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 2

One of the best games ever made. A masterpiece that represents the most ageless and terrifying horror of all times: the fear of ourselves . There's nothing more terrifying than the average man. The creatures are nothing but James faults, obsessions, regrets, fear and sexual repression. Silent hill is portrayed as a purgatory in which you can redeem yourself or going down.
The games portrays important topic such as sickness, depression, abuse, bullying and redemption.
Yamaoka's music is perfect and brings you inside an oniric atmosphere, Masahiro Ito's creatures are unsettling and disturbing as never before. The symbolism is among the deepest ever seen in any media. I just can't recommend this piece of art enough
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